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Haunted places in Silesian Voivodeship

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Haunted places in Silesian Voivodeship

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This article is an itinerary.

Silesian Voivodeship is a region with a very complicated and sometimes very tragic history. There're lots of castle ruins with almost all of one's haunted. There're also places where strange things (not only ghost appearing) use to happen.


  • There're many haunted hoses located on following streets: Poleska 7, Asnyka, Wczasowa 10 and Piotrowicka 18.
  • Place on Dąbrowskiego 14 street is connected with Katowice vampire.
  • There're many bunkers in Lasy Kochłowickie forests.


Błeszno is a place with a little remains of medieval castle. According to the legend, one very pious knight, after quarell with a king rebelled and said he was equal to the God. The same time the land parted the castle and the knight forming swamps. There can be seen the knight and his servant's ghosts as a flames. The place's located on Szkolna street.

Olsztyn Castle[edit]

Probably one of the most haunted place in the region. There're two ghosts haunting the castle, first- Maćko Borkowic, a voivode who rebelled against king Casimir the Great. Borkowic was sentenced to famine penalthy in the castle. Other ghost's Kasper Karliński, a commander and defender of the castle in Polish-Habsburg war (1587-88), his son was took as a host. To defend the castle, he had to shot to the son what caused a trauma. In nearby Sokole Góry devils're said to be seen. They're said to have a sermon on Pustelnica mountain. There's said the man has hung in Olsztyńska cave. His ghost appears between June and July in the dead's anniversary.

Przewodziszowice castle[edit]

The castle was inhabited by infamous bandit knight Mikołaj Kornicz. In the mornings there's his ghosts seen as a man in a hood.

Morsko castle[edit]

According to the legend one knight closed his daughter in the dungeon in case of her meetings with a poor man. When the girl died the man retaliated and hanging the knight. During thunderstorms we can see a hung knight and hear his crying daughter.

Ogrodzieniec castle[edit]

One of its last owners, Stanisław Warszycki who was said to deal with blackcraft haunts the castle as a black dog. There's also seen a lady in white ghost.

Bobolice castles[edit]

One of the most haunted places. There's said ghosts of three maids killed by prince Wladysław Opolczyk start crying at 11 PM. There's also a legend about a devil inhabiting the underground. There's said there is a tunnel between Mirów and Bobolice castles.


There's a ghost of evil knight riding on a breathing fire horse appearing in the place called Żabiniec (between Niezdara and Siewierz way)

Okiennik Wielki rock formation[edit]

Located in Zawiercie-Skarżyce. There're seen ghosts of bandits.

Góra Rzędkowa[edit]

A rock formation in Zawiercie-Bzów, according to legends it's inhabited by a devil.

Śmiertny Dąb[edit]

Place near Częstochowa, there's a haunted area called Czarci Kamień (Devil Rock). There're strange phenomenas observed.


Village near Częstochowa haunted by a monk. The ghost appears near forest on 1 Maja street. The forest is also said to be place where other paranormal phenomena were observed.


Village near Częstochowa with manor house surrounded by park. There's connected with a curse of one of owners. There's said ghosts of owners appear in the manor house as well as in park.


Place where lighting orbs are said to be seen.


There's said castle ruins use to be haunted.


Straszykowska cave's said to be haunted.


Village near Mirów. There're devils said to be seen. They appear in place called Stajna Góra (between Mirów and Niegowa). Lighting orbs are also said to be seen there.

Wilcza Góra (Wolf Mountain)[edit]

One of the most haunted places in the region. It's located between Będzin, Sosnowiec and Mydlice, Dąbrowa Górnicza. The hill's connected with macabric legend of a man who killed his finace after seeing her dancing with other man who emerged the devil riding on the wolf and then kidnapped the man. There's said every 30 of October evening skeleton horse riders appear there.

Barani Kopiec (Ram Mound)[edit]

Other strange place, located in Saint Joachim church complex, in Sosnowiec, not far from Wilcza Góra. The current church was planned to be built just here but mysterious big rams disperced heavy stones. There's said the same situation happened in quite recent time when "sth" disperced building materials for the hospital and its location was also changed.

Ignacy Mościcki villa[edit]

Place located in Chorzów. It was inhabited by interwar period Polish president who resited here as a factory chief. His ghost's said to haunt the villa.


There's a haunted mill on Młyńska street in district of Klimzowiec.


Deadman's Stone (Trupi Kamień) is a fragment of a tombstone put on the wall of one of houses on Piekarska 70 street. There's a little ugly man seen at the midninght there.


There're ruins of abandoned hospital on Bema street. The place is said to bery very haunted. Some people believe they heard children's and woman cries there.


There's a haunted house located in the market place of district of Jeleń.


  • There's a haunted interwar villa on Odrodzenia 7 street. It's connected with macabre story of a man who killed his family and them commited a suicide.
  • There's a haunted house in the end of Kamienna street, not far from Barani Kopiec and Wilcza Góra. The howls and cry is said to be heard.


There's a haunted house on Ignacego Krasickiego street, one of the most haunted place in the region. There're different legends connected to the house.


  • The house on Małobądzka 11 street's said to be one of the most haunted places in the region. The place's connected with poltergeist phenomena.
  • There's a legend connected to Saint Dorothy Mountain. The stones for church building were being disperced at night. It emerged that it was made by devils, so local priest dedided for exorcism. The battle between devils and angels occured. Now we can find some stones with characteristic marks.


The local cemetery hill is said to be haunted by vampire.


The house on Biskupia 3 is build from castle ruins stones, the house's said to be haunted.

Miasteczko Śląskie[edit]

There's a house said to be haunted on Norwida 125 street. There's a Gerlach , the local forester's grave on Jurna Góra hill. He was said to have been involved in blackcraft. The place's said to be haunted.


Village near Koniecpol. There're ruins of old mill in Wydartuchy settlement. The place is said to be haunted. On the other hand there's a beautiful landscape.


The local forest is said to be haunted.

Practical Info[edit]

  • Before you want to see any haunted place, find out if it's inhabited or not. If so, try to explain the owner what are you doing. Find out more from local people more about the place.
  • If you want to go but you're afraid, just take the place ot do sth what can make you feel much more comfortable. If you still feel uncomfortable just left the idea.
  • If you come with a bigger group and you feel scared, just say it and ask someone to give a lift to your accommodation place.
  • Remember about the safety, abandoned houses are often in ruins and can be full of things you can't see in the darkness, try to protect your head and use the torch.
  • There's a legend saying that All Saints Day night dead priests use to celebrate the holy mass for ghosts. If you want to check if it's true, it's said to better stay above.

Ghost tours[edit]

There aren't special ghost tours in Silesian voivodeship, There's an evening ghost show organised in Castle of Ogrodzieniec. It takes place after dusk. The show's dedicated to local legends.

Haunted places travel tips[edit]

One evening tours[edit]

  • Version 1: Wilcza Góra, Barani Kopiec and Kamienna street
  • Version 2: Niegowa and Łutowiec
  • Version 3: Okiennik Wielki and Góra Rzędkowa
  • Version 4: Mirów and Boblice, addittionally :Łutowiec
  • Version 5: Olsztyn castle and Pustelnica mountain
  • Version 6: Ożarowice and Strzyżowice
  • Version 7: Ogrodzieniec and Ryczówek (Lesser Poland Voivodeship)
  • Version 8: Jaworzno and Chrzanów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship)
  • Version 9 : Miasteczko Śląskie
  • Verions 10: Ryczów and Ryczówek (Lesser Poland Voivodeship)
  • Version 11: Racibórz
  • Version 12: Katowice and Chorzów

Multilpe day tours[edit]

  • Version 1
  • Day 1

Sosnowiec highlights sightseeing (Day) Wilcza Góra observations (30th of October), walk to Barani Kopiec and Kamienna street (Evening/night)

  • Day 2

Sosnowiec sightseeing- off the beatten path places(day), haunted places walk (evening)

  • Day 3

Free day in Sosnowiec, haunted places in Jaworzno, Ożarowice, Strzyżowice or Będzin (evening)

The best way's to find an accommodation in Sosnowiec.

  • Version 2
  • Day 1

Silesian Park (Day), president Ignacy Mościcki Villa

  • Day 2

Chorzów and Bytom sightseeing (Day and afternoon), haunted places in Bytom walk (evening)

  • Day 3
  • verion A Będzin sightseeing (day), Wilcza Góra observations and Barani Kopiec observations (30th of October) , Będzin haunted places (all evening/night)
  • Version B Będzin sightseeing (day), haunted places in Będzin (evening), haunted places in Ożarowice or Strzyżowice (evening/night)
  • Day 4

Pogoria IV (Wojkowice Kościelne, Siewierz castle sightseeing, sunset on Przeczyce lake, haunted places in Myszków (evening), Evening/night walk in Czekanka

The best accommodation location could be Siemianowice Śląskie or Czeladź.

  • Version 3
  • Day 1

Niegowonice, Ogrodzieniec castle evening ghost show or guided tour.

  • Day 2

Zawiercie sightseeing (day), Okiennik Wielki and Góra Rzędkowa seeing (evening/night)

  • Day 3

Kosatokowice or Siamoszyce lake, Góra Zborów, Głęboka cave (day), Mirów and Bobolice castles, Łutowiec and Niegowa (Evening/night), Przewodziszowice (Early morning)

  • Day 4

Rest and relax.

  • Day 5

Myszków sightseeing(afternoon), Myszków haunted places (evening)

The best place for accommodation could be Zawiercie.

  • Version 4
  • Day 1

Częstochowa sightseeing (day), Błeszno walk (evening)

  • Day 2

Nature places in Częstochowa or Lisniec/Dekabrystów street pools, sunset from Biakło mountain in Olsztyn, Olsztyn castle and Pustelnica mountain (evening)

  • Day 3

Złoty Potok sightseeing (day),Śmiertny Dąb walk (evening),

  • Day 4

Przewodziszowice castle (early morning), relax on Poraj lake, Żarki-Letnisko (Day), Myszków haunted place (evening)

The best place for accommodation is Częstochowa.

  • Version 5
  • Day 1

Będzin sighseeing, haunted places in Będzin (evening)

  • Day 2

Relax on Rogoźnik lake, Pogoria IV (Wojkowice Kościelne) or Będzin Region sighseeing (day), haunted place in Ożarowice and Strzyżowice (evening)

  • Day 3
  • Version for 30th of October: Las Zagórski and Saint Joachim church complex (afternoon), Barani Kopiec and Wilcza Góra (evening)
  • Version for rest of the year: Rest in Będzin, Sosnowiec or Chorzów and Bytom haunted places (evening), Wilcza Góra and Ram Mound (midnight/late night)
  • Day 4 (final one)

Pogoria III lake

The best place for accommodation's Będzin.

  • Version 6
  • Day 1

Miasteczko Śląskie haunted places exploring (night)

  • Day 2

Strzyżowice and Ożarowice haunted places (evening and night)

  • Day 3

Walk or rest on Nakło-Chechło lake and Świerklaniec palace.

The best place for accommodation are Będzin Region or Miasteczko Śląskie.

  • Version 7
  • Day 1

Ogrodzieniec castle sightseeing, evening observations or ghost guided show

  • Day 2

Later Afternoon visit in Straszykowa Góra, Ryczów, Ryczówek (night)

  • Day 3

Rest in Ogrodzieniec or Żelazko.

The best place for sleep's Ogrodzieniec. Remember, don't visit cave after dark.

  • Version 8
  • Day 1

Walk in Jaworzno, exploring haunted places in the city.

  • Day 2

Chrzanów and Trzebinia sightseeing, exploring haunted places in Chrzanów

  • Day 3

Rest in Jaworzno or hiking

The best place to sleep's Jaworzno.

  • Version 9
  • Day 1-3

Seeing haunted places in Katowice

  • Day 4

Rest or trip to Racibórz.

The best place to sleep's Katowice.

  • Version 10
  • Day 1

Observations in Błeszno.

  • Day 2

Observations in Śmiertny Dąb and Panoszów.

  • Day 3

Rest in Częstochowa.

The best place to sleep's Częstochowa.

Halloween travel tips[edit]

Version 1[edit]

  • Day 1

Sosnowiec sightseeing, visiting haunted places in the city (evening/night)

  • Day 2

Continuation of Sosnowiec sightseeing, observing Wilcza Góra phenomenas and Ram Mound (Evening/night) 30th of October

  • Day 3

Relax, Będzin sightseeing (evening), Będzin haunted places visit in Halloween Night

  • Day 4

Visiting Jaworzno haunted house (evening), seeing old Jaworzno/Sosnowiec churches from above (night)

  • Day 5

Relax in Sosnowiec

The best place for sleep's Sosnowiec.

Version 2[edit]

  • Day 1

Bytom sightseeing, Trupi Kamień observations (evening)

  • Day 2

Visiting Katowice and Chorzóe (afternoon), observing president Ignacy Mościcki villa in Chorzów (Halloween night)

  • Day 3

Rest in Bytom, Ożarowice and Strzyżowice observations (evening), seeing old churches in Będzin Region from above (evening)

  • Day 4

Rest in Bytom

The best accommodation place's Bytom.

Version 3[edit]

  • Day 1

Siewierz and Przeczyce lake sightseeing, observations in Myszków (evening/night)

  • Day 2

Ogrodzieniec castle ghost tour, seeing Okiennik Wielki and Góra Rzędkowa in Halloween night (evening)

  • Day 3

All night observations in Mirow, Bobolice, Niegowa and Łutowiec

  • Day 4

Early morning observations in Przewodziszowice

  • Day 5

Free day in Zawiercie

The best place for acccommodation's Zawiercie.

Version 4[edit]

  • Day 1

Olsztyn castle, Sokole Góry, Góry Towarne and Biakło Mountain, evening/night observations in Olsztyn castle and Pustelnica Mountain.

  • Day 2

Relax, observations of phenomenas in Śmiertny Dąb in Halloween night

  • Day 3

Visiting Częstochowa, night observations in its district Błeszno.

  • Day 4


The best places for accommodation are Olsztyn (Silesia), Janów or Złoty Potok.

Version 5[edit]

  • Day 1

Bytom sightseeing, evening exploration of haunted places

  • Day 2

Rest, Halloween night exploration in Miasteczko Śląskie

  • Day 3

Rest, exploration of haunted places in Ożarowice and Strzyżowice.

The best place for accommodation's Bytom.

Version 6[edit]

  • Day 1

Ogrodzieniec castle sightseeing, night observation or guided ghost tour.

  • Day 2

Rest in Żelazko, evening visit on Straszykowa Góra, Halloween night exploration in Ryczówek

  • Day 3

Ogrodzieniec sightseeing and rest.

The best place for accommodation's Ogrodzieniec. Don't visit caves after dark.

Version 7[edit]

  • Day 1

Jaworzno sightseeing , exploring haunted places.

  • Day 2

Rest, exploring haunted places in Chrzanów at Halloween night.

  • Day 3

Free day in Jaworzno

  • Day 4

Free day in Jaworzno or trip to Mielec (Subcarpathia) to Barnianrnia, one of the most Polish haunted places.

  • Day 5

Short Sosnowiec sightseeing (Maczki, Kazimierz Górniczy and Ostrowy Górnicze)

The best place for accommodation is Jaworzno. You can reach directly Mielec from Kraków by bus, unless you have a car rent.

Version 8[edit]

  • Day 1

Haunted houses on Katowice

  • Day 2

Halloween visiting the bunkers or place connected with Vampire from Katowice

  • Day 3

Rest in Katowice or trip to Buczkowice.

The best accommodation place's Katowice

Version 9[edit]

  • Day 1

Free day in Częstochowa, eventually Błeszno observations

  • Day 2

Halloween observations in Śmiertny Dąb and Panoszów.

  • Day 3

Rest in Częstochowa.

The best accommodation place's Częstochowa.