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Bihar : Muzaffarpur
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Muzaffarpur[1] is a city the state of Bihar, India. It is known as the Lychee capital of the country. It is one of the oldest and most important commercial and educational centres of Bihar. Muzaffarpur has many historical sites, monuments, temples and other places of tourist interest.

Get in[edit]


  • Gaya International Airport (IATA: GAY) [2] is about 172 km from the city.
  • Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport (IATA: PAT) [3] is about 75 km from the city. There are daily flights from Ranchi, Delhi, Calcutta and Lucknow.
  • PATAHI Airport Muzaffarpur,it is situated at NH102 rewa road.

By train[edit]

Muzaffarpur Junction Railway Station (Station Code : MFP) is a railhead of East Central Railways. Shaheed Express(darbhanga-amritsar), Mithila Express(raxaul-howrah), Maurya Express, Sadhbhawna Express, Vaishali Express(barauni-new delhi) and Amarnath Express(barauni-jammutawi) pass through this station. The Vaishali Express(barauni-new delhi), Bihar Sampark Kranti(darbhanga-new delhi), SaptKranti Express(muzaffarpur_new delhi) are the fastest and most comfortable way to arrive from Delhi or vice versa. The journey takes around 18-19 hours from New Delhi. Muzaffarpur is well-connected to major cities in India through daily trains. It's advised to book the train ticket well in advance since the trains are often heavily booked. Tickets can be booked online from the IRCTC website.

By car[edit]

Muzaffarpur is well-connected by bus to Patna, which is about 3.0 hours away. There are direct buses to Patna, Silliguri, Gauhati, Ranchi etc. Buses are the best option if one is traveling from Patna. Muzzafarpur is well connected by a network of roads with all the neighbouring cities and towns. The distance to some important cities are:

Get around[edit]

You may hired taxi, autorickshaws and cycle rickshaws for local transportation. The city has a concept of shared autorickshaws. City ring bus service run by regional transport authority (RDA) has mini buses plying on five different routes. The maximum fare is Rs 4 only. The main the introduction of ring bus service has broken the monopoly of rickshaws and auto-rickshaws.

See[edit][add listing]

Baba Garibnath Temple[edit]

Baba Garibnath Temple situated in the center of the Muzaffarpur town is undoubtedly one of the most famous "Lord Shiva" temples ! Its history goes like this-There was a Landlord in ancient times who owned the land where the present temple is. There was a huge Banyan tree in the premises of the temple which provided shade and relief to many people. Unfortunately due to bad financial condition the Landlord had to sell his house to another person. The new owner seemed not too interested in Banyan tree so he ordered it to be cut down to clean the premises. While cutting the tree a "Shivling" was found within it, which got partly damaged due to the swing of the axe, and red water started oozing out from the "Shivling"! The Landlord was quite disturbed after seeing this and was not able to sleep for the entire night. In the morning "Baba Garibnath" appeared in his dreams and said that he was Baba Garibnath-one who has great sympathy for poor. He ordered him to establish the "Shivling" at the same place and call one of his great Devotees "Shri Shivdhari Pathak" of Chapra district to regularly worship and take care of the temple. It was done exactly as told by "Baba" and since that day "Baba Garibnath Temple" is famous for granting the fulfilment of the wishes of its devotees. It is also called second "Baidhnath".

Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple[edit]

Chaturbhuj Temple, situated in Muzaffarpur, is famous for its spirituality and faith. In 1303 century, in a village called "Turki", a big idol of "Lord Chaturbhuj" was found. People started worshipping the lord with full devotion but it seems the lord desired something else! There was a saint who was a great worshipper of Lord Shiva and was also responsible for establishing a "Shivling" at the present Muzaffarpur (which was a village at that time). "Lord Chaturbhuj" came in his dreams and asked him to place him near "Lord Shiva" as he was not comfortable at Turki. The saint brought the idol, all the way from Turki to Muzaffarpur, on foot which was a reflection of his faith and worship. "Lord Chaturbhuj" was established beside "Lord Shiva" under a tree and since then his regular worship started. There was a man from Patna, who was another great worshipper of the lord. Lord came in his dreams and asked him to build a temple for him and he will get lots of fame and that he would be blessed with a child (he was childless). It was done as directed and today we have the magnificent and beautiful Chaturbhuj Temple.

Shri Ram Temple[edit]

Shri Ram temple is one of the famous religious places. Situated at "Sahu Pokhar" in Muzaffarpur, it's status was kept as one of the "Navratna" temples. It is said that it was made by artists from Rajasthan. Later Shri Shiv Prasad Sahu of Sahu family took over the order and care taking of the temple and still Sahu family is doing the same. Within the premises the biggest temple is of "Shri Ram and Mata Janaki". Beside that "Mahadev" temple is there whose Shivling is India's third largest Shivling. Devotees come in masses to offer their prayers in this sacred temple.

Kali Mata Temple Of Sikandarpur[edit]

This great temple is an icon of faith, worship and belief on Ma. It is situated on the south coast of "Gandak" river. Possibly, it was made in the year of 1932 by Darbhanga Maharaj Kamlesh Singh. Devotees come in masses to worship Ma. Simri Mai Temple Of Police Line Near Muzaffarpur Engineering College in Avaas Nagar there is a famous "Devi Peeth", it is called Simri Mai. It is said that here to please "Bhagwati" coconut is broken. History tells that long ago there was an old lady who used to live in a hut near this place. During night she used to medidate for long hours. She took "Samadhi" on the 17th day of Navratra here. From that day this place has got a status of "Lokpeeth" and is famous by the name of "Simri Mai".

Simri Mai Temple Of Police Line[edit]

Near Muzaffarpur Engineering College(MIT) in Saraswati Nagar there is a famous "Devi Peeth", it is called Simri Mai. It is said that here to please "Bhagwati" coconut is broken. History tells that long ago there was an old lady who used to live in a hut near this place. During night she used to medidate for long hours. She took "Samadhi" on the 17th day of Navratra here. From that day this place has got a status of "Lokpeeth" and is famous by the name of "Simri Mai".It is said that the tree is '150 year' old !

Ram Chandra Shahi Museum[edit]

Ram Chandra Shahi Museum at Muzaffarpur was established in the year 1979. It has got its own building in the campus of Jubba Sahni Park. The museum possesses a very good collection including artifacts and numerous art-objects of varied nature. The museum is famous for its rich collection of rare postage stamps.

Ramna's Tripur Sundari Temple / Devi Mandir[edit]

Ramna's Tripur Sundari Temple attracts millions of Devotees Due to its aesthetic beauty and richness. A wealthy man, Shri Umashankar Prasad built this Beautiful and magnificent temple on 28th June 1941. It is said that it is really surprising to see that a man made temple attracts such big gathering of Devotees. This temple is also famous by the name of "Devi Temple" and Ma's beautiful idol mesmerizes one and all. Shri Ram Temple

Ambara Chowk[edit]

About 40 km from Muzaffarpur, Ambara Chowk is situated in Saraiya Block on the Muzaffarpur - Rewa road. It is believed to be the home village of Amrapali, the famous Nagarvadhu (courtesan) of Vaishali. Amrapali was known for her beauty.

Katra Garh[edit]

The place is situated nearly 35 km northeast of Muzaffarpur. Katra Garh was one of the states of the Mughal Empire during the reign of Akbar. It was then named as Akbarpur. Several idols, ornaments, earthen pots and other articles of historical importance have been found here in course of excavations.

Khudi Ram Bose Memorial[edit]

A memorial tablet has been raised in the memory of Khudi Ram Bose & prafool chaki who was executed at Muzaffarpur Jail in the year 1908 on the charge of throwing a bomb on Kingsford, the then British District & Sessions Judge of Muzaffarpur. The memorial tablet is situated opposite the present residence of the District and Sessions Judge and this road where they thrown the bomb was named as PRAFOOL CHAKI MARG as a proof sign board is there just in front of red cross bulding


It is situated about 5 km from headquarters of the Aurai block on Aurai-Saidpur road. There is an old temple of Bhairav Nath. A big cattle fair is held here every year on the occasion of Shivaratri festival.

About 40 km from Muzaffarpur is the famous temple, Hathilwa-Mathh dedicated to Radha-Krishna. While the Badi Masjid at Company Bagh and the Gurudwara at Ramna are definitely worth a visit.

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Kalyani Chawk (grocery, cloth, tailor, etc)
  • Saraiya Ganj ( Complete miscellaneous products)
  • Motijheel(clothes, crockery in retail)
  • Suta Patti (Clothes in bulk)
  • Jawahar lal road (Hardware and machinery)
  • Andi gola (Ration in retail and whole sale)

One of the major attractions of Muzaffarpur is the Lahthi (Lakh ki Churiyan/Bangles)

Eat[edit][add listing]

Do eat the Jalebi and Malpua,lassi from the roadside shop at Santoshi Mata Mandir near Railway Station, one of the unique of its kind. Taas+chura (dish of meat)near laxmi chowk SWEETS like Rasmadhuri and many more delicious from maharaja sweet and bharat jalpan near saraiyaganj Vaishali Sweets near chatta chowk is also famous for rasgulla, rasmadhuri and chat.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Hotel Lichchavi Vihar, 0621-2228512, 5 A/c Room, Rs. 700,5 Non A/c Rs.300.
  • 'Hotel Chandralok, Kalambagh Rd, Nayatola, 0621-2243911/2266311. Total Room-20, Sl. Rs. 200-300,A/c DB.-550-650.
  • Hotel Puja, Motijhil, 0621-2242797. Non A/c 126-270,A/c DB.-Rs. 750, Sl-Rs. 375
  • Hotel Ranjeet, Motijhil, 0621-245751/2245752/3207221. Non A/c-Rs. 150-300/Rs. 80-200/A/c DB.Room- Rs. 1000/700/600/500, Sl Rs. 425
  • Hotel Swapanalok ,Kalayani Chowk, 9304176447. Non A/c, DB.- Rs. 150,2 DB.A/c. Rs. 450,Air cool, Rs, 250
  • Hotel Alight, Sariyaganj, 0621-2245353,Mo-9431471087. Non A/c Room, Rs. 300/200/100,A/c,DB.-6,Rs. 700-900, A/C, Rs. 500
  • Hotel UK, Sariyaganj, 0621-3080099,2240099. 10,DB.A/c+3 Sl.Bd Ale, Rs. 850/650/550
  • 'Hotel Satkar, Jawahar Lal Rd, 0621-2245340. 5 Non A/c, DB. Rs, 95-150, 2 Db,A/c Rs. 650, 5 Air cool, Rs, 250
  • 'Hotel Sanskar, Near Govt. Bus Stand, 0621-2210589. Db. Non A/c Rs. 400, Sl Bd. Rs. 200, 9A/c,Db Rs. 750
  • Hotel Bihar, Emalichatti, 0621-2213371. Non A/c DB.-11, Rs. 150-170, Sl Bd-7, Rs.75-100
  • Hotel Tripati ,Emalichatti, 9939871515. 5 DB., Rs. 300, 7Sl, Bd. Rs 150
  • Hotel Kautilya,Imlichatti, 0621-2223957. 5 DB., Rs. 214, 2,Sl Bd Rs, 103, 2 A/c DB.,Rs. 535. the staff is pretty helpful in there.
  • Hotel Astha ,Emalichatti, 621- 2210690. 6 Non A/c Rs. 300, 6,Sl. Rs. 200, 4A/c.DB., Rs. 700, Sl Rs. 550
  • Hotel Rama, Emalichatti, 0621-2210900. 15 Db. Non A/c. Rs. 200-250,16 Sl Bd. Non A/c 125-150, 6 DB.A/c. Rs. 600, Sl. Bd. Rs.400
  • New Ambar Hotel, Emalichatti, 0621- 2211149. 7 DB. Non A/c Rs. 200, 8 Sl Bd. Rs. 100
  • Hotel Embasy International, Bhagwanpur Chowk. 16 Non A/c DB. Rs. 200-350,5A/c DB.Rs.650
  • Hotel Midway, N.H. 28, Bhagwanpur, 0621-2255694. 10 DB. Non A/c Rs. 200-250, Sl Bd Rs, 100,5 Air cool, Rs, 300
  • Hotel Swarga ,N.H. 28, Bhagwanpur, 9835453457. 7 DB. Non A/c Rs. 200-300,3 DB.A/c. Rs. 600-800
  • Hotel Classic Executive, Akharaghat Road (Near Krishna CInema). Semi luxury hotel  edit


Muzaffarpur Tourist Information Center, Tourism Information, BSTDC Hotel Lichchavi Vihar, Phone: 0621-2228512.

Get out[edit]

You may also take a day’s excursion to Rajgir and Vaishali to see the historic places of Buddhist significance. Nalanda is also close by where the remnants of the Nalanda University, stupas, monasteries and temples are worth exploring. The artifacts that have been excavated are on exhibit in the Nalanda museum. Other nearby destinations are Sonepur, Digha, Patna, Bihar-Sharif, Pawapuri, Munghyer and Rajgir.

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