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Nuuk centrum

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Nuuk centrum

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Nuuk centrum is a district and center of Nuuk ( in Kalaallisut or Greenlandic: Nuup; in Danish: Godthåb) , the capital of Greenland. This is the main district of the city, if not the most interesting and picturesque and a stunning scenery all at the same time, overlooking on a majestic fjord of gigantic size. This area is filled with shops, museums and art galleries; although it is becoming more modern plus modern buildings that blend with the scenery with a Scandinavian twist (in fact Nuuk is trying to become the New Copenhagen in the Greenlandic version, and lots of the future buildings are going to be concentrated in this area), like for example the Katuaq Culture Centre, but also other buildings are being built, like the new Museum of Art which is incredibly contemporary. This quarter also incorporates the old quarter of Nuuk.


Nuuk centrum contains most of the population of Nuuk, which is around 15000, making it the least populated capital in the World, although the population of Nuuk is rising mostly in this area.

In the western part of quarter lies the old center of Nuuk, with it's colorful wooden houses ; there lies the statue of Hans Egede, the founder of Nuuk, which is situated on a small hilltop, whilst nearby is the Church of our savior, also founded by Hans Egede.

The eastern side of this quarter lies the modern bit, the new Copenhagen, type; with its modern twist (but it should be pointed that the old bit of Nuuk is only on the north-west coast side of Nuuk Centrum). Here are lots of important buildings like the Katuaq Culture Centre or the Nuuk stadion.

Fishing and tourism are the mainstays of economy of Nuuk Centrum, but also lots of Media and Wi-Fi, due to the importance of the quarter, but it's also the financial and political area of Nuuk if not the heart of the city and of the hole island.

Because of its isolation and being in natures wild side, there is the sense of a wild frontier, for hearing the silence of the fjord, the screeching of the seagulls, the sound of the whales swimming in the area and the cold wind and snow. But there is also the noise of civilization like the cars and of people, but apart from this, Nuuk is a capital surrounded by Nature and wilderness.


Nuuk is surrounded by the sea and hostile looking mountains, but this is the stunning side of Nuuk. It has the gigantic yet breathtaking looking Kobbefjord on the other side of Nuuk. Nuuk lies on a peninsula with the mountains overlooking the quarter, but despite this, there are only 2 settlements which are nearby; Kangeq and Kapisillit, which is the most further away from the quarter and town.


Nuuk and the Centrum has a cold climate, normally in January the temperatures are well under the -0°C, which this makes this area absolutely cold in the winter. Alas, in the summer temperatures can increase up to a mild temperature, which is 9°C in July. In the area of Nuuk Centrum is a cold climate influenced by the sea, but still a polar climate and cool summers. December 22 is the shortest day of the year, having only 4h of sun light, but surprisingly in June 22 the sun lasts for 21h. The Northern lights are seen normally very often in the winter at night, which is one of the top attractions in Nuuk Centrum and in the city.

Get in[edit]

You can get in Nuuk Centrum from Mittarfik airport, the National airport of Greenland; there are flights from Longyearbyen, Oslo and rest of Norway, Stockholm, Copenhagen and London Gatwick. From the airport it is accessible to get in by Bus with Nuup Busii [1].

See[edit][add listing]

Nuuk Center is the Heart of the attractions in Nuuk, and of museums and art galleries and other places is teeming of them.

  • Katuaq Cultural Center [2] (The Cinema and reception is open 10h Monday-Friday Saturday-Sunday); This place is where the culture of Greenland is reflected in this modern and beautiful building with a Scandinavian twist, it is the Cultural Power House of Greenland.

It offers a beautiful and modern café and Event Department, Technical Department, Cinema and Reception, Financial Department and Café and Conferences.

  • Greenland National Museum [3]; this museum shows the History of Greenland and materials and objects and artefacts from Greenland and given from the National Museum of Denmark.

It has exhibitions on archeology, recent History, Art and handicrafts.

  • Museum of Greenlandic Art [4]; This is an interesting museum showing artefact, sculptures and paintings on Greenlandic Art but also a great collection of carvings in soapstone, bone, wood, and tooth from all around Greenland.

Is also has a new area for new exhibitions.

Northern Lights[edit]

The Northern Lights is one of the many wonders of the North. It is also one of the top things to see for travelers in the Arctic Circle. They are easily spotted even with the street lamps, but it is a common sight all over Greenland, and thay are all the time spectacular and majestic.

Greenlanders have lots of connections with the Northern Lights Culturally. A Legend says that the Northern Lights are the spirit of the dead playing soccer ball with a skull of a walrus!

To see the Northern Lights it is possible to know when they are happening with Space Prediction Center [5].

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Greenland is from the end of September to the middle of April.

Whale Watching[edit]

Thousands of humpback whales choose West Greenland waters near Paamiut, Maniitsoq, and Aasiaat to play in for a few months, but a special dozen humpbacks make Nuuk Fjord their summer home year after year, which makes Nuuk and especially Nuuk Centrum as a heaven for Whale Watchers, with having most of the fjord and harbor in the area of the Whales.

Travelers doing whale watching in Nuuk have a special job to fulfill with Nuuk Fjord’s faithful friends. Let your photographs and lifetime memories play double duty by sharing them with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources [6].

Old Nuuk[edit]

Old Nuuk is the heart of the Historical and Traditional side of Nuuk, with its different colorful houses and Church, plus its very old still in function Harbor.

  • Annaassisitta Oqaluffia (The Cathedral of our Savior), which was built in 1849; the church is the heart of the Dioceses of Greenland [7] too.
  • Monument to Hans Egede, He is the founder of Nuuk in 1728 for the Danish Empire and his statue is lies on the top of a rocky hill overlooking Nuuk and the fjord of Nuuk holding the Bible while guarding on Nuuk.
  • The Old Town, this a charming old place with old wooden buildings and monuments while looking at the stunning fjord and mountains behind or when the Northern Lights appear.

This is very much like an old village on the edge of the World without noticing being near a city.

Do[edit][add listing]

There are lots of things to do in this quarter, but there are exceptionally lots of things to do in a surprising way.

  • Visit Greenlandic Parliment, Visiting Parliament in Greenland with its debates and problems can be very interesting, note that they are only in Danish and in Greenlandic.
  • Strolling around the Center, walking around the center and marveling at the modern museums and buildings and at the old houses of the old town in Nuuk is beautiful and inspirational and can leave the traveler with an Artistic and admiring feel.
  • Boat Trips, Nuuk Fjord is sometimes overlooked in favor of its icier neighbors to the north, but this intricate water system is the second largest in the world, packed with inlets and islands open for exploration by boat or kayak.
  • Fishing, In the area of Nuuk fishing is concentrated particularly in the fjord, it is allowed to fish in the harbor with plenty of salmon and arctic charr to be caught.

Note that all river fishing requires a valid license, and this costs DKK 75, for a 24 hour period and DKK 200, for a week.

  • Kayaking, Kayaking is one of the most beautiful and spectacular experiences available in the area and fjord, going through icebergs and spotting whales and walruses in a kayak is absolutely marvelous.
  • Boat Tours, these trips by boat permit you to see Nuuk Centrum and around in a other prospective and gives you possibilities to visit other villages nearby.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Nuuk Centrum is famous in the hole of Greenland as the shopping place of Nuuk. This area is plenty and full of shops, cafés and boutiques which this makes it THE Shopping Center of Greenland.

  • Unik, Imaneq 29, Nuuk, Greenland☎ +299 324096 this a shop that sells a small range of Greenlandic jewellery and furs, along with teas and Danish chocolates.
  • Autakkiorfik Hans Egedesvej 3, Nuuk☎ +299 322122 Greenland's main publisher. The office is most useful to buy Dkr4 postcards and the Birds in Greenland guide (Dkr135).
  • Nitz Gallery Industrivej 2D, Nuuk ☎ +299 312929 This is framing shop with a small but unrivalled collection of original lithographs and prints by both new and established stars of Greenlandic modern art.
  • Pikkori Sports Aqqusinersuaq 16, Nuuk ☎ +299 321888 Sells camping, hiking, fishing and skiing equipment plus all-important anti-mosquito head-nets (Dkr40 to Dkr45). Knowledgeable and extremely obliging staff can offer exploration tips and contacts
  • Atuagkat Boghandel Imaneq 9, Nuuk☎+299 321737 Greenland's largest bookshop has a limited but extremely well-chosen selection of books in English dealing with Greenlandic history, culture, economy, politics and natural history. Maps, and a few guidebooks and postcards, are also available. Mail order available.
  • 'Nuuk Center Imaneq 1, Nuuk☎539808 is Greenland's shopping center paradise from markets to Clothes Shops.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Barista Web Café

Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]


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