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Khao Ngon Nak

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Khao Ngon Nak

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Khao Ngon Nak (“Dragon Crest Mountain”)[edit]

Dragon Crest Mountain or Khao Ngon Nak(Thai) is a mountain which is 565 meters tall from the sea level. The path from foothill to hilltop is around 3700 meters. The path was surrounded by the trees and rocks. From the hilltop can see all Aong Nang which has Aong Nang Town , Aong Nang beach , sea , and other nature things. This hilltop is a nice place to watch sunset. At the foothill there is a waterfall that can relax from walked around the mountain


Moo3 Tumbon Nongtaley Aumpher Muang (35 kilometers from Krabi town)


  • Free, but there is a donation box with 100 Baht recommended price

Go by[edit]

  • Scooter rental (200-250 Baht / day + gasoline, 35-50 minutes from Krabi town)
  • Private car (35-50 minutes from Krabi town)
  • Car rental (35-50 minutes from Krabi town)


  • Food and water (No shop )
  • Hiking boots or sport shoes