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Qaqortoq is in Southern Greenland.


Qaqortoq in the summer.
Qaqortoq harbor

Qaqortoq (Greenlandic) and in Danish Julenhåb (Juliana's Hope). Qaqortoq is Southern Greenland’s largest town, with about 3,000 inhabitants. The main industry in the town is fishing, but there are also administrative and education centers in Qaqortoq. There are also some natural hot springs near Qaqortoq that are open for visitors to take a dip in, the water is nearly 38 degrees.

Get in[edit]

There are several different travel options to get to Qaqortoq. First, you can take a flight to Kangerlussuaq, and then take a flight to Qaqortoq that makes a stop in Narsarsuaq. In the summer, it is possible to take a direct flight to Narsarsuaq from Iceland or Denmark and then take a short helicopter flight to Qaqortoq. There are also boat and ship connections between all of the Southern Towns in Greenland, they may be delayed or disrupted due to ice in the fjord system though.

Get around[edit]

The town is perfect for walking to get around because everything is fairly centrally located. Skis and snowmobiles make it easier to get around during the winter months.

See[edit][add listing]

Rain and fog over Qaqortoq in the summer.

Colonial Town[edit]

Qaqortoq is a beautiful colonial town. A tour through the town on foot through the quaint squares you will find Greenland’s oldest fountain. There is also a sculpture park called “Stone and Man” where art is carved into the rock.

Qaqortoq Museum[edit]

The main focus of the exhibitions at the Qaqortoq Museum is Norsemen history, and exhibits include harpoons, kayaks and traditional blubber bags.

  • Qaqortoq Museum, Torvevej B-29, P.O. Box 154, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 10 80 (), [1]. Tuesday-Friday 14-17, Sun 14-17. DKK60.  edit
  • Church of Our Savior, Skolevej 103, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 20 41 (). Local wooden church, guests are welcome.  edit
  • Qaqortoq Tourist Info (c/o Greenland Sagalands), Vatikanbakken B 68, P.O. Box 128, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 24 44 (), [2]. Operated by Greenland Sagalands, provides information about the area, including maps as well as advice for tourist traveling in the area.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Hot Springs[edit]

Swimming in the hot springs is quite an adventure, the water is a balmy 38 degrees and the air temperature is usually around 10. The hot springs are located on the island of Uunartoq near Qaqortoq, tours and transportation to the hot springs can be arranged with the local tourist offices.

  • Greenland Sagalands, Vatikanbakken B 68, P.O. Box 128, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 24 44 (), [3]. Offer many different types of tours on land and on the water. Including whale watching, fishing, stone tours, and Greenlandic lectures. Price varies greatly because trips are custom organized to suit needs..  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Fountain in Qaqortoq in the summer.
  • Qaqortoq Souvenir Shop, Vatikanbakken B 68, P.O. Box 128, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 24 44 (), [4]. Sells mainly hand crafted artisan pieces made out of traditional Greenlandic materials, like reindeer antlers. DKK600.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Nanoq Steakhouse, Anders Olsens Vej B1254, P.O. Box 509, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 22 82 (), [5]. Dinner 6pm, Breakfast (guests only) 7am-10am. Offers views of the town and nearby harbor. Mainly Greenlandic ingredients are used in preparing the dishes. Also has a large room suitable for receptions with up to 100 people. DKK300.  edit
  • Cafe Mikisoq, Anders Olsens Vej B1254, P.O. Box 509, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 22 82 (), [6]. M-Th 12-14 & 17-23, F-Sat 12-24, Sun 12-23. Offers traditional Greenlandic coffees and Greenlandic draft beers. Good place to experience Greenlandic coffee culture. DKK 30-100+.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Sulisartut Højskoliat Hostel, Kamikoorfik B 1021, P.O. Box 132, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 24 66 (), [7]. Rooms come without bathrooms, there are some single rooms available with showers/toilet for a 780DKK. Double room comes with private bath. The hostel also offers day room rental during the summer. Single: 650DKK, Double 1300DKK.  edit
  • Qaqortoq Seamens Home, Ringvej B-40, P.O. Box 330, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 22 39 (), [8]. 10 rooms are available. Home cooked Greenlandic meals are served daily in the cafeteria connected to the hotel. Single: DKK 840, Double: DKK 1150.  edit
  • Villarama, B-137, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+45) 40 24 89 28 (), [9]. Private house rental. 2 beds and private bathroom. Transfers available. Prices vary based on season. Maximum occupancy is 5 people. Eur 99 (additional charge for more than 2 guests).  edit
  • Siniffik Inn, Aaninngivit B-242, P.O. Box 172, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 27 28 (), [10]. Some rooms come with private bathrooms. The linens are also provided in the price. Prices may be lower in the low season (winter). Double Rooms DKK650-850.  edit
  • Hotel Qaqortoq, Anders Olsens Vej B1254, P.O. Box 509, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 64 22 82 (), [11]. Hotel has a restaurant on site. It is on the top of a hill, offering views of the town and harbor. There is a lounge area and conference services available. Single: DKK1195 Double: DKK 1495.  edit
  • Igaliko Country Hotel, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland, (+299) 66 54 99/(+299) 49 73 71 (), [12]. Includes linen, towels and breakfast. There are 8 single and 6 double rooms available. Lunch, pack lunches and dinner are also available for purchase at the cafe. Transfers from the airport can also be arranged. Single: DKK760 Double: DKK980.  edit

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