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勐腊 Meng La (Pronounce more like, “mon-lah“ or "muon-lah") is a city in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture 西双版纳傣族自治州 in Yunnan Province 云南省. It's 52km from China-Laos border Mohan.


Get in[edit]

Buses from Jinghong usually take around 2.5 to 3 hours. Buses leave Jinghong between 7AM and 6PM and cost ¥42 (April 2012).

This is the first big town/city for travelers arriving from Laos. Buses from Luang Namtha in Laos take around 4 hours. You will usually need at least an hour at the Chinese/Laos border to deal with visa issues etc.

It would be wise to have some local currency before-hand. There is a Laotian bank about 800m from the border on the Laotian side that exchanges Laotian Kip to RMB at normal rates, but the Luang Namtha bus does not stop there. The ladies who convert Kip around the Chinese border don't give a good rate, Banks in Mengla exchange currency at market rates. There are many banks that accept international ATM cards such as China Construction Bank and Bank of China.

When you arrive by bus you may be taken to a depot. There is a ticketing station across the road, perhaps 200m north.

Get around[edit]

There are taxis and tuk-tuks that will take you around town for 6 yuan. The local busses cost 2 yuan.

See[edit][add listing]

Mengla is the southern gateway to Xishuangbanna, surrounded by untouched rainforest good for trekking. Local Dai ethnic villages are within 10 km of the town that are untouched by commercial tourism if you have the time and are not in a hurry to leave they are worth visiting. New Bupan Aerial Skyway Park. The park gets its name from the skyway in the clouds attraction. Visitors literally walk through the canopy of the key rainforest species, Paraforestea, a tall, straight-trunked tree... You walk supported by cable-supported rope transoms that permit you to step along among the higher branches of the forest. It gives you a new perspective on the rainforest. Overall the park is easily accessed, clean and unique. Yiwu,The Hometown Of Pu'er Tea Yiwu Town is situated in the north of Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture. It is the hometown of Pu’er Tea as well as the starting point of the Ancient Tea-Horse Trail (Road). In old times, Yiwu was known as a commercial city. It serves as the linkage between China and Laos and an important gateway to the Southeast Asia.

Do[edit][add listing]

Mengla is a fast growing border area town. There are several markets in the morning that run parallel behind the main streets. The place is quite surreal so you might be interested in simply walking around the place for a couple of hours.

Tours – Village visits/overnight stays and trekking trips to pristine rainforest are available with the local guide, Peter Lee – +86-186-0881-1499 – Very friendly, fluent English. You can find him at Coco Café these days, his new restaurant/café. When you exit the south bus station, walk 50 meters to the left and the café is on your left side. If you're lucky, Peter even invites you for lunch with his friends!

Buy[edit][add listing]

There are at least two well stocked supermarkets in town. If you are in need of a Chinese SIM card there are several China Mobile and China Unicom outlets. Locally made items are also available at reasonable prices if your bargaining skills are good.

Eat[edit][add listing]

There are some restaurants in the main shopping area in town. The restaurants all sell Yunnan and typical Chinese dishes but don't expect a very high standard. Meals should cost around 30-40 Yuan per person.

  • Bing Dao Dan Gao 冰岛 蛋糕 (Pastry shop), Cheng Zheng Jie (城正街) (right by the small central park). The shop is located right in the heart of the city, by the city's central park. They have sitting area and free WiFi. It’s a nice place to have a cup of coffee and a cake and surf on Internet. It’s very nice location. The young salesgirls don’t speak English, but customers might do there. Pastries: Cakes (1 piece):¥12~¥15, Simple Rolls and Flavored Breads:¥5, Banana Rolls, Lemmon Rolls, Chocolate Danish:¥7, Red Bean Rolls:¥4.50, Custard Pudding, Custard Tarts:¥3.50, Sicilian Pizza (1 slice):¥9, …etc. Café section: Most of the drinks are ¥8, the cheapest drink is Lemonade (lemon juice) ¥6. Coffee:¥12~¥15, Variety of Tea (many flavors):¥8~¥10, Fruit Juices:¥10. They have Italian Gelato ice-creams too, 3 scoops: ¥10. (Dec. 2014)  edit
  • Crown Cake (Pastry Shop), (5~6 min walk up north from Bing Dao Dan Gao, on the same side of the road.). Has a mezzanine eating space. Cakes here are a bit cheaper than Bing Dao Dan Gao, listed above. But no WiFi available. It’s OK place, if you just wanna eat cakes and drink coffee. (Dec. 2014)  edit

MuNuoNa nan : Next to DICO's (Jindu trade city) on the ride side, near to the river you can find a nice restaurant. The name is in Chinese but you can recognise because the letters of the sign are white in a red background and is decorated with bamboo. There you can eat Yunnan and local specialities like beef warped with bamboo, crayfish, lettuce package fish and other elaborated traditional meals. The price of a dish is between 30 to 80 Yuan.

There is a splendid noodle restaurant on the right side, 10 shops south of the north bus station ticket office. Here noodles are made right in front of you when you order them. A meal is 7 to 14 Yuan, you might even get a discount if you ask for the meat to be excluded. Staff is helpful and friendly.

There is also a night market, only 2 blocks from the new (south) bus station.

Drink[edit][add listing]

There is a new developed bar area down by the river close to the centre of town, behind the DICO’s chicken western food outlet.

METOO: A good sized bar, with live music from 9pm, dance floor, not to loud and a good place to mix with locals.

The Wine Barrel Bar: As you walk towards dico’s turn right, large wine barrel above the entrance. This small bar serves cold beer, and is a relaxing place to sit and have a drink with its water feature and fish pond.

Coco Cafe: Probably one of the few cafes where they speak some English. Peter, the own, speaks English very, very well and always willing to help out with your travelquestions. He sells nice beer at a pretty decent place and wifi is free. He's not always there though but they have and English menu so you should be fine.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are many types of hotels to choose from in Meng La, from dirt cheap hotels to luxury 5 star hotels. The cheapest rooms I found was ¥20 in 住宿 and 旅社, but these places are not suitable for non-Chinese-speaking foreigners. And many times these types of hotels offer you very dirty filthy rooms you don‘t even wanna walk into. For non-Chinese-speaking foreigners, I would recommend to stay at 宾馆(bīnguǎn) or 酒店(jiǔdiàn) type of hotels. It’s more expensive, but you would have more comfortable and much nicer sleep for sure. The hotels listed below are located in central part of town. I listed only reasonable and acceptable places for foreign travellers. The hotels listed below all have attached bathrooms in the rooms. (Dec. 2014)

  • Xin Yun Hotel 新云 宾馆 (xin yun bin guan), 117 Cheng Nan Lu (城南路 117号) (It’s about 2km from the South Bus Station, right next to the Police Station in the city center, on the main road.), 8139167. This small hotel opened about 10 years ago, run by two friendly Chinese sisters. The younger sister is eager to learn English, but neither of them speak English. But they try to help you with whatever you ask. The younger sister asked me to teach her English. If you stay here, please teach her some English. The room is basic, and clean enough for the price. If you are taking a single room, take the one on the 5th Fl., it’s bigger and better than the lower floor singles. Double/Twin rooms are better on the lower floors. (Dec. 2014) Singles: ¥30, Double/Twins: ¥50.  edit
  • Hi La Hotel 海腊 宾馆 (hi la bin guan), 6 Cheng Nan Lu (城南路 6号) (It’s a few minutes walk to the north from Xin Yun Hotel listed above, on the same side of the street.), 8123688. This middle class hotel opened in 2001, but it doesn‘t look that old. It’s centrally located. It has a nice sitting area at the lobby. The rooms are nice and clean. But the room rate is a little bit over priced. The receptionists don’t speak English. There is a tennis court. Free WiFi. (Dec. 2014) Rooms (All Doubles/Twins): ¥120.  edit
  • Tian Yi Hotel 天奕 大酒店 (tian yi da jiu dian), 93 Cheng Bei Lu (城北路 93号), 81229202. It’s located right in front of the Central Market, on the main road. If you like wondering around the market, you would love to stay here. Going out from the back door, you’ll be standing in the market already. The rooms are simple and clean enough. There’s no WiFi, but there are computers in the rooms with Internet connection, if you choose those rooms. The receptionists don’t speak English. (Dec. 2014) Doubles/Twins (without computer): ¥60, Double/Twins (with computer): ¥80.  edit
  • Xiao Gan Hotel 孝感 宾馆 (Xiao gan bin guan), Cheng Bei Lu (城北路) (It’s across the road from Tian Yi Hotel listed above, on the corner.), 18988117650. This hotel has a lot of rooms, but the room size is smaller than other hotels, and you pay the same or more. The rooms are nice and clean, but again smaller. The 4th Fl. rooms have better WiFi reception. Free WiFi, but very slow connection. The lady at the reception is very friendly. She is eager to learn English, but so far no luck. She can count numbers though. You can teach her English. (Dec. 2014) Doubles/Twins: ¥70.  edit
  • Yi Jia Hotel 忆佳 宾馆 (yi jia bin guan), Cheng Bei Lu (城北路) (A few minutes walk to the north from Tian Yi Hotel on the same side of the street.), (0691) 8121887. This hotel, it looks a bit dodgy from outside, but the rooms are OK for the price. I’ve visited more than ten hotels in Mengla central area, and this hotel has the cheapest free WiFi option. If you are on a tight budget and still need WiFi. This is it. The ground floor twin rooms cost ¥40, and you still get free WiFi in the room. But the attached bathrooms are kind of dingy and squalid. Free Parking space. The receptionists don’t speak English. Though they are nice. (Dec. 2014) Rooms (All Twins): ¥50 (The Ground Fl. Twins without TV: ¥40 ).  edit
  • Jin Xiu Hotel 锦绣 大酒店 (jin xiu da jiu dian), 62 Cheng Zheng Jie (城正街 62号), (86) 691-8128688. This hotel is located right in the heart of the city and is one of the oldest deluxe hotel in Meng La. Though you can stay at standard twin just for ¥138. I don’t see much difference between Standard, Deluxe and Presidential rooms, so I don’t know why the Deluxe and the Presidential rooms are a lot more expensive than the Standards. There are Chinese & Western Restaurant on the ground floor. The 9th Fl. is a total Non-Smoking floor. Breakfast is served between 7am and 9am. Free WiFi only at the lobby. Surprisingly, the receptionists don’t speak English. (Dec. 2014) Standard Twin: ¥138, Deluxe Rooms: ¥500, Presidential Suite: ¥780.  edit

Some options are: Jin Qiao Hotel (金桥大酒店): Right inside the north bus station with good rooms. Rooms go for ¥60 with A/C or ¥40 for fan rooms; larger rooms with telephone are ¥80. Free domestic calls can be made at the reception and third floor.

Na La Bin Guan: Is a good option, quite clean with A/C for ¥40. The rooms are quite large with an area for washing and hanging clothes, closer to the shops, restaurants and bar area of town. Turn right as you leave the north bus station, and it is about 1 km down towards the centre of town (5 Yuan taxi fare) turn left at the Spider King shop and it is located 10-15m on the left.

Cheaper, as you leave the north bus station and turn right, walk approx 50 meters and there is a guest house on the right hand side near the Forest Cafe. This place has no English name but is a pretty run down establishment. They have rooms for around 20/25 Yuan per night.

  • 安达宾馆 (Anda Binguan), Mengla Bei Lu 勐腊北路 (more or less diagonally across from the Continental tyre store). 50元 for a very clean, single room with computer and wired internet is an absolute bargain. Friendly service but Chinese speaking only. 50.

Again, there are many, many places to stay. The highest concentration is on the main street between the main shopping square (where Dico's is) and the north bus station. Just look for places with 宾馆 in the name, though a few of the cheapies use the characters 旅社 instead. Nicer places use the characters 酒店. Also look for signs on the sidewalk saying 住宿登记 (lodging registration) and 今日有房 (rooms available).


The best contact in town is the local guide, Peter Lee – 18608811499 – a fluent English speaker he can offer advice on places to stay, eat and drink. As you get off the bus in Mengla (at the NEW bus station!) walk 50 meters to the left and his cafe, Coco cafe, should be on your left side).

In front of the bus station there is also a helpful man who will exchange money and also offer advice on accommodation, help you with directions and even offer his daughter to you (if you are single, male and western). He obviously takes a commission from places so be very specific about what you want and how much you want to pay. His exchange rates are poor but if you are in need of some Laos Kip just to be safe, it is worth exchanging some euros/dollars/Thai baht or anything else if you need to. He has a very wide range of currencies and is keen to show them off. His exchange rate 4th of September 2011 was ¥1 to 1200 Laos Kip (Forex exchange rate same date: 1 to 1258). His English is also pretty good compared to most locals.

Stay safe[edit]

Get out[edit]

There used be two bus stations (The North and The South) in Meng La. But about a year ago they opened up a brand new South Bus Station in the town (At a new location, 2km south of the town center), since then they close down the North Bus Station and the old South Bus Station, now there is only one bus station in Meng La. So all the buses now, from/to the north or the south, arrive and leave from this new South Bus Station. So don’t get confused by the old information, you‘ll be arriving in this new bus station, 2km from the town center.

From the new South Bus Station to the town center. You can walk: it’s an easy 30min walk, if you are fit. Take a local bus: The bus fare is ¥2 (7~10min. Depends on the traffic).

(Dec. 2014)

From the New South Bus Station 南站

  • To Kunming 昆明 (632km), Fare: ¥252 (A/C Bus)

Departure: 9:00, 18:00, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30

  • To Jinghong 景洪 (128km), Fare: ¥50

Departure: Every 15~30min.

  • To Mohan 磨憨 (52km), Fare: ¥17 (Van)

Departure: Every 20 min. (From 7:00 to 18:00)

(Dec. 2014)

Busses depart to Luang Namtha in Laos at around 9AM and take around 4 hours. The bus to Luang Namtha doesn't go on sundays. If you've missed the bus in the morning, you can also ask if there is room on an afternoonbus that passes Mengla around 2pm. The border crossing takes around an hour. Expect a bumpy and hair raising journey during the rainy season. Cost is around 40 Yuan.

The bus for Oudomxai, that leaves Jinghong early in the morning, stops at the southern bus station somewhere around 10 in the morning.

There are loads of buses to Jinghong, the capital of Xishuangbanna. Cost is around 40 Yuan. There are also 4 or 5 buses a day that leave for Kunming. Cost is about 250 Yuan and it takes 9 to 10 hours. Nowdays you can go to Yuangyang Terrace from Mengla by bus instead of going to kunming directly,it is cheaper and less tiring. There are several busses daily to Mohan.Create category

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