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Ingolstadt is a city in the German federal state of Bavaria.


Ingolstadt is the youngest major city in Germany. Although it counts over 120,000 citizens today, some people still call it a village, since it can't keep up with the big city charme of Nuremberg or Munich. In the past Ingolstadt was mainly known for hosting the first Bavarian University and its military fortress facilities. The latter is the reason, why some citizens of Ingolstadt still call each other Schanzer (from German verschanzen: to fortify). It is also the city where Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati.

Ingolstadt is however probably best known internationally as the headquarters of the luxury car manufacturer Audi, which dominates the city's economy, and is by far the largest employer in the region.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Munich Airport is one of the closest airports to Ingolstadt. By train Munich Hauptbahnhof (central station) is about 35 minutes away from Ingolstadt by ICE high speed trains. The journey costs approx. 17€. Since one has to go first to the central station in Munich by S-Bahn (about 1 hour) and then change connection there and get on a train to Ingolstadt it is a lot quicker and more convenient to take the bus. But, if you are a party of up to 5 people and travel on a tight budget after 9 a.m. you may consider taking the train - for there exists a dicscounted ticket (Bayernticket) for up to five persons which is valid for the S-Bahn, the train and also most buses (be aware though, that you are not allowed to take ICE or IC trains with that ticket!).

From Munich Airport there is a bus called "Airport Express X109". A one-way ticket is 20€ and a return ticket 33€. The bus takes approx. an hour to the center of Ingolstadt, stopping at Ingolstadt central bus station (ZOB). It leaves every day at 5:15, 6:45, 8:15, 9:45, 11:15, 12:45, 14:15, 15:45, 17:15, 18:45, 20:15, 21:45, and 0:15 at Terminal 2 E 03, passing by Terminal 1 Bereich A/B three minutes later and at the Airport Center (MAC) another 4 minutes later.

Nuremberg airport is also rather close by and can be reached easily by train and subway. From the airport you take the subway "U2" to Nürnberg Hbf (U-Bahn) (central station). The ride takes some 13 minutes. There you change to a train (another 40 minutes ride to Ingolstadt).

By train[edit]

The main station is Ingolstadt Hauptbahnhof (HBF) and the second most important station of the city is Ingolstadt Nord.

By car[edit]

Ingolstadt is located on the Autobahn A9 about halfway between Munich an Nuremberg with the exits Ingolstadt Nord (61) and Ingolstadt Süd (62).

By bus[edit]

There are several bus connections from other cities. Check the online or get some information here. You can also take a bus from Munich directly to the nearby Ingolstadt Village Outlet Center (see below), more information here.

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

In Ingolstadt a decent network of bus lines is operated by the INVG (Ingolstädter Verkehrsgesellschaft). All parts of the town and most of the sorrounding villages are reachable (Network Plan). During the day (05:00 - 21:00) you can catch a bus every 15 to 60 minutes. During the night, the service is reduced (Network Plan) and special night lines, recognizable by the letter 'N' proceeding their number are employed.

By taxi[edit]

Currently 105 Taxis are operating in Ingolstadt. Most of them are organized within the Ingolstadt Taxi Central Office, where you can order a car by phone (+49-841-19410). Most of the drivers speak at least basic English and should know most of the Hotels, Clubs and other points of interests in the city by name. During the weekend night party rush hour however, you will have little luck getting a taxi by phone or on a taxi stand, especially when you try to get out of the city. In the latter case, try to move to the outskirts of the city in the direction of your destination. Most of the taxis will try to go back into the city and you have a bigger chance to intercept these on the outskirts than in the center. Even if you don't get one, your better off making pace in your direction than standing in the city center and waiting. You can get to most places in town for about 10 to 15€. The drivers are normally able to estimate the price quite well, but are legally required to charge exactly according to the price meter, callibrated by local authorities. When you leave the so called Pflichtfahrgebiet (area where the driver is obligated to accept passengers), which covers the town an some of the sorrounding villages, you can negotiate a price with the driver.

By bike[edit]

A very good way to get around in Ingolstadt is to use a bike. Most of the main streets have bicycle lanes and you are able to get through parks an other areas you would have to go around by car. Remember to setup your bike for traffic safety though (especially with working front and back lights) and strictly follow traffic regulations. Bavarian police officers are very fussy about that. Getting a 100€ fine for driving over a red traffic light with your bike in the middle of nowhere without anyone around except for the police man 500 meters behind you is common.

See[edit][add listing]

Historical Buildings[edit]

All the historical buildings are found in or near the historical inner city and are within walking distance to one another.

  • Kreuztor, Kreuzstraße (inner city), [1]. Built in 1385 it is the best preserved part of the old city wall. It's one of the city's landmarks. Most of the time it is closed and can only be seen from the outside but was opened for a short period of time recently, since a group of locals is gathering donations for a renovation of the inside.  edit
  • Liebfrauenmünster, Corner of Kreuzstraße/Konviktstraße (inner city), [2]. Built from 1425 to 1525 by duke Ludwig the Rich this is the biggest church of Ingolstadt. Late gothic architecture, the tomb of famous Ingolstadt scholars and the artistic interior make it a renowned place for visiting.  edit
  • Asamkirche, Neubaustraße 2 1/2 (inner city), [3]. Hours vary by season. Hidden in the narrow streets of the inner city, this is a jewel of baroque art, especially the fresco on the ceiling. Officially named "St. Maria de Victoria". Admission: 2€.  edit
  • Old City Hall, Rathausplatz (inner city), [4]. Dating back to the 14th century, this building was created by merging four different buildings into one in 1882. It is the seat of the mayor and what might interest you even more the cities tourist information.  edit
  • St. Moritz Church, (behind old city hall), [5]. Dating back to 1234 this church is the oldest building of Ingolstadt.  edit
  • Herzogskasten, Hallstraße 2 (inner city), [6]. Literally translated "The duke's box" this old castle built in 1255 is the oldest profane building in the city. Today it hosts the city library.  edit
  • Neues Schloss, Paradeplatz 4 (inner city), [7]. Literally translated the "new castle" (the "Herzogskasten" being the old one) it was part of the second city wall. Today it hosts the Bavarian Military Museum.  edit
  • Reduit Tilly and Klenzepark, (south shore of the river Danube). South of the inner city the Reduit Tilly is located, the core building of the classical "Brückenkopf" (lit. bridge head') fortress. You can either visit the WWI exhibition of the Bavarian Military Museum inside or take a walk through the park area (Klenzepark) around.  edit


  • Bavarian Military Museum (Bayerisches Armeemuseum), Paradeplatz 4 & Klenzepark (In the ''Neues Schloss'' & Reduit Tilly), [8]. Tue-Sun 8:45-17:00. The museum is separated into two locations. The Neues Schloss, a former duke's residence and part of the city wall, hosts a collection of military artifacts from different eras as well as a bunch of replicas. The Reduit Tilly, a part of the former state fortress in Klenzepark hosts a WWI exhibition. The latter is very instresting and well structured museum, with exhibits and documents from the era and some short films which summarize the regarded history. Ticket 2€ to 4.50€.  edit
  • Audi Forum and Museum Mobile, +49-800-2834444, [9]. The Audi Forum is the part of the Audi facilities which is aimed at customers and interested people. There are high class restaurants, the Museum Mobile and it is the starting point for guided tours through the factory. The latter have to be booked well in advance!  edit
  • German Medical History Museum, Anatomiestraße 18 – 20 (inner city), +49-841-305-2860, [10]. 10:00-17:00. The former building of the medical department of the old university hosts Germany's first museum for medical history. It shows an outline of medical science from the ancient history until today. A special highlight is the garden of medicinal plants which has special features for blind and handicapped people. Admission: 5€.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Take a walk through the historical inner city. The oldest buildings date back to the depth of the middle ages. Guided Tours are offered by the local tourist office.
  • Frankenstein Tour, [11]. Ingolstadt's old university is the setting for the experiments of Mary Shelley's notorious doctor. Starting from there, an actor in the role of Dr. Frankenstein takes groups of tourists and locals on a tour of the dark history of Ingolstadt. Actors in monster costumes who scare the crowd and witch burnings are mixed in with historical facts. Tours are between March, 21st and December, 21st. Special Tours for groups which are also available in Englisch can be booked between January, 21st and December, 21st. Information and Booking is available at Tourist Information Ingolstadt.  edit
  • Audi factory tours, Ettinger Straße (from inner city drive north on Ettinger Straße), +49 841 89-37575, [12]. Several guided tours through the Audi factory, very worth a visit. You have to reserve in advance. There are english speaking tours available. Hours and more info.  edit


  • Saturn Arena, Bei der Arena 1, +49-841-8818800. Visit a game of the ERC Ingolstadt, Ingolstadts Federal Ice Hockey League ice hockey club. During the season there is normally one home match per week.  edit
  • Audi Sportpark, Am Sportpark 1, +49-841-9374000. If you think German ice hockey can't hold a candle to US or Canadian ice hockey, why don't you try football (soccer), Germany's national sport. Ingolstadt has a young professional club – Die Schanzer – which plays in the first league in the moment.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • West Park Shopping Center, Am Westpark (Near the so called Audi roundabout), [13]. 9:30–20:00. Big two story shopping arcade with a vast variety of shops, restaurants and cafes. Free Parking. An attached entertaiment center contains the biggest cinema in the City.  edit
  • Ingolstadt Village, Otto-Hahn-Straße 1 (85055 Ingolstadt), [14]. Mo – Sa 10.00 – 20.00. Big outlet center of famous brands.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]


  • Wochenmarkt (weekly market), Theaterplatz (inner city). Wednesday & Saturday 8:00-13:00. If you want to make your own food and like fresh ingredients, there is a traditional market where you can buy from local shops and farmers.  edit
  • Viktualienmarkt (daily market), Between Theaterplatz and the Sparkasse building. (inner city). Get a cheap meal in a relaxed venue. The market is much smaller than its famous pendant in Munich, but you will see more locals drinking their Weißbier (wheat beer) and hardly any tourists. There are many stands which offer typical Bavarian dishes but you find also turkish, italian and hungarian offers among others. Recommendation: Get shashlik with french fries and a wheat beer at Daufratshofer (Schaschlik mit Pommes und Weizen) .  edit
  • Würstelstube (sausage parlor), Between the department store ''Kaufhaus'' and ''City Arcaden Ingolstadt''. (inner city). Weekdays 9:00-18:00. Get some of the best sausages in Bavaria served by the lovely Marianne. Eat inside and have a look at the epic picture of a monkey in traditional Bavarian costume eating Schweinebraten (roast pork). Recommendation: Get the standard Wiener sausage with spicy mustard (scharfer Senf) and Brezen.  edit
  • The Golden, Kupferstraße 28 (inner city), 0841 95399877, [15]. First burgers in town are served here. You can also get currywurst. Nice and fancy place, you also can sit outside or just have a drink.  edit


  • Kuchelbauer, Schäffbräustraße 11a (inner city), +49-841-35512, [16]. Traditional Bavarian cuisine. Around noon, there are special lunch offers. The menu has pictures of the dishes, so even when you don't speak German and the staffs' English is not sufficient, you could find a good bite to eat. The place is special because it is not only a restaurant, but also a beer museum. Everywhere around the dining room are old beer brewing utilities and exhibits about beer, for example a copy of the Reinheitsgebot.  edit
  • Schanzer Rutschn, Kanalstraße 1a (inner city). Traditional Bavarian cuisine. The restaurant is in the basement of the building. To go there you can take stairs or a wooden slide (hence the name "Rutschn" which means slide in the Bavarian dialect).  edit
  • das Mo - Neue Galerie, Bergbräustraße 7 (inner city), +49 841 33960, [17]. Traditional Bavarian cuisine with a very nice Biergarten (sitting outside on benches).  edit


  • AVUS, Ettinger Straße (at Audi Forum). In the visitors area (Forum) of the car manufacturer Audi, the biggest industry in the city, the AVUS restaurant is located. It offers very exquisit cuisine at corresponding prices.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Ingolstadt has a long tradition of beer culture. The Bavarian Reinheitsgebot, which became the German Purity Law for beer later, has its origin in Ingolstadt in the year 1516. Also the Hallertau region, the largest hop-planting area, is just some 20 km south-east of the city. The four local breweries are Herrnbräu, Nordbräu, Westparkbräu 1516 and Schwalbenbräu. You can also get several other regional brews.

Around Whitsus and in autumn (usually the last week in September) the beer festivals take place. It's similar to the Munich Oktoberfest but much smaller and a bit more traditional. During lent you can get Starkbier (strong lager) like in most parts of Bavaria.

Beer gardens[edit]

  • Das Mo, Bergbräustraße 7 (Inner City), +49-0841-33960, [18]. 9:30 - 24:00. A beer garden and pub in the inner city, often used as a meeting place for local students and other young folk. You can get traditional beer garden dishes in summer and a decent mix of cuisine in winter. People also gather to watch sport events on the screens allocated over the area. A glas of beer (0.5l) is between 2 and 3€.  edit
  • Kastaniengarten, Gutsstraße 4 (Oberhaunstadt), +49-841-55541, [19]. open from 16:00 during the week and 11:00 on weekends and holidays (closed tuesdays in winter). The traditional beer garden on the outskirts of town is popular among locals in the beer garden season. A remarkable feature is, that you get a free tiny beer (0.1l) in the beer garden.  edit
  • Antoniusschwaige, Antonius-Schwaige 47 (near inner city), +49-841-32680, [20]. One of Ingolstadt's oldest beer gardens. It has a traditional self service area, where you can bring your own food and only have to buy the drinks. You can get fresh grilled food.  edit


  • Sausalitos, Theresienstraße 31 - 85049 Ingolstadt (inner city), [21]. Local branch of a Mexican themed cocktail bar chain. Popular amoung local university students and younger people. Broad selection of drinks and snacks.  edit
  • Swept away, Donaustraße 14 - 85049 Ingolstadt (inner city), [22]. Carribean themed cocktail bar an vegetarien restaurant. A great choice of beverages and dishes. Sometimes with live music (a varying entrance fee might be charged in that case). It has a chillout area where you can relax on the floor on some cushions and a beer garden in front of the building for days with good weather. Google Maps.  edit
  • Havana Bar, Kupferstraße 24 - 85049 Ingolstadt (inner city), +49-841-9312512, [23]. Latin-American music and cocktails (7.50€; Happy Hour 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr: Cocktails 5.00€; Blue Hour 00:00 - 01:00: Uhr Cocktails 5,50 €)  edit

Night clubs[edit]

  • Amadeus, Am Stein 9 - 85049 Ingolstadt (inner city), [24]. Two floors. Upper floor is a chill out area with an outside smoking passage. Lower floor is a rock club. Google Map 3.50€ entrance fee. A bottle of beer costs around 2.50€.  edit
  • Suxul, Theresienstraße 31 - 85049 Ingolstadt (inner city), [25]. Two floor dance club right next to respectively under Sausalitos. If you are into electronic music and meeting local the party crowd, this club might be your best shot.  edit
  • Maki, Johannesstraße - 85049 Ingolstadt (inner city), [26]. Mostly electronic music and hip hop. A benefit of this club is a more mature crowd than at Suxul. Entrance fee: 5€.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Youth Hostel Ingolstadt, Friedhofstraße 4 1/2 - 85049 Ingolstadt (near inner city, next to the university), +49-841-3051280, [27]. Old former fortress building with old military "charme". If you can live with long empty hallways that carry some noise, it's a cheap night of sleep. Membership in a youth hostel association maybe required. Check ahead! 17.40€ a night an upwards.  edit


  • Hote Pius Hof, Gundekarstraße 4 - 85057 Ingolstadt (near Audi), [28]. Typical hotel and restaurant. You can reach the Audi Forum and the rest of the Audi facilities with a comfortable walk. Rooms from 51€.  edit
  • Hotel Hecht, Regensburger Straße 77 - 85055 Ingolstadt (outside of inner city), +49-841-58507, [29]. A little bit outside of the inner city in a quieter area. A bus stop is directly in front of the house. Prices starting at 55€.  edit
  • NH Ambassador Ingolstadt, Goethestraße 153 - 85055 Ingolstadt (Near north exit of Autobahn A9), +49-841-5030, [30]. Just a short distance from the city centre, tourist attractions are easily accessible: Altmühl Nature Reserve, Ingolstadt Village and the Audi Forum and World of Discovery. Rooms from 51€.  edit


  • Altstadthotel, Gymnasiumsstraße 9 - 85049 Ingolstadt (inner city), [31]. Hotel with modern interior in the inner city. Double rooms starting around 80€.  edit
  • Kult-Hotel, Theodor-Heuss-Straße 25 – 85055 Ingolstadt, [32]. Very classy hotel, located in the middle between the inner city, Audi and the Autobahn(freeway) From 150€ a night.  edit
  • Ara Hotel Comfort, Theodor-Heuss-Straße 30 – 85055 Ingolstadt, [33]. Only a few meters away from Kult-Hotel and not less luxurious. From 150€ a night.  edit

Stay safe[edit]

Like most of Bavaria Ingolstadt is very safe. Even in the more deprived areas in the north it is extremely unlikely to become the victim of a crime. Use your common sense to avoid risky situations though.

Additional to the (free) general German emergency lines (112 - General ermegency/Fire, 110 - Police) there's a direct line to get an ambulance: 19222.

Get out[edit]

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