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Nagano (長野) is the capital of Nagano prefecture, in the Chubu district of Japan. It flourished as a temple city of Zenkō-ji, a famous temple.


Nagano hosted the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. Many of the Olympic facilities remain open - like the M-Wave speedskating arena and the Aqua-Wing arena - making Nagano a popular destination for indoor and outdoor sports enthusiasts. It's also a key launching point for trips to onsen and ski resorts in the nearby mountains, which are often referred to as "the Japanese Alps".

Get in[edit]

Zenkō-ji Nakamise

By train[edit]

Nagano is approximately 90 minutes from Tokyo Station on the bullet train. The Hokuriku Shinkansen, previously known as the Nagano Shinkansen or Asama (あさま), was completed in time for the 1998 Winter Olympics. There are 2-3 departures per hour from Tokyo Station. Smoking was banned on all trains as of December 2005, though a standing smoking room may be available.

Shinkansen fares are ¥8,200 yen for reserved seats (shitei seki, 指定席) or ¥7,680 for non-reserved seats (jiyu seki, 自由席) one way, except on the Kagayaki service, which only has reserved seats. Tickets may be purchased at slightly cheaper rates from discount ticket shops near stations. There are 3 Shinkansen train services that begin at Tokyo Station: 1. Kagayaki (85 minutes), which also stops at Ueno and Omiya; it has only reserved seats (指定席, shitei seki) that cost ¥8200 one way. 2. Hakutaka (92-98 minutes), which always stops at Ueno and Omiya, and may also stop at Takasaki, Karuizawa, Sakudaira, and Ueda stations, depending on the time of day. 3. Asama (105 minutes), which is the original Shinkansen route and stops at a total of 8 stations before reaching Nagano Station.

For a more adventurous route or to visit Matsumoto or to avoid backtracking, take the Limited Express. Limited Express fares are ¥8,640 for non-reserved and ¥9680 for reserved seats. There are 2 Chuo Line Limited Express train services that begin at Shinjuku Station: Limited Express Azusa (188 + 50 minutes), transfer at Matsumoto station to the Limited Express Shinano train to Nagano Station.

The Wide View Shinano limited express train runs hourly from Nagoya to Nagano. Taking about three hours, and at a cost of ¥7130 each way, this is the best method of reaching Nagano by train from the west. You can take the Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka or Kyoto to Nagoya, and change to the "Shinano" upon reaching Nagoya.

By bus[edit]

Willer Express [14] runs buses to and from Tokyo. Buses depart from Ikebukuro or the new bus terminal at the South Exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. They take approximately 4-5 hours to reach Nagano station, running during the day or late night, and cost from ¥2500 one way. Buses depart from and arrive at the East Exit of Nagano Station to Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. Other buses may run from Nagano station to Tokyo station, Yokohama station, Osaki station, Shin-Urayasu or Disneysea (typically only one departure per day). On arrival at the bus stop, go up the stairs and take the pedestrian bridge to the right to get into JR Nagano Station.

Alpico Bus [15] have buses that go to and from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. They take approximately 4-5 hours to reach Nagano station, running during the day or late night, and cost from ¥1500 for special offers/¥3900 regular one way.

Keio Bus [16]have buses from Nerima, Nakano, and Shinjuku Stations in Tokyo. They take approximately 4-5 hours to reach Nagano station, running during the day or late night, and cost from ¥3900 one way. They also offer women-only seats.

Highway buses from Tokyo depart from the terminal in Shinjuku, and from the Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro. The trip takes around three and a half hours, and the fare is ¥4000 one-way. The ¥7200 round trip fare is about half the cost of the Shinkansen.

Hankyu and Nankai buses also make a few daytime and nighttime runs from Osaka and Kyoto to Nagano. The day runs take about seven hours, and the night runs take nine hours. Expect to pay ¥6200 one-way, ¥10000 round trip from Osaka, and ¥5300 one-way, ¥9500 round-trip from Kyoto.

Get around[edit]

There are buses that loop around the city center called the Gururingo. If you stay within the main area a ride is only 100yen. However, from 2014, the bus fare changed to 150 yen.

See[edit][add listing]

Zenkō-ji Temple
  • Zenkōji (善光寺). This temple, first built in the 7th century, is a major pilgrimage site. Its major draw is the hibutsu (秘仏), or hidden buddha, a statue that is displayed to the public only every six years (the next time will be in 2015). A major renovation of the great inner gate finished in 2007. You can see a beautiful row of houses along the street. There are restaurants with atmosphere. You can also buy talismon as a souvenir.  edit
  • Nishi-no-Mon, (Southwest of Zenkōji's main gate.). A sake brewery with attached restaurant and shops, all housed in traditional buildings. The brewery has a small free museum, though it consists of little more than some historic photographs and a view of the stainless-steel brewing equipment.  edit
  • Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum, (Just east of Zenkōji.), [1]. The prefecture's premier art museum. The Higashiyama Kaii Gallery showcases the tranquil landscapes (depicting Northern Europe as well as Japan) of one of the masters of nihon-ga (traditional "Japanese-style painting"). However, the Kaii Gallery is closed from May 31, 2017 indefinitely [2].  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Binzuru (びんずる, 賓頭盧) [17]. Nagano's big summer festival, held on the first Saturday in August. Every year, more than 200 groups take part in this festival. They walk and dance through Chuo-dori, clacking together wooden scoops called shamoji. The festival's name comes from the Japanese version of Indian Buddhist saint Pindola Bharadvaja, and the procession ends at Zenkoji temple where festival-goers rub a well-worn Binzuru statue for luck.
  • Kagai Onsen Ichiyoukan (加賀井温泉 一陽館), Matsushiro Machi Higashijo 松代町東条55 (Take route 403 south from the Nagano interchange on the Joshinetsu Expressway. Turn left at the Kojinmachi intersection. Follow the road around and take the last on the right before the 90 degree right hand turn. The onsen is at the end of the road.), 026-278-2016. 8:00-20:00. This unusual onsen has separate long narrow flowing indoor baths with brown water for males and females, and two outdoor mixed baths. Bring a large towel. Adults ¥300.  edit
  • Omuro Onsen Makibanoyu (大室温泉まきばの湯), Matsushiro Machi Omura 4108 松代町大室4108 (From route 18, follow route 380 east. Turn right at route 403, and then immediately left. Cross the railway line and take a left up the hill.), 026-278-5687. 9:00-22:00. Has a large outdoor bath (rotenburo) with magnificent views across the Zenkouji Plain to the Northern Alps. Great anytime, but best in winter. Adults ¥500.  edit
  • Togakushi Shrine (戸隠神社), 3506 Togakushi, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken 381-4101, Japan (Take bus 70 or 71 from Zenko-ji Daimon). Togakushi and its surrounding areas are beautiful, full of small shrines and hiking trails. Be sure to see Kagami Pond, which can be reached by a gentle walk along the paved road next to そばの実 (soba noodle shop) or by a hike along well-marked trails that begin across the highway from 戸隠民俗館 (Togakushi Folk Museum / Ninja House.) Eat soba noodles for lunch.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Nagano Station Square
  • Yawataya Isogoro, Daimonm-cho 83, just south of Zenkoji main gate. A 280-year-old store specializing in shichimi ("seven flavors"), a condiment consisting of ground chili peppers, sesame, citrus, and other spices, commonly sprinkled on soba noodle soup. Yawataya's distinctive tin containers are a fixture in soba shops throughout Japan.
  • Oyaki A delicious and cheap Japanese dumpling. Comes in many different flavoured fillings, both sweet and savoury, such as red bean, pumpkin, mushroom, pickled vegetable, and eggplant. On Chuo-dori, leading up to the temple, there are many shops selling oyaki for ¥160-200 each.
  • Oden A stew of boiled eggs, Japanese white radish, and many kinds of minced fish cakes in different shapes, with Japanese soup stock flavored soup.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Sakura, in the Nishi-no-Mon brewery (above). Most of the items on the menu feature miso (fermented bean-paste) which is made with sake by-products. (For an exotic dessert, try miso ice cream.)
  • Hungry Caterpillar Cafe, Daimon 56-1, Nagano (On main street south from Zenkoji, 100m south of Daimon intersection), 026-233-5510. 11:00-18:00. Great sandwiches. Many of the foods enjoyed by the Very Hungry Caterpillar can be found on the menu. There are many other nice cafes and restaurants in the charming courtyard at the rear.Shinsyu soba is famous in Japan. It is healthy, delicious and cheap.  edit
  • Hanbey (半兵ヱ), (From Nagano station north exit (towards Zenkoji), cross the busy intersection and head down the alleyway one to the right of the main road (its also 2-3 left of the Starbucks). Its about 100 m down on your left.), [3]. If the archaic kana above was not a big enough hint, this is a post-war themed izakaya. Fairly intimate dining for an izakaya with bar seating, tight booths and a tatami room for groups. The bar seating in particular wraps around the kitchen so you can see the staff cooking up a traditional Japanese storm. The walls are covered in war-time or post-war advertising right down to the old backwards right-to-left hiragana こばた ads and utterly bizarre airline ads. Music fits, too. No English and the menus lack any images whatsoever and are written 100 percent in kanji, but if this is no problem, you will be treated to a very pleasant surprise: the prices match the theme.  edit
  • Caffé Terra (カフェ・テラ), 484 Motoyoshicho 元善町484 (150m north of Niomon Gate (the first big gate as you approach Zenkouji Temple)), 026-217-5541, [4]. 1030-1730 weekdays; 1000-1730 weekends an holidays; closed Tuesdays. Serves Italian style coffee, home made gelato and cake, and light meals. The coffee beans used are supplied by Andy Freeman of Coffee Snobs, winner of the Golden Bean Australian national roasters competition.  edit
  • Kirin near Nagano station This is a Szechwan Chinese restaurant with daily lunch specials and a tasty dinner. It is very relaxing, and their tan-tan men is very good, as well as their yakisoba.
  • Barbara (カフェ バーバラ), 〒381-0000 Nagano-ken, Nagano-shi, Nagano, Higashimachi, 長野県長野市東町142, [5]. Serves Japanese teishoku (a typical meal set that includes rice, miso soup, a main dish, and pickled vegetables.) There are usually three options to choose from. One is likely to be a karaage set (bite-sized pieces of Japanese fried chicken served with accompaniments). There will also be a fish or meat dish and there may be a curry. Friendly owners who speak a bit of English. Beer and wine also served. ¥850.  edit
  • The Farmhouse', (15-20 minute walk from Yudanaka station, near the Snow Monkey Park entrance), [6]. This renovated old Japanese house has an atmospheric bar and restaurant run by the same company that produces Shiga-Kogen beer. They offer interesting plate lunches (e.g., keema curry made with beer), small plates that pair with beer, mains, desserts, gourmet coffee, their own nihonshu, and 13 beers on tap. A good place to stop for lunch, cake and coffee, or dinner, or just sample all the beers. ¥800.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Jigger Club, 1418 Minami Ishidocyo, Daito Building 3F (Formerly known as Bluebird. Take the West Exit from Nagano Station, walk a few minutes, cross the street near Starbucks and go up the narrow street. Jigger Club is at the end, overlooking the street across from Again department store.), 02-6226-3945. Western-style pool/dart bar. Hip Hop nights and the occasional tattoo show.  edit
  • High-Five, (Take the West Exit from Nagano Station and walk a few minutes. It's in the alley between Hotel Ikemon and Hotel Nagano.), 090-1868-5815. Small centrally-located nightclub.  edit
  • Shiga-Kogen Brewery, (In Yudanaka on the way to Jigokudani Monkey Park.), 0269-33-2155, [7]. A 200 year old sake brewery that has just opened a microbrewery. Free sake and beer tasting on site and excellent locally made beers.  edit
  • Parley, (Take the main exit from Nagano station and go down the alley just to the right of the main road. Located where the alley turns sharply to the right. Two doors down from Hanbey Izakaya.). The gaudy facade is shaped like a pirate ship and the interior won't disappoint. Apart from the electronic dart board, the theme is largely complete and flawless. Even the toilets follow the theme. Really. There's a cargo hold themed bar downstairs, too. This place attracts a young, upbeat crowd. The staff are cheerful, regularly cosplay as characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, and are fans of Gantz. Drinks for ¥500.  edit
  • Nagaden Beer Train, (From the Zenkoji Exit of the JR Nagano Station, turn right and the beer train departs from the underground Nagano Station on the Nagano Dentetsu Line. It also stops at Gondo and Suzaka stations.), 026-226-268. Reservations necessary as the train has a capacity of 128 people. The train runs on Wednesdays, Fridays, and some Thursdays in July and August. Check the calendar on the website. Call to reserve in advance; you can collect your tickets at a special table set up at the ticket gate from 18:10. Boarding begins at 18:20. The train departs at 18:32. There is a 30-minute shopping and restroom stop in Obuse. Local people sell bento at the station, and the station shop sells specialties from the area: locally produced nihonshu, jam, juice, and fresh chestnut ice cream. The train departs Obuse at 19:37 and returns to Nagano Station, arriving at 20:06. A unique, highly enjoyable, and highly recommended experience! 3700 yen for men, 3400 yen for women; all-you-can-drink Premium Yebisu and Premium Yebisu Black served in pitchers by train car attendants + an included bento from a local catering company called Roger a Table.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • 1166 Backpackers, 1048 Nishimachi, Nagano (,138.186462), 026-217-2816, [8]. Brand new backpackers (opened October 2010), owner very friendly with good english. About 15min walk from Nagano station. Facilities are very good and clean, convenient location only 3min walk from Zenkoji Temple (善光寺). Dorm room, ¥2600; private room, ¥5600(2 person) or ¥7200(3 person). (36.655258,138.186462) edit
  • Moritomizu Backpackers Hostel, 1-6-2 Nakagosho, Nagasaki City (, 026-217-5188, [9]. checkin: 16:00; checkout: 10:00. Easy-going, convenient budget hostel close to Nagano Station. About 25 minute walk to Zinkoji Temple (善光寺). Pleasant English-speaking staff can supply tourist and outdoor activity information. Kitchen, living room, hot showers, free WiFi available to all. No curfew. Male dormitory/female dormitory ¥2600. Private rooms from ¥3600 (per person). Discount for long stays and groups. Train lovers welcome!  edit
  • Zenkoji Kyoujuin, [10]. Housed in a former temple building a few blocks from Zenkoji. Owner speaks basic English, and is more than happy to use it. Shared room with futon, ¥3360; private room, ¥4000.  edit


  • Hotel Keisui, Oomachi Onsen-kyo, Oomachi-shi, Nagano-ken, 398-0001, +81-261-22-5501 (fax: +81-261-22-5418), [11]. checkin: 15:00; checkout: 10:00. Located at the entrance of Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route.  edit


  • Go-Honjin Fujiya (御本陳藤屋), Daimon-cho 80 (Just south of Zenkoji's main gate.), [12]. An elegant old traditional inn, founded in 1661 as a stage along the Northern Country road. The current building was constructed in 1923 and is a superb example of Taisho-era Western-style architecture.  edit
  • The Saihokukan Hotel (犀北館ホテル), Agata-machi 528-1 (Five minutes SW of Zenkoji.), 026-235-3333, [13]. With a history of over 120 years, The Saihokukan Hotel is the choice hotel of the Emporer and his family when they visit Nagano semi-annually. The restaurants found within the hotel emphasize `slow food` methods of natural and healthy food preparation. Also a popular wedding venue with various styles and settings within and above the art laden walls.  edit

Get out[edit]

  • Jigokudani Monkey Park — snowbathing monkeys just half an hour away
  • Joshinetsu Kogen National Park — home to Shiga Kogen, Japan's largest ski resort
  • Chikuma - take the Shinano railway south to Chikuma or Togura stations and explore the onsens, mountains and temples of this small city straddling the picturesque Chikuma River
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