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Krabi Town

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This article is about Krabi Town. See Krabi Province for attractions elsewhere, including Krabi's famous beaches.

Krabi (กระบี่) is the capital of Krabi Province, Thailand.


Krabi is a small city with a population of around 55,000. Located just upriver from the coast, it has no beaches and most visitors make a beeline for Had Yao, Ao Nang or Rai Leh (Railay). Nevertheless, Krabi is a relaxed place which is pleasant enough for travellers to spend a night or two and one can certainly better experience Thailand here than in Ao Nang or the other beach resorts. However, if you're expecting bright lights, nightlife and lots to see and do, you will inevitably end up disappointed.

It is actually pronounced "Grabee"

Get in[edit]

Direct connections are by air, road and sea from other parts of Thailand.

By plane[edit]

Krabi International Airport (KBV) is about 10 km from the city limits, 15km from city centre. It is 40km from Ao Nang and 23km from Had Yao.

To/From Bangkok: Thai Airways [14], Air Asia [15] and Nok air [16] operate daily direct flights to/from Bangkok.

To/From Ko Samui: Bangkok Airways [17], operate flights to Koh Samui.

To/from outside Thailand: Air Asia [18] has daily flights to/from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tiger Airways [19] flies to/from Singapore 4 times a week.

Getting to/from airport: An airconditioned airport bus service links the airport with Krabi Town, Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara Beach. Fares are 90baht to Krabi and 150 baht to Ao Nang/Noppharat Thara. Buses meet all flight arrivals. For times to the airport, see Ao Nang page.

Songthaews run from Krabi Town to the airport and cost 30-50 baht, depending how much they overcharge you. Going to the airport, they will drop you at the departure terminal. From the airport, you will have to walk out and catch them along the main road to Krabi, a distance of about 400m.

  • National Car Rental has a branch at the airport; motorcycle taxi rides are available outside the terminal. Krabi Limousine (tel. +66-75692073) has a desk inside the terminal and provides "limousine taxi" (using large air-conditioned sedans) transport to Krabi for 500 baht; Ao Nang for 800 baht; Phuket Airport for 2500 baht.
  • KrabiCab, [20], tel: (+66) 0892896233 offer online booking for private taxi and minivan transfers from Krabi Airport to all destinations, hotels and resorts including Koh Lanta, Ao Nang and Klong Muang. Prices are generally lower than those available at the airport and no waiting. Current price as at 2016 is 550thb for private car to Ao Nang.
  • KrabiTransfer, [21], tel: (+66) 089 078 6220 offer private taxi and Taxi Transfer service from Krabi airport to hotel in Ao Nang, Klong Muang,Ko Phi Phi, Tub kaek and other destinations. Safe and friendly service in comfortable air-conditioned transport.

By train[edit]

Krabi does not have a railway station. Most travellers head to Surat Thani and Hat Yai and transfer onto buses to Krabi from there. See the Surat Thani and Hat Yai page for train times. See also "By Bus" section below for bus connections.

By bus[edit]

To/from Bangkok: Buses to/from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal (tel. +66-24351199) take about 12 hours and depart as follows:

  • VIP bus at 07:20 (710 baht)
  • First class bus at 19:00 (486 baht)
  • Second class bus - 07:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00 - 378 baht

Please note: Prices change, this information is quite old, expect about 100-200B increase. As of November, 2014, prices were 643 baht for a second class ticket.

One of the private bus companies is Lignite which can be booked in advance online and goes from the Southern Terminal. Advance booking is advisable because this type of long distance bus service has limited schedule daily. Most of the departure schedules are in the evening and are overnight bus. This is the trick to travel from Bangkok to Krabi, so that passengers arrive in Krabi is next morning. The actual schedule as checked online as of Sept 2016 is 0700, 1730, 1920, 1930 and 2040. The fares are around B650 except for the 1920 VIP bus which is about B950.

In Krabi, buses arrive/depart from the bus terminal at Taladkao, about 5km north of town and about 20km from Ao Nang, the reputable tourist beach resort. There is city bus which connects Krabi Taladkao bus terminal and Ao Nang at high frequency departures during the day.

To/from Surat Thani: Public buses run from Krabi's bus station Talat Kao. These airconditioned public buses are run by Phantip and cost 150 bahts. They leave Krabi at the following times (correct in November 2012): 07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 11:00, 12:30, 13:30, 15:00 & 16:30. Tickets can be bought at the bus station or on the bus.

Make sure to buy the ticket at the bus station ticket office or on the bus and not from a travel agent. The trip should take no more than three hours, but some travellers have endured ridiculous ten hour rides on private buses (giving thieves ample time to go through the bags underneath the bus) which included extensive "repair stops" right in front of restaurants coincidentally affiliated with the bus company.

To/from Phuket: Shuttle buses run between Krabi airport or Krabi Town and Phuket airport several times a day. There are also mini-buses that make the 2 hour run (more likely to be 3 hours). They depart every hour from Phuket bus station for 120 baht.

To/from Hat Yai: More spacious government aircond Bus/Coach departs from Hat Yai Bus Station to Krabi Bus station. Cost around 220-250 bhts. It takes from 4-5 hours to reach Krabi. Buy ticket from counters at the center of bus station depart at 06:30, 07:30, 08:50, 10:45(peak hours), 12:30, 13:30, 13:45(peak hours), 14:40, 17:20, 18:45(peak hours) and 20:30. Normal price at 186 baht and peak hour at 239 baht. This bus will drop at Trang before reach Krabi and last destination at Phuket (Trang - Krabi - Phang Nga - Kok Kloy - Phuket)

From Phang Nga there are regular buses and they cost B80.

From Satun: ferry terminal take one of the red songtheaw to satun bus terminal B30. There are buses at 8.15am, 10.15am, 12.15am, 8pm (215 Baht, 5 hours). Don't believe travel agents at the satun ferry terminal telling you the price is now 380 baht or even higher at the Bus terminal in Satun.

By mini van[edit]

To/from Hat Yai: Mini-Vans (may be very campy for Caucasians because of limited space in van) take just over 4-5 hours, and cost around 250 Bt, and pick up / drop off at Krabi Town, you will need to top up extra 100-200 baht per person to the driver to get them to drop you at your Ao Nang hotel. Direct service between Hatyai hotel and Ao Nang hotel is especially good for those who have luggage and have trouble to transfer bus between Krabi town and Ao Nang. Advance online booking is available for the mini van service between Hatyai hotel and Ao Nang hotel at BusOnlineTicket [22]

Please take note the mini vans often go around different hotels in Hat Yai to pick up other customers before departing from Hat Yai and may take as long as 1 hour during low seasons period.

From Surat Thani a minibus will cost B180.

By car[edit]

Krabi is located just off Highway 4. It is 946km south of Bangkok, 180km by road to Phuket, and 70km to Phang Nga.

By boat[edit]

Ferries run from/to Ko Phi Phi, Ko Jum and Ko Lanta daily. Most depart in the morning. Tickets can be purchased at the dock or from tourist offices and most local guesthouses and hotels. The normal passenger ferry does not start from the centre of town anymore, but from a new passenger port about 4 km outside Krabi (Klong Jilad). Free taxi transfer to the pier should be included in the price of your ticket. If your boat starts from the old piers in the center of town (Chao Fah pier or Phi Phi pier), you are most likely on a more expensive and longer tourist boat ride. Also, make sure that when you arrive at the airport the taxi driver takes you to the correct pier. Many times they'll take you to a travel agent near the old pier and sell you additional accommodations or services. Only ever buy the ticket you need. Prices will often get cheaper the closer you get to your next destination.

There is one ferry a day from Krabi town to Ko Yao Noi at 11 am. Frequent speedboats and longtail boats run from Krabi Thalen Pier which is about 27 km West of Krabi town. Speedboat costs 150 bahts and longtail boat costs 120 bahts.

Ferry tickets to Ko Phi Phi are 300 baht as of September 2012, including pickup and transport to the pier outside town. High season price is 100 baht more (signs may list 400 bath, but the low season price is only 300). In fact, two of the four daily boats actually run for 250 bath, but you may have a hard time finding someone to sell for this price (this is easier when buying your return ticket on Ko Phi Phi).

The large displayed time-tables in the many travel agencies are just for show and the times are often not to be taken literally. Ask. As of September 2012, there were four ferries a day from Krabi to Ko Phi Phi a day, including: 9am and 2:30pm. They may add additional ferries during high-season.

The pier at Klong Jilad, for ferries to and from Ko Phi Phi has a taxi desk with posted prices: 150 baht to Krabi town, and 350 baht to the airport.

By songthaew[edit]

To/from Ao Nang: White-coloured songthaews run from Krabi Bus station to Krabi Town to Ao Nang via Klong Jilard, Sai Thai, Ao Nang Junction Village and Noppharat Thara Beach. Fares 50 baht during the day until 18:00, 60 baht between 18:00 and 22:00. They run every ten minutes during the day and every 30 minutes after 18:00. In Krabi Town, songthaews depart 100 metres from the 7-Eleven on Thanon Maharat (Vogue Shopping Centre), just to the side of Soi 8.

Get around[edit]

You can use either the songthaew for 20 baht or a taxi for 100 baht from the bus station as it is about a 4km trip.

Songteows have changed as at April 2015. (And - please note - the songteows have become quite mercenary (at least within tourist season,) and may try to make you pay much more than the recommended price.)

As you come out of the bus station, there should be dark brown songteows nearby on the right, and white ones to the left. Ask if they are going into town (they should be) The brown ones leave the bus station and turn left, then shortly later, left again. They then go a few hundred metres and do a U turn, before turning right into the city road (on the other side of where they left the bus terminal. they then continue along the river road some 4km to the city, and turn right into the road where the night market is on the right, and the City hotel on the left. The next intersection you will come to is the one where the male prehistoric statues hold up the traffic lights.

The white ones go to the left of the Terminal, and head into the City on the main road away from the river. They stop in the city centre, close to Soi 8 and about 100 metres from the Vogue shopping centre, and continue on to Ao Nang.

Cost is now B20 unless you use them as a private hire. Usually they just do the round trip collecting locals on the way to and from.

From the bus station: To the right as you look out is a road past the market to the main road into town, a couple of hundred metres distant. (on the right of this road, about 4Km -but you cannot turn right into it, see above). Brown and white songteows wait at the bus station (see above for route). To the left of this road, about 100 metres is a three way intersection - to the left is to Phuket, and the right to Surat. As you go to the right you will pass the Big C a couple of Km out on the left. To the left of this a couple of hundred metres is the road to the Tiger Temple and is about one Km walk. Continuing, is Tesco Lotus on the left, followed a couple of Km also on the left is the road to the airport.

To the Tiger Temple from town, pay B200 in a taxi. With a songteow - opposite and a couple of hundred metres up from from the pier (opposite the police station)is a songteow stop at Maharaj Soi 7. Blue ones go to Tesco Lotus and other out of town places (this is on the way to the airport and Tiger Temple) Brown ones go to the bus station and charge B20 as at April 2015. Blue with white/yellow/red stripe (variable) go to the airport.

To get to and from Ao Nang - in the centre of town on Maharaj Rd (main road) near the traffic lights where male statues hold them up (you will know once you see this!) is a Vogue shopping complex. A white songteow goes from 100 metres further along from here, away from the traffic lights, and next to Soi 8, to Ao Nang and costs B60. It will come into Ao Nang along the beach road.

With the songteow, push the button to stop where you want to get off, then go and pay the driver.

If you want to be more adventurous and hire a car, then Krabi Friendly Car Rental, (ph 075 612558, 081 6071494)will do it for you. The Writer hired a car for a day as at May 2012, and the rental is for 24 hours- the hire was at 1pm, and returned at 1pm the next day. You must post a "bond" (by credit card)in case someone who is uninsured runs into you or you are at fault. This is B10,000(and is returned to you at the end of the hire if no problems). At the point of hire,the company checked all damage on the car and recorded it so when the Writer returned,there was no problem. The lady who delivered the car spoke reasonable English.Hire is B1300 per day of 24 hours, plus refill of petrol. The writer did a fair bit of driving and the refill was B700,costing B2000 for the 24 hours.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Khao Kanab Nam, the symbol of Krabi, two karst rocks situated next to each other. 15 minutes longtail boat can take you from the pier to the rocks, where you can walk up some stairs to the top.
  • Wat Kaew: one of the main temples in Krabi town, new building (to some it may look like a shiny white wedding cake) located on Thanon Maharat close to Th. Pattana.
  • Contemporary Art Museum of Krabi, opposite Wat Kaew, open T-Su 10:00 to 5:00.
  • Tiger Temple (Wat Tham Suea): one of the most famous temples in Southern Thailand, located on top of a mountain about 8 km northeast of the Krabi town. There is a stairways with 1237 steps to the top to visit a tiger's footprint on the top of mountain. Those who make it to the top will also be rewarded with 360 degree views of the area and the sea.

To get here, take the road to the airport and turn left/north before you get to the big shopping malls. You should actually be able to see the big Buddha on the mountain-top. 300thb in a taxi in March 2017 or a red songthaew with "Tiger Temple" on the side should get you there for 50 baht per person. The way back is to wait for one of these on the road outside the Temple (but they are irregular), or to walk 1-2 km back to the main road and take a B20 songteow from there. As you walk in, you will see a huge Stupa on the right with steps leading up inside. Entrance fee is B199, but this is NOT the Tiger Temple!!!! This is up the top of a near vertical mountain some 300 metres (about 900 feet)skyward further along the path! If you continue walking past the shop on the left, apparently run by the Temple, which advertises bananas to feed the monkeys (and then there are many notices which advise against feeding them because they are a pest - and they are, sometimes trying to steal shiny objects like cameras). Shortly on the left you will see the steps upward (there is no cost for this but you can leave a donation at the top if you make it). Many of the steps are quite steep, there are more than 1200 of them. If you have health problems, please think about this! Restrooms are available during the hike up, as is a water dispenser at the top. The view from the top, and from other places as you walk up, is phenomenal.

Do[edit][add listing]

Go get a relaxing but powerful (and wildly inexpensive) massage, or couples massage, at Dhara Massage and Spa. The two women working there must have real certifications and training, and they are very focused in their work. Just off Thanon Issara on the small street near Soi Ruamjit. If you're walking away from the water on Issara, pass major street Th. Ma Ha Rat on your right, then take your first left and it will be on your left.

There is very nice yoga studio accross the street of Smile Guest house. It is on second floor, while on the first floor is handicraft and souveniers shop. It is called Green Yoga. The instructor, Mai, is super nice Thai lady. Twice a day, morning 9am and evening 6pm. They have different program for each class including hatha, vinyasa, blind yoga and yoga nindra. There is laughing yoga for free every friday at 6pm(updated feb 2016)

  • KrabiTrek, [23], tel: +66 81 27 31313 Its possible to book lots of tours and activities with pickup from Krabi town Hotels. Day Tours to the Islands as well as many other tours Inland to the Emerald Pool, Hot Springs, Temples and other sights Krabitrek can help arrange both private and group trips to all these places as well as all the other activities like White water rafting, ATV, kayaking Horse Riding and many more.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Krabi Town is far cheaper than any of the tourist resorts - this is reflected in the price of food and drinks especially. There are markets selling both food and crafts (see 'Eat' below). Also there is a Vogue department store where real items can be found cheaper than in Ao Nang. Do check out the Tesco Lotus Shopping Mall and Big C which are near the airport. Prices are cheap and there are lots of eateries available there. There are a few art gallery offering affordable pop art pieces.

Eat[edit][add listing]

At night there is a night market close to the promenade next to the piers. At Feb 2018, the food was quite decent and acceptable. Most menus are in both Thai and English, and prices around B50 and up. You can take your own beer there, or buy it there (but it will cost you more than the 711!)

An even better market can be found on Maharat Soi (Lane) 10 in the center of town. This market has plenty of fresh fruit and lots of authentic cooked food. Only a few places have menus, otherwise point and enjoy. This market does not sell alcohol. There is also the new 'Walking Street' night market, between Vogue Department store and ViengThong Hotel, Fri-Sun, 5-10pm which sells food and general items such as clothes and handicrafts etc, and there is a largish seating area.

Not to be missed is the covered morning market (the biggest in South Thailand) on Maharaj Soi 9 (behind the Shell station). For early birds only. After 8am all the action is subsiding. Exactly at that time you can watch a show of national pride: the national anthem is playing and almost everyone comes to a standstill for a minute. The best place to get all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetable, khao njao (sticky rice), PatongKhoo, ChaRaawn (sweetened Thai-Tea) or fresh hot soymilk. The section of fresh fish and meat sellers is for hardened stomachs only.

There are also night street eats opposite the Vogue shopping complex, and they have menus in English. A good feed of Thai food will cost about 50 Baht, and there are tables and chairs out back, with cutlery, cups etc. If you want drinks other than water, go to the 711 across the road and buy them there - they will open beer if you ask them. At Feb 2018 there was only one stall there.

There are several Italian restaurants of varying degrees of authenticity. Viva has Italian management.

Since August 2010 Tamarind restaurant in ChaoFaa road is a good option too with amazingly good Pizza from 150-190TB, thin and crispy; french fries are terribly soft though, and the pricey Tuna-salad wins a prize for lack of creativity.

Fantastic Thai food available from 31 kitchen next to Fubar.

The Sin-O-Cha bakery next to Vogue department store does meals and is a good place for breakfast or to have coffee and cake. At night the pavement pancake stall outside the bakery is always packed with locals, the pancakes are larger than those at other stalls.

Angeli restaurant, about 2km from the center on Marharat road, next to a (small) Tesco, has very nice atmosphere and very good local dishes from 120 TB. Open every day but closing between 3 and 5pm.

You can get great western and thai breakfast (and maybe even the best coffee) at Relax Coffee near the pier.

There's a great homey little tea shop called The Art of Tea across from Chaofah Park between Maharaj 6 and Maharaj 10. A range of different teas as well as breakfast items at reasonable prices, and miss Mae makes great iced masala chai. The french toast with honey is scrumptious and lighter than expected. Don't come if you're in a rush though, each food and drink item is made to order and they're not about rushing the process (Thai Style).

Arun is a good breakfast place too (same roadside as Relax, more colourful atmosphere, here it is better go for the fresh Thai-coffee version: a large, very strong coffee. closed during low season.

During low season are very few restaurants open at all! The floating restaurant (RuenPae) was open as well as a couple near the tourist area towards the pier, but in the town very little at all.

The floating restaurant near the police station at the river has a brilliant position overviewing the Mangrove-river and the landmark-rocks, but the food is very mediocre. It provides mosquito coils to keep these pests away from your legs. As at March 2013, a good fish dinner for two, beer included, was B400.

Drink[edit][add listing]

There are a number of bars and cafe bars in Krabi town centre that cater to tourists, expats and natives. A few of them will have live bands at the weekend belting out cover songs, though Rocky Bar has live music every night. Stick to the main areas and it is most unlikely you will have anything but a pleasant time.

The Roof Top Bar above KR Mansion next to the 7 eleven on Chao Fa Road is an option. Its a good place to watch the sunset and have a cocktail.The friendly British girl who runs it is a great source of information on the locality. Writer noticed that bar is closed and abandoned march 11th 2014) Old West bar in Krabi town run by Charlie and his wife offer the best meeting place in Krabi Town for travellers. Playing old school rock music every night, good priced local beers, and most of all Charlie offers a fantastic range of cocktails which are hand blended are poured out in front of you. The bar was recently renovated and opens early offering a one stop breakfast, dinner and food venue after travelling from Ao Nang before and after the beach on the 40 minute ride on a white song thaw.

The Baan Sabai Bar, in Uttarakit Road is also a good option if you like to listen to Hip Hop tunes and have a cold beer or a cocktail. It also transmits Live Football and its open until late everyday, where you can play pool or darts and meet other travelers or local people. It also has snacks and the kitchen is open until late night.

FUBAR II is a cool reggae bar tucked in an alleyway on Chao Fa Road. Find it hidden in between 31 Restaurant and Bamboo Tattoo. Made of driftwood and with a certain chilled out vibe, it's hard to believe that this place is in town and not on the beach. Fubar II plays great music and serves ice-cold beer and a range of cocktails and has a pool table and other games like Jenga. They have live bands on Saturdays and sometimes during the week. Open till late.

Great bar called cozy bar. Laid-back, very friendly staff.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Most of the budget hotels are on Chao Faa Road. This is a couple of streets further along the river road from where the brown bus station songteow turns into the city and part way up a hill. The road is on the right hand side, and curves to the left after about 100 metres.


The central town area is flooded with a variety of guesthouses. Most have wifi and can arrange tours, tickets and trips to the islands. In the low season, you can get a room from 100 baht.

  • A Mansion Hotel, 12/6 Chao Fa Rd.. A contemporary style hotel located near Tamarind restaurant. 450 THB for fan room, 550+ for air con room. Free excellent quality high speed wifi on premises which reaches most rooms. 450-840 THB.  edit
  • Area 51, 1/13-14 Soi Ruamjit, 075630257. Nice little Guesthouse close to the city, with a bar downstairs, friendly staff and free wifi, the place is also a local radio station 200-300 THB.  edit
  • Blue Juice, 1/1 Chao Fa Rd., (075)630679 (). A diving shop doubling up as bar and guesthouse, as well as travel agent all in one building. 150-350 THB.  edit
  • Cha guesthouse, 45 Uttarakit Rd, +66 75 630 609, [1]. Budget place. Single rooms @250bt, situated in the back within central garden area.  edit
  • Chan Cha Lay, 55 Utarakit Rd, +66 75 620-952 (), [2]. A budget option. This small hotel is clean and well-kept. Centrally located. Rooms 250 baht with shared bath, 350 baht with for private bath (low season). Air-con rooms also available.  edit
  • Good Dream Guesthouse and Good Dream 2, 83 Uttarakit Road, +66 -75622993 (, fax: 75622993), [3]. Centrally located budget guest house(s) with many foreigner options for food and drink nearby and free Internet/Wi-Fi for guests. All rooms have hot water. 120-500 baht.  edit
  • Judy Guesthouse, Utarakit Road. Next to Jamacia Seed Bar, it's above a convenience shop, with sign saying Judy's Guesthouse, 150 Baht per night.  edit
  • K Guesthouse, 15/25 Chao Fa Rd., (075)623166 (), [4]. rustic wooden exterior building, Thai-style accommodation, different from the usual concrete buildings. As at Apr 2015 - this hotel is seriously overpriced for what you get. Aircon room for B600, fan rooms cheaper. The room had aircon and hot water but that was about it! No TV, bar fridge, bottled water, soap, not even toilet paper! And no "bum guns" which are virtually mandatory in every Thai toilet! No tables or chairs, and no glasses to drink from. American breakfast is B150. 150-450 THB.  edit
  • Krabi Nature View Guesthouse, (directly accross from Chao Fa Park), +66 075.624037, +66 081.892.2656 (), [5]. Guesthouse with travel services. Walking distance to the main part of town and night market. Friendly staff and free wifi. 150-350 THB.  edit
  • Lipstic Guesthouse, 20 Maharat Soi 2, (075)612392 (). A guesthouse located in an alley near Pizzeria Gusto in the centre of the town. It is the best deal and the cheapest in the town. Double fan for 180 and free wifi in the room. Very friendly stuff(updated feb 2016). 180-450 THB.  edit
  • May & Mark, 6 Maharaj Soi 2, (075)612562 (). This is primarily a restaurant, but the extremely friendly owners also keeps some rooms above the restaurant. They like to learn new dishes from travellers who are willing to show them how to cook different dishes. Many of the dishes on the menu at the restaurants were learned from previous travellers.  edit
  • No. 7 Guesthouse, Khongkha Rd. hostel-style accommodation, with central television lounge where you can watch DVD movies. Also free book exchange on site. Free wifi, and one hour of internet in the lobby for each guest. 150-400 THB THB.  edit
  • Pak-Up. Opened in November 2010, this very nicely-designed hostel currently only has dorm rooms. The rooms are spotless and the bunks are sturdy with large lockable drawers underneath for storage and a night light and plug socket for each bed. There's also fast free Wi-Fi, and large, clean modern bathrooms with hot water, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. There's also a rooftop bar. Fan 180 baht, air-conditioning 200 baht (during low season), high season: 280 / 300 Baht.  edit
  • Smile Guesthouse, 12 Khong Kha Rd., (075)624015 (), [6]. Hostel-style accommodation. 200-450 baht.  edit
  • Swallow Guesthouse, 31 Maharaj Soi 4, 075612464. checkout: 11:00. One of the longest running guesthouses in Krabi, right in town, minutes from all markets, shopping, etc. Tickets and tours for all area destinations and beyond. Extremely clean fan rooms only and friendly service. Free in-room Wi-Fi up to 6 mbit from 1 Dec 2010. 200-350 baht.  edit

  • Krabi City Seaview Hotel, [7]. Situated right in the center of Krabi Town, the hotel provides easy access to shopping centers, bars and restaurants, banks, and Krabi’s famous beaches. it offers different type of rooms such as Standard Lower Floor, Standard Higher Floor and Deluxe Seaview, all equipped with Air-conditioning, Cable TV, Mini-bar, Private toilet and bath and Telephone. Some of its facilities and services are Restaurant, High-speed Internet access, Laundry service etc. Further, Krabi City Seaview Hotel offers scenic views of the Krabi River. It is just 15-minute drive from Krabi Airport and a short walk to the Krabi Pier. While you are in Krabi, Thailand take time to visit these key places of interest such as Koh Lanta Marine Park, Thai Cooking School, Phi Phi Island, Wat Khlong Thom Museum, Than Bokkharani National Park. From ?.  edit


  • City Hotel, 15/2-4 Sukon Road, (fax: +66-75621282), [8]. Standard western style hotel.Trappings include hot water and cable TV. The hotel has been recently renovated, and the old front part removed and updated. Also a restaurant has been added. Cost is now B900 (plus 3% surcharge on a credit card) in high season, and B800 in low season. The new front rooms are very good, with hot water, aircon, bar fridge and flat screen TV. There is an electric jug, but no coffee or tea. The restaurant wants B250 for breakfast, but you can do better at the restaurant about 100 metres to the right of the hotel which does a good and reasonably priced American or Thai breakfast. There is only one English language channel on TV (News Asia), and a few Chinese channels, otherwise all in Thai. Management were notified, and were interested in the information (Feb 2018).  edit
  • Grand Tower Hotel, 9 Chao Fa Rd., Krabi, (075)621456-7, [9]. a big hotel on Chao Fa street, also has an onsite restaurant. 300-700 THB.  edit
  • Thai Hotel, 7 Issara Rd., Krabi, (075)611474-6, [10]. Standard western style hotel. Double rooms with fan start from 400 baht and rooms with air-con from 500 baht. There is a buffet restaurant on the premise offering buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  edit
  • Vieng Thong Hotel, 155 Uttrakit Rd., (075)620207 (), [11]. 900-1200 THB per night - these prices are wishful thinking of the management as it is barely a 2-star hotel; has to be bargained down agressively after looking at the rooms. A hotel a bit of a walk from Chao Fa Rd., close to the city-market. Some older rooms overlook the river and the Khao Khanab Nam rocks, the symbol of Krabi. The newer rooms have windows to a brickwall or to another room at just 2 meters distance. There are conference rooms and restaurant (overpriced) on premises.  edit
  • Greenhouse Hotel, 35 Maharaj Rd. It is centrally located some 200 metres from the "traffic lights" and Vogue shopping centre. Breakfast is included in the price. Little English is spoken but this depends who is on duty at the time. Shower water is hot, no lift, and free internet (two terminals) in the lobby. Staff were very helpful when a club opened nearby and the loud music was blowing the writer out of bed. A complaint to find another hotel had the staff talk to the club and the noise stopped promptly at 10pm, so a decent night's sleep was obtained. 850-1000 baht.  edit


  • Krabi Loma Hotel, 20 Chao Fa Rd., (075)611168 (), [12]. a standard hotel, with a swimming pool and restaurant on premises.  edit
  • Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort, +66-75660-501 (), [13]. This garden resort is a 50-minute ride from downtown Krabi and the airport, and has a natural swimming pool and trekking opportunities in the adjacent Phanom Bencha National Park. Low/high season prices are: double bungalows for 4 people 1000/1300 baht; single bungalows 500/800 baht; tents 350 baht. This is an eco resort.  edit

Stay safe[edit]


Nationwide television, cable TVs and local cable TV channels are available. International newspapers and magazines are available at some bookstores.

Landline telephones, satellite phones, all mobile phone systems, high-speed internet (ADSL) are available.

There is also a main post office on Uttrakit Rd. about a block south of Chao Fa Rd. with parcel services.

Get out[edit]

Getting to the bus station will cost you 50 baht each (as at 2018) in the red/brown songthaews that go through the town centre, and also the white ones returning from Ao Nang.

Note there are both buses and more expensive minivans.

  • Ko Phi Phi
  • Ko Lanta Boats during high season. Buses every hour. Prices quoted: At bus station: 250. From hostel: 350 hotel door-to-door. From street: 400, possibly door-to-door.
  • Rai Leh See in Ao Nang section.
  • Phuket Buses can be taken from the bus station to here. They run regularly. A minibus to here will cost B140.
  • Ban Ao Luek - Some interesting caves worth seeing here, and is only about 30Km distant.

A bus or minibus which goes towards Phang Nga will get you there quite cheaply.

  • Satun 212 baht via bus
  • Surat Thani Buses and minibuses leave from the bus station, and take about three hours. They both terminate in the city centre there, and not at the out of town bus station.

For Trang the government bus fare from the bus station is 125 baht and for minivan with hotel pickup a quote was 350 baht.

You can purchase bus & ferry transportation to Ko Sammui, Ko Phangan, or Ko Tao from Seatrans. The minivan leaves Krabi at 8:00am, with a 10 minute bathroom break around 9:00. It arrives at Donsak ferry at 10:30. The ferry leaves Donsak at 11:00am, arrives at Ko Sammui at 12:45, leaves Ko Sammui about 13:15, and arrives at Ko Phangan at 14:00.

Routes through Krabi Town
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