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Sabang (Mindoro)

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Sabang is small town located on the northeastern coast of Mindoro Island, Philippines.


Sabang is one of the 13 barangays of Puerto Galera (a municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines). It is located at the southwestern end of the Verde Island Passage, about 130 km south of Manila (13° 31' 14.3" N / 120° 58' 33.5" E).

Sabang consists of the following beaches:

  • Sabang Beach
  • Small La Laguna Beach
  • Big La Laguna Beach

Walking between the three you might not even notice the difference but each has a separate feel and activity level.

Sabang Beach is the liveliest with lots of restobars and a few exotic dance clubs, mainly catering to visiting groups of Asian men and the occasional western gentleman, in the same vein as Adriatico street or many parts of Thailand. These establishment can be avoided simply by walking on the path along the beach, rather than the back alley.

The condensed footprint, sandwiched between epic hills and a very scenic waterfront, make Sabang a unique place to visit with phenomenally cheap access to great dive sites.

There is also a hotel built like a castle that looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie.

Big La Laguna Beach is the best for swimming with its clean sand and coral reef with cordoned swimming area prohibited to boats.

Given the speed of a boat from Batangas, compared with a 2 hour RoRo to Calapan, and then a 1 hour ride to Sabang, Sabang is an excellent starting point for a motorbike visit around Mindoro, with excellent hills and established roads just as you would find in Chiang Mai.

Get in[edit]

Sabang Bay from La Laguna viewpoint.

By plane[edit]

The closest airport to Sabang is in Manila on the neighboring island of Luzon. From the Manila airport, you'll have to travel by road to get to the port at Batangas. For the well-heeled, fly from Manila to Puerto Galera in just 30 minutes on Air Juan's Cessna Seaplanes. You can fly on private charter or on Air Juan scheduled service every Wednesday; and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

By boat[edit]

A large banca used for transport between islands.

Most likely you will be coming from Manila, which means a transfer via Batangas. Small, wooden public banca boats were banned starting July 1, 2018. Fastcraft and ROROs are the only options.

The trip between Batangas Port and Balatero port (west side) or Muelle port (east side) will take you around 55 minutes by fastcraft and 100 minutes by RORO. The RoRo ferry to Calapan still runs even in heavy seas and will take about 2.5 hours from the stated departure time until disembarking. Another hour in a jeepney or minivan and you will be in Sabang. These are at Calapan dock until about 4. After this time, a trike will do the run for 1200 pesos. Either way, you can get here in a day, from Manila.

Many foreign tourists arrive on pre-arranged transportation - via an expensive private banca boat arranged by their dive shop/hotel. This usually is at Berberabe port, about 10 minutes south of the Batangas ferry terminal. You also have the option of arriving via a public ferry (from Batangas or a number of other islands). At the Batangas pier, ignore all the porters and touts and walk past them to the ticket area where there are several windows where you can buy ferry tickets. White Beach (closest to Balatero port) and Tamaraw Falls are other destinations nearby. Muelle port is closest to Sabang town proper. Buy a round trip ferry ticket to avoid a fully booked ferry on your return. Returning on a Sunday without reserving a ticket can leave you stranded with no options from Muelle or Balatero. You will have to go to Calapan to return to Batangas. RORO (Template:PHP)and fastcraft (Template:PHP) ferries are the only available modes of public transportation by water. To travel around, take a jeepney, trike, or motorcycle to Sabang from your alternative landing place. The ferry service is regular, departing every two hours (with reduced service during the monsoon season).

By bus[edit]

From Manila Public buses leave from various parts of Manila to the port of Batangas frequently. If you are leaving from the Malate/Ermita part of Manila, you'll want to take a taxi to the Buendia bus station and get the next bus to Batangas. For JAM Liner, there will be 1 stop at a Jeepney Terminal, about 10 minutes before the Batangas pier. Template:PHP on an AC bus. There are no bathrooms on the JAM bus. From there, see above for simple arrangements to transfer to a ferry for the trip over.

JAM transit runs hourly buses from their Cubao bus terminal.

An only slightly more expensive and much more convenient alternative from Malate/Ermita is the Sikat bus/ferry, a private service run out of the City State Tower Hotel in Ermita. The bus leaves at 8:00 and after arriving in Batangas you are lead to the connecting ferry by a Sikat agent. However this has only one service daily which leaves Manila at 8:30.

Whichever bus alternative you take, you'll usually be on the beach in Sabang for lunch.

There are regular vans to Calapan from where you can catch a bus to Roxas and ferry across to Caticlan, Pasay Island, Boracay.

Whichever bus alternative you take, you'll usually be on the beach in Sabang for lunch.

From Angeles Public buses leave from Dau bus station in Angeles City for Cubao bus station in Manila, where you can transfer to Batangas. For a hassle-free van and boat combination transfer, Angeles2Puerto [1] offer an affordable service leaving 8:00 am every day (except Wednesday) from Angeles City to Sabang Beach with the return trip departing Sabang at 10:00 am.

On the Island There is no regular scheduled bus service to Sabang but jeepneys make frequent trips from nearby Puerto Galera, three kilometers away (30 minutes, P 20). Jeepneys are a novel type of Filipino public transport that were originally engineered from surplus military jeeps left in the country after WW2. Now they are often home constructed around older Japanese vehicles with plenty of brightly colored decoration. Jeepney etiquette is simple, you go on, you pay your fare (it should be cheap, P 20 or less from Puerto Galera to Sabang), you wait until the jeepney is full and will leave. However expect to be crowded in with a lot of people and more often than not half the contents of the local fruit and animal market. Driving will be breakneck down 3 km of partially unpaved road, but this is well worth it for the experience. A slightly more expensive alternative to the jeepney is the trike (P 100). These are motorbikes with sidecars converted to hold 2-3 passengers and then driven like things possessed down the same unfinished 3 km road. Keeping in mind the obvious risk of accidents, enjoy! Motorcycles are also available for single (or two small) persons riding on back for about the same expense as the trike.

By Taxi[edit]

From Manila It is possible to hire a taxi to drive you from Manila to Batangas pier. Negotiate the trip price up-front. Prices to be around P 2500-3000. Budget for an additional P 250 in tolls and P 50 taxi fee at the pier. Trip time from MNL airport is approximately 1,5 hrs. Taxi drivers are eager to negotiate this trip as it's a big payout for a relatively easy drive. Once at the pier, travel to Sabang via ferry as described above.

By Bus/Ferry Combined Ticket[edit]

Si-Kat provides a combined bus/ferry service from Manila to Sabang and back. Travel between Manila and Batangas is via private bus while ferry transport is provided by FSL (Father and Son Shipping Lines). You have to pay P 800 for the combined service. Book return tickets at the Sabang pier desk (small). On the trip back from Batangas to Manila, you can ask the driver to drop you off in Makati where you can take a cab to the airport for P 100-200. Another popular combined service is offered by Swagman.

Get around[edit]

Its mostly walking in narrow streets. In 15 min you are in Small Lalaguna and in 20 min in Big Lalaguna (to the west side) If you want to go to Pt. Galera (to the ATM e.g.) take a Tricycle for P 50 one way. Or you can take a jeepney, which is starting in Sabang near the scooter rental every 30 to 60 minutes, for only P 20. A motorcycle or scooter can be hired for around P 500 (Scooter) and P 700 (dirtbike) per day, cheaper if longer.

See[edit][add listing]

  • La Laguna Viewpoint - Along the sidewalk that leads between Big La Laguna and Small La Laguna you'll find a narrow path. Follow the path for 20 m up the stairs and onto the top of a rocky out cropping which has an oddly placed cement pad at the top, as if for a house. From the top of the outcrop, you'll be provided with some lovely views of the surrounding beaches and the surrounding islands.
  • Lighthouse Walk - Follow the road up past the market to the village of Sinandigan and on to the lighthouse where there is a spectacular view of the Verde Island Passage and Luzon to the north, and on a clear day the summit of Mt Halcon to the south. To the east you can see the City of Calapan in the distance and further on the horizon, the island of Marinduque.
  • White Beach - This beach is better than Sabang. Bancas can be chartered for the 30-60 minutes (depending on sea conditions) trip along the coast to a fine stretch of white sand that is popular with locals. While the sand is not powder fine, it is excellent for swimming and has a number of small restaurants, bars and shops, mostly catering to Filipinos. It makes for a good rest day if you starting to find Sabang a little small in between dives.
  • La Laguna Beach - Located a short walk around the hillock off the upper edge of Sabang beach, this is a short beach (about 300 m in length) and yet miraculously further divided into Big La Laguna and Small La Laguna beach. The beach itself is clean, with white sand (unlike the brown sand of Sabang), filled mostly with day tourists, has a few quiet resorts and at least five dive shops as of 2012. It is especially popular with Koreans.

Do[edit][add listing]

Two shell-less snails (Nudibranchs) on the coral, part of the small life beauty.

Most visitors to Sabang are attracted by the excellent SCUBA diving provided by the protected marine sanctuary. There is a number of dive shops in the area (estimated at around 35) that provide access to a micro (i.e. small life) heaven. The dive sites that feature a large variety of small sea life with the occasional shark or turtle. Several sites are drift dives and often turn into (strong) current dives with the best diving (for coral and small life) being at 18 m or 60 feet. Almost all of the dive sites are within a 10 minute boat ride of Sabang which allows you to spend your surface interval on the shore and it also allows most shops to offer as many as four dive trips (single tank) each day. Prices for a single dive are around $ 18 ~ 32 for a single tank dive, including equipment rental, boat and dive guide, with discounts for more dives and if you have your own equipment.

  • ABWonderdive [2] is a PADI 5 Star Dive Beach Resort owned and operated by Danish couple Alice and Bjørn Askholm located in Small Lalaguna. Offering all level of PADI courses – from entry level up to divemaster, as well as a wide variety of specialties taught in English, Scandinavian, German, French and Tagalog. Accommodation is in their own nicely appointed rooms or in one of the many resorts nearby.
  • Action Divers [3] is a smallish dive shop has been in Small Lalaguna for more than 10 years but is very proud of its high level of customer satisfaction and safety.

They generally run 3 dives a day at 9:00 am, midday and 15:00 pm. Local guides know all the good spots and understands the tides in the Verde Channel. If you contact them they can put together diving and hotel packages to suit your needs.

  • Asia Divers [4] is a reputable dive shop that has been around Sabang for over ten years. The divemasters, hailing from Britain, Germany, and Canada, are friendly and dive in smaller groups (usually four divers and one divemaster). They typically run four dives each day, including one night dive, and put together some nice hotel/dive packages with their sister resort, The El Galleon, located adjacent to their dive shop.
  • Atlantis Dive Resort [5] is a Five Star PADI Career Development Centers; two of only few dive centers with such a rating in Asia, you will find the highest standard of dive education, first class facilities and world class dive guides.
  • Big Apple Dive Resort [6] is the place for all your fun and scuba diving requirements in Puerto Galera. The resort is in the middle of Sabang beach and is central to and within a few minutes walking distance of all the famous nightlife and restaurants. The bar and restaurant are open 24 hr, serving a wide range of food and beverages. With two full size billiard tables in the bar overlooking the bay of Sabang it's a great place to make new friends and enjoy the fun loving atmosphere. A wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets from cottage style fan rooms to luxury air conditioned apartments with standby generators guaranteeing 24 hr power. For the sporting fans there is 'Super Sports' Satellite TV showing live sports events from around the world. Fully equipped dive shop adjacent to the best swimming pool in Sabang offering PADI and SSI courses from open water to divemaster at competitive rates.
  • Mermaid Resort and Dive Center [7] is a world-class resort offering accommodation, nature tours and diving services. It has over 30 spacious guest rooms and suites that are newly renovated. The resort offers both international and local cuisine as well as a fully equipped beachfront shop with new and top-of-the-line compressor room. [email protected]
  • Frontier Scuba [8] Owned and run by Rick Kirkham an instructor trainer with over 20 years experience diving in Puerto Galera (yet still loves to dive everyday). Froniter Scuba is TDI/SDI 5-Star Instructor Training Facility. Packages are arranged including (expensive) direct private transfers from Manila airport and excellent resort accommodation. Their partner resort have more than 40 rooms all with hot shower, cable TV and airconditioned and are very reasonably priced. One night aircon accommodation in twin share with full meals and three guided boat dives is $ 98 per person. The dive center has trained naturalists as guides. Recreational courses are offered from the Discover Scuba 'try dive', PADI Open Water Diver up to Divemaster and SDI courses up to and including the Instructor Course and Exams. The Technical dive center offers nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Advanced Wreck, Extended Range, Trimix and Advanced trimix courses as well as Technical Instructor courses.
  • Octopus Divers, [email protected], [9], Phone: +63 919-379 0811. Very friendly owner Mac and dive masters with over 20 years of experience, teach all padi courses from beginner to proffessional level, diving all year around, dive safaris all over the philippines, specially apo reef and coron, new equipment, relaxed, good value, can organise accommodation, located in at-cans resort just behind Papa Fred Steakhouse. Also help you with island hopping, trecking tours, go-kart or mud-kart, shooting range, paint ball shooting, power walking tours around puerto galera twice a week, wellness and spa.
  • Sea Rider Dive Center, [email protected], [10], Phone: +63 921-5885994. The cheapest dive and courses rate on the island with excellent macro & pelagic spotter dive guides. Verde island trip and night diving are always part of their daily activities. They arrange accommodation and transportation from Manila airport & Clark Field Pampanga airport to Sabang and vice versa. Free boat pick up for public commuters from Sabang pier or Muelle pier to Sea Rider Dive Center. Free slot for group organizers and commissions awaits! Great Diving, Great Value, Great Fun.
  • South Seas Divers [11]]. Friendly and fluent instructors in Jappanese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish and French. PADI courses offered at reasonable rates.
  • Song of Joy Divers [12]] is located right on the Sabang beachfront and with accommodation options including a range of rooms with sea or poolside views or the private penthouse suite. All rooms come with full facilities. Resort facilities include a freshwater swimming pool, restaurant specialising in International and Korean food, veranda bar overlooking the beach, WiFi internet access and in-house massage. Dive Instruction on offer includes PADI courses from first time try discover scuba diving to divemaster or experienced diver education from the specialty programs.
  • Tech Asia is the technical branch of asia divers. Run by an extremely experienced and dedicated team, they've been around for pretty much as long as asia divers have. They can provide trimix and advanced nitrox diving and courses and also supply essentials for rebreather diving such as sofnalime. They are reasonably priced, with a trimix dive (including gas) coming in under $ 100 They offer IANTD and GUE courses. The instructors also appreciate supplies of english tea bags, curry powder and Fray Bentos pies!
  • Puerto Galera Hash House Harriers, [13]. The local branch of the Hash House Harriers, an international group with clubs on every continent. All you need is a little taste for adventure combined with an enjoyment of the outdoors, when every Saturday afternoon a mixed group of Filipinos and Foreigners follow trails around some of the finest hashing areas in the country, when you will have the opportunity to see some of its most picturesque locations. You do not have to be super fit; the emphasis is more on enjoying the hash and go at your own speed. If you would like to join in, meet at Capt'n Greggs Dive Resort on Sabang Beach at 3:00 pm each Saturday. Runs depart at 3:30 pm sharp. Cost for first time runners is P 450 for men, P 350 for women and P 300 for children which includes a t-shirt, post-hash drinks and transport. If you are already a member (i.e. you are wearing a hash t-shirt) subtract P 150.
  • Snorkel at Coral garden This can be arranged with any boat operator at Sabang beach. It costs P 1500 to hire a bangka for the day - usually they take you to a few secluded small beaches on the islands closeby and to snorkel at these places. Coral garden has the best snorkelling in this area - most of the corals are still alive, and the variety of colourful fish is amazing. A warning - the waters sometimes get cool so wearing a thin wet suit is not a bad idea.
  • Cocktail Divers' [14], Phone: +63 917-8126625. A quite overprized diving resort with poor information located at Sabang Beach Puerto Galera. They offer wreck diving, diving with whales and dolphins, scuba diving, scuba diving tutorial. The Sabang sea is amazing for underwater photographers, marine biologists and enthusiasts alike because most of the 800 species of hard and soft corals known in the Philippines are found here.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Maxbank in Sabang has an ATM accepting local and international cards. In Puerto Galera, the Rural Bank and Allied Bank have ATMs which accept cards on the Megalink and Expressnet networks and at the Allied Bank Visa cards (debit/credit). The nearest banks with international Cirrus/Maestro links are in Calapan or Batangas (including ATMs at Batangas Pier).

The tourist center [15] and the Tropicana restaurant do exchange money and traveler cheques as well as doing cash advances on credit cards. The exchange rates are not as good as in Manila, though. Western Union offices are located at the tourist center and at Tuping's Store (eastern end of the beach). Credit cards are not widely accepted in Sabang except at some of the larger dive shops and resorts, and there is usually a 5 % fee for using the credit card.

The Maxbank (the only bank at the beach) has been offline for a month (Feb 1, 2014) so it's best to stock up on cash in Manila, preferably with $ 100s beforehand. Otherwise it's a 20 minute jeepney into town every time you need an ATM, with a 200 peso fee to boot. March 26, 2015 Maxbank ATM was online but will only give up to P 5000 maximum (plus charges)

Eat[edit][add listing]

The majority of restaurants are clustered in central Sabang. You'll also find restaurants along Big and Small La Laguna attached to the hotels and resorts. Prices reflect Sabang's standing as a tourist destination, ranging from around P 150-300 for breakfast and P 300-600 for lunch/dinner. Cheap eats can be found at a few local establishments

  • CGrill Floating Bar and Restaurant [16], Phone: +63 43-287 3696 - Located in the center of Sabang Bay during the sunny season and at the Lalaguna Resort on Small Lalaguna Beach during the rainy season, the CGrill is the place to be for gourmet international cuisine. They feature a large collection of fine wine. They are the new kids on the block.
  • Hemingway's Bistrot, Certified Angus Beef Restaurant [17] - Located at the West end of Sabang beach, featuring traditional German, Filipino and International cuisine.
  • Toko's Restaurant [18] - Located at Atlantis Dive Resort. Deceptive menu, average quality food for high prices. Nice wait staff, but the place is empty for a good reason. Best to avoid.
  • Full Moon Restaurant - On Small La Laguna Beach, Full Moon serves a wide variety of Asian and International dishes and is popular with visiting divers as well as local expats. Daily specials are on offer as well as an a la carte menu, bar snacks and an extensive wine list. Head chef Manny has worked overseas for many years and can share some of his more colorful anecdotes as well as some great cooking tips!
  • Sunsplash Resort Phone: +63 915-7009193 On Small LaLaguna Beach, it offers breakfast and lunchtime menus with local and international dishes. In the evening at 17:00 pm offering an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet for P 250, with a selection of BBQ meats, salads, local and international dishes to choose from.

Edit May 2013: unfortunately the Sunsplash changed name to Blue Ribbon and does not offer the all-you-can-eat BBQ anymore. Their a la carte menu doesn't offer anything particularly interesting, and prices are way more expensive, in line though with the other overpriced places in Puerto Galera.

  • Capt'n Greggs - With an all wooden decor and some interesting and punny (all pun intended!) posters on their walls, this second floor sea facing restaurant serves filling meals. Their vegetable curry with rice is especially delectable. It is also among the few restaurants in Sabang that has newspapers for patrons to read.

Drink[edit][add listing]

One of several floating bars in Sabang Bay

There are many bars, cafes and street-side food stalls to ensure that you don't have to search far for something to drink. Cold drinks ranging from fruit milkshakes to soft drinks/soda to alcohol are inexpensive and widely available.

  • 50 Bar - Located at beachfront of Atlantis Dive Resort. Relax to the view of Sabang sunset at the 50 Bar down on the beach where you can enjoy a selection of tasty snacks and pizza. The friendly bar staff will serve drinks until late and entertain you with upbeat atmosphere and your choice of music.
  • Marti's Bar- Located in central Sabang, it is proof positive that it's the owner that makes the bar. Popular and inviting, Marti quit after 23 years as a Australian police officer to become the host of one of the friendliest bars in Sabang. For bookworms, an extensive collection of books makes this joint the unofficial book exchange of Sabang.
  • Octoclub - Located at the diveshop from Octopus Divers. From 4:00 pm divers and friends come together and have a cold drink and some snacks, talking about diving and listen to fantastic music of the 70s and 80s. Good place to meet new friends.
  • Floating Bars - Sabang has two floating bars. Stand on the beach and have the bar's boat ferry you across.
  • Rafael's Rare Chords Bar - Located at the western end of Sabang Beach [19]. Small family-run bar popular with resident expats and tourists, open all day but most popular around sunset. Extensive music collection with menu that you can search and make requests. Good views, pool table, chess, TV, newspapers and free WiFi. Wide range of drinks at happy hour prices all day (SMB bottle P 33) and cheap home-cooked snack menu.
  • The Point Bar - Located above the Asia Divers dive shop, has a tropical, open-air design that offers 200° views of the Sabang and Big La Laguna Bay. It opens in the early afternoon but does not see much action until after the afternoon divers are done. It also gets quiet fairly early as the diver patrons retire to dinner and then return later for more fun. There are drink specials during Happy Hour which runs from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Food can be ordered from the El Galleon Resort restaurant menu. Famous for their range of devastating shots, the tradition for anyone who's completed a course with Asia Divers or Tech Asia is to wait until their instructors and course members are in the bar and then ring the large ships bell hung at the end of the bar. Ringing the bell means buying a round of shots for the whole bar, (Although this isn't as expensive as it sounds). You can also win T-shirts by drinking a range of different shots. The point bar also has a fantastic BBQ night once a week which is well worth attending.
  • Victory Sports Bar - Right across the entrance to Tropicana is this cozy bar run by Canadian expat Geno. Beer prices are competitive, and the owner entertains customers every night as well as saying hi to passers-by. Breakfast and food are also available. Is now the old Friendship Bar called Victory Sports Bar (VSB)?
  • Castillo's - This bar and grill is on the fourth and fifth floors of a building right near the Western Union office in Sabang. It has a live band and karaoke and a good view of the beach on the roof. The bar, however, charges a "table fee" of P 100 when the band is playing and P 50 when karaoke is being run. CLOSED!
  • Cheap Charlies Bar & Restaurant [20] - Located between Gigx bar and Maxbank. If you are looking for a bar that offers you a genuine local experience with a western touch, Cheap Charlies is the place to go. Known for their cheap drinks, free karaoke and simple but good food. Opens at 4:00 pm and closes around 6:00 am.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Sabang Beach It seems impossible to find a budget room for less than P 500, but with this price there are very different qualities, so shop around. You'll find crappy dorm-like rooms and nice places with a balcony and your own kitchen.

  • Marti's Bar & Accomodation [email protected] - Has a few rooms to let right above the bar for about P 600 a night. Rooms have private bathroom and kitchen. After diving, go have a beer with Marti.
  • Angelyns Beach Resort [21] - Great value for money makes this one of the best buys in Sabang. 40 aircon rooms complete with TV, hot shower and mini bar. Breakfast is included in the price and the resort has a beachfront restaurant and swimming pool. Reservations can be made through Frontier Scuba in conjunction with dive packages and transfers. Rates are from P 1250-P1900 per room per night including breakfast. Unlike other resorts there is no additional service charge or VAT.
  • Atlantis Dive Resort [22] - The people, you come first in everything Atlantis do, whether it’s your honeymoon, your first time on scuba or a dedicated photo dive for the most experienced divers. Atlantis resort team has decades of experience in all areas, but what makes us stand out is the way we make you feel. When you return, which we are sure you will… it’s just like coming home.
  • Big Apple Dive Resort [23] - Offers a range of accommodation from budget fan rooms to luxury apartments. Located right on the beach in the middle of Sabang close to all the action, Big Apple has a large outdoor pool, 24 hour restaurant with pool tables and 24 hour Sports Bar with satellite TV showing all the latest sports action live. Recreational diving, dive packages and PADI dive instruction are available at very competitive rates.
  • Sabang Inn Dive Resort [24] - Good value for the money, many packages to choose from. located right at the beachfront in the quiet area yet just a minute walk away from the nightlife. it is a blend of perfect location with a beachfront atmosphere - a friendly staff and of course diving.
  • Bayview Palm Hotel [25], Phone: +63 919-4362811 - On the hilltop overlooking the town, a family run hotel with just 6 rooms. All rooms have kingsize bed, cable tv, aircon, minibar and hot water. Now Aug 2013: private rental accommodation
  • Sabang Oasis [26], Phone: +63 43-2773564 - The newest and most modern resort in the center of Sabang. With a rooftop bar and swimming pool giving amazing views acroos the bay. All rooms have hardwired (crazy!) internet access and high pressure solar heated showers, 5* hotel standard mattresses and aircon as standard, refrigerators and safety boxes are also fitted. Nightly rates are P 1500-1800 with discounts available for longer stays
  • Red Coral Aa small motel that has cheap rooms with kitchen and a view of the water. P 1,100 per night in low season. Right next to the Big Apple Dive Resort.
  • Tropicana One of the larger and posh hotels in Sabang. The hotel is in the form of a castle, and the Austrian owner Paul runs the place with his Filipina wife and family. Nice digs except for hot water problems. Booking can be made via
  • Habitat Guest House [27], Phone: +639184587485 - Perhaps the cleanest budget rooms in Sabang, Puerto Galera. Built in 2017, Habitat is a beachfront property that provides comfortable budget rooms at only P1,700 or $34 per night. Hot water shower, clean linens, free Wi-Fi and en-suite bathrooms. There's also a shared kitchen for all guests and an amazing view of Sabang Bay and beyond from the 3rd floor deck. Diving packages are also offered here. Rates are flexible for long term stays.

Small Lalaguna Beach

  • El Galleon Resort [28] Has a nice waterfront location on the point separating Sabang from Big La Laguna. If you are in Sabang to dive, you could easily spend a week and never venture further from El Galleon and its adjacent dive shop, Asia Divers. There are three types of rooms (budget, poolside and ocean view), all are quiet (no roosters or generators nearby), clean and close to the pool. Nightly rates for double occupancy range from $ 36 - 60 with discounts available with a dive package. Rates do not include service charge and taxes The resort also has a fine restaurant and is one of the few in Sabang that offers waterfront dining.
  • Portofino Resort [29] Has a waterfront location with a pool and a bar just inside the front wall. Restaurant and Bar are good. There are studio, single bedroom and two bedroom apartments which can be self catering. The elavated rooms at the front have a good view. Nightly rates for twin occupancy are posted on their website but could be negotiable when you contact them, so far its not Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year or Easter.
  • Out of the Blue Private Villas [30] Offers the most luxurious villas in Puerto Galera with great views in a quiet environment on the hillside overlooking Small La Laguna Beach. Choose from 10 fully furnished luxurious 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom villa suites or 4 private spa villas.
  • Sunsplash and Blueribbon Dive resort [31] Offers beach huts. Nice waterfront location. Good food and a great dive school also available.
  • Lalaguna Villas [32], Phone: +63 43-287 3696 - Just a short walk west from Sabang Pier you find a high class everything at Lalaguna Villas. The rooms are new, clean, fully furnished with modern technology and style. No "Sabang Foam Mattresses"! Meeting room available. Onsite 24/7 Kitchen serving the basics to international gourmet fare, large wine selection. Full bar on location. The CGrill restaurant serves equally delicious food and drinks right on the water. The staff is accommodating, courteous and knowledgeable. WiFi, laundry free for guests. Fantastic views from the roof and most all of the rooms.

Big Lalaguna Beach

  • Campbell's Beach Resort [33] - Located at the far western end of the beach, Campbell's Beach Resort has rooms to suit every budget from P 990 per night. All rooms are absolute seafront with double beds, aircon, cable TV and private bathroom with hot showers. Additionally Deluxe and Penthouse Rooms are equipped with refrigerators and safety boxes. The bar and restaurant is a great place to relax and enjoy the sunset and offers a full range of drinks and Thai, Filipino and Western dishes as well as the best Angus Steak on the beach! Private Transfers from Angeles and Manila can be arranged, as can adventure activities, tours and scuba diving.
  • Lalaguna Beach Club [34] - In the center of the bay, La Laguna Beach Club is a the most up-market hotel on the beach with an emphasis on diving. The resort has 31 rooms, 28 rooms offering aircon and mini bar, cable TV, plus 3 cottages with electric fans. All rooms have private bathrooms and modern comforts including hot water. There are 6 family rooms available, consisting of 1 double bed and a set of bunk beds (stretcher beds and mattresses available for children). Popular activities which can be offered by the resort are beach picnics, mountain hiking, golfing and fishing. The Beach Club also offers dive trips to other destinations aboard the live-aboard dive vessel M.V. Rags II.
  • Swengland Dive Resort [35] - A new establishment located on the beach at Big Lalaguna and caters to holiday makers and recreational divers. There are 14 fully air conditioned rooms each with private bathroom, queen sized bed and cable TV from just P 1100 per night and from just P 900 per night with fan. Enjoy an ice cold beer in the bar as you watch the sunset over the Batangas Channel or have a game of pool on the full-sized billiard table. The restaurant offers both Filipino and European cuisine and specialises in authentic Chinese food. Other facilities include cable television, internet access, 24 hour electricity, international telephone and fax service, money changing and travel booking and confirmation.
  • Scandinavian Divers [36], Phone: +63 918-626 2157 - A 15 minute walk from Sabang or 4 minute boat ride you get rooms for $ 27-195 in the small resort with full services right on Big La Laguna Beach which is preferred by by everyone for swimming and snorkeling. 8 poolside rooms and 1 to 3 bedroom waterfront suites. Full diving instruction, waterfront restaurant and a bar named Sky bar. Free wi-fi available to guests and divers.

Longer Term Stays

There are several houses and apartments for rent in and around Sabang including many with beachfront locations. Listings for these properties are hard to come by before you arrive; unfortunately, for rent signs and listings are most easily found by walking around.

Get out[edit]

Returning to Luzon The average visitor to Sabang goes back the opposite way he came.

To go by public transport, travel to Batangas by passenger boat from Muelle Pier or Balatero pier. An alternative route to Batangas is via Calapan (one and a half hours jeep ride from Puerto Galera) where there are regular RoRo and fast passenger ferry departures for Batangas. This is especially useful in stormy weather or typhoon warnings when ferry service in the Sabang/Puerto Galera area is suspended.

If you came over on the Si-Kat, you just have to take the ferry/bus trip back to Manila in reverse. The ferry leaves for Batangas at 9:00 or 9:15 am (ends 13:15 at CityState Tower Hotel). Just check in 15 minutes before departure at Sabang Pier.

Other options include hiring a private banca to take you to Batangas.

Beyond Sabang Calapan is also the place to head to pick up a bus bound for Roxas (4 hours) where there are regular ferries to Caticlan (Boracay) , or if you want to visit Mindoro Occidental and Apo Reef, Abra de Ilog, accessed through the pier at Wawa. Create category

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