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Niikappu (新冠町 Niikappu-cho) is a town in Hokkaido's Central Circuit, known for raising racehorses. In recent years it has also become famous for its phonograph record museum.

Get in[edit]

  • Donan Bus - Express Pegasus Line (道南バス ‐ 高速ペガサス号 Dounan Basu - Kousoku Pegasasugou), [1]. Leaving from Sapporo Station, there are 7 buses a day running between Sapporo Station and Urakawa which stop in Niikappu. It costs ¥2410 and takes about 140 minutes depending on weather.  edit
  • Donan Bus - Limited Express Urakawa Line (道南バス ‐ 特急うらかわ号 Dounan Basu - Tokkyuu Urakawagou), [2]. Leaving once a day from New Chitose Airport at 15:40 there is one bus bound for Urakawa that stops in Niikappu. It costs ¥2680.  edit
  • JR Hokkaido - Hidaka Main Line (日高本線 Hidaka Honsen). There are about 5 trains a day that run between Tomakomai Station and Samani Station which stop in Niikappu. It costs ¥1680 from Tomakomai to Niikappu and ¥1450 from Samani to Niikappu. NOTICE: The train line is closed until further notice due to part of the ground under the tracks getting washed into the ocean. The bus is the only public transportation in or out of Niikappu.  edit

Get around[edit]

Since Niikappu is a small town there is almost no public transportation once you arrive so the best means of transportation is using your own car. If you want to rent a car you can do so though Susuki Arena in Niikappu. Be warned that no one can speak English at the rental car shop.

  • Susuki Arena Niikappu (ススキアリーナ新冠 Susuki Ariina Niikappu), 新冠郡新冠町字中央町 5番地の28, (0146)47-2820. 8:00 - 19:00. ¥6825 for 1 day | ¥10500 for 2 days.  edit

If you don't have a car, anywhere in the main part of Niikappu such as the Record Museum, Road Station or Hangandate Forest Park can be reached by foot. For places further away such as the you can call the local taxi dispatch Niikappu Hire and request a pick up. Again, be warned that the taxi service does not have anyone that speaks English.

  • Niikappu Hire (新冠ハイヤー Niikappu Haiyaa), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字本町48−3, (0146)47-2141.  edit

See[edit][add listing]

  • Thoroughbred Mural (サラブレッド大壁画 Sarabureddo Ookabe). A big 30m by 40m mural on a cliff located between Seppu Station and Niikappu Station along Route 235 right behind BENCH TIME. Can only be accessed by car.  edit
  • Niikappu Deikazan (新冠泥火山 Niikappu Deikazan). One of the biggest mud volcanoes in Japan. Currently is owned by a privately by a farm and can only be viewed from the Thoroughbred Ginza Parking Lot Park.  edit
  • Thoroughbred Ginza Road (サラブレッド銀座 Sarubureddo Ginza), Route 209 (Turn onto Route 209 from Route 235). A famous road in Niikappu that is filled with farms breading race horses. It extends about 10km towards the mountains. Most people drive this road but you can bike it as well. In the spring there will be many foals with their mothers.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Record Museum (レ・コード館 Recōdokan), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字中央町1番地の4, (0146)45-7833, [3]. Open 9:00 - 17:00 except Mondays and holidays. Home of many old gramophones and phonograph records. As of 2013, the museum had over 860000 in its collection. For free you can enter cafe/viewing platform in the central tower or use look at the records and gramophones on display in the main plaza. ¥300 for the tour | ¥400 for 1 hour in the listening booth | ¥100 for 1 song on the jukebox.  edit
  • Forest of the Sun DiMaccio Art Museum (太陽の森ディマシオ美術館 Taiyo no Mori Dimashio Bijutsukan), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字太陽204番地の5 (Drive about 30km down Thoroughbred Ginza following the musuem signs), (0146)45-3312, [4]. Summer 9:30 -17:30 Open everyday | Winter 10:00 to 15:30 Only open weekends and holidays. So a Japanese art collector buys a bunch of work from French artist Gerard DiMaccio and then buys a shut down elementary school from the town of Niikappu and turns it into an art museum in the middle of nowhere. That is what the Forest of the Sun DiMaccio Art Museum is in a nutshell. The big attraction that draws art fanatics from all over the country is the giant 27m wide by 9m high oil painting on display in the gymnasium. The museum caretaker (the art collector's son) also speaks pretty good English. ¥1080.  edit
  • Hangandate Forest Park (判官館森林公園), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字高江 (Between the cliff artwork and Niikappu Station off of Route 235), (0146)47-2193, [5]. Reception Desk 8:30 - 17:00 (April 26th to October 31st). A park with 1 hour hiking course and a camp ground. It is recommended that you hike to the top of Cape Hangandate (判官舘岬 Hangandate Misaki) where you can see a very nice view of Niikappu. Free Entrance | ¥600 to camp ¥400 yen tent rental.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Road Station - Thoroughbred Road Niikappu (道の駅サラブレッドロード新冠), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字中央町1の20, (0146)45-7070, [6]. A souvenir shop that has goods made in Niikappu. You can get pudding made from Niikappu milk, Chips made from Niikappu's famous green peppers, or a number of horse themed trinkets.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • BENCH TIME (ベンチタイム benchitaimu), 北海道新冠郡新冠町節婦町292-1 (Located off route 235 between Niikappu and Seppu), (0146)47-3650. Open 10:30-19:00(LO) expect Tuesday and the 3rd Wednesday of the month. A nice cafe and bakery that specializes in western cuisine. You can order almost anything on the menu and not be disappointed. They also have an English menu and the owner speaks limited English. If you make some small talk with the owner she will probably give you a coffee or some homemade ice cream on the house. Get some bread to go on the way out. ¥1000 - ¥2000.  edit
  • Ramen Kiichiro (らーめん 喜一郎 Raamen Kiichirou), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字東町13−33 (Between the Record Museum and Niikappu Onsen off of Route 235), (0146)47-2616. 9:30 - 16:00. The best ramen shop in town. Recently opened in 2012 and is ran by a young married couple. This shop is always crowded so if you have a large group it is better to come between 9:30 to 11:00 or 14:00 to 16:00 as there will not be room during peak hours. ¥600 - ¥1000.  edit
  • Handmade Workshop Miruto (手作り工房 ミルト Tezukuri Koubou Miruto), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字本町110-28, (0146)47‐2885. 10:00 - 19:00 Closed Sunday and Monday. Niikappu's famous bakery and sweets shop. This shop's specialties are its natural egg pudding and half baked cheesecake. Everything here is baked fresh.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Snack Hibiki (スナック Sunakku Hibiki), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字東町19-37, (0146)47-4445, [7]. 19:00 - Last. A small Japanese style "snack" bar ran by a middle aged guy. He can mix you pretty much any drink as long as he has the ingredients. The place is equipped with one karaoke machine the whole bar can hear.  edit
  • Izakaya Mimatsu (居酒屋 美松 Izakaya Mimatsu), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字北星町5‐9 (Accoss the street from the Record muesum past the Seicomart convience store), (0146)47-2196. 18:00 to 23:00. An izakaya specializing in charcoal barbeque. The spare rip is very popular here. ¥1500 - ¥2000.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Niikappu Onsen Hotel Hills (新冠温泉 ホテルヒルズ Niikappu Onsen Hoteru Hiruzu), 北海道新冠郡新冠町字西泊津16-3 (Turn at the sign off Route 235 between Niikappu and Shizunai), (0146)47-2100, [8]. checkin: 15:00; checkout: 10:00. The best place to sleep in Niikappu. You get access to the onsen with your stay, and depending on your package get dinner and breakfast as well. The locals will come to the hotel just to eat so the food is pretty good here. The hotel also offers a free shuttle service which will take you to the hotel from the train station or bus stop if you call. ¥7000+.  edit


There are no free wifi hotspots or internet cafes in Niikappu.

Get out[edit]

Routes through Niikappu
TomakomaiHidaka  W noframe E  ShinhidakaSamani

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