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Port Blair

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Port Blair is capital and largest city of the Andaman and Nicobar island group, with a population of around 100,000.


India- Andaman Island Capital-Port Blair
Port blair at Night
Andaman Cellular Jail
Port Blair's seaside promenade, one of the few pleasant bits of town
Port Blair Town view

Given the beauty of the rest of the Andamans, Port Blair is an upcoming city no different from any other smaller Indian city, although the seaside has been tarted up a bit. It comprises of people from all over India and one can imagine it as mini India with no conflicts on region and religion. Aside from Cellular Jail, there are quite few places which include Ross Island, Barren Island (known for the only active volcano) and few others known for its historical importance. A week's trip will cover the must see places at the island's. You can however do day trip to other close by places like Wandoor, Ross Island etc.

Important: Some attractions are closed on Monday and Wednesday in Port Blair. Places such as Fisheries museum, Anthropological museum and Baratang island closed on Monday. Wednesday Ross Island is closed. Public holidays and official visits also impact the timings of some attractions at Port Blair.[21]

Get in[edit]

Port blair Scenic Airport of India
Port Blair Air travel soon
Port blair around map
Turtle Nesting sites in Dec-Feb Months

See Andaman and Nicobar region article for information on flights and ships from the mainland.


Port Blair's Vir Savarkar Airport (IATA: IXZ) is located about 2 km south of the city. Taxis and auto-rickshaws wait outside the terminal at flight times. Public buses can be flagged down on the main road just outside the airport (cross the road). A bus to Aberdeen Bazaar will cost no more than ₹7. The terminal is small and reasonably modern, with an air-conditioned departure hall, but aside for an overpriced kiosk selling chai and crisps there's not much to tide you over if your flight is delayed.

Regular pax ship services are available to Port Blair from Chennai. There are 3 to 4 sailings every month, The voyage takes about 50 to 60 hrs & the ship normally berths at Port Blair for about 2 to 4 days.

Schedules & tariffs can be obtained from:

  • Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Jawahar Building, Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 600 001 Tel: 044-25231401to 9, 25225835,25231407.
  • The Deputy Director of Shipping Services, A&N Administration, 6, Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 600 001 Tel: 044-25220841, 25226873

Estimated Fares: Name of Vessel and fare per berth

  • M.V.Nicobar ₹2,380 to ₹9,280
  • M.V.Nancowry ₹2,380 to ₹9,280
  • M.V.Swarajdweep ₹2,380 to ₹9,280
  • M.V.Harshvardhana ₹2,380 to ₹9,280
  • M.V.Akbar ₹2,070 to ₹9,280

Refer this official website for accurate charts [22]

Get around[edit]

  • Both Private and Government ferries operate from Port Blair. Private ferry bookings to other islands can be done online. Government ferry booking can be done from STARS counter available at the Jetty of each Harbour. No online booking of the Government ferry is available. You will have to manually visit the counter and get the tickets booked.[23]
  • Ferry / Ship/Cruise :
  • Port Blair Harbour ferry To provide services within the sheltered water and narrow creeks by ferry vessels. Port Blair connects Phoenix bay, Chatham, Junglighat, Bamboo flat, Hope town, Dundas point, Mithakhari, Viper Island. There are three major routes in Port Blair and an average 45 trips are operated in these routes. Ferry services are available between Long Island and Yeratta in Middle Andaman and Mayabunder and Kalighat in North Andaman.
  • Walking is a good option. But expect to get lost if you go too far and it is mostly quite steep hills that all look alike, so remember some landmark. The auto-rickshaws will charge you quite high if they can see you don't know where you are going or what you are doing. One way of avoiding being fleeced by them is to just climb in the back of the auto-rickshaws and say "Aberdeen Bazaar" for example.
  • Auto-rickshaws are abundant, and within town should cost ₹20-40. Auto fare from airport to Aberdeen Bazaar in the city centre is ₹30. Auto fare from Aberdeen Bazaar to Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is ₹10. From Aberdeen Bazaar to Marine jetty (from where you get ships to Havelock Islands, Long island, etc) is also ₹10 (as on March 2010) Note: Another writer would say these prices are extremely low and only a local would get them.
  • Local buses are also available for inter-city and intra-city travel. Very cheap, but you'll need to ask around to figure out the routes.
  • Scooters & motorcycles have been available for hire from a few shops around MA Rd. However, it seems they are no longer available for rent in Port Blair. Police have seized a lot of 2 wheelers for speeding and driving without license, so people have stopped renting out 2 wheelers. You can rent scooters and motorcycles on MG road about 2km up the hill to the west from Aberdeen Bazaar but they are ₹400 for one day which does not include an overnight as of Jan 2011. Expect to get lost.
  • Private hire cars are available for local sightseeing around Port Blair and South Andaman.
  • Boats are available to destinations like Ross Island. Boat fare is ₹500 for a return journey. It takes approximately 15 minutes by ferry from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex jetty.

No. Type of Activity Timing Person Amount (Rs.) Duration Adventure Water Sports

1. Jet Ski 10 am to 5 pm

  • One Person Rs.550/- 10 Minutes
  • Two Person Rs.750/- 10 Minutes

Safe Water Sports

2. Paddle Boat 10 am to 6.30 pm

  • 2 Seater Rs.20/- 30 Minutes
  • 4 Seater Rs.30/- 30 Minutes

3. Bumper Boat 10 am to 6.30 pm

  • One Person Rs.30/- 10 Minutes

4. Rowing Boat 10 am to 6.30 pm

  • Two Person Rs.20/- 30 Minutes

An option to visit the Andaman & Nicobar islands is to opt for the package tours.

See[edit][add listing]

Cellular Jail
Chatam Saw mill and Ferry
Liveaboard diving in Port blair
Corbyn,s Cove Beach
View from GB Pant Hospital Corridor,On Rs 20 Currency Note
  • Cellular Jail. Built by the British to house political prisoners far away from the mainland. All prisoners were kept in isolation cells and subjected to a brutal work regime, with regular whippings and executions. Briefly taken over by the Japanese during WW2, who added outright torture to the palette. Today, however, the jail has been transformed into an immaculately kept national monument complete with a garden that seems very much at odds with the horror of the place.You can watch it from morning 9:30 a.m to 4 p.m. A light-and-sound show in Hindi (6 pm) and English (7 pm) available in the evenings. Some days the timings are alternated. Jail is closed on Mondays although the light and sounds is still on in the evenings. You have to stand in a long queue from 4.30 pm onwards till the ticket counter opens at 5.20 pm. TIP: Ask your hotel/agent to collect ticket or ask your wife/sis/mother to stand in the ladies' line. ₹20 per person.  edit
  • Andaman in Rs 20 Currency Note A picture is taken from the veranda of GB Pant Hospital Port Blair, Which features on Rs.20/- note of Indian currency.
  • Corbyn's Cove (beach). An ok beach, and the closest to Port Blair. Popular with locals for swimming and watching the sunset. However, part of the beach was washed away by the 2004 tsunami and currents can be very strong, so be careful if you decide to swim.  edit
  • Mini Zoo. A medium size zoo containing some species only found on the islands. which is now shifted to its new place at Chidiya Tapu.  edit
Japanese bunker just beside Lions club, opposite to SAI Complex Port Blair
  • Japanese Bunkers, near Corbyn's Cove. Bunkers built by the Japanese army during World War II. There's one more right down the hill from Cellular Jail.  edit
  • Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), (about 4km away from the airport). CARI Scientists are conducting research on different aspects of Island Agriculture. Landscaping of CARI is very beautiful and it is worth seeing. Here you can see farms of different livestocks and poultry viz. Cattle, Pig, Goat, Rabbit, Turkey, Quail, Guinea Fowl, Duck, Fisheries Ponds, Integrated Farming System model etc and fodder blocks as well.  edit
  • Anthropological Museum. closed Mondays and Public Holidays.. Interesting Anthropological museum which gives the history of the various A&N tribes.  edit
  • Chatam Saw Mill, Chatam (15 mins by bus from STS Bus terminal, private buses available ₹6 per person). A saw mill, oldest in Asia. Also the Chatam jetty is where ships from Calcutta/Chennai loaded with goods enter Port Blair. From the jetty passenger jetty is available for Bamboo flat and Dundus Point. 10 Rs/person inclusive of camera.  edit
  • Samudrika Naval Museum. This museum has nice display of corals and live fishes. Also has a shop where you can buy local items. 20 Rs/person. Still camera - Rs 20.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Sea walk at North Bay
Port blair boat prices

Ross Island was British administrative capital of Andamans. Now it has many old British building in Ruins. The island has lot of deers and peacocks. So its a nice place where you can spend quality time admiring the nature.

North Bay It is the place to do scuba, jet skii, snorkeling , sea walk etc. You don't need to know swimming to do scuba diving. Don't miss it.

  • Game fishing Andaman Aquaholics conducts Sports Fishing charters and shared trips all around Andaman Islands. Chartered boat trips are also conducted for Barren Island which is South Asias only active volcano. +91-9434264321, [email protected],
  • Snorkeling at Jolly Buoy is currently banned (January 2020) but if it reopens, it is a MUST DO for everyone. Make sure to check before purchasing tickets. You can watch much better Corals and fishes here snorkeling as compared to Havelock Island. To reach here, first you have to reach Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wandoor. Wandoor is around 30 km from Port Blair. There is only few ferries which takes you from Wandoor to Jolly Buoy and generally leaves at around 7 am. In peak season (December – January), you might want to book those tickets in advance as they are limited. Tickets cost ₹850 per head. Ticket cost includes one small 10 minute tour around the corals in glass bottom boat. For a longer glass bottom boat tour you can pay and an extra Rs. 300-1000 for 15-60 minutes. Taxi costs Rs. 1800 for a private car that will take you to the jetty and return you back to Port Blair. Prior to going, one has to get the permission from the forest department office at Port Blair, charge is Rs 100/- per head for locals and Rs 1000/- for foreigners. At Jolly Buoy, everyone should do Snorkeling as it is a wonderful experience (No, you don’t need to know swimming for Snorkeling and it is completely safe). It’s a great experience to actually NOT touch Star fish, Sea Cucumber and just watch all fishes at arm’s distance. Never touch or disturb corals. It takes them years to build. If you are going to do snorkeling, don't spend money on extra trip of glass bottom boat. It is a MUST TO CARRY eatables and water as you won’t find anything at all there to eat/drink. It is restricted to carry any plastics to Jolly buoy, so you can rent the Jute bag at 1Re/bag (with a deposit of Rs. 100). Make sure to prepare for this in advance as the guards will sort through your bags and make you throw all plastics away (including water bottle, ziplock bags, etc.).
  • Sea walking. 25 mins. Sea Walking is a must for those who love to see the corals and fishes deep inside their habitat. You put on a oxygen mask, to which oxygen is supplied from oxygen cylinders on the ship. You move down a ladder into the water, where the sea divers will show you the corals. They also feed fish on your hands and hundreds of fish will gather in front of you. Only discomfort will be some pain in the ears as you move deep into the water. They take you down to around 20-25 feets below surface for approx. 25 minutes. To do Sea Walking you have to get to North Bay Island. You can buy tickets at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex and get on a ferry to North Bay Island. Its advisable to carry another set of clothes to change. Though clothes may be provided by the company. You can ask your operator to bargain for free to and fro ride from the Island. Also, they charge Rs. 500 per person for under water photography. you can be particular about your photographs and pay only after checking you pics, as sometimes the photographs are not good. They will give you a CD of the photographs, you can check the photos on their computer. ₹500 per person.  edit
  • Sealink Adventure’s, Near to Phoenix Jetty of Port Blair (to North Bay Island), 03192 237040 / 09679578661), [1]. The sea walking cost OF RS. 2700/ per head for about 40 minutes of stay underwater during which a person can stay underwater wearing a 35 kg oxygenated helmet(each helmet costs a whopping three lakh rupees) to explore and enjoy the company of fishes and corals in a 900 sq mtr area. The entire area is barricaded by net so as to ward off any crocodile attack. 6 in 1 package that includes, apart from sea walk, boat transfer (Rs. 250), Jet ski (Rs. 350), Banana Ride (Rs. 250), Sofa Ride (Rs. 300), Speed Boat Ride (Rs. 250) and Glass Bottom View (Rs 300) besides packed breakfast costs a total of Rs. 4400, but a discounted cost of Rs. 3700/ is being charged for the entire package. A separate subsidized package, he said, is being worked out for the local residents. There are three daily trips at 8 AM, 9 AM and 12.30 PM respectively  edit
  • InfinitiLiveAbroad, (Near to Phoenix Jetty of Port Blair), [2]. The Infiniti is a brand new, beautiful liveaboard specially constructed in Thailand for the purpose of liveaboard diving in India’s remote Andaman & Lakshadweep islands.  edit
  • Andaman sea game fishing, mosque haddo – 744103, +91 9933 204 012, [3]. Best liveaboard gamefishing, sportsfishing, cruise, party, honeymoon luxury liveaboard charter in Andaman Islands.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • India outdoor living equipments[24]
  • Jewelry, wood-carvings and Port Blair t-shirts are available around Aberdeen Bazaar.
  • Samudrika (Govt. museum). This is a govt. museum, ask anyone for directions. Autowala will take you there.  edit
  • Sagarika (Govt. emporium). This is a government emporium where local made goods are available.  edit
  • food world, RGT road, 09933273746. All world class foods.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Aberdeen Bazar (landmark is the clock tower) is a good place for lodging/accomodation as well as food. Quite a few restaurants are present around this place.

  • Annaporna Cafeteria, Aberdeen Bazaar (after Hanuman Temple, 200-yards from Clock Tower, Opposite Police Station.), 234199. Pure vegetarian restaurant, offering both South and North Indian and also Jain food. Moderately Costly.  edit
  • Ananda Restaurant, Aberdeen Bazaar. Beside Annaporna Cafeteria serving both veg and non-veg.very dirty but cheap  edit
  • Icy Spicy, Island Aracde (near Junglighat Jetty, Junglighat), 03192-232704, [4]. 8AM-10PM. Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in the North Indian taste. They also have a sweets and chaat counter which serves best sweets in Andamans.Best vegetarian restaurant in the city. Moderate.  edit
  • kattaboman hotel (Pure Veg.), Aberdeen Bazaar (Opposite SBI ATM. {100 yards from Clock Tower, before Gurudwara}). Vegetarian Restaurant Very delicious south indian food available at very reasonable price.must go there at least for one time..  edit
  • Lighthouse Residency, MA Rd (near Aberdeen Bazaar). One of Port Blair's best restaurants, with a good (Indianized) Chinese-Thai menu and North Indian favorites. The speciality here is fresh seafood; check the price and pick your fish. The tandoori masala fish is outstanding, and they also have one of the few decent bars in Port Blair.The place is not clean and the staff is unable to manage when it is crowded. ₹50-200.  edit
  • Mandalay Restaurant, Fortune Resort, Marine Hill. The Fortune Resort restaurant but caters to non-guests. Not cheap but the food is quite good, the location peaceful, and the view is excellent. Does a good buffet for breakfast at about ₹250.  edit
  • New India Cafe, MA Rd (near Jagannath Guesthouse). A cheap, local eatery, great if you're on a budget. Thalis available.Food not so good.  edit
  • Corbyn’s Delight, Peerless Sarovar Resort. The Peerless Sarovar Resort's restaurant caters to non-guests too. Jet Privilege customers get 10 percent off. It is a modern multi-cuisine restaurant with an attached bar. They serve great north indian fare and decent continental and Italian. The resort is the only one situated on a beach in Port Blair but the restaurant doesn't offer a great view. You can see the ocean though. ₹400-500.  edit
  • Gagan Restaurant, (Aberdeen Bazar, near to Babu lane, just behind the Aberdeen Bazar Clock tower). Bengali dishes available here. ₹100.  edit
  • Blue Sea Hotel, (Aberdeen Bazar, next to Sagarika emporium). It is one of the newly opened place, service best South Indian food in the city. It is very clean and reasonable.  edit
  • TSG Emerald View, Moulana Azad Rd, Phoenix Bay, [5]. Great seafood. Has a ship-deck themed bar with a good view of the phoenix bay jetty.  edit
  • Ananda Restaurant, Aberdeen Bazaar (after Hanuman Temple, about 200 yards from the Clock Tower). Cheap & best. Try the range of south indian dishes. Bombay meal is also awesome.  edit
  • Swastik Restaurant (Bengali Club Canteen), Atul Shriti Samati,Biggi Lane,Port Blair (behind bengali club), 09474211255. Pure Bengali Food, Simply the best  edit
  • Sea Food Delights, Above Lakme Salon, Phoenix Bay, 9679531023. Seafood specialized restaurant with Sea View located at the heart of the city.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Coconut water (daap or naaryal pani) is available everywhere for ₹10-15 (Mar,2011). One green coconut costs ₹15 in front of Cellular jail and they charge ₹20 at North bay island (Mar,2011).

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Andaman Teal house,port blair
Megapode Camping Resort
Camping in wilderness
Port Blair Bird view

Thanks to the early-morning scheduling of most flights and ferries from Port Blair, many hotels have an 8 AM checkout policy. The good side of this is that it's generally not a problem to check in early either. In Port Blair, if you are staying in a hotel not in main city and don’t have a cab/travel agent picking you; transportation might become a little expensive for you. So, please be a little careful while making this decision. Fortune Bay, Sinclairs, Peerless Sarovar, Megapode are some of the reputed hotels near Corbyn Cove but it is a challenge to get an Auto Rickshaw there easily.

Camping Ground[edit]

  • Andaman Camping ground, Dundas point (Subramanyam), 9933235136, [6]. Rent a Tent,Do Camping in Hill Forest side village.Unorganized Camping in 5 Acres.  edit
  • Tourist Home Megapode Nest, (Goodwill State near the Carbyn’s Cove Beach), 232207, 232380 (fax: 235098). A/C D/B A/C Deluxe, A/C Nicobari Cottage Rs.2000/-Rs.2500/- Rs.3,500/-.  edit
  • Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair, 234060,234061, [7]. AC (D/B) Rs:1000/- NAC (D/B)Rs:600/=  edit


  • Aashiaanaa Residency Inn, MARINE HILL,PORT BLAIR (It is just spitting distance away from the marine jetty and the main bazaar. Rooms are spotless and spacious and come with attached bathroom and television. Ten minutes ride from the airport.), '''09474217008,,email- [email protected]'''. Non A/C room-Rs (300-650)& A/C room-Rs (800-1000)..  edit
  • Delanipur, Port Blair, 23264, 23060, 23461, [8]. Very centrally located. Prepaid taxi from airport charges ₹100/-, while local taxi drivers will take you for ₹50. All government tours start from here (e.g. Jolly Buoy, Baratang Islands). Spacious rooms with sea-view. Attached restaurant provides cheap and wholesome meals. Has to be booked 6 to 12 months in advance specially in peak season. The water supply system has changed. Instead of water supplied 2 hours twice a day, now water supply is round the clock. Hotel booking as well as details of tours can be obtained from director of information publicity tourism +913192232694 or (locally)03192 232694. AC (D/B) ₹800; nonAC (D/B) ₹400.
  • Central Lodge, Link Rd, +91 3192 233 632. checkin: 13/11/2012`; checkout: 24/11/2012. Very basic but some rooms have nice character, and some are dank, so look at a couple if possible. Very popular with budget backpackers and those that haven't left India since they came in 1964. 6 person ₹80-120.  edit
  • Jagannath Guesthouse, MA Rd, +91 3192 232 148. Very basic but popular with locals and travellers. Some rooms may stretch the definition of "clean". +91'' 3192 232 14.  edit
  • Youth Hostel, Aberdeen bazaar, +91 3192 232 459. dormitories ₹50; rooms ₹100.  edit
  • SKB Lodge, Babu lane, Aberdeen bazaar. AC as well as NON-AC rooms available. ₹650-1200.  edit
  • City heart hotel, Aberdeen bazaar. AC as well as NON-AC rooms available. ₹950-1200.  edit


  • Megapode Camping Resort owned by ANIIDCO (a government undertaking). all facilities available in a dome accommodation, having the mystic sea always in front to enjoy its ever changing beauty at all moments. Located on the way to Corbyn's Cove - an Ideal location for serenity lovers to feel the call of the nature. Best for honeymooners; has a bar & restaurant, but far from the madding crowd". tariff is 2500 INR approx.  edit
  • Hotel Bay Walk - By Sea side, Near, JNRM College Rd, Machi Line, Shadipur, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744103, 9679531023, [9]. Hotel Bay Walk is a 3-star property located at the heart of Port Blair and at walking distance from the famous marina park road. This seaside property has Premium, Deluxe and Family AC Rooms. Bay walk offers a rooftop sea view restaurant. The rooms are spacious and offer a comfortable stay to all travelers staying at the property. ₹2500-4500.  edit
  • Zam Bed and Breakfast, [10]. Zam is a bed and breakfast with only 6 spacious rooms located at the heart of the city Goal Ghar. Zam BnB is located very close to the major attractions in Port Blair. ₹2400-2800.  edit
  • Diviyum Manor, [11]. This hotel is just opposite to the airport. The rooms are clean, the staff sincere and courteous. There is a restaurant and a bar within the hotel. Food is okay. Cost of AC room as of January 2013 is Rs. 1932, including breakfast for two. ₹1200-2000.  edit
  • Holiday Resort. This hotel is in the heart of the city. There are a couple of good grocery stores around and the Uma Bakery House. The bus stop is right opposite. The rooms are awesome. The staff very sincere though a bit lazy. ₹1200-1500.  edit
  • City King Palace, +91 9933 5389; +91 3192 23320. ₹1000-1200.  edit
  • Lighthouse Residency, 11 MG Rd, +91 3192 23317, [12]. checkout: 8:00 AM. Opened in 2004, it recently completed a somewhat haphazard renovation. Tolerably clean, but don't be afraid to ask to see a few rooms before you pick one. All AC rooms. ₹1000/1200 for standard/sea view..  edit
  • Shompen Hotel, 0319223264, [13]. Neat a/c rooms, with balcony. Don't take AC deluxe rooms on first floor (room numbers starting with A); they're dark and damp. Insist for the ones on third floor. Prepaid taxis would charge 100 from airport, but if you bargain outside the airport, you can get autos/taxis at 50. The best part of Hotel Shompen is its location. It's in Aberdeen bazar, which is bang in the middle of the small town that is Port Blair (10 mins walking distance to Cellular Jail Anand/Annapurna restaurants, the market place is even closer, and the bus for Wandoor (where the ferry leaves for Jolly Buoy) stops right in front of the hotel. ₹1000-2000.  edit
  • Fortune Resort Bay Island, Marine Hill, +91-3192-234101 (fax: +91-3192-231555), [14].  edit
  • Hotel Blue Sea. It is a decent hotel located at Mid Point. The rooms are very comfortable and it has a very responsive staff. Rates are Rs 2500/- per night.
  • NK Grand Hotel, Port Blair, [15]. NK Grand is a luxury style hotel located in the Port Blair city, very close to the jetty. ₹2999-4999.  edit


  • Fortune Resort, Marine Hill ("Locally), +91 3192 234 101, [16]. The first chain hotel in Port Blair; great sea views but rooms are desperately in need of renovation. Has a bar and a restaurant. US$70-170, credit cards accepted.  edit
  • Sinclair's Bayview, +91 33 22801317, [17]. On the seafront, but far from the center - not necessarily a bad thing.  edit
  • Hotel Sentinel, [18]. The hotel is located in the heart of Port Blair city. It's just 2 km from Port Blair airport. The facilities in the hotel include swimming pool, conference room, games room, internet,business center, etc. 3500-5000 (for tourist season).  edit
  • Sea Princess Beach Resort, [19]. The resort is located on a hill top facing the sea in Wandoor, about 25 kms from Port Blair. The resort has 33 sea facing cottages having beautiful views of the blue sea.The tariff for the season here ranges from ₹6000-10000. The facilities in the resort include swimming pool, separate beach bar, conference room, internet etc  edit

Get out[edit]

By sea[edit]

There are 2 Jetty’s in Port Blair. Phoenix Bay Jetty to go to Havelock, Neil Island and other far destinations. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex to take smaller ferries to Ross Island, North Bay and Viper Island.

  • Havelock Island Government ferry - Port Blair to Havelock at 6 Am. 11.30am and 2 PM. Ferry tickets ₹150 and ₹250 per person 1 way. Havelock to Port Blair 9.30 AM, 2 PM and 4 PM. Travel time 150 minutes.

Recently a private operator has started a fast catamaran day ferry M.V.Makruzz. 09.00 AM departure from Port Blair to Havelock. Departure from Havelock to Port Blair - 4:00 PM . Takes 90 minutes. Tickets ₹750, ₹850 and ₹1,100 per person 1 way. Here you can get tickets on the same day. Of course, it's always better to book the ticket a day ahead.During peak season, you need to book tickets at least 2-3 days in advance. The inside is really good and clean. To get a window seat you must reach the ticket counter early. Always book the return ticket or chances are you may be stranded on the island. You can plan to stay on the Havelock Island, there are many hotels there, but plan in advance including hotel booking and ferry tickets.

  • Jolly Buoy - A small but extremely beautiful island in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It is the best place for Snorkeling (currently banned January 2020) in the entire Andaman Islands. One has to first reach Wandoor by Road and then take a Jetty. Permit must be taken 1 day in advance form The IP&T Department Building, Port Blair or through any local tour operator in Port Blair.
  • Ross Island - It was British administrative capital and it is beautiful to watch ruins of that set up. You’ll find lots and lots of deers on this island. There is a small canteen for some snacks and lunch. You need to walk a lot to see to cover entire place. A great 1/2 day side trip from Port Blair. Ferries daily at 8.30, 10.30, 12.00, 14.00. Buy tickets at the jetty behind the aquarium where the boat leaves from.
  • North Bay Island - Although facilities for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Sea Walk are available here, but the Corals are mostly dead and the marine life is scanty compared to other Islands like Havelock or Jolly Buoy, so it's not worth doing these activities here. If you are a strong swimmer you can swim way out to the barrier and to the left of the beach for some good snorkeling and healthy corals. You won’t find any canteen here but small shacks serving Tea, biscuits, chips, coconut water, shells and clothes. Equipment for Snorkeling can be rented from here at INR 100. There is a stop gap arrangement for ladies changing room too. You can also see Corals in glass boat. They charge around ₹300 per head for snorkel and ₹200 per head for glass boat.
  • Barren Island is a volcano island and the only volcano in India. Day trips can be arranged from Port Blair. No additional permit is required to visit the island, however it is not possible to set foot on the island, only to view it from the boat.
  • Neil Island once a day, 1.5 hours. Some boats go from Havelock.
  • Little Andaman. Several times weekly from Hut Bay, takes 8 hours.
  • Long Island. Several times weekly and takes 8 hours. This ferry continues on to Ranghat on Middle Andaman.
  • Diglipur. A few times weekly and takes 10 hours, overnight.

By Road[edit]

  • Chidya Tapu - a small fishing village with good snorkeling, located at the southern tip of South Andaman. Buses run several times per day from Port Blair and take 1.5 hours. The last bus that leaves the STS Bus Terminal is at 5pm and once it reaches Chiriya Tapu, the same will return to Port Blair. So please plan your trip accordingly. The best snorkeling is at a beach about 2km south. Chiriya Tapu is a very good sunset point. Auto fare for a to-fro journey plus waiting time is ₹500-600.

Buses connect Port Blair with other points on Grand Andaman, including Baratang Island (2.5 hrs), Rangat (6 hrs) and Diglipur (8 hrs).

To get "deluxe" bus tickets, go to the little arena of shops across the road from the bus station. Ask around, but the guy is in the fourth shop along on the left on the ground floor.

If you're going further than Rangat the road is somewhat bumpy, so it's recommended not to get seat number greater than 20 (as this is over or behind the rear axle). Don't get the rear seats as they are a bench - you'd be better off on a public bus.

By air[edit]

Helicopters used to run from inter island helicopter service just 1 km from the airport terminal. There are scheduled services to Havelock, Neil, Carnicobar, Hutbay, Campbellbay and other islands. Pawan Hans Helicopter Ltd is operating its fleet of 03 Dauphin Helicopters from port blair under Andaman & Nicobar Islands Administration. But you have to book ticket in advance for a comfortable journey to the other islands. A new air service, MEHAIR, operates an amphibious Cessna Caravan to out islands

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