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How to Travel from Bogor to Puncak

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How to Travel from Bogor to Puncak

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There are two ways to go to Puncak from Bogor. I will assume your starting point from Bogor is Botani Square Mall. Everyone in Bogor should know this place.

1. By Elf

No, not imaginary elf, it is one of car type produced by Mitsubishi. You can see what kind of car is it here [1]

How to find it?

Take a walk from Botani Square to Jalan Cidangiang[2] and you will see the car waiting for passengers there. It may waiting for passenger to full the car for 0-1,5 hour.Or you can use travel bogor bandung

How much it costs?

It cost around IDR15,000-25,000. Depends on what day you go of course.

Trade offs?

This car will go faster then bus, faster but less safe of course. And if there is any traffic jam, it usually go faster by using alternative roads.

2. By Bus

Buses go to Puncak via Bogor come from Jakarta. These buses don't go through heart of Bogor, but through Pasar Ciawi. In nutshell you have to go to Pasar Ciawi to get a bus to Puncak.

How to find it?

Take "Angkot 01" from Botani Square to Pasar Ciawi[3] (costs about IDR3,000) and wait for bus there. Buses which go through Pasar Ciawi are: Jakarta-Merak Bus (Karunia Bakti or Garuda Pribumi or Doa Ibu) and Jakarta-Cianjur Bus (PO. Marita)

How much it costs?

Fixed cost, IDR8,000.

Trade offs?

Buses are safer and don't go crazy on traffic jam like Elfs. But much slower than Elfs. And if you not lucky enough, there will be no seat for you have to stand for hours.

Bogor-Puncak Road Condition

A massive sum of Jakarta citizens goes to Puncak on weekend, so traffic jam on that road during weekend always happens.

Too many cars on the road so police usually do "One Way Policy". One way policy means in one time there's only one way which is allowed to go. From Bogor or from Puncak. Usually this policy takes 2 hours. On that 2 hours, whether cars from Bogor are allowed to go or cars from Puncak are allowed to go.


1. As always, be careful and be aware on public transportation otherwise you'll lose your wallet or phone.

2. Bring something for killing time on the way. It will be hours before you get to Puncak on the weekend.

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