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Pakistani students coming to Finland

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Pakistani students coming to Finland

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Before coming to Finland[edit]

  • Make sure you have a valid general Pakistani car driving license. This license can be easily converted in Finland. Getting a licence in Finland can cost more that 1500 euros.
  • Make sure you have warm clothes to survive extreme winter season.
  • For air travel there are different possibilities such as taking direct PIA flight to some european city such as Frankfurt or Copenhagen and taking connecting flight to Finland. For Turkish Airways Karachi to Helsinki flight ticket can be bought from their website using a credit card. From Dubai to Helsinki AirBaltic or Finnair can be used but in some cases you may have to take out your luggage at Dubai airport and rebook again, so carefully inquire beforehand.
  • Contact student tutor and friends before starting travel so that they can receive you and handover your hostel room key.
  • Subscribe to [email protected] and announce your arrival there. Also in case you are looking for a room or for work you can ask there.

After arriving[edit]

  • Register to get your social security number.
  • Open a bank account
  • For finding work in cafe/restaurant take hygieni passi test , preparation takes about one to two weeks.