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Rasnov is a town in Transylvania, Romania. It is located in the touristic county Brasov.


Coat of arms

It was once part of the saxon region called Burzenland. However, the city is much older, dating from Thracian-Roman times. It is home to a freshly restored Saxon fortress from the 14th century, and also to many old Saxon houses. In German the name of the town is "Rosenau", which means rose meadow. There are about 15,000 inhabitants who live right next to a huge forest that leads up the mountains. The river Ghimbasel (german: Burzen) crosses the town. Today most of the population is Romanian, but there are also Rromas, and some Germans and Magyars. The city is rapidly developing towards an important tourism town, while new pensions and attractions are being developed. Those who rush through Brasov county, stop by to see the fortress, but many people take the time to stay here for a few days and enjoy its blend of nature and fun. Others choose it as a cheap and quiet base to explore the surrounding area with its numerous attractions (Brasov, Sinaia, Bran, Zarnesti, Prejmer, etc.).

Get in[edit]

View from the hill.

By car[edit]

  • From Brasov: exit Brasov to the south, toward Pitesti/Rucar. You will drive for about 10 km, then pass Cristian, and after another 2-3 km you will reach Rasnov. Total distance from Brasov: About 15 km.
  • From Bucharest/Sinaia: while driving on national road DN1 you will reach Predeal. Here, after passing over a bridge, take a road to the left. You will pass Paraul Rece. Total distance from Predeal: about 17 km. Total distance from Bucharest: about 180 km.
  • From Pitesti/Bran/Moeciu: Just follow the road to Brasov. You will pass Bran and Tohanu Nou. Total distance from Bran: about 15 km.
  • From Poiana Brasov: As you drive towards Brasov, in the center of Poiana Brasov, just 100-150 m after the big parking space, there is a road to the left. Take that road, and then after 50 m take it to the right into the forest. Don't worry, the road is very good. The next city is Rasnov. Total distance from Poiana Brasov: about 10 km.

In Rasnov there are 2 gas station on the main road, one Lukoil (exit towards Brasov) and one Petrom (exit towards Bran).

By train[edit]

There is a train on the route Brasov-Rasnov-Zarnesti. It leaves from Brasov main station, where you can also get tickets, but you will have to ask which cassa is the right one as it is a private company. The price for one trip is about 4 Ron.

  • the trains from Brasov to Rasnov leave at: 6:13 a.m., 8:18 a.m., 12:00, 2:17p.m., 4:02 p.m., 6:10 p.m., 8:12 p.m.
  • the trains from Rasnov to Brasov leave at: 5:40 a.m. , 7:19 a.m., 11:09 a.m., 1:29 p.m., 3:27 p.m., 5:29 p.m., 6:52 p.m., 9:34 p.m.

  • the trains from Rasnov to Zarnesti leave at: 6:34 a.m., 8:40 a.m., 12:21 p.m., 2:38 p.m., 4:23 p.m., 6:31 p.m., 8:32 p.m., 10:36 p.m.

The time tables can be found in the regional train website. Note: Rasnov is written as 'Risnov'

This timetable is also valid for weekends.

You should get off in the first station in Rasnov, otherwise you will end up about 2km from the town in Rasnov h. The stations are as follows: Brasov Mainstation - Brasov Bartolomeu - Cristian - Rasnov - Rasnov H - Tohanu Vechi - T Mosoiu - Zarnesti.

Tip: on Saturday and Sunday you can use an old steam-train on the route Brasov-Rasnov-Zarnesti. This train leaves Brasov at around 9 a.m. (this is an approximate time) and then goes back to Brasov from Rasnov at exactly 11:36 a.m. . One ticket is about 10 Ron.

By bus[edit]

Street in Rasnov.

Brasov: The bus runs every 30 minutes from Codreanu Autostation (also known as "Autogara 2"; it is next to the soccer Stadium. Use the lines to get there). First fare at 6:30AM, last fare at 8PM or 9PM. Saturday and Sunday they go only every 60 minutes, and last fare is at 5PM. In Rasnov the bus stops several times. The price is 4lei. To get from the main trainstation to Autogara 2 use line 23 or 23B. To get here from the center take the line 16.

Bran: the Bus towards Brasov crosses Rasnov.

Poiana Brasov, Predeal: None.


Caragiale Street in Rasnov.

Hitchhiking to Rasnov from Brasov is a regular practice. The place you can try are the intersection of Lunga Street with soseaua Cristianului. Be sure to stand on the side of the road that goes out of the city (across the street from Bartholomeus Church). The second spot is down that road, toward Pitesti, on the strip between Eliana Mall and the train crossing.

Hitchhiking from Bran is also quite a natural phenomenon, just stay in the bus station or on the road and signal your intent.

Hitchhikers have been seen to be picked up from the road Predeal- Brasov, but you will certainly need more patience.

It is polite to give the driver about 5 lei per person, from all these directions.

By taxi[edit]

Any taxi driver will be glad to take you to Rasnov, but make sure you choose one which runs for a company. The price per km should not exceed 2 lei, and it must be shown on the door of the cab. Please note that you will also have to pay for the trip back that the taxi driver will have to make. The double fee per km will be calculated from the moment you are at the train passing and exit Brasov (but the sign with crossed Brasov will be reached only after 2-3 km). The total trip from Brasov (trainstation) should not cost more than 40-45 lei.

Get around[edit]

The fortress in Rasnov.
  • Easiest is to walk,
  • but there is also a taxi: Tur Taxi, phone 0268231100 or 0728 231 100 or 0743 281 100, plus country code +40.
  • You can also get around with the bus that stops several times as it goes/comes to/from Brasov.

See[edit][add listing]

Main attractions[edit]

The foot way to the old fortress, Rasnov.
  • The old fortress. Built in the 14th century by the local Saxons it was meant to protect them from invaders and protect the Burtzenland's south eastern border, just 15 km away. It is freshly renovated and thus is the best preserved fortress in Romania. It also offers a breathtaking view as it is located on a big hill.

You can get there

  • by car: from Rasnov city center take the road towards Poiana Brasov and right where Rasnov ends go left. A forest road leads up to the parking for the fortress. Can be crowded and tight in high season.
  • by foot: (info from May 2015,this option its closed, here building cable car) a wonderful walking path takes you from the center to the fortress, through a shady forest. As you face the hill from the city center's park you will see a big entrance between two old buildings (on the left there is a shop, and on the right a pub). Go through that entrance and follow the path. Walking time: 15-20 mins. Difficulty: you need to be more or less fit, but certainly not a passionate hiker.

In the fortress you can have a drink, and shoot with a bow.

Entrance fee: about 2.5-3 Euro. No discount for students!

  • Old Evanghelic Church with old clock. Right in the city center. Freshly renovated. It has been built in the 13th century and the murals date from around 1500.
  • Old Orthodox Church: from the center park with the hill on your left hand side, go straight and then the second street to the left (quite a small street). Total walking distance: about 10-15 minutes. The church was built in 1384 by the Dan I Basarab. It also houses a small museum.
  • Cheile Rasnoavei - this green canyon is appreciated for its beauty not only by locals and tourists but also by movie producers who have filmed here. In the canyon there is a fast mountain river with many small waterfalls. Here you can bungee jump, rappel, walk, drive an ATV, climb, picnic, tent (but beware of bears), or just enjoy this natural and well preserved area.

Other attractions[edit]

Cheile Rasnoavei, raining.

  • Old Saxon houses: in the center towards the north. From the center park, with the hill on your right hand side, go straight and you will find several streets with old houses. After you pass the school go right, and follow the road that goes under the hill. You will end up with a beautiful walk through the forest. Most houses are 100-200 years old, and quite a few are beautifully restored.
  • Old saxon cemetery on Armata Romana street.
  • Roma neighborhood. The Roma neighborhood is located towards Paraul Rece (Predeal).
  • Orchids several orchid species can be found around and in Rasnov. It is also the home town of the Romanian Orchid Lovers Club[1].

  • Surroundings: you can go to Bran and see the old Castle, or to Zarnesti and visit the Piatra Craiului National Park, one of the greatest in Romania. You can visit Brasov, Poiana Brasov and Predeal. Rasnov, or Rosenau, was one of the towns in the old Saxon Burzenland, and around it you can visit the other old towns. Sinaia with Peles Castle and the view from 2200 m is a great place to visit.

Around Rasnov[edit]

  • the old city of Brasov with the Black church and many towers.
  • Prejmer fortified church, a UNESCO world heritage site

Do[edit][add listing]

Old saxon church in Rasnov.
The canyon Cheile Rasnoavei.


  • Walk in the Promenada, a path in a forest at the base of a hill.
  • Hiking Lots and lots of hiking opportunities. Malaiesti hut is 5h from the town and 3h from where the car road stops. You can stay there for 20ron/person. From Malaiesti you can go to Omu Peak (with hut) in 2-3h. Also from Malaiesti you can go to Tiganesti Lake in 2.5h, or Bran in 5-6h. Another trek is from where the road in Rasnov ends is Diham hut, 2h to walk. All treks start from Glejerie area.

  • Travel with a steam engine train (see get in section above)
  • Picnic: in the Cheile Rasnoavei region you can have the picnic of your life.


  • Mountain Climbing : several tracks. Please check this official site [4] . Rappel and other similar activities are available. Also check the website of the local mountain club [5] or call them 0722 369965 or 0723 228242.
  • Horse Riding: in the "Cheile Rasnoavei" region there are places, as well as on the road towards Bran. Check: [6] and [7] .
  • Bow shooting : up in the fortress you can shoot with a sport bow.
  • Drive an ATV (also known as quad) through many forest tracks.
  • Tent in the Cheile Rasnoavei region. But beware of bears: don't venture too far into the canyon. See also Extreme section.
  • Mountainbike: all around Rasnov you can enjoy a ride in a forest. The Cheile Rasnoavei is the best place. You can also rent bikes: phone 0726229337.
  • Helicopter: helicopter rides over the mountains are available.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding - Rasnov is 20 minutes by car from Predeal and Poiana Brasov, two important skiing resorts in Romania. You can rent all the equipment in the resorts (including sledges). Accommodation in Rasnov is however much cheaper.


Cheile Rasnoavei.

  • Bungee Jumping: presumably one of the highest in eastern Europe - 137 m. You jump between cliffs in the "Cheile Rasnoavei" region. The cost is 100Euro for one jump, and you need to make an appointment by calling Mihai Mindreanu - 0721.47.97.46.
  • Paragliding
  • Get eaten by a bear - certainly a life's experience. The huge forests that stretch out towards Poiana Brasov and Predeal are home to many wild bears. If you tent at night in the wrong place you might make a new hairy friend. Warning: Bears are really dangerous, and camping in Cheile Rasnoavei might result in an encounter. Unless you camp at the entrance of the canyon, on the field side of Rasnov, in a fenced camping or in a yard, you expose yourself to the life threatening situation of being visited by a rude bear who will disregard your gun, stick, fire, ninja sword, pepper spray or air gun. Bears go out at night. Walking in the forests during the day is safe, and a common practice for locals. If you encounter a bear at night it is looking for food, which is not you, but all the veggies (or, if it is starving, the meat) you are traveling with. Let it do its feeding and retreat slowly.

Around Rasnov[edit]

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • You can buy extraordinary stones in the fortress, as well as folklore art and handmade art.
  • Rasnov has a market with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Local cheese: in the market, or in shops.
  • Rasnov has two supermarkets: Penny Market and MiniMax.
  • Art from several local artists in Rasnov: beautiful religious paintings by the local artist Toma Condrea and Camelia Condrea phone: 0268 231072. Ioan Negus and Maria Negus paint modern art, they live on Balcescu street, number 8; phone 0268230068. Savluc Boris does pastel art. He can be found on Brazilor street 47, phone 0268230609.

Eat[edit][add listing]

The old cinema in Rasnov.

There are a few restaurants in Rasnov.

  • Castle Pub right in the center, impossible to miss.It is quite good and cheap (2-3 Euro for a pizza, 2 Euro a soup, less than 2 Euro for a beer).
  • Izvor is the cheapest place to eat in Rasnov, but food is good. A soup is 5 lei, a beer 3 lei. It is in the center opposite of the hospital.
  • Rosenau is from the city center towards the market: with the hill in your back go down the street with the Evanghelic Church(2 min walking). It looks good, but food is expensive and doesn't taste as good as in other places.
  • Intim can be found on a parallel street: with the Castle Pub in your back go straight ahead on a small street which also has the BCR Bank building. Walking time 1 min. Prices are higher than in other places in Rasnov.
  • Finally you can eat fried potatoes at Olandezu in the city center.

You can also buy your own food at the two supermarkets, Penny Market and Minimax. If you are looking for fresh meat for a barbecue, try the renowned butcher Arzoiu in the intersection Caraiman street and Armata Romana street.

Drink[edit][add listing]

A pub in the center of Rasnov
  • Castle Pub, in the center. A favorite among tourists.
  • From the center towards the market (with the hill in your back, straight ahead) you can walk 2 min to Rosenau restaurant and bar.
  • La Strada can be found as you walk 2 min from the center with the hill on your right hand side. Right after you pass the school yard on your right.
  • Also in the center there is La Olandezu.

You will not pay more than 2€ in any of these for a beer. You will probably also get beer for about 1€ in any of these.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Yard entrance in Rasnov.
  • There are many pensions offering accommodation for good prices in Rasnov and new ones are being opened all the time. Most of them are small pensions. You can find places that charge from 10 to 30 euro for one night. Here are some (you can find more in Google using the terms "cazare rasnov"). Many people find it advantageous to stay in nearby Brasov -- it is significantly larger, with more options for sleeping, dining, and nightlife, and travel to Rasnov is a quick 30 minute bus ride that costs approximately EUR 1.00.
  • There are two campgrounds in Rasnov: one before you exit the town towards Poiana Brasov, and one in the Glejerie area.


  • Floare de Colt, 0745 256 370, 0744 377 079, 0268 231 338. 5 rooms, parking 60 Ron/ night.  edit
  • Anna, 0268 231 386 , 0726 295 899. 2 rooms 80 Ron/ night.  edit
  • Reddis, 0745 187 267. 8 rooms 70 Ron/night.  edit
  • Alina, 0744 473 061 , 0268 231 146 , 0728 685 115. 7 rooms, 1 apartment, parking 80 Ron/ nigh.  edit
  • Rem's, 0740 077 903 , 0745 024 318. 13 rooms, garage 75 Ron/night.  edit
  • Andrei, 0723 326 289 , 0720 122 452. 5 rooms, parking 80 Ron/night.  edit
  • Belvedere, 0722 375 112 , 0368 592 016 , 0723 536 559. 10 rooms, 2 apartments, internet, parking 80 Ron/ night.  edit
  • Casa Rasnoveana, 0268 231 708 , 0742 224 090 , 0745 999 050. 6 rooms, parking 70 Ron/ night.  edit
  • Nelly, 0728 644 208 , 0745 011 870. 6 rooms, parking 80 Ron/night.  edit
  • Casa Ducar, 0268 231 403 , 0723 382 881. 5 rooms, parking, optional internet 80 Ron/ night.  edit


  • Rock & Red, 0722 703 199 , 0722 378 977. 7 rooms, 3 apartments, internet, playroom and small fitness 150 Ron/night.  edit
  • Max international, 0268 231 810 , 0744 203 870. 18 rooms,parking, minispa 120 Ron/night.  edit
  • Casa Contelui, 0728 644 208 , 0745 011 870. 5 rooms, internet, parking 120 Ron/night.  edit
  • Pensiunea Rosenville, 0040 753 302 000 (). 8 rooms: 5 doubles, 2 quadruples, 1 apartment with 6 places, internet, parking  edit



  • In the center you can find two Internet cafes.
  • The post office is on Mihai Viteazu street.



  • BCR Erste Bank with ATMs and money transfer is located in Piata Unirii 10 (the center)
  • BRD Groupe Societte General with ATM and money transfer is located in Caraiman street 2, near the market.
  • Raiffeisen Bank with ATM is located at Republicii street, near the market.


  • The hospital in Rasnov is located in the center.

There are several pharmacies:

  • in the center next to the hospital
  • almost in the center towards Poiana Brasov
  • on Republicii street as you go from the center to the market
  • next to the Lukoil gas station at the exit towards Brasov.

Beauty and fitness[edit]

  • A small fitness center is on Teiului street (close to the Saxon school).
  • A tanning studio is right next to the Saxon school.

Police and law[edit]

  • The police station is located on Brazilor street number 11. Phone: 0268 (area code) 403844 or 0268 230 333. There must be somebody 24/7, but you might not be lucky to be able to communicate in English.
  • A lawyer office is to be found on Branduselor street 2, or on the phone 0268 403289.

Get out[edit]

Less than 100km[edit]

Peles Castle in Sinaia.
  • You can visit Brasov which is less than 15 km away. See get in section for busses and trains.
  • You can go to Bran (15km) or Moeciu(20km) and then pass the Rucar passing to Pitesti (100km) on the other side of the mountains. See get in section for busses. In Bran and Moeciu there are the famous Bran castle, and surrounding agrotoursim region.
  • You have a direct road road up the mountain (very good condition) that will take you to the ski resort Poiana Brasov. Distance: about 9km.
  • Zarnesti is about 13km away, and easy to reach via bus or train (see get in section. Here you have access to one of Romanias most beautiful natural parks, Piatra Craiului.
  • The ruins of Rupea are 75 km away.

More than 100km[edit]

Voronet Monastery in Moldova
  • You can see other great places in Transylvania such as Sibiu(150km), Sighisoara (140km) and Targu Mures(180km). Sibiu was the cultural capital of Europe in 2007 and a profoundly German city. Sighisoara is home to the only inhabited fortress in Europe. Targu Mures is a place marked by Hungarian influence.
  • You can visit Moldova, and head to Bacau (180km). In the north of Moldova there are famous monasteries.
  • You can also head to the capital Bucuresti (180km). If you have a car go via Predeal, if not, you must get first back to the very close Brasov.
  • Pitesti (100km) can be reached via Bran and the Rucar pass. It is on the other side of the mountain. Close to Pitesti you can visit Curtea de Arges, an old wallah fortress.
  • The Transfagarasan, a road that crosses the highest mountains with a dramatic scenery, is accessible via Fagaras(80km). From Fagaras you still have to drive about 40km to the beginning of the road. On the top of the mountain you pass Balea Lake (glacier), and then Vidraru Lake (anthropic). You end up in Curtea de Arges, where there is an old wallah fortress.
  • Chisinau, the capital of Moldavia, can be reached by bus from Brasov. The buses leave daily at 11:59 a.m. and at 7 p.m. , from Autogara 2, the place where the Rasnov-Brasov bus leaves you. For reservations call 0744362146.

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