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Linköping [33] (pronounced "Linshupping") is Sweden's fifth biggest municipality. It is in the northern part of the Götaland region and is the capital of Östergötland county. It has about 145,000 inhabitants in the municipality, including some countryside, and just under 100,000 in the city proper.

The city has the advantage of being a major city with all that it entails yet retaining the cozy quiet small town feel, largely due to the lack of tall buildings (a result of the military airfield just outside the city).


The cathedral in wintry Linköping

Linköping is the clerical and administrative centre in a rich farmland district, the province and county Östergötland.

The town was founded during the Middle Ages and is therefore one of the oldest cities in Sweden. The cathedral and the castle are two medieval buildings that are still standing.

At the "battle of Stångebro" in 1598, the city fought on the Catholic side and lost. A memorial of the battle is found just outside the city centre. The following "bloodbath of Linköping" in 1600 is remembered with a memorial at the main square.

Linköping has a university and the students are a central part of the city's life both day and night.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

  • Skavsta Airport [34] - Used by Ryanair. Lies 100km north-east of Linköping. A shuttle bus [35] (90 min) overland link between central Linköping and Skavsta airport. Departs from the Resecentrum.
  • Linköping Airport [36] - Flights almost only to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. There are no shuttles between the airport and the Resecentrum and you need to take a taxi from the airport. The airport is situated quite close to the city centre, so it's possible to walk, and public transit buses (operated by Östgötatrafiken) stop not far away. Bus stops close to the airport are "SAAB Norra Porten" and "Vetegatan".
  • Norrköping Airport [37] - Flights almost only to Helsinki, Visby, München and Copenhagen. Lies 45km north-east of Linköping. To get to Linköping from the airport you can take the bus (bus stop "Flygplatsen") or a taxi (either straight to Linköping or to Norrköpings Resecentrum (central station)). From Norrköpings Resecentrum you can take the commuter rail (Östgötapendeln) to Linköping. The commuter rail between Linköping and Norrköping takes approximately 25 minutes and operates normally every 30 minutes, and 15 minutes during peak hours.

By train[edit]

The Linköping main train station (Resecentrum) lies less than ten minutes walk from the center of the town. SJ [38] train journeys from Stockholm can take as little as 100 minutes and cost as little as 95 SEK.

By bus[edit]

Long-distance buses leave from Fjärrbussterminalen, which is about 400m north of of the Resecentrum, past where the local buses are departing. It's on the same side of the road as the train station.

  • Swebus Express, +46-771-218218, [1]. Linköping is part of the wide network of Swebus Express services, with journeys to Stockholm (2-3 hours), Gothenburg (4 hours) and Malmö (6 hours). Swebus is the most frequent, running sometimes more than 1 service per hour to Stockholm. If there's enough people it'll run express.  edit
  • Bus4you, +46-771-444000 (), [2]. A smaller bus company running more comfortable buses (only 3 seats across) Göteborg-Borås-Jönköping-Linköping-Stockholm several times daily but less frequently than Swebus.  edit

By car[edit]

  • 200km south of Stockholm on the E4. Very good road (2h drive).
  • 45km south of Norrköping on the E4. Very good road (30 min drive).

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

All bus lines originate at Resecentrum. You'll also find a reception desk there where you can find timetables or get help. The local bus company is called Östgötatrafiken [39]. They also run the buses and trains in the rest of Östergötland and is the cheapest way to get around.

It's not possible to pay cash for a ticket on the bus. You can get ticket in Quickomats, some stores and at the Resecentrum. It's also possible to buy an SMS-ticket, information how to do that can be found at [40]. The ticket is valid for a limited time (usually 1 hour) so you can use the same ticket for more than 1 trip.

You can also buy a bus card. It is a RFID card and you can load money in it. The advantage is that each trip fare is cheaper than the normal fare. You'll find more info about tickets and fares at [41]


Taxis are expensive to use any time of the day. To pay SEK 250-300 for a ride from the train station to the outer edge of the city is not unusual (2017).

All taxis have meters and will give you a printed receipt at your destination. There whould be clearly visible stickers with pricing information on the side window - if not, simply choose another one. Fare prices are not regulated and can differ, so comparing prices between the various taxi companies is advisable. All taxis accept card payments.

If you are not satisfied with the service, you have to take a note of the drivers' ID (should be on display on the dashboard) and the car number when filing complaints with the company.

The two major taxi companies in Linköping are:

  • Taxibil i Östergötland (tel. +46 13 146000)
  • Taxi Kurir (tel. +46 13 150000)

Both have a good reputation and the risk of bad service or deliberate overcharging is marginal.

There are also various independent taxis that usually can be found around the railway station or the main square Stora Torget.


Linköping was announced the 'Swedish biking city of the year' in 2002. Most students use bikes to get around and it is recommended you get one if your stay is extended. When you have a bike, the special bike map [42] might be useful. There are also recommended routes [43] available for those who want to combine nature with tourist sights. Paper versions are available at the tourist information office and in bike shops.

See[edit][add listing]

Saint Lars' Church in the city centre
  • Linköping Cathedral [44]. The first church was built on this site in the 12th century, and was expanded regularly over the following centuries, culminating on the 19th-century tower. Linköping is said to have had the first Christian bishop in Sweden, in a time when Lund was Danish and Uppsala was pagan.
  • St Lars Cathedral, which lies just a few hundred meters away from the railway station. This elegant, neoclassic cathedral was constructed two hundred years ago with a nicely decorated chancel. a long and well decorated nave and an impressive clock tower. There are two huge biblical oil paintings. Down below there are a few interesting remnants of the old catholic church which was constructed 1000 years ago, when Sweden began to abandon its former pagan religion. It is possible to visit its former ground, if you talk with the priest who works between 10:00 to 16:00.
  • Linköping Castle [45], from the 13th century, was the bishop's residence until the Lutheran reformation in the 16th century. Now it is the residence of the sheriff (landshövding) of Östergötland county. The castle also houses a museum.
  • The City Hall [46] (stadshuset) was erected as a secondary school (läroverk) in 1864. Above its entrance is the Latin phrase "Initium sapientie timor Domini" (fear of the Lord is the beginning of all learning). This power triangle is on the crest of a minor hill from which the city's main street (Storgatan) slopes down to the main square (Stortorget) and further down to the bridge (Stångebro) across river Stångån. In its extension, this street was part of the old country road to Norrköping and Stockholm.
  • Public Buildings. Situated around the hill crest are the public library, the administrative buildings for the diocese, the bishop's residence, and a sports house (gymnastikhuset [47]) built in 1881. The current library was built in 1998, but the collections of the old cathedral library date back to before Gutenberg. Further north are the concert hall (Konsert & Kongress), the county museum (Östergötlands länsmuseum) next to the Raoul Wallenberg plaza, and two secondary schools (Katedralskolan, Berzeliusskolan).
  • Gamla Linköping (Old Linköping) and Valla fritidsområde. An open-air museum, west of the city centre. Beautiful buildings once situated in the centre of Linköping have been saved from demolition and moved to this area to make its own little town. Here you can practically enjoy life of Linköping in the 19th century. The citizens of Linköping enjoy taking part in the life and you can see people dressed up and working as citizens of Gamla Linköping. Also remember to buy locally produced chocolate and candy at reduced prices.


  • Gamla Linköping (Old Linköping) [48] and Valla fritidsområde together have over 20 museums.
  • The Swedish Air Force Museum (Flygvapenmuseum) [49] in the suburb of Malmslätt features over a hundred aircraft from the early 20th century to the modern age. The Museum had its grand new reopening of the museum the 12:th of june,2010, with new features. Local bus from central Linköping takes 15 minutes and stops right outside the museum.
  • IT-ceum [50] is a computer and computing museum, located in Mjärdevi Science Park where you will find many of Linköping's IT companies. The museum covers both ancient Swedish computers and more current events, such as the demo scene with its realtime multimedia productions. The exhibitions describe both the technical and the social aspects of computing. The museum's signs are both in Swedish and in English. Admission 70 SEK, free for children and young people up to 26 years old.
  • Linköpings Slotts- & Domkyrkomuseum (Castle and Cathedral Museum) [51] - a museum that shows the town's history as a seat for bishops since the 12th century. Situated inside the castle.
  • Östergötlands länsmuseum (Östergötland County Museum) [52] - a museum showing the history of the province. On the first floor, there is a small movie theater with a few old films about how Linköping looked like 60 years ago. It also houses an impressive amount of art collection. The oldest biblical paintings are dated back to the late medieval time. On the second floor, there is a small collection of liturgical items, among others a wooden statue of Virgin Mary and Jesus which was carved around 14th century. There is also a huge lime wood altar piece with many wonderful Gothic decorations.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Visit Linköping Cathedral. Don't miss the organ concertos.
  • Walk around the city.
  • Gamla Linköping, Vallaskogen (Kryddbodtorget 1) (About 2km west of Linköping central. North of Vallaskogen), [3]. Walk around and explore the old houses once situated in Linköping  edit
  • Take in a hockey game, at Linköping HC's arena - Cloetta Center, just 5 minutes walk from the city centre.
  • During the semester, talk to the students at the university. Many of them will be glad to show you a good time!
  • Boat trip on the Kinda canal [53].
  • Visit the relaxing Linköpings Trädgårdsförening park in the central area.
  • SF Bio, Ågatan 39, 08 562 600 00, [4]. Catch a movie at the SF Bio cinema  edit
  • Linköpings Golfklubb [54]. If you're interested in golf, visit linköpings golf club!

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • When in Gamla Linköping, visit Kanevad [55] wood art shop and Cloettas Chokladbod (Cloetta chocolate shop) [56].
  • In the city center you have a couple of malls, Filbytergallerian [57], Gyllengallerian and Leo [58].
  • Tornby is a shopping center to the north of Linköping that has several big stores and a big mall; IKANO-huset [59] next to IKEA [60].

Asian Food Stores[edit]

  • Siam Shop, Storgatan 6, 013 12 12 13, [5]. 1000-1800 M-F, 1000-1400 Sat. Specialising in Thai groceries.  edit

Getting Online[edit]

  • SITE Cybercafé, Sturegatan 3. 15 SEK per hour.
  • Sidewalk Express, Railway station. 19 SEK per hour.
  • Public Library, price: free, but time is limited. (to what extent, unknown for the moment)

Eat[edit][add listing]

Most restaurants in the city offer a restricted choice Saturday Shopping Lunch between 1200-1500 for around 80SEK which can be a good way to try out new restaurants. Lunch from Monday-Friday is often cheaper.

  • Kniv å gaffel, Drottninggatan 26, [6]. Cozy place with tasty food from the Mediterranean region. Mains 119-219 SEK.  edit
  • Wokaway, Repslagaregatan 22, [7]. Cheap thai food for taking away or eating in. Mains 45-99 SEK.  edit
  • Wasabi Sushi Bar, Storgatan 27, [8]. Really tasty sushi. Mains 69-179 SEK.  edit
  • Riva, Ågatan 43, [9]. Italian and American food. Mains 79-255 SEK.  edit
  • BK (Bar & Kök), Ågatan 47, [10]. Mains 145-229 SEK.  edit
  • Thai Coconut, S:t Larsgatan 25A, [11]. Good spicy Thai food. No alcoholic drinks. Mains 95-149 SEK, Lunch 60 SEK.  edit
  • Yogi, Platensgatan 5, [12]. Tasty indian style food, spicy or non-spicy. Mains 135-168 SEK.  edit
  • Texas Longhorn, S:t Larsgatan 25C, [13]. Texas steak house. Mains 145-570 SEK.  edit
  • Halong, S:t Larsgatan 12, [14]. Asian food close to the train station. Mains 65-115 SEK.  edit
  • Sangria, Platensgatan 1, [15]. Spanish and Portuguese dishes. Mains 168-278 SEK.  edit
  • Gula Huset (The Yellow House), Klostergatan 19, [16]. Mains 140-260SEK.  edit
  • Kikkobar, Ågatan 39, [17]. Sushi, Japanese, Asian style. Lunch and Dinner. 140-280SEK.  edit
  • The Bishops Arms, Ågatan 27, 013 10 09 93, [18]. English pub style food, e.g. Fish & Chips. Mains 124-256 SEK.  edit
  • De Klomp, St Larsgatan 13 (opposite hotel Skandic Frimurare), 013-4655563, [19]. Dutch Bruin Cafe style cooking and beer on tap. Mains 105-235.  edit
  • Stångebro Gatukök, Tanneforsvägen 92 (opposite Scandic Linköping City, at the roundabout near Norrköpingsvägen), 013 13 47 04, [20]. 11:30AM-10PM. Great burger place. 80 SEK (burger with the lot, with pommes and a drink).  edit

Bosses Glassbar, Platensgatan 3, is a unique hole-in-the-wall style ice cream shop selling fresh ice cream. Long lines form outside on hot summer days. Closed during the winter.

Drink[edit][add listing]


There are many nice coffee houses and cafes by the main square and in the central parts of the city. They serve a wide variety of coffee. Sweden and the Swedes are the second highest consumers of coffee per person worldwide. In the past ten years traditional Swedish coffee tradition has been diversified and enriched by Italian and continental European coffee, the result being the caffè latte (the Italian word for Swedish coffee with milk) and a gazillion other forms of coffee.

  • Coffeehouse by Geroge, Stora Torget 6, [21].  edit
  • Wayne's coffee, Nygatan 20, [22].  edit


Linköping boasts several bars. Most of them are found in the central parts of the city around the cathedral. Among the most popular are:

  • The Bishops Arms, Ågatan 27, 013 10 09 93 (), [23].  edit
  • De Klomp, St Larsgatan 13 (opposite hotel Skandic Frimurare), 013 46 55 563, [24].  edit
  • Harry's Pub and Restaurant, Ågatan 43, 013 13 33 90, [25]. One of the busiest nightclubs in Linköping.  edit
  • Bar och Kök (BK), Ågatan 43, [26].  edit
  • Platen's Bar, Platensgatan 3, [27].  edit
  • Plaza, Ågatan 28, [28]. Pool tables, nightclub, restaurant.  edit
  • Platå, "Platensgatan, 013 - 35 21 21 (, fax: 013 - 35 21 22), [29].  edit

The The Champ [61] sports bar, as well as The Pub, are also popular choices. A branch of the sports bar chain Pitcher's [62] opens on April 30, 2009.

To get informed about any entertainment or cultural events in town, such as the occasional live band, you pick up the free Nolltretton and Corren Fredag magazines (only available in Swedish) or check [63]. You can also check the billboard on Lilla Torget where the arrangers post their flyers.

The students have their own places to go to, for instance Herrgår'n [64] in the Ryd area, Flamman [65] or Nationernas Hus [66] next door to the Cathedral in central Linköping. You have to be a university student (including foreign universities) or the guest of a student at Linköping University, to get in.


Systembolaget is the state owned monopoly liquor store. This is where you go if you want to buy a bottle of wine or spirits or beer stronger than approx. 3% alocohol which you can find in supermarkets.

  • Systembolaget Gyllentorget Linköping, Repslagaregatan 25-27 (City Centre), 013 12 25 81, [30].  edit
  • Systembolaget Tornby, Svedengatan 9 TORNBY, 013 17 58 93, [31].  edit
  • Systembolaget Ekholmen, Ekholmens Centrum, 013 15 12 15, [32].  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • STF Hostel Linköping [67], Klostergatan 52A, phone 013-35 90 00, is the IYHF[68] hostel in town. Dorm bed 205 SEK, singles from 390 SEK, doubles from 410 SEK. Add 45 SEK to the price if you're not a member of the IYHF.


  • Good Evening Hotel [69], Hantverkaregatan 1, phone 013-12 90 00 Single rooms: 795 SEK Sun-Thu, 610 SEK Fri-Sat. Basic hotel at Stora Torget (Big Square). Re-opened as Best Western Hotel in 2009.
  • Hotell Östergyllen [70], Hamngatan 2. Good, cheap, and close to the railway station. Single rooms from 425 SEK, double rooms from 620 SEK. Not all rooms have bathrooms in the room.
  • Stångå Hotell [71], Tullgränd 4. phone 0046 (0)13-31 12 75. A family owned hotel with good service and prices that suites everyone, close to the railway station. Single rooms from 845 SEK, double rooms from 995 SEK (weekdays). Single rooms from 645 SEK, double rooms from 795 SEK (weekends).
  • Park Hotel [72], Järnvägsgatan 6, next to the railway station, phone 013-12 90 05. Single rooms from 550 SEK, double from 750 SEK.


  • Linköping University [73] was founded in 1969 and has its main "Campus Valla" west of the city. It is also home to Sweden's National Supercomputing Centre (NSC) and is well connected to the Internet. In 1993 Sweden's first website [74] was started by students in Linköping.

Get out[edit]

The River Stångån ends in Lake Roxen a few kilometers north of the city. The river is also part of Kinda canal with a system of 19th century locks that allow scenic boat trips through other lakes further south. Lake Roxen is also part of Göta canal, dug in the 1810s to connect the Baltic Sea with the Atlantic at Gothenburg. A remarkable sight is Bergs slussar (the locks at Berg), a sequence of six locks on Roxen's western shore, about 10 kilometers north of Linköping.

Ekenäs Castle at Ringstorp, East of Linköping, is a 17th century Renaissance castle, situated on a cliff by lake Teden. Its three towers rises high above the lake. Guided tours during the summer months and in the autumn ghost walks are offered both day and night.

The Cloetta chocolate factory in Ljungsbro, North of Linköping. You can visit the shop and a small museum, but the factory itself is closed for visitors.

In the nearby city Norrköping you find several museums and shopping facilities.

Nearby historic towns are Vadstena (to the West) and Söderköping (to the East).

For those who like running and exercising take a trip down south to Vidingsjö. It's about 5km to the south-east, an easy bike ride from the city centre. In Vidingsjö there are marked running tracks (2.5km, 5km and 10km) through the forest, some outdoor exercise equipment, a pizza shop and two other restaurants.

Stay safe[edit]

Linköping is a very safe city, however, common sense should still be used even here. Being pick-pocketed or robbed is very uncommon, but can still happen. The Skäggetorp and Ryd districts are the most violent, be careful at night time.

Watch out for drunk behavior in the city centre at weekend evenings. If you find yourself in a situation feeling uncomfortable, leave the place and look up a security guard, or call the police at 112 if it's an emergency.

In all cases of emergency (fire/medical/police) the phone number is 112. Linköping University Hospital (Universitetssjukhuset i Linköping) is one of the biggest hospitals in Sweden, and has a 24-hour emergency service. If you need to contact the police, but in non-emergency cases, the number is 114 14. The local police office in Linköping (located in the area of Garnisonen, close to the hospital) has 24-hour service. For information about crises and emergencies in your nearby area, such as natural disasters, call the information number 113 13.

Linköping has a lot of pharmacies ("apotek") all around the city, with varying opening hours. Most of them open around 9AM and close around 6PM on weekdays. Many pharmacies (not all though) are closed on sundays. Linköping does not have any 24/7 pharmacy service. The pharmacy with the longest opening hours (everyday 7AM-10PM) is Apotek Hjärtat, at Ica Maxi Stormarknad in the Tornby area.

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