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For other places with the same name, see Padang (disambiguation).

Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia.


Padang, the capital of the province of West Sumatra, is mostly used by tourists as an access point to Bungus Bay, the surfing sites of the Mentawai Islands, the inland hills of Bukittinggi, and the Kerinci Seblat National Park.

Padang was a Dutch historical harbour town, one of the main harbour in Dutch East Indies. The main attraction of the city is the colourful Dutch old town and old harbour in Muaro river, and also its old Chinatown. The city is also the home of the delicious Padang food and the town is stuffed with restaurants and street stalls.

Ladies are advised to wear long pants and at least a t-shirt with sleeves as you are entering a conservative city. Be aware that the men can get overly forward and cheeky.

It rains often in Padang. The roads flood quite easily as the city is still in the process of repairing the damage from the massive earthquake of recent years. Bring along a pair of slippers. These are useful in floods as well as for the beach.

You will experience minor tremors. Do not be alarmed.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Minangkabau International Airport (Bandar Udara Internasional Minangkabau - BIM) (IATA: PDG), located 23km north-west of Padang, is the main gateway to West Sumatra, with frequent flights to destinations throughout Sumatra and Java such as Indonesia.

Some arlines serving Padang:

A Rp 100,000 departure tax is levied on outbound international flights and Rp 35.000 on domestic flights. As of 2015 though, all taxes are paid included in the flight.

If you are coming from Bukittinggi, ask a local how to take an angkot from wherever you are to Jambu Air. This should cost you Rp.2,000-3,000. From Jambu Air, take a minivan to Padang. This costs Rp.20,000-30,000 and will take 2-3 hours. It will only leave when relatively full. This van can get excessively crowded. Ladies are advised to wear long pants and at least a t-shirt with sleeves as you are entering a conservative city. Be aware that the men can get overly forward and cheeky.

Get around[edit]

Crazily-decorated Angkots run along the two main roads. Prices for a trip start at Rp4,000 (though most commonly Rp5,000). You can get taxis from the Minangkabau International Airport to town for less than Rp50,000 if you speak the language.

You may have to haggle a little, but be fair.

There are several alternatives that you can choose for transportation in Padang, such as bus kota (for city bus transportation), angkutan kota (Abbreviated "Angkot" for transportation in the city), taxi, car rental and Ojek (Motor Taxis). Most public transportations are not very safe and clean compared to international standard. During rush hour, you can see the buses overcrowded. Be careful with your valuables as sometimes there are pickpockets and thieves taking advantage while riding on the public transport, though this is very rare.

If you're looking to spend a few days in Padang, car rental is the preferred way to go around. All car rentals include the driver, who can also act as your guide. It's not recommended for tourists to drive around because road signs are not followed by the locals and courtesy while driving almost do not exist in Indonesia.

It may be necessary to have a Kamus (Dictionary) handy, either electronic or printed as rarely could you get a local to understand and more speak English.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Old Town of Padang. This historical town of Padang with many old buildings and a colouful harbour with Dutch architecture is Padang's main attraction. It's located beside the Muaro River. Walk along the beautiful pedestrian at the river bank with a row of old Dutch buildings. On the river there is a historical harbour of Padang built by Dutch. Now the harbour and the river is full of colourful little boats. There's also a beautiful bridge on the river, Sitti Nurbaya Bridge with colourful lights on night. Still in the old town, there's an old Chinatown with many old shophouses. There's a beautiful old Chinese temple, See Hien Kiong Temple and a beautiful old mosque, Muhammadan Mosque.
  • Adityawarman Museum. Jl. Diponegoro (Lapangan Tugu), +62 752 31523, 39587, Tu-Sa 08:00-16:00. A museum about culture and heritage of West Sumatra.
  • Grand Mosque of West Sumatra, a new modern large mosque that is built with Minangkabau architecture. The Mosque is located on Jalan Khatib Sulaiman, city centre of Padang.
  • The Great Mosque of Gantiang. Located in Gantiang, it's the oldest mosque in Padang and one of the oldest in Indonesia.
  • Air Manis Beach. It is most famed for Batu Malin Kundang (Stone of Malin Kundang), a stone shaped like a prostrating man. According to local legend, this stone is Malin Kundang , the ungrateful son who disowned his poor mother after coming home as a rich man from his travels. His mother cursed him into stone, as well as the remains of his ship, which can also be seen near his stone. There is a tidal island from the beach here, with nice clean (by Indonesian standards) water and sand.
  • Padang Beach. You can ride the bendi (a horse-drawn carriage) along the beach, and stop by the rows of shops to eat some rujak as you watch the waves. It is recommended that you get a glass of naga (dragon fruit) juice from one of the stalls that line the beach and drink it as you enjoy a leisurely stroll down the shore.
  • You go down the south of Teluk Bayur Harbour, up and through steep hills (don't try and take a bus, there is an [Angkot] that goes all the way).

Do[edit][add listing]

Relaxing and breathtaking is the main thing to do in here. This city more to administrative city. Honestly there isn't too much to do here in the down town. . But if you go to the up town, some interesting spots await to be explored. These include Sikuai Island", Lubuk Minturun river' (a 'natural jacuzzi') and Bungus Bay (crystal water river), all in southern Padang.

Pool is a popular sport to play and there are a few places dotted around. Price is normally around Rp30,000 per hour and could be less for weekdays and also office/class hours.

The nightlife is relatively dull because Padang is a minor city and a rather devout Muslim community. Bars are available at Hotel Bumi Minang, but don't expect alcohol (and don't expect a hotel as it was completely destroyed in the 2009 earthquake). If you are a fan of Karaoke though, there are several nice places such as Inul Vista in Plaza Andalas or the other popular Charlie. Price is about Rp80,000 per hour for up to 4 persons. Price go up as the number of persons increase. Just like the billiard, there could be big discounts depending on the time of the day, and day of the week.

If you can find your way down to Chinatown and get some Kripik Padang (pizza size crackers served with various sauces, available in two flavors: spicy and sweet), that could be a good idea, too. In Chinatown, you also can explore the mixture of Minang-Chinese food.

You may also visit Pantai Air Manis, about 10 kms from the city. There are angkots from town that go to Pantai Air Manis. The beach is more for beginner surfers and a jump off to Pulau Pisang as well. Limbonis (talk) 15:46, 5 November 2015 (EST)

Buy[edit][add listing]

There are a lot of stores on the side of the road, much like anywhere in Indonesia. There are two malls, Minang Plaza, which is smaller and better for your more supermarket / basic clothing needs. There is a bit of Western Food at Plaza Andalas in the form of Papa Ron's Pizza.

Shopping at Andalas is a little bit better, but at this point in time, the malls are more downscale, mainly local products and local shops. No big retailers here. Brand names aren't really easy to find. You could find a few surfing items at Andalas plaza - but that's about it.

There is a Gramedia across the road from Andalas Plaza also.

  • Ramayana. Shopping district, locally famous. Great bargains can be picked up here.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Padang is famed throughout Indonesia for spicy Padang food (masakan Padang). Experience the unique way Padang food is served. Watch how waiters expertly carry more than ten plates with all kinds of delicacies on both arms. These dishes will then be spread out on the table for diners to pick and choose. Eat what you like, as you'll only pay for dishes you've actually consumed. Famous dishes include:

  • rendang sapi, spicy curried beef cooked until the sauce is dry
  • soto padang, crispy beef in spicy soup
  • ayam pop, fried chicken that has been cooked in broth of coconut juice
  • sate, beef satay in curry sauce, served with ketupat (rice dumplings)

Padang dishes can use rather unusual ingredients though, including internal organs like hearts, lungs and even brains. All Padang dishes are Halal, due to the Islamic root of Minang people.

Some Westerner-friendly restaurants:

  • Safari. Cafe serving Western and Indonesian foods. Has a plasma television for watching soccer. Quite a nice little place to go if you long for a steak or a serve of crinkle cut fries.
  • Pizza Hut, Jl. A Yani.  edit
  • El-Nino Coffee, Jl. Pd no.131, +62 751 8952446. 12:00PM - 10:00PM. This place has good varieties of coffee and frappes in a relaxing atmosphere. It has a wide selection of western food such as pastas, burger, fries, etc at a "sensible" price compared to hotel restaurants and also provides local Padang food. $-$$.  edit

Local delicacies[edit]

  • Rohana Kudus, Jl. Rohana Kudus No. 74, +62-751-23386. One of the favorite places to buy snacks to bring home as gifts, including the snack the area is famed for, Kripik Balado or Kripik Sanjay.  edit
  • Nan Salero ((d/h Tukang gigi)), Jl. Niaga No. 229, +62-751-32863. One of the longest running snacks store in the Chinatown, it sells some of the well known local snack, such as: Kripik Balado(Crispy Cassava Crackers Coated with Sweet and Spicy Chili Sauce), Kripik Sukun(Crispy Fried Breadfruit Chips), Kacang Tumbuk(Grounded Caramelized Peanut Candies), and many other choice.  edit
  • Restoran Sari Raso, Jl. Karya No. 3, Padang 25211, 62-751-33498. This restaurant is located near the junction where Jl. Kampong Doby meets Jl. Pondok, behind a sports shop and across the road from a batik store. It is a Minangkabau restaurant that is always crowded at lunchtime. The food is excellent with more vegetable options than other Minang stores.  edit
  • Food Street. This is really two or three streets full of restaurants and food stalls that pop up at night. It is located between Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto and Jl. Pondok. You will know that you have gone too far when you see Jl. Kampong Nias.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

The only real bars you will find are at the major hotels. This is a very Islamic community and therefore the influence of alcohol is minimal. That being said, beer is for sale at the major supermarkets, Suzuya, etc. Bintang is about all you will find. If you are feeling game, the traditional market could be something you might want to visit, as hard liquor such as Johnny Walker may be available there.

Hard liquor is also available at several warungs (small shops on the side of the road) and it is quite easy to obtain cheap vodka, whisky or rum. The going rate for a 250ml bottle of spirits is Rp. 23,000.

The best nightclubs in Padang are Hotel Pangeran Beach, Rocky Hotel, Ambacang hotel (the newest hotel) and Queen.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are many type of accommodations that can be chosen by people if they are in Padang. Such as:

  • Mercure Padang, Jl. Purus IV No. 8, +62 751 891188 (, fax: +62 751 891891), [1]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. A walking distance to the beach Rp. 750,000.  edit
  • Grand Inna Padang, Jl. Gereja No. 34, +62 751 35600 - 33741 (, fax: +62 751 38 266 - 31 163), [2]. Large, hotel aimed at local business travelers. Comfortable but somewhat faded. Look out for frequent specials for significant discount below rack rates. Skip breakfast. Rp. 600,000.  edit
  • Hotel Pangeran Beach, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 79, +62 751 7051333 (fax: +62 751 7054613). The only hotel that is right on the beach in Padang. Rp. 600,000.  edit
  • Grand Zuri, Jl. Thamrin No. 27, +62 751 894 888 (, fax: +62 751 894 999), [3]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. A walking distance to the culinary area of Simpang Kinol Rp. 550,000.  edit
  • Rocky Plaza Hotel, Jl. Permindo No 40, +62 751 840888 (, fax: +62 751 841230), [4]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. The only hotel with it's own plaza in Padang. Located at the central market, Pasar Raya. Rp. 400,000.  edit
  • ibis Padang, Jl. Taman Siswa No 1A, +62 751 448 8688 (, fax: +62 751 448 8678), [5]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. There is a rooftop breakfast/lounge area called Skyline and from here you can see the city up to the sea. Rp. 400,000.  edit


  • Havilla Maranatha Hotel, Jalan Bandar Pulau Karam No. 10-D, +62 751 26321 (), [6]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 12am. Good facilities; single room, double room or family room, AC, complimentary breakfast, hot and cold shower,Free Wi-Fi, complimentary tea and coffee, mineral water, city center location near to the beach, Batang Arau River, Muara Harbour, shopping center and China Town. Private room with Air Conditioning Start from Rp 100.000,.  edit

  • 360 Homestay, Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No 102 K Padang. 360 Homestay is a clean homestay with spacious rooms, shared bathroom (there is one ensuite room though) and free drinking water. Ayan is a nice guy. 125.000 to 200.000 IDR.  edit
  • Grace Hostel, jalan batang arau 88 B/5, +62 813 7400 6060, [7]. Grace Homestay is Homestay for back packers the air in Grace Homestay more fresh than the other place because there is a hill Gunung Padang in front of Grace Homestay. There clean and familiar Homestay during you stay in Padang. Rp 100,000.  edit
  • Villa Air Manis, Jln. Air Manis No. 155, Padang Selatan., +62 751 767335 or +62 819 93302813 (, fax: +61 8 6365 2864), [8]. This very private villa and bungalow is on a rain-forest covered mountain top overlooking the beach in a very clean and safe area.  edit
  • Hotel Surya, Jalan Bandar Purus. One of the better (and cheapest) of a smattering of cheap losmen-style hotels to the north of Jln M. Yamin and to the west of Pasar Raya. Friendly staff, cramped and dirty rooms without fan. Only for the hardened cash-strapped travellers. Singles: Rp50,000.  edit
  • Wisma Mutiara, Jalan Pulau Karam 149. Nice little hotel in the western part of town. It is very clean and a nice breakfast is included. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Doubles Rp 150,000-275,000.  edit
  • Brigitte's House, Jl Kampung Sebelah 1, Chinatown (near Siti Nurbaya Bridge), +62 813 7425 7162, [9]. Opened in Oct 2010, this warm and welcoming guesthouse has airy dorm beds and private rooms with rates starting from Rp85,000 with breakfast included and free WiFi. You can also rent their motorbike for Rp70,000 per day. Run by Ms Brigitte, a Batak lady, and assisted by two friendly employees. Located not far from the Airport Damri bus route to the city and ten minutes' walking distance to Padang beach. Airport transfer is available. It is also one of the few places in Padang where you can get postcards. Rp 85000.  edit
  • Natures Inn, (Opposite the Tourist Information Centre). Family run home stay, clean and modern, dorms and double rooms, bed linen provided, shared bathrooms with seat toilets and showers, hot and cold water showers, free Wi-Fi, fans and air-con prices start at 125k and go up, 25k extra for breakfasts. (-0.9601932764053345,100.3540188074112) edit
  • Diniya Suaso Hotel, Jl. Asahan No. 7 GOR Agus Salim Padang, +62 751 705 2255. checkin: 14.00; checkout: 12.00. Diniya Suasso Design Hotel & Restaurant is an accommodation featuring "homey" and town cottage hotel. Located at GOR H Agus Salim known as sport venue indoor and outdoor activity, and 30 minutes away from the airport. 50 USD.  edit
  • Yani Homestay (Yani backpacker Padang), Jalan Nipah no 1 behind budha temple (Next door Nipah cell Phone.), +6285263801686. Very nice, clean and friendly homestay. Rooms from Rp80,000 / 120,000 (Fan / AC)incl. breakfast, Wifi, coffee and tea. Centrally located, very friendly and helpful owners.Provide motorcycle rent too with a good price. from Rp 80,000.  edit
  • Rimba Ecolodge : Village of Sungai Pisang - BUNGUS CITY (access by boat from Tintin Homestay in Bungus or from the village of Sungai Pisang), +62 888 0740 2278 (). Website : The Rimba project is a combination of responsible ecotourism and a non-profit organisation which aims to protect endangered species in Indonesia and their habitat as well as helping the local communities. Room price is 125 000 to 225 000 Rp/person/day including 3 meals/day, tea, coffee and water free, snorkel gear, jungle trek, traditionnal canoe, beach volley... If you can't choose between jungle and sea, you have to go to Rimba Ecolodge ! They organize ilslands trip, waterfall trip, Mentawai trek and Minangkabau tour. Beautiful place with nice people, nice beach, barbecue fish on the beach, amazing sunset, wild animals... 125.000 a 225.000Rp/pers./day including 3 meals/day.

Stay safe[edit]

Padang lies right on a fault line and is frequently hit by earthquakes. The last one, in September 2009, killed over 1,100 people, and destroyed many buildings.

Get out[edit]

  • Bukittinggi. A popular mountain tourist town with some interesting places like Sianok Canyon, Japanese Tunnel and Jam Gadang, and delicious fatty, hot and spicy food like 'Nasi Kapau.
  • Padang Panjang. A mountain market town. There are some interesting places like Pandai Sikek Village, Minangkabau Information and Documentation Centre, Asasi Nagari Gunung Mosque and Anai Valley. There's also a family theme park and water park, Minang Fantasy.
  • Batusangkar. The centre of Minangkabau royalty. Visit Great Palace of Pagaruyung and Silinduang Bulan Palace from Pagaruyung Kingdom. Also visit some Minangkabau historical and traditional villages like Balimbing Village and Pariangan Village with some ancient rumah gadang (Minangkabau traditional house).
  • Sawahlunto. A little Dutch town with many historical buildings with Duch architecture. It was originally a Dutch coal mining town. Visit Railway Museum, a museum of railway history of West Sumatra located at old railway station; Mbah Soero Tunnel, a historical coal mining tunnel; and Gudang Ransum Museum, a museum about the history of mining in Sawahlunto. Another historical buildings are Sawahlunto Cultural Centre, St. Lucia Church, Pek Sin Kek Mansion, etc. Sawahlunto is a unique town because it's located in a large mining hollow.
  • Solok and South Solok. The land of thousands Rumah Gadang. Visit the Village of Thousand Rumah Gadang and Palace of Rajo Balun. Also visit the twin lakes, Danau Diatas and Danau Dibawah on the foot of Mount Talang with its picturesque tea plantation. There's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kerinci Seblat National Park. You may also check out the view of Puncak Gagoan.
  • Medan : catch an overnight bus from the A.L.S. bus station (5km from the city centre), from Rp.120,000 to Rp.200,000. There is one leaving at 2PM.
  • Jakarta : You can catch an ALS bus to Jakarta. It would take about 2 days to reach its destination.

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