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Labuan Bajo

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Labuan Bajo is a town in Flores, Indonesia.


Map of Labuanbajo, Flores Island, Indonesia

Once a small fishing village, the capital of the regency Manggarai Barat, the western most region of Flores, Labuan Bajo (also spelled Labuhanbajo and Labuanbajo) in Flores is now a busy bustling epicenter of tourism. But don't let that fool you, this small, dusty town does not have much to offer within the city limits itself; though some spots can boast a stunning sunset overlooking the town on a beautiful day. It is, however, the launching point for impressive trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island, home of the famous Komodo dragons. Besides spotting the Varanus komodensis, the main attraction in this area is the extraordinary marine life. Komodo archipelago is indeed a paradise for both divers and snorkellers. Several islands within a hour by boat from Labuan Bajo offer great diving and snorkeling opportunities: Bidadari Island, Seraya Island, Sabolo Island to the North of Labuan Bajo, and Kanawa and Sebayur island to the West. Southward, on the route to Rinca there is Kalong Island which houses a colony of “flying foxes”, huge bats that can be seen flying away in thousands at dusk.


By plane[edit]

Airasia, Garuda Indonesia, NAM Air, TransNusa [28], Sky Aviation [29], Citilink [30] and Wings Air (Lionair) [31] all fly from Denpasar, Jakarta and Surabaya, providing almost daily flights between them. Most flights continue to either Ende H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport, Maumere Fransiskus Xaverius Seda Airport in eastern Flores or Kupang in West Timor. There is a daily flight from Lombok to Flores with wings

By boat[edit]

The port in Labuan Bajo is located in the town, and everywhere is reached within a 5-10 minutes walk.

  • The ferry from Sape (Rp 56,000) runs daily twice and usually arrives around 16:00 and in the afternoon. the ferry from Labuan Bajo to Sape leaves at 9 in the morning.
  • A speed boat connects Sape with Labuan Bajo and viceversa three times a week (June 2014 - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Sape to LB, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from LB to Sape). The travel time takes only 3 hours. tickets are about 130.000 rp per person. The same company also goes to Sumba. Call Kapal Cepat Express Bahari 0823 592 87 257 in Sape, 0822 373 68 767 in LB. It is possible to reach LB by flying to Bima (much cheaper than flying to LB). Then Sape is a 2 hour bus ride away.
  • A number of companies organise 4 days/3 nights boat trips from Lombok to Flores or vizeversa for around Rp 1,700,000. You sleep on the deck on thin mattresses (less than 1 inch thick, but you get used to it). No matter where you book the trip from, you will be shuttled to the eastern coast of Lombok with bus/ferry transfers before getting on the boat. Try contacting LagunaTrip [32] about this tour, as the tour they have is using safer and bigger boats (phinisi boat) unlike other operators.
  • The Perama tour [33] is a well advertised trip running 4 days/3 nights from Lombok to Labuan Bajo, and 3 days/2 nights the other way. This sets itself apart from the others by having private (2 person) cabins. Prices are cabin/deck Rp 3,300,000/2,200,000 Lombok-Labuanbajo and Rp 2,200,000/1,500,000 the other way. Be aware of the safety records of these boats. Rent motorbike also for 75k / 24hrs
  • Pelni ships arrive from Makassar or Lombok.Pelni has two ships calling on Labuanbajo every 2 weeks. Tilongkbila departs for Bima, Lembar (Lombok, 24 hr) and Benoa (Bali) every other Thursday and returns the following Sunday to go to Makassar and other destinations in Sulawesi. Willis departs for Bima - Benoa - Surabaya every other Saturday and returns Saturday one week later to go east to Marapokot and Maumere.
  • There is a car ferry running weekly (as of September 2012) between Labuanbajo and Bira in Southern Sulawesi, leaving Labuanbajo on Tuesdays and leaving Bira on Sundays. The journey takes two nights and one day, and has stops on the way.

All the tour boats have the same program of snorkelling, trekking and komodo dragon watching, stopping at the same stunning reefs, beaches and waterfalls along the way. For years there have been rumors of safety issues on these boats. However, so far all these rumors have been just that. There are, however, many who remark on the noise (on all boats), so bring earplugs and don't expect any deep, meaningful conversations while the engine is running.

By bus[edit]

Buses from Ruteng and Bajawa stop and depart in the centre of town near the school. They usually drop off passengers at their accommodation on the way in.

EXTENSION OF VISA "Kantor Imigrasi" Batu Cermin, Jalan Frans Nala, not so close of the airport because there is no shortcut. Expect three days minimum to get your visa extension, you will also have to go back three times there: first, you fill paper, second you pay and make an ID and the afternoon of the third day you have it. That's the administrative process for 355000 IDR

Get around[edit]

The town is quite small and can easily be traversed on foot (in 10-15 minutes). Ojeks (Rp 3,000-5,000) and bemos pass every 5 minutes if you get tired of walking. You can rent a motorcycle for Rp 75,000/per day with Permata tour. Motorbikes are limited in town and there are only a few scooters available.

It's also possible to get motorcycle taxis, never pay more than 5,000 RP during the day and 10,000 RP during the night. They'll take you anywhere within a 15-20 minute radius (e.g the airport). Just walk away if they try to charge you more, they'll quickly call you back.

Rental car with a driver[edit]

Rental car services owned by individuals or companies are a little difficult to find in Labuan bajo and this is the best option for first time visitors. Using a rental car with a driver is certainly cheaper than taxis and far more efficient than using other public transportation. The drivers are usually English-speaking and they can also act as informal tourist guides recommending good destinations and restaurants. Drive to ruteng, waerebo, ende till part east of flores island larantuka.

Rent car Company[edit]
  • Gotravela Indonesia, labuan bajo, +6285333399175 (), [1]. It's new car Innova, Avanza, City car till bus. Rent Car Rp.500,000/day, including Driver.  edit

Distances and approx drive hours on Flores Island (in private car with driver) :

  • Maumere - Larantuka 137km 4-5h
  • Maumere - Moni 95km 3Std
  • Maumere - Wolowaru 83km 2,5h
  • Wolowaru - Ende 65km 2,5h
  • Moni - Ende 53km 2h
  • Maumere - Ende 148km 5 h
  • Ende - Bajawa 125km 5-6h
  • Bajawa - Ruteng 135km 5-6h
  • Ende - Ruteng 260km 10h
  • Ruteng - Labuan Bajo 137km 4-5Std

See[edit][add listing]

  • Caves
  • Waecicu Beach, Pede Beach and Binongko Beach
  • Island tours
  • Komodo Dragons
  • Diving in the National Park
  • Cunca Rami Waterfall
  • Sano Nggoang Crater Lake
  • Caci Dancing - A cultural dance performance three times a week
  • Cunca Wulang waterfall (entrance fee : 20,000 per pers + guide fee : 50,000 for a group :2-5pers). No possibility of going without guide : you contract a guide or you leave)

Do[edit][add listing]

Komodo National Park encompasses a lot of water and islands west of Labuanbajo. If you want to go to Rinca or Komodo island you will have to buy a 1 day park pass to enter. The current rates are 225,000 IDR plus 50,000 IDR tax, which is about US$20 total. Each group must also pay for a guide for 80,000 IDR. When you walk down the main street in town just about every other store is a guide shop that will arrange transport to and from Rinca and/or Komodo islands for you. It typically costs 350,000 IDR per person for a package that includes round trip boat rides, and with a stop for snorkeling and lunch at a nearby island on the way back (snorkeling equipment and lunch are included, but the park fees are not). Inquire as to whether there will be towels and life vests provided, as these are not a given.

The mating season for the Komodo dragons is in July and August, so they are often harder to spot then.

2 night/3 day Boat trips can be organized with local tour operators ranging from 700,000 to 2,000,000 per person excluding park entrance fees, or boat anchorage fees. Please note that the tour includes snorkelling at a number of locations and visiting both Komodo and Rinca Islands. Despite price differences the trip itself is usually identical with prices differences dependent on the season, amount of guests, on sleeping accommodation on the boat and the kind of food you eat. For a good deal try to negotiate with captains directly.

It might be a better idea to organize the tour from Kanawa if you are planning to go there as it is nearer Rinca and Komodo and you have more time for snorkelling and it might be cheaper. However, as of 2015, only day- and half-day trips are offered at Kanawa, while longer trips must be arranged elsewhere.

Besides, Bapak Gregorius from the Cool Corner Backpackers Hostel is apparently originally from Komodo and could organize a cheap boat transfer to the island + home stay for a night or more.

Rinca Island (Indonesian: Rinca Kecil or Pulau Rinca) is a more convenient place to see Komodo Dragons than Komodo island. Some dive operators might be convinced to combine a stop at the island with a days diving - otherwise charters can be arranged, or walk along the main street of Labuan Bajo and some tour agencies may be advertising places on an existing charter. There are big dragons that are often right in front of the pier when people arrive. On arrival a guide will escort you to the park office where you will be relieved of a range of fees totaling 275,000Rp, plus guide fee of 80,000Rp, then you can choose one of three hikes based on distance. While good for three days in the past, the national park fee is now only good for a single day for both Rinca and Komodo Islands. If you do a two day boat trip, they'll usually include Rinca and Komodo in the same day so you dont have to pay the fee twice.

Trekking Mt. Mbeliling, Cunca Rami Water Fall and Crater Lake The ideal region for eco-adventures. Manggarai’s mountains, lakes and waterfalls offers many hiking and trekking routes to suit all experience levels of hikers.

Trekking Wae Rebo Wae Rebo is the last remaining traditional Manggaraian ethnic village with traditional houses. It is located at an altitude of 1,125 meter above sea level in the Nature Conservation Forest. There are seven traditional houses, the so called 'Mbaru Tembong' and each of these houses hosts more than one family. The people live on agricultural products as coffee, taro and vegetables.

  • Flores Komodo Expedition (across TransNusa airline office in the main road), +62 385 42127 (), [2]. provides a fleet of boats for snorkeling trips to the islands and coral reefs and also to Rinca and Komodo to explore the Komodo Dragons. Flores Komodo Expeditionoffers also Trekking, Sightseeing and Eco-Adventure Tours across Flores and in the wild area of Manggarai. Travelling in a comfortable air conditioned car or van and accomodation either in luxury or standard hotels, guesthouses, monesteries and/or rustic private houses of local families  edit
  • Flores XP Adventure [[email protected]] organises 1 to 4 days adventure tours in Komodo national park, with sleeping at a beautiful camp site on their private beach on deserted island. with them you can swim with mantas, trekking with dragons, do amazing diving and snorkelling and also watch the sunset with giant flying foxes. Flores xp also offer inland tours to waterfalls, canyons, crater lake and traditional villages. it is the one stop adventure solution for labuan bajo [34]


One of the most requested boat charter destinations in Indonesia –Sailing Komodo National Park. The park’s 29 islands are situated off the coast of Sumbawa and Flores. Moreover, 26 small, mostly uninhabited isles surround the three main islands of the park: Komodo, Padar and Rinca. Even though the islands lie relatively close together, they offer different landscapes rich in contrast. The rolling hills and lush mangroves of the north give way to rough mountainous rocks in the central region. On the contrary, Horseshoe Bay in the south feels like Jurassic Park. Steep cliffs shrouded in cloud and the great force of the Pacific Ocean are pounding against the rocks outside the cove. You will feel like on the edge of the world! Cruising Komodo offers ultimate boating experience in Indonesia. Komodo National Park offers just about every kind of tropical scuba diving you can imagine. You can dive in warm, calm and colourful shallow reefs which make a habitat for huge schools of fish. You can explore current-swept deep cool water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by sharks, tunas and other pelagic fish. Komodo National Park offers dive sites suitable for all levels. Dive sites we frequently visit during our cruises include: Banta Island, Crystal Rock, Batu Bolong Siabar Besar, Castle Rock, Gili Lawa Dara, Golden Passage, Sebayor, Siabar and Maskassar Manta Reef. See here for details of some of the best sites around Komodo Island and Rinca Island.

  • Go Travela Indonesia, +62 81999565666 (, fax: +62 361 4457739), [3]. 09.00 AM - 09.00 PM. Enjoy a 3-day and 2-night sailing trip in Labuan Bajo Cruise through the breathtaking views of Labuan Bajo and its surrounding islands Get a chance to see the natural habitat of the Komodo dragons Go trekking and snorkeling at stunning tropical islands like Rinca Island, Komodo Island, Padar Island, and more. Price charter medium boat for 4 cabins in around Rp.4,000,000 for 2 days 1 night where you can explore sailing Komodo national Park.  edit


The Komodo National Park offer dozens of very pristine dive sites, with many migratory pelagics, vibrant reefs- making it one of the world’s richest marine habitats. The Park is located just offshore and easily reached by liveaboard operators, although daytrips may take two hours or more in each direction.

There are around 25 dive operators that offer dive courses, fun dives and liveaboard trips. They have fixed pricing for fun dives at Rp 1,500,000 per day incl. 3 dives, full equipment and lunch, + 175.000 Rp for the Komodo National Park entrance fee and diving fee (225.000 Rp on Sundays). Choose one of the newer dive centers for the newest equipment, one of the older for the most experience. Most are quite safe and know what they are doing, however, the currents around Komodo can be quite strong, and are not for beginners. Make sure you talk to different dive-centers around town and talk to them how experienced their staff is with the local conditions.

  • CNDive Komodo. The first ever dive centre in Labuan Bajo, Komodo since 1989. CNDive Komodo owned and managed by locals. CNDive owns 2 main boats; Embun Laut and Johannes III, that can be used for LOB or simply cruising trips and 2 speed boats; Discovey and Angelina, for day trips and diving. Visit or contact +62 823 3908 0808 for further information and details.
  • iDIVE Komodo, +62 (0) 811 9111 001 (), [4]. iDIVE Komodo is the newest dive center in Labuan Bajo. iDIVE Komodo run daily trips from Monday to Saturday into the Komodo National Park with a custom-made new boat "Valentina 01" - a 23 meter long and 4 meter wide dive boat, it is very comfortable and spacious! Eventhough it is new, all the dive masters and intructors are very experienced diving in Komodo National Park.
  • Wet Frog Divers, +62 (0) 812 3638 2286 (), [5]. Wet Frog Divers is the newest dive center in Labuan Bajo, conveniently located in the beautiful 4* Bintang Flores Hotel. Wet Frog Divers offer the full range of SSI and PADI courses, from Try Dives to Dive Master educations, in seven languages (English, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Farsi and Bahasa Indonesia), other languages upon request. Daily trips to the best dive sites in and around Komodo National Park as well as snorkeling tours are available. The comfortable dive boat "KLM Santai", that can accommodate max. 22 divers, is also available for charters. Highly experienced dive instructors and Dive Masters, lots of fun and safe diving!
  • Aridive is one of the great budget liveaboards, very flexible and accepting small groups (diving safaris possible already from 2 people). Aridive operates 4 boats: Ari Jaya, Pratiwi, Lalunia and Sinar Pagi, the last one accomodates 12 divers and is able to sail to Raja Ampat. Aridive provides many information about local fauna on their web page.
  • Dive Komodo (, +62 (0) 385 41862 (), [6]. Dive Komodo is a professional dive centre in Labuan Bajo. Dive Komodo, is of the pioneers of diving in the region, and they have been operating from Labuan bajo since 1996. They are a registered PADI dive centre and run daily trips into the Komodo National Park park with a 15 meter dive boat, and also offer multi day "live-aboard" expeditions, on their live-aboard cruise boat, the best way to explore the Komodo National Park.  edit
  • Wicked Diving +62 (0) 812 396 411 43" is one of the more experienced dive shops in the area with a responsible tourism policy. 2% of their revenue is invested in the local community and conservation projects. Besides day trips they offer liveaboard trips: Jaya Liveaboard and the CB Flexible Liveaboard. The latter is a qualitative option when you are on a lower budget. It is a flexible liveaboard with daily transfers, good chef, clean bathrooms, night dive option taking you to the best dive sites in Komodo. email= [email protected]
  • Komodo Resort & Diving is probably the best option to dive in the archipelago. The Komodo resort is located on Sebayur Besar, 10 miles west from Labuan Bajo, and its diving center is the closest to the dive spots. The resort offers 16 beach front very elegant and confortable bungalows, delicious food, an amazing pristine home reef and a breath-taking panorama.
  • Divine Diving, Jl. Soekarno Pelabuhan no 1,Labuan Bajo, Flores, 86554, Indonesia, +62 (0)813 5305 2200 (), [7]. Day-trips and Dive Live-abroad in Komodo National Park with Divine Diving is a professional dive centre in Labuan Bajo. They are a small dive shop with most professional and ecologically responsible dive masters & instructors . Their day-trips and safari encompass all dive sites of Komodo Islands plus a walk with the Komodo Dragons. They have great Live-abroad boat with 2 decks and large & comfortable cabins. The crew is really nice and helpful  edit
  • Orca Diveclub Komodo Flores, Jalan Pantai Pede KM.5,Labuan Bajo, Flores, 86554, Indonesia, +62 (0) 821 479 57666 (), [8]. The ORCA Dive Club if Flores has a private, 18-metre boat with which the dive sites around the west of Flores are accessed. Spectacular dives with manta rays or sharks are possible here all year round. The Strait of Komodo is known for its great diversity. However, strong currents have to be expected at some dive sites.This is one of the 3 ORCA Dive center in Indonesia and is run under european management  edit
  • Reefseekers Friendly and professional Scottish run scuba shop. Prices are from Rp 800,000 for 2 dives including lunch and equipment, discounts for multiple days. Fantastic marine biology lectures set this one apart. Great service as well, and small groups.
  • Kanawa Island Diving PADI 5 Star Divecentre, originally based on beautiful Kanawa Island but now operating from a boat, offering PADI courses from Discover Scuba to Divemaster, offering 2 or 3 tank divetrips into the national park. Since 2015 they are no longer related with the Kanawa Island Resort, which does not have a dive shop currently. You can find the divecentre and the resort websites easily.
  • Blue Marlin Dive[35] is a part of Indonesia's renowned Blue Marlin Dive, now with over 25 years experience and 5 different locations within Indonesia. Although their resort just opened in 2013, they have over 10 years experience diving Komodo via their liveaboard, Ikan Biru. Their full service 5* PADI IDC Dive Resort features Labuan Bajo's only purpose-built diver training pool, restaurant and accommodation options. Daily dives take place on a 100HP traditional outrigger boat, geared towards courses and beginners, and a 600 HP fibreglass advanced only speedboat, the fastest boat in Labuan Bajo allowing them to dive parts of the park unreachable by other dive shops. The also have multiple liveaboards catering to flexible schedules, more upscale fixed itineraries and chartered boats. A proud member of Dive Operators Community Komodo.
  • Komodo Dive Center[36], runs one of the more comfortable boats to the islands and dive-sides. Guides are familiar with the area, currents and dive-sites and attention is paid to maintain the reef for future generations.
  • Flores XP offers unique diving adventure sleeping in a camping on deserted island. also offer budget live aboard for everybody pockets. Flores XP is a mixture of European and Indonesian management promoting the environment and the development and growth of local manpower. Snorkellers are very welcome on board of their tours and will have their own snorkelling guides. safety is very important for this company and all their boats are very well equipped with safety and navigation devices.
  • Manta Rhei, Jl Soekarno Hatta, 16, [9]. Good diving experience. Detailed briefings, a lot of care on logging the dives afterwards. New, big and comfortable boat; great breakfast, lots of snacks and fruits during the day, and waffles in the end; lunch was freshly cooked onboard.  edit


  • Uber Scuba Freediving, Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Komodo National Park, Labuanbajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia 86554, (), [10].  edit Uber Scuba Freediving is the only Freediving/Apnea operator in Labuan Bajo. Certified Freedivers can join the Uber Scuba Komodo 24 meter day boat into the Komodo National Park and those who wish to make a certification course in Freediving can join the experienced Instructor to dive on a single breath up to 20m on the first level. They also do SCUBA Diving day trips and courses, as well as snorkeling and Komodo Dragon tours.


Labuan Bajo is the most convenient point from which to go snorkeling in the Komodo National Park. The snorkeling within the park offers many opportunities to see pristine reefs with some of the greatest fish and coral diversity in the world.

Flores Komodo Expedition (across TransNusa airline office in the main road), ☎ +62 385 42127 (info(at), [7]. provides a fleet of boats for snorkeling trips to the islands and coral reefs and also to Rinca and Komodo to explore the Komodo Dragons.

Kanawa is a great place for snorkelling right off the beach.


Seraya Island (Indonesian: Pulau Seraya) [37] is little more than a small, arid island outside of the Komodo National Park with a few bamboo huts for tourist lodging, a restaurant, and some villagers who let their goats graze on vegetation. The island’s cove is protected from the sea, providing calm and clear water for snorkelling. At low tide the coral is exposed and local fishermen walk on the reef in search of prey. Rowboats can be rented and taken to nearby islands for snorkelling and diving. Make sure to run up to the top of the hill behind the resorts and check out the sunset. The lodges on the island do have showers, but running water is only available a few hours a day.

Thousands of Flying Fox Bats emerge from Kalong Island at dusk

One of the more spectacular displays of nature in the area is at Kalong Island (Indonesian: Pulau Kalong; also spelt Kalung), which literally means "Flying Fox Island." The name is quite appropriate as the island is home to thousands of Kalong, or giant flying fox bats. Boats to Kalong can be chartered from Labuanbajo for around Rp 300,000 for a return ride, including a snorkelling stop at a nearby island before you reach Pulau Kalong. Your boat will be moored next to the mangrove island and at dusk literally tens of thousands of flying foxes emerge from the mangrove island and move over your boat towards Rinca Island. For the entire colony to emerge will take roughly 20 min of continuous waves of bats passing over your boat. The boat ride to/from Labuanbajo will take roughly one hour. This trip can also be packaged into a one day tour together with (for example) a visit of Rinca Island and some snorkelling in the area.

As pointed out above, in Labuan Bajo itself, there is not much to do (the city does have awesome sunsets though – keyword: sunset hill. You might not expect, that there is basically no beach – no snorkelling, no swimming. Due to the harbour the beach is quite dirty and not pleasant. If you want to go swimming, you can use the pool of Bintang Flores Hotel for 75k per day for non-guests. They also have a beach but its just not nice.

Buy[edit][add listing]

There are currently three ATMs in town which belong to the BNI and Mandiri bank and can deliver up to Rp 2,000,000 per transaction in Rp 100,000 or Rp 50,000 notes, but also a few other banks and one money changer. There is a bad rate, so better change enough money before coming here.

Shops selling tourist trinkets, local fabric, and Komodo Dragon carvings are located in the centre of town. Western products of varying quality are available in the toko or kiosk alongside the roads.

Consider taking a trip to the market early in the morning to purchase local coffee, spices, or just to look over a wealth of local produce and goods.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Choose from a variety of Indonesian, Chinese, and Western restaurants on the main road. There are also many masakan padang places along the main road, which are worth checking out for an inexpensive and filling meal. Opposite the TransNusa office there is a Coto Makassar place.

Everything is located on the main road.

  • Bajo Bakery (, [11]. Bajo Bakery provide high quality european style bread, cakes, sandwiches, breakfasts, coffee, fresh juices, and a very competitive price. Eat in the small cafe, or order take away for your trip. Also prepares large quantity's to order. Open 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday.  edit
  • Dragon Barn (accross TransNusa office in the main street), Jln Soekarno-Hatta. A country style steak house with steaks, sausages, fresh salads and traditional Florenese dishes Free WiFi  edit
  • Fish Market, (North end of the main road). Plenty of food stalls setup on early evenings by the water and they serve fresh grilled fish and other Indonesian dishes. Prices depend on fish and size (a grilled small grouper with rice and sambal is around 30,000rp, a medium sized snapper 40,000rp). There are also stalls serving martabak (Indonesian style pancakes). This is a budget friendly option and many travelers meet at the stalls at night. Beer can be purchased from the grocery store across the street for 25,000rp (June 2014).  edit
  • The Corner. Seafood restaurant.  edit
  • Pesona. Standard menu of western menu and seafood.  edit
  • Made In Italy, [12]. Pizza, pasta, risotto, antipasti or tiramisu. It is fairly upscale, great service and some of the most authentic Italian cuisine you will find in Southeast Asia. Pizza mains 80-150 thousand. Excellent wine list and the owner is a friendly, young Italian guy.  edit
  • Treetop. An unique tree house that you always wanted to have as a child, a place where posh meet doesn't matter who you are or where your from,there's always someone crazy enough to drink with you trough the night. The owner Matt and his dad is there most of the time. They can give you good advice on what to do and where to go trough out Flores. The food contains simple western dishes and their speciality Chinese and local seafood. The restaurant is located in the Center of Labuan Bajo, near the ATM machine. If you like seafood, this is the spot. As expected, fast wifi.  edit
  • Scooperific, Jl Soekarno-Hatta. Scooperific (Main Street) . 08:00-22:00. Open in August 2012, Scooperific offer more than 20 flavour of ice cream and more than 100 flavours of milkshakes. They also offer french food, including Crêpes, tea, juice, fresh dessert. less than 4$.  edit
  • Jeffry's, night market (second or third from the right). 16.00-04.00. The hidden gem of Labuan Bajo, this place located at the night market by the seaside, opens every day around 16:00 until the early morning. Run by Jeffry and his wife Anita. All the food is fresh from the sea and the portions tend to be large. It is also a great place to meet the locals in the natural environment and make local friends. Sometimes Jeffry sits down with the customers and treats them to copious amounts of free arak. 25.000-45000.  edit
  • Atlantis, Jl Pantai, Gorontalo Labuan Bajo (Next to Jayakarta hotel), 08119298111. 11am-11pm. Atlantis Beachclub is the newest gem in Flores, managed by Plataran. The rustic beach club on the outskirts of Labuan Bajo's Pede Beach, offers it's guests a combination of quality service and local hospitality. With its stretched pool and sun-loungers Atlantis is the place to be for sun-enjoyers and lounge-lovers. The upper-level restaurant caters for all occasions with simple-tasty dishes on its menu. A beach front grill and the ultimate "sun-downer" mixed by our mixologists create the most amazing sunset experience on the island.  edit
  • Cafe Selini ((Casa Selini)), Jln Soekarno-Hatta Labuan Bajo, (0385) 41136. Really tasty and fresh Greek food. Vegetarian friendly.  edit
  • CIT Ma Bon, Jl Soekarno Hatta (on the main Street). 8.30 - 23.30. Cit Ma Bon is an Italian and Indonesian restaurant with a very nice terrace and view of all the bay of Labuan Bajo. Phantastic is the view during the Sun set. The menu has a large choiche of Italian and indonesian food as pizza's, home made pasta, fresh grilled fish, the Nasi and Mie Goreng are just delicious as the Gado Gado and the soups (fish, meat or vegetable). There is also large variety of salads and juices. Free and fast wifi. The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing with good musik, nice decor and friendly staff. 5 - 15 US.  edit
  • La Cucina. The restaurant is located in the South end of the mainroad, around 30meters from Tree Top in Southern direction. The restaurants offers a wide range of beverage, delicious homemade bread and cakes and other Italian-inspired dishes. Especially their breakfast sets are very recommendable and can be enjoyed on their terrace, which has a beautiful seaview. The prices are very fair and competitive, the service good and staff very friendly. The restaurant is very cute decorated and doesn't play loud music, like some of the other places in town.The free wifi connection is one of the best in town.  edit
  • Molas Cafe. Located in jalan air kemiri, very close to El Bajo Hotel and BNI bank. it is a Garden restaurant and lounge with free oasis style swimming pool for the guests to use. offers good variety of tapas and international and Indonesian dishes. very recommended to go for lunch and enjoy the pool by the afternoon, it normally gets busy later afternoon sunset time especially during week ends. do not miss the apres dive on wedensdays and fridays with beers at only R 35.000 and free food buffet by the pool. for dinner it offer a romantic setting with very reasonable priced dishes, not to miss the curries and the fish platter . Molas Cafe FB page  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Beer (Rp 25,000) is available from the supermarkets and some of the shops around town. You can get the local moonshine, however it resembles paint thinner, and it's not unlikely that you will go blind if it is adulterated with methyl alcohol.

  • Paradise Bar, (10 min walk north from the centre of town). The only bar that is open until late, and has a fantastic view of the sunset. Every Saturday (at least) there is live music till late night, though don't get high expectations about their taste in cover songs. Paradise also serves good food.  edit
  • The Lounge. The default place for a sundowner. Anker beer is the best-seller, and costs Rp 27,000-25,000 + tax. They also serve cocktails and food until 23:00. Shisha is available.  edit
  • Mediterraneo. Good sunset view, also for the food.  edit
  • Scooperific : La Crêperie. This restaurant offer more than 20 flavours of milkshake including : coconut, mango, tiramisu, chocolate, vanilla and lemon and much more. You can also have a good french Crêpe with Nutella or cheese.  edit
  • CIT MA BON, Jl Soekarno Hatta (on the main street). 8.30 - 23.30. Large choiche of alcoholic and non alcoholic drink s, fresh juices and milk shakes. Good also for food at a reasonable price. The view of the entyre bay from the terrace is amazing. Free wifi  edit
  • Dragon Barn (accross TransNusa office in the main street), Jln Soekarno-Hatta. A country style and unique warung with tasty coffee, fresh fruit shakes, cheap beer and Free WiFi  edit.
  • Molas Cafe (molas cafe), Jl Air Kemiri, Labuan Bajo, NTT (close to el Bajo Hotel and bank BNI), [13]. Pool lounge with nice garden and susnet view. complete bar offering drinks by the oasis style swimming pool. real italian Vergnano espresso and nice international food and tapas. do not miss the Apres Dive every Wednesday and fridays, it is a beer happy hour with free food buffet  edit


Refill your waterbottles for free at these places and reduce plastic waste, from north to south (most dive shops do):</br> Also have a look at for more refill stations all over Indonesia.

  • Divine Diving, (Jalan Soekarno Pelabuhan No. 1).  edit
  • Dive Komodo, (Jalan Soekarno Hatta).  edit
  • Wicked Diving Komodo, (Kapung Tenga, Jalan Soekarno Hatta).  edit
  • Blue Marlin, (Jalan Soekarno Hatta).  edit
  • La Cucina, (Jalan Soekarno Hatta).  edit
  • Bajo Bakery, (Jalan Soekarno Hatta).  edit
  • Happy Banana, (In front of Madiri Bank, Jalan Soekarno Hatta).  edit
  • Molas Cafe, (Jalan Soekarno Hatta). It is only free if you order food. Otherwise 10k  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are ample amounts of accommodation to choose from in Labuan Bajo but much is left to be desired in the budget category. It's difficult to find value in the lower end of the accommodation range - but with tourism growing exponentially, new places should be popping up so keep an eye out. The cheapest places are the local homestays (Penginapan) near the ferry port. However, practice your Indonesian first. Even there, in 2015, the cheapest we could find was 50.000/person for a tiny room with a tiny mattress, no fan, and lots of people in the house. It is a tourist town, after all ...

Most budget and midrange hotels seem to be flexible about their prices depending on how busy it is. In low season a good single room can be found for 150000 rp.

Listed from north to south, here are some of the hotels. All places include breakfast, but to some breakfast merely translates into a cup of coffee. Ask first to avoid disappointment.


  • Bajo View, Just off the main road, well sign posted, [14]. This new eco lodge/half hostel is among the cheapest accommodation in Labuan Bajo. Price is for 2x2x2 meter bedrooms of tailor designed contemporary half cylinder tents in outdoor durable fabric and steel framings equipped with 8 units of outdoor sharing European bathrooms. Total capacity is 52 pax in 26 tents. It also has a beautiful view of the harbor and it's possible to buy reasonably priced drinks. Showers are only available from 6AM-9AM and 6PM-9PM understandable for the low cost, explained in good reason that Flores Island is one of the driest place in Indonesia, water only supplied once a week by government and the rest must purchase from water supplier, therefore it is true that water is precious. Was only opened in August, 2014 and is a beautiful and cheap place to stay. To get the view must a place must be high, not so bad when you don't have your bags, but when you first arrive it can be tough, however calling a the staff to do porter service is possible. 150,000 RP for two person.  edit
  • Eddy's, Jl. Reklamasi Pantai Kampung Ujung (In Kampung Ujung near the night market, small green and yellow house facing the water.), 082144446383 (). Small new guesthouse with two twin rooms with shared Indonesian bathroom, basic but clean and cheap, small local breakfast included (cake or fried bananas etc.). Free drinking water bottles refill, free coffee and tea all day. Run by the incredibly friendly and knowledgable tour operator Eddy Bataona who can organize boat and overland trips (snorkeling, fishing, camping), kayak rental and customized budget tours off the beaten path both in and around Komodo National Park as well as other destinations in Flores. Eddy speaks excellent English, is involved in marine conservation projects and is happy to share his profound knowledge of Flores traditions and customs. Rp 150,000, 2 pax (2016).  edit
  • Palulu Garden Homestay, (On the part of Jln Soekarno Hatta that goes northward, up the hill, close to Bayview Gardens Hotel. The place is hard to find by yourself and has no sign, so you'll need Kornelis to pick you up or give you directions on the phone. It's a 5 minutes walk uphill from the main road, although via a steep track.), 082236584279, [15]. An extremely friendly local by the name of Kornelis has recently (July 2014) built 3 rooms under his house and sometimes struggles to find people. If you give him a call he'll come and pick you up at the harbor, and possibly stop other locals to take your bags on their motorcycles to his place. The rooms are pretty simple (2 single beds, mosquito net, fan, bathroom with western style toilets but no hot water) and clean, but it tends to get pretty hot in there. Breakfast included (delicious banana pancake and tea/coffee cooked by his wife on their little terrace) 200000 Rp 175,000.  edit
  • Cool Corner Backpacker Hostel, 081339474775, [16]. Possibly the first hostel in Labuan Bajo. The foul smelling dorm room is equipped with bunk beds and air conditioning. The neighbor's wifi password is available and you get donuts and coffee for breakfast. One of the lowest-priced options for dorm rooms but you certainly get what you pay for at this location. Tours to Komodo National Park are also offered. Single shared bathroom with a single, cold shower. Rp 75,000 (per person/dorm) - 150,000 (room) (2015).  edit
  • Kampung Bule Hostel, (further south on the main road, before the Kampung Mart). Nice, new and clean dorm with AC. Also have private rooms (150.000 but easy to bargain for lower price - 2015). Free coffee, tea and water. Free working wifi. You can bargain the price down if staying a couple of days (down to 75.000Rp). They do laundry at a negotiable price (I lowed it from 20 to 12.000Rp). 100.000 dorm (2015).  edit
  • Chez Felix, (Down the main road, turn left at the Warnet and up the hill). The Felix Hotel is new and hits a sweet spot between quality and price. The hotel is slightly run-down with broken Moskito nets, but the owner is friendly and there is free good Wifi (May 2014). It is not the quintessential budget place but the cheapest single room starts from 100,000 rp. with a bathroom, western style toilet and two fans (no mosquito net). A double room with AC and cold water goes for 300,000 rp a night. The views from the restaurant (they only serve the included breakfast) are great.  edit
  • Gardena Hotel, (), [17]. One of the more convenient place, the hotel offers budget bungalows and rooms with hot water, air condition and private western bathrooms. The hotel is located in front of Dive Komodo in the center of Labuan Bajo just some steps to the harbour. From many rooms and bungalows you have a great view to the harbour and to the Komodo National Park islands. The wooden budget rooms and bungalows are equipped with beds, mosquito nets, fans and private bathrooms in a shared bungalow setting. The room rates range between 150.000 rp and 250.000 rp for the budget rooms and 460.000 rp for the air conditioned rooms (rates include a buffet breakfast). Rp 150.000-460.000.  edit
  • Bajo Beach Hotel. checkout: 12. The beach part, is purely marketing. However, it's clean and well-run, with the rooms of similar size and price to Gardena, it is worth checking out before putting down your bags at either. They are among the few that have (broken) western toilets. An air-con room costs an extra Rp 250,000. Rp 150,000.  edit
  • Hotel Matahari. The restaurant has great views of the bay, and the rooms are located below it in two floors. The upper rooms still views and some sunshine, but the downstairs do not. Mosquito nets are provided and needed. Fairly dingy and dirty in parts but good airflow and nice lower deck for sunset watching. 2013 update: lock your room at all times (especially when you sleep) and don't keep any valuables inside since the place is infamous for theft. Avoid using the laundry service as they are famous for making your clothes disappear Rp 100,000-150,000 with own toilet and shower, inc breakfast. 250,000 for AC).  edit
  • Komodo Indah. Tiled, somewhat musty rooms with big bathrooms (Rp 150,000) or similar rooms with shared bathroom (125,000 Rp). The sole shared bathroom is shared by many, though, has no shower, and occasionally doesn't even have water. The beds are comfortable. There are no mosquito nets but there are not too many mosquitos. Add Rp 50,000/night for air-con. Rp 125,000-175,000 (2015).  edit
  • Manta Manta (in the center), +62 81238987236 (), [18]. New rooms in a homestay located in the heart of Labuan Bajo not far from the harbour and all the dive and travel centers and restaurants. The rooms are equipped with double or twin springbeds, fan and a private western bathroom with cold showers. Rp 180.000-300.000 (2015).  edit
  • Sunrise Hotel, [19]. checkout: 1pm. On The hotel is located at 5 min walking from the heart of Labuan Bajo. in the main street going up in the western part of the town. next to pagi hotel. Simple room, simple breakfast, room in the back are not noisy. Rp 165.000.000 for a fan room.  edit


  • Bayview Gardens Hotel, "Jl., +62 856 383 9067 (), [20]. It’s the only hotel in the surroundings where you get the feeling of living in a botanical garden. All rooms have spectacular views over Labuan Bajo Bay, hot and cold water, AC and fans, western bathrooms, a safe boxes & minibar. Breakfast is included in the price of the rooms. From Rp 450,000.  edit
  • Surya Hotel. Clean tiled rooms on the newer side with bathrooms and fan or air-con set around a charming flowered little courtyard with ever present helpful staff. 10 min walk out of town. Bathrooms are in a bad condition and the manager can be slightly intrusive. Rooms from 250,000 Rp 250,000-350,000.  edit
  • Centro Bajo, Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Some 10 min walk from the town. If you go from the harbour with the traffic (it's one way street) you'll reach a bridge. Right after the bridge there is a fork on the road. Take the street on the left and walk up hill. The hotel is immediately after the power plant on the right side of the road.), +62(0)385 41655, [21]. Nice and clean place, with lovely staff who do their best to please. All rooms are with tiled floor and air-con. There is restaurant offering western and indonesian food with affordable prices (meal cost between 20 and 35,000 Rp). Breakfast is included in the price of the rooms, served everyday from 7 o'clock. If you dive and have to leave early just ask them the night before to prepare a box with your breakfast and tell them what time you need it. If you are planning to stay longer (5 days +)the price is negotiable. Standard room is Rp 250,000/ Relaxed room facing the garden is Rp 350,000.  edit
  • Golo Hilltop Hotel, [22]. To get away from the noise the Golo Hill Top Hotel is excellent with great views and a delightful new pool. Standard rooms are fan-only, and the wall fan is in an odd position which limits its effectiveness. Food comparable to the Gardena but great service. It is a 5-10 min walk to town down the hill - the road has been freshly paved as of January 2013, and the walk is not too bad, even on the way back up. Still a good idea to carry a torch at night. Rp 325-450,000.  edit
  • Green Hill Hotel. Boutique hotel with air-con and big bathrooms. The service will netiher offend nor impress you and the problems they encounter, such as power cuts, are not their fault. However, the prices might make you expect more. Rp 450,000.  edit
  • Orange Guest House, (Turn left at the pier if arriving by ferry and then take the first right. The hotel is at the end of the road on the junction.). Orange guest house is a family run hotel with spotlessly clean rooms. The bathrooms are tiled, have western toilets and the shower has very good water pressure. All rooms have AC and flat screen TVs with local channels. The large roof top terrace over-looking the harbor is a great place to enjoy a freshly cooked home meal. Very close to everything. 350'000 Jl. Mutiara 085337304050 (in front of the church).  edit
  • Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel, "Pantai, +62 813 3918 3065 (), [23]. Located in the western part of Flores Island, on a peninsula, just 15 minutes from Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the Komodo National Park. The hotel is in the middle of a wild and beautiful bay, on a white sand beach and clear water, offering a fantastic view of magnificent sunsets. The bungalows are on a hill, built with natural materials such as wood, bamboo and coconut (eco construction). They are designed with Manggarai or Indonesian architecture, and all have thatched roofs keeping them cooler. The charming restaurant offers excellent international cuisine and the friendly service at our family-run hotel will make you feel at home. From Rp 400,000.  edit
  • Mirror Cave House (two double bedroom house), next to Immigration office, 081337606948 (), [24]. Ideal relax for family or friends, up to 4 guests, children welcome, fully equipped modern kitchen with dinning, garden, pool, free shuttle. Tour guide.Local veggie market nearby. 699.000IDR. (-8.4803141,119.8916591,15) edit


  • Bintang Flores, (10 min drive south of dusty Labuan Bajo right on the beach), [25]. Freshly renovated in 2018, Bintang Flores Hotel offers 120 rooms in different categories. All rooms face the garden/ocean and Komodo's amazing sunsets can be watched right from the beach. This is the only true 4* hotel in Labuan Bajo! US$100-250.  edit
  • The Jayakarta Suites Komodo Flores, Jalan Pantai Pede Km 5, Labuan Bajo, Flores, +623852443688, [26]. Located only 10 minutes by car from Komodo Airport. Excellent breakfasts, and they have a professional diving club, Orca Dive. US$60-200.  edit
  • Blue Marlin Rooms, Jalan Soekarno Hatta (South of the ferry terminal between Wicked Diving and La Cucina), +62(0)38541789, [27]. Hot water showers, flatscreen TV and DVD player, balcony overlooking the harbour, swimming pool, breakfast included. USD$60-100.  edit

Stay safe[edit]

Thefts and muggings seem to be a recent concern. In May 2016 tourists have been talking about numerous recent aggressive thefts including a cell phone pulled from a woman's hands and then she was hit. As well as multiple tents being robbed even while people are sleeping in them.


Internet cafes along the main road are plentiful, and their connections are all generally the same at 1 Mbit/s which is fine for Skype and youtube. The Warnet in the south has the newest hardware, and most places have headsets for Skype.

All restaurants mentioned above have free wifi.

Get out[edit]

  • Komodo National Park encompasses a lot of water and islands west of Labuanbajo. If you want to go to Rinca or Komodo islands, or dive in the park you will have to buy a 1 day park pass for 175k (250k for Sundays), which includes the option to take photos. Money from such user fees is collected by the local government and is supposed to go into conservation efforts. Rinca Island (Indonesian: Rinca Kecil or Pulau Rinca) is a more convenient place to see Komodo Dragons than Komodo island. Some dive operators might be convinced to combine a stop at the island with a days diving. Often, there are big dragons in front of the pier when people arrive.
  • Kanawa Island (Pulau Kanawa) is surrounded by spectacular reefs with thousands of fish species, turtles, corals and reef sharks. Sometimes it is possible to see some mantas just around the arrival jetty. Snorkeling around Kanawa has been nominated as one of the best in all south east Asia. Kanawa island is 10 km away from Labuan Bajo (about 1hr with a local boat or 10 min with speed boat) and located just at the borders of Komodo National Park. On the island there is a small bungalow resort, designed for travelers, complete of restaurant, cinema on the beach etc... possible to visit the national park directly from there with wooden boats. Reef around Kanawa is protected, so fishing is not allowed, but the restaurant provides great, yet understandably pricey fresh seafood coming form the nearby fisherman island. Turtles love to hatch on the beach just next to the restaurant. No longer on offer are the bale and tent accommodations, only bungalow (traveller alert: bedbugs reported in 2015 repeatedly!).
  • Seats on 12-seater "Travel Buses" to Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende, Moni, Maumere etc can be arranged through the Perama office on the main street - the price usually includes pick-up from your hotel. It is only realistic to get to Bajawa in one day (10 hours). There are also "normal" (read rusty and old) buses that are cheaper than the "travel".
  • Walk down the street and wait for a car, Kijang, to bring you to Ruteng for 100.000rp per person and will take about 4 hours.
  • Bena village, Ngada district traditional village form from megalitic stones,exeptional view and history of this region with many small villages and Bena Village as most popular tourist attraction.You can buy traditional handmade artifacts such as ikat or machete style knife-parang.Local guide who can show you around and offer pick up from Labuan Bajo or Maumere please contact Flores Expertor call Pedro 081337871760.
  • There is a daily slow ferry to Sape on Sumbawa, as well as three weekly fast ferries. Some of the fast ferries continue to Sumba after Sape. The slow ferry leaves at 9:00, arrives at 16:00 and costs 60.000 Rp. The ticket is bought the same morning from 7:00 on.

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