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São Paulo/Morumbi

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São Paulo : Morumbi
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São Paulo/Morumbi

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Located on the west zone of the city, the region of Butantã, Morumbi and Vila Andrade has one of the largest concentrations of museums in São Paulo (city), due to the city campus of University of São Paulo. Countless gardens and parks make it a very green area. On Butantã, the USP campus and the Institute that carries the district name have a strong influence on the composition of residents. Vila Andrade, with its residencial high risers and several options of entertainment and shoppping has become the commercial center of the region. The third and most famous district, Morumbi, holds a collection of the largests mansions in town and a few high class residentials buildings. It is also home to the State governor.

Get in[edit]

  • Metrô station of Butantã, and future stations São Paulo-Morumbi and Vila Sônia of line 4 - Yellow.
  • Stations Morumbi, Cidade Jardim, Hebraica-Rebouças and Cidade Universitária of line 9 - Esmerald of CPTM.
  • Buses that passes on avenues Marginal Pinheiros (towards Interlagos), Francisco Morato, Vital Brasil, Morumbi and Giovanni Gronchi.

The region is doorway for those who arrive or leave the city upstate or towards the South of the country by two roads: Raposo Tavares, by Avenida Alvarenga, e Regis Bittencourt, by avenue Professor Francisco Morato.

See[edit][add listing]

Constructions and Museums[edit]

  • University of São Paulo (USP), the most important university of Brazil has its largest campus, called Cidade Universitária, on Butantã.
  • Casa de Cultura Japonesa, on USP. Japanese culture museum.
  • Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia, Avenida Prof. Almeida Prado, 1466, tel. 11 3091-5042, on USP. Archeology and etnology.
  • Herbário, Instituto de Biociências, na USP
  • Museu da Eduçacão e do Brinquedo, Faculdade de Educação, na USP.
  • MAC - Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Rua da Reitoria, 160, tel. 11 3091-3035. Museum of contemporary art.
  • Science Museum, Rua da Reitoria, 109, USP
  • Geoscience Museum, Rua do Lago, 562, USP
  • Crime Museum, Academia de Polícia, Dr. Coriolano Nogueira Cobra, praça Prof. Reinaldo Porchat, 219, tel. 11 3813-2233, on USP, [1]
  • Fundação Maria Luísa e Oscar Americano, Avenida Morumbi, 4077, tel. 11 3742-0077. A foundation where one can drink tea, see sculptures and keep in touch with nature. It was the site of Athina Onassis wedding.
  • Jockey Clube of São Paulo, Avenida Lineu de Paula Machado, 1263, Morumbi. Its main building features a typical italian fascist architecture. Holds bar and restaurant. [2]
  • Cícero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium aka Morumbi stadium, praça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa, s/n. Home of São Paulo Futebol Clube.
  • Instituto Butantã, av. Vital Brasil, 1500, tel. 11 3726-7222. Butantan institute holds latin america's largest collection of snakes and reptiles.
  • Casa do Bandeirante, praça Monteiro Lobato, s/nº, Butantã, from 9AM to 5PM.
  • Palácio dos Bandeirantes, Avenida Morumbi, 4.500, tel. 11 2193-8282. The seat of São Paulo state government and official residence, the palace is built on a cliff that overlooks Morumbi. Monitored visits to the palace and its garden.
  • Capela do Morumbi, Avenida Morumbi, 5387, tel. 11 3106-2218, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9AM to 5PM. Historic chapel.

Parks and green areas[edit]

  • Parque Burle Marx, Avenida Dona Helena Pereira de Moraes, 200, tel. 11 3521-7734, 7h às 19h
  • Parque Alfredo Volpi, Rua Eng. Oscar Americano, 480, tel. 11 3031-7052
  • Parque da Previdência, Rua Pedro Peccinini, 88, Jardim Ademar, tel. 11 3721-8951, das 7h às 18h
  • Parque Luís Carlos Prestes, Rua João Della Manna, 665, Jd. Rolinópolis, tel. 11 3721-4965, das 7h às 18h
  • Parque Raposo Tavares, Rua Telmo Coelho Filho, 200, Vila Albano, tel. 11 3735-1372, das 7h às 18h
  • Praça Vinícius de Moraes, Avenida Giovanni Gronchi, s/n (by the Bandeirantes Palace)

Do[edit][add listing]


  • Feira do Estádio, in front of the Morumbi Stadium, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Shopping Butantã, Avenida Prof. Francisco Morato, 2718, tel. 11 3723-3900. [3]
  • Shopping Continental, Av. Leão Machado, 100, tel. 11 3769-3769. [4]
  • Shopping Cidade Jardim, Avenida Magalhães de Castro, 12.000 (Marginal Pinheiros towards Interlagos) tel. 11 3552-1000. [5]
  • Shopping Jardim Sul, Av. Giovanni Gronchi, 5819, tel. 11 3779-3900. [6]
  • Shopping Portal do Morumbi, Av. Guilherme Dumont Villares, 1269, tel. 11 3772-7669. [7]
  • Shopping Raposo, Rod. Raposo Tavares, Km 14,5 tel. 11 3735-0780. [8]

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • America Burger, Avenida Giovanni Gronchi, 5819 (shopping Jardim Sul), tel. 11 3747-8100. Traditional burger. [9]
  • Bocaccio, Rua Amélia Correia Fontes Guimarães, 37, tel. 11 3726-2299. Italian.
  • Camelo Pizzaria, Rua Marechal Hastinphilo Moura, 73, tel. 11 3747-4450. Pizza. [10]
  • Casa da Fazenda, Avenida Morumbi, 5594, tel. 11 3742-2810. Traditional São Paulo food, served on a historical main house that once belonged to the teafarm that gave origin to Morumbi. [11]
  • Casuale, Rua Doutor Fonseca Brasil, 282, tel. 3744-9444.
  • Fundação Luísa e Oscar Americano, Avenida Morumbi, 4077, tel. 11 3742-0077. Tea saloon.
  • Sushi Den, Rua Doutor Luís Migliano, 1110, tel. 11 3742-8477.

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Barbolla, Rua dos Três Irmãos, 460, Morumbi, tel. 11 3722-0792.
  • Rei da Batidas, Avenida Valdemar Ferreira, 231, Butantã.
  • Mercearia do Jockey, Rua José Augusto de Queiróz, gate 1 (Jockey Clube), tel. 11 3815-8664.
  • Bar Santo Paulo, Morumbi Stadium, tel. 11 3742-4432. Open from Wednesdays to Sundays.[12]

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • The Hill Residence, Avenida Giovanni Gronchi, 5201, tel. 11 3749-6788. [13]
  • Oasis Collections, +55 11 3042 9086 (), [1]. A portfolio of 65+ handpicked homes and apartments that include concierge service and full guest support. Recently awarded Top Villa Provider by Condé Nast Traveler.  edit


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