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Podgorica [13] is the capital of Montenegro.


Aerial view of Podgorica

Besides being the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica is also the country's largest city, having a population of some 200,000 people. The city is situated in central Montenegro, in the scarce Montenegrin lowlands between Dinaric Alps and Lake Scutari.

The Podgorica area has been continuously inhabited since the Illyrian and Roman eras, with settlement on the site of today's Podgorica being firmly established during Ottoman Empire rule. Podgorica was reincorporated in Montenegro in 1878, when the city started to take a more European shape. Nazi and Allied bombings during World War II destroyed much of the historical Ottoman and Montenegro-era Podgorica architecture, and city was reborn as the capital of Montenegro in Socialist Yugoslavia (SFRY). The city was then rebuilt and expanded in a manner typical of Eastern bloc countries, so it is mostly a modern planned city, and by no means a principal sightseeing destination.

While not a typical European eye candy, the city is definitely worth visiting, owing to its interesting mix of old and new, its café culture and nightlife, and its laid back Mediterranean atmosphere. Both Montenegrin coastal cities and its mountain resorts are within one hour's drive from the city, so it is an excellent starting point for day trips to anywhere in Montenegro.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Podgorica Airport (LYPG/TGD) is situated 12 km (7.5 miles) south of Podgorica. It is a base for Montenegro Airlines, Montenegrin national carrier, which flies to major European destinations. For booking and flight schedule check the carrier website [14].For other airlines serving the airport, check the airport website [15].

The best bet is to take a taxi to the city, as taxis are to be found in abundance in front of the terminal. Taxi rides cost a flat rate €12 to city centre as per July 2019, but this should be confirmed with the taxi driver in advance (or there's an Information desk in the airport who can tell you the current rate). As of 2019 it's still said €12 on the banners although you can easily get a cab no more than for 8€ or even less.

  • Airport and City Transfer
  • Podgorica Airport Transfer and Taxi Service

There is also a train stop "Aerodrom" a short walk from the airport. Much cheaper than the taxi, but its existence will be denied by staff at the airport information desk. As of March 2017 the departures from the airport are at: 06:07, 07:32, 09:54, 12:37, 14:57, 15:41, 17:44, 19:08 and 20:48.

By train[edit]

Train station is located near the city center.

There is regular passenger train service from Subotica through Novi Sad and Belgrade. Train tickets are cheap, but quality of service is lower comparing European standards. There are overnight trains with sleeping cars for around €25. Trains can be late but are a usual mean of transportation.Taxis will cost around €1,2 from train station to the center.

By bus[edit]

Bus station serves number of domestic destinations, as well as those in neighbouring countries.

The bus and railway station are located next to each other. City center is 10 minutes walk from there, but if you have any luggage - it's recommended that you either take a minibus(combi) or some of the taxis usually waiting at the station entrance.

Timetables (in and out) can be found on the Podgorica Bus Terminal website:

By car[edit]

Due to its location in central Montenegro, Podgorica is the hub of all main roads in the country. Road from the northern Montenegro and Serbia requires additional caution during the winter. Street map and rental cars in Podgorica city. [16]

Get around[edit]

  • Walk - Podgorica is a medium-sized city of about 140,000 people. If Your accomodation is near the city center, or the "Preko Morače" district - all points of intrest could be visited on foot.
  • Public transport - Public transportation consists of buses, that are not very frequent, and maps of the lines could be hard to locate. Ticket price is between €0.40 per single ride, and can be purchased on board, usually directly from the driver.
  • Taxi - Probably the best option to move around Podgorica are cheap and reliable taxi service. There are over 20 taxicab companies, that usually operate new air-conditioned european sedans. Taxi stands are virtually everywhere in the city, but they could also be reached by calling the dispatcher.

The fare is cca. 0.40€ per kilometre, and usually no start fare is charged. Considering the size of Podgorica - no drive within the city should cost more than €3 or €4.

Taxi numbers:

19700 ALO Taxi

19702 Royal Taxi

19703 Boom Taxi

19704 PG Taxi

19705 Pink Taxi

19706 DeLuxe Taxi

19709 Orange Taxi

19711 City Taxi

19712 Exclusive Taxi

19714 Red Line Taxi

19723 Peugeot Taxi

19800 Bel Taxi

19708 Elite Taxi

See[edit][add listing]

Millennium bridge. "City Beck's" open bar in the lower right corner
  • Old Turkish town called "Stara Varoš" ("old town"), with its mosques and old clock tower. A typical old turkish "kasaba"(town), with narrow and curvy streets. Frankly, there are only few sights in this old town, in comparison with other cities in Montenegro.
  • Skaline (the stairs) on the outfall of the Ribnica river to Morača, with its old turkish bridge over the Ribnica, and the ruins of old Nemanja's town.
  • Monument to King Nikola in the park across the street from the Montenegro's parliament.
  • Hercegovačka pedestrian street in the city centre.
  • Trg Republike the central square of the city, next to Hercegovačka street, a lot of life at the end of the day, when people finish to work. Lot of cheap restaurants and friendly people, a pleasant place to spend the first part of the evening.
  • St. George's church, built in 10th century, on the slopes of the Gorica hill (hill after which the city was named.)
  • Millennium bridge, the impressive new bridge over the Morača river.
  • King Nikola's castle, turned into a museum (closed on weekends), and the surrounding park.
  • Newly built Hristovog vaskrsenja orthodox temple.
  • Rimski Trg, the square in the new part of town. Located near the orthodox temple, the square and the surrounding area is the home for the trendiest of Podgorica cafes and restaurants, and favourite meeting point for Podgorica citizens.
  • War memorial in the park on Gorica Hill.
  • Church of the Holy Heart of Jesus is a modern, Brutalist concrete catholic church a little way out of the centre in the Konik district near the train station. It is probably the city's most interesting building. Be sure to visit when it's open as the interior is as surprising as it's uncompromising exterior.

Do[edit][add listing]

While in Podgorica, one can enjoy the diversity of Montenegro's capital cafes and restaurants, check out the nightlife, or take a walk at some of the favourite picnic locations of Podgorica citizens - Mareza, Skadar Lake, or Gorica hill. While strolling through Podgorica center, you might find the shopping area interesting, as there is vast number of boutiques, just beware the counterfeits!

Note that swimming in the Morača river might be a pleasant way to cool off in the summer months! The other option would be newly built open-air public swimming pools.

Buy[edit][add listing]

The currency in Montenegro is the Euro (€). ATMs are widespread in the city center and the new part of town. Upscale shops and restaurants will usually accept any major credit or debit cards.

If you are coming in from neighbouring tourist filled Croatia, the prices here will seem unbelievably low.

Streets in the center of Podgorica are filled with boutiques, yet, one should be aware counterfeited clothes of world famous brands.

Most of the premium clothing brands have their stores in new part of the city, chiefly Vectra-Maxim neighborhoods. The prices are on par with those in the region.

There are a few shopping malls in Podgorica, most notably Delta City, a 48,000 sqm mall with over 70 stores, food court and a multiplex cinema, and Mall of Montenegro. There are also smaller malls, such as Bazar, City Mall, Forum, Palada and Nikić Center.

Open markets on the outskirts of the city are a place to buy very cheap clothing, often of low quality.

Touristic post cards can be found in most bookstores around the city.

Eat[edit][add listing]

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Almost all fine restaurants in Podgorica are located either in the traditional city center, the new bussines district around the Roman Square, or along the Sv. Petra Cetinjskog boulevard that connects the two.

  • Fellini (Caffe Restaurant), Bulevar Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 153, +382 (0) 67 911 40 30, [1]. FELLINI is a convenient place for meetings and relaxation, an ideal place for rest and time for yourself, your friends and your loved ones. Pleasant modern interior in seductive tones of Fellini’s movie magic and a restaurant where everybody will just enjoy all the culinary delights Fellini offers.  edit
  • Buffet Pod Volat, Trg. Vojvode Becir Bega Osmanagic br.1, +382 (0) 69 666 622. Next to Saat Kula with a large garden under trees.Very quite place.Bosnian food in general.Salads and sweets as well.Priced slightly lower than center restaurants.  edit
  • Maša restaurant, Bulevar Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 31, +382 (0) 20 224 460. Renowned for its fresh seafood.  edit
  • Chinese Restaurant Zheng He, Vojvode Maša Đurovića 31 (City kvart), +382 (0) 20 223 551, [2]. New expensive chinese restaurant with excellent wine list. Good ambience and well trained staff. Though very expensive for Podgorica (42,4398724,19,2343358) edit
  • Carine Centar, Slobode 43, +382 (0) 20 402 400. The Carine Center features both the fine dining restaurant and the pizzeria. Probably the best pizza in town.  edit
  • Carine Moskovska, Moskovska 43, +382 (0) 20 402 400. The Carine Moskovska features both the national cuisine restaurant, and the pizzeria. Probably the best pizza in town.  edit
  • Salvador Dali, Džordža Vašingtona 87, +382 (0) 69 234 567. Newly open and chic restaurant, a favourite among local celebrities.  edit
  • Plantaže restaurant, Mareza bb (Mareza resort, few kilometers west of Podgorica), +382 (0) 20 268 722. A great place to eat.  edit
  • Hong Kong, Stanka Dragojevića 14, +382 (0) 20 667 300. So far the only Chinese(fake) food restaurant in Podgorica.  edit
  • Il Giardino, Rimski Trg 28, +382 (0) 69 313 313. Renowned for the Italian cuisine.  edit
  • Venom, Svetozara Markovića 52 (Crossing between Svetozara Markovića and 13. Jula. Google Maps doesn't know the house number when searching by address and therefore wrongly points to the middle of the street, but it's at the upper end.), +382 (0) 20 238 237, [3]. Excellent food (omelets, salads, sandwiches, sweet and salty pancakes, pasta, pizza, ...) and a large selection of awesome freshly made fruit juices and smoothies for only 2€ each. Full menu available on the website. (42.445963,19.254370) edit
  • Stara Kuća, Iva Andrića 5 (2km north of the center. Google Maps shows a wrong location when searching by address; Search directly for 'Stara Kuća Podgorica' or use the map from the website.), +382 (0) 69 030204, [4]. Good national food in a very unique environment: Instead of simple walls, the large outdoor dining area is surrounded by a Potemkin village consisting of several false house facades. (42.456925,19.280357) edit
  • Podgorica | Health Food Restaurant | Rimski trg, Podgorica | +382 60 009 009


There are dozens of pizzerias through city, and most of the cafes serve pizza, pancakes, etc.

  • Alpe Bar, Bulevar Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 88, +382 (0) 20 202 025. A pizzeria and a cafe, one of the city's landmarks.  edit
  • Alpe Bar, Stanka Dragojevića 14, +382 (0) 20 665 771.  edit
  • Pizza Caffe, Oktobarske Revolucije 85, +382 (0) 20 625 325. Cheap Pizzas from 3-5€. Breaded chicken breast/thigh, pork chops (large portion) 3€, near Montenegro Hostel Podgorica approx 3min walk  edit
  • Kolackoteka, Petra Prlje. Wonderful pizza from $2. Also serves tasty sandwiches and pancakes for $1-2.  edit

Fast food[edit]

The most popular fast food in Podgorica is hamburgers (pleskavica)(A Balkan hamburger somewhat differs from a Westernversion). You can eat great hamburgers, as well as anything BBQd on a grill(roštilj) in places all across town, but the best known and most visited are "Voda u kršu", "Gurman", "Calimero", and "Kruna".

There are no international fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King or KFC at present in Podgorica.


Internet: Café, Bokeška 4

SPORTS CENTER: EMINENT teniss club, Pg-Dg 6 km, tel. 067 247 394

Drink[edit][add listing]

Drinking espresso or cappuccino on a sunny day in a cosy outdoor café is one of the favourite rituals of Podgorica's residents.

There are dozens of cafes in the pedestrian Njegoševa street in the city centre, and many more scattered around the city. Most of the new and trendy cafes are located around "Vectra" district in the business part of the city.

Modern design and relaxed atmosphere of the cafes coupled with Podgorica's art of making espresso will make an interesting experience. Some of the well known cafes include: "Alpe bar", "Buddha bar", "Carine", "Greenwich", "Grand cafe", "Café, Café", , "Soul II Soul"...and many more.

Espresso costs from €0.70 to 1.50. Coke and other soft drinks and juices will cost from €1.00 up to 2.50.

Podgorica boasts a number of clubs and pubs, most of which are located in the city center, in the Bokeška and Njegoševa streets. In the summer, there are many open-air bars and clubs. The bars in the city center normally close at 01.00 AM, but many clubs stay open until 03.00.

  • Soul2Soul, Njegoševa 34 (center), [5]. A classic Podgorica's club that has been popular with the locals for years. Open throughout the entire year, with the front terrace being very busy in the summer months. Plays electronic music, most notably house and dance. Often hosts local DJs, who know how to move the crowd. Open until 03.00 on Fridays and Saturdays.  edit
  • Berlin, Njegoševa 24 (center), [6]. 09.00 - 03.00. An alternative pub in the city center, just a few steps away from the main Republic Square. Plays mostly alternative rock and pop music. Good vibe and relaxed atmosphere. Reasonably priced (draft Nikšićko beer at €1.30).  edit
  • Ragina glava (The Nag's Head), Bokeška 12, [7]. An English-style pub named after a bar that was featured in the popular BBC sitcom "Only Fools and Horses". Plays mostly dance and pop music. Very popular with the younger generation. Good atmosphere, but it gets very crowded at weekends. Open until 03:00 Monday through Sunday.  edit
  • Tarantino, Bokeška 6, [8]. This is a pleasant bar to chill out and enjoy a relaxed afternoon or evening with friends over a pint of different types of beer. Also offers a number of cultural events such as cinema evenings and exhibitions. Open daily until 01:00.  edit
  • Sejdefa, Bokeška 10, [9]. A recently opened jazz club, sometimes offering live jazz performances. Like other pubs in the Bokeška street, it also features outside seating which is very popular in the summer. Open until 01.00  edit

Clubs are most crowded from 11PM until 2AM on Friday and Saturday nights, but some get busy throughout the week as well.

Some of the clubs may play folk music from former Yugoslav countries, which might be difficult for a foreigner to enjoy, so asking around for a recommendation could be useful.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

The price of the accommodation varies, and is from €20 for a room in a motel on the outskirts of the city, up to over 100 euros in the premium hotels in the city center.

Private Rooms/Guesthouses[edit]

  • vesna, 4 july Street (centre), 0038269028565. checkin: 13 pm; checkout: 11am. Cozy one bedroom apartment located near the city centre, a short walk to Hotel Ramada and Mall of Montenegro, railway and bus station and it's on your way to airport. The apartment, very bright and funcional is composed of living room, bedroom, kitchen with all equipment, hall, bathroom and balcony. There is wireless internet and free parking place in the building. If you come in Podgorica for pleasure or bussiness you will choose a right place for you. You can rent it for short or long period of time. 35. (1 nignt,1 year) edit


  • On the every main intercity road on the outskirts of the city there are motels that are the cheapest accommodation in the city. They are easy to spot, as each one has illuminated and clearly visible "Motel" sign. Expect prices from €20 - 25 and up.
  • Hotel "Evropa" next to the train station is a cheap choice.
  • Montenegro Hostel Podgorica, Radoja Jovanovica 52, Old Town, +382 69 039 751 (), [10]. checkin: 8am""; checkout: 11am"". This hostel is opened since 2010. Hostel has dorms and private rooms. Every room has AC and free wi-fi. Hostel organizes numerous tours, activities and transfers for its guests Price per bed in dorm: €8 to €15, price per bed in privates:€15 to €20.  edit

Mid range[edit]

  • Hotel City, under the Ljubović hill, offers very cozy rooms and beautiful surroundings for a reasonable price.
  • Hotel Podgorica, Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 1, +382-20-402-500 (, fax: +38220402501), [11]. Very modern hotel on the bank of Morača river, and offers a high level of luxury, at a corresponding price. (42.43912,19.25672) edit
  • Hotel "Best Western Premier" is a four-star hotel in the Vectra district.
  • Hotel "Apart Premier" is a four-star hotel in the Vectra district.
  • Kosta's, Bojatours and Amabasador are smaller four-star hotels that are popular with local celebrities and politicians visiting the city.
  • Kerber hotel. The Hotel Kerber has a reliable (and free) internet connection in all rooms.  edit
  • Hotel Aria is a four star hotel near the airport (good sound isolation, so you won't hear the planes or train in your room). Modern designed rooms from 70 euro, that includes wifi and a great breakfast. This hotel has a good location for the night before/after your flight or when you want to explore the region by car (free private parking and no need to get in to the bussy trafic of the city center).


  • Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora, Boulevard Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 2, +382-20-443443, [12]. is a 5-star luxury hotel with 180 double-bedrooms, 20 suits, congress center, restaurant, bar, SPA center, indoor swimming pool and underground garage. (42.439071,19.263178) edit
  • Hotel Ziya [17]
  • Hotel Ramada Podgorica [18]
  • Hotel Ambasador Podgorica [19] is a 4 star property Ambasador Hotel located on the banks of Moraca River, and very close to the financial and Government district. Checkin 24h Checkout: 6:00 - 12:00 Price: 45 - 75 Euro p. person inclusive Breakfast. Address: Vaka Djurovica 5.

Get out[edit]

  • Skadar lake, largest lake on the Balkans, and a national park - just 20 min to the south of the city.
  • Morača river canyon, just north to the Podgorica, and the 13th century Morača monastery.
  • Doclea(Duklja), ruins of the old roman city that preceded Ribnica and Podgorica.
  • Meteon(Medun), 13 km (8 miles) northeast of Podgorica, ruins of a fortress erected at III century B.O.T.
  • Cetinje, (30 minutes by car, 45mn by bus, about a bus per hour), but it is a great opportunity to escape from Podgorica's pollution for a couple of hours by breathing the fresh air of the Lovcen National Park or visit the museums in the former capital.
  • Bar is the closest beach town to Podgorica.
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