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Pangandaran is a small town and a subdistrict in southern Pangandaran Regency (new Regency which splits from Ciamis Regency), West Java, Indonesia on the southern coast of Java.


With its black beaches, Pangandaran, will never stand a chance compared to Bali when it comes to attracting the big crowds. However, this is exactly the appeal of this remote town of beach resorts. Even though it is a popular tourist destination with the locals on national holidays for its fine sand beaches (considered to be of the finest in Java), you will not feel overrun by the tourism. In the natural park you have also a beautiful white sand beach with monkeys where you can snorkel.

Get in[edit]

Beach, Pangandaran

By air[edit]

Susi Air [2] flies from Jakarta on small 12 passenger Cessnas and its interesting to have experience flying with small plane for those who has not. You can also bring your surfboard, for the large surfboard will be charge as much as the seat price. The distance between airport to pangandaran is about 45 minutes. Passengers should be aware that departure times may be changed with as little as 24 hour notice, and should check in with their booking travel agent, or Susi Air directly the day before a flight.

By bus[edit]

The bus terminal stops at the market just 500 meters from the beach where you can find plenty of accommodation. It is close enough to walk, but if you are lazy or laden with heavy bags it will not take you long to spot a bicycle rickshaw (more likely, they will spot you) ready to help you empty your wallet.

Local buses run from Pangandaran’s bus terminal to Tasikmalaya (30,000++ Rupiah, three hours), Ciamis (20,000++ Rupiah, 2½ hours), Banjar (12,000++ Rupiah, 1½ hours), Kalipucang or Majingklak (5000++ Rupiah, 40 minutes) and to Cilacap (25,000++ Rupiah, 2½ hours). Buses also run along the west coast as far as Cijulang (7000++ Rupiah, 40 minutes).

The large patas buses generally leave from the Perkasa Jaya depot, just north of town, and Budiman bus company depot, about 2km west of Pangandaran along Jl Merdeka. Frequent normal buses go to Bandung (50,000 Rupiah, six hours) between 6am and 4pm.

However, the most comfortable way to travel to Bandung is with the Sari Harum (639276) door-to-door minibus for 100,000++ Rupiah. Perkasa Jaya minibuses (639607) pick up from hotels for the trip to Jakarta’s Kampung Rambutan terminal (normal/air-con 125,000/150,000 Rupiah, nine hours). Travel agencies can also book tickets for most buses and minibuses for a premium, but transport to the depots is usually included.

From Bandung to Pangandaran[edit]

The bus to Pangandaran from the Cicaheum terminal is costs 53,000Rp (no A/C and smoking allowed) or 65,000Rp (A/C, smoking forbidden), these costs are accurate as of August, 2015. The company offering this service is called Budiman. The route is via Cihaurbeuti and takes just over 7hrs, with multiple stops for refreshments or toilet usage. At each of these stops vendors will board the bus to sell to you or serenade you. It is a relatively large bus (i.e. not minibus), so usually fairly spacious. It will drop you within walking distance (1.5km) of the hotels in Pangandarn (be aware of the fee, 3500Rp as of March, 2015 to enter the Pangandaran town limits, not to be confused with the much larger fee to enter the national park there).

By car[edit]

Most travel agencies rent minibuses with drivers for about 500,000 Rupiah per day including driver and petrol. Put together your own tour and you may be able to negotiate a better rate. The most popular trip is a three-day tour to Yogyakarta. The usual route will take you as far as Wonosobo for the first night. The second day goes to Dieng for the sunrise, then on to Borobudur for the night. The final day is to Yogyakarta via Prambanan.

Seven hour drive from Jakarta.

Get around[edit]

Pangandaran’s becak (tricycle) starts at around 10,000++Rp and requires heavy negotiation. Bicycles can be rented for 25,000++ Rupiah per day, and motorcycles cost around 50,000++ Rupiah per day, excluding petrol

See[edit][add listing]

The "Pananjung Pangandaran Nature Reserve" is nearby on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow neck of land (about 100 meters) which divides the beach into East Beach and West Beach, so we can see the sunrise and the sunset in the same day when the sun moves in the southern hemisphere. West Beach is more famous than East Beach. About eighty percent of the nature reserve is secondary rainforest. A few hours can be spent here without the need for a guide, however, guides are available and can obviously show you more of the reserve compared to going unattended. The flora of the nature reserve includes the Rafflesia. The fauna of the nature reserve includes banteng, deer, two species of monkey and monitor lizards.

River passage through Green Canyon, Pangandaran

"Green Canyon" Journey through some truly wondrous jungle - rich in massive teak trees, palms, various hanging vinery and the shrill sounds of extensive bird-life. The canyon is apparently a couple of hundred metres long, but it is only safe for visitors to venture the first hundred. At the end of the passable section, the opportunity arises to jump from a 5 metre high stalagmite formation rising from the canyon floor into a deep pool below. The rocks aren't sharp or slippery and there's a myriad of harmless critters around like frogs, dragonflies and miniature crabs to marvel at too. There are about 500 visitors a day, but it will increase to 2,000 per day on holidays make boat congestion on the narrow path and make boat long-waiting too.

"Citumang" is 15km outside of Pangandaran. The English name is Green Valley. It's very nice to walk there to the waterfalls. It's possible to swim in the clear water of the second "Green Canyon" that exists above the dam of the main tourist "Green Canyon". This is slightly more difficult to get to and involves hiring a moped (dirt cheap), but the journey and the final destination is very rewarding. There are barely any tourists and it really feels like you're own personal tropical pool! It is much cheaper (12,000 Rp each for entry and parking) and provides far more freedom than the tourist original "Green Canyon". There's no need for expensive boats and tours and the cool water provides a stark contrast to the hot midday "matahari" (sun).

"Paradise beach" is a deserted island that will satisfy all your Robinson Crusoe adventure feelings for a day. Hire a boat (600,000 for the day), stock up on supplies and have the ultimate picnic on the white sandy beaches of this sliver of paradise.

Do[edit][add listing]

In short; beach, sun, surfing and kicking back is the image of Pangandaran. However, there is so much more in this yet unspoilt paradise. Hire a motorbike and explore the surrounding area. Not far from the beach you will encounter the life of the unimpressed locals tending to their crops and livestock. Take a trip to the Green Canyon (see above) and continue on to Batu Karas, for some of the best surfing Java has to offer.

Hiring a moped is well worth the tuppence that it costs. Exploring the surrounding villages such as Batu Karas (the amazing two-way traffic bamboo bridge crossing the river is a highlight along with great surfing at the beach) and Karang Nini boasts some spectacular isolated beaches (one beach which hasn't been cleaned up since the 2006 tsunami also boasts a lagoon). Batu Hiu or "Shark Rock" provides beautiful views of the Indian Ocean and Pangandaran along with clifftop walks (as well as the opportunity to have your picture taken with Tinky Winky!!!!).

NOTE: Pangandaran and many of it's surrounding villages charge a fee to enter (in the region of 3-5,000 Rp), it may also be necessary to provide a monetary gift (1-2,000 Rp) to the guard.

Surfing lessons are offered in Pangandaran, prices vary around 200,000 - 250,000 per day. Every hotel and tour operator will let you know about this as soon as you arrive.

Tours to the Green Canyon and/or treks to local tribal communities are eagerly offered. They average about 150,000 per day.

Bike For Discovery (the Heartland of Southern Coast, beyond the beach, Pangandaran offers more natural attractions. choose on of bike tours. enjoy the countryside experience across the lush paddy field, garden, and coconut plantation. take a breath of fresh air of the village and watch the local farmers starting their day, and try other track and be the downhiller.

Coral Adoption, Contributing to Nature, coral transplantation has been taking place in Pangandaran to contribute to coral reef rehabilitation. in the last two years, the program has been extended to allow tourists to participate. join and be a foster parent

Tunnel Exploration, Pangandaran keeps silent evidence of the rail route in the southern coast of Java - dated back from its role as one of the plantation areas in the colonization era. the rail track lies from Banjar - Pangandarn - Cijulang although it is no longer used, the tracks and tunnels keep their appeal and provide a perfect setting for trekking tour in the hinterland.

Cultural Temptation, The Sparkling Traditional Dance, Ronggeng Gunung is a traditional dance originally from Pangandaran. It is very much related to the history of the local princess "Dewi Rengganis. Rengkong and Gondang are the traditional dances to celebrate harvesting period at the southern coast of West Java. The local community has developed a special performance tour for you to see these fascinating dances. Setting under their village's open sky and at the yard of a traditional stage.

Kayaking / Canoeing, explore the local rivers on a tour with SPORA ( Water Sports Development School ) paddling a kayak up or down the river while enjoying the calm serenity of the rural atmosphere. For the more adventurous, there's an ocean tour leaving early in the morning and paddling for 2 to 3 hours around the Nature Reserve peninsula of Pananjung.

other interesting attraction in Pangandaran; - Traditional Dance Lesson - Cooking Lesson - Wooden Puppet Carving Lesson - Feel The Village Atmosphere and stay / overnight at the local people's house -

Buy[edit][add listing]

ATMs are available near the bus terminal and nearby Nyiur Indah Resort, bulak laut street and at the bus station area, there are 3 ATM's.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Seafood comes fresh to the fish market on the eastern side of the city every day. Here you can have your pick from one of the many cheap eateries. Pick your live seafood (fish, crabs, lobsters, prawns etc.) and watch while they cook it in front of you. It doesn't get mor authentic than this.

On the west side (the beach side), western style cafes and restaurants line the beachside road. The government has moved the beach cafes and restaurants 3 kilometers away further to the west from the longstanding former spot.

  • Bamboo Cafe. 08:00 - midnight. has a decent menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond (beer, drinks and snacks) that attracts a steady following of both locals and travellers. 10,000-30,000.  edit
  • Steak House. 08:00 - midnight. offers the same sort of menu as Bamboo, plus - not surprisingly; a steak menu. 10,000-40,000.  edit
  • Relax Restaurant, Bulak Laut Street. 08:00 - midnight. offers European Chinese and Indonesian food, plus - recommended menu; homemade brown bread and ice cream. Offers also yoghurt and musli/cereals. Price for indonesian food 20.000. Western food 40.000 up. 20.000.  edit
  • D.E. Coffee. serves espresso coffee (although pricey) and tasty sandwiches as their specialty, but really it's recommended for its proximity to Steak House and wifi enabled internet cafe (250 RP/minute). A perfect day well spent.  edit
  • SAUNG MIRING COFFEE SHOP, jalan bulak laut no. 64. 24 hours free internet access / free wi-fi, we serve coffee and tea, pancake, sandwich and toast  edit
  • Bintang Timur. fresh sea food and else . small restaurant along the beach in front of the Futsal (boulevard turn right)the food is different and delicious. try the shrimp black pepper. if you are in mood you can sing karaoke or eat under the moon.  edit
  • fish market. in the fish market you have lot of restaurant with fresh sea food. fish crabs shrimps octopus choose you sea food before to cook, one of the famous restaurant in the fish market is karya bahari, you can get great fried calamari  edit
  • Rasa Sayang, Jalan Kidang Pananjung No. 236. 08:00 - 21:00. The restaurant has the same system as in the fish market, you can choose which seafood you want to eat and pay it per weight. Rasa sayang is famous for its salted egg sauce.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Often a bonfire on the beach and drinks and snacks from the closest Warung is the definition of a night out in Pangandaran.

  • Saung Miring Coffee Shop, Jl. bulak Laut No. 64 Pangandaran (close to telecomunication office). coffee shop with free internet access / free wi fi hotspot  edit
  • Jacko Bar. along the west beach in front of hotel Malabar Bulak laut. often offers Live music and DJ party. friendly.Cool beer an Happy Hours  edit
  • Silent Bar or Diam Cafe. just beside Jacko bar. the name because the owner cannot ear or speak but btw he speaks a lot in his own language and can be understood by all foreigners :)  edit
  • Mungil Cafe. or Steak House. nice place to drink listening the live music  edit
  • Malibu Cafe. an other beach bar. cool drinks . good food and friendly atmosphere.  edit
  • Eka Bamboo Cafe. Bar along the west beach Bulak Laut. In front of Hotel Melia. nice bar and good food. my favorite Nasi goreng sea food ! friendly owner Maya  edit
  • Mimpi cafe (mimpi means dream). a cute tiny bar with a friendly atmosphere. west beach Bulak Laut in front of Hotel Melia  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are hundreds of hotels to fit every budget. Shop around; they are all very close to the beach and each other.


These are some in the sweet spot of cheap and good. You can get cheaper and better by walking down the beach road (and its back alleys).

On national holidays prices go up and you should book ahead.

Please note that the "taxi mafia" are quite strong in Pangandaran. Any taxi or ojek driver that takes you to a hotel will then demand/extort up to half of the room's nightly rate from the hotel. Even if you don't take a taxi from the bus station, locals will often follow you (sometimes at a distance) to the hotel, and the local will demand that the owner pay them even though you never said a single word to that person! Failure to pay this extortion means that the "taxi mafia" will bad talk the hotel to everyone who arrives in town, and try to ruin the hotel's business. When you arrive in town, DO NOT tell anyone where you plan on staying, and be wary of people following you to your hotel. And be aware: IF you take any taxi or ojek to your hotel/hostel the price a person is NOT MORE then between 20.000 Rp and 30.000 Rp!

  • Bamboo House. A popular long running guesthouse. All rooms have modern bathrooms, the fan rooms come with open-air bathrooms, priced at (single/double) Fan: 50,000/110,000 AC: 80,000/120,000 (includes breakfast and free tea/coffee all day).  edit
  • Mini Tiga homestay, 0265639436. Artistic place. All rooms have fan (no A/C) and private bathroom with western toilet but the charm of the place and the hospitality of the owners make this a favorite. single/double: 90,000/120,000. (includes breakfast and free tea/coffee all day). free internet and wifi for guests. daily homemade yogurt by the french owner Catherine.offers tours and Travel.Surf lessons. motorbike and surfboards rental. Mini bar cool drinks and cold Bintang !  edit
  • Panorama à la Plage, Jalan Pantai Barat (Corner of Jn. Pantai Barat and Jn. Bulat Laut). Just across the road from the beach, close to many street food stalls and a short walk from all the beach bars, this small hotel is perfectly located. Both fan and A/C rooms available, some with shared bathroom, some with attached. Managed by the lovely and helpful Tika, be sure to try her food in the restaurant on the bamboo terrace overlooking the corner and the beach. Hanging around there's always Dindin, the polyglot guide that can tell you anything you need to know about the nearby sights and activities. Large breakfast included, free WiFi, laundry service, train and bus ticket booking, bicycles available for the guests, motorcycle rental, surf lessons and board rental. Single/double: 70,000/90,000 Rp.  edit
  • Guesthouse Pondok Wulan (Sea level), Jalan Pamugaran, Bulak Laut (10 minutes walk from the bus terminal and 50 meters from the beach), +6282126987798. checkin: 14.00 O'clock; checkout: 12.00 O'clock. Pondok Wulan, Jln Pamugaran, Bulak Laut (10 minutes walk from the bus terminal and 50 meters from the West Beach), ☎ +6282126987798, [new]. 24 hours. Guesthouse Pondok Wulan is a clean, quiet and cosy guesthouse. Fan rooms and AC rooms. Also a spacious Bar/Resto on the premises. Recommended for Backpackers and family, who are looking for a very affordable price and comfort. Starting from 9 till 15 Euros, except Holidays. Including breakfast. Coffee, tea and drinking water free the whole day. Very helpful and friendly staff. (7' 41'' 22,108' 38'' 48) edit


  • Hotel Surya Pesona, Jl. Pamugaran Desa Bulak Laut, Pangandaran, Ciamis, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, +62-265-639428 (, fax: +62-265-639289), [1]. This hotel is right next to a wide stretch of sandy beach. Restaurant serves freshly caught seafood. 24 hour coffee shop and massage center.  edit


There are some internet places by the beach, but the cheapest (1000 Rp per 15 minutes) is near the bus terminal. They don't have wifi, but you can bring your laptop and plug it into their LAN (same price). As of April 2012 the internet cafe next to the steak house at the beach has closed, leaving the bus terminal currently the only place in the town with internet access in Pangandaran (excluding hostels/hotels with wifi).

Get Out[edit]

The main route out of Pangandaran is to Yogyakarta via Sidareja. A private minibus (usually seating 4) is heavily advertised by the main hotels (Mini Tiga home-stay etc.) which travels to Sidareja station and from there the train heads to Yogyakarta.

Up the coast from Pangandaran is the surf destination of Batu Karas.

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