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Jura Mountains

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Jura Mountains is in Lesser Poland Voivodship and Silesian Voivodeship in Poland.



  • Alwernia — Old town with movie studios and Skowronek artificial lake
  • Bukowno — Lovely town among nature
  • Koniecpol — Hometown of one of the most famous Polish military commander Stanisław Koniecpolski
  • Mirow and Boblice — Two twin castles
  • Myszków — One of the most know Jura towns
  • Morsko — Ski center with old castle ruins
  • Ojcow — Gateway to Ojcowski National Park and Dolinki Krakowskie valleys
  • Olkusz — Old city
  • Oświęcim — Old city, place of Auschwitz German Nazi Concentration Camp
  • Pieskowa Skała — One of the most famous Polish landmark.
  • Pilica — Town famous by Smoleń castle ruins and Wodąca Valley
  • Rabsztyn — Renewed castle and Pazurek natural reserve
  • Rudno — Place of Tenczyn castle ruins
  • Szczekociny — Town and place of last Kosciusko battle.
  • Wolbrom and Żarnowiec — Two old cities

Other destinations[edit]


Jura Mountains are composed by limestone rocks. There're many Karst phenomena like caves. In the past there were many castles built. Nowadays many of them are ruined although some as Bobolice and Mirów one have been renewed.


People in the most tourist places can speak at least one foreign language. There would be a problem with foreign language knowledge in less tourist places. Young people can speak English while older ones Russian or German.

Get in[edit]

Much of attractions are located not far from Kraków or Katowice airports. Częstochowa and Jura Wieluńska're located much further to airports. There're international buses stopping in Zawiercie, Kraków, Częstochowa, Wieluń or Szczekociny.

Get around[edit]

See[edit][add listing]

  • Auschwitz German Nazi Concentration Camp in Oświęcim
  • Błędowska Desert (in Błędów or Chechło)
  • Ccastle ruins in Ogrodzieniec, Pilica and Olsztyn
  • Góra Zborów mountain in Podlesice
  • Hermitage in Czatachowa
  • Holiday villages of Hutki-Kanki and Żarki-Letnisko
  • Jasna Góra monastery in Częstochowa
  • Ojcowski National Park and Dolinki Krakowskie valleys
  • Old cities in Kraków, Wieluń, Żarnowiec, Wolbrom or Olkusz.
  • Palace ruins in Włodowice and Szczekociny
  • Small spa village of Jaroszowiec
  • Załęczański Landscape Park


Jura Mountains nature walks[edit]

  • Day 1

Ojców, Pieskowa Skała, Ojcowski National Park

  • Day 2-5

Dolinki Krakowskie

  • Day 6

Korzkiew castle, Tenczyn castle ruins

Jura Wieluńska Nature Walks[edit]

  • Day 1-3

Załęczański Landscape Park

  • Day 4-5

Upper Liswarta Landscape Park

Częstochowa and Jura Wieluńska[edit]

  • Day 1-2

Częstochowa sightseeing (city center, Jasna Góra, old and contemporary churches)

  • Day 3

Załęczański Landscape Park

  • Day 4

Relax on Lisiniec pools.

Weekend on the Desert[edit]

  • Day 1

Błędowska Desert, Błędowskie swamps, Chechło and Klucze

  • Day 2
  • Version 1

Okradzionów, Łęka, Łosień, climbing on Łeverest, relax

  • Version 2

Okradzionów, Krzykawka, Slawków, relax

  • Day 3 (final day)

Ogrodzieniec, Hutki-Kanki and Niegowonice

If your flight's late, you can see Pogoria III or IV lake and watch a sunset here.

Weekend in Jura Mountains[edit]

Version 1[edit]
  • Day 1

Zawiercie, Poręba, Ogrodzieniec, Giebło, Żelazko, Pilica, Szczekociny

  • Day 2

Myszków, Mirów, Bobolice, Podlesice, Poraj Lake, Żarki-Letnisko

  • Day 3

Złoty Potok, Czatachowa, Olsztyn, Suliszowice

The best way's to have an accommodation in Zawiercie or Ogrodzieniec

Version 2[edit]
  • Day 1

Ogrodzieniec, Hutki-Kanki, Niegowonice, Błędowska Desert

  • Day 2

Relax on Krępa, Mitręga lake in Łazy, Łazy water Park

The best accommodation places are located in Ogrodzieniec

Version 3[edit]
  • Day 1-2

Częstochowa sightseeing

  • Day 3

Załęczański Landscape Park, Wieluń, Działoszyn, Upper Liswarta Landscape Park

Version 4[edit]
  • Day 1

Pieskowa Skała, Ojcowski National Park

  • Day 2-3

Dolinki Krakowskie

One Day in Jura Mountains[edit]

  • Version 1

Ogrodzieniec, Błędowska Desert, Hutki-Kanki, Niegowonice

  • Version 2

Ogrodzieniec, Mirów, Bobolice, Żarki-Letnisko, Złoty Potok, Olsztyn

  • Version 3

Ojcowski National Park, Pieskowa Skała, Dolinki Krakowskie

  • Version 4

Działoszyn, Załęczański Landscape Park, Wieluń

  • Version 5

Olkusz, Bukowno, Bolesław, Błędowska Desert, Jaroszowiec

  • Version 6

Ogrodzieniec, Pilica, Wolbrom, Żarnowiec

  • Version 7

Żarki-Letnisko, Morsko, Mirów, Bobolice, Podlesice, Czatachowa

  • Version 8

Zawiercie, Poręba, Nakło Palace, Bieganów Manor House, Szczekociny

  • Version 9

Sławków, Krzykawka, Okradzionów, Łosień, Łęka, Błędowska Desert

  • Version 10

Ogrodzieniec, Ryczów, Żelazko, Śrubarnia, Giebło, Szczekociny

Jura Mountains Camper holidays[edit]

Version 1[edit]

  • Day 1-3

Rest in Kraków-Zabierzów, Kryspinów, city sightseeing, relax on camping (see Kraków article)

  • Day 4

Ojców and Pieskowa Skała sightseeing, sleeping in camping in Sułoszowa

  • Day 5

Rabsztyn castle sightseeing, Błędowska desert (Chechło), Rodaki, Ryczówek, Skałbania, Hutki-Kanki, sleeping in camping in Podzamcze

  • Day 6

Ogrodzieniec and Podzamcze sightseeing

  • Day 7

Mirów, Bobolice, Podlesice, sleeping on Dzibice lake

  • Day 8

Relax on Dzibice lake

  • Day 9

Złoty Potok, Olsztyn and Częstochowa

  • Day 10-11

Sightseeing and relax in Częstochowa (see : Częstochowa article)

  • Day 12-13

Relax in Ostrowy nad Okszą

  • Day 14 (final one)

Załęczański Landscape Park

Version 2[edit]
  • Day 1

Załęczański Landscape Park, sleeping near Blachownia lake

  • Day 2

Relax on Blachownia lake

  • Day 3

Częstochowa sightseeing, relax on Poraj lake (sleeping near the lake)

  • Day 4

Relax on Poraj lake

  • Day 5

Czatachowa, Mirów, Bobolice, Podlesice, Ogrodzieniec, sleeping near Dzibice lake

  • Day 6

Relax in Dzibice lake

  • Day 7

Relax on Siamoszyce lake

  • Day 8

Pilica sightseeing, relax on the lake, sleeping near the Pilica Lake

  • Day 9

Błędowska desert (Klucze or Chechło), Wolbrom, sleeping near Zalew Wolbromski lake

  • Day 10

Pieskowa Skała, Ojcowski National Park, sleeping in Kraków camping (see Kraków)

  • Day 11

Kraków sightseeing

  • Day 12 (final one)

Relax in Zabierzów or Kryspinów

New Year in Jura Mountains[edit]

New Year in Złoty Potok[edit]
  • Day 1

Walks in Złoty Potok

  • Day 2

Olsztyn and Janów sightseeing

  • Day 3

Żarki, Żarki-Letnisko and Czatachowa sightseeing, midnight walk

  • Day 4 (final one)

Walk on Przeczyce lake and Siewierz castle sightseeing

New Year in the desert[edit]
  • Day 1

Walk in Błędowska Desert, Błędów, Klucze or Chechło sightseeing

  • Day 2

Ogrodzieniec castle sighseeing, midnight walk

  • Day 3


  • Day 4 (final day)

Pogoria Lakes (if you travel via Katowice) or Kraków Old Town and Kazimierz district (if you travel via Kraków) The best way's to find an accommodation in Błędów or Klucze.

New Year in Hutki-Kanki[edit]
  • Day 1

Walk in Hutki-Kanki

  • Day 2

Rodaki, Ryczówek, Błędowska Desert, midnight walk in Hutki-Kanki or/and watching fireworks in Niegowonice.

  • Day 3

relax, Ogrodzieniec castle

  • Day 4 (final one)

Pogoria lakes

New Year in Żarki-Letnisko[edit]
  • Day 1

walk in Żarki-Letnisko, Poraj lake, Żarki

  • Day 2

Ostrężnik, Przewodziszowice, midnight walk

  • Day 3

relax, Jaworznik, Czatachowa

  • Day 4( final one)

Mirów and Bobolice castles You can find an accommodation in Żarki-Letnisko or Żarki

New Year in Ojców[edit]
  • Day 1

Pieskowa Skała, Ojców castle, Prądnik valley

  • Day 2-3

Dolinki Podkrakowskie

  • Day 4

Relax, midnight walk

  • Day 5 (final one)

Korzkiew castle

New Year in Ogrodzieniec[edit]
  • Day 1

Ogrodzieniec castle, Our Lady of Rocks sanctuary

  • Day 2

Pilica, Ryczów, Błędowska desert

  • Day 3

relax, midnight walk and/or watching fireworks from Niegowonice

  • Day 4

Mirów and Bobolice castles, relax

  • Day 5 (final one)

Łęka, Łosień, Gołonoskie hill, Pogoria III and IV lakes (from Dziewiąty and Marianki).

Jura Mountains in one month[edit]

  • Day 1/3

Kraków sightseeing

  • Day 4/6

Ojcowski National Park and Dolinki Krakowskie hiking

  • Day 7

Jangrot, Trzyciąż, Dłubnia valley, Wolbrom

  • Day 8

Olkusz and Rabsztyn sightseeing

  • Day 9

Jaroszowiec, Klucze, Błędowska Desert, Rodaki, Ryczówek, Hutki-Kanki, Ogrodzieniec

  • Day 10

Ogrodzieniec sightseeing

  • Day 11

Żelazko, Ryczów, Pilica, Smoleń castle ruins, Wodąca Valley, Jasna Cave, Jasna w Strzegowej cave, Siamoszyce, Kroczyce

  • Day 12

Dzibice lake, Rzędkowice, Morsko, Mirów and Bobolice castles, Włodowice, Żarki

  • Day 13/14

Relax in Żarki-Letnisko and Poraj lake

  • Day 15

Czatachowa, Złoty Potok, Janów, Olsztyn

  • Day 16/17

Częstochowa sightseeing and relax in Lisiniec pools or open air pools on Dekabrystów street

  • Day 18

Relax in Ostrowy and Okszą

  • Day 19/21

Załęczański Landscape Park hiking, Szachownica cave

  • Day 22

Blachownia, Upper Liswarta Forests Landscape Park, Myszków

  • Day 23

Myszków sightseeing, Poręba, Zawiercie

  • Day 24

Bolesław and Bukowno sightseeing

  • Day 25

Chrzanów, Trzebinia, Libiąż and Oświęcim

  • Day 26

Auschwitz German Nazi Concentration Camp and Oświęcim

  • Day 27

Alwernia, Tenczyn castle ruins, Bielany and Tyniec monasteries , Skawina

  • Day 28

Leaving from Kraków

Do[edit][add listing]


Jura Mountains are popular climbing area. There're many climbing schools and trails. The most popular climbing places are Olsztyn, Kroczyce, Podlesice, Łutowiec, Ogrodzieniec, Żelazko, Ryczów, Pilica and Dolinki Krakowskie.

Horse Riding[edit]

Horse riding is very popular sport. There're many stud farms. There's a special horse trail called Transjura Horse Trail (Transjurajski Szlak Konny).


There're many rivers crossing Jura Mountains as Pilica, Warta, Liswarta and Biała Przemsza. You can rent your canoe in many places.


Jura Mountains is full of many walking trails. The most popular multiple day ones are: Szlak Pustynny (Deser Trail), Szlak Orlich Gniazd (Eagle's Nests Trail), Szlak Warowni Jurajskich (Jura Mountains Fortresses Trail), Szlak Jury Wieluńskiej (Jura Wieluńska Trail), Szlak Rezerwatów Przyrody (Nature Reserves Trail), Szlak Ziemi Chrzanowskiej (Chrzanów Region Trail) and Szlak Zamonitu (Zamonit Trail)


There're many cycling paths. Many accommodation objects offer bike rental.


Jura Mountains has the second cave digest after Tatra Mountains. There're tourist caves: Łokietka, Ciemna, Wierzchowska, Nietoperzowa, Smocza Jama and Głęboka. You can find non-tourist caves easy to explore in Ryczów, Ostrężnik, Pilica, Olsztyn, Dolinki Krakowskie (some), Załęczański Landscape Park (some)


There're many artificial lakes in Jura Mountains: Poraj, Siamoszyce, Skowronek in Alwernia, Częstochowa (Lisiniec), Kraków (Kryspinów and Bagry), Blachownia, Szczekociny, Wolbrom, Pilica, Kostkowice and Poręba. There're open air pools in Ogrodzieniec, Włodowice, Żarki-Letnisko, Zawiercie, Olkusz, Bukowno and more.


The most popular paragliding areas are Będkowska Valley (Dolinki Krakowskie), Trzebinia, Klucze and Olsztyn.

Winter sports[edit]

There're ski centers in Morsko, Pilica and Jaroszowiec. Cross skiing is very popular winter activity.

Activities for young adults[edit]

  • Jura Mountains is rather a rural area. The most known party place is Kraków. There're many clubs and bars. There's also a popular place for bachelor/bachelorette party.
  • If you're going to organize your birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, you can do it in historic objects in Ogrodzieniec, Bobolice, Krzykawka and Trzebinia or hotels in Ogrodzieniec. Remember that mentioned regions are much more conservative and it's in a good taste to respect local people's lifestyle.
  • Weekend in Błędowska Desert can be a fascinating experience, you can sleep in objects in Dąbrowa Górnicza-Błędów and Klucze. There're also camp places in Chechło or Klucze.
  • If you're a spiritual person, you can participate in workshops/meetings in Magiczny Dwór in Jaworznik (see: Żarki ), sometimes they invite foreign guests. Góra Głowienna in Włodowice was a pagan cult place. If you're religious person you can see smaller holy places like Lelów (tzadik's grave), Leśniów or hermitage in Czatachowa-a place reaching bigger and bigger popularity.
  • Jura Mountains's famous by caves. You can find the easy ones in Olsztyn (Silesia), Pilica, Ryczów and Ostrężnik. The rest is suitable for people with experience only!
  • There're many places popular among rock climbers.
  • If you're going to spend your holiday in much tourist place, chose Ogrodzieniec, Kroczyce, Podlesice, Żarki-Letnisko , Złoty Potok or Ojców.
  • If you're looking for good camping/campsite place on the water, chose Siamoszyce, Kostkowice, Ostrowy nad Okszą, Żarki-Letnisko, Poraj lake or Blachownia.
  • Jura Mountains has its own mysteries, haunted places etc. The most haunted places are located in Niegowa, Łutowiec, Bobolice and Ostrężnik. All places are located close to each others. There're mentions about haunted castles , devils appearing in Niegowa and living in secret tunnel joining Mirów and Bobolice castles, light orbs in Łutowiec. There're also light orbs seen in Śmiertny Dąb near Częstochowa. One of the most haunted place is abandoned house in Myszków. (Learn more at Haunted places in Silesian Voivodeship.

LGBT visitors[edit]

Jura Mountain's mostly composed with villages and small cities. While showing public affection in popular tourist destinations won't pay anyone's attention, doing it in less popular places is not recommendable. Two biggest Jura Mountains cities- Kraków and Częstochowa host annual pride marches (marsz równości).Kraków one occurs in May. Kraków gay scene's one of Poland's biggest one. Częstochowa has a very small gay scene.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Drink[edit][add listing]

Stay safe[edit]

Jura Mountains, except bigger cities, are very safe places. The biggest hazards are poisonous snakes and wild boars. There're many dangers connected to climbing and cave exploring. If you have any problems, just call Jura Mountains Emergency Group (JOPR).


Most of caves have their entrances closed, ask the local authorities before you go if their exploring is possible. There're typical tourists caves as Grota Łokietka, Jaskinia Ciemna, Jaskinia Nietoperzowa, Jaskinia Wierzchowska, Jaskinia Mamutowa and Głęboka. Caves ideal for amateur self-exploration but requiring a headtorch're located in Olsztyn(Silesia), Pilica, Ostrężnik and Ryczów. The Szachownica cave in Jura Wieluńska's the only one suitable for self-exploration one in this region. Before exporing just take the caves' maps. Some of those caves have narrow corridors and aren't good for people suffering from claustrophobia.

If you want to explore Jura Mountains by hiking you can chose Szlak Orlich Gniazd and Szlak Rezerwatów Przyrody or Szlak Warowni Jurajskich and Szlak Jury Wieluńskiej. All the trails end and start in Częstochowa. It's worth to take 1-2 break between sepding it f.ex. relaxing in Lisiniec or swimming pool on Dekabrystów.

Get out[edit]

You can see places in Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, Holy Cross Mountains or Łódź Voivodship

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