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Paris, je t'aime

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Paris, je t'aime

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This article is a Movie/TV Tour.


To relive the 18 unforgettable stories of the film Paris, je t'aime. Walking through this film, scene by scene, will make you want to fall in love with Paris all over again.

Paris Night

The tour[edit]

Paris romantic sunset in Ile de la Cite

Story No.1

Montmartre street located in 18th arrondissement is where the first story begins. A man parks his car and he starts to mumble to himself about how all the women passing by seem to be unavailable. As he puzzles over on why he is single, a woman faints near his car. He ends up helping her, offers to drive her to wherever she needs to go.

Story No.2

These Quais de Seine are located in the 5th arrondissement. This is where a young college man falls in love with a young beautiful Muslim woman that happened to walk by as two of his friends insults all the other women they lay their eyes on.

Story No.3

This street is where the print shop in Le Marais is located. A young male customer confesses to a young print shop worker that he thinks they are soul mates without knowing that the worker speaks very little French. Man leaves his phone number behind.

Story No.4

The fourth story is filmed in the metro station of Tuileries. A comical story of an American tourist that gets himself in trouble with an very affectionate couple by unknowingly breaking the rule of avoiding eye contact with people.

Story No.5

Loin du 16e is where the story of a young immigrant mother sing a lullaby to her baby before she leaves to work and after a very long commute, she ends up at this house who appears to her employer and ends up singing the same song to the employer's baby. You can hear the difference in her voice as she sings the same lullaby.

Story No.6

Chinatown in Porte de Choisy is where a beauty products salesman enters a hair salon owned by a Chinese woman and the owner asks him to take charge in styling their clients hair. As many clients end up with a very western hairstyle, the salesman tells her the owner he likes her the way she is, without a change. This scene is located at the intersection of Rue de Tolbiac and the Rue Nationale.

Story No.7

Place de Bastille holds a story of a man that decides to leave his marriage for a younger mistress falls in love with his wife again as he 'acts like a man in love' after being approached with an unexpected news of his wife's terminal illness. After his wife dies, the story ends with him falling into an "emotional coma", which he never recovers from.

Story No.8

Place des Victoires is a circular place in Paris between 1st and 2nd arrondissement and an monument of King Louis XIV can be seen in the movie scene. This is where the story of a mother grieving over the death of her son begins. The mother is sitting inside of one the rooms at Place des Victoires. She experiences her last comforting moment with her son in the middle of the night as she lets him go and he gladly walks away with a cowboy.

Story No.9

Eiffel Tower is where they film the story of a boy sharing a comical story of his parents and how they fell in love. Both of his parents are mime artists.

Story No.10

On Streets nearby Parc Monceau, an older man greets a young woman and they start to talk about a third person named "Gaspard". A bit later into the story, it gets more obvious that the older man is the father of a young woman and Gaspard is his grandchild. Young woman opens up about her struggle with her child and this story shows the bond and love between a parent and a child.

Story No.11

Somewhere in Quartier des Enfants Rouges, an American actress crushes on a random dealer that brings her some exceptionally strong hashish. They share an interesting attraction towards one another but it turns out to be something very momentary.

Story No.12

Place des fêtes is where the sad story of a wounded Nigerian man is told. As he gets his wound aided by a nurse named Sophia, he asks her to have a cup of coffee with him. The story unfolds itself and it reveals that he has fallen in love with her before. It is too late by the time Sophia gets the cup of coffee and remembers him. He passes away.

Story No.13

Pigalle Paris, a city that is known for their raunchy reputation, tells a story of an older couple where they are trying to act out a scene in a prostitution house to spark up their relationship. They argue but ends up rekindling the romance in their relationship.

Story No.14

Late at night, a young backpacker finds himself running into a vampires somewhere in [Paris/18th arrondissement| Quartier de la Madeleine]]. He first fears her but soon finds himself in love. As she moves away from him without any harm, he cuts his own wrist to get her to come back to him, but she resists the temptation. His wound eventually makes him fall down the stairs and he hits his head on the pavement. He lays there bleeding when the vampiress comes back, feeds him her own blood, which turns him into a vampire.

Story No.15

A woman breaks up with her fiance during their visit to the Père-Lachaise Cemetery. The ghost of Oscar Wilde comes to him and helps him to win her back.

Story No.16

Multiple scenes were shot in various locations of Faubourg Saint-Denis. This is where a blind young man meets an amateur actress. After getting a call from his girlfriend, believing that she has broken up with him, he reflects on their relationship, how it has changed overtime.

Story No.17

An old couple meets up at one of the restaurants located in Quartier Latin for one last time before their divorce. They both seem to have a bit of regret and sadness in them as they walk away from one another.

Story No.18

14e arrondissement

A mid-aged woman visits many places in 14e arrondissement as she is on her first trip to Paris. One of the places that she visits is the Cimetiere du Montparnasse. This is where the 35 years of Mexico dictator Porfirio Diaz as well as the two famous writers Jean-paul Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir are buried.


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