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Lund [3], is a city in Skåne, in southern Sweden. The city, believed to have been founded around 990 when Scania belonged to Denmark, is popular for its cathedral and university.

Lund University, founded in 1666, is Sweden's second oldest university and one of the country's largest. The city also has many high-tech companies.

The city of Lund has a population of about 85,430 (114,000 in Lund's municipality), and almost half of its population is comprised of students. Lund is very close to Sweden's third largest city, Malmö, as well as the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Get in[edit]

Lund Cathedral

Lund is at its fastest 10 minutes by train from Malmö and 47 mins to/from Copenhagen, including its airport. All trains [4] (pågatåg, öresundståg) stop at Lund, including the X-2000 expresses from Gothenburg and Stockholm. There are also buses from Malmö.

Get around[edit]

Lund is certainly small enough to see most of it in an afternoon's walk. You can pick up a city map at the tourist office [5] next to the Railway Station on Bangatan. Skånetrafiken [6] is the operator of Public Transport in Skåne and there is an extensive network of local busses (Green) and regional busses (Yellow). The best method to get tickets is to use the Skånetrafiken app (available on Android and iOS) as it works out much simpler and cheaper. Using the app, a local bus ticket costs 25 SEK (15 SEK for 7-19, Free for under 7, Discounts of 25% available for groups). The hubs are around the train station, Botulfsplatsen, and the University Hospital (Universitetssjukhuset).

The best places to catch a taxi is by the train station or by Botulfplatsen.

You can rent a bike through Lundahoj [7]. There are 17 stations around the city from which you can get a bike and the first half-hour of each ride is always free.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Lund Cathedral (Domkyrkan) was built in 1103 and is the second-largest cathedral of the Nordic countries. There's a free organ concert every Saturday morning at 10:00, and the elaborate astronomical clock (on your left after entering) puts on its show twice a day (12:00 and 15:00). This clock show is highly recommended even if you're not interested in the church, due to its nostalgic value.
  • Lund University, established in 1666. Some of the most important buildings are very near the cathedral: the Main University Building with the University Square, AF Borgen, Kungshuset, Palaestra et Odeum and the Lund University Library.
  • Ingvar Kamprad Design Centrum, part of the Lund University LTH and home of the Industrial Design program; the building was funded by Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA.
  • Drotten Church Ruins, the ruins of Lund's second largest medieval church, dating from 1050.
  • All Saints Church (Allhelgonakyrkan), a church built in the Gothic Revival style and operating since 1891.
  • Klosterkyrkan


  • Kulturen [8], Tegnersplatsen. Scania's regional museum of cultural history, which includes, in the second oldest skansen in Sweden, a great number of preserved rural buildings from the past two centuries, as well as indoor displays of history and crafts.
  • Lunds Konsthall [9], Mårtenstorget. A modern art museum (temporary exhibitions). Free entry.
  • The Museum of Sketches for Public Art [10] is owned by the university and displays sketches for various works of public art, mostly by 20th century Swedish artists.
  • The Historical Museum [11] is also owned by the university and was established in 1805. Has, among other things, many of the findings from Uppåkra, the nearby archealogical site of what was probably southern Sweden's biggest town during the Stone and Iron Ages.


  • The Botanical Garden is a few blocks east of the town center. It's very nice for walks, and there are greenhouses which house many exotic plants. Good place to take kids.
  • The City Park is on the south side of town. On Walpurgis Night (April 30), it's the place where people gather (about 20 000 people) to light a gigantic bonfire and revel through the night.
  • Lundagård is right next to the cathedral.


Being a university town, Lund has good arts and entertainment for its size.

  • Lunds Stadsteater, Kiliansgatan 13, +46 46-13 14 15. The city's main performance hall.
  • Lunds Teaterförening [12] is often performing.
  • Lunds Judoklubb [13], Judo club where you can try out without being a member or watch games.
  • Mejeriet [14], Stora Södergatan 64, +46 46-211 00 23. An arts center and performance hall which occasionally has concerts by internationally known pop and rock performers as well as local music groups.
  • The Kino [15], Kyrkogatan 3. Movie theater which has a good art-movie schedule.
  • Filmstaden, Västra Mårtensgatan 12, is the main cinema which shows all the blockbusters.
  • Game Center, Östra Mårtensgatan 15, is a gaming cafe with high end computers running all the latest games. 35 SEK per hour for non-members, members pay 10-30 SEK per hour.
  • Vattenhallen Science Center [16] where you can experience experiments and visit the planetarium.

Eat[edit][add listing]


  • Mui Gong [17], Kyrkogatan 21. +46 46 188 610. Authentic Chinese food at reasonable prices owned and operated by a Chinese family. Would highly recommend their spicy noodle dishes.
  • Fengsson Dumplings [18], Winstrupsgatan 1. +46 76-869 88 88. Delicious and authentic pork, chicken, or vegetarian dumplings served with option of dipping sauce. An order of dumplings also comes with your choice of rice, noodles, or rice noodles as well as soup on the side. Very reasonably priced at 69kr for 10 dumplings or 89kr for 15.
  • Eros [19], Allhelgona kyrkogata 4. Original greek food (souvlaki, moussaka, bifteki) at very cheap prices (70kr at lunch, 120kr at dinner). Home-made pita gyros for 40kr. Greek wine and desserts too. Probably the best quality/price ratio in town.
  • Cyrus, Allhelgona kyrkogata. This restaurant is a little run-down, but their marinated grilled chicken pieces ("Juje kebab") are simple and delicious.
  • Mondo, Kyrkogatan 23. Across from Lundagård, this cafe serves great sandwiches, soups, and pie for reasonable prices. Crowded during lunch hours, although takeaway is available.
  • Tandoor, Bantorget. Indian restaurant. Once featured in national Swedish tabloid "Aftonbladet" due to poor hygienic and employee conditions. Current hygiene/employee situation unknown though the restaurant is best avoided.But the food is still in good taste
  • Hemma hos Greken, Sandgatan. This basement lunch establishment has a large student clientele but is open to all. Not your standard greek tourist fare, but a menu of traditional greek dishes. The bean soup, lentil soup (with or without garlic) and the meatloaf ("köttfärslimpa") are cheap and delicious. Large portions, and you can usually ask for more if you're still hungry afterwards.
  • Govinda's, Bredgatan 28. Hare krishna vegetarian lunch restaurant. Unusual and often tasty food.
  • Portofino, Sofiavägen 3, +46 46-14 92 10. Friendly neighborhood pizzeria with delivery.
  • Lundakebab, Saluhallen, Mårtenstorget. Somewhat pricey, but their 100% Swedish beef kebabs are the best in Lund.
  • LundaFalafel, on the main street just south of Stortorget. A hole in the wall. Reputed to be best falafel and garlic sauce in town - be prepared to stand in line. Around 35 SEK. Cash only.
  • Pölsemannen, Danish pölser (hot dogs) are sold at Mårtenstorget next to the kebab stand. Good prices and equally good hot dogs.
  • Viggos diner, Bangatan 1. This place is at a good location by the train station and you get a good sized portion. At one time, these were the best and biggest burgers in town, but that standard has slipped significantly over the years. Most burgers are bwtween 92 - 103, although during the weekday they have a selection of "dagens" options for around 75 SEK. They serve beer and have a nice albeit crowded place to sit outside and people-watch. Note, they will not accept bank cards under 100kr.
  • Bönor & Blad [20], Lundavägen 1, Dalby. This Cafe serves high-quality organic food , Italian ice creams and chocolates, and various types of coffee & tea for reasonable prices.


  • Spisen (previously called Papaya), Magle L. Kyrkogata and Kiliansgatan, +46 46-37 04 02. Mid-range Swedish and Mexican.
  • La Piazza, off Mårtenstorget, formerly known as Café Finn. Offers lunc and a la carte at a great location.
  • Stortorget, Stortorget, Reasonably priced good food.
  • Tabemono, Vårfrug 8A (by Botulfs square), +46 46-15 91 41. Overpriced Japanese fare.
  • Tatung, Bantorget 6, +46 46-211 15 06. Good, reasonably priced Chinese.
  • V.E.S.P.A [21], Karl XI Gatan 1, +46 46-12 71 27. Trendy restaurant located just north of the station. Pizza and pasta using fresh ingredients. Mains 71-105 SEK.
  • Carlssons Trädgård,[22] Mårtenstorget 6, +46 46-13 11 72. Popular bar with restaurant. Swedish/European cuisine. Lunches are good value (try the fish soup). Dinners are more elaborate and pricier, but still worth it.
  • Masala Hut [23], Bangatan 4, +46 46-128555. An excellent Indian restaurant, made to a Swedish taste (if you really want it spicy, make sure to request REALLY INDIAN SPICY). A nice selection of dishes and drinks in a relaxed venue. They serve lunches of great value as well.
  • New Delhi [24], Stora Fiskaregatan 15, +46 46-152561. Named the region's best Indian restaurant 2007 and 2008 by a local paper. Food served include a buffet.
  • Italia Il Ristorante [25], Lilla Fiskaregatan 11, +46 46-14 80 80. Great atmosphere, great pasta and great service. Probably the best Italian restaurant in town. Mains 105-240 SEK.
  • M.E.A.T. [26], Kattesund 8, +46 46-12 78 65. Serves a modern US-inspired steak house cuisine. Great relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Usually fully booked during weekends, and during many weekdays as well, but there is a bar for drop-ins. Mains 100-200 SEK.


  • Ihsiri [27], Bytaregatan 14, +46 46 30 77 26. A modern Asian fusion restaurant combined with elements of Swedish cuisine and ingredients. Mains from 195kr to 295kr.
  • Grand Hotel [28], Bantorget 1, +46 46-280 61 00. Serving good Swedish food in a classic atmosphere.
  • Klostergatans Vin och Delikatess [29], Klostergatan 3, +46 46-14 14 83. Great Swedish and French food with bread from the next door bakery, Patisseriet.
  • Klostergatans Fisk [30], Klostergatan 12, +46 46-12 07 85. Serves and sells fish and seafood of high quality.
  • Les Halles [31], Mårtenstorget, +46 46-13 63 16. Situated in the newly addition to the indoor market in Lund, this restaurant offer a contemporary French Bistro menu. Friendly staff, high quality food, and a good selection of wines. Mains 200-300 SEK.

Drink[edit][add listing]

The nightlife circles a lot around the student nations. You need a student ID and a guestcard to be allowed entry to those.

  • The Old Bull Pub, Bantorget 2, +46 46-14 09 20. English pub with an impressive but overpriced selection of draft beers. Features a live dixieland jazz band every Tuesday night, and a karaoke contest on Saturdays.
  • Bishop's Arms, Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 7. Expensive English pub with a good selection of British beers which are unfortunately often served ice-cold instead of the correct temperature. Good selection of whiskeys. Try the Röde Orm beer (78kr), locally brewed in Lund.
  • Gloria's, Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 9, sports bar.
  • Cafe Ariman, Kungsgatan 2. Where the alternative crowd hangs out. Also has a bunch of oldtimers who spend their days playing board games. The best coffee shop, also has beer and club events on weekends. It serves also soups (53kr) and sandwiches for lunch. Beers around 50/60 kr.
  • Rauhrackel, [32] Stora Algatan 5. Austrian pub which serves lovely beer and nice, big sized, portions of mostly meat. Order a "meter of beer" to get a sample of some of the beers they offer.
  • Herkules Bar, Stortorget 1. The pub of adjacent Restaurant Stortorget. Has a large outdoor serving area during the summer.
  • Myntha kök och Bar, Mårtenstorget 9 (at the top right hand corner), [1]. 18:00 to 03:00. Myntha is a restaurant/bar/club concept popular in scandinavia! It serves good afterwork food and drinks! On Thurs-Sat it is open until 3am and is a good and cheap alternative (free entry) to the other clubs in Lund! Popular at weekends after 1am! free.  edit
  • Harrys bar/restaurant, opposite Lund Central station. Restaurant/Bar chain within Sweden. Quiz nights wednesdays and Irish musik night on Thursday. Open until 1am at weekends. One pint of Czech beer is around 70kr.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Ibis Hotel Lund.  edit
  • Explorers Club SE [33], Arkivgatan 11a, +46 738041797. Centrally located guest house, 8.2 rating on Booking.


  • Hotel Concordia [34], Stålbrogatan 1, +46 46-13 50 50. Good central location. Rooms are run down and way below its four star rating.
  • Hotel Lundia [35], Knut den Stores torg 2, +46 46-280 65 00. Just a block from the train station.
  • Hotel Djingis Khan [36], Margaretavägen 7, +46 46-33 36 00. A ways from the center, in a quiet residential neighborhood. Apartment rooms available for long-term stays.
  • Planetstaden [37], +46 46 280 01 00. A bit away from the center, but still within walking distance.
  • Scandic Hotel Star [38], Glimmervägen 5, +46 46-2852500. A bit away from the center. Scandic-Hotels standard hotel.


  • Grand Hotel, Bantorget 1, +46 46-280 61 00, [2]. The oldest hotel in town, dating to 1899. Old fashioned European style, overlooking a small park.  edit

Stay safe[edit]

Risks in Lund

Crime/violence: Low
Drunk people on weekend nights, bouncers in clubs and student nations, bicycle theft
Authorities/corruption: Very Low
Security guards and nightclub/student nation bouncers might be rude and/or violent.
Transportation: Low
Occasional delays in rail traffic
Health: Very Low
No infectious diseases
Nature: Very Low
Risks of natural disasters are virtually inexistent

Lund is an extremely safe town by international standards and there is no need to avoid certain areas. Even late-night walks through the darkest and most desolate back streets are relatively safe and most local residents walk home at night without any second thought.

On weekend nights, you may encounter rowdy groups of drunk people (mostly students). However, they are seldom violent to third persons, and are often notably polite by international standards.

Other than rampant bicycle theft, crime is virtually non-existent.

The only violence you are likely to encounter is from night club/student nation bouncers, which are notoriously rough.


By web[edit]

  • The 7-Eleven on Lilla Fiskaregatan 5 has three workplaces for Sidewalk Express, an internet-point chain. You can pay wit credit-card (30kr for 2h of surfing) and use your code in other towns too.
  • Game Center, Östra Mårtensgatan 15.
  • Public Library [39] (Lund Stadsbibliotek), Sankt Petri Kyrkogatan 6, +46 46-35 59 90.
  • Tourist Information, Botulfsgatan 1A on Stortorget (+46 46-35 50 00), has computers to use for 15 minutes. Opening hours are September to May: Monday-Friday 10-18 and Saturday 10-14. June to August Monday- Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15 and Sunday 10-15.

By mail[edit]

  • There's no post office as such but most major convenience stores have Post office branches inside where you can buy and send everything from postcards to bigger parcels.Create category
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Get Out[edit]

  • Malmö, Sweden's third largest city, is 10 minutes away by train.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, is 40 minutes away by train.
  • Helsingborg, another big city in Skåne is 30-40 minutes away by train. From Helsingborg you can take the ferry to Helsingør in Denmark, home of Kronborg castle.
  • Dalby Söderskog, a national park, and Skryllegården, a recreation area with numerous jogging and walking tracks.
  • Landskrona and Ven island