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Pogoria Lakes

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Pogoria lakes are group of artificial lakes in Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. Much of the lakes are located in Dąbrowa Górnicza but some parts of Pogoria IV are situated in Wojkowice Kościelne and Kuźnica Podleśna.

Get in[edit]

see Dąbrowa Górnicza

See[edit][add listing]

Pogoria lakes are composed by four lakes:

  • Pogoria I

The oldest of lakes, in the past popular resting destination, nowadays it lost its popularity for nearby Pogoria III. There're a public beach with sport center. You can also see Matheron workers' colony built in Scandinavian-like style. There's a wild beach nearby. Part of the lake's a protected area called Młaki nad Pogorią.

  • Pogoria II

Tiny lake surrounded by forest. It's a protected area inhabited by many bird species (many very rare). You can get it on foot or bike from Pogoria I or rest your car on car park close to Pogoria III yacht club.

  • Pogoria III

The most famous of Pogoria lakes. It's famous by big, public beach and nearby bars and restaurants. There're also pristine beaches on lake's peninsula (Cypel), Piekło and Marianki districts. Car parks are mostly full in weekends and summer time, so the best way's to come early. You can reach Cypel from public beach ( about 1 km ) or leave your car on small car park on Klonowa street. There's a windsurfing point Skarpa between Pogoria III and II.

  • Pogoria IV (Zbiornik Kuźnica Warężyńska)

The biggest and newest of the lakes with growing popularity. There're pristine beaches in Wojkowice Kościelne and district of Piekło. Sand martins (Riparia riparia) use to have their colonies near beaches in the district of Piekło. There's a naturist beach in district of Ujejsce. It's landscapes and water color make it similar to Croatian ones.

Do[edit][add listing]


Beaches are the main reason of visiting Pogoria lakes. There're two public beaches : on Pogoria I and III lakes. Pogoria IV ans well as Pogoria III have some wild beaches.


Pogoria lakes are ideal for sailing. There're yacht clubs on Pogoria I, III (Piekło district) and IV (Ratanice district).

Water Sports[edit]

There're canoes and water bikes rentals on Pogoria I and III lakes.


Lots of people have their barbecue on Pogoria lakes. There're three barbecue gazebos on Pogoria III lakes- on main beach, in Marianki district and on Cypel.


There're many bike paths near the lakes. You can visit all of them on your bike.


Pogoria III lake is popular among fishers.


Although Pogoria Lakes are mostly famous by bike and water activities you can try Hiking around Pogoria Lakes.


There're many events organised on Pogoria III and sporadic on Pogoria I and IV.


The best places for admiring sunset are Skarpa Windsurfing Point (Piekło) and small beach on Pogoria IV (also in Piekło district). They're also fine for watching fireworks in New Year's Eve.


Pogoria Lakes in one day[edit]

Saint Anthony church in Gołonóg, Pogoria I lake main beach, Pogoria II, Skarpa view point, Cypel (Peninsula), Our Lady of the Victory church, Pogoria III main beach, Zielona Park, Pogoria IV

Weekend in Dziewiąty[edit]

  • Day 1

Saint Joseph church, relax on main beach

  • Day 2

Relax on main beach, walk in Dziewiąty streets

  • Day 3

Relax on main beach or birch forest

  • Day 4 (final one)

Saint Anthony church in Gołonóg

Weekend in Łęknice[edit]

  • Day 1

Relax on Cypel beaches

  • Day 2

Relax on forest beaches nearby

  • Day 3 (final one)

Our Lady of Victory church, Saint Anthony church in Gołonóg

Weekend in Piekło[edit]

  • Day 1

Pogoria II, Skarpa View point and beach

  • Day 2

Relax on Piekło beach

  • Day 3

Relax on Pogoria IV

  • Day 4 (final one)

Saint Anthony church in Gołonóg, beach in Wojkowice Kościelne

Weekend on Pogoria I[edit]

  • Day 1

relax on the beach

  • Day 2

Matheron workers' colony and pristine beach

  • Day 3

Walk to Pogoria II and Skarpa windsurfing point, relax on Skarpa beach

  • Day 4 (final one)

beach in Wojkowice Kościelne

Weekend in Marianki[edit]

  • Day 1

Walking on Przeszma river, krzyż powstańczy, dams on Przemsza river, rest on the river

  • Day 2

Pogoria III lake and nearby small lakes

  • Day 3

Pogoria IV rest and walk

  • Day 4 (final one)

Będzin Region (Psary, Strzyżowice, Góra Siewierska, Rogoźnik)

Weekend in Zielona[edit]

  • Day 1

Zielona Park

  • Day 2

Walk to main beach on Pogoria III and rest

  • Day 3

canoe trips or Stawiki and walks on districts' streets.

  • Day 4 (final one)

Będzin sightseeing

Stay safe[edit]

Lakes are very safe but swimming on wild beaches is forbidden and dangerous. If you are drunk, don't go on wild beaches! Remember that drinking any kind of alcohol on beaches is forbidden. Public beaches on Pogoria I and III are safe for swimming and guarded.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Pogoria I

There're many resorts and hotels near the lake: OW Wodnik, OW Tramp, hotel Shuma, Pensjonat Kotwica, White house loft apartment ,Laguna, Catamaran, OW Atol and Rybaczówka. Pitching a tent is available after earlier request.

  • Pogoria III

There's no accommodation on the lake except Villa Pogoria and Villa Janowska apartment houses in districts Dziewiąty and also an apartment one Villaro in Zielona. Many people use to pitch their tents in the birch forest located on the left from public beach, near Pogoria stream. You can sleep in your camper on the car park on the crossroad of Olszowa and Graniczna streets or on one in Piekło district.

  • Pogoria IV

In the past many people used to pitch tents and sleep in campers near Wojkowice Kościelne beach but now it's forbidden. You can sleep in camper on car parks in Piekło and Marianki districts and Kuźnica Podleśna. There're also guest rooms in Marianki district.

Get out[edit]

See : Dziewiąty, Łęknice, Piekło, Ząbkowice, Marianki, Ratanice, Zielona, Trzydziesty, Ząbkowice, Ujejsce, Wojkowice Kościelne .

  • You can also see other cities and villages of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, Jura Mountains or Silesian Voivodeship
  • There're many buses to towns and cities in Świętokrzyskie
  • If you want to rest on other lakes/seashore in Central or Eastern Europe, Katowice airport provides many destinations in other Central and Eastern European countries as Bulgaria, Ukraine, Croatia or Montenegro. Only connections with Ukraine are year round.

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