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Kampot is a town (pop.~40,000) in south-east Cambodia and the capital of the province of the same name. It is a gateway to Bokor National Park

Sunset over the river.


Kampot's main attraction is its relaxing riverside setting. While there is a sizable town set back from the river, the majority of visitors will spend most of their time enjoying the river and the local countryside. Kampot's economy is based on Salt and Pepper production, fishing, fruit growing (particularly Durians) and light industry with domestic and foreign tourism becoming significant contributors over the past three years. Together with much of the rest of Cambodia, Kampot is undergoing a development and population boom and now feels significantly larger than the 1998 census figure of 40,000 population (cited above) would indicate. The expatriate population in Kampot has also grown dramatically over the past five years and with it the number and range of restaurants, hotels, bars and general services. Peak foreign tourism months are November through to mid April with January being the busiest month. The densest concentration of foreigner oriented tourist businesses is along the riverside promenade, in or around the renovated "Old Market" or are within one or two blocks back from the river in the old quarter. The riverside promenade is now fully paved and extends from the New Bridge at the Northerly end down past the Governors Residence - which now houses the beginnings of the Kampot Museum - to the Aquatic Center at the Southerly end. The decommissioned old bridge, a mongrel of various styles and temporary parts thrown together after its breaching in the Khmer Rouge days, is now open to motorbikes at both ends but continues to provide a picturesque reference point while strolling along the river bank.

Pick up a 'Kampot Survival Guide' (free) from one of the restaurants or cafes around the old market upon arrival for heaps of valuable (and entertaining!) information.

Climatically, Kampot is generally at its hottest in April and at its coolest in December and January. The highest overall rainfall months are September and October however heavy rainfall can occur throughout the rainy season months. Generally the driest months are January through to March and water restrictions may be introduced - as is currently the case for the 2015 season (June 2015)

Get in[edit]

Kampot being a famous destination for holidays for both locals and foreigners, there are many transports going there everyday and the road is usually in good condition. According to your time and budget you can choose to go there by bus, minivan, taxi or train. You can check the different schedules, prices and book directly online via

By bus[edit]

  • From Phnom Penh:

Hua Lin buses depart at 07:00 and 12:00 from their bus station on street 182 near Olympic Market. The bus travels to Kampot via Kep and the trip takes about five hours.

Capitol buses depart at 07:00 and 13:00 from their bus station near Orrusey Market. The bus does not currently go via Kep and the trip to Kampot can take approx. 3.5 hours. The bus continues on to Kep after setting down passengers in Kampot. The fare is now $US5.

Sorya buses depart at 07:30 and 9.30 and 2.30pm from their bus station next to Central Market. The bus travels to Kampot via Kep and the trip takes about five hours. The fare is $7 one way and $US10 for a return ticket . Website: [37]

Paramount Angkor Express buses depart at 07:30 and 13:30 from their bus station near Olympic Market.The bus travels directly to Kampot (does not go via Kep) and the trip takes about three hours. The fare is $6

Giant Ibis buses depart at 08:00 and 14:45 from street 106 next to the Night Market on Riverside. Tickets are $9 and there is a $1 booking fee if you use a credit card to book a seat on line. Ticket price includes a small snack, water and use of on-board WiFi. The bus sets down at the Durian Roundabout (approx. 300 meters from the bus station) in Kampot. Website: [38]

All of the above buses, with the exception of Giant Ibis, terminate at the central Kampot bus station which is about 150 metres from one of the main guesthouse streets in Kampot - walk to the Salt Workers Monument and take your first turn to the left.

Note that these buses do not generally have an on-board toilet but do usually have a 15 minute rest stop at approx. the half way point between Phnom Penh and Kampot. Note also that while there is no difference in the fares charged for locals and foreigners on the Phnom Penh - Kampot route, fares generally increase for everyone during major public holidays/celebrations.

  • From Sihanoukville:

From Sihanoukville: Take a shared taxi, minibus or bus. Most taxis depart from the traffic pickup point next to the market. The two hour drive should costs US$3-5/person in a shared taxi, though haggling is required. Bus operators can help arrange a minibus with pickup at your guesthouse. Shared taxis are generally cramped, with up to 7 passengers: 4 in the back, 2 in the front passenger seat and one next to the driver.

Stray Asia Bus travels to Kampot from Sihanoukville before continuing on to Koh Tunsay Island as part of its Southeast Asia travel network. Stray is a reliable New Zealand bus company who also operates in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar) and offers flexible travel passes which allow passengers to hop-on and off along the route. Stray buses are safe, have an english speaking guide on board and run to a reliable time schedule.

Giant Ibis was operating a return bus service to and from Sihanoukville with departures at 8.30 am and 12 pm in both directions, however this has been discontinued (confirmed with agent of the company).

By mini bus[edit]

Kampot Express uses Ford Transit and 15 seat Hyundai Starex mini buses and started operating in 2012. They provide 08:00am - 1:00pm and 4.30pm services. The bus route from Kampot passes - and will set down at - Phnom Penh International Airport. Buses are based in Street 215 in Phnom Penh at the Sokimex petrol station, with the trip taking approx. 2.5 hours depending on the traffic leaving Phnom Penh. In Kampot, the buses set down and depart from their depot on the Southern side of the Durian traffic roundabout in the center of town. The fare is $US8 - additional baggage fees may apply. They also offer a letter or parcel delivery service between Kampot and Phnom Penh. Website: [39]

Vibol is a bus company what mainly only locals use. It goes by Kep and spends around 5 hours stopping in several places. The price is $US5 and in Phnom Phen it's temporary near the Olympic Stadium.

By private taxi[edit]

Your guesthouse/hotel should be able to arrange this for you and expect to pay between $US35 and $US50 for the whole taxi with the trip taking approx. 2.5 hours depending on the traffic leaving Phnom Penh. Again, prices quoted will generally be higher during major public holidays and you will almost certainly be quoted a higher price if you attempt to negotiate the fare yourself with one of the taxis at Phnom Penh airport. A new company named Taxi Cambodia is offering a $40 one way service to Kampot from Phnom Penh.

By shared Taxi[edit]

There are a number of shared taxis that regularly ply the route between Phnom Penh and Kampot and your guesthouse/hotel should be able to arrange a seat for you. If you want to make your own arrangements, taxis generally depart from Psar Damkor. Be aware that a shared taxi, generally a Toyota Camry, on this route will normally carry eight people including the driver so if you are a large Westerner, have a lot of luggage or have issues with your personal space, you might want to book two seats at the front of the taxi which in effect gives you the front passenger seat to yourself. Prices are generally around $US5 per "chair" so the front passenger seat to yourself should cost around $US10.

By Train[edit]

After a wait of 14 years, passenger trains are once again running in Cambodia. Although plans are in the works for a country-wide network, the train service is currently limited to four destinations, running from Phnom Penh via Takeo and Kampot, terminating in Sihanoukville. This first foray into passenger trains runs only on weekends and public holidays, matching domestic demand for the two popular Khmer holiday destinations. For timetables and fares check The ticket office at Phnom Penh station is open 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, and 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also call 078 888 583 during the same hours, but the easiest way to buy a ticket is in person. From Sihanoukville, Kampot or Takeo, enquire at the station.

Get around[edit]

Kampot city map.

Getting around Kampot is easy on foot or on pushbike, given the town's small size and flat terrain. Alternatively, hire a motorcycle (100cc - 125cc scooter or 250cc dirt bike, from US$4/day) or bicycle (from US$1/day) from hire shops near the durian traffic circle, or from just about any guesthouse or tour shop .

Tour Companies, There are approx. ten tour companies in Kampot offering the usual range of services. A number are located in or around the old market Prices and what is on offer is often displayed on a billboard at the front of the shop.

Beware a tour agent called KKS Travel, they apparently do rent tourists scooters and motorcycles in very poor condition. Often they even rent 3rd party vehicles and give your passport away to someone you don't know. Worst, however, it's an usual approach that 'KKS Travel' tries to find some scratches or faults when you return your bike back. Many visitors already complained they were asked $30 or even $50 in order to get their passports back. They're located on Old Market Street just opposite the friendly Captain Chim's Restaurant. Since Tourist Police is rather useless, it's best to avoid KKS and use one of many other agents around.

Note about motorcycle rental

If you are going to rent a motorcycle here, make sure you understand what your liability is if the bike is stolen while you are renting it as moto theft from tourists is starting to be a bit of a problem in Kampot. You might find that the guesthouse or company that rented you the bike will expect you to pay in full for the stolen motorcycle to be replaced and the valuation placed on the stolen bike may be somewhat inflated. Note also that if you are an unskilled motorcycle or scooter rider and you decide to rent and ride one here - and combine that with not wearing a helmet and alcohol consumption - you are really testing your karma. Remember you are a long way from any quality medical care.

Safety, Kampot is generally a very safe town for visitors. However there have been incidents of bags - often containing valuables - being stolen from the front carry basket of pushbikes while the visitor, usually female, is cycling around town. The general technique used by the thieves is for a motorcycle with rider and pillion to pull alongside the pushbike, snatch the bag and then disappear into the distance. Secure your bag and/or limit the amount of valuables it contains.

See[edit][add listing]

The most impressive sights in Kampot are the river and surrounding hills, which grandly frame views from the riverside promenade. Kampot retains many of its colonial buildings and there are a number of interesting old structures in various states of repair. The market, an angular structure similar to Battambang's, has undergone an extensive renovation and is now largely open for business.

Bokor Mountain[edit]

Bokor National Park, about 1-2 hours out of Kampot, is being destroyed by a Chinese $1bn casino development - the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort [40] with the result that the eerie charm of the abandoned French hill station - that included a shell of a church and the isolated upland nature reserve - is rapidly disappearing. The road up the mountain is now paved and provides easy access. The cooler climate and sublime views from the mountain remain and may provide some reason for a visit. Entry to the area is US$0.50 for motorcycles and $US2.50 for cars.

Tigers were rare to start with and will likely soon be non-existent. Gibbons and birds such as the chestnut-headed Partridge, blue pitta and orange-headed thrush will also been much harder to spot in what is now a construction site. The waterfall, which only flows in the wet season, may still provide some sanctuary for humans and animals wanting to get away from bulldozers.

Tours still run up the mountain and cost approximately US$10, depending on bargaining skills. Lunch is included. Except for the Bokor Palace Hotel and old casino, the old French buildings are occupied by the families of construction workers. The excursion can still be worthwhile provided as it is viewed as an insight into seeing Cambodia's Great Leap Forward rather than as an atmospheric expedition into a remote and haunting environment.

Several tracks enter the forest, one from behind the old tea plantation, the second from near the waterfalls. It is possible to stay at the ranger station which is basic but comfortable and, contrary to some reports does offer food and French wine.


  • Fishing Island. From city centre you should cross main or old bridge, then turn left and go to the next bridge around 10-15 minutes. Fabulous country side and fishermen lifestyle will open to you. Also quite big nice wat is there.  edit
  • Teuk Chhouu, (8km upriver of town on the west (far) bank). An area of rapids with eateries and an island. It is a nice place for swimming, tubing and relaxing, and local vendors sell fruit, coffee and water. Prices for food and drink are somewhat higher here than in Kampot town . Entry fee: $US1 for foreigners.  edit
  • Phnom Chhnork, (8km east of town on the Kep Road NH33). A pleasant ride through paddy fields and village life to these caves with pre-Angkorian (Funan) shrines and "lost worlds". Just after the rhino statue turn left (there is a sign to Phnom Chhnork Resort), cross the railway into a village. Straight ahead is Phnom Sera with some interesting caves and a quarry which feeds the local gravel industry. Follow the road 90 degrees left and 2 km or so to Wat Ang Sdok, pay the monks and walk across to the mountain. Take a torch $US1.  edit
  • Secret Lake, (East of Phnom Chhou). An irrigation dam with a picnic area.  edit
    Secret Lake
  • Pepper Farms, (North of the Kep hills and NH33), [1]. Enquire in town about how to see pepper being grown and processed. For a guided tour visit The Vine Retreat in Chamcar Bei village. Also Sothy's Pepper Farm [2] offers free guided tours in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Khmer), as well La plantation, a bio farm run by a couple of French/Belgium, provide excellent free tours and has two restaurants where the food is great. Most tour operators in Kampot offer visits to pepper farms. Buy Original Kampot Pepper in the farms. The pepper sold in the local markets is Vietnamese or from other regions where chemical products are used.  edit ( see the Buy section below for more detailed information about Kampot Pepper)
  • Cham Fishing Village, about two kilometers out of town past the Governor's Residence - Kampot Museum on the road that runs along the East bank of the river.
  • Salt Fields , about two kilometers out of town on the Kep road. You will see the fields off to your right (coming from Kampot) and there are a number of access roads.
  • Funky Statues, The Big Durian, The Vietnam Friendship Monument, The 2000 Roundabout [41] , The Salt Workers Monument.
  • The Two Old Cinemas, [42][43] art deco design and both have been out of regular service for some time. All that remains of the cinema on old bridge road is the facade as the building behind it has been completely demolished. The occasional Khmer made horror movie will get a screening at the Royal Cinema however this is becoming less and less common. If you are an art deco enthusiast, The Tourist Information building [44], about 400 meters up from the Salt Workers Monument, is also worth a look.
  • The Old Bridge, both ends of the bridge have been completely blocked (March 2015) and it is now closed to all forms of transport and to pedestrians.
  • The Colonial Railway Station, head out of town on the Phnom Penh road and take the last turn to your right before you come to the rail lines. The Station is sign posted and approx. 1.5 kilometers out of town.
Kampot Rail Station
  • The Kampot Traditional Music School for Orphaned and Disabled Children, situated across the road from the Acleda Bank building and adjacent to the park that runs down to the Old Market. The school holds occasional concerts - there is a notice board outside the building advising dates and times - and it is possible to attend music rehearsals (Mon to Fri) if you make an appointment. Tel: +855 (0)33 932 992 (Field Manager: Mr. You Chhuy)
  • Old Buildings, There are some fine examples of colonial architecture along the riverside in Kampot including The Governor's Residence, The Red Cross building and the Department of Mines building. There are still a hand full of dilapidated, photogenic shop houses on the streets back from the riverside.
  • Buddhist Wats, within two kilometers of the town center are half a dozen Buddhist temples. Worth seeing are the hand painted depictions of the life of Buddha on the internal walls of each of the Wats. If your time or interest is limited, Wat Treuy Koh is one of the best examples - go over the old bridge and take your first major paved road to your left. The Wat is approx. 500 meters along this road to your right. This is a great spot to watch the fishing fleet go out just before dusk.
  • Chinese Temples , worth a look if you are spending a little extra time in Kampot. The first has recently been restored and is located on the road that runs along the river front about 100 meters from the new bridge while the second is adjacent to The Vietnam Friendship Monument. .
  • The Old Prison , Demolished in November 2015; all that remains is the administration building, and a portion of the outer wall. About 200 meters from the Salt Workers Monument.
  • The 2000 Olympic Stadium, in the center of town behind the Durian Roundabout. Classic Khmer style stadium and the grounds are often used for fairs or live music concerts during public holidays.
  • The Market, large, rambling and well stocked with just about everything that an average Khmer family could need. Have a look at the section behind the fish mongers for examples of local produce: it's well worth a wander around. Watch your feet & your head as the floors can be uneven & the ceilings low. There is a secure parking area at the market that charges 300 Riel to look after your pushbike and 500 Riel for a motorbike.
  • The Old Market, restoration is now complete and the majority of external stalls facing out to the road are now occupied. Kepler's Books has relocated to here and there are a few tour agents, a mini mart, a computer store, and a couple of real estate agents. There are about twenty cafes/ restaurants in or on the streets either side of the market. Food choices include Khmer, Italian, German, Lebanese (kebabs) and fish and chips. There are a number of outlets offering standard cafe fare including coffee, cake, fruit shakes etc.
  • The Night Market , located on the Phnom Penh road at the Northern corner of the Durian Roundabout, this mini fairground opened in November 2013. It features some basic children's rides, Khmer snack food and drinks, a number of stalls selling cheap shoes and clothing and a few stalls selling knock off brand name products.
  • Get Out Of Town, head out of Kampot for 1 kilometer in any direction and get off the main roads and you are in rural Cambodia. Some of the local cottage industries include palm sugar and wine making, basket weaving and furniture making using liana and rattan.
Teuk Chhouu
  • Teuk Chhou Zoo, Located about 8 km out of Kampot towards Teuk Chhouu and not far from the rapids. Admission is $US4 for foreigners and $US1 for locals and it is open daily. Note that Footprints Organization, the NGO that had been operating the Zoo since March 2012 has ceased to be affiliated with it. [45]

Do[edit][add listing]

Take a boat trip up the river for $US5

Kampot has a relaxed and sleepy atmosphere. At sunset the promenade along the river comes alive with zooming students on motorcycles and holiday-makers from Phnom Penh. Outside of these times it is a great place to go and just soak up the atmosphere and catch your breath for a couple of days: in the town, at the beach, along the river or up on Bokor.

Do Kampot province by dirtbike: Ride enduro style through the Elephant mountains, take on the hillclimb up Bokor or relax.

  • Minigolf, (at the Magic Sponge GH). Play a few fun rounds of 9-hole minigolf for free.  edit
  • Quiz Night, at Rusty Keyhole2, Wednesday nights at 7.30. Often a good mix of local expats and travelers. Free entry.
  • Watch a movie, Ecran Movie House is a boutique, 30 seat cinema showing nightly movies starting at 7.30 pm. Huge screen and quality sound system. Located on the North side of the "new" market on the same street as Rusty Keyhole and ABC Bar. Check out the front to see what is showing that night or via Facebook. Admission is $US2.50
  • Take a boat trip, there are a number of tour operators in Kampot offering boat trips on the river. Bart, a Rastafarian looking, Belgian expat, has been boating on the river for the past 9 years and is recommended. Type - Boatman Bart Kampot - into Google for more info. Contact him at (T:(092) 174 280) Paddle Boards are available for rent for $US7 per day at Captain Chims restaurant over the road from the old market.
  • Pick up a free copy of The Kampot Survival Guide while you are in town and have a read. A funny, irreverent and often politically incorrect take on visiting or living in Kampot written by local expats. The KSG blogspot site is here: [46] Or look out for a copy of Coastal tourist information guide containing info and maps of all towns in South-Cambodia.
  • Live Music, check with your guesthouse to see what's on offer while you are in Kampot. During the high season (Nov to March), live gigs or jam sessions might be held at ABC Bar, Madi Bar, OM, The Greenhouse, Wunderbar, Samon's Village, Bokor Mountain Lodge, or The Magic Sponge. Karma Traders Kampot hosts a live music night every Tuesday night through both high season and low season.
  • Take a guided Cycle Tour, these are offered by most tour operators. The Four Villages tour run by Buffalo Tours is an interesting way to see rural life surrounding Kampot.
  • Rent a motorbike and explore nearby caves, rock formations and salt fields.
  • Go caving, via ferrata, abseiling and rock climbing with Climbodia. Web site here: [47]
  • Off-road kampot, [3]. Enduro / dirt bike tours Tailor-made, enduro off-road adventures through Kampot’s wildest and most picturesque areas.  edit
  • SUP Asia, #34 Old market Street (Across from Old Market next to Om Cafe), 093980550, [4]. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.. Travel by boat to stand up paddleboard (SUP) in stunning locations in and around Kampot. Daily tours travel to mangroves, the sea, and small inlets and coves along the river. The 2.5 hour session includes, transport, lesson, tour and water. A 14 passenger boat is also available for hire by the hour. $25. (,2.5 hour) edit
  • LoveTheRiver, 016627410. starts daily from Green House. Private morning or afternoon tours in a wooden long tail boat. Very relaxing boat ride on a narrow side stream of the Kampot River with a captain who knows a lot about local flora and fauna. The boat trip includes a stop for a refreshing swim in the river and the possibility to stroll around a fruit plantation (mostly durian, mango, papaya, banana, mangosteen). The trip includes drinks and fruits on board and costs 19 dollar per person (maximum 6 person). 19. (,3hrs) edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Kampot Pepper Given its reputation for quality, this is probably the most popular purchase made by visitors to Kampot. It is one of only two Cambodian products to be certified with Geographical Indicator (GI) [48] status the other being Palm Sugar produced in Kampong Speu province. For it to meet GI status, Kampot pepper must be grown without the use of pesticides or inorganic fertilizers and be grown in either Kampot or Kep provinces.

In the 2010 season, approx. 17 tonnes of pepper were produced in the two provinces and approx. 10 tonnes of that met the additional pesticide and fertilizer criteria. Of that 10 tonnes, approx. 6 tonnes went directly to overseas markets. Given the increased global awareness of Kampot pepper, [49] demand is now outstripping supply despite an increase in production in 2011 and again in 2012. The harvest for the 2013 season was 22 tonnes [50] - down from the anticipated 27 tonnes due to a hot, dry spell during the fruiting season. Water shortages also impacted on the 2014 season as while the harvested crop was 30 tonne, much of the crop was undersized and did not meet the GI criteria [51]

Prices for the genuine article sold by reputable outlets in Kampot range upwards from $35 per kilo for black pepper and up to the equivalent of $80 per kilo if buying in small quantities (less than 100 grams) in some form of decorative packaging.

Pepper is widely available in Kampot Market however the bulk of what is sold there is probably sourced from Vietnam - possibly Ha Tien or Phu Quoc Island [52] or from the Cambodian provinces of Kampong Cham, Kratie or Takeo - and is now very unlikely to be Kampot pepper despite what might be claimed. Some stall holders will truthfully tell you that their pepper is from Phu Quoc Island and not Kampot but fail to see what the fuss is about as Phu Quoc also has a centuries old reputation for producing quality pepper and was historically part of Cambodia (Kampot) until 1939.

Baseline prices for high quality pepper in the market (as at June 2015) are Black Pepper ($13.00 per kilo), White Pepper ($16.25 per kilo) and Red Pepper ($15.00 per kilo). Expect some fluctuations on these prices and expect to pay slightly more if you are buying less than one kilo at a time. Your pepper will be sold to you in a plastic bag - many stalls now prepackage 100 and 200 gram plastic bags with the price printed on them. Do not expect any decorative packaging.

If you want to be confident that the pepper you buy is the genuine article, then buy it from a reputable supplier. The packaging should have a GI logo and possibly a tracking code identifying the farm where the pepper was grown. Given the supply and demand, expect to pay a premium price for authenticity and the quality that should be implicit in that.

If you buy your pepper from the market or one of the many retail outlets in Kampot selling pepper and there are no GI logos or tracking codes on display, then the probability is that you are not buying genuine GI Kampot pepper. Be aware too that buying directly from the farm is not necessarily a guarantee that all of the pepper sold off that farm has qualified for GI status - see note above for the 2014 growing season.. This does not mean that the pepper you buy in these outlets is bad or necessarily even significantly inferior in quality to the genuine article. It is still very possible to buy a high quality pepper in Kampot for a bargain price. However its only legitimate claim to being Kampot pepper may be that it was purchased in Kampot but was in actuality grown 40 kilometers away on Phu Quoc Island.

Banks, There are four banks with 24 hour ATM services in Kampot. Canadia Bank is located in a new building on the main Big Durian traffic circle. ACLEDA bank is located approx. 150 metres from the bus station on the street running down towards the river. The Cambodian Public Bank is located on the Phnom Penh road three blocks from the Big Durian heading North towards the market. ABA Bank is located on the left of the central parkway on the road between the Big Durian and the 2000 Monument. There are now at least a dozen ATM's in Kampot.

Tiny Kampot Pillows Hand made in Kampot, Quilts, Pillows and Cushions, Table Runners and Place Mats, Belts and Bags. Also made in Kampot Bookmarks, Greeting Cards, Prints and Reproduction Indochine Photos, plus a range of Kramas and functional gift items. At the 2000 Traffic Circle. Phone: 085 515 759 Webpage: [53]

Eat[edit][add listing]

There are plenty of places to eat in Kampot, ranging from the usual street kitchens to proper restaurants providing indoor seating. There has been a huge increase in both the quantity and quality of the Western food options in Kampot over the past three years. With about a dozen cafes/restaurants along the riverside and a further forty or so in the streets in the old quarter centered on the refurbished market there is no shortage of choice. For Western oriented cafe style dining, prices average around $4.75 for a main meal. Beer is around $1 a can and a glass of wine is about $2.50. The quoted prices will be higher in restaurant style establishments. Western food options drop off pretty dramatically after about 9pm particularly in the low tourist season. There are numerous Khmer cafes in the old quarter and the majority of these will have menus in Khmer and English and may have some staff who speak some English. A basic rice or noodle dish will run about $2 (the more protein the higher the cost) and beers are around .75 cents to $1 a can. Iced coffee is around .25 cents a glass and a Coca Cola around .50 cents.

Food stalls still open late at night.

Just north of the new bridge are two bungalows with over-the-water dining in stilt huts. Nature Bungalows even has a tiny artificial beach. Just south of the same bridge a Khmer seafood restaurant is also on stilts over the water.

  • Auberge du Soleil, #23, str 278 Kipling Lane (Beautifull colonial house in the old french quarter, one street from riverside, near hotel Columns and Java Bleue), +855 88 88 20 245, [5]. 08:00 - 23:00. Auberge du Soleil specializes in Swiss Cheese Raclette and Fondue, Röstis, as well as French cuisine with Fondue Bourguignonne, Duck Breast, Beef Filet or Lamb Steak, and Asian dishes. Wine selection, full bar, cocktails and liquors, espresso. Free wifi. Closed Monday evenings from 17h. $3 - $ 12.  edit
  • Cafe Espresso Kampot, 17 R717 (Across from 333 Bakery in the side street from Epic Arts Cafe), 092388736. 7am - 11pm. Speciality coffee, roast and ground on site. International menu incl. Australian-style café fare and fresh baked bread & cakes. Free wifi. under $5.00.  edit
  • Curry N' Kabab, No19Eo, Street 722, Mouy Osorphea Village, Krong Kampot,, 081223422. 11:00 - 22:00. Curry N' Kabab inspires interactive dining. Here is a priceless range of all Finger Licking Vegan vegetarian & non veg . Continue to receive great reviews from customers. Authentic Pakistani Indian Food in Town Fresh, Hygienic & Authentic.  edit
  • Epic Arts Cafe, Old Market Street (North side two blocks from the river). Breakfast until 17:00. Modern cafe cuisine, juices and Italian coffee. NGO run to help local disabled people. A few secondhand books also for sale. moderate - premium.  edit
  • Greenhouse, Papaya Salad Road (Cross the new bridge, follow Teuk Chhu road for 6km, then turn right on Papaya Salad road when you see the white sign on the right side of the road), +855(0)88 886 3071, [6]. The temple of Kampot Pepper. This is the only place where you can eat this noble local product for a unique experience. French inventive cuisine, large selection of wine, stunning location by the river. A must do. Attention: For safety reasons children below 12 not admitted.  edit
  • Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace, Behind Little Garden Bar (One block north and one block inland of the old bridge), 099 65 78 26. 07:00- late. Khmer run bakery with good, cheap fare including brownies and apple pie.  edit
  • Rikitikitavi, Riverside Road, 012 235 102, [7]. Western and Asian food, atmospheric terrace restaurant overlooking the river and mountains. Notable saraman (Cambodian beef curry) and amok trai (fish curry). A little more expensive but good quality.  edit
  • Sisters II, Two blocks off of the river (turn beside Bokor Lodge off the river) near the 2000 round about, 017-777-470. 07:00 - 17:00 closed Sundays. All day breakfast and bakery, great carrot cake (3,000 riel).  edit
  • Ta ouv, (Just south of new bridge on the river), 012 987 457. Has two signs with slightly different translations of their name. Often mentioned in guidebooks, it skimps on their trademark green pepper crab (just 1 small crab) and you are better off going to Kep for a tastier, better value version of this local dish. $4.  edit
  • Café Malay - The Garden Café, Street 701 (Opposite the court, near Rusty 2), +855 70379947. 08:00 - 17:00. Little Café and restaurant in a beautiful garden setting. Coffee and tea, shakes and smoothies, excellent cakes and fresh bread, Khmer and western food. Free WiFi. 1 - 8. (10°36'29.25N,104°10'46.65E) edit
  • Vegetarian food stall, (It's towards the north west corner of the local market (also known as main or Kampot market), near the edge of the food stalls. It is one of the few stalls to have white tiles on the wall behind, opposite a soft drink stand.). 07:00 - 11:00 a.m.. Few very tasty Vietnamese breakfast options. The always smiling women who runs it doesn't speak English but there's a menu in English laying out. All vegetarian. 3000-5000 riel.  edit
  • Classical, Street #729 (2 blocks south of (away from town) the 2000/seagull statue). 11 am - 11 pm. Extensive menu of Khmer and Western (especially German) food along with cocktails. Free wifi. Closed Mondays. $4-$17.  edit
  • bARACA - rooms and tapas, #7, Street 726 (behind corner of Bokor Mountain Lodge), 011 290 434, [8]. Warmly decorated restaurant specializes in delicious tapas (also vegetarian), made with local and imported ingredients, accompanied by a glass of sparkling cava. Also daily specials. Offer 4 colonial style high-ceiling rooms ($12 - $20), free drinking water included. Open 17:00 - 23:00, tue - sun.  edit
  • L'Epi D'or Bakery & Cafe, Old Market Street (Cnr St729 & St724). 8:00-8:00pm. Excellent coffee, pastries and breads, AC.  edit
  • Flowers Homebrew and Sushi (Sushi), Unnamed road (turn left before the old bridge, go on the riverside for 1 km and turn left at the Globe roundabout, first left after the makk guesthouse, third house on the left)), 855 (0)97 7074421, [9]. 13:00 - 20:00. Japanese owner brews his own beer (pale ale and wheat beer) and serves delicious sushi rolls (coriander, vegetable, pork teriyaki, fresh shrimp, salmon etc). On a quite street, few tourists and no traffic, tremendous background music and a chill atmosphere. If you like sushi, this is the place to be. Also, the beer is closer to Belgian beer than to the Cambodian liquid. For connaisseurs. 0.75 - 2.75$.  edit
  • Aroma House (Aroma), 33 Street 722 (South of Durian), 078796440, [10]. 4pm-10pm. Located in the heart of Kampot just south of Durian roundabout Aroma House offers a healthy choice of Mediterranean wraps and plates including falafel, hummus and shawarma, all made fresh from scratch including their own bread. A great choice for vegetarian, vegans and just about everyone. Clean, tastefully decorated with free WiFi and pleasant background music. $.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Visit any of the numerous vendors located on the main avenues in the evening for a Teuk Rleuek (fruit shake). Also worth trying is a glass of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice: look for the stalls that have stacks of sugarcane and brightly painted, hand cranked mangles, or a glass of iced tea with freshly squeezed sugarcane & lime juice.

Just about all of the local Khmer restaurants serve beer. In addition, there are literally dozens of night time drinking establishments catering for the locals both inside town and on the outskirts. These range from the quite palatial to the downright seedy - a thatched hut with dirt floor complete with wandering chickens and dogs. These establishments will often serve food (don't expect a Western menu) and frequently provide semi-soundproof rooms if karaoke singing combined with drinking is your thing. They can be located by the large, neon Anchor, Angkor and Cambodia beer signs.


The following "Guesthouse St" businesses have bar facilities:

Magic Sponge,

Orchid Guesthouse,

Kampot Guesthouse,

Pepper Guesthouse

  • Auberge du Soleil, #23, str 278 (Beautifull colonial house in the old french quarter, one street from riverside, near hotel Columns and Java Bleue), +855 88 88 20 245, [11]. 08:00-23:00. Stylish guesthouse and restaurant with a relaxing arcade terrace and bar area. Large selection of alcools, aperitives, digestives, wines, espresso, juices and shakes. Serving breakfasts, snacks, Swiss and French cuisine. Free Wifi. Closed monday evening from 15h.  edit
  • WunderBar (New Location on the riverfront), 017257364. Stylish bar with garden area and great tunes, serve western & khmer food, kitchen open till 11 pm. Big selection of beers, cocktails, fruit juices. new pool table with a competition on Sunday 20:00, admission $US2. Open 6 days a week, 12.15 pm - midnight.Closed on Monday. Happy hour 4 - 7, free wifi.  edit
  • OM, Old Market Street no.38 (in the old french quarter between Old Market and Park), 090-798152, [12]. 08:30 - 20:30. Juice Bar, Restaurant & Organic Shop with affiliated Organic Permaculture Farm. Khmer & Western healthy foods , fresh juices and vegetable drinks served by friendly Khmer girls. Free Wifi ("10°36'28.24"N","104°10'48.59"E") edit
  • Moliden, Riverside Road (corner of the old bridge / opposite of the river), 012820779, [13]. 07:00-23:00. Stylish bar with garden area and great river view and bokor mountain, open 7 day a week,Big selection of beers, cocktails,wines, fruit juices happy hour 16:00-19:00 sitting in the garden with chair relax 1to5.  edit
  • Naga House, tuek chhou road (across the new bridge from town), 012 289 916, [14]. western and khmer owned. great river side location for swimming, chilling. every saturday night this is the place to be with live music, dj's and partys. happy hours from 4pm till 7. cheap beers and cocktails. open everyday. cheap accommodation bungalows and dorms. [email protected]  edit
  • Rusty Keyhole Two, (Opposite of 2000 monument), 077 650 195, [15]. 11am-01am. Sports Bar Kampot. Rusty Keyhole Sportsbar was originally the second version of the famous Rusty Keyhole in Kampot. Completely renovated in 2014 under new ownership, Rusty 2 is now the place to be if you’re looking for a sports bar in Kampot. Serving pubgrub, sunday roasts, and khmer food. Kitchen open from 3pm. Pool table and 3 huge tv's. Showing every major sporting event.  edit
  • Razorback Bar-BQ, (Immediately North of the old bridge on the West bank of the river), 088 955 1058. 4pm-night. A river view from the West bank beach. Sort of unique place next to the Kampot town center with a comfortable seating (in the shade in the afternoons) on a small length of a sand beach just meters from the water, in addition to inside/outside seating - perfect alternative for relaxing on the riverside with a different view, from the West, of the river and Kampot town between the road bridges. Selection of Belgian beers and smoked meats/fish in addition to the regular fare. (10.608054,104.175880) edit
  • Karma Traders Kampot (Rooftop Bar with Bokor Sunset), (East side of the river, 1km north of the New Bridge), 016556504, [16]. Happy Hour 5-7pm. Sip a delicious cocktail at the rooftop bar whilst watching a stunning sunset over Bokor mountain. One of the best spots in town for sunset. Pet-friendly. Poolside Bar available too.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

At the budget end of the market, dorm style guesthouse accommodation in Kampot starts at around US$2.50 and separate fan rooms are generally around US$5-8. Air-con rooms generally start around US$13.

There are perhaps fifty guesthouses dotted throughout the city however the majority of these are more oriented to domestic rather than foreign visitors. Half a dozen of the popular guesthouses with foreign visitors are concentrated on "Guesthouse Street" which is now also home to a few budget roadside cafes. There are also a number of guesthouses just outside of town across the bridge and along the riverfront.

Warning: At the bus drop off a number of westerners will offer free tuk tuks to their guesthouses, this done because they are far away from anywhere else making walking into town fairly difficult which promotes their overpriced tuk tuk drivers and motorbike rentals. Be particularly careful of Fruit garden where the tour guide has been known to harass guests especially when he sees them booking tours with other agencies, the western owners are lazy and seem to spend all their time getting high and accusing customers of causing problems or stealing, clothes frequently go missing or come back uncleaned from their cleaning service and they treat people exceptionally rudely.

Budget City guesthouses[edit]

(Under $US15 but guesthouse may also have more upmarket rooms available)

  • White Pigeon Guesthouse, 2000 Traffic Circle (next to Tiny Kampot Pillows). Clean and quiet guest house, ideal location in town with beautiful overlook of town, river and mountain from the balcony. Rooms with aircon, private bathroom, hot shower, new furnitures, clean sheets and towels, free WiFi all over the place. Meets western standards. $8 with fan, $13 with aircon, double or twin beds. Laid back BBQ bar next door with 70's music, pool table and darts. $13. (10.60746,104.18177) edit
  • Magic Sponge, Guesthouse St (east of Salt gatherers' Roundabout), 017 946 428 (), [17]. Funky converted villa run by Westerners with free wifi, 9-hole minigolf course, pool table, 50-inch HD widescreen TV for live sports, great Western and Asian food including excellent Indian dishes. A well stocked bar open late and with incredibly cheap draft beer - especially during Happy Hour between 12:00 and 16:00. A great place to hang out and meet other travellers with no shortage of entertainment. Air-con or fan rooms are spotlessly clean and feature superb quality mattresses and hot showers, and now there is a penthouse dormitory for just US$4 per night per bed. Laundry, travel tickets, motorbike and bicycle rental and up-to-date travel information available. Closed during the wet season.  edit
  • Orchid Guesthouse, Guesthouse St (east of Salt Gatherers' Roundabout). Another straightforward guesthouse with fan and air-con rooms and food, opposite Pepper. Room from $US6 Also rents mountain bikes for $4/day.  edit
  • Kampot Guesthouse, Guesthouse St. Another straightforward guesthouse with fan and air-con rooms and food, next to Orchid. This one has clean rooms, no fridge, great wifi and it's quiet because it's at the end of the street: sponge and blissful sometimes have music...  edit
  • Pepper Guesthouse, Guesthouse St. Converted villa guesthouse with clean rooms, simple restaurant and wi-fi in rooms run by a friendly Khmer family. Bicycles available for rent at $US1/day and motorbikes for $US4 for a semi-auto or $US10 for an off-road bike. Rooms $US6 (fan) - $US15 (air-con).  edit
  • NyNy Hotel, Guesthouse St. Three storey building in Guest House Street. Clean and big rooms, Wi-Fi. Fan rooms: One bed (1-2 persons: 6 USD), two bed (2-4 persons: 7 USD), big bathroom. AC available  edit
  • Paris Guesthouse, Corner of Old Market St (three blocks from bus station). Brand new multi-story purpose built hotel.  edit
  • Homestay-Café, close to the river, opposite the hospital, 855-(0)77-526-443, [18]. All rooms ensuite with hot water and fan.  edit
  • Long Villa Guesthouse. West of the new market on New Bridge Street, nice garden restaurant, clean rooms, fan and aircon.  edit
  • Nature Bungalow, (north of New Bridge 50m). Riverfront bungalows with over-the-water dining.  edit
  • Ta Eng Guesthouse is on a side street near where the road to Kep bends out of the town grid. Not very cosy. Curfew at 23:30. Rooms start at $US6.
  • RTK Guesthouse, 729 Street (right next to ABA bank), 012692789"" (), [19]. Plain but nice little guest house in close proximity to the riverside and about 100m from the Durian Roundabout. Run by a friendly Khmer couple who will happily help you with anything you need and offer actual bargain tour deals for Bokor, etc. Beds in 10-bed-dorm room with balcony (and with fan) are $4 and a twin room with two large beds, AC and a private bathroom (including hot shower) is $6. Bikes can be rent for $1/day, motorbikes for $5/day and there is a laundry service for $1/kg. Free WiFi is provided and guests are welcome to use the owner's laptop to browse the internet. Beers are less than a dollar, shots 50 cents and good Khmer and Western food can be had at the guest house or at one of the many eateries nearby. Located next to ABA bank and opposite of Seang Ly Motorbike rental. ~$5. (10.3632.74,104.1053.28) edit
  • Nomads Working Space [54] House with 60 beds. Superfast fiberoptic internet and energy connection attracts working nomads, individual tours can be organized, you get information and help by the staff via messenger, and the largest rooftop in town offers a fantastic view on Bokor Mountain. Fan dorm $5, A/C dorm $7,50, Appartment $30. Prices subject to seasonal changes, so please check here

Budget Riverside Guest house[edit]

  • Eden Eco Village, (5 K up the town side of the river), 855 974 836 369, [20]. Very natural setting with an unforgettable view of the river, Most huts are built out over the river and offer private river access for swimming. Eden offers immediate access to deep Cambodian countryside by bicycles for $1/day. There is a tiny ferryboat next door to take you across the river. Excellent food. Daily set breakfast $3 Daily Khmer dinner at 7pm $6. $15/night.  edit
  • Moon River Lodge, 855 77 526 443, [21]. New addition to the east side river front in a quiet scenic location only a short stroll along the promenade to the old French quarter. Has 8 well appointed rooms A/C or fan with en suit bathrooms hot water TV dvd and wifi. Unique retro building with lots of balcony space to laze around on whilst enjoying spectacular 360 degree views of the town river and mountains.A great little B&B.  edit
  • Mad Monkey Hostel Kampot, Lake side, 1km from town on riverside, [22]. Popular backpackers hostel with a large pool and rooftop bar, full events schedule and live music every Wednesday.  edit
  • Banyan Tree, (1.5km north of New Bridge on the far (west) bank), +855 12 728 884, [23]. Simple but charming bungalows on the river and in a lovely garden. The bar over hangs the water, the staff are friendly, prices reasonable and food good.  edit
  • Olly's Place, by the river, 500 metres north from the west side of the new bridge (next to Banyan Tree), +855(0)92 605 837, [24]. Comfortable bungalows and rooms with mosquito nets. Swimming in the river. Food and drinks menu. Best wifi in Kampot. Best value of the three.  edit
  • Kampot River Bungalow, 100 metres before Olly's place on the west side of the river. Comfortable bungalows and rooms with mosquito nets. Run by a very friendly and caring Khmer family. The food is cheap and consistently good. They will arrange all bookings tours buses etc but never push it on you. There are free bicycles and scooters for hire. This is the quietest and most traditional of the River bungalow choices. Also it is run and owned by warm Cambodian family and staff. $6.  edit
  • Samon's Village, 50 meters behind Bodhi Villa, ", [25]. clean and new bungalows with mosquito nets. With terrace and access to the river. Good local food. Very friendly and family-like atmosphere. No party crowd. Get to know the locals who live here and hear traditional music, too. Rent motorbikes, bicycles and kayacs. $8 (shared bathroom), $20 with bathroom.  edit
  • Greenhouse, Papaya Salad Road (Cross the new bridge, follow Teuk Chhu road for 6km, then turn right on Papaya Salad road when you see the white sign on the right side of the road), +855(0)88 886 3071, [26]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 11am. Small private bungalows set in an orchard with a fantastic view. Great bar and amazing french restaurant in beautiful old wooden Khmer house with a large balcony overlooking the river. Kayaks and paddle boards rental, free wifi, popular swimming spot. Dedicated to relaxing with nature and good food, not a party place. The restaurant has a lot of Kampot Pepper specialities. It is also the only place working with fresh Red Kampot Pepper. $US25-35.  edit
  • Naga House (river side bar, guesthouse and restaurant), Tuek Chou Road (opposite side of the river), 012 289 916, [27]. checkin: anytime; checkout: 12pm. Clean large room with mosquito net, free wifi (in bar area), boat trip, bicycle/motorbike for rent and any kind of transport organized. Live music, happy hour for beer and cocktail, nice spot to swim and take it easy. Friendly staff, western and khmer owned. dorm $3, room bungalow $6-$9.  edit
  • Creek Kampot Guest House, (Brand new guest house warmly welcoming families and cycling enthusiasts! This just recently opened guesthouse (January 2016) is located in front of a creek, in the middle of a quiet local cham fishing village, and very near Kampot town (1km away).), +855 98 757 728, [28]. The guest house is run by two charming local khmer ladies. It offers a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Rooms are spotlessly clean with comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms, flatscreen TV, airconditioning and free WiFi. For those who'd like to venture into town, free bicycles are provided on site. The old market is just 5 minutes cycling from the guesthouse.  edit


  • Rikitikitavi, corner Riverside Road and St 728 (Kipling Lane), +855 12 235102, [29]. Consistently well reviewed charming small western-managed hotel on the river road in town. Very well-appointed, stylishly finished a/c rooms with all amenities including TV, DVD, mini-fridge, in-room wifi, spring mattresses and hot/cold showers. Free, fast wifi and safe-box in-room. Excellent rooftop restaurant and bar with a brilliant view overlooking the river. Cooked to order breakfast included in room rate. From $53.  edit
  • Auberge du Soleil, #23, str 278 Kipling Lane (Beautifull colonial house in the old french quarter, one street from riverside, near hotel Columns and Java Bleue), +855 88 88 20 245, [30]. checkin: 13h; checkout: 12h. Stylish guesthouse and restaurant under a recent Swiss management offering three spacious AC and fan rooms with hot shower en suite bathroom, flat screen cable TV and mini fridge, fast free wifi, laundry service. Nice choice of breakfasts with croissants, homemade yogurts and espresso, all day snacks, lunch & diner Swiss and French cuisine $25 - $55.  edit
  • Les Manguiers, East Bank of the River (2km north of the new bridge on a rough dirt road.), 102 489 376 / 012 823 400, [31]. Garden bungalow resort with table d'hotel menu, kayaks and boat trips; also they have a nice maps with things to visit nearby and can show you the way to the 'Papaya Salad Café'. Very French; trilingual staff. Family friendly. They offer free pickup if you stay >1 night, check website for details. $10 - 44.  edit
  • Villa Vedici, East Bank of the River (2km north of the new bridge on a rough dirt road, just north of Les Manguiers.), +85589290714, [32]. Swanky new garden bungalow resort. r $US30, bungalow $US30, big house $US100 (up to 8 ppl).  edit
  • Moliden Guesthouse, 012820779, [33]. checkout: 12.00pm. Rooms cost 15, 25, 35, and 65 dollars with very relaxing atmosphere. The $US15 rooms have good-sized rooms that have cable TV, hot shower and free wifi. The US$65 rooms are very spacious, cable TV, hot shower, bath, private entrance, free wifi and extremely good riverview of Bokor Mountain which can be seen from the balcony. All rooms include breakfast. 15 to 65.  edit
  • Mea Culpa Kampot, behind Govonors Mansion, 012 50 47 69 (), [34]. New guesthouse and restaurant in a nice garden setting, in a quiet part of the old French quarter of town. Clean, new nicely decorated fan and air-con rooms with cable TV, DVD player and en suite bathroom with hot water. Balcony. Complimentary tea and coffee. Patio restaurant and bar serving Khmer and international fare including pizzas from a wood-fired oven. $US20-25.  edit
  • Kampot Riverside Hotel, Riverside Road, between old bridge and Kampot Hospital, 012 351 764 (), [35]. checkout: 12:00pm. Eighteen well equipped rooms to make you feel right at home. Sunset Cocktail bar. Free wifi. Cable tv, Air Conditioned. Hot shower. Tea & Coffee making facilities. Room service. Laundry service. Free pick up from bus stations. Rates include breakfast. US$25 - $49.  edit
  • Light Star Boutique, Guest House Street (off salt workers round about), 0716372923. checkout: 11am. Great hotel with everything you expect from a high end place but low prices. Cable tv, A/C, hot shower en-suite and mini bar in super clean rooms. Opened as Blue Buddha hotel, renamed in 2017. The modern building opened in 2015, cool and totally relaxed. Travel information, tours, bike rental, and laundry available. $20-$45.  edit
  • The Columns, 37 Phoum 1 Ouksophear (St728), +855 (092)128 300 (), [36]. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 12pm. Delightful Hotel and restaurant, WIFI, TV, AC, breakfast $55-80.  edit
  • Kampot View Boutique Hotel, National Rd n3,Tvi Village, Andong Khmer Commune, Across New Bridge, +855 718111112, +855 968633331. Well located in river front. Western managed property. Only hotel with river front swimming pool. Very clean. Rooms with all amenities, A/C, in-room safety box, channel TV, mini fridge, free wifi, deluxe bed and matress, built on the river edge. Breakfast Included. from $50 for Garden Views to $90 for Suites with River Views.  edit


There are numerous internet shops in Kampot offering the usual range of services. There are a couple on the left hand side of The Old Bridge Road about 100 metres down from the central Big Durian traffic roundabout and a couple more on the road between La Java Bleu and Bar Red. Many of the guesthouses and restaurants in Kampot are equipped with WIFI.

  • Post Office, on the riverfront and just up from Rikitikitavi. Opening hours are sporadic but your best bet is to check if it is open between 10:00 and 12:00 and 14:00 and 16:00.

Get out[edit]

By bus to Phnom Penh, all of the bus companies listed in the Get In section operate two return services to Phnom Penh, generally at 07:00 and around 13:00. Each of the bus companies has a small office at the Kampot bus station where you can book your ticket.

  • 2015 update. Hua Lien drops passengers in Phnom Penh nowhere near the central market meaning you are likely to need to pay $1-2 for a moto (more for a tuk-tuk). The moto drivers waiting there are clueless as to where any of the roads are so it may be difficult to get to your destination if you use this bus company- maybe one of the other companies will take passengers near the market which is preferable for most travellers.
  • Kep - another resort town 25km east, famous for seafood, motobike for $US3, tuk-tuk $Us8, local bus $2 from bus station or $3 for a minivan from travel agent
  • Sihanoukville - Cambodia's best-known beach resort. Big bus, minivan or Sihanoukville's G'day Mate western run van service.
  • Ho Chi Minh - Kampot Tours and Travels offer bus service to Ho Chi Minh for 18$. You have to change bus at Cambodia-Vietnam border and at Ha Tien, but everything is well organized and you won't end up in problem. Your guesthouse can probably book the ticket for you.
  • Battambang - It is posible to buy a ticket from Kampot to Battambang. A minibus brings you to Phnom Penh, you get dropped off at a bus station (Ponleu Angkor Khmer Transport Company) where you get a connection to Battambang, trip takes ~12hrs and costs $12 (July 2016).
  • Ha Tien (Vietnam) - The border was opened for tourists in 2007. Motorbike drivers usually ask for US$10 -15 for a ride to the border, but you can also get a motorbike taxi directly to Ha Tien for US$9 (around 2h). Some of the roads are not paved, but you will get to see some nice rural areas on the way. There are car taxis leaving for the border around 09:00 for US$6 per person and a number of minivan services now operate between Ha Tien and Kampot for around $US8.
  • M.T.T (call/txt TOM on mobile: 016 994 161) newly-launched daily Aircon Van's serving all above destinations twice, plus to Trat of Thailand

Routes through Kampot
Phnom Penh ← Kep ←  E noframe W  Sihanoukville

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