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Nuorgam is situated at the top of Finland and the EU, 510 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. And still, our location is very central while en route to the Arctic Ocean and the Finnmark area in Norway. The close proximity of the Norwegian border crossing gives our village with its 200 inhabitants a very international atmosphere with the many tourists visiting during the summer season. Summer in this salmon valley is dominated by the king of fish and sports fishermen from all over Europe come to try their luck. The winter passes slowly, just like the water under the icy cover of the Teno River, this is when we meet with Norwegian traders and European snowmobiling tourists. When the sun rises over the horizon our village fills with people on snowmobiles and ice-fishermen and their families here to catch the giant Arctic char! Nuorgam is also a place to visit during the period of winter twilight (26.11- 16.1). At this time you have the possibility to experience the magical blue light and peacefulness of midwinter. At this time it is not pitch-dark throughout the day, the snow gives us some light and softens the moment. And you may also experience the Northern Lights in early afternoon

Services in Nuorgam

   *      Nuorgamin holyday resort tel. +358 400 294 669
   *      pharmacy sales service point
   *      Finland’s most well assorted boarder shop; groceries, clothing, building supplies, fishing
          equipment, souvenirs and a liquor store.
   *      Two reindeer product shops, reindeer and salmon!
   *      freight services
   *      service station and fuel
   *      car repair shop and spare part sales ( also for snowmobiles )
   *      postal service
   *      taxi service
   *      pub - restaurant
   *      chapel (Nuorgamin chapel)
   *      cash dispenser in Inari and credit card dispenser in Tana
   *      massage services, groups are requested to order in advance 

Location and communications

The Nuorgam village is located at the top of Finland and Europe, surrounded by fabulous treeless mountain terrain. This is the shortest route to the Arctic Ocean from any point in Finland!

Distances by road are:

                Utsjoki                                 47 km
                Ivalo (airport)                        210 km
                Rovaniemi ( airport and train station) 510 km
                Saariselkä                             250 km

To Norway:

                The border (Polmak)                     3 km
                The Arctic Ocean                        30 km
                Tana Bru                                23 km
                Vadsø                                   85 km        
                Vardø                                  160 km
                Båtsfjord                              160 km
                Kirkenes (airport)                     165 km
                Lakselv (airport)                      270 km

Car rental All the airports in close proximity offer car rentals:

Ivalo, Kirkenes airport and also Vadsø have Hertz, Europcar and Avis car rental companies.

Buss routes

A buss leaves Rovaniemi daily and the schedule can be found at:


The Norwegian buss schedules can be found at:

Airline schedules

The closest airport in Finland is in Ivalo to which Finnair flies daily from Helsinki >

SAS and Wideroe fly to the airport in Kirkenes in Norway. and


Nuorgam being the northernmost place in both Finland and the EU is sight in itself, small, but at the top!

And after arriving in Nuorgam you may take a drive along the Teno River; the drive between Nuorgam – Karigasniemi has been chosen as the most beautiful road in Finland. The road passes by the famous Alaköngäs rapids, where it is possible to observe the fishermen toiling.

Other sights in the Nuorgam village and nearby areas:

   *      The midnight sun 16.5. – 27.7.
   *      The period of winter twilight  26.11- 16.1.
   *      The museum road
   *      The EU’s northernmost school
   *      Pulmankijärvi lake and Pulmankijoki river valley, which in ancient times has been the bottom 
          of the Arctic Ocean
   *      The EU’s northernmost flagstone on the national border
   *      Norway + the Arctic Ocean, take photographs of  the fishing villages and towns
   *      The Polmak and Varangerbotn Sami museums
   *      In Utsjoki a church designed by Carl Engel and respective chapels
   *      The King’s Stone, in Vetsiko between Nuorgam and Utsjoki
   *      Rastigaissa: East-Finnmark’s highest mountains, which can be seen from the top of the 
          treeless mountains in Nuorgam