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Shan State : Padaung
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Padaung is a tribe of Black Karen-people in Shan State and North Thailand.


Padaung had 15 clans or sub-tribes. Only women from few clans are giraffe women.


Place by giraffe women. Note they often travel after the tourists and traditional take part in the water festival.



Giraffe women[edit]

False perceptions of Padaung women are far from the reality.

False Perceptions The reality and facts
They are barbarians. In reality, they are cultured people, but appear to some as conservative and strange.
The women are the world most oppressed women. In reality the women have a high status, and the higher the status of the women, the more neck coils they obtain. As in the matriarchal clan, most of the women use neck coils.
If a woman remove the coil her neck break. No, they have need to remove the coil when they been old or ill or take a break.
Very few live past 30 years old, because the damages incurred to their neck and spine. The reality, they live longer than other women in developing countries, due to their access to medicinal plants.

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