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Maumere is the largest town in Flores, Indonesia.


Get In[edit]

Maumere is a small town both in geography and population.

The Wai Oti Airport (Indonesian: Bandar Udara Wai Oti) (IATA: MOF), (ICAO: WATC), also known as Maumere Airport, is 3 km out of town. Its fairly new and well run, check in for domestic flights is two hours before. Restaurant is often closed on-site, but if you walk outside the airport gates, a small kiosk will serve instant noodles with boiled water and other snacks.

An ojek from the airport to anywhere shouldn't be more than Rp 10,000. If you walk the 500 m to the main road there are plenty of bemos to take you into town, but it's doubtful you will get that far before a reasonably priced private transport provider offers a low price you can't say no to.

If you're coming/going to or from the eastern beaches, passing blue bemos cost 10k each (bags go on the roof) to the eastern bus terminal, where you switch to a white bemo going to the airport (5k each). But they only stop at the main gate to the airport (500m walk).

Maumere is linked by air with regular flights to Kupang/Timor's El Tari Airport (IATA: KOE). and Denpasar's Ngurah Rai International Airport (IATA: DPS). At least 4 companies fly from here, Sriwijaja Air (flies as Nam Air), Lion Air, Wings Air and Merpati. (Please note that when flying with Wings Air you are allowed only 10kg in Checkin luggage). All flights eventually end up in Bali, either via Kupang, Sumba or Labuanbajo, so together there is at least 1 flight every day to Bali. Tickets can be bought online or from any travel agent in town. The airlines have offices at the airport, but it's way out of town and only open around arrival/departure of the flights.

By boat[edit]

Pelni has ships to Makassar and Kupang every 2 weeks. The schedule keeps changing and even the local Pelni office has given up planning more than 2 weeks ahead. You also can look up the schedule and price online at Tickets can be bought from the local Pelni office near the port on the road to Wailiti and Gading Beach Hotels.

By bus[edit]

Buses to Ende, stopping in Moni start from the west bus terminal a fair way out of town. Have your hotel arrange the transport for you, and they will come and pick you up. As always, the bus will circle the town until full. You can get as far as Bajawa in a single day, but that is a long 15 hr drive. Buses to Labuanbajo will stop in Bajawa for 1 night.

Buses from Moni to Ende sometimes stop in the centre of Maumere - not at the terminals - and some might even take you to your hotel, if you already know where you want to stay.

Buses to Larantuka depart and arrive from the main shopping street (pertokoan) (50000 rp one way). Some buses also depart from the east bus terminal close to the airport.

Get around[edit]

It seems everyone is an Ojek, and will take you anywhere for around Rp 10,000. Gading Beach Hotel 10 km from the centre will cost you 10,000 Rp. Bemos charge Rp 1,000 around town and Rp 3,000 outside. 10k blue bemos go regularly to the beaches east of town popular with foreign tourists.

See[edit][add listing]

There are rumours about caves and hot springs, but this remains to be seen. The beaches outside of town are nice enough to spend a day or two on, but it's better to simply choose one and stay there instead of the town.

  • Egon volcano, Waigete district (28 km from Maumere town). This is a very active volcano,1710 meters altitude. Smoking crater is very impressive,you can even hear the sulfur activity The view from the top is amazing! Volcano arrupted in 2004 and 2007.It takes 3 hours trekking from Andalan village, you need to hire a guide to get there. You can go by yourself to Blidit village at Egon on motobike and hire a local guide for 150. Just leave your helmet at the village cause it might get stolen (even if its locked to the bike)when you park the scooter in the forest. Visited March 2015  edit
  • Blidit Hot spring, Waigete district (27 km east of Maumere). In middle of the jungle after 30 min. easy trekking from Blidit village, in very remoted area 3 springs meet, very hot, cold and warm. It is very quiet place almost 100% you end up there all alone since local people are not willing to trek so far.There are small pools where you can relax. The track is not labeled so you better get a local guide.  edit
  • Nangahale village, (31 km east form Maumere). Very nice village with traditional local business related to salt producing and boat making. Inhabitants are mainly moslims, so far not used to tourist so much, will welcome you with "hallo Mister" :) To get there you can just hop on Bemo (from Maumere Rp 10 000 or hire an Ojek Rp 40 000)  edit
  • Babi & Pangabatang islands, Nangahale village (28 km east from Maumere). Quiet islands very popular for a snorkeling/diving/camping/overnight trips. Only cca 20 local fishermen live there. To get there you need to hire a boat from Nangahale village. Since not many of Nangahale people speak english you better contact some local guide to arrange the boat. The price for the whole boat/1 day is cca Rp 400 000, return. The other option to get there is to contact local divers and share the boat with them.  edit
  • Sikka village, Lela subdistrict (35 km southwest of maumere). Great little fishing village with an old teak church built by the Portuguese in the 16th century with a beautiful painted ikat design. This village also has a local traditional handcraft market and you can watch the Ikat/sarongs being made by the women here (you can see the demonstration here every day just outside the church, it includes the prcessing of natural cotton, natural dieing from indigo, roots, and tree bark, and the weaving). The town has a beautiful beach for relaxing or swimming. One of the women, Alexa, runs a lovely little homestay and cooks meals in her house. It is just south of the Church on the sea shore. She and her kids speak some English (+62 82 236 746 746).  edit
  • Local market (Edge of town). 6-12 AM. Every morining there is a local market ('Alok Pasar') on the edge of town. It's worth a visit, especially on Tuesday morning which is the busiest day. The goods on display are mainly locally grown fruit & vegetables and live stock (pigs, chicken, goats, and even dogs). It's a very authentic market so don't expect anything fancy Do expect a glimpse of the lives of the people living in and around Maumere  edit
  • Koka Beach (Maumere south). A paradise beach, south of Maumere. The beach consists of 2 bays side-by-side both with white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water, no surf. The setting is stunning, the beach is largely quiet, there are 2 guesthouses right on the beach. From Maumere you can get the beach with a bemo or ojek, around 10.000 rupiah, or you can rent a motorbike, there's a sign for it on the road.  edit
  • Gunung Egon, [1]. Gunung Egon stands at 1710 meters, and is one of the more active volcanoes on Flores, its last major eruption being in 2008. Its crater features an impressive show of sulfur-laced steam continually venting from the southern wall. The hike to the crater rim takes 1.5-2 hours, depending on one's physical condition, and a bit less to descend. The climb becomes quite steep and somewhat technical over the second half of the trail, especially in the presence of loose gravel, but the prevalence of solid ground makes the trek easier than, say, Gunung Inerie. The crater floor can easily be explored, but the climb to the absolute peak of the rim is not recommended, unless you are a professional climber. Access to the trailhead is through the village of Andalan, just past the village of Blidit, about 28 km from Maumere. If arriving via motorbike, most locals recommend leaving your bike in Blidit and asking a local to watch it (preferably at a house with a kiosk, as that implies they'll be present the entire day; be sure to leave a tip when retrieving it). From Blidit, hire and ojek to the trailhead at Andalan -- most drivers will know where it is. Open Street Maps and the smartphone app have the precise location of the trail and trailhead clearly marked. Guides are not necessary, as the trail is well-worn, but can be hired in Blidit if you'd like company on the trek (and would like to support the village).  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Boat Trips. You can organise trips in small, local fishing boats from Sunset, Lenas, Ankermi and the beaches around there, to a couple of small islands offshore. Cost 500k for the day (food not included, but Sunset can do a packed lunch). The boat stops for some nice snorkelling off the first island (Pulau Pangabatang), but beware of strong currents. The beach itself can be crowded with local tourists on public holidays with a lot of litter, but is still nice and the water looks great. You can walk around the island and visit a fishing village on the western end. Next stop is Pulau Babi to the north-west, which also has a great beach and it completely deserted most of the time. Nice views back to the mainland and Guning Egon. Also has an interesting, semi-abandoned village on the eastern end, and a big coconut plantation. ===Water sports=== * <do name="Diving">The waters off nearby Pulau Besar has good reefs for snorkeling and diving. Unfortunately, the dive centres don't get many customers and will only leave with 2 or more guests, so single divers will get a tough time buddying up. Prices hover around US$75-80 for a day with 2 dives, full equipment and lunch. Operators are found at Ankermi, Sea World Club or Wailiti Beach Hotel.  edit

  • Snorkelling. Most hotels have snorkel gear you can rent (or simply borrow). You will have to go pretty far out from the shore to get to the reefs, but the currents are not too strong in this area so you should be alright if you are a decent swimmer. Check with your hotel for the best spot - or arrange a boat tour with a local fisherman (around Rp 450,000 for the day).  edit
  • Jetski / Banana boat. Wailiti Hotel offers thrillseeking fun on the banana boat, if you really want to get into the holiday spirit. Rp 150,000-200,000..  edit


  • Bintang Adventures. Travel guide for trekking around Flores. Went trekking for 3 days and 2 nights to Murusobe waterfalls and lake Tiwusora. Stayed in mountain villages and used local transport. Saw local lifestyle and amazing landscapes around Maumere within backbacker budget. Friendly funny man, speaks very good English. Yulius Nyoman, [email protected], +6281353881586. Bintang Adventuree on fb.  edit
  • Trekking up Egon volcano is really popular, best approached from one of the guesthouses along the beaches east of town. Allow about 3 hours going up. A guide isnt really needed if you're a competent trekker, but take care to stay on the trail.

Eat[edit][add listing]

There are plenty of Warungs around the centre, offering all the usual suspects. Restaurants of the kind you would associate with candle light dinners does not exist. Outside the town you are at the mercy of the restaurants at your hotel, so check them out before checking in.

  • Warung Jakarta, (by the port). has fresh fish and seafood at reasonable prices in big portions.  edit
  • Warung Dahlia, (near the Church, 500 meters inland from the port). Cheap and popular with the locals, this place serves all the usual suspects; soto ayam, nasi campur, ikan bakar. If it's Indonesian they have it. Everything is cooked fresh.  edit
  • Golden Fish. Up market, and highly recommended fish restaurant. Choose your live fish, crab or lobster from the tank and wait while they steam, grill or fry it for you.  edit
  • My Bread Bakery, (just around the corner from Gardena Hotel). The proximity to Gardena Hotel and the heavy amounts of chocolate used in the baked goods here make it a bad combination for your diet. However, once in a while you should allow yourself to indulge in the goodies. You can buy bread, cakes, burgers or mini-pizzas for eating in or take-away. They have just moved next door to a bigger space. And now they serve gelato as well! A good place to have a lunch with Western food.  edit
  • Roxy Supermarket, (near the Post Office). The well-stocked, low-priced Roxy is a good place to stock up on essentials for the 24 hr boat ride to Makassar.  edit
  • Warung Ta Lepo: Named Ta Lepo means sitting cross-legged on the floor, the term is known as the stall "Lesehan" Named as Warung instead of a restaurant is in order to get closer to the consumer on a middle class. It is also can be a small restaurant characterized into balinese style in interior or exterior. Decorated with plants that shade and cool, surrounded by fish ponds created an atmosphere that made ​​us feel at home. Characteristics Ta Lepo point is Balinese cuisine, complete with a presentation and how to eat la Bali. Various Balinese spice dishes, such as Chicken Betutu, sate a Pasih, Jukut Ares, lawar Bali, Berengkes, satay wrap, rice yasa, ointments Jukut, Tum msih Warung Bali and more Ta Lepo Maumere
  • Warung Lesehan Bonek, Jalan Anggrek next to Gelora Samador Stadium, close to the corner of Jalan Melati. 5 pm to early morning. This budget place is popular with young locals. It offers typical Indonesian food and the good company of other locals. The owner, Pandu, is a trained chef and a devoted soccer fan. 12-25000 for a meal, 4000 for a drink.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Maumere is a port town. Port town, means sailors, and sailors mean alcohol and prostitution. The Karaoke bars outside of town make up the venues that often combine the two. However, regardless of your intentions, there is much fun to have while loudly reading random Indonesian words from a TV monitor into a microphone while music is playing - also known as karaoke.

The beach resorts serve beer (might take a while to get cold), and bottles of local arak much cheaper (if you dont mind a massive hangover the next day!).

  • Libra Karaoke.  edit
  • Bintang Disco and Karaoke.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

In town[edit]

  • Hotel Sinar Kabor, (JLN. Heet Wolokoli, Nr. 1 - Kabor Tel.: 081246660242). The standard rooms have 3 beds and all have a big shared balcony with a TV and couches. The includes breakfast is a buffet of fish and nasi goreng. The Hotel is located 5 minutes (by foot) of the harbor, so if you intend to go by ferry somewhere, the perfect sleeping place. Also the personal is very friendly and when you are hungry, next to the hotel are a lot of food stalls which opens at night. Rp 50.000 - 250.000.  edit
  • Gardena Hotel, ((BEDBUGS November 2015) in a quiet street near the Post office. It's difficult to find, but an ojek will cost you no more than Rp 2,000 from anywhere in town.). This place has it all. Cheap, clean, comfortable rooms and very attentive and helpful staff with impeccable english. They can arrange everything for you and seem to know just about everyone. All rooms have private western style bathrooms and breakfast is included. Rp 80,000-120,000.  edit
  • Wini Rai II. . The Expensive rooms are ridiculously overpriced although they come with TV and A/C. The cheaper rooms have shared bathrooms, but when they say cheap, they mean it. The staff is absolutely lovely. Rp 50,000-200,000.  edit
  • Beng Goan 1. Well run place that is so popular they built another one right next to it. Located right in the epi-centre of Maumere, you are never far from anything. Internet, travel agents, Pelni office are all within a skip and a jump. s/d: Rp 80,000-175,000 (May 2015).  edit
  • Hotel Lareska. has small rooms with private bathroom (local style). The staff speaks little english which gives you an excellent chance to practice your Indonesian. As always, breakfast is included. Rp 77,000-165,000.  edit

East of town[edit]

Buses to Larantuka (Rp 5,000-10,000) or the omnipotent bemos (Rp 5,000-10,000) or Ojeks (10,000-30,000) will take you to any of these places. Just let the driver know which hotel you want. As always, bemos and buses circle the town picking up passengers, leaving only when full. Coming from Maumere, you will find on the main road : - km25: Sunset cottage; - km 27.5 Warang Beach homestay; Wodong bungalows, Lena 2; - km 28 : Lena 1,Sunset Cottage 2; - km 29 : Ankermi Happy diving Resort (which is the only diving club in this area) Be aware when staying in the further away places, only the accomomdaiton have restaurants, and theres nowhere else to eat. Some are also far from any shops, so bring anything you might need from Maumere. Having extra bottled water is a good idea, and they can run out of water. Also at Sunset, Lenas, etc, order lunch an hour ahead of time, dinner in the morning or night before; they dont have modern kitchens and need time to buy the food you want.

  • Lena's House, Wodong Wairterang Maumere Flores (28 km), 0813 3940 7733, [2]. Has 3 bungalows on the beach (during high tide, there is no beach, so they're by the sea). The attentive owner runs a good restaurant and will make sure you enjoy your stay. Since 2011 they have operated five more bungalows in the place named Lena house 2, around ten minutes walking from Lena house 1. Their triple C place (clean, comfortable and cheap) will make your exhausted trip from Labuan Bajo to Maumere by land refreshes in oases. Really clean place. In low season head to Lena 1. Lena 2 is used only high season. Ask also bicycle trips, canoe trips and others. july 15: Rp 140,000.  edit
  • Perata Sari Hotel, (At the airport). A decent hotel just off the airport. Good for those early morning flights.  edit
  • Pantai Paris Homestay, Jl.Larantuka-Maumere, Lokaria (4 km), (+62)81 353 014 229, [3]. Situated just of f the airport (5 min, which is great for the early flights) on a lush piece of land right on the beach. They have 2 spacy rooms with indoor western style bathrooms, and also provide rooms for travellers; a backpackers room with 2 bunk beds. Meals can be provided at an extra price but alternatively guests may use the outdoor kitchen to prepare their own meals. The homestay is managed under the umbrella of an NGO and they are happy to introduce you to the NGO's activites (Waste bank, recycling, traditional weaving, etc). Free WiFi available.  edit
  • Sea World Club, (8 km), [4]. Undoubtedly the best beach around Maumere. The rooms are clean and the beds are comfortable. The restaurant is a little expensive, but they have everything on offer, including home-made ice cream. Diving is available at 70 US$ per day incl. equipment, 2 dives and lunch. US$20-80.  edit
  • Sunset Cottages, Maumere - Larantuka Rd Km 28, 0821 4768 7254. New traditional style bungalows with direct sea views. Bungalows are open at the roof, but have tiled floors, a nice porch and bucket showers. No wifi, but has phone coverage, and power most of the time. It has a nice restaurant with a good travellers vibe, super friendly staff and information about everything you want to know about Flores. Food in the restaurant should be ordered well ahead of time, but is really good; curries and BBQ fish particularly. Possible to book for Mount Egon Hiking, Island Hopping Trips, Trans Flores Tours and nice Snorkelling just in front of the Cottages. Search google for Sunset Cottages Maumere. Bungalow for 2 Persons 200 000, for up to 4 Persons 250 000. As of July 2016, prices were at least 250k at Sunset, no matter how many people for each bungalow. For 4 nights or more they may discount a little. They are constantly full in high season and people have to keep moving on when they have bookings, so reserve as far ahead of time as possible. They have two listed phone numbers but dont use one and only sometimes answer the other. Email works sometimes. They have plans to build more bungalows in the future as this is the most popular place in the area. You can pitch a tent for free or a nominal fee if you consume at the restaurant Rp 200,000 - 250,000.  edit
  • SanteSante Café/Resto/Homestay, Maumere - Larantuka Rd Km 29, 0822 9529 1092, [5]. This is a new, unique place with one spacy clean, traditional style bungalow with a huge comfy double-bed, attached outdoorbathroom with western toilet, bamboo shower and blue pebbles floor. The Cafe/Resto is situated directly at the beach, has hammocks and swing (on high tide above sea level), perfect spot to sip your cold bintang and watch the sunset. The young couple (indo/german) built some of the furniture from their old boat, so it is a mix of traditional style building and reused material - the nose of the boat serves as a table at the beach. The Cafe/Resto serves a variety of indonesian dishes including superfresh fish-barbeque (order in advance) and some western food. The included breakfast is the best you will get in Flores in that price category: chose between supergood pancakes, porridge with cereal topping and fruit, tomato omelette or freshly baked cake - if they make it in the morning. If you go on a snorkeling trip to the islands, the boat will pick you up right in front of the Cafe. They can arrange for any trip you like, Egon Trekking, HotSprings, TransFlores ... Free WIFi. Just next door to famous sunset cottages. Also nice to just hang out, and have a drink. Rp 150,000 - 200,000.  edit

  • Warang Beach homestay, 085303820212. . They have 2 bungalows on the beach, and they are building few more.The bungalows are basic and a bit oldish. Matress is not so confortable, but it is a large mattress. The environment around is nice. Really quiet, no noise of the road. No generator at night. Staff is really friendly. Little english spoken by the staff (except the owner), but they try their best. Authentic food (reasonnable price, like in the warung and everything is fresh). Authentic experience. I You have to tell them before that when you plan to eat in the restaurant. * <sleep name="Wodong Beach" price=" july 2015: Rp 120,000">Very basic bungalows on the beach, simple but cute. It is clean inside. Double bed is quite smallish for european size. Mosquito net. The staff speaks little english, but you are likely to have the place all to yourself. Rp 100.000 (july15).  edit
  • Ankermi, (29 Km). This Up-market resort has huge bungalows that sleep 3 people (1 double bed and 1 extra foam mattress on a repos). All rooms have private bathrooms with open-air showers and squat toilets. Price includes breakfast, afternoon tea and buffet dinner. Slow WiFi is available for Rp 10,000/day. A/C is an extraRp 60,000. Diving trips and courses are available. s/d: 225,000/390,000 Rp..  edit

West of town[edit]

  • Wailiti Beach Hotel, (3 km). Resort, complete with swimming pool and water sports activities, including diving. Set on a mangrove beach with lovely views. All rooms have A/C and are big enough to host a small party, private bathrooms with western toilets and the expensive ones have TV. The restaurant is somewhat more expensive and caters to an upmarket crowd with a taste for lobsters and crabs that can be chosen live from a tank. Rp 250,000-350,000.  edit
  • Gading Beach Hotel, (8.5 km), 0852 3900 4490. Gading, meaning ivory, has 5 bungalows with sea (and sunrise) view that is excellent value. Behind them are the cheaper rooms. Make sure that you don't get the ones near the karaoke place next door. The restaurant is a great place to watch the boats sail by, and the staff is very attentive. Breakfast is included, and they offer free transport to and from Maumere incl. the airport or bus station. Rp 100,000-200,000.  edit

Koka beach[edit]

  • Koka Beach Homestay, (Tel.: 0821 57392912). This homestay is right on the beach. It's very basic with just a mattress on the floor, electricity is available after 5pm and indonesian toilet and shower. It is for those looking for a something authentic, overwhelmed by the nature surround. The owner can organise a drop to/from Maumere and Mauemre airport. If you like comforts like electricity and furniture, this isn't for you. The family prepares all meals which consist mostly of the fish that the owner catches daily. Ask for the octopus, if you like it, it's delicious. Rp 250.000 - 350.000.  edit



  • Comtel. offers the most expensive internet in town. However, it is signposted everywhere and has WiFi. Rp 8,000/hr.  edit
  • Warnet, (near the mosque). 12.00-24.00. No WiFi, but you can bring your own laptop and use their ADSL connection. Rp 4,000/hr.  edit
  • ET Shop Cyber Cafe, (Across from BankNTT, near Warung Dahlia). Has internet and WiFi. CDs and other computer accessories are sold here, if you want to transfer your photos to a CD. There is a nice cafe area in the back, which makes this the perfect place to wait for a delayed Pelni ship. Rp 5,000/hr.  edit
  • Anywhere else, best to get a local simcard to make use of mobile internet. You get 3G in town, but not on the beaches further out.

Get out[edit]

Accommodation at beaches east of town can organise drivers ahead of time, if you need. Use the blue bemo to get from them into town (10k each person).

Bali, air services

Kupang, air services

Lombok, via Bali or Labuanbajo

Sumbawa, by sea or via Bali or Labuanbajo

Makassar, A Pelni service on a classic Indonesian inter-island ship.

Ende, by road

Moni, by road

Labuanbajo, by road or air

Komodo, by air or sea

A taxi to the airport costs 50 000 rupiah (a substantial increase to what it used to be recently). An ojek costs 10 000 and a bemo costs 5000 and may take you closer than the route actually goes. Domestic departure tax is now included in the ticket, the desk where it used to be is empty.

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