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Kutaisi [4] is a city in the Rioni Region of Georgia.


Kutaisi is the traditional rival of Tbilisi for capital status, and has since the days of the Golden Fleece been considered the capital of Western Georgia (then Ancient Colchis). It remains Georgia's second largest city, but to the irritation of the proud locals, does not come even close to Tbilisi's present day size and wealth. Since the Georgian government decided to move their parliament to Kutaisi, there has been a lot of work on restoring streets, buildings, parks and monuments and the city has become much safer.

But a visit here is nonetheless near mandatory to see the magnificent Bagrati Cathedral, and Gelati Monastery, the latter is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and both have commanding views from the mountain slopes over the city and the Rioni river. You should also visit the Kutaisi botanical garden which features many beautiful trees near the Riono river.

Kutaisi is a relatively pleasant city, without as many "tourist features" as some regions. However, foreigners are treated very well in Kutaisi. You will find people will be very kind to you, and will want to learn a little about you. English is not very good in this region, but you will feel safe. If you like to interact with local people, the people from Kutaisi are very open and willing to interact with you. The women in kutaisi are very kind and accepting, and will try to help you. The men are also very generous, and will be very open to call you their friend, and will also offer you alcohol and include you in their group. If you are worried, offer to buy the person talking to you alcohol or food.. they will respond very positively to you :-)

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

The following airlines operate service to/from Kutaisi International Airport:

WizzAir (Athens, Barcelona, Bari, Berlin-Schoenefeld, Budapest, Dortmund,Eindhoven, Katowice, Larnaca, London-Luton, Memmingen, Milan-Malpensa, Paris-Beauvais, Praha, Riga, Rome-Fiumicino, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Vilnius, Wrocław), Service Air (Mestia).

If you wish to change money into Georgian Lari there is a desk before immigration control, run by government employees. After immigration there is a private bank counter with an exchange facility. Opening hours are unclear, though one of the two options seems to be working after arrival of international flights.

There are several ATMs of Georgian banks available in the airport hall just before exiting the terminal building.

Kutaisi international airport is 23 km west of Kutaisi city center.

Getting from the airport to Kutaisi[edit]

  • By marshrutka: Walk to the bus stop at the main road in front of the airport building and flag down a marshrutka (Kutaisi is to the right of the airport). The driver may or may not accept euro coins or dollar bills of small denominations. If not, you may ask him to stop at a money exchange office in Kutaisi and he may or may not agree to do so. If not, wait for another marshrutka.
  • Marshrutka run every 20min between kutaisi bus station (behind mc donalds) to samtredia (via airport) and vice versa during the day (2 Lari). Now its possible to change eur or usd to gel inside the airport. If you arrive late, you can try to stop other marshrutkas from batumi, zugdidi etc.
  • A direct marshrutka of the Georgian bus company meets each flight (5 Lari) and will take you to your accommodation in Kutaisi (together with all other passengers; to book a city hostel closer to the airport will not always result in early arrival at your hostel if the address is not well known). Agents meet each flight as you emerge from customs and direct you to their desk for ticket purchase. Credit cards are accepted. Alternatively book on-line at
  • By taxi: Arrange the price beforehand. The taxi driver will probably ask for 25 lari, but you should insist on 20 lari only; do not care about his disgusted look as 20 lari is already a hugely inflated price anyway - if you want to support the local economy or help people in REAL need, you will have more than enough other opportunities in Georgia.

Getting from the airport to Tbilisi or Batumi[edit]

  • Get by taxi or marshrutka to Kutaisi (see above) or to Samtredia (to the left of the airport) and then continue by train or by marshrutka (see By bus and By train).
  • A bit more expensive option is to use direct marshrutkas of the Georgian Bus company to Tbilisi (20 lari, 10 euros, 12 US dollars) and to Batumi (18 lari, paying in euros and dollars is also possible). You can also pay with your credit card. The Georgian Bus ticket stand is in the airport hall. Check [5] for more information. You may also try to arrange with the Georgian Bus employees at the ticket stand or with the marshrutka driver to kick you off in Samtredia/Kutaisi, Gori or any other place on the route to Batumi/Tbilisi (for a lower price).

By train[edit]

You can download the Georgian Railway Tickets app to easily purchase your ticket in advance (only possible a few hours before the train's arrival). List of passengers will be printed and the documents of the main ticket holder will be checked upon boarding. Tickets are not sold at every station en route, nor are they sold on board.

Beware that the mobile app displays only some stations and some trains. It is necessary to ask at the train station or tourist information center to get a timetable of all trains.

All trains from and to Tbilisi Central leave from and arrive at the new Kutaisi I station.

There is a daily express train (#18) from Tbilisi departing at 9:00AM, arriving at Kutaisi I at 2:30PM. A ticket with reserved seat costs 9 GEL (ca. 3.75 USD as of July 2018). Also stops in Mtskheta (old capital of Georgia), Gori (birth place of Stalin) and Zestafoni. Nice, but long, journey.

In the opposite direction, train #17 leaves 12:25 from Kutaisi and arrives 18:20 in Tbilisi. Cost in May 2014 was 8 GEL. No restaurant car is available on board this train, but - like other trains in ex-Soviet states - there are on-board sellers and the train makes lengthy stops at stations that do sell food. Incidentally, due to these stops these trains usually arrive exactly on time.

A local but fast train runs from Kutaisi I to Batumi (listed, confusingly as 'Makhinjauri' in the timetable), leaving at 9 AM, arriving 3 hours later. Cost GEL 4, payable on the train. Preferable to the bus.

Train from Tskaltubo are running from Kutaisi II station, which is located in the south-west of Kutaisi.

There are more night and day trains running from Tbilisi Central via the Rioni station (a few kilometres to the south of Kutaisi) and via the Samtredia station (which is relatively close to the Kutaisi airport) to the west of Georgia (Batumi-Makhinjauri, Zugdidi, Poti, and Ozurgeti). Check the timetable [6]. Getting a bus/mashrutka to Rioni may be tough. A taxi could take you there for 9-10 Lari. Rioni station has very minimal amenities on offer and it's not wise to reach there too much in advance.

More info on train travel [7].

By bus[edit]

Mini-buses (marshrutkas) and full 54-passenger buses depart regularly for Kutaisi from Didube Bus Station located at the Didube metro stop in Tbilisi. Marshrutkas typically depart once an hour; large buses every three hours. Typical fare is 10 lari. Travel by marshrutkas takes roughly 3.5 hours; larger buses take slightly longer due to more frequent stops. Marshrutkas leave from Batumi about every hour, cost 15 lari (can almost always talk them down to 10), and take about 2-2.5 hours. They will drop you off in front of the McDonalds, where you can take the number 1 bus to the city centre. They can also drop you at Kutaisi airport, but make sure to shout when you see the airport approaching, as they don't always remember.

Bus #1 is a circular service in both directions. The anti-clockwise version serves Kutaisi I railway station but note that the clockwise version does not, and a short walk and ascent of steps is required from the nearest stop at the junction of David Agmasenebeli Avenue and Tesereteli Street. Fare is 0.40 Lari

By car[edit]

From the airport it is a main road that leads you to the city in under 20 mins. Car rental company Naniko

Get around[edit]

The standard fee for travel by marshrutka in the urban area of Kutaisi is 0.50 Lari. You can get almost anywhere in the city using marshrutska, which are numbered. At your accommodation, they will know which lines are most useful.

City bus #1 is useful circular route (both direction) linking Kutaisi I, and II stations and the city center. From Kutaisi II (bus terminal), take clockwise (heading left) direction to the city centre and anticlockwise (heading right) to the Kutaisi I. Note clockwise direction doesn't go in front of Kutaisi I station.

Other than that, getting around in Kutaisi is tough especially if you are not conversant in Georgian language. One could negotiate with a city taxi driver and roam around Bagrati, Gelati monastery, Motsameta monastery, Sataplia and Prometheus, all for 60-70 LARI, including return to Kutaisi city by early evening. Compare to what local transport costs: one way by marshrutka to Gelati monastery 1 lari. I found it easy to travel around by myself using local transport.

If local transporters know another language than Georgian it is Russian. With basic knowledge of Russian you will get by. Useful for all former Soviet countries. Alternatively, ask young people (under 25) who usually speak at least some English depending on their level of education.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Bagrati Cathedral.  edit It is about a 30 minute walk from the main square. Try to visit on the hour, when Mass is celebrated. Interesting atmosphere.
  • Gelati Monastery. Buses leave from behind the theatre at 8 and 11 AM; at 2, 4 and 6 PM. Cost 2 Lari (1 Lari one way for locals - september 2019). Duration of the ride is 20 to 25 minutes. Returning to Kutaisi should not be a problem as there are many marshrutkas on the main road coming from surrounding villages that pick up passengers. Just wave and they will stop and pick you up. If not, try hitch-hiking, you'll almost always stop someone.  edit
  • Motsameta Monastery.  edit Picturesque setting on top of a cliff, with valleys on both sides. 1.8km off the main road to Gelati. From Motsameta monastery it is possible to walk back to Kutaisi following the railway tracks to the closest Kutaisi suburb.
  • Torpedo Kutaisi, Ramaz Shengelia Stadium. See the local football team in a match at the Ramaz Shengelia Stadium. A ticket costs 2 GEL.  edit
  • Statue of David Agmashenebeli (David the Builder).  edit - The statue overlooking a stairwell is in front of the main railway station, within minutes walk from Kutaisi University. David the Builder has a churchbuilding in one hand and a sword in the other.
  • David Agmashenebeli square.  edit main square in old Kutaisi has a water fountain on the roundabout called Colchis fountain. Illuminated at night
  • Botanical garden, Leselidze street 2. If you have a free time before your flight, consider visiting a botanical garden to sit and relax. There is a church in a tree which is interesting on its own. 1 GEL.  edit
  • Prometheus Caves.  edit in the city outskirts, an array of caves and caverns.
  • Besik Gabashvili Park.  edit After a journey by an old Soviet style cable car (1 Lari) one is brought to the top of the hill. There are some views overlooking the city and it hosts a great permanent fair, however the spinning wheel ride is not one for the faint hearted. There are a number of other rides there also, all for small amounts of money - a cart wheel and others alongside a caged bear at the side of the fair. The ferris wheel in another side of the park provides views of the city.
  • White Bridge.  edit There is an old tale of this bridge that a cheeky kid had stolen hats off two men and jumped into the river. There is a statue on the bridge depicting this story - a great picture point too. It is also close/overlooks a traditional house formerly part of the old palace in Kutaisi.
  • Puppet Theater.  edit there are two performances a day on the moment one at 11:00 and one at 11:30.
  • Martvili Canyon, (About 1 hour drive from Kutaisi, first drive or take a bus to Khoni, from there to Martvili. The canyon is 3/4 km north of Martvili town). Short and crowded, but nice views, close to Okatse canyon. 17.25 GEL for foreigners. Boatride for 10-15 minutes costs 15 GEL extra.  edit
  • Okatse Canyon, (About 1 hour drive from Kutaisi, first drive or take a bus to Khoni, from there to Okatse canyon (1 minibus a day)). Nice walk above the canyon, close to Martvili canyon. 17.25 GEL for foreigners.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]


Kutaisi has a growing nightlife whereby many new venues are opening, Kings located by the civic centre is an excellent and lively location with live bands and performances that will allow one to blend in and have fun with the locals, also "Enso" bar (tamar mefe st60) which is open whole night, with live music, social events, lots of chacha and wine.


Buy[edit][add listing]

The streets of Kutaisi have been modernised somewhat and have many local items as well as many internationally recognised items. There is a Mall where one could attend to their shopping needs, there are also market stalls and small shops willing to haggle with tourists. Items are purchased cheaper in Kutaisi than in tbilisi. Make sure you find the Food Market and the under ground market, called the Green Bazar on Google Maps.

Eat[edit][add listing]

You can get Georgian food delivered to you, which is rare in Georgia, if you call 248494. It would definitely help to know some Georgian. Prices are reasonable; we got enough food for 10 people for 50 lari, including delivery charge.


  • McDonald's, 121 Beshkenadze Avenue (also spelled as Chavchavadze Avenue) (4 km southwest of the old city centre, near the Grand Mall.). Prices around 10 GEL for the big mac meal. The main menu is in Georgian script, but they have a menu in English on a separate card. Marshrutka 200 and 34 pass by. Just in case you are fed up with traditional local food. Another McDonald's restaurant has opened on Agmashenebeli square.  edit
  • Café/restaurant Baraqa, Tamar Mepe Street (located in Kutaisi city centre, near the central square.). Prices around 10 GEL for local food; ask for the menu in English.  edit
  • El Depo, 9 Tabidze Str. (5 minutes walking from the White Bridge). Typical Georgian cuisine. The best Khinkali in Georgia, very tasty lobio (haricot) and really good beer. Affordable prices.  edit
  • Bistro-pub Lale, Varlamishvili Street (located in Kutaisi city centre, just next to the market. Try to find the logo - a mug of beer between a knife and fork.). Something really local. Delicious kebab, sashlik and also khinkali. Closes at 7 pm. Prices around 5-10 GEL for food. It also offers wine and beer. Highly recommended by local people as well.  edit


  • Pizza Bar RICH, Rustaveli Ave 27 (5 minutes from the City center and Shota Rustaveli Bridge). Very nice place with great music, friendly service and delicious salads, pasta and pizza. It also has a large variety of Georgian wines.  edit
  • Palaty restaurant, 1 Pushkin str. II lan ("in). Very nice place with live music every evening. Prices are a bit higher than in other places but it's worth visiting. They have a very nice atmosphere and friendly service. Typical Georgian cuisine but they also have other meals like pizza.  edit
  • Zedazeni restaurant, Pushkini str.16 ("in). Typical Georgian cuisine. Good prices, nice service and tasty food.  edit
  • Caucasian restaurant, Rustaveli Avenue ("near). Bad deal: a simple meal costs 15 GEL and e.g. a salad of merely tomatoes and cucumber costs 5 GEL; local men smoke in the restaurant; friendly service though.  edit


Drink[edit][add listing]

Already mentioned, but one simply cannot have too much Georgian wine. The local wines can be found in the market area.. Those wines are sold in recycled bottles... Be aware -> cha-cha tastes good but has a very high percentage of alcohol... if in doubt, purchase the white wine, red wine, or the spiced red wine.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are many low budget hostels in Kutaisi. Most of them can be booked through the usual sites. Especially during the low season from mid October prices drop (e.g. 4€ for a bed in a dorm).


  • Hostel Bude, Tamar Mefe Street 60 (10min from city centre, in front of the Akaki Tsereteli State University. 5min from Kutaisi railway station), mobile:+995 598 61 43 65 (). The hostel has a little balcony with a nice view of old Kutaisi, it makes a good spot for BBQ nights with Georgian Wine or Chacha. It's the place to have fun, meet other people and get information about Georgia. the Host can help you to plan your Tours. 15GEL (Dorm) to 50GEL(Private) per night..  edit
  • Hostel Vagabonde, Tsereteli Street 52 (750m from city centre, 750m from Kutaisi railway station (8mins)), mobile:+995 557 33 48 60 (). The hostel has a large balcony overlooking the Rioni River. Very comfortable beds, includes breakfast, coffee, tea 25GEL (Dorm) to 60-150GEL(Private room with 6 person maximum) per night..  edit
  • Hostel Bavaria, Tbilisi Street 108 (1 km from the old city center), mobile: +995 55 76 00 76 (). The hostel is quiet and has a friendly atmosphere. The host can provide travel information. Guests can use the fully equipped kitchen. 15 (dorm) to 40 GEL (per room) per night. This price includes breakfast..  edit
  • Hostel Ell, Gaponova Street 38 (nearby city center), mobile: +995 592 92 12 12 (). This hostel is located in 20 minutes walk from Bagrati church. The bright rooms are simply decorated in a traditional style. Shared bathrooms are located in the corridor. Guests can prepare meals in the fully equipped communal kitchen and dining area. The hostel's restaurant, which serves both Georgian and European cuisine is a 7-minute walk from the hostel itself. Gelati Monastery is located 9 km from the hostel. Kutaisi train station is 2 km away and Kutaisi international airport is 25 km. 25 to 50 GEL per night.  edit
  • Rusiko's Guesthouse, 5 Khaukchishvili Street (next to White Bridge (Tetri Khidi) in the Old Centre), +995 551 47 11 00; +995 597 90 54 76. The lovely hostess Rusiko makes everyone feel very welcome. Feels like a real Georgian home. Free wi-fi is available as well as tea, coffee and fruit. Very clean and comfortable with a perfect location - 3 minutes from the central fountain, opera, theatres, central bazaar and bus stops. 20 GEL per night.  edit
  • Hostel Kutaisi, 14 Solomon I Street (next to main square in the historical part of the city), +995 431 25 38 73 / mobile: +995 551 47 11 00 (). Staff have some English. Amenities include free wi-fi, linen, towels, shampoo, coffee, tea, cable TV, maps, different guide books and advice about Kutaisi and Georgia in general. 20 to 30 GEL per night.  edit
  • Hostel Lviv, Rodzechevi str. N4 a, 0431-243962 / mobile: 595-172977 or 597-821644. 15 GEL (dorm).  edit
  • Suliko's Homestay, (10-15 minutes walk south of the middle of town. Go to number 81 Tbilisi Street (one of the main streets in town). Then, go up the alley that intersects with Tbilisi Street at that address. It will be the third house on the right (number 6, green fence).), +995 431 24 30 07. Their popularity brought other similarly named guesthouses, and taxi drivers tend to take you to these new places for the comission. Give them address to avoid the trouble. You will be treated with as much chacha, Georgian wine and food as you can handle. The food is all hand-made and freshly prepared. It is amazing, the hospitality is unparalleled and only the modesty of the facilities leaves anything to be desired. The beds are clean and the house is good by local standards, and the new bathroom was completed in the summer of 2011 in this friendly homestay. Free WiFi Internet is available, and there is a computer available for use. It's easy to get here from any location. between 20 and 30 GEL per night.  edit
  • Leila's Hostel, 3 Jibladze Street (3 blocks from city center), +995 431 25 10 25 / mobile: +995 597 03 07 30 (). checkin: 24 hours; checkout: 10 A.M. In the Kutaisi Hostel Centre, the owner Leila is a Soviet business woman eager to make money, likes to clean all the time and seems to be upset all the time and complaining about other guests to you (but you're amazing, that is, until you leave!). Amenities include free wi-fi, linen, coffee, tea, airport pick up and central bus station pick up. But don't shower more than you should or plug in your devices more than you need. The owner will angrily remind you of that. Hostel locks at 10 P.M! 15 to 30 GEL per night.  edit
  • Gia homestay, 41 chanchibadze (very close to Bagrati Temple), +995 557 669 380 (). In the Gia Homestay you will feel like at home. The house is situated on a hill and has a beautiful view of the mountains and Kutaisi. You can order breakfast, the food is very good and freshly made. Mirzaani brewery, which serves very good food, beer and wines is an approx. 10 minute walk. Price per person is between 20 and 30 GEL per night.  edit
  • Family Hostel, 25 Tamar Mepe (in the city centre), +995 571 026 329 (), [1]. Family accomodation. Contradictory to its name, it's more like a guesthouse than a hostel. 25 GEL per night.  edit
  • Hostel Mana, 33 T. Tabidze (about a half km outside the center), +995 598 74 77 44 (). Guesthouse in a very close location to the city center. The owner doesn't speak English but it wasn't a problem for us. He speaks Russian and Georgian. He will come pick you up from the city center when you arrive if you ask. Very comfortable and affordable. 15 GEL per night.  edit
  • Sun Hostel, 2 Bagrati St. (near Bagrati cathedral), +995 595 237 236 (). Hostel is located in the city center, just below the beautiful Bagrati Cathedral. Very friendly hosts. Great view of the river and the city. 15 GEL per night (May 15).  edit
  • Hostel Kutaisi by Kote, Gorki Street 18 (Gorkis Kucha 18), +995593548507 (), [2]. Hostel Kutaisi by Kote, located close to Bagrati Cathedral, is a perfect place for those who are looking for good standard accommodation at affordable price. There are 14 rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. Free Wi-Fi is available at the property. The hostel also organizes tours around Georgia and for those who want to explore the country on their own they offer car rental. 20GEL (per person).  edit
  • Hostel Sweet Home, 12 Jibladze Street, +955591227922. Sweet Home Hostel is located in Kutaisi, 500 metres from the central park. Free WiFi is available. All rooms have air conditioning. Guests can use a shared bathroom. At Sweet Home Hostel you will find a garden, a terrace and a shared kitchen. Other facilities offered at the property include meeting facilities and a games room. Kutaisi Train Station is a 10-minute walk. 29 to 30 GEL.  edit


  • Hotel Tirifi Holiday, (near MCdonalds restaurant), +995592961515, +995431276752, [3]. checkin: 15:00; checkout: 12:00. Reasonably priced, clean and comfortable. It offers wifi, A/C, heating, breakfast, and will help plan sightseeing trips of Kutaisi. On the balcony you can communicate with people, taste chacha, wine and georgian cuisine, make introduction to georgian culture. One of the few budget options in Kutaisi. 30 - 120 gel.  edit


Stay safe[edit]

This region is extremely safe. The women in Kutaisi are LGBT+ tolerant. Some men in Kutaisi are aggressive towards LGBT+ people. However, younger generation of men in Kutaisi are LGBT+ tolerant. if you are LGBT+ the best strategy is to: (a) be friendly, happy, and smile as much as you can; (b) learn the word "megobari", which means friend; (c) buy the men alcohol... seriously, buying men alcohol or food is the best way to communicate that you are friendly... Georgia has a very strong "guest culture" and also a very strong desire to help others. Kutaisi is the city of love, and if you can "meet them where they are", they will respond positively.


Kutaisi is a fairly safe city where one can wander the streets day and night, the only thing one would highlight is the driving and crossings. You have to be forceful here as drivers don't want to stop at all. Even if there is a green light for pedestrians, you might be hit by a car or marshrutka.

Some basic knowledge of Russian would be very helpful if you want to travel individually. In case English is your only option ask young educated people. For one reason or another girls and young women are better at communicating in English than men.

Most Georgians think it is strange to travel alone. They will treat you okay, but do not surprised if they ask "will you marry georgian person?" :-)

Get out[edit]

Tbilisi There are 3 trains per day from 'Kutaisi #1 Station' to Tbilisi, cost is 8 GEL, which is by far the cheapest option. The ride takes around 6 hours, so it is longer than the Marshutkas, but it is much more comfortable and relaxing. The train stops many times on the way, for long periods of time normally, and you can buy water, snacks etc, from people at each of the stops. There is no onboard food service, so make sure you take something with you. When you get on it will be one carriage long, when you get off probably around 20 carriages will have appeared. The scenery is amazing and the way the landscape drastically changes is mind-blowing. Minibuses to Tbilisi go frequently for 10 Lari. There are also larger busses, but not as frequently.

  • Tskaltubo is an interesting Soviet-era resort town not far at all from Kutaisi. Here you can see some beautiful abandoned Soviet Sanitoriums. Note that some of these buildings now house displace peoples from the recent war with Russia which, for privacy sake, you should admire from a distance. From Kutaisi, head to the park side of the Red Bridge and you will see many minibuses. There is one which heads regularly to Tskaltubo for a few lari. Once you are there, get off at the north side of the large park. You will see a large fenced off building on the main road. This is one of the sanitoriums that you cannot enter as it was recently bought for redevelopment. However, if you keep walking along that road, on the east side of the building you will notice a road which does not appear on Google Maps. Turn down this road which passes by a football stadium to see another fenced off building. There should be an opening which gives you access to this empty abandoned building. Another great Sanitorium which allows barrier free access is located in the main park north west of the spa called 6 источник (6 Springs) which is currently operational .

Getting to Kutaisi international airport from Kutaisi[edit]

  • Marshrutkas from Chavchavadze bus station (behind McDonalds) in the direction of Samtredia pass the international airport on a regular basis. They drop you off on the highway in front of the airport. Cost is less than 2 Lari. Keep in mind that the last marshrutka leaves Chavchavadze station at 18:30.
  • The Georgian bus company has a minibus service to the airport which includes a pick-up from your place of stay. It costs 5 Lari. The service is reliable. Phone 555 397 387 or book online on their website.
  • Taxis from Kutaisi to the airport will cost 15 to 20 Lari.

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