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Moegoke is in Mandalay.



Moegok is a city in the Pyin Oo Lwin District of the Mandalay Region of Myanmar, located 200 km north of Mandalay and 148 km north-east of Shwebo. It is at 1170 meters in elevation. Most of the ethnic people in Moegoke are Lisu Shan, Burma and Karen ethnic group. The history of Mogoke starts with two shan kings who found ruby in Tha-Phan-Pin and they founded Mogoke. So people said that Tha-Phan-Pin is the start of the Moegoke. Now Moegoke have been over 800 years. The main business in Mogoke is mining and Gems. Most of Myanmar ruby come from Mogoke so people said that Moegoke is a land of treasure. Moegoke is in the division of Mandalay. Notice that if foreigners go, they need permission from government but Tour companies will help with this. Winter and summer seasons are the best to visit there.

Get in[edit]

There are two ways to go Mogoke ,the old highway and the new highway.Express Bus from Yangon to Moegoke drives through old road and rental cars from Mandalay go through the new highway,but these cars do not pass the new way when the road is slippery especially in the rainy season.The new highway road passes very high mountains.The old road passes through the villages. It takes about 6 hours from Mandalay to Moegoke with rental car. The rental car costs around 10000 MMK(about 6.47 USD) per passenger.For budget traveler, it is better to ride train from Yangon to Mandalay and then call rental car from Mandalay to Moegoke. The express bus is from GI group. It takes around 13 hours from Yangon to Moegoke.

See[edit][add listing]

Kyauk Pya That
war cemetery in Bar Nat
Things sell in Bar Nat Bazaar
Golden Pa-lin and Silver Pa-lin
lake and Chan Thar Gyi Pagoda

The attractions around Moegoke are

  • Kyauk Pya Thet - This situated in west of the Moegoke. Kyauk means stone in Myanmar. Mountains are made up of beautiful stones and also there is a pagoda on top of it because in Mogoke there are pagodas in almost every mountain as the ethnic groups in there are religious people. The monk at the Pagoda of kyaut Pya Thet will offer you "Lat-Phat Thoke" or" salad green tea"(because people in Moegoke plant many green tea leaf in the city) and they will also offer hot green tea . You can see mining which is working over the Mountain view.
  • Baw Ba Tan - Most of the Buddhism people visit there because it is the place where a monk, called (Mingon sayar taw ) did meditation peacefully. The monk is very famous even he died. So many people, especially Buddhists come to see the place.
  • Bar Nat - It is a place where Lisu live. You will see the Lisu ethic group and their traditions. It is a village on the high mountain. When winter is coming about the end of December, the water become freeze.In this village, bazaar opens only Thursday from 6AM-9AM. They sell fresh vegetables and fresh meets which are not killed yet.They kill it immediately in the village when the buyers arrived. Moreover, there is a regional vegetable like 'A-Laung-Si-Thu-Myit'.Near the village there is a storage for guns when British colonizes Mogoke, they start from this Bar Nat. Also, there is also a war cemetery near this which is almost covered in the ground.
  • Daw Nan Kyi Mountain - There is a history about this, the man called Nga Mauk who is young brother of Daw Nan Kyi get killed from the king because he sell the half of ruby to China and half to the King. When King knew he and his family was killed only Daw Nan Kyi left from running and Daw Nan Kyi saw her family was killed on the other side of the mountain, she cursed the mountain not able to mine ruby in this mountain. Although people can mine ruby in almost every mountains, they never cannot mine gems in this mountain. This is the history of this mountain and named as Daw Nan Kyi Mountain. People built pagoda on the mountain because of this.

  • Phaung Taw Oo Pagoda - In this Pagoda there is two things which is decorated the whole with ruby called 'Golden Pa-Lin' and 'Silver Pa-Lin'. 'Pa-Lin' is the things on which the crown of kings placed on it.
  • Chan Thar Gyi Pagoda - This is situated in the middle of the city where all the people in the town go to do good deeds.
  • Kin Chaung waterfall resort - In the rainy season plenty of water fall from the waterfall but the winter and summer is less water than rainy season.
  • Lake - Then there is a Lake at the center of the town where people do exerciseing and relaxation. Now government is planning to plant Cheery around the lake.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Htar Pwalmeans where people sell and buy gems can call gems market. This starts from 7 AM to 11 AM as a morning shift and start 2 Pm to 6 Pm as an evening shift. In the morning, people sell cheap gems around Ten thousand MMK but the evening market sell the expensive gems which cost about million. Note that People do not go there when it is raining.
    Htar Pwal

Eat[edit][add listing]

There is a night market in it. Noodle called "San-See" is the food of Moegoke also Tofu mixed with noodle. Regional foods such as 'sour rice', Mala Xiang guo, Steamed Mutard, Mustard soap, fried Khaw Pote, rice tofu, Monte Yay Par can also eat at night market of Moegoke.

Buy[edit][add listing]

People buy Moegoke tea leaf, Chin-so-ga after visiting at the day market.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Golden butterfly is the most popular Hotel.
  • Moegoke Hotel is also situated in the town.