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Machida (町田) is a city within Tokyo prefecture, Japan. The city is located to the west of Tokyo's 23 downtown wards, bordering on Kanagawa.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Machida is accessible by the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku, and the JR Yokohama Line between Yokohama and Hachioji.

Machida, a major stop on the Odakyu line, is served by nearly all Odakyu trains out of Shinjuku. The fastest ways to reach Machida from Shinjuku are by the Odakyu Rapid Express (快速急行, marked with orange text) and Express trains (急行, written in red text). These trains depart frequently, every 10 minutes or less, and reach Machida from Shinjuku in about 29 to 35 minutes (¥360). Slower Semi-Express (準急) or local trains can take about 45 to 55 minutes. Machida is also the first stop on all Limited Express services that run to Hakone. They take about the same time as a Rapid Express, but incur an additional ¥400 surcharge. However, for that price you get your own comfortable seat, similar to those on a bullet train, so reserving a seat on this train especially during rush hour can make your ride a lot more pleasant.

JR Yokohama Line trains make runs to Machida from Hachioji (20-30 minutes, ¥290) and Yokohama (30-40 minutes, ¥380). More frequent trains from Yokohama depart from nearby Higashi-Kanagawa (東神奈川) station.

The Yokohama Line offers the best connection from the Tokaido Shinkansen to Machida via Shin-Yokohama station (15-20 minutes, ¥290).

There is no charge for JR trains with the Japan Rail Pass.

By bus[edit]

Kanachu and Keio bus companies jointly offer daily services to Machida from Narita and Haneda airports. (There is only one service, depending on the time of the day, you may get Kanachu or Keio service.)

See[edit][add listing]

Furusato Museum of Agricultural Tools, 2288 Nozuta-machi, ☎042-736-8380. About 7 minutes from Machida station. Various farming equipment and agricultural tools on display. People of older generations are hopeful that their younger successors will carry on their farming traditions, hence this museum was built. The museum has a nice atmosphere.

Machida Chuo Library,3-2-9 Haramachida, ☎ 042-728-8220. It's a big library, so if you are looking for some books, you might find it here as it has a wide selection.

Machida Eisa Festival Is held at Haramachida Oodori every year (on the big street down the center just outside JR Machida station, with the 109 building etc). This is an Okinawan folk dance festival held in September every year. Many Eisa (Okinawan folk dance) teams come to Machida. There are 23 pairs. The 2010 festival will be the 24th annual festival. The festival is very lively and fun, and various food items can be purchased from small stalls around the area.

Squirrel Park, 7-3-3 Kanaimachi, <Open> March 16 to October 15/10AM-5PM, October 16 to March 15 (Except December)/10AM-4PM, December 1 to December 26/10AM-3PM, <Closed> Tuesday(open in case of public holiday and closed on the next weekday),The year-end and New Year holidays----December 27 to January 2, The first Tu-Fr in June, September and December, <Price> Child(age 3-12)-200yen,Adult(junior high or more)-400yen,Group Admissions Discount(for groups of 20 or more)/Child-100yen and Adult-300yen Park with about 100 squirrels. Guests can get close to the squirrels, play with them, give them food, etc. Squirrel feed can be purchased for 100 yen.

Yakushi-ike Park,3270 Nozuta town,042-793-7611,Everyday,AM6:00-PM6:00,There is you can enjoy the many flowers.

  • Kyu Shirasutei Buaisō (旧白洲邸 武相荘), 7-3-2 Nougaya Machida city Tokyo (15 minutes walk from Tsurukawa Station(Odakyu)), 042-735-5732, [1]. It is is the former home of post-war Japanese bureaucrat Jirō Shirasu and his wife Masako Shirasu. It was named from an kanji for the former provinces of Musashi and Sagami since its location is near the border between the two provinces. There are many displays and restaurants.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]


  • Big Echo,Building Machida 4F 6-7-8 Haramachida Machida city Tokyo Tel: 042-720-7761.

12PM-4:45AM (M-Th,Su,Holiday), 12PM-6AM (F,Sa,day before holiday).

  • Karaoke Kan, 6-21-28 Haramachida, Tel: 042-732-1585. 11AM-5PM.
  • Karaoke no Tetsujin, Colombus Building 3&4F 4-11-14 Haramachida, Tel: 042-710-2175 11AM-6AM.

Bee 5F 6-10-7, Haramachida, Machida, Tokyo 17:00-5:00/Weekday 15:00-5:00/weekend The dinning restaurant with Darts. You can play darts and table games like cards game, board game. There is a nice place where you go with many friends to have a party.

Mangakissa(the place to read a book, magazine, cartoon, etc) geragera. The 35th building Tokyo B1F 6-10-10 Haramachida, Tel: 0427-20-6454 Take 2 minutes from Odakyu Machida station and JR Yokohama Machida station 24hours 30minutes -180yen(MON-FRI), 220yen(SAT,SUN,Holiday and day before holiday)

Neko-no-mise, 1-2-9, Haramachida, M-Sa/12AM-10PM, Su or holiday/12PM-10PM. A cafe with a twist- there are cats running around that you can play with. Great if you want to play with cats but not raise one long-term.

Round 1, 194-0022, 1-13-14 Morino,042-710-0095, M-F/10AM-6AM Sa/9AM-6AM Su or holiday/8AM-6AM, bowling, Karaoke, Billiards, Medal's Game. There is popular and interesting amusement place.

SALA,6-13-17 Haramachida, Tel: 042-739-0991. 30 minutes per one person.. 12PM-7PM 50yen(M-F),100yen (Sa-Su, Day before holidays) 7PM-5AM 300yen (M-Th), 350yen(F-Su, Day before holidays). Free time 12AM-5PM 950yen (M-Th), 1350yen(F-Su, Day before holidays)

Sugawara Shrine 802 Haramachida,Machida, Tokyo People worship Sugawara god at this place.There is god of learning (Sugawara Michizane) in this shrine. In the past, he was a scolar of the Heian period. You have to climb a long flight of stairs to get to the shrine.

Track and Field Place 2035 Nozutamachi,Machida,Tokyo It is inside Nozuta Park. About 6,200 people. In here, many soccer game are held at the park. Therefore, many university is come here at various sports contest. Fee is 300 yen.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Fashion Stores include: 109, Jorna, Lumine, OIOI, Modi, Tokyu Twins and so on. These are all located near Machida station on both the Yokohama and Odakyu lines.

  • 109, 6-8-1 Haramachida, TEL: 042-709-2111. Open from 10AM-8PM (B1F~5F shopping) 10AM-11PM (5F restaurant ※last order 10PM). [10]. A 1 minute walk from JR Machida Station, 3 minutes from Odakyu Machida station. A slightly smaller branch of the famous womens' shopping paradise found in Shibuya. It includes clothes, dresses, sundries, small articles, accessories, shoe stores, restaurants, a book store, a large HMV CD/DVD store, cosmetics, a hair salon, beauty salon, print club and more. Popular amongst teenagers and stylish young women. The Indian restaurant on the 5th floor is highly recommended.
  • Book-Off, 4-4-8 Haramachida, ☎ 042-739-4580. [11]. Second-hand shop including comic books, CDs, games, and more. If you are studying Japanese, comic books are helpful.
  • Don Quijote, 4-2-14 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo. [TEL: 042-709-5411]. [12]. Popular chain of discount shops found all across Japan. Great selection and wide range of merchandise from groceries to electronics to designer handbags, at really low prices. This branch is open until 5 AM every day.
  • Mega Don Quijote, 6-13-21 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo. [TEL: 042-725-3810]. [13]. Popular chain of discount shops found all across Japan. Great selection and wide range of merchandise at really low prices. This newer branch is larger with a slightly different range of merchandise, including a good and cheap grocery store on the lower-level, and an imported food and wine section on the ground floor. Located in the former Nagasakiya discount department store building. [CURRENTLY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]
  • Grandberry Mall, 3-4-1 Tsuruma, 042-795-0109. Open from 10AM-8PM (Some stores open longer). This is a big outlet shopping mall. You can buy clothes, shoes and so on at cheap prices. There are some stores from foreign countries such as Coldstone Creamery ice cream, but you can also find Japanese brand clothes. There are also many restaurants and an indoor food court. You can eat Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian and so on. The mall also has a movie theater called 109 Cinemas. On weekends, the mall is always crowded with many people and you can even see some street performers. Grandberry Mall is a good place not only for shopping but also for walking. On weekends, many people come to show their pets to other people and have fun talking about pets. You can also rent dogs to walk (no joke). Some of the neighboring areas are sometimes used as filming locations for Japanese TV dramas.. 1 minute walk from Tokyu Den-en-toshi line Minami-Machida station.
  • Lumine, 6-1-11 Haramachida, 042-739-3111. Open from 10AM-9PM (shopping) 11AM-10PM (restaurant) Takes 1 minute walk from JR Machida Station and 3 minutes from Odakyu Machida station. It's a big department store that includes clothes, dresses, sundries, small articles, accessories, shoes, a restaurant, a book store, a CD/DVD store, cosmetics, a hair salon and more.
  • Mina 4-1-17,Haramachida, 042-710-3725. M-Su 10AM-9PM. There is a very large UNI-QLO store if you need to pick up any cheap clothing during your travels. Also, there are cafes and knick-knack stores.
  • Tokyu Twins, 6-4-1, Haramachida, Mchida-shi, Tokyo. 042-728-2111. Open from 10AM-9PM (EAST B1-7F and WEST 1F-8F) 11AM-11PM (EAST 8F restaurant). Takes 1 minute walk from JR Machida Station and 3 minutes from Odakyu Machida station. Tokyu Twins is a big department store which is composed of two towers, EAST and WEST. In the EAST, there are many selected clothes shops and bland cloth shops such as DIESEL, HARE, LACOSTE and so on and are many shops of shoes, accessories, fragrances, glasses, hats, watches, and more. There is a coffee shop on 3F, grocery on 1F and B1 and restaurants on 8F. In the WEST, there are many shops of clothes, sports, interior, beauty, salon, travel, and schools like E-ON. There are tea and coffee shops, Afternoon Tea tea room and Starbucks Coffee on 3F and Daiso on 8F which is one of the biggest 100-yen shops in all of Japan. Daiso Machida has been renewed in Twins WEST since April 19, 2013.
  • Modi, 6-2-6, Haramachida, Mchida-shi, Tokyo. 042-812-2700. There are many select cloth shops found in Shibuya and Harajuku such as FRAPBOIS, TSUMORI CHISATO and mercibeaucoup, and are also many famous men's cloth shops such as Journal Standard, UNION STATION, Chaopanic, RAGE BLUE and so on. There're many restaurants, coffee shops, sweets shops, interior shops and CD/DVD store, Tower Record as well.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Amataro (甘太郎), 4-11 Haramachida (Columbus building5F), Tel 042-727-4338. Chain izakaya with a variety of Japanese and western food, but specializing in Korean BBQ (yakiniku) with a reasonably-priced all-you-can-eat option. Good place for large groups or parties.  edit
  • Cafe Nakanoya,4-11-6 Haramachida, Machida +81 50-3096-4619. 10 mins. from Machida Station. Awesome ice cream sundaes. Special sundaes are made according to season. In fall, its pumpkin, sweet potato, and chestnut. In summer, it's watermelon.

  • Gohan (ゴハン), 6-9-18Haramachida (TN square3F) (across the street from 109 building, above TGI Friday's), Tel 042-710-1151, [2]. Trendy Japanese dining bar. With good food (fusion style) and drinks, reasonable pricing, and a lively atmosphere, this is a popular spot for young people.  edit
  • Hokkaido Ramen Oyaji,1-19-1 Nakamachi, 042-723-2951. M-Fr 11:30AM-3:30PM and 5:30PM-11:30PM, Sa,Su and holiday 11:30AM-11PM. This is a famous and very tasty Hokkaido-style miso ramen shop located near the Machida City Hall (Shiyakusho). It is a short walk from the Machida Station stop on the Odakyu Odawara line. The "Oyaji set" (a combination of the Oyaji miso ramen with gyoza for 1100円) is very good.
  • Kurogane,194-0012,1-18-2 Nakamachi, 042-727-9996. Su-M/ 11AM-11PM (Only holiday Wed). The speciality shop only gyoza. It is cheap(all gyoza 250円),beer is 450円.
  • Ice Cream Factory Latte ラッテ, Tokyo Machida-shi Aihara city 2567, 042-782-0014. 10:00-19:00.  editThere is Aihara Station of Yokohama line. From Aihara Station about ten ninutes by bus. It's a gelato shop. Diary Farmer tried to make ice cream fifteen years ago. Many people are visit on weekday and weekend. It's popular spot. There is various taste. For example, Milk, Green tea and Purple sweet potato. My recommend taste is green soybeans.
  • Ichiban Ichiban 一番一番 address="1-28-24 Nakamachi, Machida, +81 42-724-5506" directions=""price="(800円-1,000円). Good ramen.
  • Koshinbou, Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 4-1-1, 042-727-8439. Light-flavoured Kyushuu-style tonkotsu ramen shop, famous for its all-female staff, although the ramen itself is quite average. (800円-1,000円)..  edit
  • La Pausa 2F 6-3-11, Haramachida, Machida, Tokyo 042-707-8256. 11:00-17:00/Lunch 11:00-23:00. Popular & cheap Italian restaurant-bar chain. Decent quality food and reasonably priced beer and drinks.
  • Onyasai しゃぶしゃぶ温野菜, Tokyo Machida Haramachida4-11-14 B1, 042-709-1829. 17:00-24:00 (last order 23:20). All you can eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, 90 minutes for 2480円 (pork and vegetables), 2780yen (pork, vegetables, rice, kishimen and dessert), 3280円(pork, beef, vegetables, rice, kishimen and dessert)  edit
  • Ramen Yu-ga,, renga house1F 982 kanamori,Machida,Tokyo, 042-710-1355.. Tuesday~Friday 11:30~15:00,17:30~24:00,Saturday, Sunday and Holiday, 11:30~24:00.. 800~850円..  edit
  • Shouyou Sennchin Manjyu There is at the Nakamise Shopping Arcade. A five minutes walk from Machida Station. It likes Shouronpou of China. Shouronpou is that meat is wrap by sheet of flour. Usually, it's steamed food. Price=four manjyu are 340円, five manjyu are 510円.
  • Sweets Paradise, Machida Modi 9F,6-2-6, Haramachida, Machida, Tokyo, 042-728-8506, [3]. 11:00~23:00. 1,480 yen/adult 840 円/child for free/under 3yrs.  editA large variety of desserts.
  • T.G.I. Friday's, 2F 6-9-18, Haramachida, Machida, Tokyo, +81 42 710-1161. 11:00-16:00 lunch, 11:00-0:00. The famous American restaurant chain, one of a few locations in the Tokyo area. This is a great place to have lunch, or some after-work happy hour drinks (half-price on weekdays between 4 and 7PM). Staff are friendly, and the place has a lively atmosphere. $10/pp Lunch time, you can have pasta $9, hamburger $10, salad $9, steak $13.  edit
  • Yakitori Dokoro Gecchu (やきとり処 月忠), Tokyo machidashi haramachida 3-9-1, 042-727-5678. 17:00-23:00 (last order 22:30) closed on Tuesday. This is a yakitori restaurant. All the staff are friendly and nice. They serve good yakitori and sake.  edit
  • Toriyoshi. <eat name="Toriyoshi(鳥良)" alt="" address="TN Square 4F, 6-9-18 Haramachida, Machida-shi" directions="" phone="Tel: 042-732-0460" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Open from 17PM-12AM, Open throughout the year except New Year's Day. It takes three minutes from JR Machida Station and Odakyu Machida Station. Most popular food is Tebasaki-karaage (deep-fried chicken wings), which come in three flavors: mild, spicy, or extra spicy. There are four party courses, with prices ranging from 3,150-5,000円. Also, there are a lot of private rooms.  edit</eat>

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Hub, [14] Next to Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store just outside Odakyu Machida station East (Higashi) exit. Machida branch of the popular chain of English pubs found all around Tokyo and other urban centers across Japan. Lively atmosphere especially on weekends. Reasonably priced drinks along with a decent selection of British pub fare, as well as darts, and TVs showing sporting events.

  • Mogura River west Building, 1-13-22 Morino, Tel: 042-727-1337. M-Sa 6PM-3AM (L.O.2AM) Su/Holiday 6PM-2AM(L.O. 1AM). It's underground, go one more underground room you can relax and be very comfortable.

  • Toriyoshi (鳥良), TN Square 4F, 6-9-18 Haramachida, machida-shi,, Tel: 042-732-0460, [4]. Open from 17PM-12AM, Open throughout the year except New Year's Day. It takes three minutes from JR Machida Station and Odakyu Machida station. Most popular food is Tebasaki-karaage, which has three flavors: mild, spicy, extra spicy. There are four party courses, its price 3,150-5,000円. Also, there are a lot of private room.  edit
  • NIJYU-MARU, Tokyo Machida Haramachida6-10-10 3F, 042-728-9845. 17:00-24:00. This is a cheap food and drink place (izakaya). About 500円 for any drink.  edit
  • T.G.I Friday's, TN Square 2F, 6-9-18 Haramachida, Machida-shi, 042-710-1161, [5]. 11:AM-12AM (Su,M-Th, Holidays 11AM–1AM (F,Sa, Day before holidays) 4PM-7PM Happy Hour. There are many bar attendants to show you juggling especially Friday night. You may get a free drink from them! Have fun there!  edit
  • Bowl, 4-15-12 Haramachida (JK Building 5F), 042-721-5707. Tu-Sa 7PM-5AM, Su and holiday 6PM-2AM. A cheap drinking place. Try the okayu, a kind of Japanese rice porridge. About 500円 for any drink. The sink in the restroom is quite interesting, check it out.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Hotel the Ellcy, 3-2-9 Haramachida, Tel: 042-724-3111 Fax:042-724-3130. 7 minutes from Odakyu Machida station / one minute from JR Machida station bus terminal. Check in 2PM. Check out 11AM. Parking-one night 1,000 yen. Double room including breakfast 12,700 yen. Including dinner and breakfast 16,700 yen. Twin room including breakfast 16,700 yen; including dinner and breakfast 20,700 yen. Superior twin room, included breakfast 22,400 yen. Including dinner and breakfast 26,400 yen. This is the high-end option for hotels in the Machida station area.
  • Hotel Shinjukuya, Haramachida 6-chome (Near the East exit of Odakyu Machida station, right in front of MOS Burger.). Very affordable, good condition, and located right by Machida station, surrounded by plenty of options for shopping, dining, and drinking. rooms from about 6500 yen per night.  edit
  • Sun Hotel, Haramachida 6-chome (Located near the Covent Garden Bar). The cheapest hotel in the Machida station area, and rightfully so. This business hotel's rooms are very basic and not in the best condition, but they are inexpensive if that's what matters most. single rooms 5900 yen per night.  edit
  • Hotel Rapport Senjukaku (, Sagamihara-shi, Kamitsuruma Hon-cho 3-11-8 (Behind JR Machida station, past Yodobashi Camera and the love hotel district), 042-749-1121, [6]. Nice hotel on the Sagamihara (Kanagawa prefecture) side of JR Machida station (past the river and just beyond the slew of love hotels and bowling alley). Very well-priced rooms in good condition, although a little old and basic in terms of amenities. It's on the less busy side of town, but a 3-4 minute walk up and over the JR station gets you into the main Machida area where all the shops and eateries are found. Perhaps the best value for your money among hotels near Machida station. Single rooms from 5500 yen.  edit
  • Hotel Resol Machida (formerly Central Hotel Machida) (, 1-12-15 Morino, Machida-city, Tokyo, Japan 194-0022 (Short walk north from Odakyu Machida station main exit (towards Seiyu and Round 1 entertainment complex)), 042-720-3011, [7]. Deluxe single rooms are OK, @8,000 yen/night, free internet access. Good mid-range hotel. single rooms from 7000 yen/night.  edit
  • Toyoko Inn Machida (Business Hotel Machida-eki Odakyu-sen Higashi-guchi), 1-3-3 Naka-machi, Machida-city (Short walk from Odakyu line Machida station (East exit: You will see the police station on your left as you come up the stair and exit. Proceed forward and cross the railway on your left and carry on forward.) Odakyu and JR Machida stations are right next to each other, so you can access from JR line Machida station too.), +81-42-728-1045, [8]. checkin: 10AM; checkout: 4PM. Newest hotel in Machida, opened in Jan 2010 with free internet access and free breakfast served 7AM-9:30AM. From 5990/6500 yen single/double.  edit
  • Weekly Mansion Machida, 4-15-16, Hara-machida, Machida-shi, Tokyo, 194-0013, 042-739-6880, [9]. Good price, good location, rooms look nice and clean. 6100 yen (single), 7800 yen (twin).  edit


Get out[edit]

Routes through Machida
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