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Praia a Mare

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Praia a Mare is a nice beach resort town in the Calabria region of Italy. This village of 6800 people stands in front of Dino island, surrounded by the stunning Policastro gulf. During the summer months, its beach is divided into about 50 lidos, although intermittently there are unprotected slivers of beach open to the public at no cost.

Dino Island


Praia a Mare is situated at the coast of the Tyrhenian Sea, in the province of Cosenza, 5 km from the border with Basilicata. In the north it stands on the coast (Costa) dei Cedri. Cedar is a fruit of a centuries-old tradition, which has become a part of the peasant world of this area. Village established as a group of fishermen and peasant farms. The final name of Praia a Mare make official in 1928. Before the name origin is not clear and had developed in some variants.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Italy's Treneitalia rail network serves Praia a Mare with trains running approximately every two hours. The station can be easily missed, as it is a hub for two other nearby villages as well: look for Praja, not Praia a Mare, when preparing to alight the train.

Get around[edit]

By boat[edit]

It is possible to rent small watercraft on the beaches adjacent to the promenade 1-2km south of the village center. Avoid berthing boats in the area just south of Dino island, especially in the summer--that area is reserved for swimmers. To visit Dino island, the most complete experience would be to join one of the tours departing from Capodarena, either on smaller or larger boats, taking you around the island as well as to the Arcomagno bay, further south.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Dino Island The crystal colour of the water surrounding the Dino Island is worth the trip this little pearl of Mediterranean Sea. The island, 3km long, offers three marine caves to explore: the Waterfalls cave, the Lion Cave and the more popular Blue Grotto, the largest cave, where the water appears lit up from bottom. Dino Island is accessible by paddleboat or canoe that can be rented by many beaches from May until September. The coastline runs for 6km, assuming several different looks, from sandy beaches to black rocks.
  • Sardine Cave. It so called for the copious presence of sardines there, which were caught there by a particular net called the "cianciorro" ("giangiuorro" or "giangiuorr" in dialect).
  • Sanctuary Madonna Della Grotta If you are visiting Praja is a must to see the Cave Sanctuary, where is kept the sacred statue of the Maria the virgin, protector of town. The religious parade is held on august the 14th until the 18th, when the whole town celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the statue, brought hundreds of years ago by a Spanish captain via sea.
  • Church of the Sacred Heart (Chiesa del Sacro Cuor)
  • St. Paul apostle Church (Chiesa di San Paolo Apostolo)
  • Church of Jesus Christ Savior (Chiesa di Gesù Cristo Salvatore) - Recently built.
  • Pollino National Park [23]. Praia lies right on the edge of Calabria's northernmost range of Pollino Mountains with the highest peak reaching around 2250m (7500 feet). The Pollino National Park is located in both Calabria and neighbouring Basilicata between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. In this park you'll find beech trees, rare plant and animal species such as the Loricato Pine and the Royal Eagle, Dolomite-like rock formations, glacial deposits, and countless cave systems. Within its borders, the Pollino National Park hosts many palaeontology and archaeology sites, including the Romito Caves and the Mercure Valley, as well as sanctuaries, convents, castles, and historical centres of the original Albanian settlers from the 15th and 16th centuries.
Pollino National Park peak above Praia, with view of Dino Island on the horizon
  • Municipal Museum City of Praia a Mare Hosts a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art made with the contribution of numerous Italian and foreign artists, who have donated to the institution in total more than two hundred works.
  • The Fortino Palace In the 16th century, the defensive fort of the Fumarulo di Praia dates back to which the lords of Aieta built and dedicated themselves to the defense of the coastal coast.
  • Tower (torre) of Fiuzzi Built on a cliff top of Fiuzzi 15 meters high, on which was already present an angioina tower, is one of the largest towers in the area. It was guarded by the Saracen raids on the coast.
  • Fortress of Praia dating back to the 14th century of Norman construction.

Do[edit][add listing]

The 22m (65 ft) cliff jumping from the Arcomagno Arch

In Praja there's really no time to get bored! You can just relax on the beach, cuddled by the breeze while laying back on a deckchair, or you can make your time simply extreme!

  • Paragliding The take off is westfaced, at about 600m above sea level. Thermals start around 10:00 during summer. If you are planning to do a solo flight, you should contact the local pilots who will help you all year around to reach the take-offs. If you are first-timer prepare yourself to have a lot of fun and a breathtaking view. Tandem flights requires no experience whatsoever, when signing up your instructor will give you a briefing to make sure you know everything you need to do, before your feet gets off the ground!
One happy traveller experiencing a paragliding flight over Dino Island
  • White Water Rafting on Lao river in spectacular Pollino National Park. This is probably the best way to visit the national park itself. It has the richest repository of flora and fauna in the south, and covers 1960km². There are three river courses of varying levels and durations, with one suitable for children as young as age 10. Spring is the best time to raft the Lao river; the current is stronger, and the water is fresh. The river is karstic in nature; providing an adventure-seekers playground for rafting, canyoning, and kayaking. Most of which are based in-and-around the picturesque town of Papasidero. Every rafting company will provide you with free transportation to/from Praia a Mare.
  • Cliff Jumping The highlight for travellers who enjoy having butterflies in their stomachs is cliff jumping off Arcomagno Rock, a 22m (67 ft) natural bridge over a hidden crystal bay. For less brave divers, lower jumps can be found on the Dino island coast.
  • Scuba Diving. You don't need to be a professional diver to enjoy the coral gardens or the ancient relics lying not far from Dino island. Various scuba diving companies can assist you to make your experience underwater safe and unforgettable. You can pick among 10 different itineraries, including wrack dive and night dive, depending by your scuba diving level. For more info: Deep Inside Diving Center, +39 033 8726-7651, [1].  edit
  • Trekking [24]. Not many places offer the diversity of mountains meeting the ocean. Praja does, leading the beauty of Pollino National parks to the clearness of the Tirrenian Sea. Praia will be your optimal base camp for doing a different trekking/hiking trip every day. You can go visit the Raganello Gorge (80km east), or Trecchina hills and the Soccorso Sanctuary (20km north-easth), Aietas Old Village (11km east), just to mention a few. The Pollino National Park headquarters are in the town of Rotonda. Park and tourist information offices throughout the region can provide maps and detailed information on hiking tracks in this area.
  • Custody and Boat Rental - Boat Excursions, Lido Il Veliero Praia a Mare.
  • Do sunbathing on the beaches with a fairytale sea: Lido Florida, Lido Delucas, Lido Mambo, Lido Red 91, Lido Nautilus, Costa Blu - Stabilimento Balneare - Bar – Ristorante, Lido Afrodite, Lido Lido Nautic Ocean 21, Lido Charene, Lido La Perla Neral, Lido Number One, Punto Balneare L'Ancora, Lido Ciccalido, Lido il Castello, Lido Azzurro, Lido Peter Pan, Lido Darsena Snoopy, Lido La Perla Nera, Centro Balneare La Piroga, Lido Elisa, Lido International, Lido La Perla Praia a Mare, Lido Borgo di Fiuzzi, Verdemare Lido, Buddha Beach, Lido Roxy, Lido la Fenice, Lido L'Oasi, Spiaggia "Punta Fiuzzi", Lido Caporena, Lido Yellow Boat, Lido Full Moon.
  • Be aware and plan your Genealogy Tour, if your family was native to these places [25].
  • Night life:
  • Madrigal is a bar located near Praia's train station with a live music. Famous by meeting place of the soccer players.
  • Asteria. A disco overlooking one of the ancient byzantine guarding towers. It has an incredibly romantic view of the entire coast and has famous DJs come and play each summer.
  • Other Clubs: International Camping Ground Disco, Mariposa, Acadie (Scalea).

Buy[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

In Praia a Mare you can enjoy tasty local food.

  • Bryonia, Via Strada Panoramica Al Porto, 8020 Tortora, +39 098 576 4448. Restaurant  edit
  • Chiaia, Via Leonardo da Vinci, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 328 171 0680. Pizzeria Restaurant  edit
  • Emily, Via Francesco Perri, 7, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 345 442 4111. Pizzeria Bar  edit
  • Escopocodisera, Piazza Luigi Sturzo, 3, 87028 Praia a mare, +39 098 577 7623. Pizzeria Restaurant  edit
  • Garden, Via Roma, 8, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 828. Restaurant  edit
  • Il Ghiotto, Via Filippo Turati, 35/37, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 574 411. Fast food  edit
  • Il Paiolo Magico, Via della Libertà, 27, 87028 Praia a Mare. Restaurant  edit
  • Joia, Via San Bonaventura 28, 87020 Tortora, +39 347 302 1761. Home Restaurant  edit
  • La Casetta Bianca, Contrada Fiuzzi, 49, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 347 754 3991. Restaurant  edit
  • La piedigrotta, Piazza F. G. Lomonaco, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 348 953 7297. Restaurant  edit
  • Miramare, Viale Gregorio Medugno, 87020 San Nicola Arcella, +39 327 790 6757. Restaurant  edit
  • Officina Mediterranea, Localita' Fiuzzi, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 577 9279. Pizzeria Restaurant  edit
  • Piedigrotta, Via della Grotta, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 345 418 5318. Restaurant  edit
  • Pizza Express sas di Vittorio Sangiovanni & co, Viale Marconi, 43, 87020 Tortora Marina, +39 098 576 5080. Pizzeria  edit
  • Pizzeria Amici's, Via Francesco Cilea, 39, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 388 826 2697. Pizzeria  edit
  • Porto di Mare, Via Luigi, Via L. Giugni, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 320 295 8345, [2]. Fast food  edit
  • Regina, Via della Libertà, 2, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 391 104 8442. Cafe  edit
  • Rinaldi, Via Roma, 22, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 0985 73067. Pizzeria Restaurant  edit
  • Ticciabbaca, Via Giorgio Almirante, 18, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 340 974 8413. Restaurant Trattoria  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Bar Sailor's, Piazza Italia, 9, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 345 505 5139. Bar  edit
  • Branca, Via Luigi Giugni, 93, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 338 139 6438. Bar  edit
  • da Biagio, Via Giovanni XXIII, 46, 87020 Tortora Marina, +39 345 833 6679. Bar  edit
  • Magic, Via Filippo Turati, 16, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 573 514. Bar  edit
  • Monkey, Via G. Verga, 66, 87028 Praia a Mare. Bar  edit
  • Perfetti, Via Armando Diaz, 1, 87028 Praia a Mare. Bar  edit
  • Schettini Simone Di Avena, Viale Della Repubblica, 20, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 283. Bar  edit
  • The Friends di Domenico Covelli, Via P. Longo, 110, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 324 740 5061. Pub  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Ai Principi di Calabria, Via della Grotta, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 340 773 2424. B&B  edit
  • Al Bianco Loto, Via Saracinello 23 Località Foresta, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 340 717 7890. Hotel  edit
  • Al Vecchio Pioppo, Via Filippo Turati, 65, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 333 286 5378. B&B  edit
  • Anna, Via della Libertà, 10, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 338 106 7081, [3]. B&B Villa  edit
  • Borgo Fiuzzi Resort & Spa, Contrada Fiuzzi, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 577 6481, [4]. Resort & Spa  edit
  • Branca, Via della Libertà, 27, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 220. Hotel  edit
  • Calabria, Via Roma, 58, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 350. Hotel  edit
  • Degli Ulivi, Localita Viscigliosa, 7/B, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 328 835 4668, [5]. B&B Villa  edit
  • Dei Fiori, Via della Canaletta 4, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 347 342 6804. B&B  edit
  • Del Golfo, Viale Europa, Loc. Foresta, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 580 2272. Hotel Residence  edit
  • Franca, Viale A. Moro, 59, 87020 Tortora Marina, +39 098 576 4244. Hotel  edit
  • Garden, Via Roma, 8, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 829. Hotel  edit
  • Germania, Via Roma, 44, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 016, [6]. Hotel  edit
  • Harmony, Lungomare Colonnello Francesco Sirimarco, 22, 87020 Tortora Marina, +39 098 572 747, [7]. Hotel  edit
  • I Normanni, Via Don Matteo Dei Marchesi Cosentini, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 577 9873, [8]. Hotel  edit
  • Il Castello Di Praia, Via Don Matteo dei Marchesi Cosentini S.n.c, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 393 663 3413, [9]. B&B  edit
  • International Camping Village, Lungomare, Via F. Sirimarco, snc, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 0985 72211, [10]. Camping Village  edit
  • La Corte delle Rose, La Corte delle Rose, interno parco n.26/28, Via Trieste, 20, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 339 223 1540. B&B  edit
  • La Mantinera, Via G. Battista Falcone, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 577 9023, [11]. Hotel Village  edit
  • Le Arcate, Via Filippo Turati, 21, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 297, [12]. Hotel  edit
  • Le Magnolie, Via Giorgio Almirante, 2, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 504 1740 (). Residence  edit
  • Lovix, Via della Pace, 24/d, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 339 456 5545, [13]. B&B  edit
  • Mondial, Via Roma, 52, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 747, [14]. Hotel  edit
  • Nappi, SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 351 914 6437, [15]. Agriturismo  edit
  • Nappi, Via don matteo dei marchesi cosentino d'aieta, 4, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 329 459 4200, [16]. B&B Villa  edit
  • OndaRoad Beach Hostel, Via Umberto Boccioni, 13, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 347 073 6169, [17]. Family run hostel (or homestay, as they consider themselves). In very high season you can enquire for tents rental, equipped with mattress and linen, for a more rural accommodation!! Free breakfast (pancakes or omelettes or French toast), home-made lunch, and pick up from the train station are included.  edit
  • Pian delle Vigne, SS 18 km 248, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 572 779, [18]. Hotel  edit
  • Rex, Via Cristoforo Colombo, 56, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 527 4470, [19]. Hotel  edit
  • Soleluna, Via Giosuè Carducci, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 098 577 9029, [20]. Residence  edit
  • Stella, Via degli Agricoltori, 25, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 347 720 2086, [21]. Villa  edit
  • Umballa, Via dei Gelsi, 41, 87028 Praia a Mare, +39 348 716 5235, [22]. B&B  edit


  • Tourist Information Office, Via Amerigo Vespucci, +39 0985 72322.  edit

Get out[edit]

  • Sea route by boat allows seeing coastline landscape as cliffs (Arco Magno or Ajnenella cliff), caves, sandy beaches, Dino island at Praia a Mare, isle of Cirella, seaside resorts. From the cliffs of Salera, Monachicchi, Giumenta up to the cave of Tras and Jesce is a fairy-tale and unique world vision. Isola di Dino, characterized by the presence of two particular caves: the Blue Cave named for its intense blue color of its waters and the Lion's Cave so defined by the presence of a rock that takes the form of a lying lion.

Boat tours also offer swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters of the sea. Divers can explore the sea flora and sea life or take a look at the sunken ships there.

  • Confluence of river Lao into the Tyrrhenian sea. Its length is more than 50 km from the starting point in Basilicata.
  • Take the religious path called „Way of Miracles“.

Tyrrhenian coastline cities: Maratea, Tortora Marina, Praia a Mare, San Nicola Arcella, Scalea, Santa Maria del Cedro, Grisolia, Cirella, Diamante, Belvedere Marittimo, Sangineto, Bonifati, Cetraro, Acquappesa, Guardia Piemontese, Fuscaldo and Paola.

  • Maratea is Basilicata town, 19 km from Praia a Mare. On a half way is Marina di Maratea. Maratea itself has two urban areas: one is located on the top of the mount San Biagio, called Castello; the other one is called Borgo, located on the north side of the mountain. Main points of interest is marble statue of Christ the Redeemer or the Christ of Maratea, Column of San Biagio, Basilica of Saint Blaise, Churches of Santa Maria Maggiore, Saint Vitus, the Holy Annunciation, Our Lady of Sorrows, Mary Immaculate, Calvary, Saint Anthony, Saint Anne, Saint Francis of Paola, Rosary, Chapels of Mary of Lourdes, Saint Francis of Assisi. In front of the Basilica there are two ruined towers. Along the coast there are castles, towers, caves (Cave of Wonders and Marina cave) and trails.
  • Tortora Marina is the first town on Italy's Tyrrhenian coast, when you enter Calabria from the north crossing the river Noce. This seaside resort boasts by nice terraca and beaches along the sea coastline, Piazza Stella Maris with playground for kids, Ship tower (Torre Nave).
  • San Nicola Arcella. This seaside resort stands on a hill and overlooks the sea on a beautiful natural concave that can be admired from the ancient Belvedere, that has recently been restored. It is famous by the Saracen Tower, known as the Napoleonic fort, Ducal palace, Crawford Tower named after the last owner and the "Prince's Palace", country villa overlooking the gulf. Resort has one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Calabria. The main beach "the Great Arc" is possible to admire from above 20 meters high, where you can reach it by a pedestrian path or with small boat to explore its spectacular frames. San Nicola Arcella has enough well equipped area for the children entertainment.
  • Scalea. Visit Feudal Palace of the Princes, Norman Palace, Palazzo Pallamolla, towers: Talao, Cimalonga, Scalicella or Judas, sanctuary Madonna of the Lauro, churches Santa Maria d’Episcopio or San Nicola in Plateis, Norman Castle ruins, four gates of Scalea, Kiss Cave and Sheep cave and others.
  • Santa Maria Del Cedro is seaside resort. The main points of interest are: remains of the Norman aqueduct, the ancient Greek city of Laos, St. Michael's Castle ruins. The earlier fortress is located on a rocky hill and itself is a rectangular shape and has a circular tower.

Prison of Enterprises earlier used for the forced labor of inmates for the production of oil. Today it is restored and named after the arch. It is the site of cultural events. The Cedar Museum is located there on the first floor.

  • Grisolia is seaside resort. It is perched on a hill and separated from the neighbour town of Maiera by a ravine. Center is of the medieval origin with the tangle of alleys, stairs, arches and supports. Ducal Palace, built in 15th century, separates among the other buildings. Sanctuary of San Rocco is the most beautiful among the other churches.v
  • Cirella, which houses a wonderful amphitheater located in the upper part of the historic center. The main points of interest are: castle, ruins of theatre, wall remains, mausoleum of Tredoliche, church of San Nicola Magno, church of dell'Annunziata and Cirella isle. The Black Cliff of Cirella is one of the most striking cliffs of the Calabrian Tyrrhenian. It extends for several hundred meters to the north and south of Punta di Cirella, from which you can see the island named in the same way. The cliff is mainly composed of limestone rocks.
  • Diamante. It is seaside resort with its signature Chilli Festival taking place in September, ideal for full immersion in the spicy Calabrian gastronomy. Other festivals as Jazz Festival, Wine Festival or Film Festival also take place there. Town and the coast, are so attractive that they have been used as the set for several films and TV shows. Diamante is also called the city of murals, because there are 130 paintings to see on the walls of the houses in the historic center.
  • Belvedere Maritimo is seaside resort. The town has two separate areas called as "paese" and "marina". The main points of interest are: Norman castle built around 1000, monastery of "San Daniele" (16th century), Roman tower "Paolo Emilio", church of "Rosario" (Rosary) founded in 1091, wooden Crucifix (17th century).
  • Sangineto is the small town divided into two parts: the old town, very characteristic that is located in the mountains and the Lido (Le Crete resort) which is located near the sea. Visit Santa Maria della Neve church of 1200.
  • Bonifati is seaside resort. You must-see these subjects: the oldest churches of Calvary and SS. Announced, Shrine of Mary SS. del Rosario, Bonifati Fortress Castle (12th century), palaces: Cape, Favarulo, Scamardi-De Aloe, Barbieri, Prince, Francesco De Aloe, towers: Fella, Porta Malvitana, Cape and Parise. It is worth mentioning the Convent of St. Francis of Paola, dedicated to Santa Maria di Loreto, built between 1518-1520 and the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary dating back to the 17th century.
  • Cetraro is seaside resort. The main points of interest are religious subjects.
  • Acquappesa is seaside resort with a nice seafront. It has six kilometers coastline with a long beach consisting mostly of gravel and pebbles and forested mountainous area around with winding serpentine roads. In the oldtown visit Church of Santa Maria del Rifugio which is built in neoclassical style.

Not very far there is terme offering sulphurous waters for the treatment of many deceases.

  • Guardia Piemontese is seaside resort. The old town is divided into many alleys whose flooring is formed by a set of stones. Possible points to visit are church of St. Apostle Andrew and church of the Holy Rosary, ancient summer residence of Spinelli. Different gates with their own stories as Blood, Carruggio or doors with peepholes, which possible to open only from the outside. Rock of Val Pellice on the Valdese Church Square.
  • Fuscaldo is seaside resort. The main points of interest are religious subjects.
  • Paola is seaside resort. The main points of interest are religious subjects such as Sanctuary di San Francesco, basilica, dedicated to Santa Maria degli Angeli, church of Santissima Annunziata, church of Santa Maria di Monte Vergine. Don‘t miss the peacock and arch of San Francesco, which are the moust famous symbols of the city and the all historic centre of Paola.

The mountinous area towns are Aieta, Santa Domenica Talao, Papasidero, Orsomarso, La Petrosa, excavations of ancient Laos, Verbicaro, Maiera and Buonvicino.

  • Tortora you will reward with superb mountain views, fascinating architecture (Casa Di Garibaldi, Chiesa di San Pietro Apostolo), houses, that seem to spill down the mountain sides, busy, colorful shops and one of the region's most interesting museums. A drive to this ancient village is worth it. Archeological museum di Blanda, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 257, 87020 Tortora.
  • Aieta has the main points of interest in local churches.
  • Santa Domenica Talao is almost a terrace, which overlooks the entire coast from Santa Maria Del Cedro to Cirella and the Cedro plantations, which only here mother nature wants to grow.
  • Papasidero. Beautiful church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli famous by the important archaeological find, the grafito of the "bos primigenius" dating back to the Paleolithic era; Grotta del Romito is in distance of 8 km from Papasidero.
  • Orsomarso small village with some churches of Santa Maria Mercury, St. John Baptist and S.S.Salvatore, grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, ruins of Mercury's castle from the 10th century, clock tower and Mozza column. Nearby stands watermill.
  • La Petrosa is a beautiful place to observe the whole panorama of the Lao river valley.
  • Between Marcellina and Santa Maria del Cedro are the excavations of ancient Laos. Fountain della Buona Acqua di Marcellina, Via Orsomarso, 2-8, 87020 Marcellina. Goccia d'Oro di Calabria oil mill, Via Lavinium 80/82, 87020 Marcellina.
  • Verbicaro village is on the outskirts of Pollino national park. It has museum of Wine housed in the former prison. The main points of interest are religious subjects such as churches of St. Francis of Paola, St.Joseph, Santa Maria del Piano or Mother Church of the Assumption. Admire the fountain di Vico Vignale and clock tower.
  • Maiera narrow streets of the old town present several works of the modern art. Admire by Grand gate and the sculpture park. Also don‘t miss churches of Santa Maria del Piano or church of St.Peter, grotta di San Domenico. Maiera has the "Museum of Chilli", which presents the varieties of this spice from all over the world of so-called "red gold".
  • Buonvicino is a small rocky village overlooking the river valley and it is listed as the most beautiful village in Italy. It has sanctuary of Our Lady and church of San Ciriaco.

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