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Ko Chang

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For other places with the same name, see Ko Chang (disambiguation).

Ko Chang (เกาะช้าง) is an island in Trat Province, Eastern Thailand. Ko Chang is Thailand's second largest island, and the biggest in Eastern Thailand. With about 5,000 permanent residents the island is not heavily populated, but tourism (and development) has increased dramatically over the last few years. Despite this, tourism is nowhere near at the levels of Phuket and Samui, and as such, the island offers a much better experience for anyone willing to make the effort to get there.


White Sands Beach on Ko Chang

Ko Chang is one of Thailand's most beautiful islands with long white sandy beaches. The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer and a number of elephants. The island and its vicinity are great places for snorkeling, diving and jungle hiking. The "discovery" of the island as a tourist destination since 2000 has brought on a large amount of rapid development, and while still far quieter than places like Phuket or Ko Samui, it is far from quiet in high season. Regarding services and activities specifically aimed at tourists prices have reached such a level that the islanders are pricing themselves out of the market when compared to the other islands.


Prior to World War II, Ko Chang was little known to Westerners and was lightly-populated. The few families there made a living growing coconuts and fruit on the mainland. In January 1941, during the Franco-Thai War, the Thai Navy fought against a French surprise attack in in the waters to the south of Ko Chang.

The first backpacking foreigners started arriving on local fishing boats in the mid-1970s. In 1982, Ko Chang, along with surrounding areas, became part of Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park. Only very recently, in less than ten years, Ko Chang has turned into a major tourist destination, both for foreigners and local Thais.

This sudden tourism boom however, has been fraught with controversy concerning land use, etc. The government is trying to "develop" it from a backpackers' paradise to a top-level destination, and construction work is going on throughout the island, with basic huts torn down to make way for fancy resorts.


Ko Chang is the largest island in the Ko Chang Archipelago. The name means Elephant Island, named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island.

Ko Chang has an area of approximately 429 square kilometres. The topography contains high mountains and complex stone cliffs. The highest mount is Khao Salak Phet which is 744 metres high, rich in fertile evergreen forest which is the main water source. Therefore, there are many waterfalls, beaches and splendid reefs in the west of the island.

Most accommodation is located on the western side of the island, where the sandy beaches are. On the eastern side of the island there are few sandy beaches; as such, this side is far less touristy. There are some nice waterfalls though.

70 percent of this undisturbed island is rainforest, steep hills, cliffs, waterfalls, and wildlife, fine beaches, coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. The island also offers tall mountains and rock cliffs.


Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 31 32 33 35 33 32 32 32 31 30 30 30
Nightly lows (°C) 20 22 24 25 25 24 24 24 24 24 22 25
Precipitation (mm) 39 43 99 112 365 418 439 490 502 274 54 2

Ko Chang has the same seasons as Bangkok. The best season to go is the (comparatively) cool season between November and February. March to May are roasting hot and between June and October it rains, and a lot at that: 4,000 mm in an average year. Many guest houses close during this season, so accommodation is limited.

Get in[edit]

The only way onto the island is by Ferry. All vehicle transfers from anywhere else will use one of these two ferry ports. See "By Boat" section for details.

By plane[edit]

There is no airport on Koh Chang, the nearest airport is in Trat city, on the mainland. A road transfer is necessary from Trat, either to one of the two ferry piers or direct to your accomodation on Koh Chang.

Bangkok Airways [59] flies 3 times a day from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (the "new" BKK) to Trat Airport [60]. The flights depart at 08:30, 11:40 and 17:05, and take 1 hour exactly. Ticket prices are between 2,000B and 3,800B return trip depending on the time of year.

Direct door-to-door minibus transfers from Trat airport to Ko Chang resorts cost 500 Baht/person one way and 900 Baht/person return including the ferry crossing. The minibuses are air-conditioned.

From Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, take the free express shuttle bus from outside the arrivals concourse to the airport's own bus terminal, and from there the next available bus to either Trat or Chanthaburi, then proceed as described below.

U-Tapao Airport (close to Pattaya) [61] There is a direct door-to-door minibus transfers from U-Tapao Airport airport to Ko Chang resorts. It appears, that there is only one direct Minibus leaving at 2pm (Status of April 2019). It costs 450 Baht/person one way including the ferry crossing. The minibus is air-conditioned. Alternatively take a Minibus to Rayong or Pattaya and proceed from there.

By bus[edit]

From Bangkok the most popular way to get to Koh Chang is to take Boonsiri High Speed Bus and Catamaran [62] that travels between Taneeroad near Khaosan road, Bangkok and the ferry to Centerpoint pier.

From Bangkok the most economical way to get to Laem Ngop (where the Ko Chang ferry piers are) is to take a 1st class bus #999 from the Eastern (Ekamai) Bus Terminal direct to the Laem Ngop piers. The fare is 275 baht one-way (520 baht return) and takes just over five hours. Departures from Ekamai are at 07:45 & 09:45, and return at 14:00. Subject to seat availability, this bus can also be boarded at Chanthaburi and at Suvarnabhumi Airport. However, as of December 2009 there was a more comfortable way to travel from Bangkok Airport to Ko Chang: the new bus line # 392 starts from the airport bus terminus (make sure to take a free shuttle from main airport to airport bus terminus) at 07:30 and returns from Koh Chang at 12:30. Tickets can be bought online at the Suvarnabhumi Bus [63]. As of 1 Nov. 2010 there are also express shared minibuses running from Suvarnabhumi airport non-stop to Lonely Beach on Ko Chang [64]. Tickets are 308 baht for the big bus and 600 baht (800 baht round trip)for the Lonely Beach Express minibus which includes a ticket for the ferry. However, this service can be unreliable; jammed minivans with unsecure luggage and drivers breaking traffic rules. It is also not guaranteed that your return will be by minivan, but rather with a large bus carrying people for other destinations which requires lengthy stops along the way.

Alternatively, there are 1st class (approx. 5 hours, around 250 baht) and 2nd class services from both the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) and Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit) direct to Trat, and frequent songthaew services from Trat to Laem Ngop (approx. 30 minutes, 50 baht/person). Departures from Ekamai are more frequent than from Moh Chit. If coming by bus from the south, the #511 air-con bus can be used to connect directly between Bangkok's Southern (Sai Tai Mai) and Eastern (Ekamai) bus terminals.

Departures from Ekamai on the Cherdchai Private Bus company second class bus are 255 Baht to Trat (March 2015), with departures approximately every 2 hours during the day and advertised travel time being 4 hours.

There is a new government bus line 999 that travels between Ekamai station and the ferry to Ao Thammachart Pier. It is properly airconditioned and each traveller receives a refreshment pack. Unfortunately the travel times for bus 999 are limited. There are only 2 departure times per day, both in the morning.

The Cherdchai Private Bus company night sells seats on a first class airconditioned night bus that leaves Ekamai at 11.30pm and arrives in Trat town around 5am the next morning but it cannot be recommended as the bus was crowded, the airconditioning was almost non-existent, the toilet stank of urine and the bus itself was filthy. Be careful too that if the Cherdchai ticket booth at Ekamai charges you for a ferry ticket to Koh Chang as the ferry ticket is overpriced and puts you on a ferry to Centrepoint Pier, which is a 45 minutes trip compared to 25 minutes if you take the ferry to Ao Thammachart Pier.

Ticket Reservation [65]

Connection in Trat can also be used if coming from Pattaya (2nd class bus, 4 hours, around 200 baht).

There are direct minibus services to Laem Ngop from Pattaya, Ban Phe (gateway to Ko Samet), and Bangkok's Khao San Road and Victory monument (in front of the Payathai hospital). They, however, are less comfortable and spacious than public buses, and you may be charged significantly more by travel agencies selling tickets to these, as often with any tourist-oriented transportation in Thailand.

It may also be possible to proceed directly to Laem Ngop by minibus or songthaew from the Hat Lek / Koh Kong border crossing with southern Cambodia, depending on the time of year, time of day, etc - enquire locally. Price around 120 baht (one way) from the border to Trat bus station

By boat[edit]

pier Tha Ferry Dan Kao

The only way onto the island is by Ferry.[66] All vehicle transfers from anywhere else will use one of these two ferry ports. From the mainland, there are two major routes, both to/from relatively similar locations. Both ferry routes have vehicle (motorcycles, cars, minivans, small trucks only) transportation on the bottom, with an upstairs area for foot passengers. The prices for both ferries are pretty much the same, 80 baht per person per direction (--Jan 2018). Drinks, snacks and toilets are available on the ferries from both piers.

  • From Ao Thammachat on the mainland to Ao Sapparot on Koh Chang (and return). Ao Thammachat on the mainland is sometimes referred to as simply "Ferry Koh Chang". This is the 'fast' ferry, taking roughly 30 mins to cross plus estimated 15 mins for boarding and disembarking. These ferries operate roughly every 45 mins to a schedule that is not posted in English, but sometimes more often during busy periods. A door-to-door minibus service (or private taxi transfer) to/from Bangkok will likely use this pier as it's closest to the Bangkok highway, and also closer to the western side of the island main road where most tourist areas are.
  • From Center Point Pier on the mainland to Center Point Ferry on Koh Chang (and return). Center Point Ferry on Koh Chang can also be referred to as Dan Kao. This is the 'slow' ferry, taking roughly 45 mins to cross plus estimated 15 mins for boarding and disembarking. These ferries operate hourly, xx:00 from the mainland and xx:30 back from Koh Chang, from 06:00 to 19:00. Public busses and transfers from Trat & Leam Ngop will likely stop at this pier as it's closer to those cities. The bus #999 from Bangkok Ekkamai also terminates here. If you wish to go from Koh Chang to visit the Visa Office in Leam Ngop village, Center Point is the correct ferry to use, as the mainland pier is less than 5km from the visa office.
  • From "Koh Kood", "Koh Mak, "Leamsok pier" on the mainland to Bangbao pier on Koh Chang (and return) by Boonsiri High-Speed Catamaran [67]

When you arrive on the Koh Chang side of both piers (if you have not booked a door-to-door transfer service), there will be a line of Songtheaw taxis waiting to pick you up. There is only one main road on the western side of Koh Chang, so all the Songtheaws will be going in your direction (unless you are staying on the less populated eastern side). Once they are full (8-12 people), you should expect to pay between 100-200 baht per person depending how far down the coast you are going (50 baht to White Sand Beach, 100 baht to Lonely Beach and 150 baht to Bang Bao).

There are two operators that provide daily speedboat services from Ko Kood to Ko Chang. One is based in Bang Bao, the other on Kai Bae Beach [68] Rates are the same but departures times can vary, so make sure to book ahead.

By taxi or limousine[edit]

From Bangkok or Suvarnabhumi international airport the ride takes a total of about 5-5.5 hours by Limousine [69] or Taxi. Most taxi drivers will decline this journey as the risk of empty return is too high for them. Most (airport) limousines or minibuses will deliver you at the hotel or resort on Koh Chang, especially if they can make it back to the mainland before the last ferry sails.

By Private transfer and Minibus[edit]

In addition to limousines and taxis, transfers by private car or minibus, either from the airport or any hotel in Bangkok, can also be arranged easily. There are several companies who provide transfer bookings online. Prices depend on the number of passengers. This is an ideal way to travel for anyone who doesn't want to pay for flights to Trat on Bangkok Airways [70]. High season plane tickets are around 2,500 - 3,500 Baht per person.

Tickets for the shared minibuses from Suvarnabhumi Airport unfortunately can't be booked in advance. You'll need to buy tickets after you land at Suvarnabhumi Airport from the Suvarnabhumi Burupha ticket counter on Level 1 on the main terminal building. One way tickets are 600 Baht per person including ferry ticket.

Tickets for shared minibuses from hotels in central Bangkok to hotels on koh Chang are from 900 - 1,100 Baht per person including ferry ticket. These can be bought from hotels and tour agents in Bangkok or online in advance.

As of October 2015, there are no shared minibus services from Don Meuang Airport to Koh Chang.

Get around[edit]

Hillside road on the southern part of the island

In the daytime, you can catch a songtheaw on its route around the main road for 50 or 150 baht/person, depending how far you go. The rates are generally much higher than in other places, but the vehicles are almost new and in excellent condition. Starting from 5.00pm, many of them start to ask "taxi" price, telling you that they operate as a public transport only until that time, and may quote prices as high as say 500 baht from Lonely Beach to the Dan Kao pier (bargain if you choose to hire, do not support silly prices!). However, if you have some time and patience, you still can try and have a "shared" ride with some drivers, maybe for a higher rate if they expect little or no other passengers.

These taxis are also waiting at the Dan Kao Pier (50 baht/person to White Sand beach, 100 baht to Lonely Beach). At the Dan Kao Ferry-Pier there may be no taxis available. If you arrive without a vehicle you may have to walk the 400 metres to Dan Kao Pier. The prices have become unofficially fixed and there is little room for bargaining; however, the price you pay to return should be the price you payed to come in the first place (50B White Sands, 100B Lonely, 150B Bang Bao). If they try to add 50B to that, decline (not politely). There will be another taxi and accepting the price increase condones the practice and causes price increases over time.

Small motorcycles can be rented for 150-300B per day. The main road is sealed and almost circles the island and there are plans to complete the circuit in the near future. Cars are also available for rental, most hotels can help with it. 4x4 car recommended, since some roads might be in bad condition, especially near Lonely Beach.

To rent a motorbike at the center point pier is a good option to save money, as you are avoiding the expensive taxi rides. It further gives you the freedom to drive to more remote beaches where you most of the time fine lower rates for accommodation. [Update April 2014: Center Point motorbike rentals charging 250 baht/day daily rentals, 200 baht/day for 5 days, and 150 baht/day for monthly rentals. Price is (apparently) non negotiable. They also only provide you with ~.7L of fuel, so it's on you to fill the rest of the way up.]

If there are 2 or more people going with you, hiring a songtheaw may cost the same price, or even be cheaper than paying per each person in a "shared" songtheaw (there is no difference, an empty songtheaw can easily be hired). Just do not forget to bargain if their price sounds quite silly when compared, say, to Bangkok taxi-meter (on Ko Chang it can be difficult if not impossible to get the same price, but at least it should not cost double or even more). Generally most people just stay on the beach of their choice and walk to wherever they want to go.

Hitching on Ko Chang is also an alternative if you choose not to pay the often exorbitant fees of the songtheaw. Many islanders are more than willing to pick up a hitchhiker who happens to be going the same way they are. A Coke or cold bottle of green tea for the driver are always appreciated at the end of your journey.

See[edit][add listing]


There are three or four places offering elephant rides. We checked them out and none of them are 'elephant friendly'. Please think carefully about wanting to sit on a chair on the back of an elephant. All you can see from the is trees and a long drop to the ground. Elephants for riding are 'broken' when they are babies. They are guided by a mahout with an 'ice pick'. The ice pick is not for show. It is used on the elephant. Perhaps not when you are there... Elephants under stress rock from side to side and actually look distressed. If you see this behaviour, or see that the animals are being chained with little or no shade, or see that they do 'tricks', they are being misused. This becomes your choice. Do you perpetuate a cruel practice for a bit of fun, or do you look elsewhere?

  • Klong Plu - the most popular waterfall, and the only one on the west side of the island
  • Klong Nonsi - waterfall on the east side of the island
  • Klong Nueng - said to be the most breathtaking waterfall
  • Khiri Petch - medium sized waterfall, about 3 kilometres from Salak Petch village
  • Kongoi - 5 waterfalls near Bang Bao
  • The Thanmayom - near Thanmayom pier
  • The Mu Ko Chang National Park - National Marine Park comprising parts of Ko Chang and 46 other islands
  • War memorial monument - in the very south of the island

Do[edit][add listing]

Scuba diving and fishing are the most popular activities, because there are many beautiful corals and many kinds of fish for fishing. Additionally, a jungle trekking is a great idea. Jungle trekking is divided in 2 parts- north and south. Jungle trekking of north is a nature walk that contains many kinds of fruit, and several of plants. On the other hand, jungle trekking of south includes visiting fishing villagse and offers you to see a variety of animals (monkeys, snakes, birds, lizards) You can also learn how to cook Thai food. The cost for each courses starts form 1200 baht. They will teach popular Thai food such as spicy salad (som-tum), chicken curry (kang keaw wan), spicy soup (tom yum), fried rice noodles (Pad Thai), and so on. Moreover, the main activity in koh chang is the island sightseeing. You can see a famous Chinese temple that everybody should visit and pray.


  • Diving is Cool, (situated in the lovely village of Bang Bao), [1]. the center of all diving activities on Koh Chang  edit
  • Eco-Divers Koh Chang, (+66) 03 955 72 96 (), [2]. 9 am to 8 pm. Booking office can be found in White Sand Beach ( near Kacha Hotel ), Kaibae ( just in front Kaibae Resort, on the main street ).The main office is located in front of the 7/11 at the entrance of Klong Prao  edit
  • The Dive Adventure, [3]. a Five Star Padi IDC diving school that offers Scuba Diving, Padi Courses and Snorkel trips into Koh Chang National Marine Park, so if you looking for a great day out Snorkelling, Diving or Discover Scuba Diving, or you wish to start your Padi Diving Certification.  edit
  • Scuba Zone (Scuba Koh Chang), 21/23 moo4 Whitesand, 0800 974 111, [4]. An extensive range of snorkeling and diving equipment focusing more on quality than price, but still cheaper than Western prices.  edit
  • BB Divers, Bang Bao 16/2 (Koh Chang), 0861556212, [5]. BB divers is a Belgian diving school, located on Koh Chang and on Koh Kood, Thailand. They have been active on Koh chang since 2003, and opened up their Koh kood branch in 2011. BBdivers is a five star PADI IDC center. They train divers from non diver up to instructor level. BB divers offers daily trips to the best dive sites, daily snorkeltrips with professional guidance and padi courses is many languages.  edit

Walk with a Ranger from the Than Mayom Waterfall to the Khlong-Plu Waterfall. The tour takes 8-10 hours and costs 500 baht per person.

Thai Cooking Classes in one of the 3 thai cooking school located around klong prao: Kati Culinary, Koh Chang Thai cooking, Blue Lagoon.

Kayaking Guided sea kayaking trips[71]. is run by a British qualified guides. They use imported sea kayaks and equipment. They offer single day expeditions off the west coast and multi day expeditions in the southern islands.

Rope and harness- tree climbing and share the fun activities and amazing views from the top of the trees.

Charter a sailing boat

  • Boat Charter Thailand, +66(0)884907290, [6]. Sailing Yachts, Motor Boats, Bareboat or Crewed, Luxury Charters, Fishing Trips, Traditional Boat Tours. ("""",) edit
  • Gulf Charters Thailand (Yacht Charter Koh Chang), Ao Salakpet (Located on the pier of Island View resort), +6638237752, [7]. Yacht Charter, bareboat and skippered sailing yachts, operating in Koh Chang since 2005. (11'58'49,102'22'41) edit
  • Thailand Yacht Charter (Yacht Charter in Phuket and Koh Chang), [8]. Skippered, crewed and bareboat sailing yachts, catamarans rental in Phuket and Koh Chang.  edit


  • Kon Tiki snorkeling cruise (Kon Tiki Island hooping), 98/7 Moo4 Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang, Thailand, [9]. With Kon Tiki you can enjoy your snorkeling cruise on Koh Chang National Marine Park. Experience Koh Maak, Koh Rang and the Monkey Rock. Include Free Soft drinks and free Snorkel and Mask, Fins for rent.  edit

Learn Thai massage

  • Ni's school of medical massage, Klong Prao beach (near the turn to Blue Lagoon resort), +668 1278 4590, +669 1817 4669. Tareetip Narapong (Ni) teaches medical, balance and foot massage. Basic course takes about 1,5-2 weeks. Price is quite reasonable for individual classes. Ni is very experienced masseur. Try her traditional Thai or back massage.  edit

Photography The island has plenty of incredible sites and awesome locations for street and sunset photography.

Zip Line There is a zip line company in the island.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Latest fashion trends at Madoosika Bang Bao Plaza. Chic, BOHO, Gypsy, Hipie, Maxi dress, Party and Sun dress. [72]

  • Books Thailand, Pearl Beach, Koh Chang (next to the main Post Office), 081-919-8219, [10]. This Bookshop next to the island's main Post Office has a good selection of second-hand books in many languages.  edit
  • Koh Chang Sun, Koh Chang, [11]. The Koh Chang Sun is one of Koh Changs online magazines with current events, what to do and where to go along with some advice along the way. The operator of the site has left the island, but others are still active and updated.  edit
  • i-site Koh Chang, 23-9 Moo4 Klong Prao, Koh Chang, Trat 23170, 086 615 0699, [12]. 10.00 - 22.00. Internet Café offering high speed internet access and activity bookings 1 baht per min.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Menus are similar to the rest of Thailand, but an island-surcharge is high not so much due to higher transportation cost but because of tourist development. There are many restaurants on any given beach open both daytime and evening with a strong concentration of tourist-minded facilities in White Sand Beach.

The beaches of Ko Chang are all dotted with restaurants dishing up some delicious seafood as well as offering romantic evening views. And don't forget to try Ko Chang's very own wine which comes in a variety of fruity flavours including: mangosteen, pineapple and grape.

White Sand Beach

Sunsets can be watched in style from the terrace at the Top Resort in south White Sand Beach from the advantage of a cliff top, bring appetite and your camera, no reservations needed.

  • Apple (แอปเปิ้ล บังกะโล), 7/4 Moo 4, +66 39 551-228. Su-F 08:00-24:00, Sa 08:00-01:00. Probably the cheapest restaurant/bar along White Sand Beach. It has a good location in the middle of the beach. Don't expect anything special, just the usual Thai and Italian dishes common at these tourist spots. Upstairs there is a small hut where you can chill out with a beer on pillows. Closing times are early, but if you order before closing time you can keep sitting there as long as you want. They also have 21 small wooden bungalows available for 800-4,000 baht/night.  edit
  • Rock Sand Restaurant, North White Sand Beach (turn right on the beach by the 7-11 and KC), [13]. 07:00-22:00. Thai and Western food. Speciality: Taste of Thailand and finger licking good.  edit
  • Nong Bua Seafood (White Sand Beach), (opposite BanPu Resort), +66 39 551595, [14]. 07:00-22:00. You might wonder why this place got busy every night if you pass by. A family owned restaurant where has opened more than 30 years. They offer varieties of Thai, Chinese, European and especially fresh seafood.  edit

Klong Prao Beach

  • Ton Sai restaurant. Relaxed atmosphere, creative Thai cuisine, friendly staff.
  • Sea Breeze Restaurant (Klong Prao Beach), +66 (0) 3955 7122. Beachfront restaurant. Thai and International Cuisine.  edit
  • THE CAFÉ, 24/1/1 Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand, +6639557341, [15]. 01:00-20:00. At our stylish café, skilled baristas offer a menu of freshly brewed coffees, teas and smoothies. You can also grab a tasty sandwich or treat yourself to a delicious cake, pastry or our signature ice cream.  edit

Lonely Beach

  • BB World of Tapas, Lonely Beach 13/17 Moo 1 (Koh Chang), 089 504 0543, [16]. The world of tapas is in lonely beach, it is a very relaxed place surrounded by green lush jungle. There is a swimming pool to cool down, nice sun terrace to sip a glass of wine and enjoy some tapas. The Bb world of tapas offers the largest selection of Belgian Beers on Koh Chang. For customers there is wifi free for use. They offer breakfast starting 8 am, the guesthouse has 5 rooms price 400 and 500 baht a night  edit

Bang Bao Pier

  • Asia Backpackers Bang Bao, Bang Bao (Koh Chang), 0874406060, [17]. Fantastic restaurant offering european and western food at great prices, terrace area with bbq every night. For customers there is wifi free for use.  edit
  • Big Chef, after the small bridge on the road to Bang Bao pier (in front of Scuba Dawgs). Good and tasty thai food. Good price. Friendly owner.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Each village offers something different, but taken as a whole, Ko Chang's nightlife is fairly mellow compared to other islands. There are some quiet beach bars dotted around White Sand Beach with amazing sunset views.

Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach)[edit]

  • The Jungle Queen Live Music bar, (next to Alina Grande). As of December 2017 this is now closed. The house band plays from around 20:00–24:00, with a repertoire ranging from Rihanna to AC/DC. They also have free pool, and the place doesn't close until 05:00, so it's a good place to take the party after the nightclub and the other bars start closing. Service is good, and the staff are friendly and efficient.  edit
  • ONE. The only nightclub on the island. It's quickly become one of the most popular venues on Ko Chang, and there's usually a good blend of locals and visitors. Admission is 100 baht, sometimes free if you get there early on event nights. The atmosphere is really good, and there are special events or theme nights with drink promotions and guest DJs every week. Great place for dancing.  edit
  • Rock Sand, White Sand Beach, [18]. Special: Taste of Thailand.  edit

Kai Bae Beach[edit]

  • The Mojito Lounge (The funky cocktail club), moo 4 52/2 (Center Kai Bae Village), [19]. 17.00-04:00. The Mojito Lounge is a funky cocktail club in the center of Kai Bae village.Est. in 2007. They serve cocktails and of course as home specialty the Mojito. Life DJ's are playing quality music every night and there are events on a regular base. A good place to hang out for couples as well for families. Later in the evening the DJ will pump up the beats and the dance floor fills up. Locals and tourists most favourite place. Price range start from 70 baht onwards.  edit

Hat Tha Nam (Lonely Beach)[edit]

Lonely Beach is no longer lonely, and loud music dancing parties can be found until sunrise 7 days per week. Despite this, there are still smaller & quieter places where travellers can hang out and talk to strangers. There is some live music on offer, though often not to a particularly high standard.

  • Ting Tong, (Down Soi 1, past Himmel). 19:00-07:00, 7 days. Live band from 21:00 to 23:00, playing standard rock'n'roll, reggae, 80s/90s standards. As soon as the band finishes DJ comes on playing Techno, Trance, D&B until sunrise (or longer). Does not usually get busy until past midnight (sparsely populated during the band, which is a shame, as they're probably the best live music in Lonely Beach). Drinks decently priced, happy hour specials before midnight. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Himmel, (Down Soi 1, before Ting Tong). 19:00-05:00, 7 days. All night DJ & dancing, mainly commercial, chart, R&B, etc. Does not usually get busy until past midnight. Drinks decent and reasonably priced. Generally clean and well taken care of.  edit
  • GuBay, (the first bar on the north end of the main road, opposite Dang Seafood). 19:00-01:00, or whenever the owner decides. 2nd smallest bar in Lonely Beach. Great place to meet other backpackers, the owner 'Sun' will talk to you and introduce you to other patrons, especially if you go in alone. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Chilli Garden, (Down Soi 2, two buildings down from Sleepy Owl, opposite Stone Free). 20:00-02:00, or whenever the owner decides. Smallest bar in Lonely Beach. Also a great place to meet other backpackers, though it's a good idea to go in already inebriated or you will have to work hard to catch up. The owner, 'Nid', spends more time hanging out with patrons than behind the bar, you'll probably have to make your own drink. Fantastically potent homemade cakes on offer. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Joy Cottage, (On the main road, next to Riverstone Bar & Tattoo). 09:00-00:00, or up to 02:00 if there is a band. Cosy, wooden style backpacker bar & restaurant. Run by the lovely Tam and german wife Kaddi. Acoustic live music from 20:00 most nights, sometimes a band from 23:00 in high season. Decent drinks at reasonable prices, good Thai food also. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Beach Jungle, (On the main road, halfway up the hill). The main attraction is the Pool table and Ping Pong table. The bar area of a newly built hostel, very clean & white & sterile. Usually not busy if you're in a group and want to play some pool or ping pong. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Siam Hut, (On the sandy beach, south end). Right on the beach, a chilled and popular hangout in the daytime with cushions, shade, food and drink. Party night on fridays, with DJ and fire shows etc, quite popular. Non-friday nights not so busy, chilled house music playing. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Cancun, (On a rocky beach, just south of the public entrance to the main sandy beach, next to Monkey Restaurant). 'Party Night' usually 3 or 4 days per week. DJ, Techno, House, D&B, etc. Happy hour specials, free buckets with flyer, etc. Not usually very busy as it's a good 5-10 mins walk away from the main drag of town, which seems to be too much at night for the average Lonely Beach resident (compared to Himmel & Ting Tong right in town). (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Banana Leaf, (Down Soi 1, past Ting Tong and various tattoo shops, opposite Sunflower Bungalows). 20:00-04:00. Hippy/Stoner style bar. Live music until late most nights, often in the form of a mostly disorganised open-mic style (you'll probably be able to get on stage and join in regardless of whether you can actually play or sing). Simple drinks and beer available at reasonable prices. Most of the place has no roof so if it rains you will get wet. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Shanti Shanti, (Down Soi 1, sandwiched between Cafe Del Sunshine and Himmel). Reggae style bar usually with a band playing from around 22:00 or so. Simple drinks and beers available at reasonable prices. The owner/bartender can be a bit grumpy. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Stone Free, (Down Soi 2, past the Tailor and Motorcycle repair shop, opposite Chilli Garden). Quiet hippy/stoner style bar with cosy wooden decor. Attached to the back of Thale restaurant, and owned by the same person. Acoustic live music some days from 21:00 ish. Simple drinks and beer available at reasonable prices. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Nature Beach, (On the beach, pretty much central of the sand strip). A couple years ago this used to be a backpacker bar, has now gone up-market with resort style 1200+ baht bungalows. Still a very popular place to hang out in the daytime, with cushions & shade, and good quality food and drinks at very reasonable prices. One of the only places in town to offer full Sangsom sets on the menu. Quiet chilled restaurant in the evening (good Goong Che Nam Pla, though lacking mint). Occasionally there are special event nights with loud DJ music, fire shows etc, but these are usually not busy and so wraps up quicker than intended. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Magic Garden, (On the main road at the top of the hill, opposite BB Divers & BB Hostel). The bar of the most popular Western-style restaurants in town, good drinks and good prices and a pool table. Lovely atmosphere, decor, lighting, chairs, etc. Great place to take a date (if you can get a table). (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • Margaritaville, (On the main road, right at the top of the hill, just past BB Hostel). Specials and happy hour on cocktails and every variety of Margarita imaginable. Decent prices. Very small bar, usually a DJ playing very loud music. Usually gets busy earlier than most of the other dancing places in town, so can be a good place to start the night if that's your thing. (--Jan 2018)  edit
  • BB Hostel, (On the main road, at the top of the hill, opposite Magic Garden), [20]. Quiet bar & restaurant of the BB Hostel, but has a huge range of imported beers (mostly Belgian) at niche prices. Probably your only option in town if you want some good ales. (--Jan 2018)  edit

Bang Bao[edit]

El greco Lounge bar , restaurant and guest house

  • Asia Backpackers, Bang Bao (Bang Bao), +66 874406060. 07:00-03:00. Thai food and fantastic western menu inc breakfast, bbq every night on the terrace. 50-200 baht.  edit

They offer breakfast starting 8 am, the resort has 7 deluxe bungalows, 3 standard bungalows and dorm rooms rooms price 280 to 930 baht a night</drink>

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Most of the hotels are located on the west side of the island, with many resorts and guest houses all along the road that leads down the coast. Generally speaking, prices drop off the further away from the port you get. Supply far out-strips demand, so finding a place to stay should never be hard, though the best or cheapest places may fill up at weekends.

Transport between the villages at night can be a problem. The only options are Songtheaw Taxis, which apply a huge surcharge after dark, or your own scooter/motorbike, which is dependant on your ability to navigate the winding, steep, poorly maintained, unlit roads in whatever state of intoxication you are in. If you plan on engaging in nightlife, it is probably a good idea to get accomodation in the same village.

Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach)[edit]

  • Chang Cliff Resort, 16/14 Moo 4, White Sand Beach, [21]. 1,600 - 9,000 baht.  edit
  • Starbeach Bungalows, [22]. at the right hand side of white sand beach, low price bungalows, all equipped with balcony, private bathroom/hot water. There's also an excellent restaurant. 400 baht low season/ 500-750 baht high season.  edit
  • Independent Bo Bungalows. 3 night minimum. 350-800 baht.  edit
  • KC Grande Resort, White Sand Beach, [23]. Bungalow village with restaurant. 4,000 baht.  edit
  • Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa, [24]. In the centre of the beach. Fantastic beachside swimming pool, beach-front bungalow-villas, pool-side deluxe villas, deluxe hotel rooms, and many rows of bungalow in tropical-style garden. The best place for families. Good value for money, friendly staff, delicious food. 4,000 baht.  edit
  • Pattamas, (south end of White Sand Beach), +66-89 608 8668, [25]. Roomy upstairs apartment with balcony, lounge and bathroom. The rooms are a great value. Three cheaper rooms available at 400-800 baht. Pattamas restaurant serves authentic Thai dishes, coffee, teas, beers, and spirits. Staff are friendly and happy. 800-2,000 baht.  edit
  • Pump's House. It is possible to book a double room for four for 2,500 baht (high season). 1,500 baht.  edit
  • Rock Sand Resort, [26]. Right by the sea with a terrace over the sea to sit and watch Ko Chang sunsets. Just above and behind the restaurant Rock Sand has rooms for backpackers and flashpackers.  edit
  • S.P. Place, (north side of the beach, across from 15 Palms). checkout: Noon. It appears to be family owned, but the family isn't very friendly. The cleaning staff are, though. Wi-Fi is not free. Rooms are clean, TV/balcony/A/C/private bath. 550 baht, though possible to negotiate down to 500 for an air-con room. There's also a 500 baht key deposit.  edit
  • Top Resort, (south end of White Sand Beach), [27]. Guests can head to their own private beach if they get the expensive 4,000 baht rooms and villas. Best are the sea view villas. Friendly staff, German and Thai food (and beer). Reasonable for families and single travellers. 900-4,000 baht.  edit

Klong Son Bay[edit]

  • Siam Royal View, [29]. Chang Noi Beach. Villas & beach bungalows.  edit
  • Koh Chang Villa (4 bedroom), (), [30]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 12pm. Four-bedroom, two story privately-owned villa on Chang Noi Beach. With four separately accessible bed rooms, this villa is ideal for families and small groups of friends. In high-season, the villa can only be rented as a whole and with a minimum stay of seven days. All facilities of the Siam Royal View village are available to our guests. TBH5,000 for the whole villa.  edit

Klong Prao Beach[edit]

  • Emerald Cove Koh Chang (Emerald Cove Koh Chang), +66 39 552 000 (fax: +66 (0) 3955 2001), [31]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Emerald Cove, Koh Chang is located along the peaceful shores of Klong Prao Beach. This tropical getaway offers a dive centre, a 50 m lap pool and 5 dining options. 3,000-5,000 baht.  edit
  • Aana Resort and Spa (Aana Resort and Spa), (near Klong Prao Beach), [32]. Aana Resort and Spa is an upscale retreat. Some rooms have outdoor plunge pools and amazing views. Two gorgeous swimming pools, restaurant, two bars and a lovely (yet pricey) spa. The resort is 100m up the river that spills out into the bay and Klong Prao beach; free kayaks are available for use. Excellent service. 5000-13000 baht.  edit
  • Big Elk, (300 m from Klong Prao Beach), [33]. Cozy park with holiday houses, bungalows, swimming pool, pool table, Internet. 650-1,500 baht.  edit
  • Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort, (on Klong Prao Beach), +66 (), [34]. checkin: 14.00""; checkout: 12.00"". Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort offers 157 rooms and cabanas in quiet, natural surroundings on Klong Prao Beach. Two swimming pools, spa, restaurant and three bars. A variety of daily activities available for guests. Prices start from 2,000 baht. (12.046644"",102.295875"") edit

Kai Bae Beach[edit]

  • The Chill Resort and Spa (The Chill Koh Chang), 19/21 Moo 4, Kai Bae Beach, +66 39 552 555 (, fax: +66 (0) 39 552 599), [35]. Beautiful, modern luxury resort with 38 rooms, including deluxe rooms, deluxe pool access rooms, Jacuzzi suites, and pool villas. Breakfast served any time of the day. Free Wi-Fi & Internet stations. 6,250-15,000 baht.  edit
  • Gajapuri Resort and Spa, [36]. Five-star bungalows on the beach. 4000-13,000 baht.  edit
  • Garden Resort. Quiet and charming resort with luxury bungalows, swimming pool, high speed internet and just 150 metres from the beach. 1200-2700 baht.  edit
  • Buzza's Bungalows Resort, 0878236674 (). Backpacker Bungalows with fan, hot shower and private bathrooms. 300-500 baht.  edit*
  • Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort, [37]. 2000 baht.  edit
  • Siam Bay Resort Koh Chang, 100 Moo 4, +66-8-7026-5515, [39]. 60 luxury bungalows on the beach, large family bungalows on the hill side and new seaview and pool villas. 300-4000 baht.  edit

Hat Tha Nam (Lonely Beach)[edit]

Be aware that, following a great deal of development, the name "Lonely Beach" has become something of a misnomer. Lonely Beach is the party capital of the island. In town, the bars "Himmel" and "Ting Tong" located on Soi 1 will play loud dance music until (at least) sunrise 7 days per week. Guesthouses and Bungalows within range of this (Cafe Sunshine, Thale, Marco Guesthouse, KLKL Hostel, Sleepy Owl Hostel, Himmel Guesthouse) will be very difficult to sleep in. Himmel and Ting Tong are both located on the west side of the main road, with the speakers pointing east towards the main road. Accomodations on the east side of the main road and behind Himmel & Ting Tong near the ocean are generally quiet enough.

The actual sandy beach is located about 500m away (north) from the village centre itself. There are only 4 accommodations located on the actual sandy beach - 3 up market resorts (Bhumiyama, Nature Beach, Siam Beach) and Siam Hut, which still offers cheap bamboo backpacker bungalows in addition to its newer AC options.

  • Bhumiyama Beach Resort (ภูมิยามะ บีช รีสอร์ท), 99/1 Moo 1 (in between Nature Beach Resort and Siam Hut), +66 81 860 4623, [40]. The only four-star resort on Lonely Beach, offering beautiful sea view bungalows and hotel rooms. Quiet at night, even during Siam Hut parties on Fridays. (-- Jan 2018) 3,800+ baht.  edit
  • Joy Cottage, (on the main road right by the bridge, next to Riverstone Bar & Tattoo), +66-39-696-607/+66-87-028-0796, [41]. Great backpacker place. Acoustic live music from around 20:00 most nights, sometimes a band in high season (23:00-01:00). Bar, Restaurant and chill out cushions. Nice little huts, that come with mosquito net, attached shower and toilet. Free Wi-Fi, though signal is very weak in the bungalows but works well in the bar. Reasonably quiet at night, music from Himmel can be heard with windows open but not too bad. 3 Dogs and 4 Cats in residence. (-- Jan 2018) 350-450 baht.  edit
  • Kachapura, +66-8-6050-0754. Newly built, well-appointed concrete bungalows spread around a serene tropical garden layout in Hat Tha Nam's 'town' strip. It's a trek through the garden to get to the beach, which is anyway rather rocky, so better to walk 5-10 minutes down the road to the beach and bar at Siam Huts. Some noise from nearby bars at night in the bungalows near the road. The owners can be really unfriendly sometimes, but the bungalows are decent. High seazon price is 1000 baht for AC bungalow. Beautifull tropical garden. 500-700 baht.  edit
  • Siam Beach Resort, 100/1 Moo 4, Lonely Beach, +66-870265515, [42]. checkin: 13:00; checkout: 12:00. Best located Pool Villas on Ko Chang, right on the white sand of Lonely Beach. Officially a part of the Siam Beach Resort, but in a class of its own. Most popular with romantic couples and young families, because these villa have only a single large bed/livingroom. 3,900-7,600 baht.  edit
  • Little Eden, 4/47 Moo 1, Lonely Beach, +66-8-4867-7459, [43]. Small bungalow resort, up the hill away from the bustling village. Comfortable bungalows individually placed, 12 with fans 2 with air-con, 1 twin double room, hot showers, mosquito net, toiletries and free high-speed Wi-Fi. Restaurant has Thai and foreign food. Every bungalow has a hammock and a gallery in the bathroom. David the owner is a very friendly and helpfull guy. This place is a sanctuary compared to other places on lonely beach, not much noise from bars at night.  edit
  • Stone Free. Small guesthouse in the village. very basic room with a mattress (single or double), a fan and a mosquito net, clean, shared bathroom, hot water and good free Wi-Fi. there is a bar/restaurant downstairs with occasional live music. 200 bath for single room (Nov 2014), probably the cheapest on the island. 200+ bath.  edit
  • Lonely Beach Resort, [44]. New concrete bungalows with fan, TV and Wi-Fi at about 500 baht. Restaurant serves Thai and Western food. A 5-10 minute walk to the sandy beach.  edit
  • Oasis Koh Chang (Koh Chang Bungalows), Koh Chang (Lonely Beach Soi 3 (opposite the pharmacy)), +66 (0)81 721 2547 (), [45]. Situated on a hillside with sunset views from the restaurant deck, where you can enjoy home-style Thai dishes, sandwiches or Western favourites (best Burgers in town). The wooden huts come with fan and mosquito net, attached open-air bathroom with shower. Free Wi-Fi. The dutch owners are the best ever, great service, good food and a very chilled out place to stay. Pretty big climb to get up the hill, but worth every step!! 350 - 1200 baht. (12.000452,102.300307) edit
  • Paradise Cottages, (at the end of Lonely Beach), [46]. It has very nice, large and clean waterfront concrete cottages. There is a rocky waterfront, an amazing bar, and lounging areas with very friendly staff and outstanding food. Wi-Fi is free. 700 baht, 1000 for waterfront.  edit
  • Seaflower, (follow signs to Sun Flower). Brand new bungalow resort. Very popular and a large capacity. Clean, bright, built to a high standard. In high season, 600 baht for a small bungalow with fan and private bathroom, and 1100 baht for large bungalow with air-con, fridge, wardrobe, cable TV, private bathroom, and some with private roof terrace. The grounds are very well taken care of on a daily basis by a maintenance crew. Nice lounging area on a patch of lawn right next to the water, and only a 5-10 minute walk along the water's edge to Lonely Beach. Very quiet at night considering how incredibly close by all the action is "downtown"! Free Wifi that works inside all the bungalows. (-- Jan 2018) 600-1100 baht in high season.  edit
  • Sun Flower, (follow the signs). Next to Seaflower. Wooden backpacker bungalows with fan and private open air bathroom. Mini-Mart on site (the restaurant has now closed) Music from Ting Tong and Banana Leaf can be heard at night. (-- Jan 2018) 500-600 baht.  edit
  • Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang, (right on the beach), +66-8-7026-5515, [47]. Formerly a backpacker place, converted into an upper-scale resort with large swimming pool. Sea view and pool view hotel rooms, all with a sea view, cable TV, refrigerator, hot water, comfortable beds and breakfast for two. 1,500 baht.  edit
  • Siam Hut, [48]. Right on the beach, offering a quiet atmosphere (except for party night on Fridays until at least 02:00). Friendly staff and delicious food. You can choose between older bamboo bungalows with fan or newer air-conditioned bungalows. (-- Jan 2018) 400-1200 baht.  edit
  • Bamboo Cottage Bungalows, (along Lonely Beach road 1). Small bungalows are 250baht, not the nicest, outdoor toilet. Larger bungalows are 400 a bit nicer. (Nov. 2014) Attached to a tattoo shop owned by the same family. 250-400 baht.  edit
  • Magic Garden, (On the main road, at the top of the hill opposite BB Divers), [49]. Website is extremely out of date. Backpacker bungalows with fan or A/C and private bathroom. One of the most popular Western-style restaurants in town (also serves some Thai food), reservations necessary at night in high season. Very quiet at night, it is far enough away from the party music. (-- Jan 2018) 600-1400 baht.  edit
  • Cafe Del Sunshine, (Down Soi 1, in between Thale and Shanti Shanti reggae bar), [50]. Dorm bed for 200, very basic single room with shared bathroom also 200, options at 500 or 700 for better private rooms. Chilled Bar and fantastic Restaurant attached (best bacon in Lonely Beach), very popular with regulars and long-stayers. Lovely staff. Unfortunately, it is immediately adjacent to the all-night din of Himmel and Ting Tong - you will need to be a very heavy sleeper (-- Jan 2018) 200-700 baht in high season.  edit
  • Sleepy Owl, (On the main road at the junction of Soi 2), [51]. New, clean, hostel with Dorms and some private single rooms. Common room to hang out in for guests. Western chain-style coffee shop is attached, probably the best coffee in town. Second best Pizza in town (don't believe the sign in the window!), great sandwiches, decent pasta. Some noise from Himmel and Ting Tong can be heard at night. (-- Jan 2018) around 350-500 baht.  edit

Bailan Beach[edit]

Most of this beach is rocky, only the southern end - which is dominated by the resort, not really welcoming non-resdidents - is sandy.

  • Elephant Bay Resort (formerly Gu Bay), 6/17 Moo 1, Bailan Bay Tambon Kohchang, Ampher Koh Chang, +66 9 7351 5525 (), [52]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 11:30am. Oceanfront resort with spacious garden and large swimming pool. Five types of rooms ranging from bungalows to family suites. All 26 rooms are private and have hot water. Spectacular views of the sunset, ocean, and mountains. Fan and air-conditioned rooms available. Friendly multilingual staff. Reception is open from 8:00am to 11:00pm. 400-1,500 baht. (11.990640,102.297385) edit
  • Koh Chang Bailan Bay Resort, (first resort south of Lonely Beach, about halfway up a steep rise in the road), +66 81 782 1710. Spacious, en suite, well-designed bungalows built into the hillside, going all the way down to the beach. Fan and air-conditioned rooms available. Friendly staff. Reception and restaurant are only open from 08:00 till 20:00. 350-1,000 baht.  edit
  • Ao Bai Lan Beach Resort (อ่าวใบลาน บีช รีสอร์ท), Laem Bai Lan, +66-8-1761-4582. 150-200 baht.  edit
  • Bai Lan Hut, +66-39-558-084/5 (), [53]. Each of the 22 bungalows has a computer inside, free wifi, hot shower, fan and air-conditioned rooms available. The bungalows are right by the sea with sunset views. 500-1500 baht.  edit
  • Bai Lan Resort (ใบลาน รีสอร์ท), 6/1 Tambon Ko Chang Tai. They have six bungalows, pitching a private tent costs 50 baht per person per night. 100 baht.  edit
  • Whitehouse Bailan Resort (ไวท์เฮ้าส์ ใบลาน รีสอร์ท), +66-8-1409-8307, [54]. Self-styled "The Best of Bailan," cozy white cottages, swimming pool. air con, hot shower with open dec, free wi-fii. They have 15 standard rooms and 18 cottages. 800-1500 baht.  edit

Bang Bao Bay[edit]

Bang Bao is on the south side of the island. It's little more than a long stretch of wooden deck that takes probably 5 minutes to walk from end to end, with dive shops, seafood restaurants, local housing and a few places that provide accommodation for visitors.

  • Alysia Spring Resort Bang Bao, (from). 27 rooms with air-conditioning, hot water, fridge, cable TV, safe and balcony. Internet. 1 km to beach, free shuttle service. English and German-speaking staff. 800 baht.  edit
  • Asia Backpackers Bang Bao, 0874406060, [55]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 11am. 7 rooms with air-conditioning,female and mixed dorm(40 bunks) rooms, hot water, fridge, cable TV, safe and balcony. Internet. 400m to beach, free shuttle service to beach . English speaking staff. 280-800 baht.  edit
  • Bang Bao Sea Hut (บางเบ้า ซี ฮัท).  edit
  • B. Phoem Phun Thap (. เพิ่มพูลทรัพย์), 24/1 Moo 1, +66-8-1732-2798. 2,000 baht.  edit
  • The Buddha View, 28 Moo 1 Bang Bao Pier (end of the pier in Bang Bao fishing village), 03 955 81 57, [56]. The Buddha View, a restaurant and guesthouse, offers a panoramic view and 8 cozy rooms, all with fan and aircon. The bathrooms are very spacious and built to European standards. Free Wi-Fi. 600-1,400 baht a night, depending on the season and the type of room.  edit
  • "L appartement "2 bedrooms sea view self catering apartement availaible in Tranquility Bay residence
  • El Greco Guesthouse Fan & air co room price 700 - 1400 thb with ensuite toilets & shower

Hot Sai Noi Beach[edit]

  • How High beach bar, after passing Bang Bao on your right hand side, follow the main road 2km. It is just before the I do I do beach bar, 0904173414 (). 3 rooms with fan, shared bathroom (200 Bath). Internet. located on a beach. Turkish, German, English-speaking owner. It is more a homestay where you can arrange meals with the owner. He cooks delicious Turkish dishes and serves home made Yogurt  edit

Tan Mayom Beach[edit]

The first beach on the east shore has very few places to stay as there is no sandy beach. The place is very natural, though.

Koh Chang Tai[edit]

This fisher village is located on the south part of the east shore.

  • Baan Yemaya, Salak phet, Ko Chang Tai (In the centre of the village, 500 m from the main road), (). Baan Yemaya is a super cosy guest house in the centre of a fisher village. The house itself is over the sea, you can reach it on a pier, just follow the tables, or ask locals. This newly built guest house is run by Akrapar Hoonsart, or simply Air, who spent many years travelling around the globe. This helped her to build a very cozy, friendly guest huouse which mixes the best of Asia with other parts of the world. Enjoy your stay in the really clean rooms and try the perfect food. One free kayak is available to explore the area, and you can also go for fishing with the locals. Do not forget to book early: they have only 2 rooms. 600 baht.  edit

Klong Kloi Beach[edit]

Klong Kloi Beach is roughly 20 minutes on foot away from the little fishing village Bang Bao. On the beach itself are no shops for buying things, just some medium priced bars.

  • Klong Kloi Cottage, (first resort on Klong Kloi Beach). The beach is very quiet and cleaned on a daily basis. The rooms have a fan, a shower and a Western toilet. The higher priced rooms have A/C and warm water. Free Wi-Fi is available at the bar and in the rooms as well. They have a very good cook, who makes all types of Thai food. In the evenings, BBQ is available. The owners are very friendly and like to teach a few words of Thai, to whomever is interested. The owners also help you with booking of all types of activities like diving, snorkelling, jungle trekking, etc. or order you a taxi, if you need one. Klong Kloi is a good place to stay for everyone who wants a relaxing stay on a quite beach. 300-700 baht, depending on the season and type of room (higher prices with A/C).  edit
  • Santisook Bungalows, Around 200 meters behind Klong Kloi Beach. Big and new bungalows with fan, shower and western toilet. Free Wi-Fi in the rooms. You can use the fridge at the reception. 350 baht (March 2015).  edit

Other listings[edit]

As an alternative to a resort room, it is possible to book a private pool villa on the beach - often a good option offering value for money for groups of 3 or more guests.

Overnight camping is possible. 2-person tents cost 150 baht and 8-person tents cost 400 baht. You can also camp in your own tent for 20 baht/person.

If you want to spend one night in the jungle, it can be arranged at a fee of 700 baht.

  • Aiyapura Resort & Spa, [57]. Thai Villas and suites surrounded by greenery tropical garden with ocean view. from 4000 baht.  edit
  • Siam Bay Resort Koh Chang, [58]. Luxury bungalows right on the beach, or enjoy the spacious family bungalows with a Sea View. 600-3500 baht.  edit


Koh Chang Rescue: A volunteer group who act as paramedics, lifeguards and generally assist at the scene of any accident or incident on the island. Tel: 1554

  • International ClinicThe international clinic is run by the Bangkok Dusit Hospital Group and provides an excellent, if expensive, level of care. Make sure you have travel insurance before visiting. Tel 039 551 555

Get out[edit]

The last ferry leaves the island around 7.30pm, but it might be a good idea to leave before 5 as the prices for taxis can be very high afterwards.

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