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Montañita is a small village located on Manglaralto parish along the southern coast of Ecuador.


Located on Ecuador's "Ruta del Sol" ("Route of the Sun"), recently renamed "Ruta del Spondylus" and part of Manglaralto Parrish in Santa Elena Province. The region is known for its unique combination of small tourist/friendly villages and towns, magnificent unspoiled beaches, world-class surfing and both island and mountain natural reserves. Over the years, a relaxed and multicultural atmosphere has evolved.

A hidden treasure that did not even appear on the maps just a few years ago, the combination of perfect waves, golden sand and tropical vegetation have slowly developed its reputation as a tropical paradise.

Montañita started as a beautiful beach with a few rustic houses of native fishermen and some surfers in tents. Over time it's grown to include vacation homes, hotels, rustic restaurants, bars and open air cafès, created by people seeking to escape the frantic life-style of Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city and main seaport. Montañita has its share of foreigners who fell in love with the place and settled down; including Argentinians, Americans, Australians, Canadians, Germans, Jamaicans, and Russians as well as people from all over Europe. This village's colorful variety of street vendors, artisans, activities and party nightlife provide a multicultural atmosphere that attracts the same variety in its visitors.

The layout town of Montañita is a grid of small streets crowded with shops and restaurants. Most of the east/west roads have beach access. North of Montañita's little town is a small mountain often called the Point that separates its beach from Olon, Montañita's neighboring town. On this small mountain is a beautiful ocean overlook and the beaches of Olon. South of Montañita is the quiet beach town of Manglaralto, where visitors can find a variety of accomodations.

Note that many of the vendors and shops cannot (or will not) break a large bill, so it is advisable to bring $1 coins and $5 bills to make buying things easier.

Get in[edit]

The usual way to reach Montañita and the other villages in Manglaralto Parish is overland via the Ruta del Sol, a beautiful coastal highway running along the Ecuadorian coast.

By bus[edit]

  • From Guayaquil: As of 01/2019, direct lines from Guayaquil to Montanita by CLP (upstairs on the 3rd floor near the arcade, office nr. 220) operate roughly hourly at 05:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:30 and 19:30, duration aprox. 3h. Unless you are at the Guayaquil bus terminal near to the departure times to take the direct bus, it is not worth the wait nor the taxi fare for the direct transport. Just take CLP bus to Santa Elena or Libertad and transfer to the Citup bus which will take you to Montanita. CLP buses to Santa Elena and Libertad start operating around 3am (maybe even earlier). Once you are at Santa Elena or Libertad, it is extremely easy to transfer, just look for the blue and white bus called Citup that goes to Montanita. There is a private shuttle option that runs from Guayaquil airport or hotels, due to high season, it is best to check availability EcuadorBus
  • From Cuenca, Machala, Loja or other cities in the southwestern/southern part of Ecuador : Take a bus directly to Guayaquil and follow the directions above.
  • From Quito, Esmeraldas or other north/northeastern cities of Ecuador : From Quito take a direct bus to Guayaquil and follow directions above or go to Jipijapa or Portoviejo. From there you can get a bus directly to Montañita, or by changing in Puerto Lopez. As of 2019, a new service is being implemented for trips to Montanita from Quito (both ways). Information about bus schedules can be found at AndesTransit.
  • From Peru : Cross into Ecuador at the International Bridge over the Zarumilla river, near Huaquillas-Aguas Verdes (customs/immigration control!). From Huaquillas you can get a bus to Guayaquil. From there, follow the directions above to Montañita.
  • If you don't want a direct bus from one destination to another – You can take a Hop on/Hop off bus service; Such as Ecuador Hop, which travels between Quito, Montañita, Baños and Guayaquil, making other stops along the way. It's a flexible way of travelling by being able to plan your own itinerary. They do, however, offer set itineraries that you can follow too. The bus doesn't do random pickups and it offers pick ups/drop off to your hostel/hotel in Quito.

By taxi[edit]

  • From Guayaquil or Santa Elena, you can take a taxi to Montañita, either for greater comfort or when the busses aren't running (generally after 21h00).

There is one company of transportation and taxi: Taxi in Montanita

Get around[edit]

Walking is the best way to get around town as Montañita is a very small village and the streets are typically too crowded for cars. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk from one end of the town to the other along the beach. Along the road, it's just a few minutes more. However, taxis and buses are available and make it possible to consider staying also in the less crowded, more serene and safe villages of Manglaralto and Olon only 5 minutes away, south and north respectively from downtown Montañita.

See[edit][add listing]

Do[edit][add listing]

Surf & Bodyboard[edit]

From beginners to experienced surfers, Montañita and its surrounding beaches offer an ideal location for surfing and bodyboarding. Many shops in town and on the beach rent out surfboards for about $4 per hour. If you want to catch early waves, some of the shops will rent you a board in the evening and you return in when the shop opens.

There are a choice of beaches, both in and near Montañita:

  • The Point known as the End in Montañita is a point break just north (1 km) of the center of Montañita. Waves are fast, strong and some of the more respected waves in Ecuador. If swell of the north, the west hard has the propitious conditions with some or the south and little wind. Waves can reach 3 m with sections of impressive tubes. Appropriate for surfers of intermediate and advanced level. The bottom is rocky but the route ends in sand.
  • Between the Point and the center of Montañita, you'll often find fast, beach-break, running waves (both left and right) playing along the sandy bottom. Great for beginners to more experienced surfers, especially when the Point is not working well.
  • Ecuadorian Air Force (F.A.E Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana). Located 70 km south of Montañita, in Salt mines, this sensible left to nobody swell, is one of the favourites of tablistas Guayaquileños. Special permission is required to enter the beach, because it belongs to the Armed Forces of Ecuador.
  • Tunas/Ayampe. Located 25 km north of Montañita, Tunas and Ayampe (3 km apart) both offer powerful and tubular waves almost every day. With lefts and rights, the waves of Tunas and Ayampe are a good option when the water is calm in Montañita, since they always can give a good wave for you to have fun.

Victor Garcia is a local legend in making surf boards. If you are looking to buy a balsa or foam board while in Montanita, or if you want to become an apprentice in learning how to make boards, you can now visit him at his new website at where you can find his mobile number. As an alternative, you can ask locals in town or walk through the local neighborhood of Kamala between Montanita and Manglaralto asking where Victor lives.

Learn Spanish[edit]

Montañita is a popular destination to learn Spanish :

  • Mar Azul Spanish school [18] located in La Punta (inside Hotel Casa del Sol) Montañita, this school is the perfect place to study for the discerning traveler. Mar Azul is run by an expert experienced teacher taught in Quito, and offers private or group lessons. Rather than being taught straight from a book, this school focuses on practicing practical Spanish, depending on the interests of the students. Steps from the beach and away from the constant noise and distraction of the town, this is the place to go if you really want to learn the language. Programs include book materials free and variety of options for extra activities - surf, yoga, medical Spanish, volunteer work, etc.
  • Montañita Spanish school [19] is located 3 minutes from the beach and is highly recommended. There is a variety of both private and mini-group courses that range from survival Spanish to conversational and professional fluency. The school has many additional programs and activities including surf, salsa, and yoga classes; volunteering at the local marine animal sanctuary, and tours to adventurous destinations in the Montañita area. Students also have the option to stay with a local homestay family for full Spanish immersion or to stay in the school's partner business, Montañita Cabanas.
  • Ecuador Spanish Schools [20] is the other option.The school is also present in Quito, Manta, Cuenca.
  • Otra Ola Spanish School [21] Located in Ayampe half an hour north of Montanita, Otra Ola offers a relaxed environment to study Spanish away from the nocturnal distractions of Montanita. Classes from $7 per hour, all levels catered for. Hosts Ryan & Vanessa also offer surfing and yoga classes as well as recommendations for local accommodation.

Health and Well-Being[edit]

  • Estudio Casa del Sol [22] located in La Punta, the studio has a beautifully restored hardwood floor and custom bamboo construction in the walls and roof. Using all local and sustainable resources to create an intimate sanctuary for practice. Daily classes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Healing, and Nia. Check the website or Facebook for current schedule, prices, and contact information.
  • Vibe: a yoga, dance, and fitness space [23] located on Cocktail Alley in Montanita, the new sister studio to Casa del Sol has twice as much space and an ocean breeze and view. This space offers more diverse classes including Power Yoga, Body Sculpt, and Bachata and Salsa lessons. Check the website or Facebook for current schedule, prices, and contact information.
  • Robyn Massage Montañita [24] Relax and rejuvenate at Robyn Massage Montañita. Choose an oil scent such as sandalwood, peppermint, orange blossom, or lavender and melt away into the table while gazing at tropical flowers. Robyn Luck is a bilingual, massage therapist certified by the Florida School of Massage with over 10 years of experience in the US and South America. She offers relaxation, deep tissue, & sports massages as well as facials using handcrafted organic masks, scrubs, and lotions. Located in the tranquil part of Montañita known as La Punta only a 10 minutes walk from the town center of Montañita, surrounded by lush gardens, relax to the sounds of birdsong and crashing waves.
  • Bromelia Nature Lodge [25] Bromelia Nature Lodge is a special place hidden in a forest at the bottom of a mountain near Manglaralto, Ecuador. Bromelia Lodge offers specialized Reiki, massage, Advance Tachyon Technology, and classes of Chi Kung for our guests. Custom retreats and Shamanic Ceremonies can be provided for groups.

Learn English[edit]

  • International House Montanita [26] An unlikely setting to learn English. However this Cambridge accredited center is a beautiful place to do so. The center runs a CELTA course and therefore offers free English lessons to the local community (although the timetable of lessons is in keeping with courses being run in the center). The center is funded by the would be teachers as they pay to be trained to teach English as a foreign language. Mid int and Elementary levels.

Day Trips[edit]

Los Frailes Los Frailes is a set of 3 beautiful, secluded, beaches about an hour away from Montanita and although Montnita has its own beach, and it is very beautiful, los Frailes is so much more. To get there hail down one of the many green "Manglaralto" buses (they say Manglaralto on the side) from the main road heading North. When the bus conductor comes around ask them to stop at los Frailes for you. Then The bus drops you off at the entrance to the park. There are two routes: the first is a dirt road - not very scenic but you can get a taxi down this road straight to the beach. The second route is much more scenic. Along the way you will encounter two beaches and a mirador before finally reaching los Frailes beach (its about a 4 km walk). Sadly you are not advised to swim in either of these first two beaches - the first is said to be a home of many stingray, the second has very strong currents, however on the final beach you can swim to your hearts content! If you have time the best way to do it is walk along the scenic route and get a taxi back.

Be advised that the park closes at 5 pm, so they start clearing people off the main beach at 4:30. Also there is only one small shop within the park next to the third beach. It sells drinks, ice cream and some souvenirs - so if its a hot day make sure you take water with you!! :) That said they try to keep the beach clean - and it is spotless! So make sure to take your rubbish with you.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Local artisans walk around carrying displays of their handmade necklaces, earrings and a variety of other jewelry. Along the streets are tables of vendor selling many interesting and beautiful crafts. Tagua[27] also known as vegetable ivory and seeds native to the area are used to make rings, necklaces and other crafts including figurines of animals.

A few vendors from Otatvalo have tables and a small store with crafts, artwork, bags and clothing found in the mountains. Some of the clothing and bags are made from alpaca.

There a several surf and rental stores available offering everything you need for the beach. On the main street, one of the neatest and exotic things they have are necklaces made out of strings from hemp that hold neat things like shark tooth. These usually sell for about three to four dollars.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Montañita has a well-deserved reputation for culinary variety and surprises. From vegetarian pizzas to a delicious spaghetti with shrimps, the lists of restaurants and of special dishes are both long. Like a good coastal pueblito, most restaurants have a fish/seafood menu for reasonable prices. For example, you might find a menu with vegetable soup as the starter, a second course of fish with rice, fried bananas and salad from US$2. Another important point is the fruits. It is practically a religion in Montañita to take a good breakfast with pineapples, bananas, papayas with yogurt and granola here, nutritious food that the restaurants offer from 8h00 to before lunch.

At the most populated streets, there are small stalls during the evenings and the night time selling hamburgers and hotdogs for about $1.5.

Many restaurants are transformed into bars, and many bars soon transform into nightclubs... everything can happen in Montañita. Tourists come to enjoy the beach, but also because they know that the nightlife is spectacular.

  • Happy Donkey House / Parrillada Restaurant, Montañita (diagonal the church and opposite the park square), 042060038. Wonderful restaurant with an odd name. They offer a wide variety of cuisine, the pastas and grills are the most popular. The coffee served is excellent as well. Happy Donkey House has been featured in nationally televised shows which has helped the restaurant gain a lot of recognition.  edit

- Churros: you must try churros stuffed with spread caramel ($0.50) or nutella ($0.75). They are selling it along the beach of Montanita and Olon (next town northern Montanita) from wednesday to sunday in the afternoon. You will find them easily because they wear a distinctive hat and a big bamboo basket. Also you can go to their house in Olon to buy some Churros before they start selling along the beach. Their WhatsApp is 593969370313.

Drink[edit][add listing]

As far as bars and drinks, Montañita will not disappoint! The delicious mixture of licores with fruit juices results in tempting daikiris. The supply of bars is ample and a large range of styles.

  • Karukera RestaurantKarukera Restaurant Montanita [28]. This is a bar and a good Ecuadorian and French restaurant. The flaming shots are the best here.
  • Caña Grill. This bar is half indoor and half outdoor and frequently hosts concerts. The stage faces the outdoor portion, which is completely covered in sand.  edit
  • One of the streets leading to the beach is transformed into an open air bar during the afternoon or at latest when the sun goes down. Small stalls offer loud music and cocktails from $2.
  • Cafe del Mar, (close to the center). Vegetarian restaurant with the most relaxed atmosphere in the village lots of cushions and sofas, books for sale and exchange, low prices for quality homemade healthy food, caters to special diets, oatmeal cookies and brownies, carrot cake.  edit
  • Hola Ola, On the main strip, 042 060 118. Restaurant, bakery, bar, club, Net café, surf shop, etc. Good food and drinks. A huge courtyard sits behind the restaurant with a stage and hosts live bands on the weekends. No cover. $5-20.  editThe weekend kicks off with Ladies Night every Thursday. On Saturday nights, $6 gets you a free vodka-juice concoction from 10 pm – 12 am (cover $6).
  • Planeta Tierra (Planet Earth), Montañita (Main street), 593-97952276. Great restaurant. Sopapilla is the best in town, the owner also owns a hotel in town. Marthita the owners daughter speaks perfect english and is more than happy to show you around. (,1997 to present) edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Hotel Casa del Sol (""phone="92488581"), [1]. Eat, Sleep, Yoga, Surf! Casa del Sol… a clean and comfortable hotel that is uniquely designed with a perfect balance of stone and bamboo, encompassed by an infinite supply of good energy! Located in the quiet La Punta, 10 minutes walk north of Montañita and meters from the best surf. Your stay includes a different American style breakfast (with fresh fruit) each morning, Wi-Fi, hot water, some rooms with a/c, free bike usage to go to town, book exchange, movie nights, sushi nights...and on site Casa del Sol Yoga Studio with Yoga, Nia, and HIIT and Mar Azul Spanish School. During high season (December-May) $25 per person private rooms with en suite bathrooms and one 4 person dorm for $15 per person. [email protected]  edit
  • Hostal Sole Mare, (0593) 4 2060119, [2]. Beautiful Hostal situated in front of the Beach just in the „right spot“ of the surf competitions and is 10 minutes walking from the Town.  edit
  • Tikilimbo. The coolest, most popular hostel for surfers. They have a clothing shop, rent surf boards and equipment, give lessons, have a tattoo parlor, and tour desk for setting up cool trips. The hippest, most fun hostel in town at the heart of nightlife and activity, with a super relaxed atmosphere. $15 a night.
  • Balsa Surf Camp, At the Point (En la Punta), [3]. A fantastic, hand-crafted hotel owned by a well known surf board shaper. Rooms are nice and clean, and come with balconies and private baths. Free internet, and great food including breakfast. Speaks English, Spanish, and French.  edit
  • Charo's Hostal, [4]. The premier hotel in the center of Montañita. Located on the boardwalk, Charo's offers first-class accommodations at competitive prices. Swimming pool and restaurant. Upstairs rooms often lack decent water pressure. The rooms are not very spacious. You get a better price, service, and accommodations at La Barranca on the other side of town if you are looking for high end at Montanita. However, if you want to be right at the center of town and directly in front of the beach, then this place is it.  edit
  • El refugio de las aves, (Tigrillo Neighborhood), (593)91792659, [5]. Eco Wooden and Bamboo houses with kitchen. Also offerings comfortable rooms for days or month with shared clean kitchen, laundry and tv. $20/person.  edit
  • Hotel Funky Monkey. Located north of the village. Rooms with private and shared baths. Bar, restaurant, common area with satellite TV and pool table.  edit
  • Hachuwa Hostal & Restaurant, Calle Guido Chiriboga y Vicente Rocafuerte, 080 580 985, [6]. Very good value for the price. Simple but clean and modern rooms, some with balcony. Located in the heart of town, but just outside of the club's blast zone to be fairly quiet at night. No hot water, however. $10/person/night.  edit
  • Hostal Centro Del Mundo. Located right across from the beach, this basic but tidy place offers both single and double rooms at about $8 per person, or you can sleep on one of the mattresses in the loft space for $6 a night. To find it, just walk along the beach (near the center of town). At times the water doesn't work, and if you are scared of "cricketroaches" you probably don't want to stay here. From $6 per night.  edit
  • Hostal El Turista, on the beach (Hostal El Turista, on the beach), 200 meters north from the town's bridge ("walk), (+593)981869298" (). checkin: anytime. Two words: friendly and relaxed. Nice and simple hostel with the moto "Enjoy Montañita", clean rooms, private bathroom with hot water; a few meters from the sand, 5-7 min walk to the town. Enjoy the beach, party at night, and come back to sleep in the quiet and relaxed part of town. Surf lessons, board rental, surf trips within Ecuador, tours and excursions. Very friendly and relaxed environment. You can get in contact through MSN, e-mail, whatsapp, or phone. price: $10USD each person (if you travel alone you can share a room), with private bathroom, hot water.  edit
  • Hostal Papaya, [7]. Hostal and restaurant is in the center of the village. It has nice balconys, good cuisine and laundry service. TV Room with armchairs.  edit
  • Insomniac Cafe, Next to the town church (across from the town park). The gringo (visitor) location in town. Real coffee, espresso based drinks from an espresso machine from Italy, great fast snacks, full bar and NFL football.  edit
  • Kundalini Hostal. A relaxing hotel on the beach just north and outside the main downtown area. Far enough away to be quiet, but close enough to walk in minutes to downtown. Rooms are very clean and well kept. Owner is very attentive. Private bath. Hot Water. Balconies. Large grassy area and lounging spaces. Double rooms are $35 and $40 depending on sea view, includes full breakfast.  edit
  • La Barranca, La Punta-Baja Montanita, Calle Prinicipal, +593 4-2060139, [8]. checkin: 3PM; checkout: 1PM. A luxury hotel located on the Point in Montanita on the main road to the Sanctuary. All 17 rooms have air conditioning, TV, private bathrooms with hot water. Wi-Fi, jacuzzi, restaurant/bar, back-up power generator. Free parking, 24 hour security. 50 meters from the beach, and a ten minute walk to the village. $30/person.  edit
  • La Casa Blanca. A comfortable place to stay in Montanita. Rooms have private baths, mosquito net, fan and hammocks. Some rooms offer ocean views.  edit
  • Las Palmas Hotel, [9]. Good hotel away from the downtown crowd and noise. Great rates. Groups welcomed. English/Spanish/French/Portuguese  edit
  • Hostal Las Palmeras, Av 15 de Mayo y Javier Ledesma, +593 69692134, [10]. Rooms with ocean view, a bit away from all the commotion of the centre of the town. Low season USD$10. Phone: +593 69692134 (international +593 69692134)  edit
  • Manglaralto Sunset Hostel, (South of downtown, five minutes by car or a twenty minute walk along the beach), Land Line(5934)2440797 Mobile 0994409687 (). Located in the quieter setting of Manglaralto, the hotel offers some of the most comfortable rooms in the area, most with air conditioner, each with large private bathroom and hot-water shower, independent entrance and multicoloured hammocks on portal. Free Internet WiFi. There is a café and bar in the hostel as well as 24h reception, travel info, lounge, free parking; Mastercard and Visa accepted.  edit
  • Hotel Montañita, (North of the village), [11]. This is the biggest hotel in town, located on the beach with 36 rooms with private baths, swimming pool, parking and restaurant.  edit
  • Montañita Cabañas, [12]. Eco friendly hostel located in quiet area bordering the farmland, but just a 2 minute easy stroll to the beach and three minutes to centre of town. Beautiful huge cabanas, large swimming pool, jacuzzi and hang out hammock areas. Private bathrooms. Communal kitchen and some cabanas have private kitchens and air con.  edit
  • Tabuba Hostal, [13]. Modern hotel, located in front of the beach. All rooms have private baths, AC and satellite TV. This place is cheaper than Charo's and also in the middle of town and right in front of the beach. The rooms are small.  edit
  • Punto Verde (, turn right off Ruta del Spondylus approx. 400metres north of Montanita bus stop (Located just north of Montanita: Continue on the main road towards Olon - it's the only building on the hill to the right. A signposted dirt road will lead you up to the house. From the main bus stop in Montanita, it's a two minute drive or a ten minute walk), (00593) 0997449330, [14]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 1pm. A relaxed, comfortable and welcoming hostel with an eco-friendly focus,Punto Verde offers its guests a large communal space overlooking the coastal town of Montanita. The spacious open-plan dorm has an adjoining balcony deck from which to enjoy beautiful sea views. Located five minutes from the town, the hostel is in easy walking distance from the beach, parties and shops, whilst happily escaping any noise or crowds. The daily fee is $12 per person, including breakfast. Wifi is available to guests, as are the cooking facilities. As well as dormitory style beds, there is also a private room for two. In the aim of minimising energy-use, please be aware that a cold-water shower and compost toilets are utilised in a separate outbuilding. $12.  edit
  • Casa Blanca Bungalow (hotel in montanita), Manglaralto Carretera Principal, 0969251257, [15]. Casa Blanca is a big 4 bedroom house on a perch looking out over the ocean a few minutes south of the center of Montanita with WIFI internet and a complete furnished kitchen. 30.  edit
  • Hotel Manglaralto, Calle Constitucion # 2312, Manglaralto (20 meters from beach), 011-593-989682610 / 011-593-42901369, [16]. This modern hotel is located one mile away from exciting Montanita in the quiet seaside village of Manglaralto, where guests are lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of the surf - a wonderful escape from the pulsating streets of Montanita. Hotel Manglaralto is only 20 meters from the clean and uncrowded beach, ideal for young families. It has 18 rooms for two to four people, each with a private bathroom and WiFi. Most rooms have TV and AC. Rates range from $23 to $ 35 plus taxes per adult during low season (April 16 to December 15) and $27 to $35 plus taxes per adult during high season (December 16 April 15). The hotel is staffed 24/7. All rates include breakfast. Special family and group discounts are available. Email: [email protected]  edit
  • Hostal Esperanto, (Just north of the bridge turn left towards the beach and then first street to the right. Second house on the right side), +(593)99704569, [17]. checkin: 15:00; checkout: 12:00. Nice clean and quiet hostal near to the beach. Private bathrooms with hot water 10USD/person/night (09/2013).  edit
  • Kamala Hostel, Beachfront, +593939339792. checkin: 13:00; checkout: 11:00. Beachfront Paradise located just south of the main town. Offers affordable shared dorms or private wood cabins. Huge pool and beach access. The restaurant serves home comforts with fresh made bread, cakes and communal dinners from Homemade Gnocchi to Thai Chicken and Peanut Curry or Chicken Parmigiana. Beers, shot specials and games keep the night going, and live DJs give a private party vibe. $6.  edit


There are a few internet cafes and call centres around with similar prices :

  • Cyber Hostel, (At the end of the busiest street.). Open late. The cheapest internet cafe in town. The connection is usually fast enough but the computers are slightly out dated. $1/h.  edit

Get out[edit]

Direct CLP buses from Montañita to Guayaquil depart a few times a day. Check the departure times from the small CLP office in Montañita. Times are from 5am approx. until 6pm approx. costs € 6.00(2015-16). More frequent buses go to Santa Elena (Ecuador), where you can catch another bus to Guayaquil. It is advised to buy your bus tickets early since they tend to sell out, especially during the high season.

Hours CLP bus: Guayaquil - Montañita, Montañita - Guayaquil.= 5.00,6.00,7.00,10.00,11.00,13.00,14.00,15.00,17.00,18.00. Arrive 30 mins. before set off. You can also take a taxi straight to Guayaquil. The ride is just under 3 hours and as of April 2015, it costs $90.

Puerto Lopez is the ideal place from which to explore Machalilla National Park.

Salango is a tiny tranquil fishing village has only a couple of streets but is home to an impressive and well-maintained archaeological museum.

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