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Piazza Armerina

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Piazza Armerina is a town in central Sicily, Italy best known for Roman Mosaics of the Villa Romana di Casale.


Patron saint of Piazza Armerina is Maria Santissima della Vittoria with the day of celebration on 15th August.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

  • Catania Airport, ((75 km)), Luggage Support +39 095 723 9630 (), [1].  edit
  • Ragusa Comiso Airport ("Aeroporto), SP5, Comiso, Free municipal consortium of Ragusa, +39 093 296 1467, [2]. CIY is the nearest airport.  edit

By train[edit]

  • Train connection, [3]. The nearest train stations are in Enna, Caltanissetta and Caltagirone.  edit

By Bus[edit]

Frequent buses run to and from Enna, Caltagirone, Catania, Palermo and Pergusa stop in Piazza Senatore Mareschali. Bus service search is possible on the website referred above.

Get around[edit]

It is easy enough to walk around the old and new towns. The town itself nestles on hills and was built in two parts - first by the Saracens in the 10th century and then developed to the southeast in the 15th and then again the 17th centuries. There are many wonderful buildings to see including the 18th century Duomo, which dominates the town standing majestically on top of a hill, the elegant town hall and grand old palazzi such as the Palazzo Trigona. For those who enjoy wandering through small streets and finding hidden places, try the 13th century area round the Via Monte near the Duomo.

See[edit][add listing]

Villa Romana del Casale
Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina mosaics
Roman bikini. Mosaic from the Villa Romana.
  • Aragonese Castle (Castello Aragonese), 94015, Piazza Armerina. It was built in 14th century. The crossbow loops give an impression, that it could have stood even earlier. The castle having four projecting rectangular towers at its corners looks very imposing.
  • Cathedral of Saint Mary delle Vittorie (Cattedrale Maria SS. delle Vittorie), Piazza Cattedrale, 94015 Piazza Armerina. The massive Baroque cathedral is from 17-18th centuries. The former church built in the 15th century, from where the bell tower was taken. Also, there are left original 15th-century Catalan-Gothic style windows situated on the left side of the church. The façade has a notable portal with spiral columns. The interior has a single nave,
  • Church of San Giovanni Evangelista (Chiesa San Giovanni Evangelista), Via Umberto I, 98, 94015 Piazza Armerina. It was built in 14th century. Façade appears to be strongly austere, with unadorned and impoverished walls. Its interior is covered by many frescos.
  • Church of Sant'Anna (Chiesa di Sant'Anna), 94015 Piazza Armerina. It was built in 18th century in Baroque style with original convex façade. One of the features of the church is an octagonal plan. Inside there are four rectangular niches surmounted by a round arch.
  • City Palace (Palazzo di Citta), Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 94015 Piazza Armerina. It was built in 17th century, in late Baroque style. Façade is decorated by many pilasters and different types of pediments. Inside it has characterized nice fresco ceiling.
  • Fundrò Church (Chiesa di San Rocco), Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 2, 94015 Piazza Armerina. It was built in 17th century. The nearby built convent houses the City Council. The church façade is richly decorated by sandstone portal reachable by stairs and two pilasters on each side. Lintel and carved cornice boasts by nice floral design. The interior has single nave.
  • Museum of Art and Archaeology, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 22, 94015 Piazza Armerina. [15]. The museum is open on weekdays for a half of day and is located at the Municipal Library.
  • Museum of Mining Life (Museo zolfatai), Via Garibaldi, 21, 94015 Piazza Armerina tel.+39 388 346 6180 Open every day. Museum organized by Zolfatai League exhibits the mining tools such as helmets, acetylene lamps and crystals. Visitor can listen different stories and legends related to the sulphur mines.
  • Palazzo Trigona della Floresta e di San Cono, Piazza Cattedrale, 20, 94015 Piazza Armerina. It is located next to the Cathedral and is one of the important houses belonged to the noble family.
  • Pinacoteca comunale, Via Monte, 6, 94015 Piazza Armerina tel.+39 093 568 7613 [16]. Very nice museum. Upon entering it, one can see several beautiful works reminiscent of the historical moments and aspects of Piazza Armerina.
  • Santa Maria di Gesù monumental cemetery (Cimitero di Santa Maria di Gesù) 94015 Piazza Armerina Open everyday 8:00–14:00
  • Villa Romana del Casale, SP90, 94015 Piazza Armerina. The Villa sits 5km Southwest of Piazza Armerina. Tel. +39 093 568 7667 [17]. The large Roman Villa is UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the highlights of Sicily, with the remains of a large number of rooms covered by a huge canopy to protect the numerous elaborate mosaics, which are very impressive. In fact, you can tell what the room was by the mosaic. For instance, there is a mosaic with a rather plump man being massaged and then rinsed to get into the bath. After the baths, the room shows the man drying off with a big fluffy towel. Also, you know that the first room had to relax before entering the bath and so on. Very interesting is the mosaic of the "Girls in Bikinis" depicting women working out in a gym. There are about 5 buses per day from ”Piazza Senatore Mareschali” (Piazza Armerina), or you could walk, or take a taxi from the nearby Piazza Generale Cascino.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Biking, [4]. The best points are Mirabella Imbaccari or Morgantina Agora allways for your choice.  edit
  • Garibaldi Theatre (Cinema Teatro Garibaldi), Salita Santo Stefano, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 093 568 4136, [5]. The current theatre façade is in Renaissance style rebuilt at the beginning of 20th century. It operates as cinema and theatre.  edit
  • Trekking, [6]. This is wonderful activity in Piazza Armerina area.  edit
  • Walking. Piazza Armerina has many great walking routes.  edit


  • Palio dei Normanni, [7]. This colorful festival is held every year from 12-14th August and is a must see, if you're anywhere in the vicinity. It is one of the oldest Medieval festivals with music and dances.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Da Nino, Via Padova, Piazza Armerina, +39 093 568 6653, [8]. Restaurant  edit
  • Europa, Viale della Libertà, Piazza Armerina, +39 093 585 882, [9]. Pizzeria  edit
  • La Tavernetta, Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 14, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 093 568 5883. Restaurant  edit
  • Pizzeria Taxi, Via Giovanni Verga, 62, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 349 311 7708. Pizza restaurant  edit
  • Trattoria Da Gianna, Piazza Umberto I, 9, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 347 306 4581. Home cooking restaurant  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Duomo, Via Laura de Assoro, 4, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 093 568 1128. Bar  edit
  • Highlander, Piazza Giorgio Boris Giuliano, 52, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 334 358 4843 (), [10]. Pub  edit
  • Sweet Bar, Viale della Libertà, 124, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 333 800 7918.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Albergo Del Borgo Don Bosco 2000, Salita S. Giovanni, 4, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 093 568 6944 (). Interesting place, based in the centre of town, used to be a convent, good breakfast. inc breakfast (Oct '07).  edit
  • Aragonese, Vico Sant'Antonio, 11, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 333 591 4178. B&B  edit
  • Baobab, Via S Antonio, 16, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 333 828 5730, [11]. B&B  edit
  • Giucalem, C.da Bel Verde, +39 093 568 7062 (). B&B  edit
  • La Casa sulla Collina d'Oro, Via Piersanti Mattarella, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 333 466 8829 (). B&B  edit
  • La Pineta, Via Francesco Petrarca, 22, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 320 225 1942. Holiday house  edit
  • La Volpe e l'Uva, Via S. Veneranda, 35, 94015 Piazza Armerina (historical center)., +39 328 445 5062 (). B&B Double room with breakfast.  edit
  • Paradiso, Contrada Sant'Andrea, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 093 568 4908, [12]. Park Hotel  edit
  • Suite d'Autore Art Design Gallery Hotel, Via Monte, 1, +39 093 568 8553 (, fax: +39 093 568 6242), [13].  edit
  • Villa Bentivoglio, Contrada Vallone di Sarro, Snc, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 338 802 2110 (), [14]. B&B  edit
  • Villa Romana, Piazza De Gasperi A, 18, 94015 Piazza Armerina, +39 093 568 2911. Hotel  edit

Get out[edit]

  • Museo Archeologico di Aidone. Museum illustrates Morgantina's history from the Bronze Age to the Romano-Republican age. Archaeological area of Morgantina.
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