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Kamphaeng Phet

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Kamphaeng Phet (กำแพงเพชร) is the Capital City of the Province of this name in Lower Northern Thailand. It is pronounced "Gamphaeng Pet"


Geographically located in the Lower North on the bank of the Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet (pronounced Gampaeng Pet) is 358 kilometres from Bangkok. To its East are riverine flatlands while the western areas are made up of high mountains lush with fertile forests where a number of national parks have been established.

Areas along the river bank at present-day Mueang district used to host several ancient towns which had played a major role as strategic front-line frontiers since Sukhothai was the kingdom's capital down through the times of Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin (Bangkok) eras. In fact, the name Kamphaeng Phet actually means as strong as walls or forts make of diamonds.

Get in[edit]

A minibus from Nakhon Sawan bus station will cost B90, and it stops in the bus station which is distant from the city itself.

An aircon bus from Nakhon Sawan will cost B97 and takes 1.5 hours.

Get around[edit]

There are Tuk Tuks and motorcycle taxis here, but none were noted at the bus station on arrival. From the bus station, which is several Km out of town across the river, you can take a Red/Brown songteow from Platform 1 near the ticket windows on the left, which appears to operate as a taxi and charges according to the number of passengers. With 4 persons, the cost was B40 each. As at June 2016, with only one person the driver charged B20!

Inside the city, there are Tuk Tuks close to the mid town market (close to the Phet hotel), and these take you to the bus station for B60. (Ask first).

Otherwise, this is not a really large city and if you enjoy walking, you can get around easily.

See[edit][add listing]

  • The hot springs of Phra Ruang not so far from the main town. A precise route is to follow Highway 101 north (towards Sukhothai) out of Kamphaeng Phet town for 13 km and then a left and 12 km up this road you'll come upon the springs, can't be missed.
  • Otherwise there are many great national parks where you can do some hiking.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, north of city (walk north, hard to miss.). 09.00-16.00. In former times Kamphaeng Phet was part of the Sukhothai kingdom. Ruins from this time are found to the immediate north of the new city. In 1991 these, along with the two related historical cities, became a world heritage site. 100b.  edit

Fees are as follows: Thai citizens 20 Baht, foreigners 100 Baht, bicycles 10 Baht, and for North Park the fee for motorcycles is 20 Baht, tricycles are 30 Baht and an automobile will cost 50 Baht to bring in.

The ticket is good for the calendar day on which it is purchased, and multiple entries are possible at the following entrances:

Historical Park Information Center and Ticket Office (Thai ศูนย์ข้อมูลการท่องเที่ยวอุทยานประวัติศาสตร์) 16.486328 N, 99.522421 E (16°29'10.8"N 99°31'20.7"E)

Main Park, East Entrance (Historical Park Information Center) 16.486318 N, 99.522056 E (16°29'10.7"N 99°31'19.4"E)

Main Park, West Entrance (City Pillar Shrine) 16.489215 N, 99.516297 E (16°29'21.2"N 99°30'58.7"E)

Some of the most popular temples within the Main Park are the following:

Wat Phra That (Thai วัดพระธาตุ) 16.487580 N, 99.520360 E (16°29'15.3"N 99°31'13.3"E)

Wat Phra Kaeo (Thai โบราณสถานวัดพระแก้ว) 16.488352 N, 99.517916 E (16°29'18.1"N 99°31'04.5"E) has a superb reclining Buddha that is iconic to the city.

Wat Chang Phuak (Thai โบราณสถานวัดช้างเผือก) 16.488973 N, 99.516284 E (16°29'20.3"N 99°30'58.6"E)

North Park, South Entrance (Wat Pa Mud Nog) 16.498142 N, 99.515755 E (16°29'53.3"N 99°30'56.7"E)

North Park, East Entrance (Banbosamsaen School) 16.507025 N, 99.520029 E (16°30'25.3"N 99°31'12.1"E)

Some of the most popular temples within the North Park are the following:

Wat Phra Si Ariyabot (Thai วัดพระสี่อิริยาบท) 16.501275 N, 99.514491 E (16°30'04.6"N 99°30'52.2"E) with the massive standing Buddha is one of the highlights of the Historical Park.

Wat Chang Rob (Thai โบราณสถานวัดช้างรอบ) 16.502934 N, 99.509748 E (16°30'10.6"N 99°30'35.1"E) is the highest elevation on the cycle path. Most of the other sites are on comparatively flat terrain. This is the superb "Temple Surrounded by Elephants".

Wat Sing (Thai โบราณสถานวัดสิงห์) 16.502370 N, 99.513988 E (16°30'08.5"N 99°30'50.4"E)

Wat Phra Non (Thai วัดพระนอน) 16.498999 N, 99.514987 E (16°29'56.4"N 99°30'54.0"E)

Wat Awas Yai (Thai โบราณสถานวัดอาวาสใหญ่) 16.508209 N, 99.518446 E (16°30'29.6"N 99°31'06.4"E)

In addition to the main parks, there are fortifications and temples on the west side of 101

Petch Fortress (Thai ป้อมเพชร) 16.492686 N, 99.513477 E (16°29'33.7"N 99°30'48.5"E)

Chao in Fortress (Thai ป้อมเจ้าอินทร์) 16.488274 N, 99.514958 E (16°29'17.8"N 99°30'53.9"E)

Chao Chan Old Fortification (Thai โบราณสถานป้อมเจ้าจันทร์) 16.486764 N, 99.517717 E (16°29'12.4"N 99°31'03.8"E)

Dan Gate (Thai ประตูดั้น) 16.487272 N, 99.517844 E (16°29'14.2"N 99°31'04.2"E)

The Kamphaeng Phet National Museum (Thai พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติกำแพงเพชร)16.488343 N, 99.522174 E (16°29'18.0"N 99°31'19.8"E) 112 กำแพงเพชร Tambon Nai Mueang, Amphoe Mueang Kamphaeng Phet, Chang Wat Kamphaeng Phet 62000.

There are also other sites across the river in the Nakhon Chum neighborhood which are an extension of the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park that are free to visit. These date from the Ayutthaya kingdom, and are nearby the main Bus Station.

Thung Setthi Fort (Thai โบราณสถานป้อมทุ่งเศรษฐี) 16.473618 N, 99.502755 E (16°28'25.0"N 99°30'09.9"E)

Wat Chedee Klang Thung (Thai วัดเจดีย์กลางทุ่ง) 16.472057 N, 99.514285 E (16°28'19.4"N 99°30'51.4"E)

Wat Ngong Yai Chuai (Thai โบราณสถานวัดหนองยายช่วย) 16.468394 N, 99.514547 E (16°28'06.2"N 99°30'52.4"E)

Wat Nong Langka (Thai วัดหนองลังกา) 16.468403 N, 99.510984 E (16°28'06.3"N 99°30'39.5"E)

Wat Mong Ka Le (Thai วัดหม่องกาเล) 16.467601 N, 99.509275 E (16°28'03.4"N 99°30'33.4"E)

Wat Nong Phikul (Thai วัดหนองพิกุล) 16.470210 N, 99.509243 E (16°28'12.8"N 99°30'33.3"E). 14th century chedi.

Wat Phra Borommathat Jediyaram (Thai วัดพระบรมธาตุเจดียาราม) 16.479665 N, 99.510396 E (16°28'46.8"N 99°30'37.4"E) is a 14th century chedi which was reworked in the mid 19th century.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Coffee Today, town centre. (look for the clock and the fountain.). Possibly the best, maybe the only 'western' coffee shop in town. Cappuccinos at 50 baht, selection of sweet snacks, wifi. On the street corner opposite the town fountain. Intersection of Thanon Tesa 1 and Thanon Kamphaengphet. Popular. 2012. medium. (16.4831,99.5231) edit

There are plenty of street eats here, but written in Thai. Just point at what you think looks good and take your chances!

At the Night Plaza, about a Km from the Phet Hotel, and close to the Ping River, is the night plaza. This is a market, and also an eating place.

The cooking stalls have sitdown places at back, and some actually have English menus(despite few tourists here). Prawns with garlic (pat kratiam) with a large bottle of Chang beer was B150. Food very good.

There is also a German restaurant " OASIS" a bit outside the town, got only western dishes and more than 15 different German beers. very popular place.

12/1, Rachavitee 1 (Thai 12/1, ซอย1 ถนนราชวิถี, ตำบลในเมือง อำเภอเมือง จังหวัดกำแพงเพชร) there is an all you can eat self serve buffet table barbecue, with an excellent selection of very fresh vegetables, meat, shrimp and fish (Thai ร้านเพชรหมูกะทะ) described as Country Food Restaurant. They have a school notebook with a handwritten description of the meal options, which summarizes what they have to offer. In closing, their translator has written a statement "any questions feel free to ask", which is charming. 16.477346 N, 99.533268 E (16°28'38.5"N 99°31'59.8"E). This is open from 16:00 to 22:00 daily. It is located 170 meters west of 3 J Guesthouse.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Riverside Scenic Resort[2] is a great and relaxing place to stay. Lots of local info and near the old city.
  • 3 J Guesthouse, 79 Rachavitee Rd (south side of town.), 055-713-129, [1]. checkout: 12.00. Low cost, basic rooms (entirely adequate and clean), fan or aircon, very pleasant garden environment. Small range of food offered, bikes for hire (200b a day). Family run business, good spoken English, helpful advice about touring the town and ruins. About 2 kms south of city center. Bike 50b from bus station. 200-400b. (16.4786,99.5355) edit
  • Phet Hotel (_โรงแรมเพชร1), 189 Bamruprat Rd, 055 712810. Hotel is in the center of the city close to the market. It is a good hotel and some English is spoken at Reception. From the outside the hotel looks to be rather worn, but inside is clean,modern, and well appointed. Cost is B700 with breakfast. Credit cards accepted. It has a restaurant,bar, and karaoke etc. A city map is available (free) at Reception. The Ping River is roughly one Km distant from the hotel (turn right and walk straight ahead)  edit
  • Chakungrao Hotel

This hotel is advertised as riverview. You can see the river from the lower floors through the shrubbery, but you will need to be on at least the fourth floor to see the river properly. Cost is B1000 for for one person in a twin room, and B1300 a double and this is overpriced for what you get. Breakfast is included and has good choices. There is no shampoo provided. The Bangkok Post in English is provided in the lobby with the usual Thai language newspapers. Reception are very helpful and friendly.

There is also the Navarat Hotel close to the night market. It appears to be about the same standard as the Phet Hotel.

Stay safe[edit]

Get out[edit]

Phichit There are minibuses every 60/90 minutes from the bus station costing B80. Takes 2 hours. Buy the ticket on the minibus.

Wintour VIP bus ticket to Bangkok 260 Baht, Platform 13 or 14, noon scheduled departure on the bus returning from Sri Satchanalai.

Platform 1 has the Local Truck 3 to Market - Hospital. A fare collector will likely ride with the truck once it leaves. This is the main service to the city center that leaves from the platforms. Other green songthaews run on the highway, but do not stop inside the terminal.

Bus 18 Bangkok - Chiang Mai

Bus 94 Bangkok - Kamphaeng Phet

Bus 100 Bangkok - Utarradit

Bus 114 Nakhon Sawan - Kamphaeng Phet

Bus 130 (Songthaew Truck) Kamphaeng Phet - Sukhothai, runs when full, 65 Baht per passenger. Monitor for station also showed Songtheaw 130 to Sukhothai with a 14:30 and 15:00 scheduled departure.

Bus 168 Nakhon - Mae Sot has very frequent service.

Bus 185 Kamphaeng Phet - Phi Chit

Local 185 Salon Bat

Local 185 Phichit (Van Minibus)

Local 194 Phitsanulok (Van Minibus)

Local 642 Tak (Songthaew)

Bus 875 Chiang Mai - Kanchanaburi

Bus 925 Bangkok - Sawankhalok

Local 1111 Slok Bat

Local 2198 Klong Lan (Songthaew)

Local 2530 Khlong Khlung (Green Truck)

Routes through Kamphaeng Phet
Mae SaiTak  N noframe S  Nakhon SawanBangkok

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