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Pemberton (British Columbia)

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Pemberton is a village in the province of British Columbia.

Get in[edit]

Pemberton is located 158km north of Vancouver & just 32 km past Whistler - Wikitravel January 2014 Destination - along Highway 99 or Sea to Sky Highway, Route 99 & through Pemberton Valley AKA Portage Road. One may have to try all 4 names depending on the mapping system, also try imputing abbreviation "Hwy."

Matier Glacier and Joffre Lake near Pemberton

Get around[edit]


  • Bus:Served by Greyhound Canada 1-800-661-8747 & BC Transit 604.932.4020 out of Whistler. Being that Pemberton is a bedroom community of Whistler it is tied into the Whistler transit system too; fares $4.50. Greyhound Commuter to $8- $13.
  • Greyhound Canada provides daily bus service connecting Pemberton with Vancouver, via Squamish & Whistler. Bus terminus: pick-up/drop-off in Pemberton at the New Greyhound "Depot", the Husky Gas Station / Pioneer Junction Convenience Store,on Highway 99 at the edge of town. The Greyhound Bus will no longer enter the Village Centre, to its former depot at the old Train Station, which is now a Bakery.[[55]]
  • The Pemberton Valley Transit System / WAVE runs a commuter bus between Pemberton & Whistler. There are four trips, with two in the morning and two in the late afternoon/early evening. Bus terminus pick-up/drop-off in Pemberton between AG Grocery & Old Pemberton Hotel. The fare is $4.50 each way (senior and student fare is $4).
  • The other Main stop is at Hwy 99. Whistler Transit / WAVE drops off & pick up at Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel:

Northbound Portage Rd Stop #102834; & across the street at the Petro Can Southbound Portage NS Arbutus Stop #102833 (Eastbound #100)

  • Parkbus 2017 is the 2nd year of Parkbus Service for up to 46 passengers from downtown Vancouver, on Burrard to: Shannon Falls, Stawamus Chief, Alice Lake, Garibaldi, Joffre Lake, Cypress, and Golden Ears Provincial Parks.
  • Party Bus, Squamish BC, [1]. Roomy 14 passenger charter bus, Sightseeing of Squamish & Whistler, YVR airport service $$.  edit
  • Landsea Tours & Charters (Vancouver Tours), 680 Industrial Ave. Vancouver, BC, V6A 2P3 (Can also book them through many Whistler Hotels), 604-255-7272 (toll free: 1-877-669-2277, ), [2]. >Roomy 14 passenger charter bus, Sightseeing of Squamish & Whistler, YVR airport service, transfers within Squamish. $$.  edit


  • Taxi Pemberton Taxi service closed


  • Rail: No Direct Rail serviceany more - the Rocky Mountaineer just passes through.
  • Rail: Lillooeet - Salath - Seaton Portage 🚇 The 2 car passenger train provides, besides daily round trip service, limited service farther south to Penderossa Ranch near D'Arcy & can be chartered to extend the Ponderrosa Run to D'Arcy - 45min North of Pemberton - at the head of Anderson Lake. Expect occasional minor delays by Mountain Goats &/or Big Horn Sheep. They scatter at sight of the CN freight trains on the old BCR Line but show no fear of the 2 car self propelled passenger cars.


  • Air: Heli-Skiing, Charter Planes & Helicopters. (Web Cam), [3].  edit
  • Pemberton Areodrome, Pemberton Airport: CYPS (local airport, regional airport), 604 894-6135, [4]. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or by appointment. (50.3025,-122.7378) edit

Tie-down Accommodation Fees: Aircraft Weight < 2,000 kg 2,000 to 5,000 kg Day $7 $10 Month $60 $70 Year $260 $320

Landing Fees - For Commercial Uses Only: Landings Per Months Fees 1 to 10 $25 11 to 30 $22 30+ $20 Annual Rates for aircraft < 2,000 $600"

  • Coast Range Heliskiing Ltd, Head Offices, PO 16, 1641 Airport Road, Pemberton BC, V0N 2L0, Booking Office [[Whistler]], 218-4293 Mountain Square (Booking Office [[Whistler]]by Gondola), 604.894.1144 (toll free: 800.701.8744 Canada & US, ), [5].  edit
  • Blackcomb Aviation: (Prop, Jet & helicopters), 1850 Airport Road, Pemberton, BC, Canada. Mail:PO 1241, Whistler, BC, Canada V0N 1B, 604-894-5153 (toll free: 1 800-330-4354, ), [6]. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or by appointment.  edit

  • Air: Helicopters & Sea Planes (land at both nearby Whistler's Heliport & Whistler Aerodrome (Whistler Airport)), (15-20 minutes south). (50.15,-122.96667) edit
  • Whistler Heliport: Helijet, 9960 Heliport Road, Whistler, BC V0N 1B9 (15-20 minutes south), (toll free: 1-800-665-4354, ), [7]. $200/person 1 way. (50.100436,-122.540354) edit Scheduled flights to & from downtown Vancouver Harbour Heliport, YVR / Vancouver International Airport, & Victoria Harbour Heliport Helijet.
  • Whistler Heliport: Blackcomb Aviation:, 9990 Heliport Road, Whistler, BC V0N 1B9. Mail:PO 1241, Whistler, BC, Canada V0N 1B (15-20 minutes south), 604-938-1700 (toll free: 1 800-330-4354, ), [8]. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or by appointment. (50.100436,-122.540354) edit
  • Whistler Aerodrome (Whistler Airport): YWS (Harbour Air / Whistler Air), 8069 Nicklaus N Blvd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B8 (at Nicklaus North on the South end of Green Lake), 604 932-6615 (toll free: 1 800 665 0212 Canada & US), [9]. $$. (50.15,-122.96667) edit

Direct Flights to Vancouver & Victoria. See Whistler for details about connections Bus/Air via Whistler, Vancouver, or Seattle.


  • Bike: Almost 200 Km of Free Trails for X-country skiing, biking, walking, or riding a horse in the whole Valley System.
  • Bike / Cycling (23 Km from Whistler Town limits to Pemberton. It's a popular, though challenging, hilly route. Part of the annual Whistler IronMan Race), [10]. July 27, 2014.  edit
  • Annual Bike Events:
  • NIMBY Fifty sanctioned Mountain Bike Race Spring [[56]]
  • Ironman Canada Triathalon Whistler Pemberton July [[57]]
  • Slow Food Cycle Sunday Decade old Family farm tour cycling event., August. [[58]]

See[edit][add listing]

  • Tourism Pemberton (Pemberton Chamber of Commerce), Pemberton, British Columbia (20 minutes north of Whistler, BC on Hwy 99), 604-894-6175, [11]. Open Summer Only. Official website for Tourism Pemberton with business listings, events, news & travel advice. Free. (50.321135,-122.799897) edit
  • Party Bus, Squamish BC, [12]. Roomy 14 passenger charter bus, Sightseeing of Squamish & Whistler, YVR airport service $$.  edit
  • Landsea Tours & Charters (Vancouver Tours), 680 Industrial Ave. Vancouver, BC, V6A 2P3 (Can also book them through many Whistler Hotels), 604-255-7272 (toll free: 1-877-669-2277, ), [13]. Roomy 14 passenger charter bus, Sightseeing of Squamish & Whistler, YVR airport service, transfers within Squamish. $$.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Hot Springs

  • Keyhole hotsprings (Keyhole, Pebble Creek Hotsprings), Upper Lillooet FSR 42.5 Km (1hr West of Pemberton, on serviceable dirt road, being improved. Lillooet Forest Service Road, AKA Upper Lillooet Forest Service Road), [14]. 24/7. [15] Closed Bears May 12, 2017 [16] Caution: Bears: Stay away from "Tree Wells": Mother Grizzlies & Mamma Black Bears with their Cubs hibernating in the Tree Wells . New trail opened Summer 2014 longer but easier, ~ 1mile / 1.5 km long, new parking at ~ 42.5 Km, new bridge & new improved dirt road. Area up hill of Hotsprings is a designated "Ungulate Area" for Mountain goats...if you must bring a dog keep it leashed - also a good idea because of all the bears around, both black Bears & Grizzlies.|Road plowing scheduled till 3rd week December, for Upper Lillooet Dam (only road not parking area). Recommend 4x4 or large pickup with high clearance. Free & Free Camping. (50.668178,-123.455064) edit
  • Meager Creek Hot Springs (Meager Creek Hotsprings), Upper South Creek FSR 15 km, 1 km up hill, & 9 km by trail (2 hr [] West of Pemberton on 40 Km on Pemberton Meadows Road (paved), then onto gravel municipal Road & South Creek FSR 24 Km from end of Asphalt, at fork in road take left fork uphill on very rough dirt track (logging road) for about a 1 km, then the new 9 km long trail '''VOC Harrison Hut Trail'''.), [17]. 24/7. Layout: three beautiful volunteer built cascading large pools, with lowest pool beside Meager Creek. You need either 4 wheel drive vehicle or a full size pick-up with good clearance. Winter accessed over the top of the Meager Creek Ice Field (Pemberton Ice Cap) by means of Snowmobile or Cross Country Skis. A new trail opened Summer 2014. It was built & completed August 2014, by Volunteers from U.B.C. Varsity Alma Matter. No dogs allowed in immediate vicinity of pools Keep all dogs leased because of wildlife: Mountain Sheep & Goats , Fox, Coyotes, Wolves, Deer, possible Elk, Moose, Grizzlies & Brown Bears.Warning Expect Wildlife & possible Slide Activity. Long 9 km hike best to over night, but because of slide danger no camping on Valley bottom allowed. Backwoods skills necessary. Free & Free Camping, but not right by Pools.. (50.5757,-123.4594) edit
  • Adjacent to Upper Lillooet Provincial Park (Official Government Website is out of Date), [18].
  • Saint Agnes Well Hotsprings (T'sek Hotsprings, Skookumchuck Hotsprings), In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road (1 3/4 hrs to the East of Pemberton just before the town of Skookumchuck (trad.) renamed Skatin is on the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road, In Shuck ch FSR, AKA Lillooet River Road, North. Key words Google Maps: Skookumchuck Hot Springs.Recommend 4x4 or large pickup with high clearance.See Sloquet below for more detailed []), [19]. $10/vehicle, $10/person, kids 10 & under free. If you don't overnight there's no vehicle charge. $7.50 per adult Overnight.. (49.937778,-122.408333) edit
  • Sloquet Hot Springs (Sloquet Hotsprings), 10 km Sloquet Creek FSR, [20]. 24hrs. $5 Hotsprings only & $15 Hotsprings & Camping at Trail Head. (49.741081,-122.301382) edit
  • Hotsprings, [21]. 2 & 3 year old Black Bears in area secure food in caches! Accessed from the north via Pemberton & Mount Currie or from the South via FSR/logging roads on the west side of Harrison Lake. The Hotsprings consists of a series of small but excellent hot pools in a wilderness setting. Hot water pours out of the forested side of the bank of Sloquet Creek & flows into 2 intimate 2 person upper pools- tight fit, then into a the larger shallow lower pool. On occasion, the water in the upper pools may be too hot to bathe in. Caution Burning: There is a phenomenon called supernatant liquid. A layer of lighter pure cooler water can float on top of the denser mineral rich hot springs water. Dipping your toe into the top of the 1st pool may deceive you. The water underneath may be hot enough to scold & cause 2nd or 3rd degree burns. Check the temperature below the surface before jumping into 1st pool, by dipping in with a bottle on a lanyard or a pot, not your hand or foot. The 2nd pool farther down the creek is usually the just right temperature. From the North: longer of the 2 routes but can be done with a 2-wheel drive vehicle like a pickup, with good ground clearance, though a 4x4 is strongly recommended. Pemberton through the old village of Mount Currie on Hwy99, take a right turn at the little white Church onto the Duffey Lake Road toward Lillooet - if you see signage for D’Arcy & Seton Portage you have missed the turn off. After ~ 10 km & crossing the bridge over Lillooet River at the delta & head of Lillooet Lake, turn right, take the south gravel fork, with a sign saying "Lillooet Lake Lodge, 12 km" & “ In-SHUCK-ch FSR “ Forest Service Road . If your driving uphill on a paved road you've missed the turnoff. Do not turn at ~ 30 km fork. Do not take the Right forkthat leads overo a bridge at the Tenas Narrows but instead go straight ahead down the left fork. Continue south for another 45 km or so, passing Rogers Creek, Saint Agnes Wells, Hotspring the village of Stikin formerly Skookumchuck with its distinctive wood gothic church, Gowan Creek, Livingston Creek, Frank Creek, & Whiskey Lake to reach the Port Douglas fork. Take the right fork. Lelachen Bridge : ~ 4 km (49:47:19-122:13:19) over the Lillooet River to its west side. A few hundred meters past the bridge you'll reach a weird four-way intersection. Take the left fork, continuing along the Lillooet River. Sloquet Creek Bridge: Continue South on Lillooet River Road ~ 4 km to a fork just before the Sloquet Creek bridge (49:45:29-122:13:56), leave the main logging road by turning right onto a spur road that heads west. After just 50 m, you'll reach another fork. Take the left fork and follow this road for 10 km to a parking spot (49:43:54-122:19:37). Lots of room for parking & camping. Past the camp site & parking the road is pedestrian only & blocked by 2 big boulders. The hot springs is a steep downhill 400 m hike. Take note, that means you need hike back up & out almost ½ Km uphill after soaking in the Hotsprings. Climb down to the river bed; the hotspring is on your left 49:43:44-122:19:32 From the South: high clearance 4-wheel drive only, because rough sections of road especially last 20 km towards Port Douglas from Harrison Hotsprings. They are currently working on the Road as of Spring Summer 2015, but the work stopped Summer 2015, because of the Harrison Forest Fire. These last 20 km were neglected for the last 20 years since the closing of the Sawmill at Port Douglas. From Vancouver take the Lougheed Highway via Mission & Agassiz near Harrison Mills, head north on the Morris Valley FSR (logging road). Stay right past the 1st few major forks to reach the main Harrison West FSR which all along Harrison Lake, then past the end of the lake to just past the Sloquet Creek bridge. From here use the directions above from the North"> (49.741081,-122.301382) edit
  • Hike- Pemberton has some of BC's finest hiking and back country camping opportunities - 200km. of free trails.
  • Backcountry Skiing ("",), Pemberton Valley & Valley Trails, [22]. In Winter Airport Webcam -East End of Valley- shows snow conditions similar to West End of Valley because of same shadowing. Free.  edit
  • Backcountry Skiing ("",), Mearger Glacier/ Pemberton Ice Cap. Free.  edit
  • Joffre Lakes Provincial Park (Joffre Lakes), 30.5km North Duffey Lake Road (45min -1hr North of Pemberton), [24]. A moderate hike past three pristine turquoise lakes feed by Matier Glacier. To the 1st Lake; about 45min ea way in Summer. Its a full day to the 3rd top lake & back. 7 mountain peaks clustered together offering exceptional skiing equal to Charmonie on the Swiss French Border, with slopes orientated to all the compass points. You can almost always find a face with perfect snow. Popular for Snowshoeing too. Check Backcountry Weather & Avalanche Reports [25]  edit
  • Cerise Creek & Cabin short hike through forest in the Joffre Group of Peaks. 1 hr drive north from Pemberton along the Duffy Lake Road. Elevation of hike is only 300 m./yrds as the trail head starts near the Roads summit.

Cerise Cabin AKA "Keith's Hut", officially the Keith Flavelle Hut Memorial cabin is near the headwaters of Cerise Creek - French for cherry- fed by the Anniversary Glacier. Keith Flavelle was a very experienced climber & BC mountaineering community pioneer. He was killed on an expedition to Mount Logan, his family & friends built the hut in his memory. There is no formal fee structure, but if you are staying at the hut, please contribute to upkeep & repairs (use the dropbox or mail a cheque), especially if you use firewood (this is transported in by helicopter). Try to bring in some of your own & pick up wind fall debris while hiking as kindling.

Every Sept a work party organized by the family ventures up to the hut to perform repairs and maintenance - watch the VOC , UBC Varsity Outdoor Club, message board for announcements.

Views from the hut: Joffre Peak, Mount Matier & Vantage Peak. At the pass between Mount Matier & Vantage Peak one can see Mount Hartzell, Mount Howard, Twin One Glacier & far off to the south Snowspider Mountain. Great fun all year round. Be prepared for snow till July. Be prepared for a freak snow storm even last week of Aug. Always dress in layers. Weather changes really fast. Check Weather & Avalanche Reports [59]

  • Climbing- surrounded by the Coastal Mountains, Pemberton has many opportunities for rock climbing, bouldering,ice climbing, and mountaineering. While not as popular as Squamish, there are several climbing areas located within a short drive of the village. Detailed listings can be found in any of the area's climbing guide books.
  • Pemberton Beach Just Re-opened Summer 2017 with new expanded lawn. Parking moved away from public beach. Artificial man made beach of clean white sand, at man made lake ^ One Mile Lake Village park in Town. Docks & Boat house. Paddle boards for hire "SUP", wooden boardwalk, <<🚶 hiking trails, picnic area, & site of local national & world champion dragonboaters. A short walk through the woods from both modern Hotels. No dogs allowed in water - dog beach at other side of lake. ^ Altered from Boreal Arboreal Marsh with increased water flow & depth.
  • Pemberton Beach of clean white sand naturally accumulated in river bend of Highway 99 , Sea to Sky Highway bridge over Green River South of the Town & North of the Town of Whistler - a village in British Columbia. Adjacent to the Green River Motocross Track.
  • Pemberton Meadows ("",), 1730 Airport Rd (10 min.s East just before Pemberton Airport.), tel. 1.800.390.4653 (toll-free) (), [26]. par 72 course with full service club house,Golf Shop,and Black Squirrel Restaurant. $$ Moderate.  edit Map:[60]
  • Big Sky Golf ("",), 1690 Airport Road (10 min.s East just before Pemberton Airport.), tel. 604-894-6106) (, fax: 604-894-5545), [27]. Country Club with Fescues Restaurant. $$ Moderate.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Be Natural, herbal apothecary and foods, 108, 7433 Frontier Street (In the AG Foods strip mall), 604-894-8884. A health food store offering vitamin supplements, herbal blends, homeopathics, essential oils, personal care, bulk herbs and foods, healthy snacks, and specialty and organic groceries. Private health consults available by a trained Clinical Herbalist with knowledge in herbs, vitamins, nutrition, Bach Flowers, Reiki, and Reconnective Healing.  edit
  • Silvhorn Automotive, #71 7370 Highway 99 (Hwy 99 at the entrance to Pemberton Village), 604-894-5556, [28]. Silvhorn Automotive service and repair including electrical problems and diagnostic maintenance. (Latitude, Longitude 50.316243,-122.8017) edit
  • Closed:Pemberton Towing Ltd (Pemberton Towing), 1931 Carpenter Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0 (East of Pemberton Village in the Pemberton Industrial Park by Mount Currie), (604) 894-0024, [29]. on call 24/7. Calls redirected too Payless. $$ Moderate. (50.312099,-122.729260‎) edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • North Arm Farm (Northarm Farm), 1888 Hwy 99 (5 km east of the McDonalds, Red Clock Tower & PetroCanada gas station & Petro station), +1 604 894-5379, [30]. 9AM-6PM daily. Local farm with a produce shop and bakery.Pick your own berries in season See the Farm animals. They sell their own organic produce and produce and cheese from other B.C. farms. There is also a lunch menu with homemade sandwiches. Hosting Special events like Feast of the Fields & (Whistler) Cornucopia. Coffee $2.15, sandwiches $6-$10, baked goods $2-$5.  edit
  • Mile One Eating House (Mile One), 107 - 7330 Arbutus Street (Under the Clock Tower at the 1st Building at, 1st Traffic Light, junction Hwy99 Across from PetroCan at the Gateway Building under the Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel, frontage on Portage Rd), 604-384-3842, [31]. 11am-9pm 'ish Wed-Sun. Not Fast Food - Fast Slow Food: Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Now serving waffles Sat & Sun at 11am:) Independently owned & operated not part of a chain or run by the Hotel. Offering Burgers made of local Natural Beef & own Buns Bake on site at the New Market at Mile One, Potatoes from the Valley. BC 100 Mile inspired cuisine [[32]]: Ocean Wise Tuna caught just off the BC Coast, [[33]] BC Cheeses & Veg'. Sit outside, covered in all weather south facing deck & open air deck under Mt the Pemberton Gateway Suites Hotel Building [[34]]. Serving 2-3 doz bottled North West Craft Beers, Local wine on Tap [[35]], Pemberton Distillery's Organic Gin [[36]] & Organic Shramm's Vodka [[37]. Mile One was Featured on the TV Show "You Gotta Eat Here" on Food Network Canada, [[38]] soon to be on TLC in USA, & Food Network in UK (rebroadcast on Sky Europe & in New Zealand) Asia & India. Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013 > 2017. Free WiFI Hot Spot. $$ Moderate. (50.317713,-122.798522) edit
  • The Market at Mile One (The Market), 109 - 7330 Arbutus Street (Under the Clock Tower at the 1st Building at, 1st Traffic Light, junction Hwy99 Across from PetroCan at the Gateway Building under the Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel, frontage onto Hotel deck. Enter via Restaraunt.), 604-384-3842, [39]. 11am-9pm 'ish Tue-Sun. Hamburger & hotdog Buns Baked daily on site [[40]] - Brands: local Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef, [[41]]local Two Rivers Meat [[42]] Pemberton Potatoes, [[43]] BC Ocean Wise Tuna & Salmon, [[44]] Pemberton Distillery Real Vanilla [[45]] & Elixrs (mixers),[[46]] BC Cheeses: including Little Qualicum Cheeseworks,[[47]] /& BC Veg' $$ Moderate. (50.317713,-122.798522) edit
  • Back Country Pizza (BackCountry Pizza), 104-1436 Portage Road (Hidden under the Water Tower at Portage Place. Turn Off Hwy 99 at the 1st & only Traffic Light -Landmarks: Red PetroCan Sign & red Clock Tower at Gateway Building head 1 block into town. Kitty Corner / diagonal corner from Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel. Cross Street Arbutus), (604) 384-1888 (), [48]. Mon-Sun: aprox' 10:am-10pm. Small south facing terrace. $$ Moderate.  edit
  • BlackBird Bakery (Black Bird Bakery), 7424 Frontier St. (No longer hidden under the Water Tower at Portage Place. Now relocated to the Old Train Station. Turn Off Hwy99 at the 1st & only Traffic Light -Landmarks: Red PetroCan Sign & red Clock Tower at Gateway Building head 4 blocks into town, around Roundabout, over tracks & its there on your left), (604) 894-6226 (), [49]. Mon-Sat:6:am-6pm Sun:7am-5pm. Croissants, Cinnamon Buns, Fresh baked breads. Fresh roasted & ground Coffees. Small comfy couch in back. Small south facing terrace. Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013. Free WiFI Hot Spot. $$ Moderate.  edit
  • Mount Currie Coffee Company (Mount Currie Coffee), #2, 7331 Arbutus St (2nd Building after, 1st Traffic Light, junction Hwy99. from the Gateway Building with the Red Clock Tower,turn onto Arbutus St.), (604) 894-3388 (), [50]. 6:30am–6pm. Amazing Coffees. Gelato, Panniis. Sit outside, covered for all weather, south facing. Local Favorite. Free WiFI Hot Spot. $$ Moderate.  edit
  • Portage Station Restaurant, Unit 101,1436 Portage Road, Pemberton, B.C, V0N 2L1 (Side street Arbutus. Hidden below the Water Tower at Portage Place. Turn Off BCHwy99 at the 1st & only Traffic Light. Landmarks: Red Petro Can Sign & red ClockTower at the Gateway Building head 1 block into town. Kitty-Corner or diagonal corner across from the Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel.), 604-894-1100, [51]. 8am - 9pm 7 days/wk. Opened July 28/2017. Breakfast, Brunch Lunch & Dinner. New ownership after a large renovation. Bear mural, 2 patios & bar. Wide selection of Local Craft Beers. Breakfast menu includes egg's Benidict. $$. (50.317782,-122.799710) edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Schramm Organic Potato Vodka ("Pemberton), 1954 Venture Place, Pemberton Business Park, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0, +1 604 894-0222 (, fax: +1 888 894 3676), [52]. Closed Sun;email for tour. $$$.  edit

Pemberton Distilleries' Spirits: Vodka, Gin & Whiskey served at local Pemberton & Whistler Bars & Restaurants. Available for off sales at Pemberton Distillery & often in Pemberton (Fri ) & Whistler (Wed & Sun) Farmers Markets till Canadian Thanksgiving. Their other Products: Real distilled Vanilla, & Non-Alcoholic Mixers i.e. Ginger & berry. available for off sale at The Market at Mile One [61] in Pemberton Gateway Suites Hotel Building [[62]].MileOne EatingHouse [63] mixes & servers signatuure cocktails mixed with Schramm's Organic Potato Vodka & Pemberton Distillery Gin.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel (Pemberton Gateway), Office #211 7330 Arbutus St (22 min. from Whistler. 1st building, 1st traffic light, jnct Hwy99 across from PetroCan. Under the Red Clock Tower. Tel: 1.604.894.8888.Toll Free.), 1.877.894.5929, [53]. checkin: 4:30pm|17:30; checkout: 10am|10:00. Notice: Construction nearby off site. All Apartments. All suites with kitchens & Free Wifi. Deluxe Suites: balconies, 42"|107cm flat screen TVs, full size stainless steel fridges, lamps with wireless chargers & USB ports. In house: Mile One Eating House, The Market at Mile One, Ivy Spa, Leaning Cedar Massage, Mynt Hair Salon. Free parking. Free bike & ski lockers. 360° mountain views. Multiple years Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence both Restaurant & Hotel. $129-$399. (50.3179390,-122.79859) edit
  • Pemberton Valley Lodge (Pemberton Valley Lodge Hotel), 1490 Portage Road (From Vancouver, go north on HWY 99, past Whistler to Pemberton, turn right at Harrow Rd.), 1.877.894.2800, [54]. All-suite Pemberton hotel with a contemporary, lodge style atmosphere. Soak away in the outdoor hot tub with 360 degree mountain views surrounding the property. Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013. Reasonably priced and perfect for families, couples and business guests alike. (50.315082,-122.79283) edit

Get out[edit]

Routes through Pemberton
Cache CreekLillooet  N noframe S  WhistlerVancouver

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