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Maracaibo is the capital of Zulia state in western Venezuela, and is the second largest city in the country after Caracas.


It has more than 2 million people and it's famous for its typical music, big shopping malls and beautiful parks. It is called "La Primera Ciudad de Venezuela" (The Most Important Venezuelan City) because of its development.

Get in[edit]

5 de julio Financial Area.

By plane[edit]

  • Aeropostal, Aserca, Venezolana, Avior and Conviasa have frequent flights connecting Caracas and other venezuelan cities with Maracaibo's La Chinita International Airport.
  • Copa Airlines flies daily to Panama City with connections to other cities in Latin America and the US.
  • Venezolana also flies daily to and from Panama City
  • Aires flies daily to and from Bogota, and twice a week to and from Cartagena and Barranquilla to Maracaibo
  • Insel Air flies to and from Curacao
  • Avior Airlines also flies to and from Curacao.

By bus[edit]

Maracaibo is your arrival point in Venezuela if you take the most direct route from Santa Marta in Colombia.

Night buses go to/from Caracas, San Cristobal and Mérida, all for about Bs.30 - 35,000. The cheap bus to Merida is only Bs.18,000, but is much less comfortable.

Get around[edit]

  • Taxi: Taxi service is generally cheaper in Maracaibo than in other cities in Venezuela including Caracas due to high offer and lower demand. Always use a taxi from a taxi service, either by requesting it directly through the phone or walking to a taxi service spot. Never take a taxi off the street, no matter how 'legit' it might look. Anyone can put a taxi sign on their car (the plastic dome is attached by a couple of elastic strings). Most businesses in Maracaibo will aid a tourist searching for a taxi so don't be afraid to ask in a McDonalds or another shop for help locating one. Hotels have their own taxi services.
  • Subway: It's the most modern and secure way to get around in the city. It is a new system so it has only 6 stations that connect the southwest to the center. Libertado station is just 200m north of the bus terminal (but be careful if you walk) Just 0.70 Bs.F
  • Bus: Be warned that mugging is very common on bus routes. The general advice is, if you can afford a taxi, take a taxi. If you cannot, use common sense, and do not wear watches, chains or anything that might incite muggers.
  • Walking: Maracaibo has a good layout and good sidewalks. Caution should be taken if walking during the day because of the extreme heat and solar radiation. Extreme caution should be taken if walking during the night. It is advised to take other forms of transportation if possible.

See[edit][add listing]

Maracaibo has a a nice but sterile centre, that they try to posh up with old european styled parks - not very successful.

  • The bridge over Lake Maracaibo. Built in 1957 over Lake Maracaibo, is recognized as one of the most impressive buildings in Venezuela. It's also the largest concrete bridge in the world.
  • Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquira. In downtown Maracaibo dedicated to the apparition of the Virgin Mary to a native venezuelan in colonial era.
  • Palafitos in Santa Rosa de Agua. To the north of Maracaibo, these buildings are created by native venezuelans on top of the water with wood.
  • Santa Lucía. The most beautiful colonial area in the city with an European style and narrow streets.
  • Plaza Reina Guillermina. A park named after the Dutch queen Wilhelmina. Many Dutch Shell employees stayed in Maracaibo during World War II and thanked the people's hospitality by making this park. Includes a statue of the queen.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Try the local cuisine, places like:
    • Chop's: In Ave 10 with 65St, with their famous tequeños and patacones.
    • El Budare de Juana. Located in Santa Rita avenue. Near Hotel Kristoff. Open 24/7.
    • Arepas Santa Rita: In Santa Rita avenue, sells arepas with an american style.
    • Arepas San Benito: In Santa Rita, known for their famous 'aguita de sapo' (frog water, this is how it´s called the juices that come out when the "pernil" is roasted, "pernil"= Roasted pork shoulder) arepas.
    • Cachapas Frank: In 72 Ave with Delicias, famous for their cachapas.
    • Los Dulces de Alicia In Doral Center Mall, local deserts such as limonson, dulce de leche and on.
  • Jog in the late afternoon/night at Vereda del Lago, a big urban park along the lake border, located in El Milagro Ave. One of the meeting places for the population.
  • Get in Tranvia, a touristic transport sistem that takes you around the downtown and tells you the city history. There's also a night trip with several stops in the most famous night clubs. For around 50 Bs.F per person. Main station is at Vereda del Lago urban park.
  • Changing money. As of September 2009, the parallel market rate for the Bolivar was 6.3 whearas the official rate remained 2.15. In Maracaibo, you can change money at the bus station for 5.8 (ask around) and at the Casino next to Hotel del Lago for 6.2. Information from 6 February 2014. Official rate is 6.2, unofficial on the bus station is 75 bolivares for 1 dollar.  edit
  • Vereda del Lago / Aquamania. A park next to the lake with good security. It contains a waterpark called Aquamania, which is a good way to cool off in this extremely hot city.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Sambil Maracaibo. In the Ave Goajira. With A/C, security and parking. Has several national banks that operate off-hours. A food court including (but not limited to): McDonalds, Church's Chicken, Marhaba Express, Burger King, Subway, Cinnabon, Mr Pretzel and a TGI Friday's. The biggest movie theater in Venezuela with 13 projection rooms. And clothing stores including: Zara and Lacoste.
  • Lago Mall. Located in the Milagro Avenue, next to the Hotel del Lago. A/C, Parking and security. Has several banks, jewelery stores and a food court including (but not limited to): McDonalds, Wendy's, Panda Express and CHOPS. Also has a movie theater with 4 projection rooms.
  • Doral Center Mall. Located in Ave Fuerzas Armadas, has A/C, security and paid parking, with a 6 room-movie theater and food court.
  • Galerias Mall. Located in la Limpia, has A/C, paid parking and some security.Has an 11 room-movie theater, an ice skating ring and a small food court. Caution should be taken when visiting this mall since it's located next to a 'Red zone'.
  • Centro Comercial Costa Verde. Old shopping center, has no A/C and no working movie theater. There is a bingo in the lower level and a Church's Chicken, Subway and Burger King in the top floors. You can also find some famouse stores as Oscar De La Renta and a super market.
  • Mall Delicias Plaza. Has A/C, parking lot and security. It is a luxurious shopping mall located in the commercial Delicias Norte avenue. Latin American designers have stores here.
  • Babilon Centro Sur, C2 Avenue. Has A/C, parking and security. Its principal attraction is the movie theater consider the best one in the city and the Colombian department store EXITO.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Hooters, Next to the square's boulevard. +58 0261 7929166. A nice option for american food and souvenir.
  • Ciao, Dr. Portillo avenue. Italian cuisine in a cosmopolitan way.
  • Mi Vaquita, 5th of July St. The best steak house in Maracaibo, very popular.
  • Angus Grill., Av.13 con calle 69-A. A great steak house with great cuts and side dishes.
  • Mi Ternerita. Also a steak house located in the Aventura Mall, and now has a new location at Fuerzas Armadas avenue.
  • Da Vinci, 11-Ath Avenue near 5th of July St. Italian.
  • Salon Canton, 9th Avenue with 71st. Cantonese and Oriental cuisine.
  • Te con Te, Bella Vista Avenue and C2 Avenue. Salads and Crepes.
  • Zaga. El milagro Avenue in Lago Mall. Sushi and oriental food restaurant with a spacious bar.
  • Cocina China, calle 83 avenida 14b-07, 58 4146670928, [1]. Great and affordable chinese food with great ambient  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Mi Vaquita. Mi Vaquita is a club on weekends during night. Have to get there early if you want a good table.
  • Mi Ternerita. The best club in Maracaibo, some say Venezuela. Excellent music, drinks, and ambience. A must go.
  • Zeta bar. Located in Bella Vista behind the Governor's Mansion. Shares the block with other bars.
  • H2O. Located next to Zeta Bar in Bella Vista.
  • Crobar. Located at the end of Bella Vista. It's the biggest night club in the city with four different areas.
  • El Girasol. Located in the hotel El Paseo, El Milagro. A fantastic spinning restaurant that celebrates its 24 years.
  • SOLO, Casco Central Calle 94 #5-82 (, detras del Teatro Baralt), [2]. 7PM-3AM. Lugar nocturno multifacético electroestático rockero - electrónico- new ravero - punk- indie-progressive-funk - house- nu jazz - minimal - maximal - electro - tech - drum and bass and more good music bien sur ! $.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Hotel Union. 84a calle 4 - 60. Bs.25,000. ($11) per double per night.


  • Maracaibo Suites. Tel: 0261 783-4533. Approx Bs.80,000 ($35) a night a room. Very good service.
  • Gran Hotel Delicias. Tel: 0261 797-6111. Double BsF.260,000 ($120) a room.
  • Hotel Aeropuerto. Tel: 0261 787-5881. Fairly good mid-range option with a pool, restaurant, rooms have a/c. Not very close to the airport or to downtown Maracaibo, but just 300m east of El Varillal metro station. 215 Bolivares / night including breakfast.
  • Maracaibo Cumberland [5]. Tel: 0261 722-2224, Calle 86-A, between Av Santa Rita and Bella Vista. Another costly option.


  • Crowne Plaza Hotel. Tel: 0261 730-2700. Av Circunvalacion 2, Zona Industrial. Luxurious 5-star business hotel located in the industrial area near the airport.
  • Venetur Hotel Del Lago. Tel: 0261 792-4422. Avenida 2, El Milagro. An aging 5-star hotel, in a much more central and comercial point.
  • Kristoff [6]. Tel: 0261 796-1000. Av 8, (Santa Rita) and Calle 69, Maracaibo. Quite costly.


  • Free WiFi
    • 13 Subway restaurants around the city.
    • Sambil Mall in Guajira Avenue
    • La Chinita International Airport in Manuel Belloso Highway.


  • Fi-flag.png Finland (Honorary Consulate), Fabricaciones Venezolanas C.A. (FABRIVEN), Av. 2B, Prolongacion Calle 72, No.-71B-34, Sector La Lago, +58 261 791 4340 (), [3].  edit
  • Gm-flag.png Germany (Honorary Consulate), Avenida 3F, Nº 69-26, Sector Bellas Artes, (Apartado Postal 101) 4002-Maracaibo, +58 261 791 1416 (, fax: +58 261 792 2954), [4].  edit

Stay safe[edit]

Get out[edit]

The bus station is 200m south of Libertador metro station (don't walk at night). There are air conditioned buses to most cities in Venezuela. To Colombia From the bus terminal, there are old american cars called "por puestos" that will take you to the bus station in Maicao, Colombia (3 hours, from there you can take a bus to anywhere in Colombia). The fare in September 2009 was 60 Bolivares per person. They leave when they fill up. If you want one with air conditioning (recommended), don't mention this but just wait for one that looks a bit newer (otherwise they will want to charge you extra for it and they can be quite aggressive). On the way to the border you will pass through about 10 military / police checkpionts where you have to show your passport. If there are any illegal immigrants in your car, they will have to negotiate a bribe with each of these guards (normally 2-10$ at each checkpoint) and this will add about an hour to the journey. Amerlujo and Expresos Brasilia have direct buses to Colombia but they cost about twice as much as going via Maicao and they leave very early in the morning. Expect to take about 12 hours in total to get from Maracaibo to Cartagena.

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