Nettigere Guruvayurappan Temple Bangalore

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Central Karnataka : Nettigere Guruvayurappan Temple Bangalore
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Nettigere Guruvayurappan Temple Bangalore

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Sree Guruvayurappan Temple at Nettigere, Bangalore South is a miraculous appearance. Visiting the temple will give a divine feeling and the nostalgia of the Guruvayurappan Temple at Guruvayur. The moment one enters the temple, an indescribable bliss bursts upon him. One experience an infinite joy. One visiting the temple with heavy heart always return redressed and smiling. No one can describe the feeling and joy in any form of words.

The Nettigere Guruvayurappan temple land owes its mahathmya for the abundant growth of Tulsi (Basil leaf), the river Swarnamukhi (monsoon fed river) on whose banks Cows were grazing for a long time and the Sanctum Sanctorum was selected, were a 12 ft high ant hill existed. The Lord of Guruvayur reappeared here to bless the people of Bangalore. In the wee hours of Kumbha month (Masi) two Garuda Pakshis (birds) received the Lord Guruvayurappan idol to the Temple at Nettigere

Rituals in the Temple[edit]

The Pooja is mainly Tantrik way. The word Tantra has a special meaning as applied to temples in Kerala, it is both science and art. It deals with the functional aspects of the temple, right from images and their dedication and consecrations (Divine Energy) of the idol.

Conscretion of Shri Guruvayurappan, Nettigere[edit]

It is in the month of Mesha on Uttara Nakshatram Sree Guruvayurappan at the Nettigere Temple was installed.

The diety drew power from the Lord of Guruvayur as the Kshethreshans took charge of the diety at Guruvayur East Nada, where the Lord was placed on a vehicle facing the great Lord of Guruvayur and invoked His blessings to bless the people of Bangalore.

Sree Guruvayurappan was installed by Rayillam Narayanan Namboodiri, who became the official Tantri of Sree Guruvayurappan Temple. Fourteen Namboodiris performed the rituals for six days and thus the Divine Energy came into being and Sree Guruvayurappan appeared at Bangalore.

Daily Pooja System[edit]

  • Morning Pooja Temple opens at 5:30 AM and Temple closes at 12.30 noon
  • Evening Pooja Temple opens at 5:30PM, Deeparadhana between 6:00PM - 6:45PM and Temple closes at 8:00PM



Devotees can perform the following pooja currently (Please check with temple for rates and change in the offerings)

  1. Pushpanjali
  2. Vilakku Archana
  3. Ganapathi Homa
  4. Palpayasa and Pooja
  5. Trikala Pooja (One day's full pooja in the name of the devotee)
  6. Bhagavathi Seva
  7. Full Kalabham
  8. Full Deepam
  9. Navaga Abhishekam
  10. Annaprasanam
  11. Pattu Chrthal
  12. Venna (butter) Neivedyam
  13. Marriage
  14. Udayasthamana Pooja


42/1 Twinkler's Place, Nettigere Gate, Kanankpura Road, Bangalore South 560092. Phone : +91 /09880521183/ 09632333883 [email protected]

How to Reach[edit]


After reaching Bangalore. you need to travel about 35-40 km from Bangalore Railway station to reach the temple. The temple is located exactly 20 km from the Sarakki Circle near Metro cash and carry on NH 209 (Bangalore - Kanakpura Road). The temple is located near the 39th Milestone. It is 9 km from The Art Of Living International Centre at Kanakpura road. You need to take the left road immediately after the Twinklers School.

Dress Code[edit]

For Ladies: Saree or Salwar Kameez For Gents: Dhothi only and shirt/banian removed. Dhothi are available free at temple premises for wearing temporarily.


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