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Nyingchi County

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Nyingchi County

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Nyingchi is a prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It was called “Gongbu” in the ancient times. “Nyingchi” means the Throne of Sun in the Tibetan language. It is located in the southeast of Tibet. To the west, it is next to Lhasa City and Shannan City; to the south, it is contiguous with Burma. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - the first deepest canyon, and Parlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - the third deepest canyon in the world, are in Nyingchi. Due to the stunning view, Nyingchi is regarded as “the Switzerland in Tibet”. Thousands of travelers will come to Nyingchi every spring to attend the famous Peach Flower Festivals. They can enjoy the blooming peach flowers all over the hills and the village with the beloved one. Besides, there is a famous county in Nyingch named Motuo, which is known for backpackers. As one of the last virgin places on earth, Motuo is truly worth trekking. The average elevation of Nyingchi is 3,040 meters (9,974 feet), which is the lowest compared with the other prefectures in Tibet. So, the risk of getting high-altitude sickness is relatively smaller than other parts. Nyingchi enjoys a mild climate all year round because the Himalayans and Nyainqentanglha Mountains gathered here to stop the cold air. That’s why it is very suitable for green plants and wild animals to live in Nyingchi.

Tourist sites in Nyingchi: Mount Namcha Barwa, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Peach Flower Village, Motuo County,

Note: Aliens’ Travel Permit is required for foreigners to travel to Nyingchi besides of Tibet Visa (Tibet Travel Permit).