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Kep is a seaside resort area in Cambodia and includes the small town of the same name which is the capital of Kep Province.


Like the rest of rural Cambodia, Kep suffers from neglect by the government. There is a nice highway around the tip of the peninsula, and not much else. The power goes out everyday for indeterminate amounts of time. There is no produce market, and fresh dairy is non-existant. The beaches are filthy; I wouldn't go in the water for any reason. There is no sewage treatment facilities; waste is discharged directly into the sea. The Crab Market is literally the only thing to see besides visiting Kep National Park.

Kep was Cambodia's top seaside destination until eclipsed in the 1960s by Sihanoukville (and, soon after, decades of civil war). The town is full of ruined shells of old villas, destroyed in the Khmer Rouge days and during the subsequent Civil War and stripped down by the leaving Vietnamese army.

Today's Kep has recently become established as a Khmer holiday spot and is slowly being rediscovered by travelers. The best beach is located at the idyllic Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island, 20min by long tail boat), just off the coast.
The new Kep beach, busy during Chinese New Year
The charm of this coastal resort lies in its peacefulness, its National Park, and its seafood.

In 2019 there are over 80 hotels, ranging from a $5 home-stay to a $500-plus double story wooden villa, with your own pool.

Get in[edit]

Kep being a famous destination for holidays for both locals and foreigners, there are many buses and minivans going there everyday and the road is usually in good condition. You can check the different schedules, prices and book directly online via

  • From Kampot: A new road (almost finished - only a few hundred meters are left and the 'airport like' highway is finished.) smooth and safe connects these two cities, which are 25km apart. Takes 20-40 minute. Bus is $3. For a motorcycle taxi ($4 - $6) or tuk-tuk (around $10) be prepared to bargain like a local or pay a bit more. Package day tours between the two towns often include a visit to nearby destinations such as Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island), the caves between Kampot and Kep, and a pepper plantation.
  • From Phnom Penh: The road is paved, smooth and well sign posted. Around 4-5 hours by bus. Several bus companies serve Kep ($6 - $8, January 2019) and offer various departure times from 7am through to 1pm. 168 Phnom Penh Sorya bus company runs from the bus station near Phnom Penh's central market. Hua Lian is based near Olympic Stadium (Street 182, Oknha Tep Phan). Vibol Tours near the Orusey Market has the newest buses (temporary moved near Olympic Stadium).

Hiring your own taxi should cost around $40-50 (2.5 to 3 hours).

  • From Sihanoukville: Minibuses take around 2 hours and cost around US$8 (shop around, prices vary). Departures are in the morning.
  • From Ha Tien, Vietnam: Motorbike taxis take 45 min and should cost 100,000+ dong (~US$5). Bargain hard and in dollars, it'll work out cheaper than in dong. It is a 45min journey.

Get around[edit]

Tuk-tuks are plentiful in the centre. Short trips around town should cost $1-$2; the price for a full day is between $12 to $25. Some roads can be a little bumpy, but there is no major dust irritation like in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

Self-drive motorcycles can be rented for around US$5 per day for a small 125 cc or around US$14 for a 250 cc. Bicycles are also available for rent from several different places and guesthouses for the cheap frontbasket type. For touring the enchanting countryside on dirt roads, following the railway track to Kampot (there is a small track beside it) or other trips, get a good mountain bike. WAM travel agent has excellent ones at Bat 11, Kep beach; also available in large and children's sizes.

Apart from the beach front, most businesses are some distance apart. If you don't rent any transport, be prepared to walk or alternatively stick to the area around your guesthouse and relax there.

See[edit][add listing]

Remains of a colonial French villa
  • Kep Beach. A small but pleasant crescent of sand near the tip of the Kep peninsula. Dining platforms and seafood vendors line the road behind the beach. Busy on weekends but often deserted during the week. The road through Kep traces the coastline to the beach and then circles back on itself. Cars and vans must pay admission to drive the loop (2500R-5000R). Motorcycles and pedestrians are free. Be aware that the loop is a one way street and the police do occasionally enforce the law, levying fines against violators.
Beautiful view from the Kep National Park towards Bokor Mountain
  • Kep National Park. There is an easy trail going full circle around the hill above Kep in the National Park, and smallest more slope tracks going through. This is a wonderful area of jungle, in which it is quite common to see some monkeys and other animals. The circle trail is about 8km long (a 2-3 hour walk) and has a lot of direction signs. If you don't want to walk, the path is big enough to ride a bicycle or a motorbike, though be prepared for a somewhat bumpy ride. There are even some small benches to enjoy the view and have a rest during the walk. Going through the transversal trail can make a nice 5h walk. Entrance fee 2$
  • Kampot Pepper. An absolute must is to visit the pepper plantation at Phnom Voar mountain, about 20min drive from Kep. This pepper used to be the number one pepper in the world and all the good French restaurants had it. It is having a revival at the moment with a local NGO (Farmlink) helping to promote and plant it again. If you want to know how pepper is grown and processed it's mandatory to take one of the free tours in Sothy's Pepper Farm [21] available in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Khmer). Buy Original Kampot Pepper in the farms. The pepper sold in the local markets is Vietnamese or from other regions where chemical products are used.
  • Colonial Villas. There are around 100 or more old French villas, mostly destroyed by the Kep locals returning after the fall of the Khmer rouge regime (and not by the Khmer Rouge itself as noted in some travel guides) and some of them overgrown like Angkor Wat - quite a spooky feeling. Some of them have been restored, but most of them are in possession of rich military officials who are waiting to sell at the highest price.
  • Anlung Pring Community Led Eco-Tourism. Visit Anlung Pring Protected Landscape 20km from Kep near Kampong Trach District town. See the tallest flying bird in the world, the Sarus Crane. Flocks of up to 300 Sarus Cranes can be seen from December to May. Go on the Sarus Crane Experience (local guided tour) and discover this magnificent bird, and the local communities that live alongside it. (Cost 10USD, children free, all income goes directly to conservation and the local community). After the tour visit the community run buffalo cafe, to try authentic local Khmer food. The dishes change each day dependent on what is fresh from the local farmers market.
  • Caves. Around Kep there are 3 major caves, some with small shrines inside. The biggest and most impressive is near Kompong Trach (30km from Kep). It boasts beautiful limestone formations and a nearby swimming cave.
  • Crabs. No visit to Kep is complete without having a least one meal of the fresh crabs, reputedly the best in Cambodia.
The best beaches in Kep are on Rabbit Island.
  • Koh tonsay (Rabbit Island). Koh Tonsay is a 20 minute boat trip from Kep beach (around US$8-10 return if part of a tour; alternatively, get to the boat pier before 09:00 and share a $25 boat ride with others). Bungalows on Rabbit Island are quaint and cheap (from US$6 a night). The island is generally pretty quiet and is a gem of coastal Cambodia. Development is slow, though there are now a few massage shacks directly on the beach. Each Guest House has also a restaurant, where you get very tasty seafood.
  • Angkaul Beach. The Angkaul beach (also Angkoal (Khum Angkol district)) located 45min to the east near the Vietnamese border was once the swimming beach for the Cambodian Elite in the 1960ties. The trip there might be long, but it is worth every minute. The beach, around 2km long, is clean with white sand and totally deserted except for some fishermen. Now there are 6 deck chairs and parasols and a small shop selling cold drinks for the few tourists going there. The water is shallow but clean. A new way is in construction, leaving from the Auberge du Wam close to the pier. At the moment (Feb 2013), it stops in the destroyed mangrove. There is a track further through the highly picturesque fishing family settlements, salt collecting fields and other countryside, accessible by bicycle and with some difficulty (and noise) by moped. Update 2015: No clean anymore. The beach is full of water plants, plastics and other waste. Although the views are anyway beautiful.
  • Salt Fields. On the way to Angkaul Beach. If visited when it's very hot, nobody will be working there.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Lida Massage, National Road, 012 953 427. Great Massages (Thai, Oil or Steam) for only USD 7. Located at the main road next to Visal Sak Guest house or at the Crab Market.  edit
  • Sailing Club, next to the crab market. The Sailing club is the place to be, where you can rent catamarans, kayaks and even a speedboat. They also have a bar-restaurant, popular among groups from Phnom Penh during the week-ends.
  • Swim in the sea. With the new snow white sand from Otres beach, the Kep beach is now as nice as any other beach in Cambodia and it is enjoyable to go for a swim in the calm, cool water. There are wooden lounge chairs spread along the beach, occasionally with a Cambodian woman requesting $1 to use them. Lots of cold drink vendors nearby and a decent place to watch the sunset too. The beach is roughly 40m wide and 500m long Great for sunbathing and swimming. But plastic trash is a huge problem in Kep and has ruined a lot of the shoreline. Note that red tides do occur, and can cause itchiness and rashes. Check local warnings.  edit
  • Swim with the phosphorecent algae!, (Rabbit Island's beach, maybe Kep's). Going for a swim at night in the sea off Rabbit Island results in bioluminescent) algae glowing all around you, which is an absolutely magical experience.  edit
  • Kep-Plantation, 0 89 33 88 74, [1]. A ranch with about 10 horses and ponies on which you can explore the area. There are also khmer carts which are great for families.  edit
  • Country side tours. The best way to explore this beautiful, sleepy town is by bicycle or scooter. Most Guest Houses rent them for respectively $1 or 2 and $7-8/day and since Kep is quite small, it is easy to find your way. There are also guided Country Side tours organized by the Kep Autrement Tour (email: [email protected] ).  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

There are money changers at the Crab Market that will exchange euro, dong, US dollar, and riel. If you're fresh in over the border, note that the riel is maintained at around 4000 to the dollar. The market traders will change large denomination dollar notes.

Since October 2014 there is a new/first ATM in Kep. It is located at the small line of shops on Kep Beach, in front of the equally new pharmacy.

  • Signature Designer Shop, ex Lili Perles, near Beach, 012 634 214. daytime. Liliperles, a new shop in town which sells beads from all over the world for reasonable prices. Lily the owner have been operating for years. They also have a small school for free, for teaching French to the local people.  edit
  • Kep Supermarket, Next to the Pier. 7AM - 8PM. The first supermarket opened its doors a few weeks ago (May 2010) and is located near the pier going to Rabbit Island. It has a limited selection of wine, spirits, beers, snacks and some western food. There is also a fridge and you can buy cheese, butter, milk and other food.  edit
  • Kep Souvenir, @ Kep Lodge, [2]. 7AM-10PM. The Kep Souvenir stand offers you a wide range of local products like salt & pepper, t-shirts, coffee, silk bags and postcards. Located at the Kep Lodge.  edit
  • Veranda Shop, @ Veranda, [3]. 7AM-10PM. The Veranda Shop carries a broad range of groceries, wine and other spirits, cigarettes and a good selection of medicaments. They have also a Bakery, which offers not only bread, croissants but also very delicious sweets (try the Tarte au chocolat).  edit
  • Kampot Pepper. Only in the Pepper Farms you will be sure that it's real Kampot Pepper. In the local markets it's all Vietnamese or from other regions where they use chemical products.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Fresh fish with pepper sauce. Only $4!

Kep is famous for its crabs. The crab market (a 10 minute walk or $1 tuk tuk ride from Kep beach) has line-caught crabs held in floating cages in the sea. Depending on the size of the crustaceans and your bargaining skills a kilogram of crabs should cost 10,000 - 20,000 riel. Vendors can steam your purchases in the boiling pots in the market or your hotel may also cook them for you.

The famous Crab market in 2009

Several seafood restaurants line the seashore near crab market. They have terraces built over the sea to provide stunning sunset views of Phu Quoc and Bokor National Park while you enjoy crabs cooked with fresh Kampot peppercorns. If you head there early afternoon you can watch fisherman unload their catch for the day.

  • Crab Kitchen, At the beginning of the crab market. 08:00-22:00. Like all the other restaurants near the crab market, the Crab Kitchen is noted for excellent crab with pepper sauce, shrimps or then the exquisite Sweet & Sour Fish. $5+.  edit
  • Kimly restaurant. Established and popular but possibly becoming complacent with success. Located towards the end of the row of seafood restaurants near the crab market. Shrimps or crabs with spicy sauce are cited as notable, though this applies to all the restaurants on the row.
  • Led Zep Cafe, (mountain trek road, just after Le Bout Du Monde). Its elevated position offers breeze and good views overlooking Kep and the ocean. The small menu offers burritos, pizzas and pancakes. There's a range of detailed maps of Kep and its surroundings. The helpful French owner has been living in Kep for 7 years and provides interesting company. He is the 'King' of the National Park since he takes care of the park, cleans it, posts signs etc. Mountain bikes are available for rent. A good place to relax with a cold beer or a cappuccino.  edit
  • Koki (former Pasta e Basta, Near the main beach, 097 533 77 13. 09:00-23:00. This place focuses on pizza and basta and they do a great job. They got a proper pizza oven an their pizzas are one of the best in Kep. The nice owner and his 2 daughters are running the place, which has also a small balcony overlooking the ocean. Great reviews. Delivery. Also has a small souvenir shop. $4+.  edit
  • Veranda Restaurant & Bar, Kep Mountain Hillside, 012 888 619, [4]. Breakfast buffet 06:30-22:30, restaurant 11AM-10PM. Main restaurant at the Veranda Natural Resort with a great ocean view and sunset, beside their popular Bakery shop, the restaurant offering professional seafood dishes, as well as western and Asian food.  edit
  • Breezes Lounge & Restaurant, National Road 33 (Halfway between Kep Beach & Ferry Pier), 097 6759072. Set in a beautiful, quiet and green area, and is a good spot to unwind near the sea. Serves imaginative food with an emphasis on Asian seafood. Has comfortable chairs, a lounge bed, jazz music and a beautiful garden. Showers available for swimmers (guests only).  edit
  • Kep Lodge Restaurant and Bar, 092 43 53 30, [5]. 07.00 - 22.00. The comfortable bar is complete with pool table and the restaurant on two floors (with amazing views) offers a good selection of Khmer and western dishes including Swiss specialties cheese Fondue and Raclette and the very popular Khmer BBQ (prepared on your table). Enjoy soft music, a clean comfortable environment with, including ocean views from the first floor lounge. Happy hour (17:30-19:00) lubricates the sun's decent over the infinity pool. Tasty Mojitos and draft beer available. $4-$10.  edit
  • The Strand, "At, (). 08:00-22:00. The first signature restaurant, featuring an inside a/c area and a beautiful outside area just next to the sea. International dishes of superb quality. Probably the best restaurant in town. Western chef $9+.  edit
  • Baraka, At the Crab market. 09:00-23:00. The Baraka is a popular place at the Crab Market, featuring not only a lively bar (frequented often by local expats) but also a nice first floor terrace. Their menu consists of tasty pizzas, local seafood (crab etc), burgers etc. Espresso machine. French owned. $4+.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Italian Corner. They have an italian and khmer menu, run by the great hosts Lida and Alberto.  edit
  • Baraka. The Baraka Bar and Pizzeria is not only a popular hang out for local expats, also a cozy place to enjoy a sea side pizza and cocktails. Has a upstairs terrace overlooking the ocean. Closes at 10pm  edit
  • Be Be Bar, Behind Kep Market (Follow the sings from the main road), 078340790. 5pm-2am. The 'Be Be Bar' is probably the only real bar in Kep at the moment (Jan '15). Located near the Kep Market, in the middle of the rice fields, this place makes one of the best Mojitos in town and the owner Be Be is a very social and interesting dude. Great for an after Crab dinner drink among friends. They do host the occasional event (concert, party..) $1.50-$5. (10.486586°,104.323208°) edit
  • KepaCabana. Located in Kep city on the main road this is next to Be Be's bar the only place to get a drink after 11pm and their beef hot plate is very popular.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Around the Crab Market[edit]

Kep has amazing sunsets

If you are travelling on a budget it comes down to only a handful of places. First decide between a bungalow or a room. Coco de Mer and Q are pretty even, the pool and the free breakfast for an extra $2 might be enough to seal the deal at the loss of an ensuite. Reaksmey and N4 are the two nicest options for a Khmer hotel style room. N4 has a nicer setting and has a pool and restaurant, Reaksmey has very nice rooms and is very close to the Crab Market but no balconies. Other cheap options exist such as Tree Top, Natural, Kep Seaside and Bacoma (excellent reviews). Visal Sak can be a good budget option.

  • Bacoma $10 Bungalows are fully circular, thick stone walls. Shared bathroom in separate bunglows. They have a restaurant.
  • Boat house 8$ to 30$. Really a great house with different rooms depending on your budget. You have a saloon with big cosy chairs to relax, pool, Tv with DVD, a computer that you can use when it's available. They serve food as well, between 5$ and 8$ for Khmer and western food. At 5 minutes walking from the crab market. Very nice people.
  • Kep Lodge $28-$38 fan, $42-$85 aircon, all Bungalows, pool, good restaurant
  • Kep Seaside $10 Nicer setting than Reaksmey but rooms are not as nice. They have a restaurant.
  • Kimly Lodge rooms are $20/$25 (Jan 2014) with aircon (nice but small), bungalow at $35 (Jan 2014). They have a restaurant (continental breakfast for $5) and pool
  • Kukuluku $5-35, with pool, directly on the bach
  • Le Flamboyant $60 Bungalows.
  • Mea Lea $35, new management
  • N4 $8-25 Nice setting, nice khmer hotel style rooms. They have a pool and restaurant.
  • Natural $8-25 No staff in sight.
  • Q Bungalows $12/15 fan, $25/$35 aircon (low/high season, jan. 2014) You may be wondering why there is such a price difference between the fan and aircon. The fan bungalows are tiny, big enough for just a bed, they really nice on the outside - traditional style with a thatched roof. They have a shared bathroom. The aircon bungalows are fully brick and rendered construction and are much larger, all with ensuites. They have a very nice pool and a restaurant and all bungalows come with breakfast included and free bicycle. Free wifi.
  • Raingsey $50-65
  • Reaksmey Krong Kep $10-25 Brand new hotel, nice modern rooms, concrete surroundings
  • Sea View Bungalows $40-120 Quality bungalows in beautiful surroundings, all with aircon. Restaurant (French and Cambodian Cuisine), playground, outdoor pool.
  • Tara Lodge $55, pool
  • Tree Top $5 dorm, $15-35 bungalow. The cheapest accommodation in town. You get that you pay for. You actually get a tiny private room with a bed, mosquito net and a fan. The walls are of fiber, just like the locals in those little villages.
A great map of Kep
  • Vanna $25-50
  • Veranda $75-500
  • Visal Sak, few minutes north of Q. Bungalows, is a large guesthouse with fan room at $6 ($8 for hot water). Nothing fancy, but rooms are clean and good value for the price. Rooftop restaurant and wifi.
  • All prices above correct as of Feb 2015.

Hotel Listing - Budget[edit]

  • Arun Rass (Hotel rooms), Pepper Street 5, Kep, 017 239 567 or 097 588 20 88, [6]. checkin: 12; checkout: 14. Ths khmer family run place is conviniently located on the Pepper Street (below the Kep Lodge) just 300m from the main road, a couple of minutes to the sea and not more to the Crab Market (one of the centers of Kep). The rooms are spacious and have all a nice, big balcony with sea or mountain view. The breakfast is included and the place is a good deal. Mr Chai and his wife Chantey will make your stay very pleasant. From $18 to $26.  edit
  • Bacoma (Bungalows & Khmer Houses), Road 33a, Kep, 0884112424 or 0884112525. checkin: 12; checkout: 14. Swiss & khmer run guesthouse with new established Bungalows (in March 2013). Lovely and clean bungalows. Friendly and helpful staff. Bungalows from 10$-35$ From $10 to $35.  edit
  • Boathouse, 33A Sangkat Pray Thom, 097 572 4444, [7]. checkin: Anytime; checkout: 12:00. Charming wooden rooms (from $15) with fan/air-con, cheaper rooms in concrete building. Traditional khmer style, tropical garden with stylish huts, views on the national park, lots of birds around, quiet. Restaurant serves traditional Khmer & western food. Walking distance to Crab market and Kep beach. Friendly family atmosphere. Free WiFi. Free bicycle. Motorcycle rental is available. [email protected] [email protected] 8-30$. (10.48493,104.29360) edit
  • Botanica, National Road 33a, 097 899 8614 (), [8]. A friendly easy going guesthouse with 6 nice bungalows with fan and shower. Restaurant, pool table, petanque, book exchange. A new, friendly owner Phillip who has undertaken some renovations, and now also offers air con rooms. He further built a beautiful salt water pool with a wooden deck, which is a huge improvement. US$10-35.  edit
  • Brise de Kep, 18-19 Kep Beach Road (The row of restaurants and guesthouses on Kep beach near the southern roundabout), 036 633 633 9. All rooms have hot water and TV. The adjoining restaurant has French dishes. A good choice when you crave for meat and not want to be ruined. The desserts are also really tasty. Some rooms has smell inside at ground floor, little bit dark at 1st floor. US$12 (fan) US$15 (AC).  edit
The swimwing cave at Kompong Trach
  • Chateau Puss in Boots - ex Kep Villa, Kep Market area (It is five hundred meters from Kep Market, when you watch our big board, and then turn right to a quiet village street), 070 283 371, [9]. A quiet hotel with friendly family atmosphere accommodates 7 rooms of different kinds for 2, 3 or 4 people. The snow-white two-floors villa is surrounded by spacious and fenced tropical garden. The villa used to serve as the Province Governor house, and now it is open for tourists. The are a lot of fruits trees, as well as beards and butterflies. All rooms have air conditioning, hot water, refrigerator and TV. The restaurant serves home style cuisine including home made bread and jams. The bar proposes draft beer and cocktails. US$15-20.  edit
  • Tree Top Bungalows, (just below the national park next to Kep Lodge). checkout: 12. Set in a beautiful garden next to Kep Lodge overlooking the sea with both Bokor Hill Station and Phu Quoc in view, this place offers a wide range of accommodation ranging from $4 double fan basic rooms, treehouse style rooms through to shared bathroom rooms to $20 with private bathroom rooms. $4+.  edit
  • Bird of Paradise (Wooden and brick Bungalows), behind Road 33a, Kep, 077 391 365. checkin: 12; checkout: 14. The guest house features seven well appointed bungalows all equipped with hot water shower, television and are tastefully decorated. From $20 - $35.  edit


  • Kep Lodge, Pepper Street (below the national park, next to Tree Top, Entry is to the LEFT!), +855 (0) 92 43 53 30 (), [10]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: 12AM. Offering views from the Deluxe bungalows down to the Gulf of Thailand. 13 private bungalows with shower, minibar, tea and coffee maker, desk and a big private terrace with a hammock and sofa - full breakfast included. A popular infinity salt-water swimming pool (can be used by outside guests too), free bicycles, fast & free WiFi all over the lodge, a book exchange and lots of games can be found at the Lodge. There are four new, spacious deluxe bungalows (54m2) with air-con, TV, DVD (500 DVD library), a mp3 sound-system, safe, minibar, tea & coffee maker, hot water shower, king size bed(s). The view from the 18m2 balconies are stunning (sunset!). Has a lively bar, pool table and restaurant serving local and Swiss food (Cambodian BBQ is very tasty). They just added another 1st floor lounge to their restaurant, with a big lounge area and great ocean views. Can also be used as a meeting room. Outside guest can use their pool for free, when consuming for more than $5/person. US$28-85.  edit
  • Le Bout du Monde, Preah Thom Kep, +855 (0)975 26 18 46, [11]. Little villas and residences in traditional Khmer architecture, in wood, stone and thatched and tiled roofs in an eco-conscious setting. Accommodations are available for various budgets. All the houses are located at the top of a balmy hill by Kep's national park. There are facilities such as a mini bar, tea boiler and hot water in the bathrooms. They do have a natural swimming pool, with no chemicals added and no filtration (green water). There is also a restaurant-bar with French and Khmer cuisine. US45$-150.  edit
  • The Vine Retreat, Phnom Voar, Chamcar Bei (off Highway 33, between Kep and Kompong Trach), +855 11 706 231 (), [12]. Ecologically conscientious guesthouse, organic farm and restaurant nestled at the foot of a small range of jungle entrenched mountains called Phnom Vor. Famous Kampot Pepper plantation and a naturally filtered swimming pool. Remote, tranquil and beautiful. Base yourself there for trekking or mountain biking in Phnom Voar or just wiling away the hours in a hammock with a good book. $20-45. (10° 33' 57.2394,104° 21' 38.5194) edit
  • Le Flamboyant Resort, 33a National Road (500m on the road to Kampot after the Vishnu Roundabout), +855 (0)17 491010, [13]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 11am. 28 spacious, comfortable and private bungalows (rooms between 30m2 and 80m2) and two beautiful swimming pools all set in a lush, tropical garden. Lovely al fresco restaurant and bar overlooking the premises as well as the mountains. Le Flamboyant Resort also offers the services of a state-of-the art, on-site conference centre. 60 - 250 $.  edit
  • Masada Resort, Pepper Street 2 (below the entrance of kep national park, opposite to Tree Top), +855 (0)88 847 1984 (). checkin: 14.00; checkout: 12.00. 5 nice modern bungalows with bathrooms/fan and aircon/ infinity pool and beautiful garden (orchids and frangipanis !). really close to crab market and at the entrance of the kep national park. US$30 to $60 breakfast included (jan 2015).  edit
  • Raingsey Bungalow ([email protected]), Kep Mountain Hillside Road (same road as Vanna and Veranda), +855 (0) 11 558 197, [14]. Eight independent, wooden bungalows surrounded by a some plants. From your balcony, you have access to the swimming pool of course, but no view like Vanna or Veranda. The bedrooms in the Raingsey Bungalows are comfortable (some are a bit old). Each room has air conditioning, well equipped en suite bathrooms with hot power showers but NO DOORS to the toilet. You have a choice of a double bed or 2 single beds. The food (local and Western) in the upstairs restaurant is quite nice and they even serve sushi now. $60.  edit
  • Sea View Bungalows, Street 33 (main road into Kep) (Left side of main rd. before Crab Market), ​855-12-204-155 (), [15]. checkin: 2:00 pm; checkout: 11:00 am. High quality built in 2013 Sea View Bungalows offers non-smoking,clean,spacious, air conditioned,comfortable rooms with large outdoor veranda with surrounding views of ocean, mountains and garden. One bedroom Penthouse offers great views from bedroom, living and dining room. Great location near Crab Market and beach. Read what our satisfied guests say on web page. Complimentary breakfast and wifi. $35-$100.  edit
  • Brise de Kep Boutique, 33a Kep Beach Road (Beside of dock to Rabbit Island, 10 minutes from Kep beach), (+855) 12 756 499. Operating since one year, this is a nice place, directly on the sea, with 6 bungalows and a good restaurant overlooking the ocean. The rooms come with a/c, hot water, etc. The location is not really in the center, but there are plenty of Tuk Tuk's around to bring you to the Crab Market or the beach. US$40~50.  edit
  • The Beach House Kep, Right on the beach (Directly behind the white lady statue on Kep Beech Road), [16]. A great location with choice of sandy beach or small pool and bar area. Breakfast is extra to room price. Rooms are basic but with shared balcony and lovely views across the beach and bay. For sunsets, walk 10 mins around the point toward Crab Shacks. Rooms have sliding doors, which are not very secure and with no safe in rooms, would not risk leaving any valuables. Otherwise a nice place to stay with friendly staff and a lovely small pool to chill in. $40-55.  edit
  • Sovanna - ex Starr Inn, 777 Ocean Blvd, (). Small 13-room hotel. All rooms are facing the sea. All the rooms have been renovated. They even made a tiny pool in front of the hotel, a comfortable restaurant as well as a bar. Included breakfast, free wifi. US$40~50.  edit


  • Knai Bang Chatt, [17]. One of the fanciest places in all Cambodia, this complex has only four seaside villas. Great swimming pool, free Wi Fi, a real private hide away. Next to the Sailing Club. Now they opened the new restaurant, the Strand, which is the first restaurant with A/C and they employ a western chef! US$160-350.  edit
Two boys harvesting rice
  • Villa Saat, + 85517383185, [18]. New 'villa' opened in Jan 2013, overlooking the seashores of Kep. Villa for rent on short or long stay. + 85517383185 - Ask for Emilie  edit
  • Villa Romonea, Street 33, 012879486, [19]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 12noon. Located directly on the sea, this beautiful, stunning renovated villa from the 60s is one of the Landmarks in the Kep area. Having only six modern rooms, the main house sits on a 1.5 hectare private property and enjoys an unique view of the sea, Bokor Mountain and the islands. The infinity swimming pool and a proper a tennis court make this residence a perfect getaway for a large group (up to 12), individual couples or families. A talented chef is proposing her experience of Cambodian cuisine. US$150-190.  edit
  • Villa Les Voyageurs du Dharma, Pepper Street 5, + 855(0)92 43 53 30, [20]. Brand-new khmer style villa (wooden floor) on 2 stories with a private pool, just below the Kep Lodge. This house is great for a family or a few friends (max 2 adults and 2 kids), who enjoy the privacy but still want to have the amenities of a hotel (breakfast, info, bicycles etc from Kep Lodge). $100++.  edit
  • Villa Ananda, Pepper street, (). New villa opened in 2014; located just below the Kep National Park, Villa Ananda is a tropical and charming house, an unusual escape that offers their guests direct and deep contact with nature combined with high level 5 stars services.Those who choose Ananda love to find all comfort in a 'green experience' . The pool surrounded by lush tropical trees, the outdoor lazing areas, the spacious sea view veranda on the first floor for most romantic dinner under the moonlight, the XLarge suites decorated with traditional and elegant furnishing, the high thatched ceiling are perfect to enjoy a peaceful, airy and relaxing ambience. Every detail makes this villa the perfect SECRET RETREAT for those who want to start a journey in a magic Cambodian atmosphere. Villa Ananda is born out of a family's love for the rich Cambodian soul and tradition, and the need to get back in touch with nature escaping from the rest of the world. Tuk tuk transport, bicicle and mopad rental are available. Resident manager available for info's, tours, massage, cocktails, catering; breakfast lunch and dinner can be arranged with private chef on demand as well as a wide array of other extra services. US$129,00-200.  edit

Get out[edit]

  • Kampot - Gateway to Bokor National Park. Ask green tourist information in the center of Kep, you can catch a bus coming from Phnom Penh and going to Kampot for 3$ (2019).
  • Sihanoukville - Cambodia's best-known beach resort
  • Ha Tien (Vietnam) - The Vietnamese border town is a fishing hub that offers boat trips to Phu Quoc or buses into the Mekong Delta.
  • Koh tonsay - a small island, 20 min by boat from Kep

Routes through Kep
Phnom Penh ← Takeo ←  N noframe W  KampotSihanoukville

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