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Kannur (Malayalam: കണ്ണൂര്‍) is a city in Kerala in India.


Kannur, also known as Cannanore, is a beautiful city on the northern side of Kerala State in India. This place is famous for Communist politics and temple festivals. Kannur is the administrative headquarters of the district of Kannur. It is known as Land of Looms and Lores. During British rule in India, Kannur was known by its Portuguese name of Cannanore, which is still in fairly common usage. This is the largest city in North Malabar.

Other cities administered from Kannur include Tellicherry (21 km south), Thaliparamba (20 km north), Payyannur (40 km north), Mattannur (25 km east), Koothuparamba (22 km southeast), Chakarakkal (16 km south east), Iritty (42 km) and Panoor (31.1 Km).

The main language spoken is Malayalam. However, English, Hindi and Tamil are the other languages which are also spoken and understood by the majority of the people.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Now we have recently inaugurated Kannur International Airport located at Mattannur which is almost 25 km from Kannur city center.

The airports of Mangalore in Karnataka state & the International Airport of Kozhikode (Calicut) which is located in Malapuram are almost equidistant from Kannur City.

Alternatively, you can go to Kochi International Airport [19] or Thiruvananthapuram airport with direct flights from the Middle East, Singapore, Maldives and Sri Lanka then catch a train or bus to Kannur. You can also go to Chennai (Madras), Bangalore, Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, or other Indian cities and then by train.

By train[edit]

Kannur is well serviced by rail from all major cities in India like Kozhikode, Mangalore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore.

By bus[edit]

You can also reach Kannur by bus from big cities like Mangalore, Kochi, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore.

By road[edit]

Kannur is well connected to other cities Kochi, Kozhikode, Madras, Bangalore, Mangalore, Coimbatore, and Madurai by roads. NH 17 connecting Kochi and Mumbai passes through Kannur. Also Bus service available to Virajpeta (Coorg district of Karnataka).

Get around[edit]

  • Bus - local bus service system is cheap.
  • Autorickshaw - This is a cheap way of transportation between tourist attractions.Autodrivers here are the most trust worthy compared to any where else in India. They have a good reputation for being truthful and reliable in their dealings.
  • Taxi - Local taxis are also available at reasonable rates.
  • Car - There are many Car rental companies offering cars with drivers or self drive.

Many places of attractions are near by to each other so you could walk between them.

See[edit][add listing]

Kannur City[edit]

Kannur is mentioned as a great emporia of spice trade by explorer Marco Polo.

Theyyam: Theyyam, the powerful ritual dance of Kerala is the main attraction of Kannur District. You can see theyyam performance in more than 1000 temples / Kavus from November to April every year.

  • St. Angelo's Fort. St. Angelo's Fort was built in 1505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India and is on the Arabian sea about 3 km from Kannur town. It was attacked in vain by the local Indian ruler in the Siege of Cannanore (1507). On August 1509 Almeida, refusing to recognize Afonso de Albuquerque's as the new Portuguese governor, arrested him in this fortress after having fought the naval Battle of Diu. Afonso de Albuquerque was released after three months' confinement, and become governor on the arrival of the grand-marshal of Portugal with a large fleet, in October 1509. The fort changed hands several times. A painting of this fort and the fishing ferry behind it can be seen in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The Dutch captured the fort from the Portuguese in 1663. They modernised the fort and built the bastions Hollandia, Zeelandia and Frieslandia that are the major features of the present structure. The original Portuguese fort was pulled down later. The Dutch sold the fort to king Ali Raja of Arakkal in 1772. In 1790 the British seized it and used it as their chief military station in Malabar till 1947. The fort is in the Cannanore Cantonment area. It is fairly well preserved as a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. St Angelo's fort is a most important historical monument and a popular tourist attraction. Six Tourism Policeman are posted here for protection duty.  edit
  • Arackal Kottaram. Palace of Arackal Ali Rajas, the only Muslim royal family of Kerala, the palace is a treasure for history buffs. Though the palace is a private property of current Ali Beevi (Queen), much of the palace has been thrown open to visitors to see the grandeur of Kerala Islamic art and architecture. Traditionally, Arakkal Rajas were famous traders, who established several trading centers and factories in Maldives, Lakshadweep, Mauritius, Muscat and Cairo. As art lovers, Arakkal Rajas imported several artifacts from its trading countries and decorated his court. Today visitors can view some of the rare pieces of pre-colonial art and architecture master pieces of South and West Asia, well preserved by the royal family.  edit
  • Moppila Bay, (Near the St. Angelo’s Fort). Centuries ago, this was the seat of Kolathiri Kings. The Kadalayi Fort and Sree Krishna Temple were quite famous. The remnants of the fort and the temple are still seen in Mopila Bay. A fishing harbour, built with Indo Norwegian project assistance, can be seen at this bay. Boating in the sea, if the weather permits, will be an unforgettable experience.  edit
  • Azhikkal Ferry, (Near Azhikode, around 10 km from Kannur). There is the Valapattanam river joining the Arabian sea. Azhikkal ferry gives a magnificient view of the sunset. There is a granite pathway around 2 km into the sea at this place, once you reach the edge of the pathway you are surrounded by sea from all sides.  edit
  • Sree Noonchikavu Siva Temple, (1 Km from Tazhe Chovva on the way to attadappa.).  edit
  • Dharmadam Island, Dharmadam,Thalassery (4 km from TLY town centre). The small 5 acre (20,000 m²) island covered with coconut palms and dense bushes is a beautiful sight from the Muzhappilangad beach. During low tide, one can just walk to the island from the beach. It is surrounded by rivers and seas. Permission is required to enter this privately owned island. Dharmadam, earlier known as Dharmapattanam was a Buddhist stronghold.  edit
  • Parassini Madappura Sree Muthappan Temple, (On the bank of Valapattanam River at Parassinikkadavu, 20 km away from Kannur), [1]. A very famous old temple in North Malabar. No Religious bar in this temple. Here you will get tea, lunch, dinner and boarding, all free of cost.  edit
  • Peralassery Sree Subrahmanya Temple, (Towards Koothuparamba, 14 km from Kannur).  edit

Tellicherry Town[edit]

  • Gundert Bungalow. Residence of Rev. Dr. Herman Gundert, a German missionary and great scholar, author of first Malayalam dictionary.  edit
  • Nettur Hill Church. Built by Rev. Dr. Herman Gundert.  edit
  • Thalassery Fort. 18th century fort built by british, and a light house.  edit
  • Odathil Mosque (Odathil Palli). A 200 year old mosque in Thalassery. The mosque was built around 1806. In the heart of Thalassery stands the 200 year old Odathil Palli and the Garden Mosque. The site of the Odathil Palli used to be a sugarcane garden of the Dutch. It changed hands to the British-owned East India Company.Moosakaka, a Muslim keralite, was the contractor of the East India Company. Moosakaka hailed from the Keyi family of Thalassery. The Keyis were was one of the prominent traders of the time.Moosakaka was considered to be very honest and trustworthy. Hence the company wanted to gift him for his loyalty. As per his request he was given the sugar garden of the Dutch. Musakaka bought this land for a small price as he did not want it free.He constructed a beautiful mosque in Thalassery in the 'Karimbin-odam' Sugarcane plantation formerly belonged to the Dutch, occupied by the British. Odam means 'garden' in Dutch language. Since it was constructed in Odam the mosque came to be called Odathil Palli, meaning 'mosque in Odam'. The mosque had copper plate roofing and golden dome in the minor and share the scenic features as the ones noted in the Brahmin|Brahminical tradition. There was opposition in laying the dome - a privilege enjoyed by the temples so Zamorin gave speed permission to lay the domes and the minaret. It highlights the communal harmony that prevailed in those days and the policy of enlightened toleration followed by the Kerala rulers. All the Muslims can offer prayers but in the graveyard|Kabaristan (graveyard adjacent to the mosque) where only the dead bodies of the Keyis, their wives and children are buried.  edit
  • Holy Rosary Church, (In Thalassery Fort). Famous for stained glass works brought from London.  edit

Other places nearby[edit]

  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, (Near Iritty, a small town about 55km from Kannur). Spread over 55 square kilometres of undulating forested highlands on the slopes of the Western Ghats. It was established in 1984. The sanctuary adjoins the Central state Farm at Aralam. Aralam wild life is situating in Muzhakkunnu panchayathu and Aralam panchayath. Muzhakkunnu is also a tourist spot. The elevation varies from 50 m to 1145 m. The highest peak here, Katti Betta, rises to a majestic 1145 m above sea level. Covered with tropical and semi evergreen forests, the Aralam Sanctuary is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna endemic to the Western Ghats. Herds of deer, elephant, boar and bison are common sights. Leopards, jungle cats and various types of squirrels are also seen here.  edit
  • Ezhimala, (38 km north of Kannur,Nearest railway station is at Payyanur - 8 km), [2]. The capital of the ancient Mooshika kings, is considered to be an ancient historical site. It is a conspicuous, isolated cluster of hills, forming a promontory. A flourishing sea port and centre of trade in ancient Kerala, it was one of the major battle fields of the Chola-Chera war of the 11th century. It is believed that Lord Buddha had visited Ezhimala. An old mosque, believed to contain the mortal remains of Shaikh Abdul Latif, a Muslim reformist, is also located here. The hill is noted for rare medicinal herbs. There is an old tower of great antiquity here, the Mount Deli Light House. It is maintained by the Indian Navy and is a restricted area. The beach sand is of a different texture and the sea is bluer than in other areas. At the Ettikulam bay, one can enjoy watching dolphins. Bordered by sea on three sides, Ezhimala is set to occupy a prominent place in the Naval history of the country, the premier naval officer training institute, the 'Naval Academy' is also situated here.  edit
  • Kizhunna Ezhara Beach, (2Km From Thottada or Nadal on NH17 between Thalassery and Kannur). Two marvelous beach segments marked by rocks protruding in to the sea. A lot of coconut palms and birds and few fishing boats and folks.  edit
  • Kottiyoor. At Kottiyur, there are two temples– Akkare Kottiyur and Ikkare Kottiyur, located on the opposite banks of Bavali river. The festivities at Kottiyur begin with a sword from the Muthirikavu Temple in Tavinal village being taken to the Ikkare Kottiyur temple. It is believed that this sword was the one with which the mythical character Dakshan was hacked to death by Lord Shiva and is today an object of daily worship at the Muthirikavu Temple. The temple is believed to be located on the spot of the ancient Dakshayaga.  edit
  • Madayi, (Nearest Railway Station is Pazhayangadi on Kannur-Mangalore lane). This beautiful ancient mosque was originally built in 1124 by Malik Ibn Dinar, a Muslim preacher. A block of white marble in the mosque is believed to have been brought from Mecca by its founder, who came to India to spread the word of the Prophet. Near by, lies a dilapidated fort believed to have been built by Tipu Sultan, the Ruler of Mysore.The Hindu worship places of Madayikkavu and Vadukunda Shiva temple are other attractions  edit
  • Mahe, (On NH-17 Kannur-Calicut stretch). Former French colony, now part of Pondicherry Union territory.  edit
  • Malayalakalagramam. Centre for arts and culture.  edit
  • Parassini Kadavu, (At Parassinikkadavu, en route from Kannur to Taliparamba, 2 km from National Highway(NH) 17). *Snake Park :Here one gets to see a large genre of snakes and other small animals and there is even a live show, where trained personnel play and 'interact' with a variety of snakes, including cobras and vipers, and seek to quell mythical fears and superstitions about snakes. The Snake Park set up by the Visha Chikista Kendra at Pappinisseri, has been a centre of attraction to both foreign and domestic tourists. This Kendra(center) offers effective treatment for snake bites with almost 100% cure. This is the only place, perhaps where Ayurveda and Allopathy are effectively combined for curing snake bites. The snake park here houses about 150 varieties of snakes including the Spectacled Cobra, King Cobra, Russell's viper, Krait and various pit vipers. There is also a large collection of non-poisonous snakes including Pythons. A research laboratory to extract venom from snakes is proposed to be set up here. The park is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of snakes, many species of which are getting extinct gradually. It is located 16 km from Kannur. * Sri Muthappan Temple :Parassinikkadavu is also noted for the famous Muthappan temple situated at the banks of Valapattanm river.This is the only temple in Kerala where a Theyyam performance is a daily ritual offering. *Vismaya Water Theme Park :A water theme park situated near to the temple.Visitors can explore this too.  edit
  • Pazhazzi Dam. Favours for its scenic beauty, pleasure boating, accommodation at Inspection Bungalow. This Dam is situated at Veliyambra, near Mattannur around 30KM from Kannur  edit
  • Payyambalam Beach, (The beach is just 2 km from Kannur town.), [3].  edit
  • Pythal Mala, (on the Kerala-Karnataka border is 65 km north of Kannur), [4]. Ideal for trekking, it is around 1,450 metres above sea level. A base reception centre and a watchtower atop the cliff function for the benefit of tourists and trekkers. Buses are avaiable from Thaliparamba to the nearest bus station Pottanplavu and kappimala  edit
  • Thiruvangad Sree Ramaswami Temple,, Thalassery. A prominent temple with carvings as old as 400 years.  edit
  • Taliparamba. A small town of only 67,000 people crowded into a small area of 43 square kilometers. But the undulating hills that surround this little town make it exceptionally beautiful. The surrounding villages of Pattuvam, Kuttikkol and Karimbam are filled with lush green fields and little rolling hills. The rivers of Kuppam and Valapattanam surround the towns from all sides and the Arabian sea is only 14km to the western side. The hanging bridge at Kuttiyeri and the beautiful riverside temple at Parassinikkadavu attaract a large number of toruists. The Kannur University, Pariyaram Medical College and Sir Syed College are a few famous institutions in and around Taliparamba. The origin of Taliparamba is from the Perinchalloor brahminical settlement. Of the original 2,000 Brahmin families, only 45 remain now. The old name of Taliparamba was 'Lakshmipura' as this place was considered as an abode of prosperity. The 'Raja Rajeswara Temple' and the 'Trichambaram temple' are renowned places of worship. Today Muslims and Christians also form a sizeable portion of the population.  edit
  • Thodikalam Siva Temple. Believed to be 2,000 years old and famous for its mural paintings. This temple is believed to have been Constucted by the Pazhassi Raja Family of Kottayam.  edit
  • Valapattanam (Ballapattam, Balyapattanam), (7 km from Kannur). A small town on the banks of Valapattanam river. This town is well known for its wood-based industries and timber trade. Centuries back Valapattanam puzha river was the main ship route for trading and Valapattanam was the main town, because of this the town got this name. Valya pattanam means big town in Malayalam language though it is the smallest panchayath in Kerala. The port of Azhikkal is located nearby. In the bank of Valapattanam river you see Western India Plywoods Ltd., the largest wood-based industry in the country and which was the biggest plywood factory in Asia till few years back.  edit
  • Payyannur, (Situated at 40Km North of Kannur on NH-17), [5]. Home for the world famous 'Payyannur Pavithram' ring.One of the attraction is Payyannur Sree Subramanya Swamy Temple.The small town has a railway station in Kannur-Mangalore lane.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • RajaRajeshwara Temple (Thaliparamba), Managad (towards Thaliparamba). Thaliparma, Chirvakk, Sri Rajrajeshwara Temple - Shiva Temple, very old temple with very good devinity for Lord Shiva. Near to Thaliparmba City.  edit
  • The Mangrove Trail of Malabar (Payyanur), Kandankali, 91 9745037377, [6]. The Mangrove Trail of Malabar is a coastal Jungle trail in North Kerala located at Payyannur in Kannur district offering close-up views of aquatic, plant and bird life. The main attraction of the Mangrove trail is the Mangrove ecosystem and the breathtaking landscape dominated by tidal creeks and waterways. This inter tidal ecosystem in Kerala, loosely described as the Mangrove Trail of Malabar is inhabited by a variety of fish, shrimps, crabs, mudskippers and some of the most sought after birds in the world.  edit
  • Ravi, Kannur. Kadachira- (10 km from Kannur towards Koothuparamba) is a small town. The beautiful backwaters joining the Arabian sea is just 2 Km from Kadachira Town. On the way, an ancient Vettakkorumakan temple known as Mandothumkavu is situated. A PWD road connects Tellicherry town is 8 Kms away.  edit
  • Praveen, kannur (kannur district), +91 9995442675, [7]. Theyyam – the dance of Gods. Theyyam means “ GOD” in Malayalam Language, and it’s an ancient traditional ritual dance of Malabar (Northern Kerala) region in India, originated in pre-historic periods, to propitiate Gods, Goddess , forefathers, Local heroes & heroin’s. Theyyam is a case of transformation of human into God at certain ritualistic and divine movements. Its performance is an aura of divine splendour as it accompanied by rituals and other devotional hymns with traditional musical instruments. Theyyam is very much a divine dance. Invoking god or goddess in his body, he dances through the compound of the sacred space where deities are worshipped. The dance is considered dance of the gods or goddesses themselves. The Centuries old ritual performance is a unique combination of dance, music and religious worship. It reflect the main features of local Tribal Culture, and Local people considered Theyyam itself as a God and they seek blessings from the same.  edit


  • Kizhunna Beach (11 km from Kannur). Kizhunna beaches are very well defined and untouched beaches in Kerala. Quite away from the crowd but still close to the town these beaches offer unmatched experience to its visitors. Better than local tourists these beaches better serve European travelers especially due to the presence of several home stays and beach houses near by...  edit
  • Baby Beach. It is called so as it is smaller than its bigger neighbourhood, Payyambalam Beach. The famous St. Angelo Fort is adjacent to it.  edit
  • Meenkunnu Beach&Chal Beach, (At Azhikode, 10 kilometres from the town). The virgin beach is a tourist's paradise with golden sand and surf.  edit
  • Muzhappilangad Drive In Beach, (5 km north of Thalassery and 15 km from Kannur). A long clean beach, its enchanting ambiance invites you to swim sunbathe or just lounge around. Its Kerala's only drive-in beach and one could drive the entire length of 4 km. There is an unpaved road winding through coconut groves, leading to the beach. The beach is about 5 kilometers long and curves in a wide area providing a good view of Kannur beach on the north. To the South and about 200 metres away from the beach there is a beautiful island called the "Green Island" which adds to the allure of the beach. Such a conjunction of beach and island is rare.  edit
  • Payyambalam Beach, (2 km from Kannur). Widely admired for its beauty. From the beach, one can see ships in transit along the Malabar coast, that is, beyond Calicut (Kozhikode) and moving towards Mangalore, Goa and Mumbai (Bombay). One can see a sculpture (Mother and Child) by Kanayi Kunhiraman near this beach.  edit
  • Thottada Beach, (At Thottada, 2 km from the NH 17 connecting Kannur and Thalassery, 7 km from Kannur). The virgin beach is ideal for sun bathing. Tourists could stay at the beach house or guest house near the beach.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Kannur follows all the traditional Kerala-Malabar food like Rice/Biriyanis,Dosa,Puttu,Appam,Idly,Sea foods etc.Apart from that you can taste Stuffed Mussels(Arikkadukka) which is available with most of the local vendors.

  • Raandhal Restaurant, Pamban Madhavan Road (Near A.K.G Hospiatal, Talap, Kannur), (), [8]. 11:00AM -11:00PM. RAANDHAL, is an ultimate destination for the foodies who prefer eating delicious and exotic flavors of Malabar!.  edit
  • Bharath Restaurant, Railway Station Road (Opposite to the petrol pump, near Central Bank of India, in Abhilash Tourist Home). Best vegetarian restaurant, though small and cheap. Taste the real Kerala Parotta from here.  edit
  • Cita Pani, Payyambalam Road. gdg  edit
  • Hotel Pearlview Regency, Three star Hotel, Koduvally, Thalassery (Near Co-op Hospital), 04902326702. 1650.00.  edit
  • Hotel Cool Land (Since 1967), SN Park Road, 0497 - 2760297. Opposite to Kamal International(Raja Rajeswari) Near to Muneeshwaran Kovil  edit
  • Indian Coffee House, (Near caltex). At the Fort Road there are two outlets too. Good food at a bargain.  edit
  • Marina Bakery Poothappara, Azhikode.  edit
  • MVK Restaurant, SM Road, 0497 - 2767192. Cool Land Group of Hotels  edit
  • Paris, Thalassery (Logans Road). it is a very good and famous hotel, Biriyani And ghee rice with mutton is special  edit
  • Paris Presidency, Logans Road,Thalassery.  edit
  • Royal Omars, Thavakkara.  edit
  • Royal Treat, (Near SN Park).  edit
  • Taj Restaurant, SM Road Kannur.  edit
  • Othens Restaurant (Delicious Fish), Onden Road Kannur.  edit
  • Chiffonets- Venus Group, Kumar tower, bellard road, 0497-2709411. Exclusive Chinese & Tandoori Dishes  edit
  • Silver Waves Restaurent, payyambalam (in front of skyline), 9846087299. Specialising in seafood.  edit
  • paris, thalassery (old bus stand). famous for biriyani  edit
  • Hotel Sky pearl, Thaze Chovva Road (Opposite Nandilath G-Mart,Thaze Chovva, Kannur), 09387215650 (), [9]. 24 hours. Skypearl One the best Four Star Hotel in Kannur that satisfy foodies with variety of dishes prepared by top chefs and provide the best quality food and service among all.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Baker Boys- Venus Group, Kumar Tower, Bellard Road, 0497-2707821. Classic Bake House  edit
  • The Grand Savoy.  edit
  • Malayala Sadhya, S.N Park Road (drive towards chalad from S.N Park Road. Before Savitah/Saritha Cinemas). Visit Malayala Sadhy for a wide variety of local and international cuisine. Veg and Non veg served. Old tharavadu style house converted to a restaurant. AC and Non AC dining areas available.  edit
  • Velocity Pub, Puthiyatheru. near to amana wholesale shope  edit
  • sona, bank road kannur. near to nikshan electronics  edit
  • sadhoo hotel, puthiyatheru (Kannur Kasargode road just 4 km in kannur town). you can get tasty and spicy traditional Kerala food  edit
  • Rara Avis Restaurant, Narangapuram,Thalassery, near N.S. Talkies, Kannur. Spacious A/c & non A/c Hall.Tasty Special Thalasserian Cuisine  edit
  • Park View Restaurant, Near Rly Foot Overbridge,Thalassery.  edit
  • Sheen Confectionery - Venus Group, Opp railway Station kannur, 0497 2703030. Taste of Kannur since 1952  edit
  • Sannidhaan, Caltex.  edit
  • The Wheat House, Caltex. Vintage restaurant, great biriyani.  edit
  • rara avis, caltex.  edit
  • Bambaiyya Bhaijaan. Get famous Kerala dishes prepared by the Amazing chef John Rambo aka Johnny, co-founder of the amazing Whatsapp group "Chalo Guys".The manager is an ever smiling cool dude, Kiran Bhat. The bar is managed by the electrifying personality that is Ramesh. They have two sanskaari chicks Elektra and Sui Mui who will make feel at home all the time. Event managers Djemba Djemba and Rocket Man make the entire stay an experience of a lifetime  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Meridian Palace Hotel, [10]. Rates start at INR 300.  edit
  • Ganga homestay, thalikkavu,kannur-670001,kerala, [11]. Ganga Residencyhome stay in Kannur, Kerala is a Heritage eco-homestay located near to the ocean. Ganga is a luxury boutique residency with spacious accommodations and attentive services. The white sandy beach is just a foot steps away along with the all the endless excitement of ‘Payyambalam Coast Line’. Rates start at INR 1500.  edit
  • Kairali Heritage, Kattampally, Kannur-670 603, Kerala, India, +91 4602 241665 / 243460/61/62/63, [12]. Kairali Heritage Resort is set along the banks of the Kattampally River in Kannur, India. It is 8 km from the city centre. The nearest airport, which is in Calicut, is 115 km away. Bask in solitude as you settle down in any of the rooms at Kairali Heritage Resort. Each accommodation has a private toilet and bath with shower, dining area, and balcony/ deck. Rates start at INR 3500.  edit
  • Seashell Beach Resort (Haris' Guest House), Adikadalayi Last Bus Stop (6 km to downtown), +91 9847003687, +91 9744953687, [13]. checkin: 24-hr. Beachfront resort with coconut trees. Rs. 2000-2500.  edit
  • Kannur Beach House (The beach House in Kannur), Thottada Beach (2Km from Thottada NH17), 9847184535, [14]. checkin: 7am; checkout: 9pm. An inspiring seafront home stay in a clean, sandy beach village. For relaxation and good local food. Rs2000-2500. (11°50'17,75°24'19) edit
  • Blue Mermaid Homestay (white sand beach), Kannur, Thottada Beach (adikadalayi last resort (river & sea joining)), 91 9497300234, [15]. Far from the madding crowd, in the land of looms & lores, the traditional Kannur; your Blue mermaid is just 8kms away from the Kannur city  edit
  • Villa Room, [16]. checkin: 12:00 noon; checkout: 12:00 noon. This property has 2 double bedrooms & a living room cum bedroom, all with A/C, attached bathroom & a sea view. They also provide internet connection with wifi. The food served includes typical Kerala cuisine and seafood delicacies. The beach is quiet, clean, not crowded & ideal for a seaside getaway. The average cost per night is 90 USD inclusive of food. $90.  edit
  • Malgudi Holidays, Beach Road, Near Sageetha Theatre, Payyamballam.p.o., Kannur - 670001 Kerala, INDIA, +91 9496 44 77 88, +91 497 271 77 88, [17]. checkin: 24 Hours; checkout: 24 Hours. Malgudi Holidays is situated just 1.2Kms from Kannur railway station. It provides 24 hours front Desk/Reception, 24 hours security and power back up, daily housekeeping (Included in the room rate), private Bathroom for each unit. Accommodation ranging from apartments, suites, villas to in-house twin, junior Double & executive suits are available. 3-BHK air-conditioned facility is ideal place for recreation, family gatherings, birthday parties, meetings etc. Accommodations are provided with private Dining facility, fridge, LCD Television, High Speed Internet Connectivity. US$. 25 / EURO.€ 20 ( Daily ) $600 / € 480 ( Monthly ). (11.870753,75.361211) edit
  • Malabar Cove Beach House, Malabar Cove Beach House, Near Drive-in Beach, Edakkad, Kannur, Kerala India 670663 (When arriving from the north, including Kannur Railway Station, take the National Highway 66 (old number NH17) south towards Tellicherry. At Edakkad, take the right turning to the Drive-in Beach of Muzhappilangad. When arriving from the south, including Calicut/Kozhikode Airport and Tellicherry Railway Station, take the National Highway 66 (old number NH17) north towards Kannur. At Edakkad, take the left turning to the Drive-in Beach of Muzhappilangad. Route from Edakkad takes you over a level crossing to a T-junction. Take a right turn. After The Perfect English School on the right, the taxi/rickshaw driver should NOT turn left to the Drive-in Beach but should keep straight on to the bus stop. Note: there are no buses. Take the path to the left of the bus stop. It is a short walk through the coconut grove to Malabar Cove Beach House and River House. (two to three minutes - longer if the local kids capture you for a chat).), +919847330800, [18]. Malabar Cove Beach House is set in a coconut grove and offers three twin en-suite rooms with breakfast. The Beach House also includes an Ayurveda Room with bathroom and a roof top Yoga Shala with kitchenette and bathroom. The Ayurveda Room can be used as an extra en-suite room if required. Guests can see village life and the beautiful Arabian Sea where neighbours take their nets and colourful boats to fish. Drive along the famous Drive-in Beach of Muzhappilangad - skimming the waves. Possible to take just one twin en-suite room. Contact for availability. Rs7000 night.  edit

Stay safe[edit]

Kannur is a very safe area of India in terms of crime, although pickpocketing sporadically occur. Keep your doors and windows shut and locked at night and do not carry or display large amounts of cash if possible. It is advisable for women, especially unaccompanied ones, to dress modestly and limit their interaction with unfamiliar local men. Be alert to your surroundings and watch where you step, especially if you get caught in a large crowd where it is difficult to look at what is in front of you.




Kannur uses the UK three-pin and two-pin circular socket that follows English standard 546 (230V/50Hz). Plug adaptors are available at any hardware store. Use care if you need a transformer to convert 230v to a lower voltage for equipment from countries where the normal power supply is 110v.

Get out[edit]

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