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Ningbo (宁波 or 寧波; Níngbō) is a city in Zhejiang province. The name is also used for the 9,365 km² (3,615 mi²) territory which it administers, including an extensive suburban area, three satellite cities, and two rural counties.


Downtown Ningbo

Ningbo is among the busiest ports in the world. Its hinterland, particularly nearby Putuoshan, are popular tourist destinations in Eastern China.

Ningbo's "old town" and urban core is centered on the confluence of the Yong and Yuyao Rivers. The area was anciently known as Yǒng (甬) from nearby Yong Hill; Yong is still used as Ningbo's abbreviation in modern Chinese. The Yong empties on Hangzhou Bay and the East China Sea and the Ningbonese have had a deep affinity for the ocean throughout their history. The voyages of Xu Fu, sent by the First Emperor in search of the islands of immortality and sometimes credited with initiating the sinicization of Japan, departed from here. Its temples later served as an important staging point in the introduction of Buddhism to Japan. During the Middle Ages, Ningbo was sometimes the sole approved port for foreign trade. During this period, Ningbo included ghettoes for Muslim and Jewish merchants. The Portuguese reached "Liampo" around 1522. They received permission for a settlement in 1542 but their piratical behavior provoked an officially-sanctioned massacre within three years. The British captured "Ningpo" during the First Opium War and—along with Canton (Guangzhou), Amoy (Xiamen), Fuchow (Fuzhou), and Shanghai—it was one of the five Treaty Ports opened to unrestricted foreign trade by the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842. (The spellings changed after the gradual adoption of the Mandarin-based pinyin system since the 1950s.) The Old Bund and the foreign buildings erected around it prior lie in Jiangbei District. Fenghua was the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek.

The long-stagnant economy began a period of rgrowth with the establishment of development zones under Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s and 1990s. It is now thoroughly privatized, with state corporations making up less than 20% of the area's GDP. Ningbo includes the only free trade zone in Zhejiang and the Nordic Industrial Park, one of the only wholly foreign-owned industrial parks in China. Foreign and domestic investment have increased substantially since the completion of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge connecting it directly to southern Shanghai. Today, primary exports include consumer electronics, textiles, food, and industrial tools. The local GDP per capita is about three times the national average and Tianyi Square is a major shopping area in the urban core.

Ningbo's tourist industry includes museums, the few historic sites downtown and its temples, nature reserves, and preserved ancient towns in the countryside. The Siming range lies within the municipality, as does the Hemudu archaeological site. Hemudu was the type site for the Yue civilization that flourished south of the Yangtze River prior to its sinicization by trade and invasion during the Zhou dynasty. Ninghai and Xiangshan Counties lie south of the main Chuanshan Peninsula.


Ningbo enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate featuring high relative humidity but distinctive seasons. July is the hottest month (average daily temperature 29°C/84°F) and January the coldest (4°C/39°F).


A map of Ningbo proper (老三区) and the other areas of the greater Ningbo municipality (宁波市).

Ningbo Proper[edit]

  • Haishu District (海曙区), "Sea Dawn"
  • Jiangdong District (江东区), from its position east of the Yong
  • Jiangbei District (江北区), from its position north of the Yong

Suburban Ningbo[edit]

  • Beilun District (北仑区), of uncertain origin
  • Zhenhai District (镇海区), "Protecting the Sea", from its position at the mouth of the Yong
  • Yinzhou District (鄞州区), from Yin County, established by the First Emperor

Satellite Cities[edit]

  • Cixi (慈溪市), "Kind Creek"
  • Yuyao (余姚市), of uncertain origin
  • Fenghua (奉化市), "Supporting Reform", an old imperial name shared by the Fenghua River which forms the upper reaches of the Yong


  • Ninghai County (宁海县), "Pacified Seas", an imperial name
  • Xiangshan County (象山县), "Elephant Mountain"

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

  • Ningbo South Bus Station (汽车南站), 408 Mau'an Rd 马园路408号, +86 0574 8713-0582. 5:20AM-8PM.  edit
From Shanghai[edit]

The trip across the Hangzhou Bay Bridge takes about 2½ hours in total. Travel via Hangzhou takes around 4-5 hours.

If you stay overnight in the Sheraton in Shanghai, you can make use of their free luxury coach service to take you to the Sheraton in Ningbo.

By air[edit]

  • Ningbo Lishe Airport (宁波栎社机场 IATA: NGB), +86 0574 8742-7888.

Lishe Airport is about 11 kilometers (7 mi) from downtown Ningbo, about a 20 minute drive. The taxi fare should be ¥45-60. Alternatively, a shuttle bus to South Ningbo Railway Station runs every hour until 18:00 (¥10). Local bus service is also available (¥2).

There are regular flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Xi'an, Xiamen, Nanchang, Haikou, Shantou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Nanjing, Kunming, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Zhuhai, Hefei, Guilin, Chongqing, Dalian, Qingdao, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Harbin, and Urumqi in Mainland China; Macao and Hong Kong; Kaohsiung on Taiwan; Fukuoka in Japan; Incheon in South Korea; and Bangkok in Thailand.

By train[edit]

  • Ningbo Railway Station (宁波车南站), Haishu District, +86 0574 5616-3111.  edit

Centrally located with downtown hotels a short taxi ride away. Metro Line 2 serves the station. Taxis are not permitted to pick up new fares in the drop-off area outside the station, but are usually readily available at a queue in the basement. The ticket offices are open from 06:15-19:45 to the left of the main entrance. Tickets can be purchased on the first or second floor; tickets which have been booked online may only be picked up at the office on the second floor.

  • Ningbo East Railway Station (宁波东车南站).  edit A lesser-used railway station but still an option for some locations. Once Line 4 is completed, it will have a station serving the railway station.
From Hangzhou[edit]

Many high-speed trains (Gaotie or "G" trains) are available daily from Hangzhou East Railway Station. These take about 1 hour and cost ¥80-100.

There are another 10 or so normal trains from Hangzhou's City Station (城站) which are cheaper but average slightly longer travel times.

From Shanghai[edit]

All trains from Shanghai to Ningbo go through Hangzhou. High speed trains are available from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (上海虹桥站). These take 2-3 hours and cost between ¥100-150.

Normal trains are available from Hongqiao Station or from Shanghai South Railway Station (上海南站). These take 4-5 hours and cost around ¥50.

Get around[edit]

Downtown Ningbo can fill a few days but is similar to most major Chinese cities. To see some really jaw-dropping parts, you have to get out to the suburbs and countryside, where you will meet the kindest of people with the warmest of smiles and breathtaking mountain ranges steeped in thousands of years of history that has been relatively undisturbed.

By subway[edit]

Ningbo Rail Transit operates Lines 1 and 2, the former having stations which service the airport and railway station. Plans call for an additional four lines by 2020, of which Line 4 will service East Railway Station.

  • Taxis are ¥10 for the first 3.5 km. Be aware that a ¥1 "fuel tax" is added to the fare in addition to the price displayed by the meter. As is common throughout China, you should expect no comprehension of English from the driver. Ask the hotel desk or friends to write addresses and cross-streets for you in Chinese or pick up enough Mandarin to be able to direct him right, left, U-turn, &c.
  • Busses are usually ¥2, although some older lines without air-conditioning cost ¥1 and some longer lines charge according to distance. Stops are not displayed or announced in English.
  • Bike sharing is prevalent. Users will need to install the particular smartphone app specific to the company to rent a bike. Prices are around ¥2 for 30 minutes.
  • Motorcycles are not permitted downtown but can be rented in the outer areas. Be sure to also rent a helmet or take your own.
  • Cars are by far the easiest way of seeing the whole of Ningbo. With a GPS or a local friend, you can enjoy stumbling around until you find your destination or somewhere better by mistake. Rental agencies with chauffeur are available at Lishe Airport.
  • Ferry service is no longer available from Shanghai, except indirectly via Putuoshan.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Ningbo Youngor Zoo, Ningbo Dong Qian Lake, 88378378, [1]. May-Oct 08:00-16:30, Nov-Apr 08:30-16:30, Ticket selling hours: May-Oct 07:45-15:30, Nov-Apr 08:15-15:30. The zoo has over 10,000 animals, dozens of routes to walk, and beautiful panoramic views of the entire zoo from atop man-made mountains.  edit
  • Ningbo Ocean World 宁波海洋世界, 936 Sangtian Rd, Jiangdong (Next to the Children's Park). M-F 09:00-17:30, Sa Su 08:30-18:00. It is one of the most striking large-sized aquariums in China. Adults ¥150, children ¥50, Tour ¥70.  edit
  • Tianfeng Ta, Commercial St 城 隍庙商业步行街 (Close to Chenghuang Temple). Tianfeng Tower was originally built during the Tang Dynasty (695-696) then rebuilt during the Song Dynasty (1144). Tianfeng Ta has seven “obvious” stories and seven “hidden” stories, with four more reportedly buried underground.  edit
  • Baoguo Temple, (Bus Route: 332). 08:30-16:30. Baoguo Temple is seated on the mountainside of Lingshan Mountain, about 15 km (9 mi) away from downtown. As a cultural relic spot under state-level protection, it was initially established in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) and rebuilt and expanded in later dynasties. The present Baoguo Temple is a mixture of constructions made by various dynasties. ¥12.  edit
  • Ayuwang (Ashoka) Temple. (bus 759 or 790 from Ningbo East Bus Station) Legend says the Sheli Pagoda here wasn't built, but rose from the ground. This active monastery 20 km (12 mi) from Ningbo houses a bone fragment of Sakyamuni, Buddhism's founder, as well as artifacts, paintings and calligraphy - some personally written by Chinese emperors. Legend has it that the monk who found it was looking for one of the many Sheli pagodas that the Indian ruler Ayuwang (Ashoka) had established throughout the world. The monk was walking in the area and heard a bell ringing from underground. He sat down and prayed for three days and three nights, at which point the pagoda came surging up from beneath the ground. A temple was eventually completed on the site in 522 and named.  edit
  • Baiyun Manor, Guan River Bank, West of Haishu District, Haishu District. Baiyun manor which our greatest ideologist Huangzhongxi gave lectures  edit
  • Hemudu, (Bus 333 from Ningbo, 06:00-17:00). 08:00-17:00. In the outer district of Yuyao about 90 minutes by road from down town Ningbo in the flourishing countryside. Hemudu has a small but good museum with signs in English. Displayed are a still playable 6-7,000-year-old bone flute, rice, plough shares, weaving, inlaid-bone and wood carvings, and jade ornaments. ¥25, student ¥13.  edit
  • Tiantong National Forest Park. (bus 162 from Ningbo East Bus Station) Located in Taibai Mountains, 25 km (16 mi) from Ningbo City proper, the Tiantong National Forest Park covers an area of 334 hectares, with green peaks rising one higher than the other. The park is home to nearly 1,000 species of plants, including a large number of fine tree species, such as Henry emmenopterys, ginkgo trees, Henry ormosias and Tianmu Mountain lily magnolias, in addition to some rare medicinal herbs, such as five-leaf gynostemmas, glabrons sarcandras, fortune plumyews, many-leaf paris and diverse leaf jack in the pulpits. A total of 119 Chinese herbal medicines found here are included in the China Pharmacopoeia. For this reason it bears the name "natural botanical garden in east Zhejiang Province."  edit
  • Nanxi Hot Spring. Nanxi Hot Spring lies in in the outer district of Ninghai, Nanxi Village of Shentianchuan Township, 76 km (47 mi) to the downtown of Ninghai County. With a forest resource of 9,627 hectares or 9,627 mu, the scenic area was approved by the State Department of Forestry in 1991 as a national forest park, and thus it became one of the ten best scenic spots in Ningbo. As a well-known hot-spring resort in Zhejiang, the park is featured in its peaceful mountains, clear waters and dense forests.  edit
  • Xuedou Mount. Xikou Xuedou Mount Scenic Spot located in the outer district of Fenghua, labeled as the abode for immortals on the sea, is 35 km (22 mi) away from the downtown area. It is made up of Xikou town, Xuedou Mount and Tingxia Lake. It covers an area of 85 m² and has over 60 scenic spots. To enable a better appreciation of the natural beauty of the Xuedou Mount of Xikou, Fenghua, a sightseeing train that costs ¥60 million has been built and will be put to use soon. The train has six cars, being able to accommodate 36 people.  edit
  • King Osaka Temple. King Osaka Temple lies at the bottom of Taibai Mountain which is 16 km (10 mi) from the east of Ningbo. It is one of the five famous Buddhist mountains in china. The temple has a history of more than 1700 years. The temple plays an important role in the Sino-Japanese culture exchange in the Buddhist history.  edit
  • Shanglin Lake Kiln Site. Shanglin Lake Kiln Site is situated in the area near Shanglin Lake, Cixi City. It is a national key cultural protection unit. The celadon produced by the kiln is famous for its color and quality. Shanglin Lake is an important source and base for celadon in China. The ancient kiln from Han Dynasty to Song Dynasty number more than 100.  edit
  • Qiantong, Ninghai ancient town (前童古镇). Qiantong or Qiantongzhen is an ancient town south of the Yangtze River. About 10 km (6 mi) from Ninghai (and about 100 km from Ningbo), it is straightforward to get to because the G15 highway from Ningbo heads directly there with an off-ramp nearby. If you have a car, driving is the best way, it takes about 60 to 90 minutes get there. It is also possible to go on a bus from Ninghai, which can be reached from the long distance bus station in Ningbo. Among the 2000 household here 80% of them have “Tong” as the surname. Since it is located in front of the Baixi river, it is named Qiantong (“Qian” meaning “before” or "in front of"). The town has been around more than 760 years, successive generations of Tongs choosing to remain here. If you've been to other "ancient towns" in China, you will know that they run the gamut of being fully functioning towns as just as they were hundreds of years ago, to tourist dumps with nothing but trinket shops and unwashed hordes. This town receives about 300 to 500 tourists a day (according to the locals) and is large enough that you can spend about an hour wandering around. The level of preservation is still very good, although there were a few buildings being rebuilt in the "old style". This town strikes a decent balance between having some tourists, while maintaining its role as a functioning village. It seems like they've built up the infrastructure to really push more tourism though, despite relatively few making the trip out, so you might want to check the place out now before it becomes overrun. 40Y.  edit
  • ZheDong Grand Canyon, 315-606 China Ninghai County Baixi Village, Chakou Town, +86 0574 65386235. Huge sweeping views of lush green countryside, water runs through the canyon as you follow a rough and ready trail.  edit
  • Film and TV City. Located in Ningbo's outer district of Xiangshan it is about 140 km (87 mi)from Ningbo.The city wall that surrounds Xiangshan Film and TV City in Zhejiang province of China is 400 m long, 10 m high and 6 m wide, with two city gates. The entire complex was built as a film set for the filming of 'A Couple of Chivalrous Swordspersons and Their Supernatural Eagles', complete with mansion houses, lakes, village streets, squares, caves and ponds. It is now open as a tourist attraction.  edit
  • Ningbo Five Dragon Pool, Wulongtan Scenic & Historic Site, 88049777, [2]. 07:30-16:00. This park has a small waterfall, several hundred year old temple, and scenic hiking trails alongside the mountains. A taxi service is available for those that are not interested in hiking to the top, but want to see the mountain ranges in a convenient setting. </see> *<do name="Wild Crane Pool" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">The scenic area of Wild Crane Pool has rich natural landscapes, of which there are steep and exotic sights of waterfall and pool which is as long as 2.5 km (1.5 mi) and rich animal and vegetable resources. There are also ravines extending vertically and horizontally, luxuriant woods, rich medicinal materials, clean and quiet environment, fresh air, cool and pleasant climate, graceful and beautiful landscape. ¥40.  edit
  • Shipu old town, (You may get to China Fishing Village directly by taking Fishing Village luxury bus at Ningbo South Coach Station or reach Xiangshan first and then take Shipu passenger vehicle there.). Shipu, or Shipuzhen, is an old fishing village on the southern edge of Xiangshan Bandao, the Elefant Mountain Peninsula, about more than 100 km south of Ningbo. The ancient town is situated north of Shipuzhen, in an area called Da'Ao. The ceremony of China Fishing Festival is held here and thousands of fishing boars setting out to the sea from the harbor constitutes a spectacular scene. The Shipu Harbor is now one of the four multitude fishing harbors in our country, a window to get contact with Taiwan and the second-class opening port of the country.  edit
  • Putuoshan. the beautiful if over-touristed Buddhist island is a short bus ride and boat trip away, but can feel like a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ticket (bus and boat included) costs approximately ¥60, and the island has an additional ¥160 entrance fee. The pier is next to the the Waitan, and the last boat of the day is in the early afternoon - there are more boats, operating later, during the tourist season.  edit
  • Cicheng old town, (Buses 331, 335 or 337 from Ningbo.). Cicheng is an old town from Ming and Qing dynasty, relatively well preserved. Cicheng is situated about 20 km north of Ningbo.  edit
  • Ningbo Historic Museum (宁波博物馆), 1000 Shounan Zhong Lu,Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang (宁波市鄞州区首南中路1000号), 82815533, [3]. closes 16:00. Ningbo Historic Museum designed by Wang Shu of Amateur Architecture Studio, is a massive sculptural form, referencing the nearby mountains, with a facade formed of salvaged bricks from demolished buildings. The building has been cut through with large voids and chasms, creating a roof-scape with the scale of a traditional village, in contemporary architectural language. The exhibits are nothing special, but the architecture of the museum is outstanding. free.  edit
  • TianYi Pavilion (天一阁), 5 Tianyi St, Haishu District, (浙江省宁波市海曙区天一街5号) (Bus Route: 2, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 19, 821), +86 574 8729 3526, [4]. Tianyi Pavilion is the oldest private library in existence in China. Tianyi Pavilion was built in 1561 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). The Tianyi Pavilion is not only world famous for its wide collection of books, but also for its unique architecture and elegant landscape. The Tianyi Pavilion has a flush gable roof, and is six bays wide and deep, with a corridor extending from the front to the back. In front of the pavilion is a pond that stores water for fireproof. Fan Wenguang, Fan Qin's great-grandson, rebuilt the pavilion by laying rockery around the lake, building kiosks and bridges, planting flowers and grass in the fourth year (1665) of the Kangxi reign in the Qing Dynasty. The whole pavilion and the milieu feature the style of private gardens south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. During its rebuilding in 1933, the Zunjing Pavilion of Confucian Temple in Ningbo was moved to the backyard. Steles from the Song (960-1279) to Qing Dynasties in Ningbo City were also put there. These steles and the Zunjing Pavilion are called the Stele Forest in Mingzhou.Close to  edit
  • Ningbo Museum of Art (宁波美术馆), 122 Renmin Rd, Jiangbei District / 浙江省宁波市江北区人民路122号 (Bus: 外滩 / LaoWaiTan), 0574-87643222, [5]. Ningbo Museum of Art, opened 2005, designed by Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu of Amateur Architecture Studio. The striking building features large operable panels that allow the entire upper-level gallery space to be opened to the elements; the materials and the entry bridges make reference to the old docks along the Ningbo Bund. Located immediately to the north of the Old Bund / LaoWaiTan area.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Songlan Mountain Beach. There are many such beaches along the coast of the outer district Xiangshan as well as a great many islands, while Songlan Mountain is the first major developed marine tourism scenic area and has been built into a provincial seaside resort. At present, projects, including on-sea activities center, Songlan Mountain City, Provincial Sailboat Training Base and Wildlife Park, etc, have been successively completed. The coastal sightseeing road has also been opened from the Songlan Mountain to Baisha Bay beach and Zhao Wuniang Temple. The promotion of characteristic tourist items such as beach leisure activities, on-sea sport, hunting on sea island will make you experience the pleasure of marine tourism.  edit
  • Bowling, 4F, 2 Wenchang Jie, Zhongshan Xi Lu 中山西路文昌街2号4楼, +86 0574 8726-8668, [6]. noon-23:30. Inside the Mandarin Prosperous Hotel you will find a modern six lane bowling alley.  edit
  • Orient Golf Country Club, Taowu, Mashan, Wuxi, +86 0574-8622-8999. 7,221 Yards, 18 Holes, Par 72  edit
  • Lu Han Golf Club, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8777-7525. Cheap and easy driving range  edit
  • Ningbo Delson Green World Golf Club, +86 0574 8840 1166, [7]. 18-hole golf course with 6 artificial lakes, Par 72, 7200 Yards. Visitors Welcome  edit
  • Power House Gym, 368 Kaiming Jie 开明街370号, +86 0574 87266767, [8]. Powerhouse offers a three day trial pass to there clean and modern gym.  edit
  • Youngor Gymnasium, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8777-6922.  edit
  • Ningbo Swimming and Fitness Center, 128 Zhaohui Lu 江东朝晖路128号, +86 0574 5615-5066.  edit
  • Kaesun Gym, 2F, 148 Jiefang Bei Lu 解放北路148号2楼, +86 0574 8727-3339.  edit
  • Kailisi Bomei Health Club (华严街1061-21), 1-21, 106 Nong, Huayan Jie, +86 0574 8770-0344.  edit
  • Howard Johnson Gym (柳汀街230号地下一楼), Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo, 230 Liuting Jie, +86 0574 2786-6666.  edit
  • Segue Fitness Club (朝晖路128), 128 Zhaohui Lu, +86 0574 5615-5007.  edit
  • Sheraton Gym & Pool (彩虹北路504), 4F, Sheraton Ningbo Hotel, 50 Caihong Bei Lu, +86 0574 8768-8688.  edit
  • Shangri-La Health Club, +86 0574 8799-8888, [9]. Besides the spacious gym, there is an indoor heated swimming pool (with separate children's pool) featuring natural daylight where guests can enjoy revitalising dips and two outdoor tennis courts, as well as daily and personal training classes, services and programming combined with personalised service in an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.  edit
  • Weider Terra, 4F, Shuijing Changlang, Tianyi Square 天一广场水晶街水晶长廊4楼, +86 0574 8724-0111.  edit
  • Yinzhou Basketball Gymnasium (钱湖南路578), 578 Qianhu Nan Lu.  edit
  • Zhongshan Park Outdoor Basketball, 7 Henghe Jie 横河街7号, +86 0574 6600-7773.  edit
  • Chlitina International Beauty Clinic, 2F Huijin Bldg, 91 Heyi Lu 和义路91号汇金大厦2楼, +86 0574 8736-4901.  edit
  • Qing Shui Fang Supreme Spa Club, 298 Zhenming Lu 镇明路298号, +86 13957801806.  edit
  • Ningbo Tennis Center.  edit
  • Dongqian Lake Paintball Shooting Center, Xiao Putuo, Dongqian Lake 东钱湖小普陀景区, +86 0574 8849-086.  edit
  • Band of Brothers Laser Tag, 12F, C3, Mayuan Bldg, 72 Mayuan Lu 马园路72号马园大厦12楼C3, +86 0574 2786-6662.  edit
  • Rong Kai Taekwondo Club, 68 Zhufang Jie, Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路铸坊街68号, +86 0574 8726-5672.  edit
  • Dao Shun Archery Club, 2F, Bldg A, 146-153 Youqiang Xiang, Cuibai Lu 翠柏路筱墙巷146-153号A座二层, +86 0574 8726-5672.  edit
  • Li Kun Tennis Cen, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8777-6669.  edit
  • Football Stadium, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8776-9615.  edit
  • Yoga Acharya, +86 13484200289, [10]. Born into a family of teachers and counselors in India, Yoga Acharya Ganesh continues his family's lineage of spreading mind-body-spirit health through yoga and ancient Eastern practices.  edit
  • TaiPan Bathe (宁波大班浴场), 87757555. bathhouse with massage, foot massage, KTV, hotel, mahjong rooms and coffee  edit
  • Bai Guang Da Yu Chang (百光大浴场), 拧穷路153号, 887338088. 24 hours. for 178, you get an oil massage and you can stay overnight, happy ending 178.  edit
  • Ningbo Focus (ningbo focus), [11]. Local city magazine that makes a great oversized coaster. All info in the magazine is bought and paid for...not much reliable or useful information.  edit
  • Live Music: NEO:Rush, 14-1 Da He Alley, Zhongshan East Rd (省宁波市江东区中山东路), 18606863388. Su-Tu 21:00 onwards. NEO:Rush both live and in the studio produce an improvised jazz and electronica fusion. NEO has a loyal following of discerning listeners who frequently travel from the surrounding cities to spend a night enjoying there exceptionally laid-back groves over a bottle of wine. When not on tour in Europe NEO:Rush takes residency and records in the back room at LBB Beer House in downtown Ningbo. LBB provides rare yet intimate atmosphere to appreciate a world class band. Thursday - Sunday can often be incredibly busy; show up early to get a seat at a table. Call if you are unsure if the band is on tour (normally in the summer months) Free.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payment purchases (Alipay, WeChat, etc) are increasingly common but cash remains king. Foreigners can exchange money at all major banks, but should bring their passports and keep the receipts to facilitate exchanging out of RMB at the end of the trip. Bank of China exchanges most currencies but may require setting up an appointment for unusual ones such as Norwegian krone. Rates there are usually very reasonable: a little worse than the best rate available in Kowloon, much better than any European ForEx shop, and comparable or better than credit cards. Minor banks may only exchange American dollars.

International ATMs can be found all over the place. ATM fees and limits vary but will be posted, often in English. A common situation is that Plus/Maestro debit cards can provide about ¥2500 (around $400) per transaction up to ¥5000 maximum each day.


  • Cheng Huang Temple, Commercial St 城 隍庙商业步行街. 09:00-20:30. Lots of small stalls selling mostly clothes, a great place to find cheap gifts to take back home  edit
  • Antiques Market, 100 Zhongshan Rd 中山西路100号. Daily 09:00-17:00. Close to Gu Lou on Zhongshan Road an antiques market selling many not antique, antiques. The area is located in an artificial, newly created "old town".  edit
  • Gu Lou, Haishu District, Fu Qiao St 海 曙区府桥街. 08:00-21:00. Lots of little shops selling artwork to nik naks  edit
  • Little Goods Market, Guotai Jie 国泰街. 9am till 8pm.  edit

Department Stores[edit]

  • In Time, 238 Zhongshan Dong Lu, 0574-8709-2200.  edit
  • In Time, Tianyi Square 天一广场, 0574-8709-3888.  edit
  • Golden Centre, 279 Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路279号, 0574-8771-7738. Allot of Watch shops and international brands on the ground floor  edit
  • International Shopping Center, 166 Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路166号, 0574-8768-1250. Just as the title suggests, international brands at crazy prices  edit
  • New World Department Store, 137 Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路137号, 0574-8725-9777.  edit
  • New World Department Store, 269 Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路269号, 0574-8733-6776.  edit
  • Oriental Department Store, 151 Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路151号, 0574-8718-9999.  edit


  • Olé Supermarket. The most extensive (and expensive) selection of imported products in Ningbo. Better (and more expensive) meat.  edit
  • Metro (麦德隆超市), 1 Maidelong Rd 宁波麦德隆路1号, +86-0574-8820-8888. Technically, purchases are only available to members but clerks at the entrance will usually provide a one-time use card upon request. Other shoppers may also lend you their cards to earn points during various promotions.  edit
  • Auchan, 160 Cuibai Lu 翠柏路160号, 0574-8707-2987. Some foreign products, principally European.  edit
  • Auchan, 1188 Baizhang Dong Lu 百丈东路1188号, 0574-2790-5864.  edit
  • Vanguard, 80 Rixin Jie 日新街80号, 0574-5612-8899. This location can be entered from Tianyi Square via the escalator in the HiMall. Some imported products on the second floor close to the moving staircase going down to the main food hall.  edit
  • Carrefour (家乐福超市), 248 Zhongxing Rd 宁波中兴路248, +86-(0) 574-8777-1211, [12]. Large selection of wines and liquor. Decent selection of imported food. This location includes a parking lot.  edit
  • Carrefour, 28 Dashani Jie 海曙区大沙泥街28号, 0574-8386-2903, [13].  edit
  • eMart, 66 Xingning Lu兴宁路66号, 400-820-0222. Standard Chinese supermarket but includes a separate section with fairly cheap Korean and Japanese products.  edit
  • CenturyMart, (Tongtu Lu and Zhongxing Lu), [14]. Includes a department store with household goods and a grocery. Some imported brands are available. The membership card can sometimes provide a slight discount or earn points during promotions but isn't required.  edit
  • A-Best, 80 Hutong Jie 呼童街80号, 0574-8727-8566.  edit
  • Trust Mart, 671-679 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路671-679号, 0574-8780-4372.  edit


  • Showsy Gallery, 69 Huayan Jie; 华严街69号, +86 0574 8733-8766. Beautiful art gallery and coffee shop, original artworks at reasonable prices.  edit
  • Green Trees Gallery, 537-2 Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路537-2号.  edit
  • Hundred Flowers Art Store & Gallery (府桥街66-1), 66-1 Fuqiao Jie, +86 34 938-2155. Located in Gu Lou  edit
  • Modern Art Gallery (府桥街60), 60 Fuqiao Jie, +86 0574 8728-7177. A shop with paintings in various styles around the corner from the shopping area of Fuqiao Jie.  edit
  • Sanfo, 1227-1229 Baizhang Dong Lu, Jiangdong District. Sanfo is an outdoor gear store.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

See Dianping's page on Ningbo [35] or download the 点评 app for Chinese-language recommendations by locals, special deals, and e-coupons.

Chinese Food[edit]

Ningbo's local dishes are known in Chinese as "Yong Cuisine" (甬菜, Yǒngcài). Specialties include steamed seafood and Ningbo tangyuan, small sweet dumplings made extra savory by preparing their sesame fillings with pork grease.

  • Tianxiang Yuankongzhong Shishang Canting (Revolving Restaurant), 35/F, 181 Zhongshan Dong Road. They are open most of the day, but evening is best. They close at 9pm, so go at least before 7pm. Book in advance if you want a window seat. Reservation Telephone : 0574-8725-7177 – 0. Two of you can eat a basic meal for about ¥100-200, though if you want to splurge and try out the delicacies on their rather large menu be prepared to pay more.
  • Shipu Restaurant (石浦大酒店) [36]. Two locations, 60 Yangyue Jie (tel:8732 8777) at Moon Lake, and 7 Gongqing Road (tel:8730 7470) at Tianyi Square. Considered one of the best restaurants in Ningbo.
  • Feast Modern Restaurant 87 Huaishu Lu 槐树路87号(tel:574-8735-1111) Probably the best Chinese decor in Ningbo. Located in a 200 year old Qing Dynasty merchant house which has been totally renovated, the restaurant offers early twentieth century Shanghai furniture style. The dishes offered are mainly from the region but tend to be more sophisticated than the usual fare found in the city, in general it is excellent. The menu is in Chinese but there are a lot of pictures. Located downtown, 5 minutes or less by taxi from Tianyi Square and Lao Waitan.
  • Ba Yu Xiaozhan (巴渝小栈). 30 Jicao St. (宁波市箕漕街30号). A nondescript Sichuanese restaurant with excellent and affordable food. Grilled fish, Kungpao Chicken, and other spicy cuisine. Fairly clean with modest interior. Located near Baizhang Road, and within walking distance from the Portman/Sheraton.
  • Fei Teng Yu Xiang (沸腾鱼乡) Leigong Alley (Adjacent to Portman Sheraton Hotel) (宁波市江东区雷公巷)Inexpensive but expertly prepared Sichuan cuisine. This place is a bit of a local favorite among expats and Chinese alike, famous for its boiling fish dish that gives it its namesake (the dish is on the first page of the menu). Stays open super late and the spicy fried potatoes (think Sichuan french fries) are perfect after a night out if you're in the area (Portman bars are nearby). Just ask for 'gan bian tu dou tiao' if you're a foreigner and you come relatively close they'll know what you want. About ¥60 with beers.

Western Food[edit]

  • O'Reilly's Irish Pub & Restaurant (爱尔兰酒吧). 46-9 North Caihong Rd near the Ningbo Sheraton Portman Plaza (市江东区彩虹北路46-9号, 波特曼大街上). Steaks, burgers, appetizers, all-day breakfast, and sub sandwiches at Subways prices. Beer selection is good, and although the imported draft beers (Guinness, Kilkenny, Stella, 1664) are more pricey than bottles. Happy "hour" from 11:00 to 20:00. Waitresses speak excellent English and Chinese.
  • Shamrock Irish Pub (中马路72), Zhongma Lu 72 Hao (Lao Waitan), +86 0574 8766-0989. 11AM-2AM. Another Irish pub, but with a friendly bunch of visitors. and an excellent kitchen. Happy "hour" from 11 am to 8 pm.  edit
  • Bar Celona Wine Bar & Kitchen (宁波江东区 彩虹北路46-12号(波特曼大街上)旁宁波东港喜来登酒店). Opened in 2013 and located at 46-12 Caihong North Rd near the Ningbo Sheraton Portman Plaza. A compact street front, neighborhood eatery serving good modern Spanish tapas cuisine in a casual setting with plenty of sangria. Waiters speak so-so English and Chinese.
  • Mezzos on 2 (东港波特曼大酒店2), Caihong Bei Lu 50 Hao, Donggang Boteman Da Jiudian 2 Lou (2F) (Yaohang Jie-Baizhang Lu Shopping Area). Swanky Italian with 5 star interior decoration.  edit
  • Picanha Brazilian BBQ (比卡亚巴西烧烤). No.1-4 Lane 230 Jiefang South Road, 2nd Floor of Century Plaza(宁波市解放南路230弄1-4号大梁街口世纪广场二楼). Pretty good Brazilian BBQ, buffet style. Can be pricey depending on the option (¥228 for meat/buffet/unlimited beer or ¥128 for meat/buffet),the food is good and chefs are actual Brazilians. If meat is what you desire, then this is the place. +86 574 87360077, [37].
  • Banana Leaf Curry House (老外滩中马路69), Zhongma Lu 69 Hao, Lao Waitan, 0574-87352600. Opposite the Shamrock Irish Pub. The English-speaking staff gladly advises on their offerings and more than gladly surprise you with a selection of their meals.  edit
  • Pizza Pino, 1041B, Zone C, Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, 66 Heyi Lu 和义路66号和义大道购物中心C区1041B, 0574-8389-9535. The only place in Ningbo with a wood fired oven but ruins the pizza by not using buffalo mozzarella.  edit
  • Da Bossi Ristorante, 139 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan 老外滩中马路139号, 0574-8657-8777. A very fine and fancy Italian. Get a group together and enjoy an open fire in a private dining rooms on the 3rd floor. Book ahead as it gets busy.  edit
  • Ganesha Indian Restaurant (葛尼沙印度餐厅), 336 Zhenming Rd, Haishu District (海曙区镇明路336号镇明小区), 0574-87624696. 11:00-23:00. Delicious, authentic Indian cuisine. ¥80.  edit
  • Gino Cafe, 46-2 Caihong Bei Lu 彩虹北路46-2号, 0574-8795-3577. 09:30-23:00. This is a below average Chinese style italian.  edit
  • Amore's, 109 Jiangdong Nan Lu 江东南路109号, 136-1574-0093, [15]. 11:00-14:00 and 18:00-22:00. Decent home made Italian food, available for delivery.  edit
  • Casa Maya, 39 Yangshan Lu, Lao Waitan, 0574-8703-9599. Mexican food, now with a new chef the food tastes authentic and no more concerns over food poisoning!  edit
  • Lebanese Restaurant, 320 Zhenming Lu 镇明路320号, 0574-8731-5861. 11:00-23:00. Authentic Lebanese food that's also available for delivery. The whole leg of lamb is a favorite.  edit
  • Papa John’s, 86-2 Baizhang Dong Lu 百丈东路86-2号, 0574-2789-2266. American pizza restaurant.  edit

Japanese Food[edit]

  • Gekiuma Ramen, 99 Caihong Bei Lu 彩虹北路99号, 0574-8770-5722. 10:00-01:00.  edit
  • Ajisen Ramen, Tianyi Square 中山东路188号天一广场6号门. A Chinese chain of "authentic" Japanese food.  edit
  • Ajisen Ramen, 33 Xianxue Jie 县学街33号 药行街路口, 0574-8731-3776.  edit
  • Inakawa, 79 Qianlong Lu, 0574-8795-3197. All you can eat, all you can drink. Great for parties.  edit
  • Flower Moon, 26 Baizhang Lu 百丈路26号, 0574-6681-5399.  edit
  • Akitaya, Caihong Bei Lu 50 Hao, Donggang Boteman Da Jiudian 2 Lou (2 F), 0574-8768 8688-63. 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-22:00. Top-class Japanese with English-speaking staff  edit
  • Mai Sui Ting, 2F, New Century Grand Hotel, 666 Shounan Zhong Lu, Yinzhou District 鄞州区首南中路666号, 开元名都大酒店二楼, 0574-5619-9999.  edit
  • Nasubi, 2F, New Century Grand Hotel, 666 Shounan Zhong Lu, Yinzhou District 鄞州区首南中路666号, 开元名都大酒店二楼, 0574-8307-8713.  edit
  • Kyoto, 117 Leigong Lane, Caihong Bei Lu 彩虹北路雷公巷117号, 0574-8771-6503.  edit
  • Kyoto, 265 Liuting Jie 柳汀街265号, 0574-8713-2636.  edit
  • Kintanaga, 336 Zhenming Lu 镇明路336号, 0574-8730-3696.  edit
  • Mangetsu, 3-5 Yingchun Jie 迎春街3-5号, 0574-8714-4562.  edit


  • Waitan Huiguan (外灘会馆), Waimalu (外马路) 17. Ningbo. Reservations: 5 74 – 87 35-16 38, Fx: -13 38, 87 35 09 38. Clean Teppanyaki place. Their pricing is also somewhat spectacular - a dinner for two relieves you of about ¥1,200. Nevertheless, the food is quite well prepared. Service was also quite attentive.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Beer in Ningbo is typically served lukewarm. Large cans and bottles are available at convenience stores and are usually refrigerated during the summer months but not winter.

The principal bar district is called Lao Waitan. Ningbo bars tend to run "happy hour" specials all day until 8 pm. Typical deals include buy-one-get-one-free or buy-two-get-one. Just ask before you order. Le Cargo is the town's dive bar, with brawls and visits from the police a common occurance.

The bars beside the Sheraton attract the new businessmen in town, rubbing shoulders, comparing notes from guide books, or offering each other shares in an idea! before running back to the safety of their hotels. You will also find some foreign students trying to cross over into business around here too.

Bars have also been springing up in the business districts around the port in Beilun, catering to the businessmen before they make the short trip back downtown. (There is usually a cheap hotel nearby as well, if you don't have a driver and fancy a few more drinks.)

If you're staying in a hotel, ask for a business card or two before leaving, so you can easily guide the taxi home no matter how bad your Chinese is!


  • "LBB", 14 Da He Alley (大河巷14号)Tucked away down a little alley, you will find the oldest bar in Ningbo, a cool, sophisticated, yet unpretentious bar where you can relax and unwind from a hectic day. Often referred to as "The Bar". LBB is a great place to meet other foreigners and exchange stories and contacts. LBB is out of the way: they don't advertise, the bar is far removed from the Lao Waitan crowd, and they seem to like it like that. The bar has a great atmosphere, medium-range prices, and a relaxed and friendly vibe. The long-running pool competition on Thursdays attracts a mixed crowd of teachers, business men, and locals alike. Choose your own music, free Wifi, bar snacks, satellite TV, good range of cold beers. Open every day from 7:30pm and stays open till the last person goes home. LBB is the closest thing you'll find to your local bar from back home: the cute staff speak English and there's no funny business with the bill. Locals run tabs and buy bottles.
  • "O'Reilly's Irish Pub & Restaurant", (爱尔兰酒吧). 46-9 North Caihong Rd near the Ningbo Sheraton Portman Plaza (市江东区彩虹北路46-9号, 波特曼大街上). Steaks, burgers, appetizers, all-day breakfast, and sub sandwiches at Subways prices. Beer selection is good, and although the imported draft beers (Guinness, Kilkenny, Stella, 1664) are more pricey than bottles. Happy "hour" from 11:00-20:00. Waitresses speak excellent English.
  • "The Office", located in Lao Waitan. Under new ownership. Drinks are at or below other spots in Laowaitan. Always someone to talk to.
  • Buddha's Bar & Bistro, located just inside the entrance to Lao Waitan, Buddha's is an Asian style lounge catering to foreigners. Guests can enjoy MSG-free Chinese classics in either set meals or tapas style along with chill music, comfortable atmosphere, home-grown art and decor, and draft/bottle selections different from most places in town. Murphy's, Fuller's Honey Lager, San Miguel, and Tiger on draft. Beer Lao is a signature bottle for the bar.
  • "CMK Music House", Qian Hu Tian Di (钱湖北路399号) The wandering music house has finally (and thankfully) found a permanent home in Yinzhou. Atmosphere is good downstairs, but the upstairs plays host to live shows which are well managed. Recently there have been themed dance parties which are cheap or free and usually play fun, unpretentious music. Fun place, and a good place to get your music venue fix when they've got shows. Ask around or check their Facebook page for events.
  • "dsky home" Qian Hu Tian Di (钱湖北路399号) This coffee shop/wine bar/furniture store hybrid (?) nails the atmosphere. Desserts are good, probably the only Key Lime Pie you'll find outside of Shanghai or Beijing. One of the best wine lists in town. Everything in the store is for sale and the shop plays host to English board game nights on Tuesdays. Very chill and quiet.
  • Legends Bar, 141 Leigong Xiang 雷公巷141号 (down a small street opposite the Sheraton Hotel), +86 13967860446. One of the infamous girlie talking bars where unsuspecting tourists or business men buy rounds of drinks for the girls with the expectation of a little more change at the end of the night than they actually get. Do not run a tab and pay for the drinks as you get them. Experience the most stinky bathroom in Ningbo.  edit
  • Shooters Bar, 78 Renmin Lu, Lao Waitan 老外滩人民路78号, +86 13884469217, [16]. Cool decorations with hand-painted pictures on the walls and Chinese-style stool-based seating. Go for the shots, the location, and the pretty staff. (29.878839,121.55545) edit
  • Z Rocks, 43-47 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan 老外滩中马路43-47号, +86 0574 8735-9063. Getting a drink is not easy as the bar staff do not speak one word of English, terrible Chinese band tries there best, often empty. right Very Expensive.  edit
  • The Garden, Lao Waitan (just next to the river), +86 15957425880. A great place when the weather is not too hot and not too cold, outdoor seating next to the river with super cheap drinks and student music makes this the choice place for students and those on an extreme budget. Budget.  edit
  • Harley Bar, 18 Ma Yuan Rd (just a bit further out of the center of town), +86 13003728695. A great feeling about the place: pool table, decent food, live music, clean American style bar. Nice but always empty  edit
  • Nancy's Bar, 103-2 Zhenming Lu 镇明路103—2号, +86 0574 8731-8266, [17]. A whole evening wrapped into one with Thai being served upstairs and a full bar downstairs. You can enjoy a few drinks while waiting for a table or enjoy a few Thai snacks at the bar over a cold beer.  edit
  • Le Cargo, 33 Yangshan Xiang, Lao Waitan 老外滩羊山巷33号, +86 0574 8766-5552, [18]. 18:00-02:00. Late night pick-up joint complete with bar brawls and police raids. Standard disco music to get the local girls and students strutting their stuff. Small and cram-packed at the weekends.  edit
  • Legends Bar, 141 Leigong Xiang 雷公巷141号 (down a small street opposite the Sheraton Hotel), +86 13967860446. One of the infamous girlie talking bars where unsuspecting tourists or business men buy rounds of drinks for the girls with the expectation of a little more change at the end of the night than they actually get. Don't run a tab: pay for the drinks as you get them. Experience the stinkiest bathroom in Ningbo.  edit
  • Barfly, Tianyi Sq, Gate 7, Area 11C, 3F 宁 波天一广场7号 门11C区3楼, +86 0574 8727-7979. The young and beautiful with stacks of cash flock to this bar. Great shows here but expensive. Extreme prices.  edit
  • Bass Clef Bar, 168 Zhongma Lu, Lao Waitan 老外滩中马路168号, +86 13958274535. One of the better bars in Lao Waitan, a small intimate bar that is well lit with a mini stage for live music.  edit
  • Elsa's bar, Leigong Xiang 雷公巷, 13567426896. Nice bar for having a drink or two and a good chat with the girls. The girls speak good English. They dance salsa on request. They regularly do dance shows (salsa, jazz, freestyle) to entertain the guests. It's good fun. The girls are quite good at playing pool too.  edit
  • Bourbon Street (中马路865), Zhongma Lu 86 Long 5 Hao (Lao Waitan), +86 0574 8738-8898. Latin music bar with live band that starts at 9:30 pm. Recently redecorated and rewired to give a superb Latin sound and feel.  edit
  • Shamrock Irish Pub (中马路72), Zhongma Lu 72 Hao (Lao Waitan), +86 0574 8766-0989. 11:00-02:00. A typical Irish bar, with Guinness and a friendly bunch of visitors. Standard pub fare at expat prices, but very well-done.  edit

Beilun bars[edit]

  • Red Lion Pub (北仑岷山路273-277号里仁花园), Minshan Lu, 273-277 Hao, Beilun, +86 0574 8696-1099. 17:30PM-02:00. The best bar in Beilun, outdoor seating, large wine selection, and German beers on tap. Very Busy on Friday nights.  edit
  • Italy Bar (明州路 576 ), Mingzhou Lu 576 Hao, Beilun, +86 13486073027. 17:00-midnight.  edit
  • The Hemingway (姚江路4), Yaojiang Lu 4 Hao, Xinqi Area, Beilun, +86 0574 8683-1323. 16:00-02:00. Small but nice and right next door to Marco Polo.  edit
  • Marco Polo, Yaojiang Lu 3 Hao, Xinqi Area, Beilun, +86 0574 8683-1323. 16:00-02:00. Located in the outer district of Beilun, Marco Polo offers a friendly bar where foreign guys and local girls talk the night away.  edit
  • Only Pub, Yaojiang Rd No 20, Beilun, +86 13586858399. 6PM-. Situated on the busiest bar street with well over 20 bars, Only Pub is run by a tight group of young fun-loving people. A simple bar with little choice but a sound start for a good night out.  edit
  • Ocean Pub (北仑岷山路171号里仁花园对面), Minshan Lu, 171 Hao, Xinqi Area, Beilun, +86 0574 8683-6252. 17:30-02:00. Another small Beilun bar with attractive staff selling Erdinger for ¥25.  edit
  • Skyey Pub (姚江路5), Yaojiang Lu 5 Hao, Xinqi Area, Beilun.  edit
  • Jax Pub (北仑中河路念慈园), Nan Ci Park, Zhong He Lu, Xinqi Area, Beilun, +86 13586865479. 6PM-2AM.  edit
  • Black King, 1 Yaojiang Rd, Xinqi St (Beilun), +86 0574 8162-0706. The first of many bars on Beilun's main bar street.  edit
  • No 16, 16 Yaojiang Road, Xinqi Lu (Beilun).  edit
  • Badi, 528 Mingzhou Road, Beilun, +86 0574 8688-2968.  edit
  • Uno Bar, No: 354 Dahuangqiao S St, Yuyao, +86 13248661011 (), [19]. A tiny little bar, the only foreigners' bar in Yuyao, run by a German guy and his Philippine helpers who will rustle up some food for you if you call ahead. An ideal place to stop on the way home if you've been busy buying plastics all day in Yuyao.  edit


  • Starbucks (中山东路188号天一广场VB), Zhongshan Dong Lu 188 Hao Tianyi Guangchang VB Qu, +86 0574 8725-1851, [20]. M-Th, Su 09:00-23:00, F Sa 09:00-23:30. Wifi available at all locations. Sells large Ningbo-themed mugs with Tianyi Pavilion.  edit
  • C2 Cafe, No. 115 Portman Jie, Caihong Bei Lu (next to Starbucks, to the side of the sheraton). Real Italian Lavazza coffee, tables outside in the summer and smoking upstairs in the winter, the only place to get a perfect espresso.  edit
  • Randys Cafe, 82 Qian Long Rd (江东潜龙路82号) (Just behind the Sheraton Hotel), +86 0574 8774-0112, [21]. Western style cafe with an extensive western and Chinese menu, coffee, juices, and a good beer selection. Western breakfasts on the weekends.  edit

Night clubs[edit]

  • Club TNT (潮人会所), 月潮盛园街区盛园巷95号, 0574-87168999. The top dance club for Ningbo's locals with money to burn. Occasionally you can find a few foreigners. Girls dancing on podiums, live DJs, table service, and drinks by the bottle. ¥1200 table.  edit
  • Soho Bar (苏荷酒吧), 宁波市海曙区解放南路97号, 0574-87239898.  edit


  • GuanDi (官邸), 宁波月潮盛园镇明路208号 (behind Club TNT), 0574-89100888, [22]. Karaoke with female hosts for hire.  edit

Stay Healthy[edit]

  • Vogue Dentists - 1F, Portman Tower, 48 Caihong Bei Lu 彩虹北路48号波特曼大厦1楼 Tel:0574-8737-8333

Sleep[edit][add listing]

This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget <¥200
Mid-range ¥200-600
Splurge ¥600+


  • Ningbo Home Inn, Zhenming Lu, Zhangqi Xiang 21 Hao (near Moon Lake).  edit
  • Ningbo Lizhai International Youth Hotel, 77 Gongqing Rd (near Moon Lake). 4-bed dorms ¥45, singles ¥80-120.  edit


  • Crowne Plaza City Center, 129 Yaohang St, +86 0574 5619-9999. ¥500.  edit
  • Good Sun International Business Apartment, 966 Baizhang E St, Jiangdong District, +86 0574 8705-6138, [23]. Along a busy street. Spacious accommodations. Rates start at ¥398.  edit
  • Nanyuan Hotel, 2 Lingqiao Rd, Haishu District, +86 0574 8709-5678, [24]. 429 guestrooms, all fully-air conditioned with telecommuting system and free high-speed Internet. Includes a health club with spa, sauna, steam bath, heated pool, and exercise gym; an outdoor tennis court; and a barber shop and beauty salon. Official rates start at ¥648.  edit
  • Ningbo Hotel, Ma Yuan Rd 251, +"86, [25]. Though it is a rather old hotel, it was renovated in 2005. It is not far away from the city center. ¥240.  edit
  • Ningbo Kylie Hotel, Jicao Jie 76 Hao (downtown Jiangdong District near Sheraton).  edit
  • Ningbo Sunny Hotel, 158 Xihe Rd, Haishu District, [26]. A 3-star business hotel with 105 tastefully-appointed rooms. Well-equipped business center and conference rooms. Rec facilities include a spa and sauna. The hotel also serves sumptuous seafood fare in its Chinese restaurant.  edit


  • New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo (宁波开元名都大酒店), 666 Shounan Road, Yinzhou District, [27]. The New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo is designed around the camellia, Ningbo's city flower.  edit
  • Howard Johnson Hotel, Liuting Jie , 230 Hao (near Moon lake), [28].  edit
  • Ningbo Marriott Hotel, 188 He Yi Road, [29]. The view from the top floor is nice, and they serve free drinks for guests. Great rooms: all of them have a view of the river.  edit
  • New Jingdu Hotel, East Baizhang Rd., +86 0574 87069999, [30]. A 4-star hotel. All rooms are air-conditioned with bathroom, cable/satellite TV, safe, hair dryer, free high-speed Internet access, and IDD telephone. Official rates start at ¥444.  edit
  • Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel, No. 2 Lingqiao Rd (Haishu District), +86 574'' 8709-5678, [31]. A five-star hotel in Haishu District.  edit
  • Shangri-La Hotel, 88 Yuyuan Jie 豫源街88号, [32].  edit
  • Marriott Hotel, 188 He Yi Road, Haishu District, [33]. Palatial and by far the best hotel right in the middle of town. All restaurants and bars are within walking distance of this hotel.  edit
  • Sheraton Hotel, 50 Caihong Rd N, +86 0574 8768-8688.  edit
  • Pan Pacific Ningbo, 99 Min An Dong Lu, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 315042, +86 574 8911 8888 (), [34]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 12pm. The property is located close to Dongqian Lake in Ningbo and offers 5 types of rooms and 3 types of suites. (29.872009,121.622192) edit

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