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Japan kagoshima map small.png
Flag of Kanoya Kagoshima.JPG
Quick Facts
Government Kanoya City
Currency Japanese Yen (¥)
Area 448.15 km2
Population 103,155(2016 est)
Language Japanese(Standard and Kagoshima Dialect)
Religion n/a
Electricity 100V/50 or 60Hz (U.S. plug, commonly 2-prong without ground)
Time Zone UTC +9(No DST)

Kanoya (鹿屋市) is a city in Kagoshima.


Kanoya City is located on the Osumi peninsula of Kagoshima prefecture, Japan, about 1.5 hours away from both Kagoshima City and Kagoshima airport. Kanoya is famous for its Kampachi (Greater Amberjack) fisheries, Berkshire (Black) pork, Black-haired wagyu beef, chicken, peanuts, satsuma-imo sweet potatoes, and sweet potato shochu. Kanoya`s city flower is the rose with the city having one of the biggest rose gardens in Japan. Kanoya is also home to the Kanoya Air Base for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces where the Kanoya Aviation Base Museum is also located.

Past Town Mergers with Kanoya[edit]

Aira, Kushira, Kihoku

Neighboring Cities[edit]

Tarumizu City, Kirishima City, Soo City, Kimotsuki District-Higashi Kushira Town, Kinko Town, Kimotsuki Town, Soo District-Osaki Town

Get in[edit]

Kanoya Direct Bus from Kagoshima Chuo Rail Station (鹿児島中央駅出発ー鹿屋市行きの直行バス

There are buses to Kanoya from Kagoshima Airport multiple times daily. As well from Kagoshima Chuo Station, Tenmonkan, and Tarumizu ferry port (for those coming from Kagoshima City). Kanoya buses to and from the airport run at about 2,100 yen one way, and buses to and from Kagoshima Chuo Station have a cost of about 1,500 yen.

The airport bus takes the Higashi Kyushu Expressway to and from Kagoshima Airport in Kirishima. The bus bound for Kanoya takes local roads to and from the airport and takes approximately 2 hours. Look for number 4 bus stop in front of the ticket counter on the outside sidewalk.

The Kagoshima Chuo Station bus gets on the ferry at Kamoike Port, and gets off the ferry and continues at Tarumizu Port towards Kanoya.

The easiest way to get in and travel around Kanoya is by rental car. There are several rental agencies providing shuttles from the airport to their locations to pick up your car. Unless you are fluent in Japanese be sure to get an English GPS.

From Kagoshima Chuo Station[edit]

[1] (English Bus Schedule on Kanoya Website)

Bus Stop (Updated as of 4/1/2014)

From Kagoshima Airport[edit]

[2] (English Bus schedule from Kanoya Website)

Bus Stop 4 to Kanoya at Kagoshima Airport 鹿児島空港のバス4番乗り場-鹿屋行き

Bus Stop (Last updated 4/1/2017)

By ferry[edit]

Another relaxing route to take to Kanoya starts in Osaka at Osaka Nanko Kamome Ferry Terminal. You can take the Sunflower Ferry [3] from here to Shibushi (Kagoshima) Port and then take a bus ride to Kanoya. The Sunflower leaves port in the evening so you can sleep overnight and wake up in Shibushi in the morning. The trip takes roughly 8 hours from Osaka to Shibushi. The bus from Shibushi to Kanoya takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

Get around[edit]

Though there is a bus system in Kanoya, buses are few and far between. Renting a car is your most convenient option.

English-friendly Rental Car Services[edit]

Toyota Rent-A-Car


Nippon Rent-A-Car


Times Car Rental


See[edit][add listing]


Aira Sanryo Imperial Tomb (吾平山陵)

Aira Sanryo (吾平山陵)is one of a group of three ancient imperial tombs within Kagoshima prefecture. This rare grotto tomb is the resting place for Emperor Jinmu`s (Japan`s first emperor) father (Ugayafukiaezunomikoto), as well as his mother (Tamayorihime). The path to the shrine stretches 500m with its divine atmosphere. This resemblance to Ise Shrine gives it the nickname "Little Ise." Aira Sanryo is also famous for its cherry blossoms in Spring and leaf foliage in autumn. 3317 Airachofumoto, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-1192

Arahiratenjin Shrine (荒平天神)

Arahiratenjin (荒平天神)is a rare shrine on a rocky outlay next to the beach. The shrine was founded during the time of warring states in the Tembun Period (1532-1554). The god enshrined is the god of scholarship, Michizane Sugawara. Because of this, countless people come to pray for passing grades during exam period. The shrine is surrounded by beautiful waters and clear sights of Kinko Bay and Mt. Kaimondake. 4014 Tenjincho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2313

Kanoya City Folk Museum (鹿屋市民族館) sits right next to Lake Osumi and is filled with various South and Southeast Asian instruments, clothing, and games. It's free to get in and you're welcome to try on the different traditional clothing and try playing the instruments. Kanoya City Folk Museum is also right next to the KAPIC Center. 3779-1 Kamitakakuma-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima


  • Kanoya Aviation Base Museum (鹿屋航空基地史料館), 3 Chome-11-2 Nishihara, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture (Kanoya JMSDF air base 2.2 km from downtown Kanoya on Hwy 269), 893-0064. This facility not only holds priceless materials and documents pertaining to the Kamikaze fighters, but also houses the A6M Zero Fighter Type 52 that appears in the novel, "Eien no 0," as well as precious items that range from the establishment of the former Japanese Navy, to World War II, to the current Maritime Self Defense Forces. For those who are aviation history buffs, the Kanoya air base was the Navy's primary Kamikaze base in the closing months of the Pacific War. The displays are all in Japanese and no English guide book is available, however the staff are really friendly and speak some English which is enough to help. They will show you the English version of the JMSDF aviation history video in the theatre. If you are interested in historic aviation from WW2 and into the post war years then you simply MUST visit this museum! Open 9am -5 pm The Base has an Open House (noon-4pm) of planes hangers, base fire truck, Food stalls and an Air Show 1:45-3pm, the last Saturday of April (around the 26th) Fun for all ages.  edit
Kushira Peace Park Memorial Tower (串良平和公園―慰霊塔)
  • Kushira Peace Park (串良平和公園)and Kushira Fallen Naval Air Corps Memorial Tower (旧海軍串良航空隊出撃戦没者慰霊塔), 5183-1 Arisato, Kushiracho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture, 893-1602. Memorial tower Kozuka Park - A Memorial to the WW2 Kamikazes Pilots who flew from Kanoya Air Base (Combine with a visit to the air base museum as there is only the Memorial to see at this park site, a 15 min walk from Base museum walk on sidewalk west along Hwy 269 Turn left when coming out of air force base museum road .Walk is about 8 blocks then turn right at the corner(Subaru dealership) that says Hwy 550, the park is a short way up on your left near Nishiharadai Elementary School. Situated at the top of a small hill at the edge of the park takes about 10 minutes to see. Great for those interested in WW2 History. The yearly memorial service to which anyone is invited is very moving. Held in the morning around 9-10am the first Saturday in April. In 2015 there were about 8 kamikaze pilots still living. Those who died are represented by their families in a chrysanthemum laying ceremony. A very moving service even if you do not understand Japanese. Kushira Peace Park / Heiwa Park is a 20 minute drive 16 km south east of downtown Kanoya. About 1,000 cherry blossom trees (peak bloom April 4-7) line two straight roads. During the war these roads were used as plane runways with one running east to west 1300m (1422 yards) and another running north to south 1200m (1312 yards). In July and August the Aqua Zone Kushira ($) a small waterpark 3 pools/ 5 slides -is open during the day.5187-1 Kushiracho ,Arisato, Kanoya 893-1602, Kagoshima Prefecture +81 994-63-8287. There is also a tennis center in Heiwa Park. Both Parks are suitable for picnics just bring your food, drink & tarp to sit on.  edit
  • Kihoku Observatory (輝北天球館), 1660-3-3 Ichinari, Kihokucho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture (Kihoku Uwaba Park), 899-8511. was constructed in the image of the cosmos. It houses a Cassegrain 65m caliber reflector telescope which is one of the biggest of its class in Kyushu. It can see shining first-magnitude stars not only at night, but during the day as well.  edit


Kanoya Rose Garden (かのやばら園)has a scope of 8ha (19.8 acres) and about 50,000 roses making it one of the biggest rose gardens in Japan. The Kanoya Rose Festival is held here in Spring and Autumn when the roses bloom at their best. Thanks to Kagoshima`s warm climate, you can see the roses in full bloom ahead of the rest of the country in May during Golden Week. 1250 Hamadacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0053

Kirishimagaoka Park (霧島ヶ丘公園) is located adjacent to Kanoya Rose Garden. With specimens like the poppies in Spring and the cosmos in Fall, you can enjoy colorful flowers through all seasons. From the observation platform you can see Shibushi Bay in the east and Kinko Bay to the west. You can also see Mt. Kaimondake which is often called the Satsuma Fuji. If you take a look to the northwest you will get a postcard picturesque view of Sakurajima and Mt. Takakuma. Within the park they have Tanokami Road where pink rock Azaleas bloom in Spring, a go-cart track, campgrounds, and a Children`s Plaza. The park is brimming with fun activities and things to do for all ages. 1250 Hamadacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0053

Kihoku Uwaba Park (輝北うわば公園) is the entire plateau that the Kihoku Observatory sits on. The park is outfitted with everything from sports facilities to bungalows This is also a safe spot to view Sakurajima`s crater from a distance. 1660-3 Ichinari, Kihokucho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-8511

Osumi Regional Park (県立大隅広域公園) is filled with greenery and flowers and is equipped with a campground, playground, a main plaza, sports facilities, as well as an original go-cart track for race cars. It`s the perfect place for couples and families. Ushiroda, Kimotsuki, Kimotsuki District, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-1203


Mt. Takakuma(高隈山) stretches out around the border of Kanoya and Taramizu City in the center of the Osumi Peninsula. Within Kagoshima prefecture, it is the third of the three tall mountain ranges following Kirishima and Yakushima. There are 7 peaks that are over 1,000m(3280ft) above sea level, with Onogaradake being the highest peak of the mountain at 1,237m(4,058ft). With peaks like the pointed Tsumadake, the flat Hiradake, and Yokodake that appears to be slanting on its side, the mountain is rich with variations in steepness. Because of this, spectacular waterfalls like Mantaki, Shirataki, and Akamatsutaki, as well as beautiful streams are the defining features of Takakuma. The mountain is very valuable scientifically with Mt. Takakuma itself forming its own forest ecosystem. It is one of the 12 forests in Japan designated as a protected biological heritage resource forest. Mt. Takakuma, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture

Lake Osumi(大隅湖) lies at the foot of Mt. Takakuma. In Spring about 1,000 cherry blossoms bloom, in early Summer, 4,000 Hydrangea come up, in Fall, magnificent autumn foliage shows its colors, and in winter, wild birds come to hibernate for the season, all displaying the various expressions of the seasons. Osumi Lake, Kamitakakumacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0131

Historical Spots[edit]

Kanehama Coast (金浜海岸)

Kanehama Coast (金浜海岸) This beautiful beach with crystal blue water is located in Takasu, Kanoya off Route 68 between Takasu Beach and Arahiratenjin Shrine. You'll see the Kaiyo Sports Center on your left and then see a stone monument shortly after. This monument is a memorial for this special beach where roughly 2,500 U.S. Marines landed on September 4th, 1945 at the start of the American occupation, marking the first naval landing point on mainland Japan. You can really feel the history here as you relax, swim, and gaze out at Kinko Bay with Mt. Kaimon in the distance. 893-0054 Kagoshima Prefecture, Kanoya, Takasucho, Kanehama

Kannon-buchi (観音淵)

Kannon-buchi Chusei Kosekigun (Kannon-buchi Medieval Stone Towers)  (観音淵中世古石塔群)

Kanoya City Historic Landmark Designated August 19th, 1981

The history of these medieval stone towers extend through the ages, starting from as old as the early Kamakura period, all the way to the Sengoku period.

On the right side of the cave from the entrance are Buddhist memorial stone towers. They are believed to be from the early Kamakura period where the family of Hase Saburo Dayu Yoshitoi and their vassals, part of the bigger Toyama clan, cultivated new land for farming in this region. The Hase clan, who resided at Hase Castle in Haraigawa, was also involved in cultivating new farmland for the entire region of Haraigawa.

The stone towers on the left are from the Kimotsuki clan, who are thought to have competed with the Toyama clan in cultivating new farmland from the early Kamakura period.

Although this custom can often be seen elsewhere, as the pioneers who developed this land, the people of the Takakuma region believe these relics should not be forgotten.

The relics from after the Nanboku-cho period are believed to be memorial stone towers from the warring period in this region.

※Note: Buddhist memorial towers are built in times such as during war, great undertakings like land development, as well as for oneself while still alive, in order to pray for peace after death or rebirth in paradise.

893-0132 Shimotakakuma-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima Kannon-buchi Chusei Kuyo Togun  鹿児島県鹿屋市下高隈町893-0132

Festivals 祭り[edit]

Kagihiki Matsuri かぎ引き祭り 

Nakatsu Shrine 893-0131 Kamitakakuma-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima 中津神社 〒893-0131 鹿児島県鹿屋市上高隈町

Last week of February

Kagihiki Matsuri (かぎ引き祭り) in Takakuma

Kanoya Natsu Matsuri (Kanoya Summer Festival) かのや夏祭り

Downtown Kanoya 1-1 Otemachi, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima 鹿屋市市内  鹿児島県鹿屋市大手町1-1

First week of August

Kanoya Rose Festival (Spring/Fall) かのやばら祭り(春・秋)

Kanoya Rose Garden 1250 Hamada-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima  かのやばら園  鹿児島県鹿屋市浜田町1250

Do[edit][add listing]

Hot Springs (Onsen 温泉)[edit]

Abiru Land Sakamoto アビルランド坂本

Abiru Land Sakamoto (アビルランド坂本)If you take Highway 269 (Sata Road) south along Kinko Bay, you will find yourself on the Hamada Coast with its beautiful views of Sakurajima and Kaimondake. Did you know that right near here is a secret onsen (hot springs) that was opened over 100 years ago? One of the charms for onsen fans is that it`s hidden. From long ago Sakamoto has flourished as a bath house. There were even people who would traverse the mountain and come down into the valley just to dip into these springs. 139-1 Hamadacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0053

Yutaka Onsen (ゆたか温泉)This day use hot spring is located in central Kanoya along the Shimotanigawa river. Yutaka is a popular spot with many families coming out on the weekends. Before the facilities were built, there was a hot spring that was called “Akamizu,” that ran from the hill out front to the rice paddies. Later, excavation of the spring began, and the owner had it dug deeper until the gushing was satisfactory at 1388m deep. The end of the big excavation resulted in Kagoshima`s richest sodium bicarbonate hot spring. 319-1 Tasakicho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0037

Yutaka Onsen ゆたか温泉

Yamadera Mineral Springs (Yamadera Kousen 山寺鉱泉浴場) There`s a sign on the side of Highway 504 that will direct you into a small neighborhood. Continue down this narrow road until you reach a sign that says “やまでら鉱泉” written in yellow. At first glance the bathhouse looks just like a regular house that would be missed if there were no sign there. A little past the check in/rest area building is a separate building with the baths. The changing room gives off a country-like feel leaving you with a sense of nostalgia. The hot springs room is floored with tile and has a pentagon shaped tub. The light brown colored heated water in the tub is drawn at about 2km from the foot of the Takakuma mountain range. You would think the water would be hard on the skin from the minerals but it is actually quite soft and smooth. From long ago it is said to be good for ailments such as nerve pain, stiff shoulders, skin disease, and asthma.

Kushira Sakura Onsen (串良さくら温泉) Inside the facility is a spacious lobby as well as a tatami-floored room where you can relax after getting out of the springs. There`s a Japanese-style springs as well as a western-style springs which is separated by men and women and has its designation changed every Monday. The wide glass windows in the springs give it a bright and open feel and the scrupulous cleanliness gives it a very fresh atmosphere. The clear, pristine water of this low-alkalinity sodium bicarbonate spring (saline carbonated chloride spring) makes your skin soft and smooth, healing your mind and body. There`s also a fancy outside bath (Rotenburo) as well as a mist sauna for the ladies letting you relax in the utmost of comfort. In Kagoshima it`s top of its class as a beautifying hot spring and you`ll be hooked after the first dip into this gentle and soft water. It cleanses the skin as well as making it silky smooth. It also acts as a moisturizer and it will keep you warm long after you get out. Kagoshima Prefecture, Kanoya, Kushiracho Shimoobaru, 3948−1

Yuyu Land Aira (遊湯ランドあいら) Yuyu Land lies in southeast Kanoya, close to the legendary treasure Aira Sanryo, the luscious Osumi Prefectural Park, and the seasonal fruit picking plantation of Kurohago. It`s a lodging that take on the theme springs, and play (Yu and Yuu). There`s facilities like a tennis court, multi-purpose areas, and sports lodgings. Many travelers come to stay during grape and strawberry picking seasons. 2973 Airachofumoto, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-1103

Kihoku General Welfare Center(輝北総合福祉センター) Kihoku General Welfare Center is just 15 minutes away from Kihoku Uwaba Park. At the entrance you`ll see a sign with Myoken Onsen written in big letters. Everyday about 10 tons of hot spring water is transported to Kihoku General Welfare Center from Kirishima Myoken Onsen. Previously it was just heated cold spring water but with the naturally hot water coming from Myoken Onsen the number of visitors has gone up with regulars coming daily for the first dip. In the men and women`s facilities there are air bubble, jet, and electric baths. Here in particular the women`s side actually has more baths than the men`s side. 2100-1 Kihokucho Kamimobiki, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0201


Takasu Beach 高須海水浴場

Takasu Beach (高須海水浴場) Children can swim and play safely at this shallow beach. Every year in July Marine Fest is held where you can play beach sports and enjoy a yacht experience. There is also a small shrine and Torii on the huge boulders in the water. It was built by the fisherman of Takasu over 50 years ago. It enshrines the god Ebisu, as a ways to bring in big catches of fish. Along the cliffs and near the observation deck you can also see an old Pacific War bunker that remains. Takasu Kaisuiyokujo - Takasucho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0054

Hamada Beach (浜田海水浴場) This beach gives you a stunning view of Sakurajima and Kaimondake. You can relax under the shadow of the trees where the ocean is beautiful and the pine forest refreshing. Hamada is also open for camping where you can enjoy the summer nights. Hamada Kaisuiyokujo - Hamada, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture

Sports Facilities[edit]

National Institute of Sports and Fitness (NIFS) 鹿屋体育大学
  • Pre-Olympic-Paralympic Training Camps - Taking advantage of Kanoya's year-round mild climate, teams come to train in various sports from around the world. Recently it has been opened up to teams training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  • National Institute of Fitness and Sports (NIFS) -

The National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya is the only national sports university in Japan. It built a new special research building that holds some of the most cutting edge technology and techniques for sports performance measurement. National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya

Buy[edit][add listing]


Rena City building in Kanoya (鹿屋市のリナシティ)

Kanoya City Tourism and Product Center (鹿屋市観光物産総合センター) Kanoya City Tourism and Product Center was opened in 1993 to expand the market for regional special products as well as promote sightseeing in Osumi Peninsula. It is located right next to the Kanoya Aviation Base Museum. Various Kanoya and Osumi special goods are sold including Berkshire pork products, Shochu, peanuts, Fukuregashi, dressings, and even Kanoya Rose Garden`s rose ice cream. Because it`s right next to the Kanoya Aviation Base Museum, there are also plenty of Self Defense Forces goods. 3 Chome-11-1 Nishihara, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0064

Tourism and Product Information Corner (Rena City 1F) (物産観光情報コーナー) Just 2 minutes on foot from the Kanoya bus stop is Rena City (Kanoya City Citizens Exchange Center). Inside is Osumi`s only movie theater, a stylish sweets shop, a sports gym, and on the 1st floor, the Tourism and Product Information Center. Inside is packed with Kanoya goods and souvenirs. There are many local brands of shochu unique to Kanoya as well as Kanoya`s standard side dish: “Dakkisho.” It`s Kagoshima dialect for “peanuts” and goes great with shochu. the #1 most popular souvenir is “Kanoya Aviation Curry” where you can choose from Berkshire pork or Black-haired Wagyu flavor. 1-1 Otemachi, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0009

Local Goods[edit]

Aira Product Center (吾平物産館) Aira Product center is located in Kanoya City`s Aira Town. It is right next to Osumi Park and close to Aira Sanryo and Kuroha Tour Plantation. It`s a must see if you are going to Aira. There are a number of different local products as well as cute plates and knick knacks. Inside Aira Product Center is also Restaurant Tsuwabuki, where you can grab a bite to eat (Only open for lunch). The famous weekday special is roasted Inoshishi (Wild boar) ramen. On the weekend there is a buffet corner with popular local delicacies which draws in the local crowd as well. 5318-4 Airacho Kamimyo, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-1101

Midori no Teishajo Market in Kushira, Kanoya City (鹿屋市串良町のみどりの停車場)

Kushira Produce Outlet “Midori no Teishajo” (串良農産物等直売施設「みどりの停車場」) A market with produce straight from the farmers. From downtown Kanoya take Highway 220 toward Shibushi where you will pass into Kushira Town. As you pass through, you will see on your left where the farmers come and sell their own vegetables: “Midori no Teishajo.” When you walk in you will see tons of vegetables brought in by the neighborhood farmers. One of Midori no Teishajo`s charms is that it occasionally has different vegetables depending on the season. The name of the produce and the farmer are written on the different baskets with various different types to choose from. 3129 Shimoobaru, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-1604

Minato Market (みなと市場)

From long ago Kagoshima has been blessed by the sea of Kinko Bay. Furue Port is part of this bay. The cultivation here of Kampachi (Greater Amberjack fish) is prosperous, and its high production is in the top class of the nation. The fish preserves constantly have the Kuroshio currents washing into Kinko Bay from the open sea. The fish can swim and grow healthy in this ideal environment. These fresh Kampachi are sold at the Minato Market which is managed directly by the fishery cooperative.

Everyday tons of people visit the Minato Market. The reason they come is for the fresh Kampachi and Hiramasa (Yellowtail Amberjack) which are lined up every morning. You can also get fresh wasabi grown in Osumi, which is important for your sashimi. There are various items other than fish and vegetables from the Osumi region as well. They can also process express home deliveries for when you can`t carry it home. To those who love eating but can`t get into seafood, don`t fret. You will definitely be able to eat the Kampachi cuisine next door at Minato Shokudo. 7440-3 Furuecho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2321

Eat[edit][add listing]

Local Specialties[edit]

Kanoya Fishing Cooperative in Furue - Kampachi boat (古江の鹿屋漁協―カンパチの漁船)

Kampachi (Greater-Amberjack fish カンパチ) The Kanoya City Fishing Cooperative was the first in Japan to start raising Kampachi. "Kanoya Kampachi" is recognized as a Kagoshima brand. For about 2 years they are raised very intimately, from when they are small fish, to when they are shipped out for purchase.

With the rose being Kanoya City's flower, rose petals made into fine powder are put into the feed for the Kampachi. The effects of the polyphenol found in rose petals provide for a healthier fish, and also suppresses its fishy smell keeping it fresher. "Kanoya Kampachi is absolutely delicious and a valuable commodity.

Kurobuta/Berkshire Pork (黒豚) Kanoya Kurobuta is a tender and tasty brand of pork that is used in many dishes including Kanoya's famous Butabara-don and as an ingredient in miso and curry.

German style Kanoya Kurobuta at Fukudome Farm (ふくどめ小牧場のドイツ風の肉)

Black-haired "Kuroge Wagyu" Beef (黒毛和牛) Kanoya is one of the leading regions of livestock in Japan. Kuroge Wagyu is no exception on the list of delicious meats in Kanoya. This beef is melt in your mouth and can be found in supermarkets and many yakiniku restaurants.

Satsuma Native Chicken (さつま地鶏) Kanoya has some of the best chicken in Japan. It is served extremely fresh and there a ton of Yakitori places around the city. It can be eaten fried as karaage, grilled on charcoal with a variety of tare, or even eaten as chicken sashimi, a staple in Kagoshima.

Chicken Sashimi from Hirahara in Takasu (高須のひらはら鳥刺し専門店)

Dakkisho (Peanuts 落花生) Surprisingly not well known, peanut farming is very popular in Kanoya. Everyone should try these gourmet peanuts loved by the locals at least once. Kanoyans usually eat their peanuts salt-boiled or as peanut tofu. (Dakkisho means peanuts in Kagoshima Dialect).

Satsuma-imo Sweet Potatoes (薩摩芋) These are a staple in Kagoshima. They're used in cooking, grilled, and made into liquor.

Beniharuka (べにはるか)"Kanoya Beniharuka" is a particularly sweet Kanoya City brand Satsuma-imo sweet potato. It is certified in 3 different ways. One is the use of superior quality fungus, second is its over 40 day curing process for harvest, and last is its sugar content exceeding the set standard. If this criteria is met, then the sweet potatoes are shipped out under the name Kanoya Beniharuka.

Tsuruda Tea Farm  鶴田製茶

Deep-steamed Green Tea (深蒸し茶) Between 2007 and 2015, Kanoya Fukamushicha won an award 8 years in a row at the Kagoshima Prefecture Tea Conference. It's built up an unshakable status by even winning an award from the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. It is steamed longer than normal green tea giving it a more mild taste.


Kabocha no Tane (かぼちゃのたね) Karaage Teishoku

Kabocha no Tane (かぼちゃのたね) This award winning Japanese fried chicken karaage restaurant is located up near the mountains of Takakuma, and is recognized as one of the best in Japan. 317-1 Kamitakakumacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0131

Minato Shokudo (みなと食堂) Located in Furue right next to the fishery cooperative facing out to Kinko Bay. This lunch only restaurant is run by the Kanoya City Fishing Cooperative, and prides itself in being fresh, delicious, and cheap. You can eat fresh Kanoya Kampachi (Greater Amberjack fish) that was swimming just moments early. Their Kampachi Zuke-don and hidden menu fried mini shrimp (Ebi no Kaki-age) are their most popular dishes. 7440-3 Furuecho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2321

Taketei (竹亭) Tonkatsu

Taketei (竹亭) This local and historical Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) restaurant is located in the heart of Kanoya. The portions are big and the pork is succulent. Some people say it is not only the best Tonkatsu in Kagoshima, but in all of Japan. The master here also has a great moustache. 9-15 Nishiotemachi, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0008

Nannansei no Kaze (南南西の風) A rustic and cowboy-themed wooden restaurant that is not wanting in the atmosphere department. Nannansei no Kaze is a very comfortable place to eat lunch or dinner and is very close to Kanoya's NIFS sports university. They have a variety of menu items including Hamburg steaks, pasta, steaks, coffee, and freshly squeezed fruit juice. 815-2 Shiromizucho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2311

Kanoya Athlete Shokudo (鹿屋アスリート食堂) This popular spot utilizes Kanoya's treasure trove of superior quality ingredients, and offers nutritionally balanced meals founded under the supervision of lecturers of dietetics at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya. 891-2322 Kagoshima Prefecture, Kanoya Furusatocho 594-1

Drink[edit][add listing]

Drinking Districts[edit]

Yakitori pub "Yumegura" (焼き鳥屋さんの夢蔵)

Nakamachi Arcade (仲町アーケード) Drinking district with tons of bars, karaoke bars, and some izakayas. 893-0002 Kagoshima Prefecture, Kanoya City, Honmachi 8

Kyomachi Yokocho (京町横丁) Classic Kanoya drinking district with a range of izakayas. For those looking for a Showa era feel. 893-002 Kagoshima Prefecture, Kanoya City, Honmachi (Street behind Kagoshima Bank)

Kanoya Shochu[edit]

Just like the rest of Kagoshima, people in Kanoya mostly drink Imo-jochu(芋焼酎), which is a sweet potato liquor. There are a few famous brands made right in Kanoya.

Kugilla Imo-jochu by Taikai (大海のクジラ芋焼酎)

Kojika Brewing Co. (小鹿酒造) 0994-58-7171 7312 Airacho Kamimyo, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-1101

Taikai Brewing Co. (大海酒造) 0994-44-2190 21-1 Shirasakicho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0016

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Hotel Okura (ホテル大蔵), 3-23 Shirasakicho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0016, 0994-40-0555. Conveniently located in the center of the city. Relaxing sauna and large baths on site. Registered as Business Promoting Local production for Local Consumption.  edit
  • New World Hotel (ニューワールドホテル), 893-0006 Kagoshima Prefecture, Kanoya, Mukaecho 22-1, 0994-44-7000. Comfortable hotel located in the center of the city.  edit
  • Kanoya Daikoku Grand Hotel (かのや大黒グランドホテル), 12-3 Kyoeicho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0005, 0994-44-5511. One minute from Kanoya City Hall and 3 minutes from Kanoya`s restaurant and drinking district.  edit
  • Hotel Satsukien (さつき苑), 893-0064 Kagoshima-ken, Kanoya, Nishihara 1choume 9-10, 0994-40-1212. Stylish hotel in a convenient area. There are banquet halls and a huge lobby.  edit
  • Business Hotel Shirasagi (ビジネスホテルしらさぎ), 5-11 Shirasakicho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0016, 0994-43-5848. Located right in the city center and right in with the restaurant district.  edit
  • Hotel Kobayashi (ホテルこばやし), 4-15 Mukaecho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0006, 0994-44-3711. A great place for business with the restaurant and drinking district nearby.  edit
  • Lilac Hotels & Resort, 2395 Kamiobaru, Kushira-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-63-6112. A relaxing and quiet hotel nestled in the countryside. The owners are involved in international exchange in the region.  edit


  • Genki-jirushi no Saen-bakke (元気印の菜園畑), 2949-2 Kamimyo, Aira-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-41-7010 (fax: 0994-41-6000). At Genki-jirushi Saen-bakke you will be greeted by the kind and gentle father of the farm, Satoru Horinouchi, and the cheerful and powerful super mom, Setsuko. On the wall you'll see messages and pictures from all of the people and students that took part in the farmstay there. Satoru says what he loves the most about having people stay are the various interactions and exchanges. Taking in small groups, Genki-jirushi lets people experience fun farm activities like harvesting and eating local homemade cuisine, experiences that can only be had in rural communities.  edit
  • Minshuku Shiromizu (民宿しろみず), 240-1 Shiromizu-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-41-7010 (fax: 0994-41-6000). A cozy home with amazing views of the surrounding mountains and fields. Enjoy activities like relaxing in the outside Goemon-buro bath, trying on kimonos, farm experience, and homemade local cuisine.  edit
  • Minshuku Monchan (民宿もんちゃん), 3564 Minami-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-41-7010 (fax: 0994-41-6000). Enjoy some rest and relaxation around the fireplace. Monchan has a pizza oven outside and the best starry nights.  edit
  • Iyashi no Yado Momiji (癒しの宿 もみじ), 67-1 Kamitakakuma-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-41-7010 (fax: 0994-41-6000).  edit

Lodgings with Hot Springs[edit]

  • Hotel Taihei Onsen (ホテル太平温泉), 5-25 Shinseicho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0062, 0994-44-3300. There are public hot springs for relaxation as well as Wi-Fi in all of the rooms. There is also a pet hot spring.  edit
  • Suimeiso (水明壮), 196 Kamitakakumacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0131, 0994-45-2006. A comfortable little Japanese style inn right near the mountains of Takakuma. There are public hot springs as well.  edit
  • Kanoya-shi Koryu Center Yuyu Land Aira (鹿屋市交流センター湯遊ランドあいら), 2973 Fumoto, Aira-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-34-4500. Hot spring facility in Aira, Kanoya close to Aira Sanryo. There are many different types of baths to choose from.  edit

Nature Lodgings/Camping[edit]

  • Osumi National Youth Nature House (国立大隅青少年自然の家), Akagure, Hanazatocho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2306, 0994-46-2222. A beautiful campground facility revolving around outdoor activities and nature.  edit
  • Kirishimagaoka Koen Bungalow (霧島ヶ丘公園バンガロー), 1250 Hamada-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-40-2170.  edit
  • Takakuma Green Country Bungalows (グリーンカントリー高隈バンガロー), 1895-3 Kamitakakuma-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-45-3032.  edit
  • Shimoobaru Ike Koen Log House (下小原池公園ログハウス), 4655-1 Shimoobaru, Kushira-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-63-8198.  edit
  • Kenritsu Osumi Koiki Koen Auto Campground (県立大隅広域公園オートキャンプ場), Kamimyo, Aira-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 0994-34-4567.  edit
  • "Kihoku (輝北天球館「星の家」バンガロー・輝北うわば公園ふれあいの森), 1660-3 Ichinari, Kihoku-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima, 099-485-1900.  edit
  • Kagoshima Asia-Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center (鹿児島県アジア・太平洋農村研究センター), 3811-1 Kamitakakumacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0131, 0994-45-3288. A beautiful research facility with lodging on site situated right next to Lake Osumi as well as a folk museum.  edit


There are various international activities and events held in Kanoya throughout the year so be sure to check the Kanoya International Exchange Association Facebook page or their home page KIEA Kanoya International Exchange Association. You can also contact the Coordinator for International Relations in Kanoya City Hall for tourist and area information at 0994-43-2111.

Get out[edit]

Surrounding Area (Osumi Peninsula)[edit]

There are buses to Kagoshima Airport multiple times daily, as well as to Kagoshima Chuo Station, Tenmonkan, and Tarumizu ferry port. The easiest bus stops to access are in front of Rena City (There are parking lots nearby where you can even park overnight for free), in front of Kanoya City Hall, and Kotobuki Chuo which is in front of the Thank You supermarket in Kotobuki. Buses to and from the airport run at about 2,100 yen one way, and buses to and from Kagoshima Chuo Station have a toll of about 1,500 yen.

The airport bus takes the Higashi Kyushu Expressway to Kagoshima Airport in Kirishima. The Kagoshima Chuo Station bus gets on the ferry at Tarumizu Port, and gets off the ferry and continues at Kamoike Port. The Kagoshima Chuo Station bus also makes a stop at Tenmonkan.

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