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Phu luang

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Loei (province) : Phu luang
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Phu luang

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Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Phu Luang is an Eco-tourism place in Loei province, Thailand. It is located in the mountainous areas of Wang Saphung district, Phu Rua district, Dan Sai district and Phu Luang district. Phu Luang is a naturally beautiful place. It has many scenic points that can allow you to enjoy the beauty of natural. Phu Luang, as a plateau, has a cool climate all year. It has a variety of plant life including their world famous orchids. In addition to plants, it is also a wildlife sanctuary.


The name “Phu Luang” comes from the local language, meaning “mountain of the King” or “big mountain” according to the geography of the area. Phu Luang is a plateau covering an area of about 848 square kilometers. The highest point is at Phu Khwang. It has a height of about 1571 metres above sea level.


Phu Luang has a cool climate all year. The 3 seasons on Phu Luang, that are summer, rainy and winter. During the summer season, from February to April, the average temperature is around 20-24°c. During the rainy season, from May to October, the average temperature is slightly higher than in the summer. During winter, from November to January, Phu Luang an average temperature of approximately 4-6 °c. Some year, the temperature may drop below freezing.

The cool climate of Phu Luang makes it suitable for the growth of winter plants. For example, coniferous trees, maples, peaches and more than 160 varieties of wild orchids, grown in the forest.

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Pha Taloen.
Pha Chang Pan.

In addition to plants, this is a wildlife sanctuary which is home to many species such as serow, elephants, barking deer and more than 300 varieties of animals.

Attractions in Phu Luang are rock cliffs, rock gardens, scenic points and dinosaur footprints. Pha Taloen is a high cliff around 1055 meters. Located on the East side along the cliff rocks about 3 km. There is a dwarf plant, red roses and white roses.

Pha Chang Pan is a cliff watching the Sunrise. It high about 1480 meters.

Pha Somdet is trail from Kok Nok Kra Ba go to the East around 2 Kilometers. About 1 kilometer from Pha Chang Pan, there is a viewpoint 1480 meter high viewpoint that look overlooks Pha Taloen.

Lan Suriyun is a nature walking path the total distance is approximately 1870 meters. It takes about 45 minutes -1 hour.

Tat-Loei waterfall as the origin of the river is a waterfall with a height of about 70 meters.

Dinosaur's footprint. Along the path to Pha Taloen there are dinosaur footprints dated to more than 120 million years ago. There are 15 footprints on sandstone

Phu Luang is a very interesting place. It is appreciated by all orchids lovers and is certainly a strong attraction for visitors who love nature and conservation. The Forestry Department has allowed access for Eco-tourism to only the area in Wang Saphung. Moreover, tourist visitations are limited to the October to April period.

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