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La Paz (Mexico)

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For other places with the same name, see La Paz (disambiguation).

La Paz is the capital city in Baja California Sur, Mexico. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of California or the Sea of Cortez near the southern end of the long peninsula. Often overlooked by travelers by the more flashy nearby Los Cabos resorts, La Paz boasts a wonderful waterfront integrated into the city (Malecón) and world class beaches. The city itself is very clean, safe, walkable and attractive. The islands off the coast are a popular destination in themselves.



La Paz has a desert climate, with low humidity although during summer months humidity may reach levels of 85% or more. Average winter nights dip into the lower 50sF, and average summer highs usually reach 100F.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

The city of La Paz is served by the Aeropuerto Internacional General Manuel Márquez de León.

Expect to pay 15-20 USD to get a taxi from the airport to downtown La Paz, as the airport is a fair distance away.

If you are coming in internationally, you can also fly into Los Cabos Airport (SJD). Easiest way is to rent a car and drive from SJD to La Paz, which takes about 2 1/2 hours through Todos Santos. Of course, you can also arrive via and private shuttles.

By boat[edit]

Ferries from Mazatlan and Los Mochis on the Mexican mainland are serviced by Baja Ferries. They are not cheap. One way fare is about $60 USD from Mazatlan and about $53 USD from Los Mochis. Both are overnight trips taking about 12 hours (more for Mazatlan, less for Los Mochis). The ferries have been privatized and fares are increasing rapidly (rates have more than tripled since 2000). The prices above should be fairly accurate as of now (june 2016), but you might want to check to see what the most current fares are.

By bus[edit]

One can get to La Paz from points south and north, Autotransportes de la Baja California [6] and Autotransportes Aguila serves La Paz from as far north as Mexicali and Tijuana. From Loreto, buses depart for La Paz at 1am, 3:45am, 8am, 8:20am, 10am, 11:30am, 12:15pm, 2:15pm, 4:20pm, 7:15pm, and 11pm, costing 645 pesos for the six hour journey.

By "Raite" (carsharing)[edit]

You can also find carsharing which are very common in Baja California. You can find them easily on facebook for example it exists groups dedicated to this use the key words "Raite Baja California". It's way cheaper than the bus so far the price from Ensenada to La Paz was 800 pesos (around 45 USD april 2016). Special warning : The road between Baja Norte and Baja Sur isn't in good shape. The drivers who are doing this are usually experienced because they do it very often as their job is to transport cars from north to south... But they also do it in one ride driving almost with no stops for as long as 24h...

Get around[edit]

Airport to hotel:

Taxis, shuttles and vans are readily available from the airport to your hotel but can be pricy. Prices are preset and at the time of this writing were $12.50 per person so an airport taxi with four people can run $50.

It is best to arrange airport transfers thru your travel agent or hotel prior to arriving.

As always, settle on a price before entering the taxi or shuttle.

Return trip taxes run about $20 USD for 1 to 4 people.

In town transportation:

Taxies are readily available throughout town and prices are very reasonable, usually $5/$10 for just about anywhere but once again, agree on price "before" entering taxi and be clear that it is not a per person price.

Local Taxi Location & Ph No's:

  • Degollado S/N Tel: (612) 122-0164
  • GMO. Prieto y Bravo Tel: (612) 122-0156
  • Revolucion y Degollado Tel: (612) 122-0857
  • Rosales S/N Tel: (612) 122-0455
  • Abasolo y Sonora Tel: (612) 123-2044
  • Bravo y M. Rubio Tel: (612) 122-0060
  • 16 de Septiembre y 21 de Agosta Tel: (612) 122-0308
  • B. Dominguez y 5 de Mayo Tel:: (612) 122-0770
  • Serban y 5 de Mayo Tel:: (612) 122-1470
  • 16 de Septiembre y Revolucion Tel:: (612) 122-0790


  • Aguila Tel: (612) 122-4270
  • Sucursal Malecon Tel: (612) 122-7898

See[edit][add listing]

The downtown area of La Paz is walkable. Walk alongside the water on the Malecón with plentiful mini-beaches, sitting areas, and cafes for you to explore. Walk around the Jardín Velasco and the central square abound with shops and people.

La Paz is home to various scenic beaches and boat docks. Playa El Tesoro is ideal for quiet, non-motorized watersports in a protected bay ringed with aquamarine shallow water that looked perfect for abundant fishing in the coves. The islands in the Sea of Cortez can be visited by boat tours and are well worth the time to check out. The marine wildlife and worldclass views are a huge draw. Think Arizona with the Caribbean!

Do[edit][add listing]

There's an active night life on the Malecón of La Paz, the street that borders the harbor. You can walk around, go into a club, buy some drinks, etc.

Whale Watching Tours - Begin your adventure in the capital city of La Paz. Then on to Port San Carlos to meet the aquatic stars of this tour, the Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay. Snorkeling equipment is provided & a delicious seafood lunch is included in this adventure. On this tour you can go scuba diving with dolphins. They also provide bird watching tours as well.

Nightlife - Among popular waterfront night clubs and bars are Clandestino, La Cantina, The Jungle, La Casa De Villa, La Catrina, Aguamala. Also, locals can frequently be found sipping coffee until late at the popular franchise of Exquisito coffee shops. "Maleconeando" is the local slang for something akin to "Cruising" in the US, and refers to bumper-to-bumper driving up and down the waterfront at night as a pickup spot and pastime. La Paz is quite safe downtown.

Biking -The city of La Paz is spread out, and you will find yourself walking a fair amount. The best way to see the city and surrounding area is by bike. There are a few rental facilities along the Malecon but for the best deals ask if your hotel has a bike for rent. Rentals range from 2-5 USD/hr. A good day bike is north along the coast to Pichilingue and beyond. There are numerous beaches to stop at and take a dip in the ocean. Make sure to bring water. Bike difficulty is beginner.

Learning Spanish -In La Paz there are several schools that offer Spanish classes for foreigners in a vacation atmosphere full of excitement and adventure. Some of them like El Nopal, tailor programs to include cultural activities, Mexican cooking classes, visits to the local markets, outdoor sports, excursions, and volunteer work with local non profit organizations. There are also opportunities to do a home-stay with local Mexican families in order to practice the language skills and gain cultural insights.

Study at Universidad Mundial, with the awesome teacher well known as the next Tsoukalos, he´s name is Omar Amir Chequer. He has a lot to teach

Buy[edit][add listing]

You can walk around the streets of the downtown in La Paz, you will see a lot of little shopping stores where you can buy artcraft made of seashells, wood and other materials of La Paz.

The central market in town is Mercado Municipal General Nicolás Bravo. You can go for lunch and visit one of the 10 or so food stands. There is also a great selection of seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables, and more.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Since this is a coastal city, you can get fresh seafood almost everywhere. Try all kinds of fish, shrimps, lobsters, manta ray, abulón, snail, oysters, etc.

Chocolate clams are a regional specialty and some of the best clams you will ever have, so make sure snap some up in beach bar or grab some shucked at the market. Tacos de aserrin (Sawdust tacos) are another specialty - dried smoked fish tacos available at several street vendors, "Don Sammy" is the most well known.

Fish Tacos[edit]

La Paz serves some of the best fish tacos in Mexico. Stands and restaurants specialize in them, and they are available at most other restaurants. It's a light meal and cheap eat (MXP 25-35 per taco). Note: many fish taco places close around 15:00, so go for breakfast or lunch.

  • Mc-Fisher, José María Morelos y Pavón 965, Zona Central, 23020 La Paz, B.C.S., +526121224140, [1]. Classic fish taco spot with a lot of seafood specialties like stew, seafood-stuffed rellenos, and many fish and seafood taco options.  edit
  • Taco Fish La Paz, Gral Manuel Márquez de León S/N, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., +526121257075, [2]. This is a hot spot for fish tacos. Smaller menu, but they specialize in fish tacos. They deep fry the fish in big pieces and cut them up to fit in tacos. Great salsas and toppings.  edit
  • 'El Estadio' Tacos De Pescado Y Camaron, Independencia 1115, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., +526121572472, [3].  edit
  • Claros Fish Jr., Nicolás Bravo 33, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., +526121297720, [4]. The most touristy fish taco place.  edit
  • Bismark Cito. It's on the waterfront and serves great shrimp tacos. Check the price of special combos if you are offered one, as the pricing may be out of line with the rest of the menu.  edit

How to order fish tacos:

  • Fish type: pescado (standard fish), camarones (shrimp), marlin ahumado (smoked marlin), Mantaraya (manta ray), pulpo (octopus)
  • Styles: capeado (fried - most common), a la placha (grilled), encebolla (sauteed with onions)
  • Shells: harina (flour - this is usually what to get), maize (corn), dorado (crispy corn)
  • Spicy: A la Diabla - with a spicy red sauce
  • You will dress your own tacos with plentiful salsa bars, crema, cabbages, and hot sauces

Other Eats[edit]

  • Maria California, Lic. Benito Juárez 105, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico, [5]. Excellent place for breakfast with chilaquiles (choose from 10 sauces and heat levels), eggs, enchiladas, juices, coffees, and more.  edit
  • La Paz has many inexpensive hot dog carts- Spanish "Jate". They are usually bacon wrapped, smaller than usual, with sweet sauce and optional chile sauce on a pillowy steamed bun. One card outside Museo de la ballena that serves awesome bacon wrapped sausages in a bun. Also you can find the best ones just a couple of blocks further that street.
  • Palermo´s. If you are looking for some Italian food by the sea you can eat here.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Kiwi, on the beach serves excellent margaritas and has a good view over the bay at sunset.
  • MEZCALERIA La Miserable, Belisario Domínguez, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico. Even though Mezcal is not a specialty of the region, you can find Mezcal and Agave spirits from all over mexico here. Try a flight.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


This is Baja, so the best budget option is always going to be beach camping. There are a number of free camping areas near La Paz. The authorities often try to close these areas (many of which have semi-permanent populations of winter Canadians), but determined campers almost always insist on "reopening" them. For this guide we will only list the legal, for-profit areas.

  • Casa Blanca RV park $18/ 2persons
  • La Paz RV park $20/ 2persons
  • La Ventana Campground $4/ person
  • Oasis RV park $10-17/ 2 persons
  • Yo Yo's Campground and Trailer park $6/ person


- Hostel California : The best place for budget travellers to rest their weary heads is the Hostel California, a five minute walk from the Malecon. This brightly colored affair has around 20 rooms built around an outdoor terrace and is very cheap at around US$20 per night for a twin room. The accommodation on offer is very basic rooms have a fan and private bathroom, and the staff are very friendly.

-Pension Baja Paradise : Slightly more expensive but still a great rate is the Pension Baja Paradise which is only two blocks from the Malecon. Rates are $25 to $45. It has incredibly clean rooms, all offering air-con, fridge, tv, shower. Run by a family of tri-lingual Japanese, they are eager to help and run cheap extracurricular rental services in house.

- Guesthouse Casa Victoria La Paz : Another great option near the Malecon is Guesthouse Casa Victoria La Paz, only two blocks from it. With a great view of the sea, every room has its own kitchen, bathroom, AC, Wifi and parking lot. Rates are $50 to $80.

- Others : Other Hotels in the downtown are Acuario, Miramar, Yeneka and Hotel Pekin, this last one is perfect Mid-range 3 Star Hotel for $45 Dollars per night, in front of the Sea Side Road and only 2 Minutes Walking or .5 miles from the heart of the city.


Other hotels are: Hotel Los Arcos (closed due to a labor dispute), Hotel La Concha

The newest hotel in La Paz is Fiesta Inn, is a beach front hotel, business class, is located in the Marina Costa Baja where there are also available spots for yatch, restaurants, bars and shopping stores, some weekends there are events in the Marina Costa Baja with dance groups, jazz music, samba music and other cultural things.

The well located Hotel Los Arcos has two sections. The hotel itself and the cabanas. The cabanas were clean, and have a safe in the room. Free parking is available on site.

You can also find a wide variety of hotels and travel information on the official website of the La Paz Hotel Association at the La Paz Hotel and Tourism Website.

Get out[edit]

  • It is possible to take a ferry to mainland mexico, though if you are taking your car you will need proper permits.
  • Todos Santos is an artsy beach city, and about a 1 hour drive.
  • Beaches - there is a string of beaches within a one hour drive north. Just get in the car and drive and find youd beach! Tecolote Beach is one of the most well known.
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