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Do NOT upload files here, instead upload images and maps to Wikitravel Shared. Files uploaded to English Wikitravel will be deleted.

To upload to Wikitravel Shared you will need to create an account there. Having all images in the shared repository allows us to use media across all language versions. Thanks!

  • All images must be compatible with our copyleft. If you are not the original creator of the image, please be sure that you have permission to use the image here. Note that images from Wikipedia are often licensed under the GFDL only and not compatible with Wikitravel.
    • All uploaded images are automatically licensed under CC-by-SA 3.0.
  • Use JPEG for photos and PNG for diagrams and maps.
  • Diagrams and maps should also have a vector-format source file. We prefer SVG, but other vector formats (Adobe Illustrator, PostScript) are better than nothing.
  • Avoid people in photos, unless you have their permission to publish their image.
  • In the "Summary" field, you must always include the following information:
    • Image description
    • Where the image/photo was taken
    • Who took/created the image
    • When the image was taken/created

Other information is in our image policy. You can also find out how to add an image to a page once it's uploaded. To view or search previously uploaded images go to the list of uploaded files. Uploads and deletions are also logged in the upload log.