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Palopo is a city in Indonesia. Palopo is a town in the province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

At its inception as the Autonomous City, Palopo consists of 4 districts and 20 villages. Then, on April 28, 2005, based on the Palopo City Regulation No. 03 of 2005, carried out the division Regional District and the Village into 9 districts and 48 villages.

The city has an area of 247.52 km² [4] and a population of as many as 152 703 inhabitants [5].

The name "Palopo" is expected to begin in use since 1604.



Palopo is in the UTC+8 time zone (known in Indonesia as WITA, Waktu Indonesia Tengah), same as Western Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and China and 1 hr ahead of Jakarta.


Daytime temperatures are pleasant, varying between 20-33⁰ C (68-93⁰ F) year-round. From December to March, the west monsoon can bring heavy showers and high humidity, but days are still often sunny with the rains starting in the late afternoon or evening and passing quickly. From June to September, the humidity is low and it can be quite cool in the evenings. At this time of the year there is hardly any rain in the lowland coastal areas


Maccera Tasi'[edit]

It is tradition that the people of Tana Luwu still maintained until now. The goal, as a venue for the disclosure of gratitude to Allah SWT for the fortune of the natural abundance of the sea that has been enjoyed by humans for this.

Get in[edit]

By Bus[edit]

You can start from Makassar about 365 km to the north Of Southern Sulawesi. You can find many buses to Palopo. there are two way to get to palopo, the first one you can pass the path towards Luwu Sidrap, second you can pass the path to the district Sidrap Tana Toraja. if you pass the second track, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the tana Toraja.

By Plane[edit]

South Sulawesi has a very wide area, and only has one international airport located in Makassar. it took about 8 hours to get to town palopo use the bus. but do not worry, in palopo there is one local airport located in Luwu district, to get there it took about 15 minutes

Get around[edit]

Palopo is a small town with a comfortable temperature, you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains in the north and in the east bay. there are many options that you can use a vehicle to get around in palopo. taxis, motorcycles, tricycles, pete pete

By taxi[edit]

You can use a taxi to get around palopo, there are plenty of taxis which you can choose to use, but you should use when you want to travel far from the city center.

By Ojek[edit]

ojek is a two-wheeled vehicle that can take you anywhere, with a very low price you can even bid.


traditional three-wheeled vehicles, becak are a popular means of transport on the island of Java. if you want to get around palopo to relax, you can use a becak equipped tents for protection from sun and rain. very convenient to use rickshaws and cheap prices

Pete pete[edit]

pete pete is a mini bus with an open side door, to get around the city you can use a yellow bananas one. You can find it in the particular way and centered in the terminal. fare to get around only Rp. 2000

See[edit][add listing]

  • istana luwu, Jalan Andi Jemma No. 1,, (0471) 22496. Waktu Kunjung Museum Hari Selasa – Kamis : 08.00-16.00 WITA Hari Jumat : 08.00-10.30 WITA Hari Minggu : 08.00-16.00 WITA  edit


Palopo has a monument located in the royal palace courtyard Luwu, this monument shaped hands holding Badik. This monument known as the "Toddopuli temmalara". In a literary work of the oldest and longest in the world which comes down from this Palopo town, I Lagaligo, stated that "Toddopuli Temmalara" meaning "courage to fight for the truth," a philosophy of life which is actually a life philosophy Bugis society in general.


Palopo is the administrative center kedatuan Luwu (first), so the palace is located in the heart of the city. Dutch architecture is attached to the palace today, because it was built when the Dutch colonized Indonesia. Miniature palace once (called Langkanae) set beside the Palace of Luwu.

Luwu royal palace in the position coordinates of 2º 59 '40.90 "N and 120º 11' 44.90" bt With boundaries as follows - The north is bordered by ... Jalahmad Yani and post office - South of the city and the adjacent dengan.taman OPU Dg Siraju - To the East by way of Jonah wise and houses - West borders with Andi Jemma and shopping streets

luwu Kingdom referred to as the oldest kingdom in South Sulawesi. Although not known for certain about the founding of this kingdom, but the kingdom of Luwu has been recognized ever experienced its heyday in the XV century (Bambang Suwondo, /, / 1976: 20). If pulled back, the name of the Luwu Kingdom has been known in Bugis script "La Galigo". Here known names Sawerigading figures derived from the kingdom in South Sulawesi (likely it is Luwu Kingdom). According to some experts, the kingdoms of South Sulawesi has been established in the VII century until XV (Suwondo, /, / 1976: 20). From this interim opinion, can be obtained preliminary conclusion that the Empire has stood Luwu in South Sulawesi in the VII century, if not before the VII century. Luwu name is mentioned in the work of the Bugis, "I La Galigo". Together with the Royal Wewang Nriwuk and Tompotikka, Luwu is one of the three kingdoms written first in / first La Galigo

  • Museum Batara Guru was inaugurated on 26 July 1971 by the Regent of Luwu then, Andi Achmad. He is one of the heirs of King Luwu. The purpose of establishing this museum is to preserve the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Luwu to be passed on to the next generation. Guru museum building which was established in 1920 is a former Royal Palace Luwu. The museum has a collection of as many as 831 pieces consisting of a collection of prehistoric, heraldika, ceramics, ethnography, manuscripts, numismatic, and photos.

Do[edit][add listing]

There are many things you can do while in Palopo. there are many beautiful and clear water river on the outskirts of the city, bay clean, cool hilltop. even if you want to shop for branded items are all available in palopo.

  • Bambalu waterfall - Bambalu waterfall is located in the village Battang 12 miles from downtown palopo. you can use a ojek, taxi to go to this location. bambalu go round waterfall cascading waterfall with clear water and fresh with large rocks.
  • Natural bathing latuppa is a river that flows from the heights towards the city center Palopo, there you can find a beautiful spot to soak place, even you can find a three-level waterfall. The waterfall is located 9 km from the city center with good roads and along the way you can find a gazebo for relaxing. Latuppa is the center of the growth of various kinds of fruit. You can find there rambutan, mango, durian. durian fruit is a mainstay of the city palopo. when the durian season you can buy three durian at a price of Rp. 10,000-

Buy[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

Many varieties of foods can be found in Palopo. You can enjoy traditional food of diverse.

  • warung mandiri, jl. andi djemma samping bank mandiri. you can find kapurung, lawa dan pocco  edit


Kapurung is a food made from sago, bubble sago mixed with vegetable or fish sauce. very good, you shouldn't skip to try these foods if you visit palopo. there are many stalls that provide Kapurung in palopo


Lawa is food made from fresh fish mixed with vegetables and roasted grated coconut mixed with crushed chili, Lawa is usually eaten with Dange. Dange made from dried sago then be burned like a cake but dont have taste


Palopo is a city located on the edge of the bay bone, has an abundance of seafood each year. because many marine products in palopo, people began to make a variety of culinary from the sea, one of them Pocco. Pocco is eating made from fresh fish mixed with chili mashed and given lime juice and usually eaten with Dange. Pocco is sushi from palopo, tastes good and should be tried

  • KFC, Jl. Rambutan 22, +62 471 3307423, [1]. 6am-10pm. There is a only KFC in Palopo.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Marcopolo Club, Komp. THM Pantai Labombo Palopo. Marco Resident : - DJ. Hady Beatrexer - DJ. JEEY Xdjcool - BAR FIRE - Marco Sexy Dancer  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

here are plenty of hotels and guesthouses in palopo with very cheap rate

  • Hotel Agro wisata, Jl. Ponsimpin, 0471326490.  edit
  • hotel mulia Indah, Jl. Gutu Patallo, 047121843.  edit
  • Hotel Melati Residence, Jl. Anggrek EE 10, 0471326781.  edit
  • Hotel Platinum, Jl. Andi Machulau, 047121467.  edit
  • Hotel Awana, Jl. LataMacelling Ex Jl. Andi Djemma, 047124422.  edit
  • Hotel Buana, Jl. KH achmad Dahlan, 047122164.  edit
  • Hotel Horas, Jl. Pongsimpin, 047122444.  edit
  • Hotel Palopo, Jl. Kelapa No. 1, 047121789.  edit
  • Hotel Nusa Indah, Jl. Merdeka, 047121560.  edit


Unfortunately, it is very unlikely you will find a working public telephone on the street, which can be very frustrating in emergency situations. Depending on your circumstances, you may have to rely on mobile phones (local SIM cards may be used in unlocked phones with economical local and international calling rates) or phone/internet shops. Purchasing a local SIM card is recommended if you foresee that you will have to make multiple calls during your stay. There are several cellular operators In Palopo: Telkomsel (simPATI) and Indosat (IM3) (Xl ) have the largest coverage area. In addition to the GSM standard, you can find CDMA (operator Smart). Local calls from hotel rooms are charged an expensive flagfall and per minute rate. Budget accommodation options are unlikely to offer telephone services to guests. International phone operators: ☎ 101. International Direct Dialling prefix: 001, 007, or 008.


  • Police 0471 - 21110
  • fire brigade 113 Or 0471 - 22501

Hospitals with 24 hours emergency room (ER):

  • RS AT Medika Jl Andi Jemma 6, Sabbangparu, Wara Utara 047121596
  • RS Umum Sawerigading Jl. Dr. Ratulangi Rampoang 047124356
  • RS Bintang Laut Jl. AM. Kasim No. 5 047121302
  • RS ST. MADYANG JL. ANDI KAMBO NO.87 041124227

Tourism information centres[edit]

Sekretariat Daerah Jl. Balaikota No. 1 Palopo, Sul-Sel Telp/Fax 0471-23087

Get out[edit]

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