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Messina [25] is in the northeast of Sicily, Italy. It is only 5 km across the Straits of Messina to the region of Calabria on the mainland.

Cathedral tower


While you are visiting Messina, think about how old is this city, where you are. Its long history begins in 757 BC. Because of its strategic importance, Messina was a place to be defend. Ancient Greek historians confirm, that the typical sickle form of San Raineri arm gave the name Zancle to the first Greek settlement of today's city of Messina. On the early morning of 28th December, 1908, the city was suffered by the terrible earthquake. This earthquake is considered one of the most catastrophic events of the 20th century. Damage caused the city had thousands of reasons. Disaster pushed out crowds of semi-dressed people into the dark, rain and confusion. Around were only huge piles of ruins, explosions and fires from the broken pipes. The damage was increased by the destroying waves of tsunami, which poured and swept the coastal area of the entire Strait of Messina and caused more victims. Retreating waves along the coast sucked everything it met on its way.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Messina is Sicily's link to the main Italian train network. Long distance trains from Rome and Naples cross the Straits of Messina by ferry and continue on to Palermo and Catania. Regular regional trains also run to Milazzo, Cefalu, Taormina and Syracuse.

By bus[edit]

Long-distance buses stop in Messina, linking Rome and Naples to Catania and Palermo. Regular buses also run to Taormina and Milazzo (for the Aeolian Islands).

By boat[edit]

There are at least hourly ferries to Villa San Giovanni on the mainland and also several hydrofoils each day to Reggio Calabria.

Some days, visitors arrive by cruise ships... most frequently in the summer season. Ships often berth right downtown, within an easy walk to a popular piazza, dominated by the clock tower (pictured), and which is served by many tour buses and a hop-on/hop-off double-decked bus offering a modest overview of the waterfront portion of the city.

Get around[edit]

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Castles, walls, towers and archeology sites[edit]

  • Castle Gonzaga (Forte Gonzaga), Via Montepiselli, 98124 Messina, +39 347 646 0615, [1]. It is irregular star shape castle with the bastions surrounded by a moat fortification of a 16th century overlooking Messina city. At the time it was built outside the city walls.  edit
  • Castle of the Santissimo Salvatore (Forte del Santissimo Salvatore also Castello del Santissimo Salvatore), 98122 Messina (Via San Raineri beginning or beginning of Zona falcata). It is 16th century fort in the port of Messina built on the peninsula and has oblong structure, where at the end is situated tower "Campana". On this tower stands a 6 meters high stele with the Madonna della Lettera, overlooking towards the city and blessing everybody passing by it.  edit
  • Citadel of Messina (Real Cittadella di Messina), 98122 Messina (opposite area to Molo Norimberga). The 17th century pentagonal star shape fortress was well defended due to the fact that it was surrounded by the water and in the south and north was reinforced by the bastions.  edit
  • Grazia Gate (Porta Grazia), Piazza Casa Pia, 98121 Messina (at the end of street Via Monsignor D'Arrigo). It is 17th century gate to the Ancient Citadel.  edit
  • Punta San Raineri Lighthouse, Via S. Raineri, 4, 98122 Messina (near Talassografico Institute). It was built in 1555.  edit
  • San Jachiddu castle (Fort San Jachiddu), Ecological Park, Via S. Jachiddu, 98152 Messina. It is located between the valleys of the Annunziata, San Licandro and Giostra-San Michele.  edit
  • San Raineri arm (formerly the island of San Giacinto). It is a sandy peninsula, that surrounds the historic port of the city of Messina. On this peninsula stand the ruins of the Citadel of Messina, Punta San Raineri Lighthouse, Castle of the Santissimo Salvatore and the stele with the Madonna della Lettera, patron saint of the city. Today it is for the most part military area. At its base is the Nuremberg Pier, named after the Nuremberg Bastion of the Real Citadel.  edit


  • Church of Saint Mary of the Announcement 'dei Catalani' (Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani o chiesa di Santa Maria Annunciata di Castello a Mare), Via G. Garibaldi, 111, 98122 Messina, [2]. It was built in late 12th–13th century. After the earthquake 1908 it was saved without the larger distructions. All façade and dome distinguishes by the series of blind arched columns, clearly reflecting the Arabic architectural influence. It has a cylindrical apse and a high dome emerging from a high drum.  edit
  • Church of Santa Maria degli Alemanni (Chiesa di Santa Maria Alemanna), Via Santa Maria Alemanna, 48, 98122 Messina. Church story dates back to the 13th century. It was several times destroyed by many reasons and its restoration was just recently completed. It is a rare example of pure Gothic architecture in Sicily, as it witnessed by the arched windows and shapely buttresses.  edit
  • Churches:. Chiesa di Sant' Elia, Chiesa di San Francesco dei Mercanti, Chiesa di San Francesco d' Assisi, Chiesa S. Giovanni di Malta, Chiesa di San Tommaso Apostolo il Vecchio, Chiesa della Madonna di Pompei.  edit
  • Holy Salvatore Cathedral church (Concattedrale del SS. Salvatore), Via S. Giovanni Bosco, 98122 Messina. It is home of the Archmandrite. It was rebuilt after the earthquake 1908 in two-floor rectangular shape and is characterized by a nave and two aisles cathedral. Inside the church is separated by Corinthian columns decorated by Baroque-style stuccos. Today the current building being a religious institution houses cinemas, gyms, oratories and schools.  edit
  • Madonna Shrine of Lourdes of Messina (Santuario della Madonna di Lourdes), Viale Regina Margherita, 39, 98121 Messina. It was rebuilt after the earthquake. Above the columned portal is situated a rose window of plate tracery framed by the arch rested on the columns. On the cut corners are displayed blinded windows, niches and also turrets at the top.  edit
  • Messina Cathedral or Proto-Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta (Protometropolitana Basilica Cattedrale), Piazza Duomo, 29, 98122 Messina. It was built in 12th century, but at the begining of 20th century almost entirely rebuilt. Cathedral was rebuilt to original Norman model, but with various additions from Renaissance and Baroque periods. The façade has three late Gothic portals. At the apex of the portal is the blessing figure of God, below Christ, Virgin and on both sides series of statues of saints with various representations of men, animals and plants. The interior plan is a nave and two aisles divided by rows of 28 columns. The four floors bell tower holds the Messina astronomical clock, one of the largest astronomical clocks in the world. In the belfry are situated mechanically-animated statues, what is a popular tourist attraction every day at noon.  edit
  • Montevergine church (Chiesa di Montevergine S. Eustochia Smeralda), Via XXIV Maggio, 161, 98122 Messina, Information for tourist and guided tours tel. +39 347 158 2641. Holy Mass from M-Sa 7:15. Visit the saint body Th 9:00-12:00/16:00-17:45 (follows Holy Mass 18:00). On Su 9:30-10:45 (follows Holy Mass 11:00). Access to this church starts from the spacy doubled flight of steps. The church façade is very simple. Portal is decorated by pilasters joined above by the broken pediment. The window with the balusters is surrounded by pilasters and curved pediment above, what in all this looks very atractive.  edit
  • Parish Sanctuary of St Mary of Montalto (Santuario Parrocchia S.Maria Di Montalto), Via Dina e Clarenza, 16, 98122 Messina. It was rebuilt after the earthquake. This Sanctuary distinguishes from the surrounding secular places by the many of its miracles. One of them to define the borders, where Sanctuary to build, helped a white dove, which traced in flight the place for church building.  edit
  • Sanctuary Basilica S. Antonio (Sanctuary Basilica S. Antonio), Via Santa Cecilia, 121, 98123 Messina. It guards the remains of St. Helena Maria di France. It was rebuilt on a previous sanctuary destroyed by the earthquake. The central part overlays the all façade, because of the reason that there was created image of building in the building. There is easy to fix two pediments, where from the upper pediment overlooks the Heart of Jesus. Below it is lined by an arched colonnade. Central portal is adorned by the composite columns with the broken pediment, where are situated rich stuccos and acroterion. The bronze statues of Saints Luke and Matthew are placed in the wall niches surrounded by pilasters and topped by triangular pediment. The three internal aisles and nave are completely frescoed and decorated with stuccos.  edit
  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Carmelo (Santuario Parrocchia di Santa Maria Del Carmine), Via Antonino Martino, 98123 Messina (near the Courthouse). It was rebuilt in 1931 and contains a 17th century statue of the Virgin Mary. The Baroque style octagonal church is richly decorated. The main arched portal is surrounded by the pilasters and different stuccos, above has the glassed tympanum and topped by broken pediment with the statue to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Inside it has a Greek cross with 6 side chapels and main altar dedicated to Our Lady of Carmel. It is decorated with polychrome marble and pink marble columns topped with carved capitals. The dome of the church has an octagonal form. Church bell tower is two floor, harmonized to the church and has an artistic base of the 18th century style. From the terrace you can enjoy to the views of the strait, many churches of Messina and the front of Calabria.  edit
  • Shrine of Christ the King (Sacrario di Cristo Re), Viale Principe Umberto, 98122 Messina. It was constructed in 1900 on the hill and in this way dominates over Messina. Shrine is crowned by an octagonal dome in Sicilian Baroque style. It houses crypt with a memorial to Italian soldiers. This theme is continued by the octagonal bell tower, when the bell chimes in memory of the fallen in all wars.  edit


  • Arena fountain (Fontana Arena), Largo Fontana Arena, 6, 98122 Messina. It represents a bronze statue of young boy pouring water from a glass vase in the shape of an amphora.  edit
  • Bios Fountain (Fontana Bios), Piazzale Batteria Masotto, 98121 Messina (at the Sea Walk). It was built in 2005. A rare example of modern art, which symbolizes the masculine and the feminine origin in the cycle of life and vital energy represented by the water.  edit
  • Falconieri fountain (Fontana Falconieri), Piazza Basicò, 98122 Messina. It was built in 19th century, created by Carlo Falconieri. It is placed on an octagonal base of two steps. Two Tier Classic fountain is decorated by mystical creatures of fishtailed man, dolphin, griffin and lion, which are placed on the pedestals at the outer part of the Arabesque pool. Behind the sea monstrous are placed white marble plates with floral motifs. The top of fountain ends by the decorative festoon.  edit
  • Four Fountains (Quattro Fontane). Only two elements of the four-cornered complex survive today. This decorative fountain is located at the corner of Via Cardines and Via I Settembre streets.  edit
  • Gennaro fountain (Fontana di Gennaro), Via XXIV Maggio, 19, 98122 Messina. It was built in 16th century. It is a statue of a young Aquarius, who seats on the Earth globe, that represents the world surrounded by the Zodiac belt. Young naked man is holding two amphorae in his hands.  edit
  • Neptune Fountain (Fontana di Nettuno), Via G. Garibaldi, 98122 Messina (Piazza Unità d'Italia). The powerful figure of Neptune appears atop the fountain over the two sea monsters sculptures. It was built in 16th century.  edit
  • Orion Fountain (Fontana d'Orione), Piazza Duomo, 98122 Messina. It is created in 16th century for the celebration of the city's first aqueduct. This monumental fountain represents four rivers: the Nile, Tiber, Ebro and Canaro. The pyramid-shaped fountain is crowned by Orion, mythical founder of Messina.  edit
  • Pine Fountain (Fontana della pigna), Piazza Seguenza, 98122 Messina. 18th century style wall fountain with masculine head, above which is topped an urn decorated with human figures and a large pine cone, from which derives its name. By the sides of water pool are lying lions on their pedestals. The fountain is framed by pilasters, which above become the columns topping the pheasants.  edit
  • Republic Square Fountain (Fontana di Piazza Repubblica), Piazza della Repubblica, 98122 Messina. It is a pool fountain pressing the water through the jet spray ring and the foam jet in the center.  edit
  • Senatoria Fountain (Fontana Senatoria), Via Consolato del Mare, 35, 98122 Messina. It was built in 17th century. Fountain is a circular pool with a spray ring and a marble single tier bowl with geyser above, decorated by the moldings, bands, beads and leaf motifs.  edit


  • Annibale Maria di Francia Statue (Statua al Santo Annibale Maria di Francia), Piazza Annibale Maria di Francia, 98123 Messina (Convergence of Via Antonino Martino and Via Cesare Battisti). It consists of a bronze statue on a marble base opened in 1968. The work depicts the Holy Annibal Mary of France, who was Apostle of the Prayer for Vocations and Father of the orphans and the poor.  edit
  • Carlo di Borbon Statue (Statua di Carlo di Borbone), Via I Settembre, 29, 98122 Messina. The Statue of Charles III was settled in 1860, later was rescued from the demolition and sheltered in the museum. Only in 1973 the Statue was returned to the city and placed on its original socle in Piazza Cavallotti. The bronze statue placed on the cylindrical pedestal decorated with festoons in Neoclassical style. Statue of the young sovereign in regal clothes is rich in details.  edit
  • Ferdinand II of Bourbon Statue (Statua di Ferdinando II di Borbone), Via G. Garibaldi, 265, 98122 Messina (Largo dei Marinai Russi). The king had been welcomed by the people for high hopes and great works. Bronze monument, more than three meters high, was carved in 1839, but later was destroyed and redone in a similar copy, where king was depicted in his ceremonial dress.  edit
  • Gaetano Martino Statue (Statua di Gaetano Martino), Via Consolato del Mare, 13, 98122 Messina (Intersection Via Consolato del Mare and Via Garibaldi). It is located in adjacent to the European Union square, in a small square named after the same Gaetano Martino. It was inaugurated on 2000 on the occasion of the anniversary of this politician birth.  edit
  • Giuseppe Natoli Monument (Monumento a Giuseppe Natoli), Cimitero Monumentale di Messina, Via Catania, 120, 98124 Messina. The monument of the patriot Giuseppe Natoli, who died in Messina in 1880, was erected more than three meters high on the Hungarian mound, in the monumental cemetery of Messina, also called the Great Cemetery, which is more like a public park nor a graveyard.  edit
  • Immaculate Conception Statue (Statua dell'Immacolata Concezione), Via Cristoforo Colombo, 2, 98122 Messina. A white marble sculpture placed on a high socle on the small square on the side of the Cathedral.  edit
  • Messina Statue (Statua di Messina), Largo Giacomo Minutoli, 98122 Messina. Statue was restored in 2002. It depicts the City grateful act to Giuseppe Natoli, who in 1848 returned Messina the rights of Porto Franco suppressed sixty years earlier by the Bourbons.  edit
  • Monument to Giovanni Paolo II (Monumento a Papa Giovanni Paolo II), Via Dina e Clarenza, 14, 98122 Messina. The bronze monument and stela were built in 1988 in the memory of the coming Pope John Paul II to Messina.  edit
  • Monument to the Fallen (Monumento ai caduti), Via Consolato del Mare, 25, 98122 Messina. It is located on the square European Union. On the pedestal, in front of a stele are the imposing bronze group depicting an airman, sailor and footman.  edit
  • Puparo house or Cammarata House (Casa del Cavaliere Cammarata), Via Maregrosso, 20, 98124 Messina. It is a monumental house of Cavalier Giovanni Cammarata, a retired bricklayer, who in the early 1970s began creation of the greatest examples of contemporary art with imaginative sculptures and decorations.  edit
  • Queen Helena Statue (Statua della Regina Elena), Via Maddalena, Messina (Largo Seggiola). The monument to Queen Helena of Montenegro inaugurated in 1960 in memory of her demanding work of welfare carried out after earthquake in 1909. It rises on a marble pedestal, where on the four sides of the socle, bronze bas-reliefs display to the humble work and generous prodigy of the queen with the Messina inhabitants.  edit
  • Statue of Don Giovanni of Austria (Statua di Don Giovanni d'Austria), Via Lepanto, 7, 98122 Messina. This monument is erected on the occasion of the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.  edit


  • Annibale di Francia Museum (Museo Annibale di Francia), Quartiere Avignone, Via Santa Cecilia, 121, 98123 Messina (Intersection of St. Cecilia Street and Cesare Battisti Street), [3]. It is built between the Sanctuary Basilica S. Antonio and the adjoining Institute. The museum reproduces the "Avignon" district and the role of actions of the Messinian Saint Annibale Maria di France.  edit
  • Aquarium (Acquario Comunale), Corso Cavour, 250, 98122 Messina, +39 090 488 97 (), [4]. The aquarium houses in 22 Mediterranean tanks and 8 aquariums, that reproduce aquatic environment of the world with about 100 fish species.  edit
  • Art Gallery Vega - Quasimodo Archive (Galleria d'arte Vega), Via XXIV May, 133, 98122 Messina, +39 090 776 1217 (), [5]. In a permanent exhibition are displayed manuscripts, documents, photographs, publications, honors from the Quasimodo Archive. The exhibition aimed at the main aspects of the life and works of Salvatore Quasimodo, where some significant works of the poet are exhibited. Along with the important artistic heritage there are numerous photographs, autographs and illustrations.  edit
  • Cathedral Treasure (Protometropolitana Basilica Cattedrale), Piazza Duomo, 29, 98122 Messina. There is a rich collection of precious subjects of worship belonging to the Cathedral since the Middle Ages, mostly silverware by the renowned Messinian goldsmith school.  edit
  • Interdisciplinary Regional Museum of Messina (MUME) (Museo Interdisciplinare Regionale), Viale della Libertà, 465, 98121 Messina, +39 090 361 292, [6]. Art museum with artifacts from the 12th century.  edit
  • Palatine Chapel of St. John of Malta church treasures (Chiesa S. Giovanni di Malta - S. Placido e Compagni Martiri), Via S. Giovanni di Malta, 2, 98122 Messina. It houses items of sacred art as the silverware and goldsmithing works and the liturgical vestments in silk. Also, there are the tombs of St. Placido, St. Martin and Francesco Maurolico with their frescoes and the crucifix.  edit
  • Provincial Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Lucio Barbera), Città Metropolitana di Palazzo degli Uffici, Via XXIV Maggio, 98122 Messina (located at the headquarters of the Regional Province of Messina with entrance from Via XXIV May), +39 090 776 1217, [7]. Opened in 1998, the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art displays works of well-known artists.  edit

Palaces and villas[edit]

  • Coppedè Palace (Palazzetto Coppedè), Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 98122 Messina (Triangular of streets Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Via Cratemene, Via Cardines). Building stands on the convergence of streets, so for this reason has a rounded corner with the balconies and an arched loggia. It is decorated with large or mullioned windows and regular elements depicting crabs, patterns, masks and zoomorphic gargoyles.  edit
  • Magaudda palace (Palazzo Magaudda), 98122 Messina. It is located at the end of via C. Battisti next to the Catalan church. It has a cut corner with balconies and arched windows decorated by rectangular stone details or floral motifs.  edit
  • Monte di Pietà palace (Palazzo del Monte di Pietà), Via XXIV Maggio, 98122 Messina. It was built in 18th century. Beautiful façade was conceived by its stone portal with broken pediment and a marble plaque above and more higher situated a baroque balcony. Windows with triangular pediment alternate with niches to complete the façade. The main portal is accessible by stairs. This palace is often used to host cultural events.  edit
  • Palaces:. Archbishop's Palace (Curia Arcivescovile), Via G. Garibaldi, 67, 98122 Messina; Calapaj-d'Alcontres palace (Palazzo Calapaj-d'Alcontres) (corner of streets Via Lepanto and Strada S.Giacomo); Cerruti – Bisazza palace (Palazzo Cerruti – Bisazza), Via Lepanto, 1, 98122 Messina; Culture Palace or Palaculture (Palazzo della Cultura di Messina), Viale Boccetta, 343, 98122 Messina; Government Palace (Palazzo del Governo Messina), Piazza dell' Unità d' Italia, 98122 Messina; Palace of the Savings Bank (Palazzo della Banca Commerciale Italiana Messina), Viale S. Martino, 98122 Messina.  edit
  • Piacentini palace (Palazzo Piacentini), Via T. Cannizzaro, 98123 Messina (Court of Messina). This yellow-ochre stone palace is located in Piazza Maurolico and was built in 1927. It consists of three buildings connected by tunnels, that connect the three large ground halls of invitation. The façade highlights by the large quadriga conducted by the goddess Minerva, in bronze and aluminum alloy.  edit
  • Provincial Palace or Lion's Palace (Palazzo Dei Leoni - Città metropolitana Di Messina), Corso Cavour, 98122 Messina. It was built in 1915. The façade displays large windows surrounded by columns, pilasters and balustrade. The building has two perspectives: from the side of Corso Cavour opens the entrance of representation preceded by a porch; on the square Antonello the façade is also with portico and the ground floor follows the curve of the square on which it overlooks. The interior is decorated by the caryatids and shiny stucco and the painted panels above the large windows.  edit
  • Tremi Palace or Gallo palace (Palazzo Tremi - Palazzo del Gallo), Via Centonze, 215, 98123 Messina. It is built in the Eclectic style in 1913. The ground floor dominates by grooved pilasters with decorations, the first floor very richly dominates by coupled pilasters and different decorations, the upper floors are much simpler in details and decorations. On the all walls of the palace the detailed décor, paintings and stuccos remain predominant.  edit
  • Villa Mazzini, 98122 Messina (Intersection Via Concezione and Via S. Giovanni di Malta). Villa original name is "Flora”. It is rich in Mediterranean and exotic vegetation around. Inside of villa is situated Aquarium of Messina and an aviary with the exotic birds. Villa is one of the favorite places of Messinians.  edit
  • Vittorio Emanuele III Gallery (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele III), Piazza Antonello, 13, 98122 Messina. Three parts of the Gallery are configured into the shape of the letter Y. The 3 floor palace façade is slightly curved to complete forms of Piazza Antonello. All building decorated by columns and balustrades. The central part contains a large arch, that marks the access to the Gallery. Inside Gallery is richly decorated with beautiful stucco and a black and white mosaic floor.  edit
  • Zanca Palace (Palazzo Zanca), Via S. Camillo, 110, 98122 Messina. It is the seat of the City Hall on the square of the European Union, rebuilt in 1924. On the neoclassical façade are richly decorated pilasters, framed by the triangular pediment Queen of Peloro with the trident and two sirens meets palace visitors from above. Also, here, you can see some sculptures as symbols of the city and memorial of the city of most important events. In the Via San Camillo are placed two bas-reliefs with Sicilian Vespers Dina and Clarenza, while on the opposite side, in Via Consolato del Mare, there is a porticoed entrance with in front located the Senatoria Fountain. The backside overlooks Corso Cavour and Piazza Antonello with a porch adorned by bas-reliefs.  edit


  • University Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico di Messina), Viale Principe Umberto, 1, 98122 Messina. In the garden grow plants from the various parts of the world.  edit
  • Villa Castronovo, Via Duca D'Aosta, 328, 98121 Messina (at the Castronovo Square). It is the starting point of the famous procession of Vara di Messina on 15 August.  edit
  • Villa comunale Albert Sabin, Capolinea Nord del Tram, 98121 Messina (At the end of Avenue of Liberty). It is large green space overlooking the Strait.  edit
  • Villa Dante, Via S. Cosimo, 98124 Messina (In front of the Monumental cemetery). This park is the real green lungs of Messina, made in the seventies. It also includes a large outdoor entertainment arena (auditorium), a swimming pool, a recreation center for the elderly, soccer fields and numerous play spaces for the children.  edit
  • Villa Giuseppe Garibaldi, (located in front of the villa Mazzini). It is tree-lined area with pines. On the site is the statue of Ferdinand II of Bourbon and monument to the Heroic Russian Sailors.  edit

Streets and squares[edit]

  • Antonello square (Piazza Antonello). It is round square, which on the one corner locates Lion's Palace on others Vittorio Emanuele III Gallery, City hall and University.  edit
  • Cairoli Square (Piazza Cairoli). The square is lined with trees and equiped with benches, where you can sit down and relax and watch people passing by. The square is dedicated to the Cairoli brothers, heroes of the Italian Risorgimento. Also this square has big concentration of shops, restaurants and other interesting spots in this area.  edit
  • Duomo square (Piazza Duomo). The admiration of this square are Orion fountain, bell tower and the Norman Cathedral. At the corner it borders with another square Piazza Immacolata di Marmo laying at the side of Duomo.  edit
  • Francesco Lo Sardo square (Piazza Francesco Lo Sardo). It is also known as the People's Square (piazza Popolo). Today this circuliar spacious square changes its face in public, social and marketing aspects. It has infusion of many streets, but only two cross it with no right for car traffic. Square with the aisles of green trees is all lined around to make more order here.  edit
  • Messina coastline. If you want to watch big cruise ships, busy port, the strait or panorama of the gulf scroll along the coastline streets: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, Viale della Libertà or Via Consolare Pompea. From Zona Falcata are the best panoramic views on Messina coastline and all city itself.  edit
  • Port of Messina. Port, maintaining its natural form, is the widest berth in Sicily. Today, it is a refueling and supplying station to the sea cruise vessels. The city has been known for centuries as the doorway to Sicily and its vitality now depends largely on tourists visiting not only Messina, but the entire Island.  edit
  • Republic square (Piazza Della Repubblica). It situates the bus station, from where you can get buses going to several destinations in and around the city of Messina. Having a free minute you can relax there at the circular fountain.  edit
  • Viale San Martino. It is one of the main shopping streets, where you can visit a lot of interesting designer shops and prestigious salons. People come here for exclusive outfits and accessories from famous Italian designers.  edit
  • Zona Falcata. This area is an activity zone, where most of the commercial shipping trade takes place. Large cargo ships, tankers and cruise ships are continually entering and leaving the port. The goods also continually are moving from place to place. If you move along the main street of peninsular Via S. Ranieri, you will eventually reach ornated lighthouse and the edge of the port, where Madonna della Lettera stands.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Messina events, [8].  edit
  • Vara di Messina. It is a large votive chariot dedicated to Our Lady Assumption carried in the procession on August 15th of each year.  edit
  • Vittorio Emanuele Theater (Teatro Vittorio Emanuele), Via G. Garibaldi, 98122 Messina, +39 090 240 8800, [9]. It was built in 19th century in Neoclassical style. The theater is characterized by a portico at the entrance with three arches and above it there is a wonderful marble sculpture, which represents "Time that discovers the Truth and Messina". Building is rich in decorations, sculptures and bas-reliefs, which represent the scene of the life of Hercules and the portraits of sixteen dramatic and famous musicians.  edit
  • Walk at sea. It is the long waterfront from the Viale Boccetta to the Viale Giostra.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Most of the popular souvenir shops can be found near the main squares.

  • ARD Discount, Via, Largo Seggiola, 46, 98100 Messina, +39 090 896 1053, [10]. Discount supermarket  edit
  • Bottega Sicula, Via dei Mille, 184, 98123 Messina. It is the most unusual souvenir shop, which is often visited by tourists as a museum.  edit
  • Centro Commerciale Tremestieri, Strada Statale 114, Km 6.200, 98128 Messina, +39 090 625 8977 (), [11]. Shopping mall outside the city.  edit
  • Moai Tiki, Via Risorgimento, 178, 98123 Messina. There is possible to buy unusual souvenirs.  edit
  • Sidis 3.0, Via Santa Cecilia, 158, 98123 Messina, +39 090 635 468 (), [12]. Shopping mall  edit
  • THUN Shop Messina, Viale San Martino, Messina, +39 090 293 1165, [13]. Novelty store  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Messina has a lot of options for good food and drinks. The city has plenty of restaurants, bars and cafés, serving a variety of cuisines.

  • Agorà, Via Mario Giurba, 29, 98123 Messina, +39 090 640 9781, [14]. Pizzeria Restaurant  edit
  • Al Gattopardo, Via Santa Cecilia, 184, 98123 Messina, +39 090 673 076, [15]. Restaurant  edit
  • Bacco, Via Cernaia, 15, 98123 Messina, +39 090 738 8260. Seafood Restaurant  edit
  • Capitano, Via Marco Polo, 439, 98125 Messina, +39 090 632 869, [16]. The best pizza in town is Pizza Capitano just off Piazza Cairoli. Its also excellent value and is always busy especially during the Series of football matches, when the atmosphere reaches fever pitch.  edit
  • Cicala Messina, Via Placida, 114, 98121 Messina, +39 090 371 7254 (), [17]. Pizzeria  edit
  • Fratelli La Bufala, Via Vittorio Emanuele II, Messina, +39 090 662 513, [18]. Restaurant  edit
  • L'Orso, Via Pasquale Calapso, 12, 98121 Messina, +39 090 957 3101 (), [19]. Pizzeria Restaurant  edit
  • Perissa, Via, +39 340 368 3693, [20]. Restaurant  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Bar Caffetteria '73, Via Giuseppe la Farina, Messina, +39 090 693 619. Bar  edit
  • Bond, Via Ugo Bassi, 50, 98123 Messina, +39 090 957 8782. Bar  edit
  • Cafè sur la ville, Viale Regina Margherita, Messina, +39 090 511 69. Cafè  edit
  • Irrera Antonino, Viale Boccetta, 4, 98122 Messina, +39 090 344 209. Bar  edit
  • Nice Recupero, Piazza Vittoria, 98121 Messina. Bar  edit
  • Torino, Corso Cavour, 153, 98122 Messina, [21]. Bar  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • [26] Flats with different sizes all provided with kitchen fridge and washing machine for a simple but good stay, they are located in the north part of the city, perfect for spending your holiday.


  • La Residenza Hotel Messina, Via XXVII Luglio 115 Messina, +39 090 77631, [22]. Double €100-€200 Single: N/A.  edit
  • Hotel il Mulino, Via A. Doria, 46, Capo D'Orlando, Ph. +39.0941.902431 Fax +39.0941.911614 [27]. Among the hotels in Capo d'Orlando, the Hotel Il Mulino boasts a privileged position: overlooking the sea on the beautiful sandy beach in the centre. The hotel is about 200 meters from the pedestrian area and about 300 meters from the train station.
  • Liberty Hotel, Via I Settembre, 15, Tel.: + 39 090 6409436, Fax: + 39 090 6409340 [28]. Situated in the heart of Messina, NH Liberty, built in 1930, and newly renovated. It's position makes it ideal for business stays as well as holidays. There is another NH hotel in Messina [29] if this one is full.
  • Il Parco degli Ulivi, Contrada Romeo, Villafranca Tirrena, +39 090.3379529 (, fax: +39 090.3379528), [23].  edit
  • Tourist Village Capo Calavà, C.da Capo Calavà, Gioiosa Marea, Ph. +39.0941.302501 Fax +39.0941.301188[30]. Directly on the beach and in the heart of a verdant park with a piano bar, discotheque, miniclub, restaurant, wellness center, business center, and 280 comfortable rooms. Prices start from 420€ per week.


  • Hilton Hotel Portarosa Messina – Complesso Turistico Portorosa, Furnari. [31]. Telephone +39 0941 802 500 • Fax +39 0941 802 555. Luxury four star hotel outside the city with private beach, spa centre, windsurfing and sailing class, plus a Congress Centre for the ideal business meeting just a two steps away from the Sicilian Sea.
  • Hotel Royal Palace In the heart of the commercial centre, 200 meters far from the station. The restaurant "Lo Scrigno" offers a refined service and the best dishes of the cuisine of Messina and Sicily and selected specialties of the National cuisine as well.
  • Grand Avalon Sikani Resort & Residence Sicily, Contrada Licari, Goioiosa Marea, +39 0941 301100, [24]. Features 119 guest and family rooms wit sea view of the Aeolian Islands. Private beach. Located in the Northern Coast of Sicily (Goioiosa Marea) very near Messina. Facilities: A/C, infinity swimming pool, sea-view solarium, running center, spa & wellnes center, banquet facilities, conference centre.  edit
  • Villa Luca Messina – Contrada Muti 1, Sant'Agata Militello. [32]. Telephone +39 0941 702394• Fax +39 0941 701383. Relaxing country house located on the edge of Messina, immerse in a fantastic green area with a swimming pool. The Villa Luca offers 12 guest rooms, one for disables, with private bath and breakfast included. Double and twin rooms €65; triple and family 92.

Get out[edit]

  • Cambria Zoological Museum. (Museo Zoologico Cambrìa), Località Case Sperone, 31, 98166 Messina. Tel.+39 090 392 721 [33] The "Cambria" zoological museum is in the premises of the University of Messina, in the northern part of the city. Museum preserves rich collections of vertebrates, insects and mollusks, with particular attention to the fauna of the Strait of Messina.
  • Torre Faro. The former electricity pylon over Messina Strait. It is a 224 metres tall lattice tower, which is today an observation tower with an observation platform on 200 metres. Unfortunately you have to walk 1250 steps up and down, but the great view on the huge structure and the good view over Messina Strait is surely worth it! [34]
  • Pylon. Via Fortino, 31, 98164 Messina. It was built at the Capo Peloro in 1957 together with a twin located across the Strait of Messina, to carry a 220 kV power line bringing electric power to the island. Pylon still stands as a tourist attraction.
  • Museum of Culture and Popular Music of the Peloritians. (Museo della Cultura e Musica popolare dei Peloritani), Via Basiliani, 98153 Gesso. +39 338 856 5063 [email protected] [35]. It is located 12 km from Messina. Open every Sunday or during the week by reservation. Being unique in Sicily it displays different things: video, hypertexts, digital listening, animation with traditional players and singers, literary, photographic, iconic, didactic and educational supports also musical instruments of the Peloritan tradition.
  • Castle Cavalli. (Forte Cavalli) 98129 Messina. It is situated on Monte Gallo overlooking the city with a great view of Strait. Now it is home to the Historical Museum [36].
  • Novara di Sicilia - Located in the province of Messina on the northern side of Mt. Etna, this picturesque medieval town is nestled in the mountains overlooking ancient Tyndaris and Abacaenum. It is the archetype of a typical medieval town, with its friendly and accommodating people who speak a distinctive dialect.
  • Milazzo Castle.
  • Mount Etna - Europe's highest active volcano
  • Taormina - charming hillside town and one of Sicily's main tourist resorts

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